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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 23, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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that they are fine as long as the economy keeps booming? >> well, in a way, yes. because so far that has been kind of the bargain. you know, even though there is political control and people can't always express themselves freely, economically they actually have a lot of freedom. there are a lot of ent t entrepreneurs. so that has worked. but there are problems emerging. economists who say that the chinese economy has not been working and food prices are up 10% this year. those are worry some things. so the government is concerned that people might get angry at that deal, the bargain with the government, and want to speak out more, or protest. and i can tell you, brooke, i used to work in hong kong for cnn -- >> yeah. >> and there are reports all the time of people demonstrating against the government. >> i still can't get over how many cameras are in china. jill dougherty, thank you so
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much, at the washington bureau for us today. thank you, jill. and now this -- here we go. hour two, welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. many holiday travelers are impacted at this hour by severe weather. also, police are investigating a student's sudden death. just how financially sound are the big banks? ted rowlands is riding an amtrack train to chicago. ted? >> reporter: brooke, we've been talking to people all morning long. we started at st. louis at 4:30 in the morning. melvin joined us later on in the trip. you like the train? yes or no? >> yes. >> why? >> it's convenient, you know. it's just convenient for me. my daughter is in st. louis, i'm in chicago. it's a quick trip. >> and cheaper, too. betty is on her way to virginia,
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eventually and betty, why do you like taking the train? >> well, it's a better ride. it's more economical. there's no sense in flying from st. louis and i've changed planes at midway. so it's just more economical. i only pay $30 round trip for my train ticket. >> you're going to see your son for thanksgiving? >> in fairfax, virginia. >> back for christmas? >> exactly. >> and she's going to be taking the train again, brooke. she has seen it all. she serves beer, liquor, and other things on the amtrack trains. this should be a reality show you a you should star in it? >> yes, absolutely. >> absolutely. we want to show you this. this is a dome car. there is only one dome car in the whole amtrack fleet. we have to go around the stairs and go up these stairs this is why it's call the dome fleet.
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you can see out and not only can you see the entire trip through the windows, but you can also see the motorists that have made the decision to drive rather than take the train. and robert, train better than driving for you? >> definitely better than driving. sit back, look out the beautiful windows. amtrack has great service, very relaxing. don't have to deal with the traffic. >> brooke, there you have it. a lot of people on the train throughout the country on this thanksgiving day weekend. busiest day of the year. >> ted rowlands, thank you. safe travels to you. next on reporter roulette, chad myers, the weather is causing some headaches. give me some good news, as he laughs. >> the airports are open. >> oh, man. >> the bad news is, many of them are very, very slow. i want to get to an app and it's called flight board. it's a fabulous little app.
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it's 3 bucks. something like that. $3.99. the two boston flights from delta have been canceled there. i can show you the other delays that go side ways. many of the flights, here's american airlines to dallas, 21 minutes late out of laguardia and you go farther down. jetblue, it hasn't even left yet. as the gates go on and day goes on, you're going to see this worst out of the east. thanksgiving looking pretty good. if you're going to be traveling then, sometimes it's a cheaper flight. many people have done that. the problem with today is that there are two main areas of transportation being slow. one in the northeast and the other the northwest. when you get flights that travel across the country, there are 30 minutes out of the way, that means that they are late leaving and 30 minutes late getting there. back and forth, by the time the 8:00 flights come, you can
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really be an hour or two behind. >> what was that, flight board? >> yes, flight board. i love it. >> chad myers, thank you. we can find out how strong the big banks are and someone may be tracking your phone on black friday. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. alison, first the banks, another stress test coming? >> yes. in fact, the list of big banks, they have until january to show that they can hold up under hypothetical scenarios, a very stressful situation, like let's say a stock market crash or 13% unemployment or just another bad recession. now, these banks, they have to show that they have enough money to keep lending even if those events play out. if it sounds familiar, it should. banks went through stress tests and then only involved 19 banks. now it involves 31 banks. the test is a lot more stringent and bigger because there are new
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wall street regulations. it's an effort to avoid repeating case of the past when liquidity becomes a problem during the great recession. brooke? >> alison, a lot of people are shopping over the next course of the few days. someone may be watching and who is that someone and how are they watching us, based upon our cell phones? >> well, yes. you're talking about big brother. the mall is going to be watching you. particularly, two malls. temecula and here is how it will work. it's going to want to track how people go through the mall and what stores they go through. if they go from nordstrom to starbuck, the idea is that they have coffee after leaving after that store. or how long do they linger at
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victoria's secret? what is unpopular. the company that makes this tracking equipment says what it winds up doing is helping stores improve the shopping experience. now, keep in mind no personal data will be collected. let's say that they would know that allison is buying a dress. it would be the anonymous data. if you're still worried about it, you have an option to opt out by turning your phone off when you walk into the store. brooke? >> and this is all based upon a cell signal in these two malls? >> exactly. that's exactly right. they will track your movements and know just how you like to shop, brooke. >> wow. >> what you like to buy. >> alison kosik, thank you so much. >> yes. >> in new york. >> it's creepy. >> next on "reporter roulette," elizabeth cohen with new details on the death of an arkansas player, derek. >> he died on sunday and the coroner says that he died of an
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enlarged heart. it's a disease that runs in families. some people will feel light-headed or a pounding heart but a lot of people won't. there are not any symptoms. and aapparently that was the case here. the university said they weren't told of any heart problems. there were no signs at all. and i want to add one more thick. people often think of drugs. they did toxicology and they were negative. apparently drugs were not involved. >> so i'm hearing you say that it's genetic but how often does this happen in young people? >> one study says that 50 to 100 athletes die of sudden death each year. not particularly of myopathy. it's not a tiny number. >> is there anything -- parents watching. is there anything that an empowered parent can do to make sure that this doesn't happen to their child? >> there really is. if your child is an athlete, make sure that they have a
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proper physical. and when i say proper, i mean the kind of physical that a student athlete is supposed to get. they just did -- there was just a study done. obama 6% of student athletes get the proper physicals. >> are kids not required to get these anymore? >> they are required to get physicals but not any specific type. the doctor is not necessarily required to do anything in particular. so you want to go to pashpatient and we have a list of 12 things that they should be doing. this is unusual. i don't want to scare people. but when it does happen it can happen without warning and it's devastating. >> knowledge is power. elizabeth cohen, thanks. and that's "reporter roulette" for today. still ahead, a sitting governor is calling off all executions in his state. also, this -- >> i cannot, i will never, ever,
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ever put that number on my body. >> a worker says he was fired because he refused to wear a sticker. why? because he says that sticker shows the mark of the devil. we're on the case. plus -- >> somebody up here is going to be president and i hope it's going to be me but one of us is going to be. it's important for us to unify the country -- >> cnn's political analyst gloria borger asking tough questions post the debate including what he thinks about the last republican standing. but will a comment about immigration hurt gingrich at the polls. and i'm sure this will come up at your turkey dinner tomorrow. we have a little advice for you. how to be smarter than anyone in the room or how to completely change the subject. stay right there. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ?
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if it's interesting and happening right now, you can stee now, rapid fire, let's go. beginning with egypt, military police trying to break up the protesters that have been gathering the last couple of days in tahrir square. earlier leaders called on police to put down their weapons and there was even word of a truce but so far, no sign of this proest wrapping um. we're monitoring the situation and will bring you any updates. another arab leader swept from power. yemeni president saleh signs over his power to the vice president. he will not return to yemen. richard roth reports that he will now go to new york for medical treatment and he was wounded in an attack on the
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presidential palace. some new updates in the case of the lone wolf terrorists. veterans, police, and post offices in new york, he says jose pimentel was concerned when he switched to islam. >> translator: his brother would tell me that was crazy and he had gotten into that. a new ban on executions in the state of oregon. governor john kitzhaber says it will be in effect as long as he is governor and made the announcement while a reprieve for a convicted murder was governor kitzhaber was the governor in the '90s when they happened. he cannot participate in something that he believes to be morally wrong. she's scared. she's scared.
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please, i know she's scared. >> a mother pleads for the safe return of her missing 5-year-old daughter but yesterday that same mother appeared before a judge. police arrested jerice hunter on monday on child abuse charges. her daughter, little girl disappeared from her home. a thanksgiving turkey got a pardon from the president. >> you are hereby pardoned. give him a round of applause. >> the turkeys, liberty and peace. the turkeys can breathe a little bit of sigh of relief. the first presidential turkey pardon was given by george h.w. bush in 1989. a little trivia for you.
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now this -- >> translator: a lot of people told me that after your daughter's born, give it to somebody else but my aunt told me to keep her as proof of my innocence. a young woman is thrown in jail after a relative rapes her. she even gives birth to the attacker's child. we first told but this outrageous story just 24 hours ago and now something's changed. we're getting so many tweets about this. nick paton walsh and the update next. air ♪ [ female announcer ] chex party mix. easy 15-minute homemade recipes you just pop in a microwave. like caramel chocolate drizzles. happier holidays. chex party mix. a network of possibilities... ♪ in here, pets never get lost. ♪ in here, every continent fits in one room. it was fun. we played football outside.
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boy, did we ever get reaction to our story about the woman sitting in prison for adultery because she was raped. reaction from you and every bit as important from the authorities in afghanistan. nick paton walsh is standing by to give us the update. first, let's go back and hear his reporting. >> reporter: she remembers clearly the smell of her rapist's clothes. >> translator: >> he had felt three clothes on as he does metal and construction work. he came into my house and closed the doors and windows.
3:20 pm
i started screaming but he shut me out by putting his hand over my mouth. >> reporter: her rapist was the husband of her cousin but this 19-year-old was also blamed. her rape, sex with a married man, was seen as adultery by the courts and she was sentenced to 12 years in jail. to her, there's only one way out. a dreadful choice. >> translator: i was asked if i wanted to start a new life by getting released and marrying this man. this man dishonored me and i want to stay with that man. >> reporter: she can't he is stap her attacker. her daughter is the child of the rape. >> translator: my daughter is a little innocent child. who knew i would have a child in this way. a lot of people told me that after your daughter's born, give
3:21 pm
it to someone else. by my aunt told me to keep her as proof of myness. >> reporter: in afghanistan, a rape ordeal begins with the attack and then there's isolation and the possibility she may have to marry her attacker and then the risk she could be killed because of the shame of her ordeal. we spoke to her convicted rapist in jail and killed on release but by her own family out of shame. and because of how afghan has treated her, she's take answer great risk by speaking out about her attack but that has brought her problems. she spoke with her face uncovered in a documentary about women's rights. the eu blocked its release saying that it would put her in danger. they also don't want to make the afghan justice system look back.
3:22 pm
the eu ambassador said it was his call. >> what i'm concerned about the security and well being. that's a criteria to which i, as the representative, of the union will judge. but now she's being judged as an adu adulterer, and her only way out is to be married to the attacker. something she will accept for the sake of her child. >> nick paton walsh is standing by and they have reduced her sentence. she's still in prison but how much shorter is her sentence? >> reporter: well, she now has a sentence of three years, and about a year left to serve on that. what is remarkable, this gives you an insight into prosecutor and judges in this country.
3:23 pm
they've looked at the case again and decided actually she needs to stay in jail a lit longer. the reason being, they believe she didn't report the crime against her fast enough. which is quite remarkable. they also say in the same breath that she wasn't raped. she's guilty of adult terryery. they are saying that the crime is not as serious requiring the 12 years sentence but also may stay in jail because she didn't really report it quickly enough. it's a confusing situation indeed here, brooke. >> didn't report it quick enough. what happens to her now? what happens to her child? and then, will she even be safe when she's released? >> reporter: the hope is that someone will intervene. there is suggestion that she may be pardoned by the president but tonight her and her child remain in jail. the u.s. state department has
3:24 pm
issued a statement. they don't call for her release. they just express their heartfelt condolences to the woman and say that no woman should be in a situation like that. it's about pressure upon the presidential palace here to see the president intervene and call for her release and then after that, of course, sanctuary or some kind of an asylum to assure her safety. brooke? >> nick paton walsh, thank you for sharing that story with us. back here at home, breaking today, a new arrest for the suspect who terrorized that am mish town. find out how cleansing the devil played a role. next, a telescope so powerful that it will provide a never before seen look at our universe. but there was some problems with it. also, a mighty heavy price tag. john za regulrrella is standing
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♪ some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love ♪ >> speaking of space, nasa plans to put a new space telescope in orbit in 2018 and it is so powerful, experts say it will make the hubble look like a backyard astronomer. it comes with a pretty big price tag, as john zarrella found out. >> reporter: this is the future outside the maryland science center. it's a full model of the james webb telescope. scientists say it will redefine our understanding of our place in the universe. it will be so unique it will look further back in time than the hubble telescope, almost to the dawn of creation. >> the james webb telescope is to help us find our history from after the big bang to how
3:29 pm
astronomers are born. >> reporter: and if they look in the right place and get a bit lucky -- >> it may give us our first clue of life in a solar system. >> if we can see a planet like earth, i think that would be really cool. >> reporter: webb will orbit about one million miles from earth. primarily to range in the infrared zone, areas that we cannot see. it will look where hubble could not, into gas and dust clouds at the birth of the first stars and planets. sounds incredible, right? are we alone? >> i don't even know how you would put a price on being able to answer questions like how old is the universe? how did it all start? where is it going? what is it made of? are there other people like us out there.
3:30 pm
>> but there is a price tag. when webb is finally launched, it will be years behind schedule and cost about $8.8 billion. 6.5 billion more than the original estimate. at one point congress came close to killing it. so what happened? how did it end up astronomy at an astronomical cost? >> when you're doing inventions and things for the first time, you don't know exactly what you're going to run into. and we found several things that we had to work around. >> and it better work from the get-go. when hubble ran into problems, space shuttleastronauts came to the rescue but hubble was only 300 miles up. even in the shuttle was still supp flying it couldn't get there to fix webb. >> so you're saying this will redefine our place in the
3:31 pm
universe? that's quite a goal. with so many issues with the hubble, why didn't nasa abandon it? >> reporter: a couple of reasons. one is that the science community was outraged at the notion that it would set astronomy back 25 years. the second reason was, they had already poured so much money into it that they looked at options like well, what if we decide it's less money to continue on, fix the problems that they had with webb and launch this one. those are the two predominant ones. can you imagine, if we saw a planet, that would be pretty cool. you think? >> i think so. >> so matter of fact. yeah. amazing. amazing. 8.8 million. john zarrella, thank you. also, at this time tomorrow,
3:32 pm
you will be with family and friends, most likely. we have a little bit of advice to make you the smartest around the table and somehow justin bieber plays a part in this. plus, here's one that you haven't heard before. >> it's not just a sticker, okay? 666 is the mark of the beast. >> this guy says he was fired for refusing to wear a number at work and why he won't wear it. mark aguilar is standing by with that. that's next. it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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seven amish men have now been arrested in the case in
3:36 pm
ohio and they are calling it a hate crime. among the seven arrested, this is samuel mullet senior. he's the clan leader. an affidavit says mullet forced members of him amish sect to sleep in chicken coops and took married women into his home so he could quote, unquote, cleanse them of the devil with sexual acts. many companies take pride in their safety records. some like workers to wear tags, the number of accident-free days. but when one georgia company hit the number 666 days without an accident, one worker said, no to wearing a badge and for that he lost his job. that was last year. he's been out of work ever since. he's filed a federal lawsuit over his firing. >> i cannot -- i will never, ever, ever put that number on my body. >> reporter: billy hyatt is a staunch believe in the bible,
3:37 pm
including what is said about the number 666. >> the people that accept in the mark, they are going to burn in hell. >> reporter: his faith is so strong, he refused to wear the number 666 while working at the company that is now berry plastic corporation. >> there's no way that i'm going to put that number on my body. >> reporter: that decision led to his firing and he's filed a lawsuit alleging that it violated his religious rights and said that berry employees must wear stickers with the number of days that the company has gone without an accident. >> i asked for a day off. >> reporter: when the number approached 666, hyatt said he asked not to be forced to wear the sticker. he said he was suspended and then fired when he refused to wear it. hyatt said his boss told him, it's just a sticker. >> well, it's not just a sticker, okay? 666 is the mark of the beast, okay? >> reporter: i came here to get a comment about the claims and the lawsuit but no one answered the door. i did get an e-mail from the company saying, it doesn't
3:38 pm
comment on pending litigation. >> all my client wanted was not to wear a sticker. this is not safety equipment or anything like that. >> one of these days, i know i'm going to lose my life for not wanting to accept the mark of the beast. >> let's bring informer criminal defense attorney, mark, and let's say that cnn also reached out to berry plastics about this case. out of the gates, does billy have a case? >> i think he does. i think this company showed, at a minimum, gross error in judgment. i think what he did was unlawful. asking their employees to wear a sticker is within their right. they could do so. when an employee like this gentleman refuses to wear it based on a bona fide religious belief, not a super stigs, not just because he doesn't feel like it, but a bona fide religious belief, and then the murder better is on the employer. and doing so would create an
3:39 pm
undue hardship for the company. what kind of undue hardship would that create if he said, all right, pass, i'm not wearing the sticker today. >> some of us are wondering is there more to the story than this? a lot of people say it's unreasonable to seem that they would let him go. but might there be something else going on here that the company was looking at that final, i don't know, catalyst to let him go? >> yeah. i thought so, too. i said, there's got to be something more. i looked for every single article that i could find on this. the facts didn't change. listen, my position would be different if he said, look, because of my special religion, i want to wear only a leopard g-string to work, i want to wear that. that would be different. we're talking about a sticker here. >> okay. so why not just call in sick the day of the 666th accident-free day. he could have avoided a
3:40 pm
confrontation if he wanted to. >> he tried. apparently he did say he wanted to take off the day and they said, fine, you're suspended for three days and then when he came back, they fired him. clearly based on his religious belief. they need to settle this lawsuit and to show that they are sincere, they need to offer more than $666. >> mark, thank you so much. coming up next, gloria borger had the backstage pass. from the moment he broke away from the party line, illegal immigrants, mark and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm getting an upgrade. [ male announcer ] as you wish, business pro. as you wish. go national. go like a pro. now through january earn a free day with every two rentals.
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the rep candidates for president at it all over again. here's what a couple of them had to say last night at our cnn debate. >> if you come here recently and have no ties, you ought to go home, period, if you have two kids, two grandkids, been paying taxes and belong to a local church, i don't think we're going to uproot you from your family and force you out. >> amnesty is a magnet. when we have had programs in the past people that come here illegally are going to get to stay here legally for the rest of their life, they are going to bring more people here. >> we need to stay away from magnets, not offer more. >> the real issue is securing that border.
3:44 pm
and this conversation is not ever going to end until we get the border secure. >> chief political analyst, gloria borger, you grabbed newt gingrich at issue you asked him a bunch of different questions but asked whether he supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, let's hear a little bit about that exchange. >> one thing that came up at the end of the debate was a question about immigration. and you said that americans want to be human about immigration, that they essentially don't want to throw people out that have been in this country for a number of years. >> there are lots of people who will go home, that have no ties here. i can't imagine any serious person who walks down the street, sees someone they've known for 20 years and say, you're leaving your family, you're leaving your church, you're leaving the community
3:45 pm
that you've been in for 20, 25 years and we're kicking you out forcibly. >> let me show you something that michele bachmann's campaign put out immediately. that newt gingrich is opening the door to amnesty. what would your response to that snb. >> that is just totally inaccurate. >> is he, gloria borger? is he opening the doors to the idea of amnesty? >> he's opening the doors to the idea of people who came here illegally some time ago, remaining here, they have set down their roots, pay their tacks. it took about a nanosecond, as you saw, for michele bachmann to bounce on it. also, mitt romney continues to pounce on it. and the issue of immigration, really, is the quickstand for the republican party. everybody who steps on the immigration debate seems to think at one time or another -- you look back to john mccain who
3:46 pm
wanted to find a path to citizenship. he had to renounce his own bill when he was running for the presidency. governor perry has had this problem when he had to defend in-state tuition for the children of the illegal immigrants and so, you know, this is an issue that republican parties had a hard time getting its arms around and, by the way, as a result, they are losing a large constituency out there, which would be hispanic voters. >> also, though, you mentioned rick perry, we saw what happened with his poll numbers. i'm curious, looking ahead, how you may think this will affect newt gingrich's poll numbers and how it's affecting as a conservative base. >> well, i think it's earlier to tell but it's not going to help newt gingrich with conservatives in a state like iowa who go to the iowa caucuses. immediately after governor perry talked about that state tuition
3:47 pm
issue, his numbers started to decrease because he was too liberal for the republican party on that issue. newt gingrich could suffer in the same way. although, as he points out to me and others, he's been saying this for quite some time. i think we never really paid that much attention to it, brooke, honestly, because he wasn't in the top tier. now he's in the top tier. >> now that's changed. >> right. that has changed and romney and bachmann are both going after him on it. >> also, let's remind everyone, iowa, less than six week as way. gloria borger, great job. and how about this moment? take a look. >> they can come up with an approach. wolf, i'm sorry. i meant blitz. since we're on a blitz debate -- i apologize. wolf. >> okay. coming up next, we're going to talk to the man himself who is wolf blitzer.
3:48 pm
also, this moment -- take a look at this. dramatic moments after this held cop der crashed with this wire. wait until you hear what happened to the pilot.
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
a helicopter crashes, the whole thing is caught on camera. take a look for yourself. unbelievable. this helicopter, with what appears to be clipping this wire as the pilot is helping install a christmas tree in auckland, new zealand. you saw the chopper totally ripped apart. rotor, tail snapping off. amazingly no one was hurt and the pilot walked away, walked away after that happened. the "situation room," mere
3:51 pm
minutes away. wolf "blitz" blitzer, a lot of post debate analysis on your show today. first, if people weren't watching when herman cain dubbed you "the blitz." let's watch. >> no, blitz, that's oversimplifying it. i happen to believe, that if you allow our intelligence agencies to do their job, they can come up with an approach -- i'm sorry, blitz, i meant wolf, okay? blitz, wolf -- since we on a blitz debate, i apologize. wolf -- >> and, then you continued to say, it's okay, cain, right? >> he's a very nice man and we had a nice conversation after the debate. look, how many times have you or i screwed up on yoocht it happens all of the time.
3:52 pm
i've been called a lot worse. >> we were talking about the debate. what do we not see? >> some of them leave the stage, i assume they get powder, makeup, whatever. they have 2 1/2, 3 minutes, they can get a cold drink, talk or something. who knows what they do. some of them stay on the stage and i walk around and talk to them. everybody does something else, by the time we come back from the commercial break, they're there at their podiums, ready to go. >> excellent job once again as moderator. what do you have coming up on your show. >> you know what is coming up sunday night. >> soul train. >> you'll see you there. because you were in the audience. >> i was p sitting right next to you. >> we'll watch that sunday night. but we'll watch "situation room" next. we have a broadcast, including in the 5:00 p.m. hour, a complete wrap of all of the highlights. we have great analysis.
3:53 pm
we'll go indepth on the debate and see where we go from here. serious debate. i was happy that cnn let me moderate. >> of course, you are the best. wolf blitzer, you are the best, we'll see you coming up next as well. >> what to avoid in the awkward dinner conversations with the extended family. we'll put the whole leave politics off the dinner table thing to rest. they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. ♪ sen♪ co-signed her credit card - "buy books, not beer!" ♪ ♪ut the second at she shut the door ♪ ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪
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are your pie crusts ready? how about the bred for the stuffing? sweet potato casserole? have enough plates, seats for everyone? don't forget the ant acids. you know when the family gets together, indigestion can be a by-product. so i asked lisa, should we bring politics up at the dinner table? >> you should. but the whole rule, not true anymore. got this from the expert. anna post. she's the great, great granddaughter of emily post. who else will call this kind of thing? she said now what you want is a good dinner conversation, politics is such a part of modern life it's justifiable to bring to the dinner table. i mentioned the exception and that exception is, if you know that the divide in your familiar
3:57 pm
sli so tough over politics that nothing can happen than, say, a nuclear meltdown if the topic comes up. in that case, you probably do want to avoid it. for most everybody else, bring it up. >> what if you have a bit of a divide. how do you discuss your controversial -- partisan issue, without causing the meltdown before the hot pumpkin pie, sir. >> yeah. there's a couple ways to do it. one, try to bring up something you think everybody will be interested in. we actually listed a couple of topics, give you three, that makes you seem smarter and might help the dinner table. one if you want to get political here, talk about the primaries, why is this t that new hampshire, iowa gets to go first. maybe ask folks if the state you're in, if we should have national primarying, kind of a serious topic and graduated to something more historic if you want to seem so scholarly, brooke, when sitting down. >> yes. >> a lost people talking about
3:58 pm
president obama. if you don't want to get caught up in the obama good or bad situation, try to divert it into -- think about if he does lose. if he does, he's still a young man, only 50. could you run again after taking four years off? here's the name you would bring up. grover cleveland. only president who has done that. last thing, this is the least of all, probably the best to bring up. mitt romney, you were the only ones at your dinner table to say, that is his first name. mitt, his middle name is mentioned after an uncle. you can bring it up, makes it easy. your producer, angie, i love her idea. it feels completely divert, bring up justin bieber's issues. >> talk about the bieb. those are the go-to to topics to fill the awkward silences, right? >> that's my plan. politics is huge from my family. i'm from the only one that
3:59 pm
doesn't have a firm political opinion. i always -- maybe do you this too. i bring up some kind of fact or interesting question. i'm not really on one side or the other. i think the key here is to try and bring up something that you think will had the conversation that you learn from or other people learn from. again if you're in that family where someone picks up a pile of food and throw it. next time newt gingrich cops up. try to divert. >> i'm always the question asker, not the answerer. >> lisa, thank you very much. if you want to listen to lisa's podcast, called "american sauce." download it from any iphone or ipod. >> happy thanksgiving. >> hopefully no one throws apple pie around talks of politics. meantime the markets are closed tomorrow. as we are 30 seconds away from the closing


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