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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 23, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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dow down today. 329 points in the red. dow 11,364 on this wednesday before thanksgiving. we hope you join us of course tomorrow. i'll be here. hopefully you'll be home nice and safe with your family. thanks for watching, i'm brook baldwin, wolf blitzer starts right now. thanks very much. the gop candidates were shooting from the hip. but are they on target with their comments? we'll do a reality check. michele bachmann makes a stunning claim there have already been attempts to penetrate nuclear sites. i'll ask fran thompson p about that and next hour we'll show you much more of the debate and break it down. plus, smoke, flames and clouds of tear gas in the streets of cairo again as police battle protesters, we'll take you right into the middle of the
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clashes, i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the "situation room." a day after the republican candidates sparred and cnn's national security debate. mitt romney is back out there on the campaign trail. he picked up a new endorsement today in iowa. key conservatives have already held secret talks there. end of fining alternative candidate for the support. cnn joe johns is tracking the latest for us. joe. >> six weeks out from the iowa caucuses, if you take a picture, race for the nomination, it's clear as mud. the strangest thing of all in the volatile race, mitt romney and the within most republicans can believe is the president is not the person they say they're most likely to support. >> for the anybody but romney crowd, this had to be a rich moment. senator john thune, the true
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conservative, could have been a republican contender from president but decided not to run. now thune, the state which sets right next door to iowa supports romney's campaign. joking whether his endorsement is worth anything given public's low opinion of congress. >> i'll do whatever helps you the most. >> no joke, romney apparently needs help. the latest poll shows romney as seen by republicans as the most likeable candidate, the one most likely to get the economy moving again. by a two to one margin, he seems the best chance to beat president obama in a general election. almost incredibly, romney is running in second place behind newt gingrich. >> those who care about whipping the white house are supporting mitt romney, while those who really want to stand behind conservative principles are supporting newt gingrich. >> it's not academic for the conservatives who don't r don't
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like mitt romney. this week a group held a secret meeting to see if they can get behind one candidate. any candidate other than the former governor of massachusetts. >> cnn's shannon travis. >> they feel the issue of abortion and gay marriage are major for them. they feel governor romney, through his record waffled on both issue. democrats have been plays clips of mitt romney and past races in massachusetts, stressing that he was for abortion rights and also gay marriage, obviously, passed in massachusetts. >> the romney campaign told cnn he's running a 50-state campaign. he's competitive in iowa and reaching out to each and every voter. while he's running a campaign that stretches his alleged ineligibility as republican nominee. mitt romney has a long way to go to seal the deal. >> a number of social conservatives, spoken, let's say part of romney's problem is he's
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perceived as anybodying social conservatives, and reaching out. romney spent a lot of time campaigning in iowa four years ago but got beat by mike huckabee who is about this minister. >> thanks very much. in the cnn debate. republican candidates shot from the hip at least some of them seem to be doing that. wore were they on target with claims about national security? let's get a reality check about chris lawrence. chris. >> for the most part the candidates were on the mark. we did a little bit of digging and found some areas where the facts just didn't add up. >> newt gingrich suggested the u.s. could sanction iran's central bank even if they caused iran to cut off oil exports, sending gas prices skyrocketing in places like europe. >> we ought to have a massive, all sources energy program in the united states. designed to once again create a surplus of energy here so we can
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say to the europeans cheerfully all of the various sources of oil in the united states we could literally replace the iranian oil. >> iran produces billions of barrels a day. sanctions would take effect immediately. but any sizeable jump in american production would be years away. even though the u.s. does not import iranian oil, the world supply is one big pool where everyone feels the shortages. >> when you talk about attacking iran, it is a very mountainous region. >> herman cain said he could support an attack on iran's nuclear sites but felt surge was unlikely to succeed. >> given the mountainous terrain in iran. >> but any modern jet can avoid the highest mountain in 18,000 feet. there are plenty of reaps not to launch attack. the damage, and inspiring new
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terrorist attacks. but the mound tapes, not a problem. >> israel has 200 rk 300 nuclear missiles. >> there's no hardest of the nuclear stockpile but the federation of american sign tichts citing u.s. intelligent sources, puts the number much lower and closer 80. >> they're cutting a trillion dollars out of the defense which equals trillion put into obama care. >> president obama is cutting more than 400 billion from the pentagon's budget over the next ten years but the other 600 billion kicks in, because congress could not reach agreement on a deal to reduce debt. >> now, governor romney is right. if he's saying that the total cost of president obama's health care plan is about $1 trillion but the congressional budget office also says that that plan includes spending cuts and tax increases that would actually reduce the federal deficit, by
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about $200 billion. wolf. >> as much as they are divided on many national security and foreign policy issue, republican candidates clearly share a deep concern about pakistan and nuclear arce larsenal. that was a source of a stunning debate. i'm joined by fran townsend. she certains on cia and homeland security advisory. let's talk about what michele bachmann said last night and i'll play the clip. >> okay. >> pakistan has been the epicenter of dealing with terrorism. they are as governor huntsman said, there are al qaeda training grounds there. there's also the network that can be trained there as well. and there are also one of the most violent, unstable nations that there is. we have to recognize that 15 of the sites, nuclear sites are
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available, or potentially penetratable by jihadists. six attempts have already been made on nuclear sites. >> that was news to me. six attempts already have been made on pakistan's what she said 15 nuclear sites. do you know about that? >> well, wolf, let's start with the 15 number. whether it's 15 or 50, the real concern is, we know the intelligence service has been penetrated and sympathizers were al qaeda. there have always been concerns that there are sim thiezesympat. there's an article talking about pakistan dispersing. not clear where she got 15 or 50. as far as the six attempts is new to me too. the one we heard about is the
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attack. about weather there was sustained battle between pakistani forces and al qaeda. we though that this is an issue. we know the vulnerabilities in pakistan, the nuclear arsenal. one that's ask, how does she have the 15 base with six amoments other than from the time on the intelligence committee. >> she obviously gets classified briefings from the house of intelligence. it would be appropriate if she released classified information. we don't know if it's classified. she may have read it in the magazine or some place else. if it's news to me, it's news to some viewers out there. that would be significant if six attempts, every official i've interviewed from the president on down, they all said the president of pakistan, they all said those nuclear facility sites are secure, the military has them under control and there's no need to worry. when i've interviewed u.s. official, including the president of the united states,
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secretary of state. they've also said they are confident those nuclear facilities are secure. you or the president are the security adviser. >> they have a well understood and established control capability over the nuclear weapons as you would want them to and expect them to. the problem is if the services are responsible for the security of the nuclear weapons get penetrated or willingly transfer such technology, that's always been a concern. the six attempts on 15 facilities is a stunning statistic if that's true. >> that was a surprise to me. rick perry, he also made an assertion last night in the debate, the governor of texas, listen to this. >> we're seeing countries start to come in and filtrate. we know hamas and hezbollah are working in mexico as well as iran with their ploy to come into the united states. >> was that news to you. is there any conver maks of
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that? >> certainly, we in the intelligence computer committee has been aware of the activity in south america as well as the tribunal region. could they use their position in that part -- in south america to come across the southwest board never sure. i don't know that there's been any proof they've done that. there's always a concern when i was in the white house that cai would use the border for a larger flow of immigration. what he's pointing to is legitimate concern. that is the use of terrorists in the southwest border, illegal immigration flow. let's remember, right now we know al qaeda's sort of path is to try to recruit americans, people inside the united states, recruit and training get them to employee the recent in new york. while there's some concern, there's been activity in south america, that's not the only
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concern. >> they may have been talking weeks ago. going through the next victim. if you will. maybe he's referring to that. >> absolutely. >> happy thanksgiving. >> caught in the chaos. cnn's ivan watson takes us inside the deadly street battles that are iraq cairo right now. and the shocking case of an afghan woman sentenced to jail, yes, sentenced to jail because she was raced in afghanistan. a country the united states supports. what is going on? new information coming up. ok... [ male announcer ] black friday's here. deals start thursday 10 pm. but we're open all day and night so you don't have to wait outside. the only place to go on black friday. walmart. this is not how witness protection works! when we set you up with that little hardware store
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cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at smoke, flames and clouds of tear gas in the streets of cairo today. as police battle protesters calling for an end of egyptian
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military rule. the death toll is close to three dozen with more than 3200 people wounded. cnn ivan watson takes us right into the middle of the clashes in the egyptian capital. >> this is where the fighting has been rages now, into the fifth day. one road with police not very far away and she's kids choking, puking. but refusing to give their ground, amid the constant tear gas that's coming over here. eye witnesses show that they are actually breaking the cease-fire sometimes that are arranged here. they're just venting the fury.
4:17 pm
here's another round of tear gas. and i have to put the gas mask back on. venting their fury at the police. the speech tuesday night, has done nothing to diminish the rage of the people here, who continue in these cat and mouse battles with the riot police i've had my gas mask off to about 45 seconds. i'm already suck summid already erects and again showing the gas mask canisters clearly manufactured in the u.s. i don't
4:18 pm
know what can diminish the rage of these angry young egyptians. what do you want? >> we need this to be from -- >> embracing the protesters. trying to make peace. both sides suffering in this conflict. we can see some of the stuff. police crying from the tear gas they've been firing themselves. but i predict both sides are going start fighting again within a matter of minutes. >> sure enough, moments later, a fresh volley of tear gas since these young revolutionaries running and skipping for cover. >> ivan watson, cnn, cairo. >> look at this. you're looking at live pictures
4:19 pm
of egypt right now. the crowds spilled. huge. the protest continues, where this winds up. anyone's guess right now. it's a very dangerous, tense situation with enormous ramifications for everyone, not only in the region but for the u.s. watching this unfold on the streets of egypt right now. by the way, three american college student, exchange college students, are still being questioned by the authorities, i assume u.s. embassy officials in cairo are trying their best to get them released. three college students studying at the university of cairo. we'll stay on top of that part of the story as well. meanwhile, elsewhere in the region. a young afghan woman who was jailed for adultery, after reporting she was raped is getting her sentence reduced but afghan prosecutors say she won't be released from jail, because she didn't report the rape quickly enough.
4:20 pm
cnn's peyton walsh is following the story from cairo, it's a shocking story as well. explain to our viewers what is going on in case they missed their report yesterday. this is truly shocking. >> well, she was raped by her cous cousin's husband years ago. made pregnant through the attack. tried to hide the attack. unfortunately the pregnancy exposed it and ended up with criminal prosecution for what is considered adultery, sex outside of marriage. sent to jail. inside jail. it was presented that maybe they could forgive this dishonor were she to marry her attacker, still people think she needs to be killed because of the shame she brought t to the community. we learned that afghan prosecutors that they will reduce the sentence from 12 to 3 years. they're saying on one hand her crime is not sufficiently
4:21 pm
serious, she can certain a much lesser term. but at the same time. h it's serious enough but failure to report it quickly, means she'll be in jail with her 2-year-old daughter. >> this woman, she's married. husband's cousin rapes her. she gets pregnant result of that rape. she's sent to jail because of that rape. hamid karzai, the president of afghan p stan, doing everything to end this kind of outrage. how is that possible that this can still go on? >> reporter: well, it is how afghan's legal system here still works, despite the millions, billions poured in by nato in the u.s. over the last decade. there are still prosecutors out here, who, in the words of one female, women prefer to blame women for instances like this. sexual assault. both parties prosecuted for
4:22 pm
adultery sex out of wedlock. hundreds of cases like this. wolf. >> i want to read to you, nick, what the state department said today. the reaction from -- this is the united states government reacting to the outrage. i'll read it to you. the situation is one no woman should have to face. our heart felt condolences go out to gulnaz and her young daughter. the law of the elimination is a major right for women in afghanistan but without training situations like this h one will continue to occur. we expect afghan prosecutors to properly apply the law while also upholding her rights. what is the reaction to this state, carefully crafted statement from the state department? >> reporter: we've not heard a reaction at all to gulnaz's case. bear in mind the state department calls for many things
4:23 pm
but not gulnaz's immediate release. some consider that strange. the presidential palace said and suggested that gulnaz's pardon might be one imminent in the next few months. we've not heard from karzai's palace and the state department has not called for her release. >> i know secretary of state hillary clinton, this is what i assume she will do, she'll pick up the phone, call the afghan president, hamid karzai and said this is not supposed to happen ten year after the taliban was crushed in afghanistan. free this woman and let her go immediately. that is, i assume, the secretary of state, hillary clinton will do that. let's see if she does. this is right up her alley. that would be the right thing and not let this kind of outrageous behavior continue. thanks very much. nick paton walsh keeping you
4:24 pm
anap of the story. reason while h. is this the start of a new cold war in europe? and details of a different kind of threat mentioned in last night's presidential debate in washington. what is electromagnetic pulse attack, and why does one candidate say it's among his greatest fears?
4:25 pm
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4:27 pm
a stern warning from russia today.
4:28 pm
presiden president medvedev. he is prepared to back a defense system. jill dougherty has details. >> reporter: medvedev calls barack obama a partner but the announcement yesterday throws the partnership into doubt. >> translator: the russian defense will deploy weapons into the south and west of the country to take out defense sim in europe. >> reporter: they're deploying missiles between lithuanian and poland. those missiles will be aimed squarely on the missile shield the u.s. is planning to build in several europe countries which washington insists is meant to fend against threats from iran. but they want a legal guarantee
4:29 pm
that it's not aimed at russia. >> translator: we will not agree to take part of a program that in a short while in some six to eight years' time could weaken our nuclear deterrent capability. >> we're clear all along for many years this system is not directed towards russia. >> but the obama administration insists it's not changing its plans to deploy the missile defense system. there are more threats from medvedev. including possibly pulling out of the new s.t.a.r.t. arms control agreement which the new president signed a year and a half ago. s. testimony a.r.t. is one of the crown jewels in the reset. signified by the reset button that hillary clinton pressed more than two and a half years ago. >> you got it? >> you got it wrong. >> obama needs russia's help on a raft of challenges. iran, sirria, north carolina and
4:30 pm
afghanistan. so, why is president medvedev rocking the boat now? steven pfeifer, former u.s. ambassador to ukraine and arms control expert pointing to politics in russia. >> now, just as in america, you're beating up on russia is always good in politics, russia taking a hard line between the united states and nato, plays very well for the record there. >> our report from jill dougherty, that report will have serious potential ramify cams. we'll stay on top of it. mean while a dismal day before thanksgiving, on wall street. lisa sylvester has an update on that. some top stories in the situation situati "situation room" right now. what is going on lisa? >> the do, s&p and nasdaq lost 2 1/2 points. chinese trifecta fell to a three-year low.
4:31 pm
those fears combined with ongoing concern about euro's own debt to push down the dow more than 230 points. homeland security officials say there is no evidence a water pump in the springfield illinois area was cyberattacked. the pump failed. federal authorities were called when the utility thought it spotted suspicious activity. the homeland security department says it found no suspicious activity from russia or anywhere else. and a truly sticky situation for thanksgiving travelers in pennsylvania. last night a tanker truck carrying driveway seal ant sprang a leak on the pennsylvania turnpike that spilled the black goo all over the highway. you can guest what happened next. hundreds of cars were damaged. some couldn't even move. they tried to plow the stuff off the road, eventually they gave up and poured sand on top of it
4:32 pm
instead. not a very fun commute for folks in the pennsylvania area, wolf. >> messy, indeed. lisa, don't go too far away. i know you're working on another story involving a college marching band known as one of the best in the country now suspended after the death of one of its members with hazing to blame? lisa will have the latest on the investigation. that's coming up.
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the republican presidential contenders, slugging it out over national security issues over last night's cnn republican presidential debate. when we got to the relationship between united states and israel, most of them seem to agree. watch this. >> we've got syria on the horizon, we have american interests, it's called israel. they are a friend and ally. we have to remind the world what it means to be friend and ally to the united states. . if my choice is collaborate on a
4:36 pm
conventional campaign or force them to use nuclear weapons it will be a dangerous world. if, on the sense to be aband abandoned. we can use multiple weapon in iran. >> the right course is to show we care. they are our friend to stick with them. if i'm president of the united states, my first trip, my first foreign trip is to show the world we care about the country and region. >> joiningous our cnn political contribut contributors, roland martin and david fremd. you notice. the first president since taking office has not visited israel. i spoke to some of romney's aides, who dig on him not being to israel. >> he's been to egypt and turkey
4:37 pm
but not egypt. that's puzzling, especially the chilling relationship. it's bad news from canada. my home and native land which is historically the first presidential visit. let's hope prime minister will be the first guest in a romney white house. >> before you have to worry about that. romney has to get the republican nomination and elected president. what do you make of that? >> look, obviously, when you look at the nooew york racised seat. there's this whole view that somehow americans are not going to be supportive of ] you actually look at opinion polls in israel. they approve of president obama and his policies. so it's very interesting how
4:38 pm
here, somehow, oh, no, he's very cold to israel. but the people of israel, do not have the same view of the president. i find that to be very interesting. >> is that your reading of the mood in israel, david? >> he is -- president obama does poll well among american jews who approve of his agenda. domestic presidents approve of his agenda. never mind the country-to-country relationship. the person-to-person relationship between obama and president netanyahu has deteriorated. he dressed down prime minister net yaw h n nett
4:39 pm
netanyahu. it's weird you go to turkey and not israel. those are america's three closest friends in the region. why two and not three? >> first of all, it's no shock that netanyahu is very close to president george w. bush. you wouldn't expect the same kind of relationship. i'm not talking about how president obama polls among american jews. i'm talking about how president obama polls among israeli, his numbers are very strong there. a different view here from the people of israel. that's what i'm talking about. >> just to button this up, i want to move on to another subject. the defense minister, when he was on cnn this past sunday, he -- made a point of stressing how the u.s./israeli security relationship today, during the obama administration is as strong as it's ever been, if not stronger. that's ehud barack.
4:40 pm
let's move on to another issue. this is a day after the controversial mitt romney ad came out. there is a clip in there that clearly distorted what president obama said four years ago. here's how it looks in the commercia commercial. >> i'm confident we can steer ourselves out of this race. we need a rescue plan in the middle. it will take a new direction. if we keep talking about the econo economy. >> all right. you heard the president say if we keep talking about the economy, we'll lose. here's actually what the president said four years ago. yesterday, senator mccain's
4:41 pm
campaign manager aid the reason he wasn't talking about the market, he wasn't sure what to say. last week in the midst of the most serious economic crisis since the great depression, his campaign announced that they were going to try to turn the page on the discussion of the economy so they can spend the final weeks of this election attacking me. they said if we keep on talking about the economy, then we'll lose. >> so there you saw the full context the president was quoting the mccain campaign. today, mitt romney, the republican presidential candidate justified the ad, and he said this. >> so there was no hidden effort on the part of our campaign. it was instead to point out what is sauce for the goose is now sauce for the gander. and he spoke about the economy being a huge burden for john
4:42 pm
mccain. this ad points out, guess what. it's now your turn. the same lines used on john mccain will be used on you, which is that this economy will be your albatross. >> david, do you buy that explanation? >> i think it shows the videoec not good politics because you get bit this way. that point can be made so powerfully in so many ways, i suppose what mitt romney is doing there, i don't imagine he approves every single ad, he's showing loyalty to people in his command and taking some heat. i think you won't see anything like that again. >> roland, in advance of the release of the commercial saying, they knew the quote was taken out of context but they wanted to do it anyway to make their point about this president's record on the
4:43 pm
econom economy. >> i'm sorry, david you're doing the potomac two-step. it is a lie. not a mischaracterization. this is a deliberate attempt of the mitt romney campaign to lie. if you want to use something. the president himself said, he was elected in four years, i will be judged by how i do in this economy. you don't have to lie. he's not falling on this sword. he's deliberately trying to put something out there. hoping we won't call them out. i'm sorry, mitt romney, don't be a liar, don't stand there and say, trust me, take me at my word. i want to be the president of the united states. we don't need someone who plate aptly lies in a campaign to be sitting in the oval office. >> i don't think you need to get quite so exercised about it. >> a lie is a lie. >> it is -- you don't need to call names -- what they did
4:44 pm
here, they took -- >> david, is it a lie? >> no, it is a -- first, it's not something that somebody said. it is a clip. a misuse of it. that's a bad thing to do. but you can -- there are a lot of different kinds of bad things to do. when you decide we'll torque it up rather than torque it down -- >> all right, guy, happy than thanksgiving to both of you. we'll continue this on another occasion. >> one expert said it could destroy america's capacity to function. an electromagnetic pulse attack. what is that? we'll show you what could be so devastating and what is going on. you saved us hundreds. what was that? the discount double check? it's when we comb through your policies and make sure that you're getting all the discounts you deserve. no, i get that part, but you guys are doing my move. the discount double check move? that's my touchdown dance. so you're a dancer? no, i'm a quarterback. oh, a quarterback. mrr. i'm a robot. mm, mm. ee, er, ee, er. get out of here.
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new attention today on a particular type of attack, the republican presidential front-runner. newt gingrich, major national security concern, cnn republican debate. brian todd is going indepth to how powerful and potentially danger oust threat is. tells viewers what is going on. >> h it is called magnetic pulse attack.
4:48 pm
this is what newt gingrich is talking about. many experts have not heard of it but it's not a tin foil concocti concoction. >> asking what threats worry him. newt gingrich lists weapons of mass destruction in a big city. a cyberattack and a electromagnetic pulse attack. >> emp. it's been the stuff of fiction on the fax show "24" but it's also a real threat, experts say, and it wouldn't look like that. an emp attack is triggered by detonating a nuclear weapon at high altitude. could be launched by a rogue nation or terrorist group. but detonated miles up in the atmosphere the main impact is electrical. energy that doesn't kill people but spreads like lightning striking any electrical grid or
4:49 pm
circuitry, berning them out. whole city can go dark. >> in one single event what could be disabled? >> if you had a large scale event in the united states, everything would be disabled. even things that weren't knocked out, let's say your car which might be okay, but the electrical grid will be gone. there's going to be no way to do traffic lights, no way to land ships. there's no way to get fuel to the gas stations to refuel your car. the gas pumps wouldn't work. . think of this fictional attack in the movie "ocean's 11." we demonstrated electromagnetic interference on a much smaller less threatening scale at the university of maryland. showing how some smaller devices interfere with other devices. >> hear this ringing behind me? we'll show what electromagnetic interference is. the car's function is rolling along normally.
4:50 pm
here's a cell phone ringing, when it gets close. you can see how the audio changes. here's the interference. it's interference with the car's function. >> with a large scale emp attack. computers would fail. telecommunications cut off. bank accounts inaccessible. >> james carafano said huge segments could be at risk of dying not from the attack but exposure, lack of medical care. because the transformers that power electrical grids take a long time to manufacture and transport and that prolongs the isolation. it's frightening. >> leave it to knunewt gingrich leaving that to the forefront. he's thinking out of the box. >> certainly is. thank you very much. we're learning outrageous developments concerning syria an the united igs nas.
4:51 pm
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here's an outrageous new development involving syria. some of the other top stories. >> we're used to deadly protests these days.
4:54 pm
now a united nations watch dog group is reporting the human rights group nominated serious for the throttles. noriega will face charges, because he ordered the murder of a rival. he's been jailed since 2007 more money laundering. >> thank you. it's a sad day we lost a longtime member of our familiar family. stan case was killed in a car crash in birmingham, alabama. his wife, one of cnn's lead writers is injured and hospitalized. stan case wasp ways a backbone of this network. stan case, a great, great, great guy was 59 years old. our deepest condolences to his
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
cnn's lisa sylvester is back with the story. >> they are one of the best with precision and technique. florida a&m university's marching 100 has stood out. the band program began more than 100 years ago, a proud tradition for the university but the entire band is now suspended indefinitely after the death of drum major robert champion. authorities are investigating if hazing has played a role. >> i hope to give me understanding. so i can accept what happened. >> he was found outside of a university bus outside of a hotel. he was reportedly throwing up, and said he couldn't bleeth. he died shortly after.
4:59 pm
the medical examiner said an examination is needed. the university announced he performed a task force to review the circumstances of the champion's death. >> the purpose is not to establish culpability of individual band members in this particular case but rather to determine, whether there are patterns of behavior, by the band, or members of it, that should be addressed at the institution level. >> 30 band helps were let go earlier this year because of hazing. those investigations are ongoing. marching band helps at historically black colleges have been tight knit groups like sore reportity. and hazing has been a problem. the student handbook spells out it's again university policy to haze another student. >> there's zero tolerance here. we don't condone it at all. >> his band director was going
5:00 pm
to be named head drum major next year but never got the chap to tell him. >> many concerns with hazing in the program. even though there is a zero tolerance policy. he said it still happens. it is a right of passage like a gang initiation. you have to eastern respect. she spoke to officials before all of this happened. now looking back, she said robert champion's death could have been prevented. wolf. >> sad story, lisa. thank you. newt gingrich takes a huge gamble on immigration, separating himself from the gop pack and this week's presidential debate. all them came out swinging. how do they secure u.s. airports? plus the debate involving herman cain and me, the little guy. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world.
5:01 pm
i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the "situation room." it was the 11th major face-off among the candidate bus this week's cnn republican presidential debate focused in on national security. i moderated the contest at historic constitution hall right here in washington, d.c. among the many noteworthy exchanges was this one in which newt gingrich, a front-runner right now advocated what many conservatives clearly don't like. amnest amnesty. >> i think we ought to have a vees gentleman, graduate degree in math, science and engineering so people say here. about five blocks down the street you'll see a statue of einstein. einstein came here as an immigrant. let's be clear how much the united states has drawn upon the world to be richer, better and more inclusive.
5:02 pm
i think you have to deal about this as a comprehensive approach that starts with the border, the governor said. i believe ultimately, you have to find some sometime, once you put every piece in place, you need something like a world war ii selective service ward to fuse the people that are here. if you come here recently, you have no ties to this country, you ought to go here period. if you've been here 25 years, three kids and three grandkids, you are paying tacks obey the law and belong to a local church, we shouldn't uproot you and force you out. >> i don't think we should make 11 million workers here illegally legal. >> amnesty, we have had people that came illegally can stay legally, that encourages people to come here illegally. we welcome people who want to come here legally. we have a system that makes that
5:03 pm
easier and more transparent. but to make sure we're able to bring in the best and brightest. i agree with the speaker, i staple a green card to the diploma to anybody that has a math. science, masters, ph.d. we want those brains in the countriment but to bring them in legally we have to stop illegal immigration. >> the real issue is securing that border. this conversation won't ever end until we get the border secured. >> the republican candidates revealing their divisions over illegal immigration. let's take a closer look. our senior political analyst, ron bronstein. i thought it took guts for newt gingrich with a republican group, with republican primaries to take a stance like that in favor of allow some millions of illegal immigrations to say in the united states legally. >> he used the word humane and said serious people do not want
5:04 pm
to deport 12 million people who are have been in this country for some time. immigration, the question of immigration has been the quick sand for republican political candidates. you saw it with governor perry. who called his colleagues heartless if they didn't agree with him on his version of the dream act and it hurt him. i think newt gingrich is a little more artful. he didn't call his colleagues heartless but said it's humane to lou people to stay here. thousand affects people p in iowa remains to be seen. . big gamble for mitt romney. he last night reminded me of george w. bush as a candidate. i remember one town hall meeting in south carolina where he talked about moms and dads that come across the border to make a better life for their kids. different language than they hear from their candidates. there is a question, that
5:05 pm
gingrich's rise is fueled by tea party activists. these are voters who are unhappy with the pace of racial change in the country and also, in many cases, concerned about illegal immigration. there's a risk there. romney took a risk too in terms of, if he gets a nomination, his ability to harvest discontent about candidates which is real. >> michele bachmann went after newt gingrich immediately saying it was amnesty, clearly trying to get his voters back. when i asked newt gingrich after the debate about whether this hurt the republican party with his panic voters, he said absolutely but all immigrants. this is a problem the republican party has. >> it is clear to me in a general election, what newt gingrich is saying, that can help. in a republican contest. he can say won't necessarily help him. is it too far fetched to think
5:06 pm
given the polls where he stands, he's already looking ahead beyond the republican contests? >> maybe, but probably not. i don't think so. >> this is classic newt. one thing that's interesting about the debate, wolf, i think americans today saw the newt gingrich we covered in the '80s and '90s who is imperial in intellectual self-confidence and radiated the effect he has the long-term vision. i see myself as transformative figure. he said back then. that's the most that i think he so the most likely to say something that is not pre programmed that can be rhetorically flamboyant. i think he did a much better job explaining his position than rick perry did. the review favored him after the debate. even if you polled republicans, most would say it's unrealistic to depart 12 million people -- >> i was surprised how tough and hard mitt romney came down on
5:07 pm
him and said this is a magnet. you further encourage illegal immigrati immigration. you have to get rid of these so-called -- >> mitt romney has to try to run to the right of newt gingrich. it is the conserve tifrns most skeptical about mitt romney. any time he has an opportunity to run to the right of newt, he will do it and to the right of nick perry. interesting thing, perry couldn't take on newt gingrich. newt gingrich is newt gingrich. he'll surprise you and you never know which newt gingrich will throw up. the unafraid or sour, nastier newt gingrich that is not likeable. i think the first knute bring ri ging /* gingrich was at your debate. >> all of a sudden, new polls show he's right in the thick of things.
5:08 pm
>> it's changing the way you run for president. >> we'll see if this last debate winds up helping or hurting them. don't go too far away much woo. we have lots to discuss. and the candidates calling for profiling of muslims? and a clash of military position in afghanistan. [ male announcer ] sometimes, a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. is that what i think it is? ♪ [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers on the 2012 is 250 and, as a gift from lexus, we'll make your first month's payment.
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like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? this week's cnn h debate. they had different proposals what enhances security. . we can use better technology. also identify people who are lower risk and allow them to go through the process more quickly than the current process. >> i would privatize it as soon as i could and get rid of those unions. it's working in denver. they have a program where they are privatizing it.
5:12 pm
airlines and other private sector groups work together to do the security in our air force and it makes abundant good sense. >> i think tsa is a good example. we should find the bomber not the bomb. israel has done it. to put this enormous expense on the federal government and on the traveling public, for pathdowns and other intrusions, i think is too much money. i agree with governor perry, i voted when this bill came up. i voted to allow for privatization. i was not for this being a private function. i thought it we be public. >> who would be profiled? >> the people committing the crimes. obviously must lips would be someone you look at. absolutely. those are folks who are radical muslim, people who are committing these crime, by and large, as well as younger males, these are thing, not exclusively, these are things you profile to find the best, most likely candidate.
5:13 pm
>> congressman paul? >> that's digging a hole for ourselves. what if they look like timothy mcveigh. they were tough criminals. too much carelessness, use of words that we're at war. i don't remember voting on a declaration of war. oh, war against terrorism. >> i think we can do a lot better with tsa, i call it targeted identification. >> what does that mean? >> targeted identification. if you take a look at people trying to kill us, it would be easy to figure out what that identification profile looks like. i want to make sure i get to the patriot act. i believe we can do a whole lot better. the answer may be privatization. >> herman cain, rick santorum, basically saying there should be religious profiling in this particular case. muslims should get enhanced security patdowns at airplanes as opposed to christians, jews or other religions.
5:14 pm
>> the immediate aftermath of 9/11, they're suppressed. you see them re-emerging, versus we don't want the government expanding in any strain. which harry embodied. on the one hand, advocates profiling will say, if you look where the threats have come from in terms of domestic terrorism. the predominant risks muslim americans or radical muslims in general. on the other hand, vast, vast majority of muslim americans are not security threats. any kind of attempted profiling will involve a lot of people getting caught in a net that don't glove there. jon huntsman made a point that resonate was a lot of americans, we have a brand around the world. if you start making distinctions along those lines, you'll put shadow over that. especially in the muslim world which we are trying to reach out to. >> the debate we're used to
5:15 pm
hearing about national security versus civil liberties is in the democrat party. we heard that immediately in the aftermath of the patriot act. during the debate on the patriot act post 9/11. ron paul again said we have to protect the rule of law. and he kept maying that point over and over and over again. he said, i didn't vote for war. i don't see this is a war. and everybody deserves their civil liberties and you better be careful here. he could have been talking to a liberal democratic constituency there not the republican party. >> it raises in my mind, i want you to weigh in. ron paul has a strong fallup. he gets 10, maybe 15% of republican conservative voters. most people don't think he's going to get the republican nomination. is it possible, he said he's not interested right now, that he would -- he's not running for re-election in congress. he's giving that up. that he would run as a third
5:16 pm
party candidate? >> that's a fascinating possibility. i agree with you, ron paul is not going to be the nominee. these debates are fascinating. he's a very effective communicator. of the republican party which is very much suppressed after 9/11 and bus bush administration. hearing these arguments presented as effectively as he's done so. widening the circle of people responsive to them. there is, i think. if he wanted to go in that direction, there are people who march along with him. >> democrats would be happy to go along with them on defense cuts for example. >> sure. and when you -- >> when you heard about him on the budget deficit and he said, actually they'll tell you they're cutting but they're not really cutting. that speaks directly to people in both parties who don't trust government. this is somebody -- his brand has been much more popular this
5:17 pm
time around with some republicans, because he's isolationist. and republicans like that, because i don't want to spend money on defense. but also in terms of civil libertarian stand, sort of hans off with democrats. he has a lot more appeal. he doesn't trust government. doesn't trust the federal reserve. >> there's a lot of constituency for that right now. he would be a very interesting third party. >> i know what would happen. he has a wild card. he has a son, rand paul, i don't know how it would affect him. >> it would draw from both parties actually. >> you have record low approvals. 9%. there is an opening for someone, right, left or center. maybe more than one someone. absolutely. >> stand by. more to discuss the candidates. also clash over afghanistan, how quickly should withdraw how many should come home and michele bachmann weighs in on pakistan.
5:18 pm
more highlights from cnn's republican debate.
5:19 pm
5:20 pm
the subject of the u.s. mission in afghanistan brought some of the sharpest exchanges
5:21 pm
in this week's cnn republican debate. >> we spent about 450 billion so far. 1 thousands of men and women lost their lies and thousands more wounded. >> you want to keep american troops in afghanistan? accept hot pursuit. change the rules of engagement. put the military in charge of military side. overhaul the state department so they get the job done. do it for real and intense limit don't complain if we kill people you're not willing to go after on your territory. we are not fighting a war on terrorism. terrorism is a tactic. we're fighting a war against radical islam. what they're telling all of the islamist leaders are saying, wait america out. they are weak, they will not
5:22 pm
stand for the fight. they cannot maintain this. they will set time limits. politics, and we will tell the people in afghanistan we will tell people in iraq and other places we will be the strong force in the region. >> we have to square with what we've achieved. we need to talk about the sacrifices made over nearly ten years. we've dismantled the taliban. we've run them out of kabul. we've had free elections, killed osama bin laden. dismantled al queda. we've achieved very important goals for the united states of america. the fact we have 100,000 troops nation building in afghanistan. this nation so desperately needs to be built. on the ground we need a strong special forces presence and drone presence and need strong training of the afghan army. we haven't done a very good job
5:23 pm
definding and articulating what the end point is in afghanistan of the american people are getting very tired about where we find oufrselves today. >> are you suggesting we take our troops out next week? >> i said we should draw down from 100,000. we don't need $100,000 troops. many have crossed the wire. we need a presence on the ground more akin to 10,000 or $15,000. that will serve our interest in terms of intelligence gathering and special fors response capability. we need to peep for a world not just in south asia but in every corner of the world in which counter terrorism will be in front of us as far as the eye can see. >> on this issue, gloria and ron, on this issue of afghanistan. jon huntsman. former governor of utah, someone appointed by president obama, take ace pretty strong stance, 100,000 troops, way too many. u.s. has to get out. stop nation building after ten years in afghanistan. >> it reminded me of joe biden.
5:24 pm
he sounded like joe biden to me when they were having internal discussions about afghanistan at the white house and whether to have a surge or not. what's interesting, generally about this republican debate, nobody is saying we should send more troops into afghanistan. mitt romney disagrees with the president on the time table for withdrawal as do all of the candidates. >> the others are staying through the end of 2014. >> december 2014. they are gone. we're talking about when is the right -- how is the right way to draw down the troops? but not whether or not to draw down the troops. so it's a completely different discussion than we had ten years ago or even, by the way, four years ago. >> this, again, i think is a fascinating discussion. and somewhat dynamic what we talked about. divisions that were suppressed at 9/11 are re-emerging. you have a dominant view in the party, remains, i think closer to the neoconservative view that
5:25 pm
he embodied. you see in huntsman a emergence of realist view. also said economics, primary focus of the attorney policy. you have the lib tear yn strain which ron ball is ableably carrying the banner for. in an array of opinion, re-emerging, after a forced consensus, in the aftermath of 9/11 under george w. bush. >> there's the reality we can't afford to be in afghanistan forever. he's are fiscal conservatives who don't want to raise taxes to pay for anything. so they are constrained. >> he's putting all his eggs in that basket. he has to do well. i don't know if he can beat mitt romney or newt gingrich in new hampshire, but that is his goal right now. >> very difficult. that is the electorate most favorable. independ dants can vote. it's upscale. fewer evangelical christians are
5:26 pm
more in some cases and he's less of a social activist. funny, listen to him last night. so many thing es said, talk about third-party candidates. he talked about unaligned voters. rod mat independent voters. >> i have a lot of tweets, reaction. a lot of people, they liked huntsman. they thought he would do well in a democratic primary. >> and -- well, in new hampshire, you point out, independents can vote. i believe, look at polling in new hampshire. he's nowhere. you have mitt romney up at 40%. it would be very difficult for him to catch mitt romney. if he came in a ves second -- >> he could go on in florida. >> right, but other than that, he would have to reassess. he wouldn't be able to raise money. >> gingrich is drawing strength from the more modern elements where huntsman would have to
5:27 pm
grow. >> stand by, guys, we have more to discuss. including more highlights from cnn's presidential debate, including what they think about exploding in sirryria. including a concern that might keep people up at night. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe. salonpas. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65,
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5:30 pm
another huge, huge issue that came in at the cnn republican presidential debate. pakistan, it's a security, u the candidates didn't necessarily agree on what the united states needs to do. listen to this. >> pakistan is a concern. that's a country that might keep people up at night. you have the general over the military which is also responsible for isi. you have the youngest
5:31 pm
democratic, made of 160 million people in pakistan. you have madrassas movement, you have trouble on the border. you've got a nation state that's a candidate for failure. i say it's a haven for bad behavior. a haven for training. people who seek to do us harm and expand the drone program is something that would serve our national interest. i think it must be done and must be consistent with recognizing the reality on the ground. >> pakistan has been the epicenter of dealing with terrorism. they are, as governor huntsman said. there are al qaeda training grounds there and haqqani network trained there as well. they are the most violent, unstable nations that there is. you have to recognize, 15 of the sites, nuclear sites available -- or potentially penetratable by jihadists.
5:32 pm
six attempts have already been made on nuclear sites. this is more than an existential threat. we have to take this seriously a nation that lies, that does everything imaginable wrong. at the same time they share intelligence data with us regarding al qaeda. we need to demand more. the money we are sending right now is primarily intelligence money to pakistan. it is helping the united states. whatever our action is, it must ultimately be about helping the united states and our sovereignty, our safety and our security. >> they've showed us time after time that they can't be trusted and until pakistan clearly shows that they have america's best interest in mind, i would not send them one penny, period. >> also, you didn't play that clip. you heard michele bachmann's ideas very highly naive.
5:33 pm
>> pakistan is sort of in the role that al qaeda plays. what's interesting about last night. michele bachmann often at the vanguard of whatever issue, positions them as the voice of reason. this is a frustrating relationship. completely severing it, and completely cutting off aid is not in the u.s. interest. it's fascinating to watch. watch that kind of dynamic play out. saying i'm going be tougher. >> she's a member of the intelligence committee in the house. >> she knows the subject matter. >> it shows and also had the line pakistan is too nuclear to veil. which is, they cannot allow them to fail. we have to not wright blank checks as perry said. and she said later on, when we interviewed her, she said we're not writing blank checks, we are
5:34 pm
getting something for our money. it's easy to say, okay, pakistan forget it. >> she reminded everyone that pakistan has a nuclear arsenal. she said 15 nuclear weapons' sites -- >> is that true? >> i don't know. it's pretty scary. >> he was overshad doed by immigration. had he not said that. newt gingrich was talking about a hot pursuit, in view of the pakistani government, if he did become the nominee and the president, that would be a position one of extraordinary tension. bringing into a relation shape that has a love of tension to begin with. incentive is to be tougher. the problem is once you welcome president there's usually other considerations. >> the iron ch irony, othe iron getting osama bin laden, a good
5:35 pm
thing, our relationship with pakistan has gotten worse which is not a good thing. gingrich said, it should be bad. if i were president, i would be angry at pakistanis, the implication being that they knew where osama bin laden was. >> the thought she's saying where pakistan is too nuclear to fail, what she was saying is that this could be what you fear in iran if iran would get a nuclear bomb. you would have a disaster. but pakistan already has dozens of nuclear bombs, if the islamists or al qaeda elements, hezbollah elements would take over the haqqani network you would have a nuclear threat. >> you would have the same conversation about iran. are you doing enough? should we sanction the central bank? you spoke about that. should we get involved in any military action if israel decides -- >> you have to have a nuance policy towards pakistan. can't let it get not hands
5:36 pm
completely. >> what he said weeks ago was really chilling. over the hold of nuclear weapon is already fraying. this is a problem -- there are many problems in the world for which is there is not a simple -- perhaps any solution. there are problem us manage instead of solve. pack than may be one of those. china may be one of those, presidential debates are about, i have a solution. in fact, the best you can do is manage the problem and avoid the worst rather than achieve the best. >> all right, guy, stand by. following the cnn republican presidential debate, including what the candidates think should be done about the brutal government crackdown unfolding right now in syria. also, gloria's interview with gingrich after the debate. what does he think about his resent surge to the front of the pack.
5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
the deadly violence is exploding in sirria. more than 3500 people, more than peaceful protesters have been killed in recent months. what do the candidates think
5:40 pm
should be done with the situation in syria? >> i would work with our allies in the region, to put pressure to get to try our allies and other nations, to stop by all from syria. but i would not support a no-fly zone. >> that's one of a multitude of sanctions and actions that i think work very well from the standpoint of being able to pressure that regime, overt, covert, economic sanctions. i mean, i think there are a number of ways, but when you put the no-fly zone above syria. it obviously gives those dissidents and gives the military an opportunity to maybe disband, want to get out of the situation that they are in in syria as well. i think if we're serious about iran. that's what we're really talking about here. we're talking about syria is a partner with iran, in exporting
5:41 pm
terrorism all across that part of the world, and around the globe. so if we're serious about iran, then we have to be serious about syria as well. so i think a no-fly zone is an option, a multitude of options that we should be using, and we should put them in place if we're serious about iran not getting the nuclear weapon. >> if you have a no-fly zone over serious, that's an act of war. if what if we had china but a no-fly zone over our territory. i don't think we would like that. i think we should practice a policy of goodwill to other people. what about saying that we don't do anything to any other country that we don't have them do to us. when we have a no-fly zone over iraq, it was meant to be a regime change. evidently for someone to have regime change. why should we spend more moneys
5:42 pm
or lies to get involved in another war. >> once again two texans strongly disagreeing, rick perry and ron paul. rick perry, he's the governor, never lost an election in his life. he got malls aillions and milli dollars in campaign money. he's not doing well in the polls. >> never get a second chance to make a first impression. one problem he has, texas has been a one-party state, throughout his career at the state level. he really had not had to face a lot of major league pitching in his political career. when he came out and announced for president, he immediately had to do three presidential debates in three months. if he was first covering politics he would have months of coffee shops without anybody watching him. getting sea legs. the poll suggs a big chunk of the republican party, saying look, we can't carry the banner into november. carriage that after it's made is
5:43 pm
hard. ask dan quayle, for instance. >> that's not the standard, that's the low bar and the bar was low for him, because he had done so badly during these debates. but, you know, the thing about rick perry is, he seemed to me to be somebody that -- consultants were available. they wanted them to run for president. they thought in theory, he would look terrific, up against mitt romney but here is a candidate that had no set ideas, that was catapulting him to the presidency, he hadn't been thinking about attorney policy for years and years, the vision for the country or where he wanted to take the country and i'm sort of olds faed. i believe when you run for president, you want to have those things in place. before you say, i want to run. >> although -- he said in the last years, ironically, he has put together an agenda that would have an appeal.
5:44 pm
>> the idea of a part-time legislature, cut their pay and send them home. that debate on pakistan, on sirrisir syria, eliminating epa. >> i think it's consistently the most conservative, the problem is again the credibility threshold that he suffered. he fell below the threshold of the early debates. not the way they're listening the way they might have. . i don't think there's a short of ad hoc agenda. you don't own your agenda and there are other people's agendas thrown at you. it says i like that. you don't internalize it, you can't remember which three cabinet post us want to cut. because it wasn't really your idea and you hadn't been talking about it for years. right? >> there's an underlying fee,
5:45 pm
you was the candidate. the specifics get away from him. that common theme is there. there was a -- it kind of made sense, there was an audience there exists mitt romney. he's struggled after a positive reaction. it's not clear he can get a second hearing -- >> unlike other republican candidates, he's not accused of being a washington insider. >> that's herman cain's calling card too. >> he was national restaurant association -- >> as you well remember. >> don't go away yet. more to discuss. newt gingrich speaks to us about the debate minutes after the debate. we'll talk about what he thinks about the resent surge to the front of the pack.
5:46 pm
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20 minutes after the debate this week at constitution hall in washington, d.c. our own gloria has a chance to speak with newt gingrich. >> i think somebody will be president. i hope it will be me. it's important for us to unify the country by having an honest conversation not just a series of slogans. >> can you respect on this? saying, i think it's going to be me.
5:50 pm
last summer, if i recall, your campaign was imploding. and your staff was leaving you, and here you are. can you sort of reflect upon that for a minute about what's happened? >> a little my death were premature, which is what he said when someone wrote an obituary before he died. all of our core staff stayed -- calista and i had a team that stayed over the years all stayed but one. professional politicians left because i don't run a traditional campaign. i aren't an idea oriented, positive campaign. >> what happened? >> now? >> yes. why are you where you are? >> i think what's happened people want substance, they want the exact conversation you and i had, exactly what this debate was like. they really know the country's in trouble and they really want to have a serious person willing to talk through at a level of detail that's real and not just political slogans. >> one last question. looking at folks around you on the podium tonight, who is it going to come down to, you and who else, do you think?
5:51 pm
>> i always think that governor romney will be one of the two finalists, he's got the money, he's run before, he's got a tremendous base in new hampshire. if it comes down to two people, i hope hime one of the two but i'm certain the other one will be mitt romney, because he just has five years of campaigning and that gives you an enormous base. >> interesting, gloria, i got the impression, i spoke to him offcamera, you spoke to him on camera, in his own mind, his he really beginning to think he could potentially be the republican nominee? >> i think he's beginning to but he's trying not to because i think when newt gingrich in his political career, we were talking about this, gets to that sort of point of success, he often tends to shoot himself in the foot so he would rather not do that. but i think he's beginning to think that he's hit his stride, that the public does want the substance that he offers. but don't forget, he also yaund stands, they comes with a lot of
5:52 pm
baggage in his personal life in his lobbying life in his political history, and that those things clearly, once you reach that top of the top tier, those things tend to get relived. >> all of that stuff has been widely discusses over the years and unless there's more surprises there hasn't been discounted? >> i don't know if anybody in the current political electorate knows all of the history of newt gingrich. first of all, this is an incredible personal story. he quoted mark twain. f. scott fitzgerald said there are no second acts. newt gingrich's recovery is not only from last summer, but from 1998 when he resigned in disgrace after losing house seats over the backlash against the impeachment of bill clinton and a general frustration over the way he was running the house. this is an extraordinary testament to his tenacity and diligence in returning to be a major voice in the republican party for the fifth different decade. this is a guy who started in the
5:53 pm
1970s with a conservative opportunity society. so it's extraordinary that way. but there that is issue that gloria said. this is a guy who has not been disciplined in the past who has said things that hurt him at critical moments leak the budget negotiations with bill clinton in 1996 that led to the crybaby front page paper in the daily news. there's a lot there but there's no doubt that these debates have allowed him to showcase his greatest strength. >> can you imagine, gloria, a debate between newt gingrich and barack obama? >> i could. i think it would be interesting, too. newt gingrich has called for lincoln douglas style debases where you travel around the country. >> didn't he do with with bill clinton in 1995 in new hampshire? they went up together. >> i don't remember -- i don't know whether president obama would do it, but it's something that he really excels at. he's a professor. he's an academic. he's an intellectual. he loves to have the time to talk about his ideas. the problem is, is even his friends will tell you, for every
5:54 pm
100 ideas he has, 10 may be good and the rest may not be so gad. >> we have not debated any of his ideas. 15% flat tax, eliminate capital gains are, create private accounts under social secured as george w. bush did. most of those are ideas mitt romney opposed in the past, specially the in the last tax, interesting to see if romney feels like he has to engage hip on those fronts or solely using this opening that gingrich provided on immigration. >> stand by, up next one of the evening's few, shall we call them, gaffes, a little gaffe, that involved herman cain and me. nice, huh? yeah. you know what else is nice is all the savings you can get on cruze and traverse over there. oh! that's my beard. [ chuckles ] it's amazing. ♪ [ male announcer ] this holiday, chevy's giving more. now very well qualified lessees
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5:58 pm
i apologize. wolf. >> no need to apologize. i've been called a lot worse. that was funny. >> it was funny. and you called him cain, which was funnier. >> he laughed. i laughed afterwards. >> maybe he confused you with dick butkus, florence tailor? a professional linebacker. you have that speed and power combination. >> in junior high i was a blitzing linebacker. that was a long time ago. all right. i introduced everybody. i pointed out -- i pointed out that my real name, everybody knows this by now, my real name is wolf blitzer. listen to what mitt romney had to say after i pointed out i'm really wolf blitzer. >> i'm wolf blitzer, and, yes, that's my real name. >> i'm mitt romney, yes, wolf, that's also my first name. >> maybe not necessarily. >> willard. >> willard. >> yeah. >> willard. mitt is his middle name.
5:59 pm
>> he was nervous. >> a guy facing credibility changes on changing positions might want to be rock solid on their name. >> do you forget your real name? >> no. >> on a scale of things i give him a pass. >> good night for all of them. >> good night for all of them. good night for cnn. good night for voters out there. i think they gained a little bit of knowledge going into the voting booth. >> a rarity in these debates. >> we'll keep it up. guys, thanks very much. i want to leave wowy the holiday footnote. an estimated 45 million turkeys cookingen side ovens across the united states tomorrow but two turkeys received a traditional presidential pardon at the white house today. president obama noted his recent moves bypassing congress as he granted the pardon. >> some of you may know that, recently i've been taking a series of executive actions that don't require congressional