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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 26, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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tweet us #alivelshi and #christineromans. >> have a great weekend. you're in the cnn newsroom where the news unfwolds this saturday, november 26th. i'm fredricka whitfield. the chevy volt is being investigated for a possible fire risk. the ntsb said the volt lithium i ion batteries could crash and catch on fire. three american students arrested during protests in egypt are headed home, arriving later on tonight. they were accused of taking part in the violent protests in tahrir square. egyptian officials say the students threw molotov cocktails
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from a rooftop. the student deny the charges. nba players and owners reached a tentative deal this morning so play may resume december 25th. the players still have to ratify the agreement but the plan is to start a 66 game season with a christmas day triple header. the nba lockout has lasted 149 days. president obama commented on the deal this morning saying it's good and gave it a thumbs up. an arizona family says police were too rough during a take down at a walmart store. cnn ireporter david chad captured the scene and sent us this video. it shows gerald newman's arrest during a black friday arrest. he hit his head on the floor. police say he knocked himself out. officers say newman path video game under his shirt and then resisted arrest. >> he kept saying that cop was aggressive. everybody.
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he was just way too aggressive. >> there's nothing on the surface to determine that the officer acted inappropriately at this time. >> never go there on black friday because if you go you will get hurt. >> and that was newman's grandson. he says newman only put the game under his shirt to keep the crowd from snatching it out of the boy's hands. one group says stay away from big box stores. there's a huge push today for customers to shop at small businesses. we'll talk about the importance of small businesses coming up in our financial fix with eric amado. >> outrage in pakistan today. the government cut off naturalo supply routes in retaliation for a border raid that killed 24 pakistan soldiers. according to media reports pakistan has called for a review of all military and political arrangements with the u.s. and nato. cnn has not been able to confirm this. nato says it's highly the deaths happened as their helicopters
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provide air support for a mission in afghanistan. >> reporter: angry reaction here in pakistan to what government officials are calling a nato air strike that hit two pakistani checkpoints on pakistani soil killing two dozen pakistani soldiers. this is an incident that has sparked some anti-american and anti-nato protests in pakistan. some of those protests taking place in the city of lahor. government officials say this incident took place in a district of pakistan's tribal region that sits right next to the afghanistan border. this is an area where there's a lot of militant activity. nato troops oftentimes conduct military operation there's and that's what was happening there according to matto official the easternly morning hours of saturday morning when the incident happened. the agreement between pakistan and nato is for nato troops to
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stay on afghanistan soil. in this case according to pakistani officials that didn't happen. these nato air strikes hitting hard gets on pakistani soil and government officials not happy. the prime minister issuing a blistering condemnation saying he plans to protest this incident with u.s. and nato officials. here's what pakistan's top military spokesperson had to say about the incident. >> these great resentment because in the past also these kinds of incidents happened and the excuse was given that it was by mistake or it was confusion because of the militants crossing over. but the fact is that we got together and exact locations were exchanged and these are the border posts being manned by pakistani soldiers. >> reporter: the prime minister called an emergency meeting on saturday night with military and
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government leaders trying to formulate a response to this incident. we should also point out that pakistan has shut down the two nato supply routes that takes supplies from pakistan to afghanistan. that means roughly 40% of nato supplies are parked here in pakistan, not clear when they will move again, not clear what other measures pakistan is prepared to take in response to this incident. >> let's get some analysis now with cnn national security analyst peter bergen joining us by phone. pakistan is calling for a review of all military and political arrangements with the u.s. and nato. if so how potentially damaging is this particularly as it pertains to the u.s. and nato arrangement on the fight against terrorism? >> well, i think it could be quite damaging. 40% of material destined for
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afghanistan ran the sits pakistan. at the beginning the year that number was more like 75%. the pentagon has been and the u.s. government in general has been making alternative arrangements, what they call the northern distribution network which basically goes through russia and central asia in order to make the nato/u.s. effort in afghanistan less dependent on the pakistan over land route and pakistan air corridor. so that's one area that, you know, even though there have been changes in the way this material has been going over the material, pakistan still has a very substantial ability to cut down on those transits. another area that pakistan will look at is the area or cia drone strikes done in pakistan which is done with the knowledge of pakistan.
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the drones are very unpopular as you know in pakistan. the drone attacks. they could say we're not going to have these any more. so that also would have an effect. >> so, pet terrify, shutting down these nato supply routes that you underscored, this sounds like punishment not necessarily review. >> well, i mean the pakistanis have done it before. i mean they have every reason to be quite angered by this incident. it's not the first time it's happened. and this is one of the ways that they can put pressure on the united states to, you know, to make sure it doesn't happen again tore investigate what happened. but, you know, typically these shutdowns have happened for, you know, a day or two. you know, you'll see pictures of hundreds of them backing up at the border because hundreds have
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been going over every day. the context of all this this has been the worst year for u.s./pakistani relations. it began with the shooting of two pakistanis in lahor in the middle of the detain january. u.s. government said a lot of conflicting thing about what his job was and finally admitted that he was working for the cia. then you have the osama bin laden raid which the united states chose not to give the pakistanis a heads up about that and they were very angry about that, particularly in the context of the fact that we've been promising some sort of strategic partnership with them and then people came, the u.s. government came out and said they couldn't be trusted. hence they were not given a heads up about the bin laden raid. this incident today is, you know, it's part of incidents that have angered the pakistanis and which have contributed to fact that this is one of the
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most anti-american countries in the world. the last poll i saw, the favorable views of the united states is around 12%, close to zero in pakistan right now. >> peter bergen, thank you so much. as peter was saying this could, indeed, make the pakistan/u.s. relations even that much more fragile. nick peyton walsh is in kabul with more details on that. nick? >> reporter: let me just update you on how they view this incident. they have said, a spokesperson said they think it was highly likely that the pakistani deaths here most likely soldiers were caused by what they refer to as close air support. some kind of air strike what was an operation by nato and afghan troops hunting down insurgents. they are not exactly clear the target was inside pakistan. they say an investigation still has to investigate but at this
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point you're seeing nato really looking to reconcile, make gestures towards the pakistanis at an early point while still giving themselves wiggle room to say their investigation has found the facts on the ground to be different. certainly a very tense moment here absolutely. bear in mind this particular border region, hugely hilly, rugged terrain, very difficult for american troops to police, they are never sure when afghanistan end and when pakistan begins. that border very poorly demar demarch -- demarcated. many are concerned how was it if this occurred these two pakistani military checkpoints were hit with such precision and such tragic consequences. there must have been a reason or a tragic mistake. >> thanks so much from kabul. a nasa rocket blasts off for mars this morning. we'll tell you what scientists
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two, one, main engines start, zero and liftoff of the atlas 5 with curiosity, seeking clues about the planetary puzzle of life in mars. >> it will take 8 1/2 months for the rocket to carry curiosity. it weigh as ton sean about the sifz compact car. it will look for signs of potential martian life. nasa's replacement for the hubble telescope will gave new meaning to the phrase worldwide
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web. james webb space telescope will allow scientists to look farther into the universe than ever before. there's a down side. we look at the price tag. >> reporter: this is the future. outside the maryland science center. it's a full scale model of nasa's james webb space telescope. scientists believe the real thing will redefine our understanding of our place in the universe. it will be so unique it can look further back in time than the hubble telescope, almost to the dawn of creation. >> the james webb telescope is to help us find our entire history from the first things after the big bang to how first galaxies are born. >> reporter: astronomers say if they look in the right place and get lucky -- >> this may give us the first clue about existence of life in another solar system. >> if we can see a planet like earth that would be cool. >> reporter: webb will orbit 1 million miles from earth.
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it's instruments are designed to image primarily in the infrared range, light we can't see. webb's capabilities will allow to it literally look where hubble could not. into gas and dust clouds, at the birth of the first stars and planets. sounds incredible, right? webb might get us another step closer to solving the puzzle, are we alone? >> i don't know how you would put a price on being able to answer questions like how old is the universe, how did this all start, where is it going, what is it made of, are there other people out there like us. these questions are just so intrinsic. >> reporter: but there is a price tag. when webb is finally launched in 2018 it will be years behind schedule and cost about $8.8 billion. 6 1/2 billion more than the original estimate. at one point congress came close to killing it.
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so what happened? how did it end up astronomy at an astro nomical cost? >> you don't know what we'll run into. we found several things we had to work around. >> reporter: it better work from the get go. when hubble ran into problems space shuttle astronauts came to the rescue. at 1 million miles away even if the shuttle was still flying it couldn't get there to fix webb. small businesses are on every corner in the united states. do you know how many are owned by minorities? we'll tell you next. ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪ ♪ she bought a pizza party for the whole dorm floor ♪ ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪
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all right. it's small business saturday and we'll be talking about it in just a minute. do you know how many small businesses in america are owned by minorities? hispanic-americans own 8.3%. african-americans 7.1%. asian-americans have 5.7%. and native americans and native alaskans owning nearly 1% of small businesses. so it is the number one issue in american homes. getting your financial house in order today in our weekly financial fix is small business saturday. a new push to get you away from the big name stores and into shops owned and operated by your
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neighbors. financial consultant and ceo of amado consultage, eric amado joining us from dallas. happy thanksgiving weekend. >> same to you. >> so how important are small businesses to the u.s. economy? >> well small businesses are very for the overall health of the u.s. economy. in 2010 there were 20 million small businesses in the united states. >> wow. that's pretty significant. and they are important not just because they are providing a service because there's great employers? >> absolutely. small businesses generate about 64% of overall jobs in the united states over the last 15 years so i know when we look at big business to create jobs also small businesses have a very important part in that aspect. >> so when people are going about their holiday shopping, does it matter how they are paying for their merchandise when they go to some of these small businesses? >> absolutely. let's say, for example, you'll spend $100 at a local small
2:21 pm
business. about $68 of that money goes towards taxes, payroll and other expenditures. you spend that money at a big box retailer half of that money will go to your local economy. you can see the importance of shopping at a small local business. >> we left an s off that business. a lot of big sponsors for the small shopping day are big businesses like fedex and american express. why it is, what is at stake for these big businesses to try to get people to shop small? >> absolutely. you mentioned american express. american express actually started small business last year in 2010. so they are very big sponsor of this. but federal express will give million dollars to small business saturday. dunn and brad street, facebook and google, they know the importance of investing in the small business and it's important for our economy. >> how many people are expected to take advantage of this
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campaign and shop at these small businesses? >> well right now estimates show about 89 million people are planning on shopping in small local businesses today. that's outstanding. hopefully small businesses will do very well at the cash register today. >> will you find yourself in a store this weekend, small or large? >> absolutely. i'll do something. i'll do a little shopping. buy something. >> how about that cyber monday? >> cyber monday, i might not do anything with that. i'll live a life after that. we'll try to contribute to the economy. >> fantastic. eric amado, great to see you. you can get more information from eric by going to bp. >> if you're floong do most of your shopping on cyber monday, there's an important warning for your,000 protect your self and your money coming up in the newsroom. also coming up, the finish line. u.s. soldiers in iraq start crossing it into kuwait. nice, huh?
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afghanistan. pakistan has blocked nato supply lines into afghanistan. the federal government is investigating the chevy volt over fears the electric car's batteries may be posing a fire risk. the national highway traffic safety administration says the volt lithium ion batteries could catch fire in a crash. there's no accidents involving fires and northerly. gm insi gm insists the cars are safe. >> the nba has reached a tentative agreement. the plan is to start a 66 game seen with christmas day triple header. the nba lockout has been going on for 149 days. president obama commented on the deal saying it's good and gave it a thumbs up. nearly 300 deployed marines and sailors returned home to hawaii and waiting arms of children and spouses. all this thanksgiving holiday
2:27 pm
weekend. bases were filled with anticipation, joy and lots of excitement. the marines and sailors were coming home for the holidays from southern afghanistan. >> it's the best thing in the world. one thing that the department taught me was seven months away, the only thing that matters is your family and just coming back home to them. so, yeah, thankful for them. and halfway around the world, in kuwait the beginnings of another homecoming this weekend for soldiers who have fought in iraq. cnn martin savidge reports. >> reporter: if the war in iraq has a finish line then camp virginia it is. the last six weeks as many as 350 vehicles a day have been rolling into this remote base in the kuwaiti desert delivering soldiers and equipment. >> no water. >> no water no mres. >> reporter: here teams work day and night guiding convoys through a series of stops. each one like an assembly line in reverse, taking off or as they say downloading equipment.
2:28 pm
accumulated over years of war. so what sort of stuff are they getting out at this particular point? >> any oil, fuel, battery, anything that was issued to them or they bought they download them here. >> pull it all up. >> reporter: everything is sorted and collected to be thrown out, recycled or put back in service. we brought you to this motor pool because it's one of the few places where you can go to get a sense of how much we're talking about, how many vehicles, how many trucks, how much stuff. and this is just the tip of the iceberg. camp virginia has the capacity to house close to 7,000 troops and more than 5,000 vehicles. and even though officials say they are below those levels they admit it's been challenging keeping up with what's coming out of iraq. >> it's very busy. i'll say we're making use of every available cot we have, all the space we have, but it's going really well. >> at ease.
2:29 pm
welcome to camp virginia. >> reporter: there are signs ever strain. the base had to greatly increase housing and office space and the dining hall remains open 24 hours a day just to keep everyone fed. the goal is to move the soldiers from convoy to a flight back in the u.s. within five to eight days but officers admit it can sometimes take longer. and the next convoy at camp virginia is not expected until november 30th to allow the system time to catch up. yet despite such problems morale remains high because every soldier who makes it here knows the next stop is home. martin savidge, cnn, camp virginia, cure wait. >> a lot of folks can't wait for them to finally get home. for those who are getting home for this holidays, what are they finding? >> a little bit of everything. right smack across the nation's mid-section here's what's going on. from houston to chicago and there are the delays. right now in houston groundstop meaning if you are headed in towards the houston airport you
2:30 pm
can expect those ground delays until the weather starts to clear. will be maybe in the next couple of hours but going to be breezy on the back side of that system. speaking of breezy in oklahoma also into texas look at these. 60 plus mile-per-hour wind gusts reported over the last 24 hours or so as this weather system moves across the southeast. these are what we are expecting. major delays for chicago, because the front will move through. temperatures in the 60s. coming up for tomorrow you'll be lucky to see readings only into the 30s. we also have some wind and rain delays expect forward the dallas-ft. worth area. memphis, this is fascinating. here comes the front. on the back side chicago gusty wind. st. louis the wind, the rain, the fog chirk right now has the fog. but for memphis, this is kind of interesting because the front will move through. you'll start to see the rain. on the back side of this you could see a little bit of snowfall. it's situated back here across
2:31 pm
sections of arkansas but in the forecast those temperatures really start to drop rather dramatically. i think for place like new york, baltimore, boston, it's not going to be on sunday the big travel day when lots of airports are going to be in flux with people trying get back network on monday but we're looking at monday, perhaps as this frontal system starts to move through that's when you'll start to see those big delays at those very important airports but that's on monday. >> oh, my goodness a lot of people will want to stay inside which means that whole cyber monday could be a big boom. are you into it? >> i have done some cyber shopping already. >> very good. you got a leg up on things. thanks so much. good see you this holiday weekend. we'll learn more about that cyber monday, scams or not. how do you buy without getting had. - ♪ ai, ai, ai - ♪ bum-bum
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this weekend means a lot of things for the u.s. economy as billions of retail dollars start flowing for the holiday season but unfortunately it's also high tide for scam artists looking to get you even online.
2:35 pm
josh lev is here to tell us all about that. e-mail boxes are flooded with incentives. >> that's just the beginning. think of it this way the expectation is $1.2 billion will be changing hands cyber monday. so to scam artist physician they can get .1% it's a ton of money. people spend more than a year to scam you on cyber monday. i want to give you some tools that will help you protect yourself. people like me try to make sure you're not one of those people that get taken. first of all from the better business bureau, first thing to know before you start shopping on cyber monday make sure that the computer you're using has updated anti-virus software. as part of that you want to make sure you have the most recent spam filters. also use a secure fire wall. next go to trustworthy websites. this is a big one. on cyber monday you may do some
2:36 pm
googling and find a website you never heard of. here's what you can do. go to, the website for better business bureau. check out the company online. to a search of that company before you buy something it from and that will help you know. >> people are good with their artwork and graphics and look like a legitimate site or a site that you are accustomed to because it has certain trademark colors or a look but then that's not the one you want or need. >> you might see and i temple for $300. another website for $200 and think i'll drag it from this mystery website. check it out. do research. too good to be true can be too good to be true. tread privacy policies. nobody reads them. >> the little box. did you read it. people check. >> i've done that. we've all done that. but cyber monday, when you're giving a place money and credit card information not the time to
2:37 pm
do that. let's get through a couple more here. this is the one a lot of people skip. look for the https at the point in your purchase when you're buying, actually paying the website address will say https which means you have a secure site instead of regular http. this is at the point in your system when you're ready to buy it will take to you a secure site. at the top. address bar right before the actual address there will be an s in there, it's a secure site. it's holding on the your information secretly. the last one i'll mention is check your credit card statements often. if you check them now, even check them online that day or in the coming days and weeks, make sure there's no strange things that appeared on there that will help you make sure you haven't been taken. >> oh, my goodness. you should be a little reluctant about any purchase you make online so now this will make
2:38 pm
people smarter about that. >> everything i just mentioned to you. i put up on my blog. check it out. take a good look at that before you start spending that money on monday. >> you'll be along later to help us naf fwat the field of travel, trying to book those reservations. josh has some great tips on how to save money and secure a fairly good deal. >> monday is a good time to book travel. >> can't wait to hear more on that. there's some choice at the movie theaters as well this weekend including the muppets. ♪ >> we all grew up with the muppets. now they are on the big old screen, song and dance. enough to get our movie reviewer excited. here's the grade next. you know organization is key... and so is having a trusted assistant. and from national.
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okay. it's a holiday weekend. you know what that means, lots of movies at the theater. our movie critic with rottent
2:42 pm let's begin with the muppets. >> you look familiar. >> so do you. >> please, have a seat. >> yes. we're going have a seat now. >> don't sit down. >> sorry. >> going down. going down. >> okay, matt. we know "sesame street" to be all about teaching and learning. sounds like a musical. is it? >> it absolutely is a musical. songs in this movie. we got some classic muppet songs and new songs. this is a fantastic movie. i really enjoyed it. stars jason segal who co-wrote the movie. chris cooper is in it. i'd say it's worth the price of admission just to see chris cooper rapping in this movie. it's really funny. and the classic muppets. kermit the frog.
2:43 pm
miss pornography j miss piggy. fonzie. the story is really thin. >> what's the story line? >> the story line is that no one has seen the muppets in a long time. they quit showbiz and it turns out chris cooper is part of this evil conglomerate that will buy the muppet studio and drill for oil and destroy it. walter, jason segal's brother has decided he'll get the muppets back together to put on a big show to raise the money and to buy the studio. that's about it. the story is really thin. you don't get a sense of why they stopped show business. it's a little light. nonetheless it's a lot of fun. the jokes are fast and furious. the kids love it. a good one to go see. >> this is g, by the way? >> this is rated g. bring kleenex. they play the nostalgia card
2:44 pm
pretty heavy. >> what's your grade? >> a b. >> then a martin scorsesi movie >> yes it's a kids movie. it's based on a book about a kid that lives in a train station that comes across this old man who may have a mysterious past. it's a really neat little film. >> nice set up. let's take a look. >> machine never come with extra parts, you know. >> they always come with exact amount they need. >> so if the entire world was one big machine -- i couldn't be an extra part. i have to be here for some reason. and that means you have to be here for some reason too. >> oh, my gosh that scene is making me think edwards
2:45 pm
scissorhands. different movie. what do you think? tell me about it. >> i love this movie. this is probably martin scor search si's personal movie. if somebody thought they could make a movie set in the '20s about the glory of film preservation is terrific. this movie is fantastic. i enjoyed it. great performances from ben kingsly. chloe plays the girl that befriend him. this is a sweet story. ben kingsly place man who turns out to be this filmmaker. i don't want to giveaway swhoit. you give on this unique journey. this is probably a first for me i would recommend seeing this in 3-d. i think the filmmaker has made the most effective use of 3-d
2:46 pm
i've seen yet in a film. he makes this film very immersive. >> interesting view of the stiff lights. grade? >> i would give it an a. i think it's absolutely worth seeing although it's a hard sell for some people because they are not really sure what they will get into. it's a fantastic film. >> hard not to like something with ben kingsly. "arthur christmas." christmas movie just in time for this holiday. let's look. >> okay. >> thank you for your letter and brilliant picture. your request for a pink twinkle bike will be passed on to christmas. >> what's unique about this christmas story in your vow? >> this is the perfect never start off the christmas season. i en-yard this movie. the humor is fast paced. there's jokes every other minute and all pretty funny. this movie was animated from the
2:47 pm
ardman animation studio. you got great voice casting. this is the story of how santa claus gets presents to everybody's house in one night. it's a major organization, things go a little bit wrong and up to his younger son to save the day. i think this is the perfect never get you in the mood for christmas shopping and the christmas season. it's one of the best christmas movies i dare say i've ever seen. >> likes a sophisticated children's movie. >> it is a children's movie and it's a lot of fun. >> okay. your grade on this one? >> i give it an a. between this one and hugo and the muppets, some excellent choices this weekend. >> fantastic. authors wide release. we'll see you again and talk about some of the limited releases including my week with marilyn and george clooney's new flick or the one he's starring
2:48 pm
in, "the descendants." >> we have much to talk about there. >> great, i can't wait. thanks so much, matt. all right. time for an cnn politics update. we're keeping an eye on the latest headlines. here's what's cross right now. it's a little more than six weeks until the first of the nation presidential primary in new hampshire and tomorrow one of the states most influential newspapers the union leader of manchester will announce its endorsement in this republican race. it's considered a major boost. newt gingrich is standing firm in his call for a more humane approach to the illegal immigration problem in the u.s. he says illegal immigrant whose have come here recently should go home period. he says those with much longer ties in the u.s. should not be uprooted from their families and kicked out. gingrich's plan includes an
2:49 pm
earned path to suzeshicitizensh. >> the chairman of the congressional hispanic caucus will not seek an eighth term in the u.s. house of representatives. congressman charles gonzalez of texas says he has been in congress 14 years and wants to do something else. he says right now he doesn't know what his future plans are. and for the latest political news you know exactly where to go. join us every sunday afternoon at 4:00 eastern time when we dedicate an entire hour to the presidential contenders in this 2012 election. who ate my cookies and milk?
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we got some viral videos out there. actually have one. karen mcginnis with me on this one. some might look at this and say oh, my gosh. zero tolerance on that. others say hey things happen. let's take a look at what we're talking about here. >> all right. here's a case. that's flour every where. these two little kids age 3 and 1 got a hold of five pound bag
2:53 pm
of flour. >> mom spent a little too much time in the bathroom. and she came out. no. to this. >> what's interesting her instincts i'll grab a camera. >> you're right. >> they are going to continue to frolick in the flour. >> a lump of coal for each one. >> my goodness. what a mess np has gone viral. people keep looking at this over and over again. there's not an area of this living room or, you know, family room that isn't covered with flour. >> you need a shop vac to clean it up. >> it gets gooey. i don't know how they did that. i'm glad they had a sense of you had -- humor about it. >> we'll see you in a bit. thanks so much.
2:54 pm
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2:57 pm
aldridge joins me by phone from key west, florida with the details of this proposed deal. what's in this deal? >> reporter: it's a big win monetarily for the owners, the players are going to get back about 12% of the money that they made in the last nba. about 3 million a graer it goes 10 years, $3 billion in salaries they will return to the owners. the owners got a lot of restrictions on the teams that spend the most money like the lakers and celtics and the knicks that have spent more money than other teams. harder for those teams to spend money than it was in the past. the players, however, do get some other benefits that are new in addition to what they had before, and the owners did kind of concede some points. they wanted to make it harder for those teams to acquire
2:58 pm
players that spend money. they gave up some of those things in exchange for a band that they call it, anywhere between 49% and 51% of the revenues that come in will be split. it sounds like a lot was at stake over 149 days in the end. this isn't a done deal yet but who had to give in the most, so to speak? the players or the owners in order to come to this tentative deal? >> no question the players gave a lot more. i mean, again, they gave up $3 billion in money, in salary. so, i mean if that's the starting point, you know, they gave up a lot. the owners gave some things up at the end. theology tell you they didn't get everything they want to make the system as competitive as they believe it could be, but the reality is the nba has never been especially competitive. only been seven teams that have won four out of five
2:59 pm
championships in league history going back to 1947. so this has never been an especially competitive league. >> wonder if this set stages or does it set the stage for this new or this reduced regular season that starts possibly december 25th, a lot of players will be a little disgruntled or disappointed they didn't get more out of this and the season may be a little lackluster as a result or does it give them a greater incentive to make up for the losses of this season, the games not played? >> well, i think -- you know i think players want to play and i think they will have a great incentive to play. this is what they do for a living. they are professional athletes. they want to be out on that stage performing at the highest level and competing against the best players in the world. they will be ready to play. the question is will they be in shape to play. they were supposed to get started in october and it's going to be december before they get starte


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