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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 19, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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stretch of the imagination but job went from having everything to having nothing and it's not quite like that. to keep things in perspective, joe said to me throughout this whole this is keep focus on the victims of this tragedy. >> the ncaa is investigating how penn state handled the child rape allegations against former assistant coach jerry sandusky. a major security breach, a 125 opinion paying booklet detailing president obama's every move during his trip to australia was found in a gutter near australia's parliament. the journalist who found it says the details in it are staggering, it also had the phone numbers much dozens of senior u.s. and aussie officials. moammar gadhafi's son is no long ear fugitive. he was captured alive today after a fire fight in libya's southern desert. fighters had been chasing the younger gadhafi for more than
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two weeks to the capital of libya right now, tripoli. what can you tell us about how this all unfolded? >> reporter: well, we're hearing from senior military officials among the revolutionary fighters who are telling us that the capture took place after a stake out, an 18 day stake out deep in the southern deserts of libya. we understand that is where saif gadhafi was hiding and they tell us they believe he was trying to make his way to neighboring niger. now after 18 days of this stake-out they finally moved in on a convoy at about 2:00 p.m. local time and after a gun battle that took place for about two hours they say that saif and members of his entourage surrendered to the revolutionary force and after that he was
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taken to the western mountain city where the fighters captured him came from where he's being held now in an undisclosed location. >> what's the overall reaction from ordinary people in the streets there in tripoli? >> well, since this news broke about less than 12 hours ago we've seen constant gunfire in the capital of tripoli. we've seen pictures where people have gone out on the streets celebrating. we're hearing people honking their horns around the city. definitely a very joyous day for many libyans but also a sense of relief from a man they saw as a threat as he was out on run the. there were fears he could create an insurgency here and destabilize libya. not only the libyans were welcoming the news the international community too. we have heard from the
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international criminal courts prosecutor who also welcomed this news. let's hear what he had to say. >> good news is saif gadhafi is arrested. and that's very important because we consider and the judge will consider him one of the most reprehensible with his father in crimes after february. he's alive. now he'll face justice and that's important news. >> reporter: and according to the report, mr. ocampo will be traveling to libya next week to coordinate efforts to bring saif gadhafi to justice. he's wanted by the international criminal court but libyans also want to see him stand trial here in tripoli. that's a matter that's yet to be
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resolved. >> thanks so much from tripoli. other news from overseas now. police in egypt forcefully cleared cairo's tahrir square one day after a massive demonstration there. when darkness fell police fired tear gas and warning shots. 160 people were hurt and a police van burned. gentleman back in this country los angeles investigators are taking a look at the death of actress natalie wood. actor christopher walken hired lawyer. he was on the yacht when wood went overboard back in 1981 but police don't consider him a suspect. kareen wynter brings us up to speed. >> reporter: the los angeles county sheriff's department says woods' husband at the time, robert wagner who was on the yacht the night she died they say he's not a suspect but still this hasn't stopped investigators from taking a second look at this mysterious case. natalie wood was one of the most
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popular sought after actresses in hollywood which made her death in 1981 at just 43 years old all the more shocking and for some inexpoliticable. sheriff's officials were vague friday on what led to the re-investigation after 30 years. >> recently we've received information which we felt was substantial enough for us to take another look. >> reporter: it was thanksgiving weekend 1981 when wood and her actor husband robert wagner went sailing on their yacht the splendour. joined by actor and friend christopher walken. saturday night wagner and walken got into an argument. wagner notified the captain that wood was not on board. on friday davern told cnn he thought she tried to take the yacht's dinghy to shore. >> said to robert wagner, let's turn on the search light to see
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if we can see her and he says no we don't want to do that right now. >> reporter: natalie wood was discovered hours later dressed in a nightgown and socks floating a mile from the yacht. the autopsy revealed dozens of bruises on her body. still the coroner sought to quash rumors wood was killed or committed suicide, insisting the splendour in the grass star died of accidental drowning. was alcohol to blame? an autopsy showed wood had an alcohol blood level of .14. wood once told an interviewer her greatest fear was dark sea water and her sister lana later claimed natalie didn't even know how to swim. 30 years later question remains how did natalie wood end up floating in the pacific? as for dennis davern, investigators say they want to talk to him and hear what he has to say this time around. fred? >> thanks so much. in washington admiring dresses of some of the nation's first
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ladies. new exhibition of first lady frocks is opened to the public this weekend. eight new gowns are among the 26 that are on display at the smithsonian museum. curators rotate the dresses that go into the display. allows them to extend the life span of the collection. republican presidential hopefuls are making a big push for support in iowa but some big names are skipping the state weeks before its caucus. who ate my cookies and milk? oh, brother. hey, guys. ni-i-i-ck. oh... i thought those were put out for me. i did it again. no worries, nick. [ sighs ] say, nick, you must be busy this holiday. oh, yeah, with all the great savings we got going on, it's been crazy. ooh, i got to dash away. customers lining up.
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and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. rake ra. six gop contenders are courting social conservatives in iowa at a dinner forum tonight. one of the last chances for
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republican hopefuls to make a lasting impression ahead of iowa's caucus on january 3rd, shannon travis is at the thanksgiving family forum in des moines. shannon, talk about who is and isn't there. >> reporter: yeah. who is here, six presidential candidates as you just mentioned, fred. michele bachmann, rick perry, rick santorum, ron paul, newt gingrich and herman cain. 2,000 christian evangelicals, that's important because as you mentioned the caucus are on january 3rd. that's 45 days away. this is one of the last forums, the last times that these candidates will be able to appeal to this critical, critical base of voters here in iowa. voters who could potentially hoist, propel some of these kinds to a win. outside behind me you see some of the people filing in. let me take you inside where i just left from. there's basically a table, all six candidates will sit "around the table" with pollster fred
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cluntz. let me give you three things i was told. these candidates will be pushed off their talking points. they want the people in attendance to get to know these people. original questions will be asked. he'll wrap them around issues of morality. herman cain we learned this week he's recently gotten secret service detail. that somewhat complicated the situation. typically these types of forums people come in but that makes it more complex. >> does it seem these candidates working hard. since time is running out, the caucus is right around the concern. >> that's right. absolutely. they have to because, again, these are the voters that will come out rain, shine, snow whatever, fred.
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january 3rd. so this is a key voting bloc. all of these candidates will be making direct appeals for their support. >> thanks so much in des moines. another opportunity for candidates to distinguish themselves tuesday night right here on cnn. the republicans running for president will be gathering just steps away from the white house. it's the presidential debate on national security and the economy. co-sponsored by the heritage foundation and the american enterprise institute. watch it at 8:00 eastern time tuesday. as we've been reporting the congressional super committee has until the middle of next week to propose a plan to cut our nation's deficit by at least 1.2 trillion or risk setting off unpopular automatic spending cuts. christine romans discusses it with her brainstorm panel. >> this is getting -- it's getting down the wire and they
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pretend they are hopeful there's a decision but i don't think they will get anything. >> i'm not in washington but we're not hearing anything out of washington to suggest they are throes a deal. i thought it was interesting you had chris van holland and pat toomey on and they showed up separately. these guys have to stand shoulder to shoulder and deliver the message. what's frustrating about covering this is we have nothing to fact check. we have everybody's word. this is what the democrats propose. this is what the republicans propose. we hear from aides. we don't get all the details. >> what we're seeing, though, i hope david walker is right in being optimistic, but what we're seeing is people already trying to rationalize failure. which is the democrats essentially saying you know what? it's better to have these cuts take effect in a year in 2013 because they actually, we protected the poor in the cuts here and defense spending is going to take a big hit and the
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republicans saying you know what? we can get our national security credibility back by trying to restore some of the defense cuts because we've got to protect our troops, et cetera, et cetera. >> christine, two things. one they need to understand that if congress does nothing, if it takes a ten year vacation, then we have a deficit of 3.4 trillion over the next ten years. all right. they got to have the right benchmark. secondly let me tell you why you won't get a big deal now. neither simpson-bowles or this super committee has done zip outside of washington's beltway to engage the american people with the facts, the truth and the tough choices and to help them understand that what's happening in europe can happen here. this is the future -- this is america's future, this is the future of our families, this is the future of domestic tranquility on our streets? where is the president? hawaii. >> coming up, a black friday is right around the corner and we have some smartphone apps to
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help you get a leg up on other shoppers, and ease the stress on your wallet. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs.
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at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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i know some of you just can't wait, black friday is less than a week away and many
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retailers are offering tempting deals to kickoff the holiday season. if you have a smartphone there are apps you can use to sniff out good deals so says our technology analyst joining us via skype from toronto. good to see you. there's an app for everything, isn't there? now there's an app where you can have a bar code on your phone so that you can try and find the best deals. tell me how that works. >> sure. so the first of three kinds of apps that we'll talk brk all of which can help you find a great deal around black friday or any time the year will scan a bar code of a product at retail. two in mind are shop savvy and red laser. all you do is take your, standing at retail, picking up a $20 dvd wonder if you should buy it four kids. you scan the bar code with your iphone. these work with android device. it will say down the street .3
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miles away find it for 11.99. retailers don't love this. but it scans the bar code of the product. tells you where you can find it cheaper. some of them can even take a picture of the front of the product not just the bar code. here's a video game. so all you do, this is called snap tell and another one from amazon called flow. it takes a picture of the box. this works with books, by the way, dvds, video games and music cds. take a picture of the front and then it matches, uploads the photo to an online database and it will tell you where you can fine it cheaper online or nearby. this is a 59.99 video game from x-box, sorry playstation 3 but say i can find i want as low as 49.99 online including shipping. these are great tools to use. >> that's incredible. then there's some black fridays
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specific apps for your android or iphone. tell me about those. >> that's right. some are specific to black friday. so this one here is from fat called black friday. it will simply list all of the black friday deals in your area. and you can, so you can segregate the concept by three ways. by retailer. by categories. or by location. so you can say i want to know of good deals in my area. or if you're planning a trip to say to los angeles you can say i want to know what retail black friday deals are going on there for big screen tvs. you get to identify what you want. if you're an android user this is black fly day. this is heavily integrated with facebook. use your community of friends on facebook to tell you when they found a good deal or you can push a deal back out.
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i'm holding up tablets by the way because these apps work with touch screen tablets not just with smart phones. this is an example of black fry. same idea. say i want to buy some hockey gear for my kids, what are some of the best black friday specific deals going on right now in my area. >> you can use your smart phones, gps to track down some other pretty good deals. how do you do that? >> that's right. the third type of apps that will help you get a good deal, this black friday or cyber monday are ones that use the gps chip built into the smartphone or the tablet. what happens is you're pushed deals. one is called push a deal and the other one is deals. when you sign up -- these apps are free. when you sign up you say what kind of deals you're looking for. again by category such as consumer electronics or furniture. then when you happen to be walking around your city or another city you'll feel your
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smartphone vibrate or hear it chime. when you look at it it will say across the road at wherever, there's a deal 40% off on the items that you flagged as the products that you want to buy as a gift. it pushes the information to you instead of you having to ma manually and search for deals. it pushes a deal and deals by. in canada shop catch for iphone users. >> oh, my gosh. great deals. you made black friday exciting now. welcome back from new zealand. we saw you in new zealand last weekend and now you're back home one toronto. so you had a good trip. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> happy shopping. >> cheers. >> for more hi-tech ideas and reviews go to and look for the gaming and gadgets tab.
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>> my exit from "grey's anatomy" is a catalyst. even in loss you gain. even in loss you win. even in l you get a w. >> actor isaiah washington lost a critical tv role after upsetting his cast mates and viewers by using an offensive word. four years later he wrote a book about self discovery that followed in the newsroom. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. nice, huh? yeah. you know what else is nice is all the savings you can get on cruze and traverse over there. oh! that's my beard. [ chuckles ] it's amazing. ♪ [ male announcer ] this holiday, chevy's giving more. now very well qualified lessees can sign and drive a 2012 cruze ls
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motherhood versus careers. women are choosing between the two every day. what does your choice say about you? two women share their story right after these top stories. 125-page booklet detailing program's every move during his trip to australia was discovered in a gutter near australia's parliament. the journalist who found it told cnn t.j. holmes president obama was in the middle of his visit at the time in australia and the details in the booklet are staggering. >> reporter: he would have been there for another 14 hours. there's a big if in this story. those are the big issues. if it was foreign intelligence or lone wolf kind of person. but if they did find it they would have had 14 hours and during that 14 hours they would have known to the minute where the president was, they would have known exactly what his convoy was comprised of and as
3:27 pm
you said earlier, they would have even known exactly which side of the limo he would be getting out of. >> the become also had the phone nuchls doz numbers of senior u.s. and aussie officials. >> saif gadhafi has been captured, tracked down and taken in custody today in the desert. libya's new leaders say they will try him there. oklahoma state university football players held a moment of silence last night for two women's basketball coaches. the head coach and assistant coach were killed when their plane crashed on the way to a recruiting trip in arkansas thursday. a memorial service will be held on campus monday. this very bizarre crime in florida. police arrest this man who dresses as a woman for pretend took a doctor. that's not all. he inject ad woman with a concoction that include cement,
3:28 pm
mineral oil and super glue. the woman thought she was getting a butt enhancement but almost died. american women are remaining childless. studies show about one in five, 20% of adult women are instead choosing to focus on their careers, education or just a child free lifestyle. so we're asking today is a woman's value defined by her ability to have children? those are the questions explored in this book "the barrenness" and the women together who collaborated. here's the authors. you go way back. you were college dorm classmates and now you share this incredible story that is in the form of this. this is a fiction. this is fiction but based on real life experiences. what was the inspiration as to you noticed, either you noticed or encountered an awful lot of peop who said you know what?
3:29 pm
this is the life that i'm choosing. >> yeah. it's a really sort of important subject for me, the whole inspiration came when i myself to deal with whether i was going have children or not. once i came to the conclusion i realized there was stigmas around some women who didn't have children, particularly my dad's sister who she died about six years ago and she was 80 when she died but her generation of women sort of had this, i don't know, scarlet letter on their chest, they seemed to be perceived as unfulfilled. i didn't want that for my generation of women and for women to follow. and so i wanted to write about it and i wanted to do it as a novel because with fiction you can just fully explore this topic and i just wanted to show that women can be fulfilled in other ways, motherhood is great but it's an option. >> you wanted to reveal the blessings that come with it as
3:30 pm
opposed to you just mentioned there's connotation like it's a curse or it means unhappiness. >> yes. >> and not being fulfilled. >> absolutely. i wanted people to know that although it's really a traditional thing and it's conventional, you know, if you don't have children it might be, you know, an unconventional thing but it's not abnormal, it's fine. what i did was after i wrote the novel, it's just so exciting, pam and i we've been together for ever and a day and i'm thrilled we're back together because i live in london now. just an opportunity, she's just a perfect example, you know, of demonstrating that women can have a really fulfilled life as well as, you know, without acmother. >> pam when you knew sonya was doing this project and embarking on this topic, you imposed on her or encouraged her to say you got to include this because this really is my life.
3:31 pm
and i'm perfectly happy about it. and okay. although people all the time and stop you and ask you how are you kids are doing. >> i do play along with it. i go oh, they're great. 18 months old is my fake son, you know. sometimes it's easier. the question always comes up. something you have to have this life and of course there's a kid involved. but i made that decision. it was made for me for medical reasons. but the question always comes up. and there is no kid. and there won't be any kids. i have a beautiful life. a great career. a great husband. i ask girlfriends who i think would being a great mothers and i ask do you want children and five of them will say no. oil be horrified that they say no because i think they will being a great moms. but they feel that's not a life for them. >> is it a shared experience? is it something you can identify with as to why they say you know
3:32 pm
what i don't want to. >> they like their lives the way they are. they just never wanted children and they are not growing a second head. there's nothing wrong with them. there's nothing to say that, you know, they made the wrong choice. their parents would of course have loved that they would. it's just choice that some women make and they are perfectly fine with it. there's nothing wrong with it. >> in this industry of broadcasting it's very difficult. you're constantly traveling. you're very focused. quite frankly it's extremely common that women will not have children. just no time for it, et cetera. but by extension it's interesting that there is this feeling universally that there are certain plateaus or chapters of every women's life and in every women's life is that chapter of marriage or supposed to be that chapter of child bearing. raising a family. >> it's so traditional. and it's one of those things,
3:33 pm
even when you're happy, you know, and we are happy, we're fulfilled. we enjoy different aspects of our life. people don't believe you. you know, we've talked about that. >> how interesting. >> sometimes people say are you sure? they look at you. >> adopt? >> this has to be fun too that two girls from college who roomed together and have all those life forming changing experiences in college have come full circle and are talking about life and helping other people deal with life in a very different way. different perspective as adult women. >> yeah. actually we came together in our first jobs. >> you were cub reporters. >> we were both reporters. >> then room mates. >> and room mates. >> sonya brought this rooster. it's a girlfriend thing. >> have to say about the
3:34 pm
rooster, it provided great back drops. rich wonderful things for writing. when you have that kind of sort of rich wonderful upbringing where you have all of these sort of different things that you have to deal with, it's fantastic. and we had some fantastic experiences. >> sounds like you have to write a book about that one too. before i let you go, of course we can see you on the tube. you're talk about what's happening in football this season. now as we talk about the nba and that delay in the season any thoughts on that? >> not looking good. it's sad. so many are affected from concessions to ticket takers. i wouldn't want to count on it. they are closer than they have been. but they dig in their heels. we thought the same thing for nfl. anything can happen. there's nothing to be encouraged about at this moment but a break through can happen knit. just one of those things. >> time to give you be on a book
3:35 pm
tour as well. >> on my ipad constantly. >> pam oliver great to see you. sonya lewis thanks so much. called "the barrenness." straight ahead he played a doctor performing life-saving surgeries on television. now actor isaiah washington says he's saving real lives. face to face with isaiah washington after this. stick around and listen to what he has to say. mary? what are you doing here?
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it's been four years since actor isaiah washington standard in the hit television show "grey's anatomy" as the self assured doctor preston burke. that is until he made an offensive remark in 2007. in his new book "a man from another land" washington talks about life after "grey's anatomy", the defeat, self-discovery and his re-awakening in west africa. we talk face to face. >> i talked to a lot of viewers who couldn't wait to hear your story and find out where you are, where you've been in the last four years. >> representing 6 million people, 6,000 villages.
3:39 pm
i already saved lives. in fact i have 500 students in my school. that's what i've been doing for the last four years. to get excited about saving real lives, that is the biggest, i don't know, the biggest rush i could ever have. >> i'm preston burke. >> how did that experience at "grey's anatomy" not played out the way it did, with the inspiration to talk about this self-discovery, or your mission and commitment to sri leone. >> good question. by exit from "grey's anatomy" was a cat list. even in loss you gain. even in loss you win. even in l you get a w. >> after making that discovery you're 99% of sri leone ancestry you've committed yourself to building schools, changing lives of young people and their parents. does it bring you greater gratification than reaching a
3:40 pm
pinnacle of your acting career ever could >> i get to be on the world stage. seeing the smile on these faces that would never have had an opportunity get an education ever. >> so this helped remove some of the misgivings you had about your blackness. >> completely. >> that was imposed on you by all kind of experiences along the way. that made you feel insecure? >> inadequate. ugly. >> inferior? >> unattractive. all it. broad nose. full lips. the whole thing. all those negatives went away. >> that's what's extraordinary because you exude through your characters who you are a confident man. completely comfortable with the skin you're in. playing these powerful figures. then it would take this kind of
3:41 pm
moment, this dna test for you to now feel complete. it is really hard, i'm sure for a lot of people to one and embrace that. when you come across as completely okay with who you are. >> i'm a good actor. good actor. >> you felt you were like fooling yourself and fooling a lot of people along the way until this point? >> no. just following the writing. >> the last four years has been an incredible revelation four. >> absolutely. >> evolution for you. a lot of people who are watching movies, watching television, thinking i'm not seeing isaiah, i do remember seeing him from "grey's anatomy." and all they are thinking about is gosh what has happened. and may feel sorry for you because they are not seeing you like they once did. your response is, don't feel sorry for me. this has been an incredible
3:42 pm
journey. >> i help thousands of children, thousands of adults that need job creation. in that losing on this tv show, i now win as an ambassador for an entire country to literally rebuild it in the next five to ten years. in losing dr. burke i've gained isaiah. truly gained isaiah washington. >> isaiah washington remains pretty busy. this weekend he's in florida discussing his memoir "a man from another land." over the last few months washington has produced two movies and a documentary and you also see him on the big screen with a couple of movies coming out "the suspect" and "area q." in the next hour washington reveals details about that controversial departure from "grey's anatomy" and does he ever tune in to watch from time to time? he answers face to face. are you ready for some holiday shopping before you hit the stores? check out the most common and costly mistakes shoppers make
3:43 pm
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forget black friday. the holiday shopping season is already under way. before you buy anything else check out this week's smart is the new rich. christine romans is here with some cost saving tips. >> hello holiday hype machine. retailers will do whatever they can to separate you from your money whether you have it to spend or not. so holiday buyers beware. here are five steps to out smart them. don't open a store credit card. most have high interest rates and credit limits are too low. applying for them hurts your credit score. that one time 10% off isn't
3:47 pm
worth it. or they are pushing the extended warranty. don't waste your money. in fact you really very seldom should take the extended warranty. "consumer reports" mandy walker says your credit card may already cover you plus. >> they seldom break during the extended warranty period which is only two or three years past the time you bought it. >> gift carl edwards are not always a great gift. a quarter of all gift card are still lying around in your purse or desk drawer ten months after you get it. and two-thirds of people who get them spend more than the carl edwards face value. they are basically paying for their own present. unless you know for a fact the recepient wants it and will use it you're buying the retailer a gift. be aware of layaways. if you miss a payment the retailer can cancel the layaway.
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a simple bar of soap has one cnn top ten hero reaching around the globe. derek saw the need of poor children and families not being able to wash their hands, their faces or their feet. he also noticed that tons of soap hotel chains throw away all the time. so he started the global soap project in 2009, taking soap from the hotels, reshaping, repacking it and then sending it to places like his native uganda. derek joins me now in studio 7.
3:52 pm
congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> so fantastic. your soap project has reached so many, not just in uganda, but in kenya, so many place where is it's as simple as sanitation that is helping to save lives. >> yes. >> and you know this because you experienced this as a refugee, a a ugandan. >> it's an unbelievable that starts off really sad. as a refugee, you're between a rock and a hard place. and you end up here where you use that experience that could have been a catastrophe to launch yourself. that's what i did when i saw those three bars of soap in the hotel being thrown away. i said, oh, my goodness, we can do so much with this. 800 million bars of soap are thrown away every year.
3:53 pm
>> the hotels change their soaps every day. and you were thinking, this is wasteful. but you had the ingenuity to say, how do i take this soap, have it repackaged -- you were going to do it, actually, and then send it off? >> yes. >> sounds like a colossal task. >> it's a humongous task. but we've been to the moon and back. there is a problem. 2 million kids die every year because of diseases. the center for disease control says you can mitigate it by 40% if you put a bar of soap in their hands to wash their hands. >> tell me how gratifying this has been -- i know how gratifying it's been just to have the project but now to be recognized as a cnn hero. you're a top ten. how has your life, your organization changed as a result of that title?
3:54 pm
>> first of all, the publicity has been incredible but also the goodwill, our website has had so many hits. at one point, we had 5,000 hits because of this. but we've gotten a new partner since the announcement for cnn heroes. the hilton hotel has partnered with us to give us all their soap. that is what we wanted to see happen. we also have other partners, ngos, nongovernment organizations saying, we want your soap, we'll give to it the poor kids. we're seeing a lot of vibrations from the bottom up edurging us . >> derek, thank you so much. we're rooting for you and the other nine. all of you are are heroes doing extraordinary work. thanks so much for sharing. >> cheers, thank you. >> appreciate it. meet all the top ten cnn heroes for 2011 and vote for the one that inspires you the most at
3:55 pm
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president barack obama says the trade deals he announced during his asian trip will create nearly 130,000 u.s. jobs. the president is heading home after concluding the nine-day tour with a stop in indonesia. white house correspondent dan lothian takes a look back. >> reporter: after beginning his trip by saluting u.s. troops on veterans day and watching college hoops on the "uss carl vinson" in san diego, president obama turned his attention to high diplomacy, attending three summits, beginning with apec in honolulu, hawaii, where trade deals were announced. and the administration turned its attention to asia, a new strategy away from europe where we've seen some economic problems. president obama also held nine bilateral meetings with world leaders including those of india, japan, thailand and malaysia. and then here in bali,
3:59 pm
indonesia, president obama attended two smaller regional summits. while here, announced that secretary of state hillary clinton will be headed next month to myanmar, also known as burma, after what the administration says has been flickers of progress over the last several weeks. >> the government has released some political prisoners, media restrictions have been relaxed. and legislation has been approved that could open the political environment. so taken together, these are the most important steps toward reform in burma that we've seen in years. >> reporter: but looming over this trip and this new focus on asia, china. administration officials concede that economic and security challenges remain. >> we have had in parallel and as part of our overall asia strategy a deep engagement strategy with the chinese. to manage a range of issues. we have a very complicated and quite substantial relationship with china across the board. >> reporter: china has voiced concer


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