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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 22, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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tornadoes. that could slow down your trip home. so i'm afraid you may want to maybe give them the nintendo ds so they can play in the back seat or even on the airports because they could -- closer to here, planes are going to have to fly around the big ones and that could take a couple of hours for the delay there. >> thanks so much. don't get in between me and that turkey. happy thanksgiving everybody, i have the distinct honor and pleasure to toss things over to natalie allen on the cnn newsroom, it is great to see you. >> thank you so much, jim. i appreciate it. before there was occupy wall street and revolution in libya, egyptians rose up against an ought cratic ruler and won. nine months later they are back in tahrir square. these are live pictures. the whole world is watching a fourth straight day of mass demonstrations and sometimes violent run-ins with egyptian police. by official count, 29 protesters have been killed since saturday. almost 2,000 others and dozens of others hurt.
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three american college students are being held for allegedly throwing molotov cocktails. within the past hour the supreme court military leadership accepted the resignation of the cabinet and promised to speed up elections and other reforms, we'll get more details minutes from now. president obama heard a few years today, some occupy demonstrators chanted, tried to drown him out as he took the stage to push his jobs bill. this happened about a half hour ago. take a listen. [ shouting ] it's okay, this all right. listen, i'm going to be talking about a whole range of things today and i appreciate you guys making your point. let me go ahead and make mine, all right and i'll listen to you, you listen to me, all
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right? today romney launched a new ad criticizing obama's record on the economy. the supercommittee may have missed its deadline but president obama says congress can and should keep trying to make a dent in the nation's debt. stock markets are calmer than they were yesterday but not exactly celebrating. the only bright spot is a decision by the credit rating agencies not to further downgrade bonds at least for a while. in the meantime, all eyes turn to a payroll tax cut that is due to expire at year's end. last hour the president called on congress to extend it at a cost of more than $100 billion. the super committee runaway debt, spending cuts and feeble growth will come up in tonight's gop presidential debate in d.c. but national security and international policy are the focus and cnn is a co-sponsor along with two conservative
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think tanks. you can see how we've been studying up there. this is debate number 11 but the first with newt gingrich at the top of the field. fireworks began at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. chilling words are heard on undercover audio released by the justice department. listen to an alleged group of georgia militia man talk about an attack of explosives and ricin. >> people all over the country who are actual enemies of the constitution. our enemies. our small unit here, can't get them all because there's too few of us. >> four men are in custody waiting to stand trial. the fbi arrested them on november 1, identifying them as members of a fringe militia group. they are accused of planning an attack on justice department officials, federal judges and irs agents.
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the alleged plot included spreading ricin in washington, atlanta and new orleans among a list of targets. a teenager has pleaded guilty to killing a gay classmate three years ago. 17-year-old brandon mcir nirn knee admits he shot lawrence king in a classroom where they were junior high students. he said he was embarrassed by the crush king had on him. the jury deadlocked at his trial and da was ready to retry him. under the plea deal, he will serve all 21 years of his sentence. 13 high school students in new york face charges of cheating on the s.a.t. the group includes those who allegedly took the standardized test for others for money, $500 and up. an earlier round of arrests netted seven, including a man now in college. he could face four years in
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prison if convicted of felony fraud. an arrest in alabama raises new questions about that state's tough new immigration law. the law generated protested even before news that police arrested a mercedes bens executive for driving without a licensor passport. the man is germ an and produced a german i.d. card. alabama's law allows police to demand proof. the department of justice is suing alabama over the law. you're looking at the news conference now announce ng the tentative agreement, the players association and owners must still ratify it but everything has gone sploojly to this point. the current contract deciexpire since december 11. live pictures now from
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tahrir square. this was the scene in egypt back in february, flags flown in celebration. and this is today. why violence has taken the place of peace. we'll have that. but first, she is the fresh new face on a popular nhl video game and she's only 14 years old. the nhl game allows you to become a figure, but only as a guy. that is until lexi complained and got the company to change. it is even using her face as the generic female player. lexi doesn't think it's a big deal. >> no, i actually never like -- after i wrote the letter, we didn't get a response back for a while. i forgot about it. then we got the wire and i saw, i was like, worth a try. so no, not really. i didn't think it would become
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call unitedhealthcare medicare solutions today.
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ivan watson has a look at the clashes in tahrir square. >> reporter: these are front lines of the running battles over here. police set up a barricade in this direction. throwing rocks at them, the tear gas is coming constantly. you can see the corrosive effects of it. everybody showing these shells that they pick up and many of them claiming they are made in the usa. in fact, this is made in jamestown, pennsylvania, riot
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smoke, that's creating a lot of anger against the u.s. right now. the crowd here, angry and young and furious at the loss of life here over the course of the past three days, demanding that the supreme court council of the armed forces step down. the soldiers are -- around the corner right here, the army has set up barricades along one road but it's riot police that they are facing off against if we turn in this direction, it's riot police down here. this is one pocket of turmoil in the center of the egyptian capital. but it is throwing the entire country into a political crisis just days before elections are scheduled to be held and that's called into question whether those elections can be held at all. ivan watson with the scene
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there on the streets, he's in the thick of it. it is day four of the protests, demonstrators as we saw hurling rocks at police blockades, flew plumes of tear gas. jucht as protesters did earlier this year to force out hosni mubarak. this time it is egypt's military council they want gone. they are angry the army still runs the country. in three cities 29 people have been killed and 1800 wounded. sara elsur gani joins us now. will protesters buy that? >> protesters won't believe that because simply there are nine months of bad intention or bad actions that did not set well
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and fulfill the demands made in january and february. >> if the military did step aside, who would take its place? >> this is the problem, there's no clear idea. the demands that started a couple of days ago in tahrir and other squares around the country, it varies from -- stepping down right now or having a presidential council or stepping in -- stepping down in april. and then having along this period, a more government with more powers, authorities to do what the current cabinet cannot do. >> well, we know this is a complex and emotional story to cover. there are so many angles to it and things to keep up with. we do want to ask you, what do you know of the three american students arrested during the
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protest? >> as far as we know, we know there are study abroad students. they were on the downtown campus when they were arrested. generally, this is the -- the military council is playing the same game mubarak has played for and making it seem whatever the clash is or the demand of the protesters are the work of foreign hands of foreign agenda, not genuine distrust or disgruntled egyptians. >> one much other correspondents for cnn who's there in the thick of things just showed us video of protesters picking up tear gas canisters that you can see u.s. cities as the manufacturer on them. is some of the protester's anger directed at the u.s.? >> it's directed at the u.s. and other governments. there are exporting to the
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egyptian government, all of the tools to suppress protest, whether it's tear gas or rubber bullets. it's also directed at the interim government for spending money on control. if this money had been spent well on the egyptian budget on realizing, there wouldn't be any needs for a protest in the first place. >> sara exts l sirgani, it doesn't seem there's any letup in sight. we'll continue to follow developments throughout the hour. in a last effort, controversial keystone pipe line is rerouted in nebraska. does this mean other states can power down on pipeline too? that explosive debate and the latest moves coming next p .
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it's a big day in nebraska. after a canadian oil company agreed to shift its route for a controversial pipe line, two billed were signed that pipeline
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opponents are cheering. it would lack link of tar sands of canada with the gulf coast. it would have crossed the sand hills above an aqui fehr which could have led to alone an accident. the project has set off protest far outside nebraska and the protest prompted the white house to postpone a final decision to build the pipeline or not until 2013. from this day forward, nebras nebraskans have a bigger say in what goes where. join thanks for being with us, kevin, what did the governor sign today and why is it important? >> he signed several bills that the two are the most important, he signed one called the major pipe line sighting act which
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gives nebraska the authority for sighting future pipelines and give that authority to oversee it to the nebraska public service commission. they also signed a bill lb-4, part of a deal that the speaker, the legislature might flood with trans canada to wrap the keystone away from the fragile sand hills. >> why are they so environmentally sensitive? >> it's the largest eco system in the united states and sanddxsan sanddunes held together with grasses and the aqui for to the vast water system and there are some not linked to it. but it's one of the world's largest and it covers part of south dakota, nebraska, wyoming,
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kansas, oklahoma. new mexico and texas. in about 30% of the nation's groundwater irrigation comes from that system and it provides drinking water to more than 80% of the people who live within the -- boundaries. >> which is the identifying debate right there, environmentalists worrying if there was a disaster, what that could do for water, on other side is all of the jobs this can create. how closely are people in nebraska following this? >> it's pretty much on everybody's tongue. i haven't seen an issue outside nebraska football that most people are up on all of the issues or subissues. >> and i guess the environmentalists are safering victory at this point? >> they are, but some of the environmental groups are basi basically opposed not just the pipe it is line but don't like
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the tar sand process because it scars the earth. and they are also dubious of trans canada for what reasons i can't tell you, but a lot of people don't seem to trust the company. >> we're going -- >> for one reason or another. >> we'll here more about this story as different states come reactions to it. thank you kevin o hanlon. the venue ready, the gop candidates gearing up. they debate over foreign policy and national security just blocks from where they hope to live just ahead. you can't change the way banking works. just accept it, man. free ? doesn't close at five ? try nature. it's a bank. what do you want, a hug ? just accept it. hidden fees, fine print, or they'll stick it to you some other way. stay with the herd, son. accept it. just accept it. accept it. just accept it. accept it. if we miss this movie, you're dead. if you're stuck accepting banking nonsense, you need an ally.
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there it is, historic constitution hall in washington, d.c. this is how we have transformed the building for tonight's gop presidential debate. this amazing to see how the stage takes shape. our team took just two days to complete the transformation. a little shout-out to them for their hard and quick work. so the venue is ready but are the candidates? you can see the countdown clock on the bottom corner of the screen. there it is, our wolf blitzer is the moderator for tonight's action. let's let wolf tell us what to expect. >> thanks very much, we're here at historic constitutional in washington, d.c. we're only what half a block from the white house, a couple of blocks from the washington monument, the lincoln memorial, this is a real beautiful building. very historic, every president
1:26 pm
since calvin coolidge has been to this building and tonight there's going to be a significant republican national security debate. the eight republican candidates are going to all be up here together with me on this stage taking questions on national security, foreign policy, the economy. we have our partners, the american enterprise institute and heritage foundation. experts from both of the think tanks will be asking questions as well. i'll be directing the questions and making sure that the viewers out there, especially the viewers, republican caucus voters and primary voters will be a little more knowledgeable about where the candidates stand on the most important issues after the debate than they are right now going into the debate. we want to know where the candidates agree or disagree, where they agree with president obama or where they disagree or where they agree among themselves or disagree. it's going to be important. i hope you'll be watching
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tonight, the cnn national security debate at constitution hall here in the nation's capital, 8:00 p.m. eastern. you can take a break from your thanksgiving preparation and join us tonight. wolf blitzer with a look at our national security debate. it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. what the candidates need to say to break from the pack. that's next. our political junki question of the day. the same year, what president's home also became a historic landmark as constitution hall? the answer when we return. this new at&t 4g lte is fast. did you hear sam... promoted to director? so 12 seconds ago.
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before the break we asked which president's home was designated as a historic landmark the same year as constitutional hall. the year? 1985 and the home it belonged to harry s truman. it was the farm house he went to work. truman's daughter margaret performed at constitution hall in 1947. it was the first time her parents heard her sing in
1:31 pm
public. hope they liked it. this is the part of the show where we go beyond partisan talking points to the heart of the political debate where all sides are fair game. it is going to be our wolf blitzer's job to get past those talking point. we think wolf is up to the task at tonight's republican debate. right now we want to put the spotlight on the players. joining us now, republican strategist and democratic strategist ron zimerman. as you can see, newt gingrich is the front-runner, mitt romney is basically in the same place he's always been at or near the top. so, ron, let me start with you, with gingrich's surge, does that put the target on his back for tonight's die baebate? >> it absolutely does. it has been on the back of perry and then cain and now it's going to be newt gingrich's turn. he and romney both debate very
1:32 pm
well. i don't think you're going to see really major mistakes on that front, but i do think that newt gingrich is open to potential criticisms that fall outside of the foreign policy debate should another candidate unlikely, but he be asked a question about his personal life or issue with tiffany's, that could get under his skin and create news. it's hard to say with a national security debate if that would happen. >> i think it's also interesting to note about the poll. it shows only 27% of republicans who were polled truly made up their minds who they are supporting. it's a wide open field and very fluid. i think newt gingrich's surge like michele bachmann or donald trump or for that matter rick perry, their surges are running a political viagara, they are living off a sense of media spin, living off of a certain
1:33 pm
moment in time. let's see if they can survive more than four months. >> tonight's debate is about national security. who has the most to prove on that topic, ron? >> i think herman cain has the most to prove because he made the huge mistake on libya. i think people have -- are starting to discount him and think he probable lip won't gemt the nomination, at least i don't. i think rick perry because he has a lot of money left in the bank, he has to gain some ground here. he has to show he can be effective in these debates and make a comeback. i thnk a lot of people in the media i talked to say there's still time on the clock and he still has a chance to get out of the rut he was in. let's listen to newt gingrich's take on going to war. listen to this. >> declaration of independence is signed by a group of people who fight an eight-year war. it is 'deck clairation of war in great britain in effect. washington is in the field eight years with one week at mount vernon. these people who wrote these
1:34 pm
documents understood the grim reality. i believe we should not go to war if we can avoid it and when we have to go to war, we should do so decisively with overwhelming power to seek the greatest possible victory and be prepared to do whatever it takes to win once we begin an enga engageme engagement. >> is that the type of answer people will want to hear tonight? >> that comment itself is a standard response about war. that's the general powell doctrine, the bigger issue here, what makes the debate so exciting this evening, the republicans have got to make a decision on whether they preserve their credibility on play to the right wing base. let's remember who votes in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. the republicans who wins, two out of three historically goes on to win nomination. we've seen the candidates sit soundly by why a gay soldier was
1:35 pm
booed and rick perry and newt gingrich saying we should zero foreign aid to countries like israel. >> last comment, ron. >> i think the key here is their answers on the supercommittee kul cuts to the defense department. that will be a huge debate on whether or not president obama will allow those cuts to really happen. i think this is going to be a platform for the gop to really assert itself on protecting our national security. >> we thank you both, ron bonjean and robert zimmerman. thank you, gentlemen. after days of bloody demonstrations, the country's military leader says the army is with the people not against the people. but after counting the dead and wound those may be hard words for protesters to believe. where is this country? the answer is just ahead in globe trekking. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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protests in egypt. we have live pictures now from tahrir square. you can see people massing, many very angry at the pace of transition from a military rule to a civilian one. in the past hour, the head of the military assured egyptians that the armed forces do not want to stay in power. >> translator: the armed forces is represented in its supreme council does not want to rule and put the interest of the country before everything and is ready to hand over the responsibility immediately and move back to its bar racks if the people want that. >> ben, what is your take on his address and has there been reaction from the protester there's in tahrir square? >> reporter: the protesters aren't happy with what he said.
1:40 pm
he was very defensive and said the egyptian military never fired bull lets at the chest of the egyptian people. what we've seen over the last three days is continuous clashes in the roads to the east of tahrir square, at least 27 people dead, not just in cairo but other egyptian cities, more than 1,700 wounded. people are angry, not just at the military but also at the security forces at the interior ministry. he did say that they would not -- that the military would hand over power to its civilian body and authority. but there's no clear timetable when that will happen and that's the sort of thing people are looking for. they want to see rapid removal of the military from the political scene. >> ben wedeman keeping us posted on developments, thank you so much. why scientists say there is growing evidence that we might
1:41 pm
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a dutch fiction writer says intelligent creatures exist in outer space, his proof, they haven't bothered to contact us. scientists take a more serious view. they argue a universe so vast
1:45 pm
almost surely means there is life out there somewhere. john saturday rel la says many want to resume the search. >> reporter: telescopes searching for other earth. there's no proof yet but the body of evidence is growing. we are not alone. >> one thing that strikes you, every time we learn something new about the universe, what we learn is that our situation doesn't seem to be all that special. and that suggests that life is not all that special either. >> reporter: but it is still just that, a guess. based in part on a as stronmy in overload, findings in telescopes, new discoveries at the breath taking rate, revealing the sheer mind blowing grandeur of the universe. consider these numbers for a minute. perhaps 1 trillion, with a t,
1:46 pm
trillion galaxies in the universe. stars you ask? how about 300 sextillion, 3 followed by 23 zeros. where does that leave us with planets, more specifically planets like our own? >> wire learning something that is of fundamental importance to mankind, how frequent are earths around other stars. >> reporter: the principle investigator for the keppler telescope, its mission find planets similar in size to the earth orbiting their suns. so far it has been successful beyond expectations. of the 1200 planet candidates, keppler has found nearly 70 are earth sized. >> the indication from data that we have in hand is that small planets are common, that the gal axecy means them efficiently so they are going to be abundant.
1:47 pm
>> the number is large enough, there must be many billions of such planets in our galaxy. >> reporter: how many are orbiting at just the right distance from the sun to support life? more than 50 candidates found so far where life might be possible. what keppler can't do is detect life. so for now, that will remain just a guess. >> so john zarella joins us. can it see the planets up close? >> reporter: no, it cannot. this telescope can give you an idea of earth-sized planets osh bitting in what the scientists call the goldilock zone, not too hot or too cold, just right around the star. it's not powerful enough and there's no instrument on earth powerful enough to see oceans or mountain ranges on another planet. that may be 50 to even 100 years
1:48 pm
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country. a mall in richmond, virginia, along with another mall in california will be tracking you. they won't be physically following you. they don't have toch. but, get this, monitoring your cell phone signal. they will follow you from store to store on black friday to new year's day. the goal, to collect data on your shopping behavior. how much time you spend in one store, your favorite spot. malls have tracked crowds for a while but this is the first time that they will use your cell phone. the management company forma mas say that personal data is not being traced. the last donations are being paid to the individuals and families affected by this horrifying stage collapse in august. remember, seven people were killed, dozens injured after winds toppled the stage before a sugarland concert. the public raised a little under $1 million in donations.
1:52 pm
half of that went to 28 people. the remaining amount is being prorated as a second payment to people who have already received money. all the donations were paid out on monday. not everyone got money. a special commission formed to handle the payout says those injured but did not spend an entire day at the hospital didn't get donations. but the state fair relief fund will continue to accept donations for a year. we are just getting some news out of tallahassee, florida, but florida's a and m famous marching band. its president has suspended all band practices and performances as least until investigators determine what led to the death of one of the school's drum majors. 26-year-old robert champion collapsed on a bus after a football game saturday night. he had been vomiting and complained he kobt breathe. champion's dad says he's not sure how this happened. >> he was in pretty good condition. he ate and trained and no
1:53 pm
medical condition that i know of. >> do you suspect any wrongdoing? >> no, i do not. i do want to know what happened because that would give me more understanding and something like this, i can accept knowing what happened. >> sheriff deputies say there are no signs of foul play. they are waiting for autopsy results. the university president says that the school will form an independent task force to look into champion's death. well, if you have ever played a sport, been on an athletic team, or are a sports fan, you'll understand just how devastating the news is for student student athletes at the university of college park. they plan to cut these eight sports by july 1st. they are victim of its athletic department's multimillion dollar budget deficit. putting it simply, the school can't afford to keep them. >> i want to make it very clear,
1:54 pm
that this is perhaps almost one of the most painful, most heart wrenching decisions i've made. >> it was heart wrenching to go team to team and look these young people in the eye and tell them that there is a possibility of discontinuing their program. >> veteran usa today sports columnist christine knows a lot about this. she joins us over the phone. this is a big deal. we're talking about 90 student athletes and coaching staff impacted by this. right? >> that's right, natalie. and it's unfortunate because these are the student athletes that will graduate on time, or close to it, who will give back to their university community for the next 50 years, who are model citizens by and large, who won't get in trouble again, by and large, and it's just a shame that big time college football and men's basketball is so pervasive and makes so much
1:55 pm
money that the administrators have to look at that and have to make sure that that is saved and preserved. but in the meantime, wonderful student athletes, unfortunately, lose an opportunity to play college sports. >> right. absolutely. why did the school have to resort to cutting teams? couldn't they have cut other programs? >> that's what they talked about, natalie. they are not happy to do this. no one is. they are giving an opportunity to donate and save the program and that happened at cal berkeley a year and a half ago with sports. so it can be done. but it's one of those things where they looked at costs, decided not to cut men's basketball or women's basketball, which is a big deal at maryland as well, and cut these men and women's minor sports. i think we'll see this throughout the country as budget woes continue. >> i noticed that some people have started a fundraising campaign. their own website trying to save it for themselves. the university needs to save a total are more than $29 million
1:56 pm
to save these teams. what's the likelihood that that can happen? >> it would seem to be remote in these economic times. however, cal berkeley did it. they did it with five sports. so you could see a scenario where this could be done if the energy is there, and let's hope it is, for these student athletes and their parents and supporters and what have you. it's tough time for college sports in general. >> absolutely. it could hurt the school's recruitment as well with student athletes. thank you so much, christine brennan, from usa today. and now for our political ticker from john king. what can we expect tonight at the republican debate? >> it's good to see you. it's dedicated to national security issues. the failure of the supercommittee. the u.s. financial standing in the world matters. often when it comes to national security and presidential campaigns, our questions are hypothetical.
1:57 pm
what would you do if iran was on the verge of getting a nuclear weapon? that's not so hypothetical, is it? what if the government of syria was at risk of falling or if china was growing into a military super power? a lot of times people will say the election is mostly about the economy but i hope everybody will watch. some people have said tune out. the next commander in chief will face some daunting challenges. >> who has got the most at stake, john? >> it's a tough question. because you could say mitt romney does because he's been the front-runner all along. you could say newt gingrich. you come to the top of the national polls and now you have to prove yourself. it's a republican nominee. if you're one of the lesser known candidates, you're going to raise your hand and say, how about me? we've watched the anybody but romney vote from herman cain to rick perry. he may have the most at stake
1:58 pm
because he needs to somehow break through. >> it could be his evening. but mitt romney has a new ad and the obama administration is crying fowl what is that about? >> it is rep prehenceable. it using it grossly out of what president obama said in 2008 out of context. take a look at the first tv paid ad of the campaign. >> i am confident that we can steer ourselves out of this mess. >> we need a plan for the middle class. it's going to take a new direction. if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> you heard the president's voice there. that was then candidate barack
1:59 pm
obama. senator obama in 2008. if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. that's a powerful message going into 2012, right? but it's not what the president said. it's at least not fair. he was talking about something john mccain said in the newspaper. what he said, was, senator mccain's campaign actually said and i quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. what the romney campaign has done, they've essentially cut it in half. they've cut it in half and took in the ad, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. it is completely, natalie, out of context. not what senator obama said. the romney campaign is saying that all is fair in love, war, and politics. for this one, all candidates do this but this one is particularly egregious at a time when there's so little trust in our politics, do we really need to resort to this? >> absolutely. what is the headline that will come out of tonight, if you have to guess? >> i think the number one challenge is about the economy. there are a lot of global
2:00 pm
challenges and the economy is one of them. i think the biggest committee tonight is, now that newt gingrich has come from the bottom of the pact to the top of the pact, can he stand up at a time when his rivals turn and pass him a bit. because of his rise, if you rise in the poll, you get the kick me sign. >> absolutely. john king, we appreciate t thanks so much. you can see the countdown to the debate right there. that does it for me. i'll be back tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. >> natalie, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. let's get you caught up on all things making news this fire. rapid fire, let's go. beginning with right now, three american college students are being held in egypt. they are accused of throwing cocktails in these violent protests. they are in ki row. we will speak with the mother of one of those young students coming up. also, a million man sit-in
2:01 pm
under way in egypt. 30 people are dead and more than 1700 are hurt. we'll take you live to egypt this hour on cnn. also, the supercommittee failed to pull it together and agree on a plan to reduce the nation's budget deficit. and guess what? right now the united states credit rating is under review by fitch ratings. a little bit of good news here on this tuesday, on our credit rating, standard & poor's says despite the super fail by the supercommittee, our s&p credit rating will not be downgraded again. it was downgraded in august. eight stock market is reacting to all of the news on the debt crisis. take a look at the dow. it's down just a tad. down 27 points with two hours to go. and with all this outrage over the supercommittee, the super fail, and congress coming up this hour, i'll speak with an author who says we should actually just throw them all out. also, the republican presidential contenders gather tonight for the cnn national
2:02 pm
security debate. and we are getting ready. this is debate number 11 but it is the first one with newt gingrich at the top of the field. wolf blitzer moderating. it's happening at 8:00 eastern. we'll be watching only here on cnn. and president obama on the road selling his jobs bill but it sounds like not everyone is buying his message. take a look at how occupy protesters welcomed president obama about two hours ago in new hampshire. i know it's tough to hear. you heard them chanting, mike check, and talking about protesters who have been arrested. others in the crowd started chanting in support of the president. and the tsa agent under arrest charged with sexual
2:03 pm
assault. harold glenn attacked a woman near his home in manassas, virginia. he worked at the airport and has been removed from security operations there. this is stunning. this is mexico city. this is mexico's largest volcano and right now, that huge plume is about two miles high. the ash is located 30 miles outside of mexico city. we have not yet received any reports of injuries thus far there. and former iowa principal gets 30 years in prison for secretly taking videos of little boys in the bathroom at his elementary school. 43-year-old robert burke was convicted of taking 32,000 pictures, 12,000 videos of 59 little boys. he got the maximum sentence after 30 years in prison.
2:04 pm
he will then be on supervised release for 20 years. a florida mother is suing her daughter's middle school. the 12-year-old girl says she was bullied mercilessly for months. the girl's mother told school officials. >> i was shocked that she was putting the blame on my daughter. she was saying, well, maybe your girl likes to talk. maybe she started it. she needs to get thicker skin. this is what teenagers do. >> the girl then tried to commit suicide by choking herself. broward county schools told our affiliate that they do not comment on open investigations or lawsuits. have you heard about this one? plane, full of marijuana, lands at the hughes son executive airport. but get this, the pilot missing. >> the individual or individuals, we don't know that were in the aircraft, abandoned the aircraft and we started searching the air and we discovered some partials that are contraband, believe to be marijuana, that came from the
2:05 pm
aircraft. >> marijuana, pilot mia. we have a lot more to come, including this -- tonight's the night. we're a couple hours away from the big cnn debate. republicans hoping to become president tell the country how they will become president and how far they will go to do it. the stage is set. >> tonight there's going to be a significant republican national security debate. >> wolf blitzer asks the tough questions from iran to nuclear threats and the future of america's wars. plus, he once worked for president obama and perhaps knows him the best. jon huntsman joins me live. an explosive book, accusing some in congress of insider trading. lawmakers getting rich for the
2:06 pm
very moves that would send normal americans to prison. the author tells me why we should throw them all out of office. >> the body of evidence is growing. we are not alone. >> also, a fascinating look at the search for life on mars and beyond. john za rel la investigates. and the feds say a home-grown militia wanted to attack americans. now we're hearing their secret conversations and disturbing plans. >> murder. it's got to be done. they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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all florida band rehearsals and performances are postponed after one of the students was found unresponse sif and then later died. the young man's father was asked about his son's overall health. >> he was in pretty good condition. he ate and trained and no medical condition that i know of. >> do you suspect any wrongdoing here? >> no, i don't. >> right now, a task force along with the orange county sheriff's office is investigating as well. a memorial service will be held tonight. and in less than six hours, all of the major republican presidential hopefuls will be on the same stage and answering our question. cnn is hosting a gop presidential debate tonight
2:10 pm
along with heritage foundation and the american enterprise institute. this is pretty cool. this is time lapse video. the debate, as you know now, 8:00 tonight. it's the about foreign policy and national security. we have a new front-runner coming into tonight's debate. look at these numbers. these just came down not even 24 hours ago. newt gingrich now topping the cnn-orc poll. he is hosting the debate tonight live as constitutional hall, wolf, this is the first time that we've seen the rmer house speaker now facing his opponents on one of these stages as the leader of the pact. what should we be watching for
2:11 pm
alistening for from newt gingrich? >> i'm primarily interested in seeing where these candidates agree on the most important national security foreign policy issues facing the united states where they agree, for example, president obama, if they agree with him on anything, whether they agree amongst themselves and disagree. we do know that on many of these major national security issues, the eight candidates will be behind me up on this stage here at beautiful constitution hall. they disagree on a lot of these issues. i think there are a lot of undecided voters out there. they want some clarity and want to know where these candidates stand and we'll give them every opportunity to spell out where they stand on these issues, what would they do if they had in their hands the enormous responsibility for conducting war and protecting american lives, our national security obviously is issue number one for any american president. so that's what we're hoping for. >> so as you're throwing the national security questions at them, it would be remiss to sit here and not to mention the
2:12 pm
supercommittee, the super fail is supposed to trigger those automatic cuts and defense spending and you talked to a lot of people and i've talked to a lot of people and the anger is pervasive over the lack of solution. how might that be anger bubble up and factor into tonight's debate? >>. >> these 12 members of the so-called supercommittee did not even have a face-to-face meeting in the last three weeks. it's pretty amazing when you take a look at the enormity of the responsibility. look, the economy, according to recently retired admiral mike mullen, former chairman of the joint chief of staff, the economy is the number one national security issue facing the united states right now. i was a huge, huge issue. we'll get into that tonight. i want to hear what these candidates have to say. more importantly, i think our viewers. there will be millions of people listening and they want to know where the stand dates stacandid
2:13 pm
how it's undermined by a weak economic situation. so those questions will certainly come up. >> and really just finally, looking behind you and seeing that time lapse, constitution hall, it's a pretty spiffy spot in washington. are you excited? >> very excited. there are about 2500 guests inside constitutional hall. every american president since calvin coolidge has been here. we're only about half a block from the white house and close to the washington monument. it's history unfolding here and these eight people that want to be president of the united states, they can see the white house as they drive over here to constitution hall tonight. so it's very exciting. i fully appreciate the enormity of the challenge that i have as the moderator and hopefully i won't let our viewers down. >> you won't. i'll be watching. we'll be tweeting. wolf blitzer, thank you so.
2:14 pm
thank you, sir. also, three american students accused of throwing cocktails and have been arrested. the mother of one of those students is going to join me live in about two minutes. we'll see what she knows about her son. also, record breaking flooding in the midwest. and now some of the same storms are heading east. we put a track on the severe weather coming up. we'll talk to chad about that. also, this -- >> there is no proof yet, but the body of evidence is growing. we are not alone. >> hmm. we will take you the to facility here in the united states that searches for possible extra terestrial live this hour on cnn.
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
2:17 pm
new today, egyptian's cabinet has officially resigned after four days of protest tests. the military has been ruling since hosni mubarak was thrown out of power. it's been chaotic, rubber bullets have been thrown to
2:18 pm
disperse the crowds. ben wedemen is there. what is next? >> reporter: well, what is next is really what is looming. what people have forgotten is that on monday, november 28th, egypt will begin a round of parliamentary ee likeses a parliamentary elections and, in fact, we heard that those elections will go ahead as scheduled. although many people down in the square simply think these elections are just sort of a democratic trap to give legitimacy to the ruling council and then it's not clear what any parliament formed after these elections will have because the military still has the supreme power in the country. so there's still a lot of
2:19 pm
uncertainty. many fear that those elections could turn out to be violent. they have been violent in the past and given that this is the first time that parties will be vying for real power under hosni mubarak. so it's not that that is as clear as it was beforehand. >> you know, ben wedeman, to your report on power, you tweeted 55 minutes ago, egypt's ruling getting a crash course on how hard it is to please people when they've discovered their power. will they learn the lesson? what do you mean by that? >> well, what i mean is that in the old days, the government, the state, the president assumed that the people would obey. what has happened since the revolution is that the people of egypt have become incredibly
2:20 pm
politicized and realize that they can bring down dictatorship, bring the country to a holt. and what you're seeing in this square behind me they object to generals running country. these are generals that rose through the ranks for hosni mubarak, assuming that the time the people would simply be quiet and obey. and these old men in the supreme council of the armed forces are having a real hard time learning that lesson. >> they now have a voice and a vote. ben wedeman in cairo for us. now, three u.s. students in cairo have been arrested for throwing cocktails during protests. greg porter, a 19-year-old from
2:21 pm
drexler university, luke gates, from indiana university, and derek sweeny, a 19-year-old who attends georgetown. he is the tallest young man there at the far right of your screen. his mother, joyce sweeny, is on the phone with us in jefferson city, missouri. joy, just bring me up to speed and tell me what you know about your son. >> well, all we know is that he's accused of doing what you said but i just really find it very difficult to believe. first of all, you know, we have had an outpouring of support from all of his friends and family and we are to grateful. you know, he has always been somebody who believes in democracy and standing up for what you believe in and i know that he was excited at the opportunity to be in egypt right now. i also know that he is extreme
2:22 pm
passivist. he has always, even since he was a young child, supported peaceful resolution and would never do anything to inflict violence on anybody else. they have not filed any charges. the last we heard, he was in some courthouse in egypt for questioning. what that means, we're not exactly sure. we are praying for him, as our his friends and family around the globe. he's got a sister in paris and a brother in afghanistan right now. both of whom we've been in contact with and then his younger sister is here in jefferson city with us. and my husband and i are just talking to the state's department, talking to the u.s. embassy in cairo obviously talking to everybody that we possibly can. people are calling me. >> i hear the phone beeping in.
2:23 pm
i thought we lost you, joyce. with regard to the state department -- >> that's somebody trying to click in on my other line because obviously they have this number. >> well, unless it's the state's department and you need to go, can i ask you another question? >> yes, i'm still with you. i don't know who it is but i will call them back. >> okay. i won't take too much more of your time. i understand you're busy fielding some phone calls. senator blunlt's office says that they are working with the state department. what specifically have you heard, either from the senator's office or from the state department? how helpful are they being thus far? >> we've contacted both of our state senators. senator blunt and senator mccaskill and they both have offered their services. senator blunt's office, chief of staff called me back, actually spoke to me right away and got all of the details, got all of the information, said that they've got somebody from the state department who is working
2:24 pm
on it and kim richter is her name. as soon as she knew anything she was going to get in touch with me. as of yet, i have not heard anything from her. it's probably hard to communicate with any courthouse or official and finding out what is going on. >> you mentioned you're a mom in missouri and you have three children, if i heard you correctly, egypt, of a fan begabega afghanistan and paris. when was the last time you talked to your son? >> yesterday at about 3:00 in the afternoon, as a matter of fact. i have -- we have a foreign exchange student living with us from turkey and my youngest daughter had to stay at school. i picked her up from school and was driving her home and he called and i asked if he was
2:25 pm
safe and he said, yes, he was safe and -- sorry. that's my line again. >> i'm going to let you go. i'm going to let you go. >> no. no. that's -- >> joyce, i want to let you go. continue taking those phone calls and let us know obviously if there's any change in the status of your son and getting him home. we're thinking about you and thank you, joyce sweeney calling in from missouri. millions are hitting the road from this thanksgiving week. are you ready for severe weather cutting through the kournlt true? we'll get those details straight ahead. plus, the hunt for alien life he in our urnt verse. john zarrella is standing by for those details. [ bells dinging ] ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to say throw care away ♪ ♪ from everywhere, filling the air ♪ [ female announcer ] chex party mix. easy 15-minute homemade recipes
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question, do you think aliens exist? scientists have discovered planets like earth and that has people thinking we are not alone. here is cnn's john zarrella. >> reporter: probes to mars, telescopes looking for other earth and listening for life out there. the body of evidence is growing, we are not alone. >> every time we learn something new about the universe, what we learn is that our situation doesn't seem to be all that special. and that suggests that life is not all that special either. >> reporter: but it is still just that, a guess. based on astronomy overload. findings from tell low scopes, new discoveries at a breath-taking rate, consider
2:30 pm
these hef generally numbers just for main. perhaps one trillion with a t. that's right. trillion galaxies in the universe. stars, you asked? okay. how about 300 sextillions, which is three followed by 20 zeros? more specifically, planets like our own. >> we are learning a fundamental importance of mankind. >> reporter: bill is the principle investigator for nasa's kepler dell le scope. its mission to find and so far it's been successful beyond expectations. of the 1200 planet candidates, kepler has found nearly 70 are earth sized. >> the indication from date that
2:31 pm
we have in is there is going to be abundant. >> the number is large enough so there must be many billions of such planets in our galaxy. that's been a very happy surprise. >> reporter: how many are orbiting at just the right distance from the sun to support life? more than 50 candidates found so far were life like possible, what he can't do is detect life. so for now that will remain just a guess. su >> such a guess and a mystery, john zarrella. good to see you. i know you've spoke to people from search for extraterrestrial existence. how did this start in the first place? >> well, if you go back to 1975, nasa founded it. in 1983, nasa got out of the
2:32 pm
business where people and like that in hugh let and pack card and pal allen, microsoft, a big name people who have put struggling because of the economy. it's affecting them, too. some of the observatories where they listen for life, have actually had to shut them down. >> cut back. >> yeah. and so tomorrow we are going to look at nasa's next great observatory. if our viewers thought the things we've seen are spectacular, what nasa is promising from the telescope is going to make hubble be a walk in the park. >> good tease, zarrella. thank you so much. we'll see you tomorrow. >> sure. in the meantime, thousands without electricity in arkansas, record rainfall, flash floods, deterring tens and thousands of
2:33 pm
people off the highways and freeways. this is in the midwest and heading eastward. chad myers is straking this storm. chad, not the week with everyone traveling that you want to deal with this. >> no. there are going to be three separate storms that will affect three separate areas of the country before you get to grandma's house or come home or wherever you are going. this is going to be a week for severe weather across parts of the south, snow across new england and avalanche warnings for so much snow across parts of the northwest. we have a little bit of severe weather in huntsville, down to birmingham. a couple of storms around metropolis and then wind damage from storms in mississippi and alabama. let's get closer in. these are some of the storms in south of birmingham. they are traveling to birmingham. we understand what a difficult year alabama has had so far with severe weather. it's not quite over yet. here's the rain and snow from seattle all the way down to
2:34 pm
eugene and so forth. the snow in the northwest and for tomorrow, a lot of people trying to get on airplanes tomorrow, the northeast corridor is going to be an absolute nightmare for planes. take your patience from video games and it's going to be very tough. we even have airport delays today. tomorrow it's going to be double. >> even though i'll be here all week long, i'm kind of excited to not be flying. not going to lie. chad myers, thank you. >> you're welcome. i want you to hear this next young woman's story because when she was raped by a married man, she was accused of adultery. she was. wait until you hear what she has gone through since then. plus, did you read the statement from the supercommittee last night, the one announcing their failure? thanking one another warmly during the holiday seasons, despite their epic failure to
2:35 pm
stave off an epic disaster? that's next. >> do they actually believe that we would believe even for a second that on something so massive as over a trillion dollars in budget cuts and maybe a-fen in there for millionaires or billionaires? i think not. so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis
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2:38 pm
congress is failing all the way around but in my opinion it's a setup. they never were going to reach an agreement. >> if they can't come to an agreement on how to balance the budget, then what's the point of having them? i mean, they can't get along. they can't seem to agree on anything. >> who is worried about the american people? the committee is just part of the big failure of congress. >> speaking of failure, by now you've heard of the failure of the so-called super committee to
2:39 pm
add another voice to this mix, i want to turn to steven moore, senior economy writer. i've got to say, i'm a little surprised at this statement. i'm going to quote this section here. quote, as we approach the uniquely american holiday of thanksgiving, we want to express our appreciation to every member of this committee, each of whom, i hear you laughing, each of whom came into the process, kit committed to achieving a solution that has alluded many groups before us. so, steven moore -- >> congratulations on a job well done. >> and happy thanksgiving while we're at it. what do you make of this statement, these people who were supposed to get this crucial assignment. they have known about it for months. they have utterly failed and they are patting each other an the back. >> i don't think it's just this 12 men and women who served on
2:40 pm
this "super "." the reason they are gridlocked, and they said that they had to put a big tax increase on the table. they simply couldn't reach an agreement and i don't think if you put 12 other members of congress -- i don't think you would have gotten that agreement either. it may take, quite frankly, another election before and folks on the street, i feel the same way. >> they are mad. >> they can't get any kind of an agreement and that's the low hanging proof. that's should be the easy part. >> look, i'm disappointed if you're saying, 12 different members of congress, they would have arrived at the same
2:41 pm
conclusion. and they voted for by the government. is the government's failure to take action on the debt not really this direct result of the decisions made by we the voters? >> well, to some extent it is. we had the tea party back in 2009 and 2010 and now you have the occupy wall street movement. i don't think that's really representative of certainly active in all of these cities. and you just have fundamental disagreement. what is really kind of troubling to me, look, there's some big, big issues we can't really settle in the next few months. but there are some things we should be able to agree on, that we have to reign in the cap on the spending and reform the tax system in a way that raises more revenues but doesn't put more
2:42 pm
stress on the economy. i would have really hoped, brooke, that maybe it didn't add up to a trillion dollars but -- >> yeah, they got the big goose egg. final question while i have you, steven moore, you have pretty good sources. read your recent story about the committee. top republican, jeff, do you think republicans are getting a good handle on this, politically speaking? >> i think the republicans, if they have raised taxes, gone along with the president's trillion dollar tax increase, it would have been a disaster. i'm speaking politically now. >> yeah. >> that would have totally divided the republican party on the eve of a very important election. the republicans were not going to go along with that because they remember -- you remember what happened when george bush said, read my lips and he broke that promise. they lost everything. i think they saw a great political peril to agreeing to a big tax increase and that's why it didn't happen.
2:43 pm
>> good to have you on, sir. appreciate it. >> great to be with you. have a great turkey day. >> i hear you, i hear your tweets. i see your e-mails. nothing about the supercommittee business has been pleasing to you, the american people. that's what is really a recurring frustration with congress that had my next guest pretty frustrated. he picked up on this and even wrote a book on it. throw them all out. but i'm going to press them on whether that's a solution. a lot of people told me after your daughter's born, give it to someone else but that is proof of my innocence. >> this is an incredible report. this is coming from afghanistan. rape can still be a woman's fault and even tlolead to a marriage. don't miss it. just sent out new.
2:44 pm rules? cause you're currently in violation of 6 of them. oh yeah, baby? ...and 7. did you guys hear that fred is leaving? so 30 seconds ago. [ noisemakers blow ] [ both ] we'll miss you! oh, facecake! there's some leftover cake. [ male announcer ] the new htc vivid. stay a step ahead with at&t 4g lte, with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. ♪
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2:46 pm
if you watch nothing else, nothing else on television today, you should watch this report. it really needs no introduction other than to say it was filed from afghanistan. nick peyton-walsh, here you go. >> reporter: she remembers clearly the smell of her rapist's clothes. >> translator: he had filthy clothes on as he does metal and construction work. when my mother went out, he came into my house and closed the doors and windows.
2:47 pm
i started screaming but he shut me up by putting my hand on my mouth. >> reporter: this 19-year-old was also blamed. her rape, sex with a married man, was seen as adultery by the courts and sentenced to 12 years in jail. to her, there's only one way out. a dreadful choice. >> translator: i was asked if i wa wanted to start a new life by getting released and marry this man. >> reporter: inside the prison walls, she agreed to be interviewed. she can't escape her attacker. her daughter is the child of the rape. >> translator: my daughter is a little innocent child. who knew i would have a child in this way. a lot of people told me that after your daughter's born, give it to someone else but my aunt to me to keep her as my
2:48 pm
innocence. >> reporter: the possibility she may have to marry her attacker and then the risk she could be killed. because of the shame of her ordeal. we spoke to her convicted rapist in jail who didn't want to be shown on camera and denied raping her. he said he would definitely be killed on release but by her own family. because of how they have treated her, she's taken the extraordinary step to speak out about her attack and that's brought her problems. she spoke openly with her face uncovered about women rights. yet the documentary eu may block it also because they don't want to justice system to look back.
2:49 pm
the afghan ambassador said it was his call. >> what i'm concerned about is the situation and security and well being. that's it. that's a key criteria according to what i offer the opinion will judge. >> reporter: but now the rape victim has been judged an adult error. her only possible escape, marriage to her rapist. something she says she will accept. nick paton walsh, kabul.
2:50 pm
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all right. i want to talk politics and specifically congress people are fed up about the failure and the slap in the face. the question is, can these people who we elect get anything done? i want to show you some numbers here. first, this number. 9%. this is their approval rating. this is as of late october when cbs and new york times actually did the poll. that is a new low, folks. because it's the first time in 30 years of polling. the approval ratings dropped to single digits. you've got that.
2:53 pm
take a look at this number. another indication of their new low. this is from gallup. a poll showing only 13% approval of how congress is doing their job. compare that to november of '08. here's another number for you. 14. 14%, july of '08. right after our gas prices hit a high. $4 a gallon. and then march 1992, 18%. 18% approval rating for the house banking scandal. and june 1979, in the middle of the energy crisis. people had to wait in line for hours and hours. one man says, he's got the answer. throw them all out. peter who wrote, "throw them all
2:54 pm
out" how about that? peter schweizer joins me right now. peter, we've touched on the frustration, the madness that americans feel because of the supercommittee. because of the interview between the two of us, we start working on this book. you assemble your team of eight researchers. you wanted to know why some members of congress, they have left congress with deeper pockets than when they arrived in d.c. and so you found that the insider trading law that applies to you and to me, doesn't apply to them. please explain. >> they will operate on another set of rule. they are free to -- if they get sensitive information from the food and drug administration, something that is happening with the economy, something in a bill related to health care, and they are free and there have been
2:55 pm
studies done, brooke, that show that u.s. senators are better investors. i'll put that in quotation marks, than hedge funds which guarantee 8% a year. u.s. markets beat by 12% a year. and there's plenty of examples of how they do this. >> well, let's give an example. that's why we have you on. one example that you cite is that you're sitting on a health care committee and you get this not yet public information on a prescription drug. >> right. >> and you buy stock. perfectly fine? >> yeah, it's perfectly fine. it works both ways. if you find out that the fda is going to approve a drug. you're having a conversation during an oversight meeting or a bureaucrat, you're free to bref on that situation. if you're getting something that happens in the financial market that no one sells privy to, you're free to deal with that. during the financial crisis, brooke, we had small, intimate
2:56 pm
meetings with the fed chairman and when you look at those meetings, you'll notice that the next day after those meetings, dozens of congress were selling large amounts of stock before the rest of us knew how large it was. >> also not illegal, members of congress and i give you a shoebox with $10,000 of cold hard cash and that's bribery. both of us are going to jail. if i come into your office and instead say, look, i'm going to give you access to preferred ipo shares, initial public offerings shares of stock, if you buy these, it's going to net you $100,000 in a single day, that's completely illegal and it goes on quite regularly. >> i don't know if many americans are aware of that. we wanted to have this conversation with you.
2:57 pm
we wanted to point out that senator scott brown, he has reintroduced -- it comes from back in '04 and would make this kind of activity and make it illegal. my question is, will this thing go anywhere? >> i'm not sure it will go anywhere. the problem with the stock act is it doesn't deal with ipos. the form of legal bribery doesn't deal with land deals. members of congress are free to buy a piece of land, put it an earmark to save a highway bill to build the highway with our money running alongside their property and they sell it because it's worth a whole lot more because the road is running buy it. the stock won't do anything about that either. >> peter, eligible voter turnout from the elections last fall. it was at 17.7%. quickly here, if americans are
2:58 pm
so pa tissued by this, why isn't it higher? >> i think americans have come to expect that this is the way it is. it doesn't have to be. we can hold them accountable, we can make a difference. we should not get cynical to the point that we're just giving up and throwing up our hands and saying that this is the way that washington has to be. it does not work this way. >> peter, writing the book "throw them all out," thank you for coming on. >> thank you. homeless people nor a halloween party this last year and now we've learned that the law firm is closing. that story is next. oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones!
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