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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 26, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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you are in the cnn newsroom. i'm in for don lemon. one of the americans accused of throwing molotov cocktails in egypt is back in the united states tonight. gregory porter arrived in philadelphia. he and two other students had been in egyptian custody since monday. they were released friday. all three were attending american university in cairo on a semester long study abroad program and say they are innocent. porter was clearly happy to be back in the u.s. tonight. >> i'd like to thank the nebs cairo for all the thing thez did
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for us as well as the administration at the american university in cairo for all their help and support. and my lawyers ted and both in egypt and here who worked tirelessly to obtain my freedom. i'm just so thankful to be back. and i love to be in philadelphia right now. >> the other two students arrested with porter, derrick sweeney and luke gates are also returning to the u.s. from egypt at this hour. syria is running out of allies. you can add the arab league to its list of critics. finance ministers from the league want to punish damascus for its crackdown on protesters. new video on youtube showed enthusiastic demonstration with syrians pledging with the league to hit the regime hardment something you don't normally see in public. proposed sanctions would include freezing government assets and those belonging to syrian officials along with travel restrictions. sunday morning foreign ministers will decide whether to enforce the proposed sanctions.
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pakistan's relations with the u.s. and nato are hitting another rough spot. islamabad blames those two for an attack launched from afghanistan that left 24 pakistani soldiers dead. the battles took place in the rug he will terrain between the two countries where the border isn't always clear. in the aftermath of the attack, pakistan cut off two vital supply lines into afghanistan. >> translator: this morning at 9:00 a.m. there was an attack on sovereignty. learning of this, i was going to attend meetings with my sons and brothers. but i'm now going to islamabad to hold a special security session of the dcc. i'm calling on all the leaders of pakistan to come and discuss this situation so that no one can even dare to attack pakistan's sovereignty or pakistan's security.
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we have a report on the fallout from the attack. >> reporter: an angry reaction here in pakistan to what government officials here are calling a nato air strike that hit two pakistani military check posts on pakistani soil killing at least two dozen pakistani soldiers. this is an incident that sparked some anti-american and anti-nato protests in pakistan. some of the protests taking place in the city. government officials here say this incident took place in a district that pakistan's tribal region that sits right next to the afghanistan border. this is an area where there is a lot of militant activity. nato troops oftentimes conduct military operations there. and that's what was happening according to nato officials in the early morning hours of saturday morning when this incident happened. the agreement between pakistan and nato is for nato troops to stay on afghanistan's soil.
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but in this case, according to pakistani officials that didn't happen. the nato air strikes hitting targets on pakistani soil and pakistani government officials not happy. the prime minister issuing a blistering condemnation saying he plans to protest this incident with u.s. and nato officials. here's what pakistan's top military spokesperson had to say about the incident. >> there's a great resentment. in the past these kind of incidents happen and the excuse was given that it was by mistake or it was confusion because somehow there was a case because of the militants crossing over. but the fact is that we got together and exact locations. we exchanged and said these are the border force being manned by pakistani soldiers. >> reporter: prime minister calling an emergency meeting on saturday night with military and
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government leaders trying to formulate a response to this incident. pakistan shut down the two nato supply routes. that means roughly 40% of natu e supplies are parked here and not clear when they're going to move again and what other measures pakistan is prepared to take in response to this incident. >> well, it will be a little late and aittle short. the nba season is now going to happen if a deal holds between players and owners. the agreement to end the 149-day lockout still has to be ratified. but if it stands up, the season would be 66 games instead of 82. and it would start christmas day. bashg fisher and david stern made the announcement. >> it's a greater good requiring us to knock ourselves out and
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come to this tenant of understanding. and so i think that there is still a lot of shall we say other issues to be finished because we have the broadest outline. >> the most important key thing here is that our fans and the support from the people and the patience, you know, through a large part of this process, you know, that's to a lot of his credit. >> as we mentioned, december 25th, the regular season will begin with a tv triple-header. here are the matchups. miami heat versus the dallas mavericks, boston celtics and new york knicks and the chicago bulls against the l.a. lakers. florida a & m university fired the director of the marching band days after a drum major's death. police believe hazing was involved. a former band member says he's not surprised.
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he actually sued after a brutal beating led to kidney failure. >> i was taking into a room blindfolded and paddled with, you know, they have these wooden paddles. after the paddling stopped, it was actually physical blows, face slapping, just all sorts of things to cause pain and suffering. >> lisa sylvester has more on this culture of violence on campus. >> reporter: they are one of the best with precision and technique, florida a & m university's marching 100 has stood out. the band program began more than 100 years ago, a proud tradition for the university. but the entire band is now suspended indefinitely after the death of a drum major robert champion. authorities are investigating if hazing may have played a role. >> i do want to know what
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happened because that would give me more understanding and something like this i can accept knowing what happened. >> reporter: saturday night after the florida classic, champion was found on a university buts outside of a hotel. he was throwing up and said he couldn't breathe. he died shortly afterward. the orange county medical examiner has completed the autopsy. he says more information is needed before determining a final cause of death. the university announced that it's also forming a task force to review the circumstances of champion's death. >> the purpose of this review is not to establish culpability of individual band members in this particular case but rather to determine whether there are patterns of behavior by the band or members of it that should be addressed. >> reporter: 30 band members were let go earlier this year because of hazing. those investigations are on going. marching band members at
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historically black colleges have been tight knit groups, much like a sorority or fraternity. hazing has long been a problem. at clark university, the band director says a student handbook spells out it's against university policy to haze another student. and robert clampon, his band director says he was to have been named the head drum major next year but he never got the chance to tell him. a mother of a marching band student came forward detailing her many concerns with hazing within the program even though there is a zero tolerance policy there, she says it is still happening. her son told her it is a right of passage, like a gang initiation. the quote she said is you have to be beaten to earn respect. and she spoke to university officials before this happened and now looking back, she says that robert champion's death could have been prevented. lisa sylvester, cnn, washington.
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nasa's biggest and most advanced probe yet is on its way to mars. >> two, one, main engine start, zero and liftoff of the atlas 5 with curiosity seeking clues to the planetary puzzle about life on mars. >> a launch this morning. it is start of a very long journey. the rover should make it to mars next august. curiosity is a self-contained
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science lab on wheels facing some very high expectations years of work and $2.5 billion have gone into this mission. nasa plans to put a new space telescope in orbit in 2018. it will make the hubble look like something for a backyard astronomer. ing in like this comes with a pretty big pricetag as we found out. >> reporter: this is the future. outside the maryland science center. it's a full scale model of nasa's james webb space telescope. scientists believe the real thing will redefine our understanding of our place in the universe. it will be so unique it can look further back in time than the hubble telescope. almost to the dawn of creation. >> the james webb telescope is to help us find our entire history from the first things after the big bang to how the first galaxies are born. >> reporter: and astronomers say
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if they look in just the right place and get just a bit lucky -- >> this may give us our first clues about the existence of life in another solar system. >> if we can see a planet like earth, i that i will be really cool. >> reporter: webb will orbit one million miles from earth. the instruments are designed toimage primarily in the infrared range, light we can't see. webb's capabilities will allow it to literally look where hubble could not into gas and dust clouds at the birth of the first stars and planets. sounds incredible, right? webb might get us another step closer to solving the puzzle. are we alone? >> i don't even know how you would put a price on being able to answer questions like how old is the universe? how did this all start? where is it going? what it is made of? are there other people out there like us? >> reporter: there is a pricetag.
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when webb is finally launched in 2018, it will be years behind schedule and cost about $8.8 billion. $6.5 billion more than the original estimate. at one point congress came close to killing it. so what happened? how did it end up astronomy at an astronomical cost? >> when you do ib vennventions the first time, you don't know what you're going to run into. we found several things we had to work around. >> reporter: and it better work from the get go. when hubble ran into problems, space shuttle astronauts came to the rescue. but hubble was only 300 miles up. at one million miles away, even if the shuttle was still flying, it couldn't get there to fix webb. what's the best way to teach young people how to succeed in life? cnn education contributor steve perry sits down with comedian
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steve harvey and his wife for a serious discussion about giving kids direction through mentoring. >> reporter: comedian steve harvey believes being a man is no joke. >> real men respect women. real men go to work every day. real men work hard. that's what real men do. >> reporter: since 2009, harvey's mentoring weekend welcomed teen boys from single mom household. it's an all male event with the heavy dose of tough love. >> we have a program that works. and we give them a snapshot of what manhood is. >> harvey's wife hosts girls who rule the world to promote self-esteem and leadership. >> mentoring gives a child what to shoot for. it's a knew target. instead of what they see in their neighborhoods. >> and it's also giving the kids to understand about making the right decisions. you have to be accountable.
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>> lessons both steve and marjorie learned from their dads. >> my father taught me so many lessons. the way a man should treat a woman. the way a father is supposed to be. >> my father was the greatest influence in my life. you got to find somebody to be like. and that's why i messed up for kids that don't have fathers around. >> what is something that you think people should know about how they can be impactful? >> we all have stuff that we deal with. but we can learn from each other. >> we got to turn these boys around. we're losing a generation here, man. we're spiralling out of control unless we stop it. >> steve perry, atlanta. >> christ church new zealand tries to get back to normal after a massive earthquake. parts of a historic square reopened today.
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there were tears, prayers and silence from new zealanders as they toured christ church's
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shattered cathedral square. nine months after a devastating earthquake, authorities reopened the square which suffered extensive damage. joy reid has details. tears and shock. 163 people to be the first on the tour this morning. >> interesting, isn't it? >> reporter: walking where for months it's been out of bounds. and seeing firsthand the earthquake's giant footprint. >> it actually hit me as soon as i walked down. it's just sad. yeah. i don't like seeing my city like this. >> it's death.
7:22 pm
this is a funeral procession. >> reporter: the wizard paying a special tribute and giving the cathedral a new name. >> it's being able to be made safe enough with a protective walk way to get people into this area. which is, i think, a pretty symbolic moment. >> reporter: the only twha is possible is because of a short break in the demolition schedule. but as soon as this building starts to come down in a couple of weeks time, access for the public will again have to be stopped. for now though -- >> you get a feel for what it's like seeing it on television and seeing it for real was just brings it all home. >> reporter: plenty of taking this opportunity to reflect and then look ahead. >> it's exciting to think of what could be here soon. >> reporter: to what may stand here in the years to come. joy reid, 1 news. and karen mcguinness is here with us now. and the folks in new zealand
7:23 pm
have suffered so much. they continue to have after shocks. >> they do. we had a 3.1 magnitude earthquake today. or after shock. i mean this is something they really wouldn't feel. but since this major earthquake, they seen more than 8500 after shocks. and even six months afterwards, they were still looking at mag any tudz 6.0 and above that. they took a poll back in june or july and they said -- they asked people there, would you stay in christ church? 64% of the people said if we didn't have to stay here, we wouldn't. now that doesn't mean that, you know, five years from now they'll say this is a great city. we want to be herement we're going to stay here. but it just has shaken them up more ways than one. >> there is no end in sight. there is no indication this is going to end. >> it tapers off. any time you see an earthquake of great magnitude like we've seen in haiti or south america, they do start to taper off. but this is an on going process.
7:24 pm
the plates are re-adjusting and they continue to do that. and that's why the after shocks will continue for quite some time. in some cases more than a year. but when you are right at that yearly point, they really do start to diminish dramatically. i want to tell you about some travel weather. we've got a frontal system stretching from the great lakes to the gulf coast. behind this weather system in chicago, we're looking at temperatures that go from readings in the 60s to in the 50s. we did see some earlier delays coming out of houston's bush airport. but now this weather system is traveling towards the east. so guess what? just in time for tomorrow's big travel day. if you're going into or out of atlanta's hearts field jackson international airport, i think we're going to see some pretty significant delays. you headed out tomorrow? >> no, i'll be here through tuesday. >> all right. >> looks like for atlanta tomorrow, anticipate some of those delays coming up. the rainfall may be heavy at
7:25 pm
times. not so much in that all important corridor in the northeast for places like new york and boston and philadelphia. it looks like those temperatures fairly mild tomorrow. but much colder going in towards monday. and we start to see the rainfall occur then. so that's when we start to see problems. >> all right. thank you, karen. appreciate it. up next, a check of our top stories and from sesame street to wall street, creative gift ideas for kids to save money and even make money. stay with us. #
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the holiday season for shopping is clearly well under way. but before you head out to the mall, the best gifts for your children may be just a click away. joining us live from orlando, not chicago as normal, terry savage. she is the author of the book "the savage truth on money." all right, terry, i hear you've got some great ideas for kids that will help them not spend as much and even maybe make some money? is that true? >> you know, we're giving gifts to kids. you know they're going to be broken before the holiday season is over. they're going to be given away, worn out. so how about some gift that's teach children about personal finance? who better to teach than sesame street's elmo? >> elmo did the jostle well. >> on tuesday, he brought lots
7:29 pm
of bot ltles back to the stoor. when all the bolt ttles added u earned him $1 more. >> so these are free dvds. this is a wonderful new program by the ses me street work shop. they're available on line. you can get the dvds in english and spanish. so what a great way to start your little kids out learning about money. the new dvds about personal finance from sesame street. give you another one. little kids like piggy banks. but what do they know about piggy banks? there is a terrific piggy bank at a website called " it's a four chambered piggy bank. it costs $16.99. there is a category for save, spend, for donate, for invest. you can see your money into each of the categories for #$.7 acan
7:30 pm
you get another little work book and activity book. so it's the money savvy piggy bank. that's a great one. now a lot of parents and grandparents want to give gifts of stock to their children. but they don't know how to do itment it is you'lly very expensive. there is one website that will make this easy. it's called share it's a division of ing direct. and share builder allows you to set up a regular program of buying stocks, no minimum investment for $4 per transaction. it is fascinating. you can buy any of 7,000 different stocks or 250 no load mutual funds including fidelity and vanguard. if you want to buy specific stock at a specific time, it will cost you a little more. but this is a great place to even have a gift package for kids that will help you get started teaching them about the stock market. >> all right. i like that. yeah. >> those are great ways to get started. >> definitely get the kids working, earning their own money. that sounds like a good plan to
7:31 pm
me. black friday, obviously big hit. the numbers say it's a big hit this year. how big was it as far as you know? what you are hearing? >> we're getting the first numbers out of shopper track which watches the number of people going in and out of the stores. and it gives you an estimate. and the first estimates are really astounding. they stha is one of the best black fridays we've ever seen. they're looking at sales up 6.6% on black friday. so that's pretty good haul for the stores. previous week stores have been up 3.8%. so what we're going to wait to see though is if all those great deals and all the shoppers running into the stores turn into profits for the businesses. because if you just have lost leaders as you saw many stores starting at midnight. that doesn't necessarily turn into profits. we'll see the official retail chain store figures out coming out next week on thursday. we'll have another round, don't forget, of unemployment numbers next friday. so while it's not a booming
7:32 pm
economy, in fact, this is arguably the fifth year since 2007 when the market peaked and then when lehman crashed, the fifth year of going into thanks giving and the holiday season with a bad economy. let's hope that these early numbers show us we're going to have a good holiday season. >> all right. let's hope. terry savage, good stuff. thanks as always. we'll see you back in chicago. coming up, bizarre case out of ohio involving a possible craigslist scam. susan candiotti has the details next. nice, huh? yeah. you know what else is nice is all the savings you can get on cruze and traverse over there. oh! that's my beard. [ chuckles ] it's amazing. ♪ [ male announcer ] this holiday, chevy's giving more. now very well qualified lessees can sign and drive a 2012 cruze ls for around $199 a month. ♪
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now to rural ohio and the so-called craigslist killings. two more bodies have been discovered. police believe they're linked to a phoney job ads posted on craigslist. so far authorities suspect at least four victims including one who managed to escape. susan canned ott ji working tsu working the story for us. >> reporter: timothy kern was looking for honest work when he answered an advertisement on craigslist a few weeks ago. his family never heard from him after he started the job. his body was found yesterday behind an abandoned strip mall
7:36 pm
in ohioment they examined his body today and says he was shot more than once in the head. i spoke to his son earlier today. he says his dad was promised a place to live, a truck to drive and was stoked to have what he called a good job. police have two suspects in custody. this man, richard beasley, has not been charged in the murders. but he is being held on unrelated matters. a 16-year-old boy has been charged with attempted murder, ted. >> how did the authorities become aware of these alleged murders? >> you know, it began with a south carolina man. he had answered one of these craigslist ads that was promising a farm job. he had breakfast with two men and then the three rode together to a secluded wooded area. they came to a closed road and they started to walk through the woods. and that's when this man says he heard a gun being congressed. he turned around and seize the gun pointed at his head. he manages to escape. but as he's running, he is shot in the arm. he managed to hide for seven
7:37 pm
hours before getting to a farmhouse for help. now a search of the woods turned up an empty shell and nine days later another grave with a body in it fatally shotment so it goes on and on. >> this is incredible. what do we know about the suspects and their motive was just robbery? they're willing to just kill these people? >> you know, it's possible, authorities say, that robbery was a motive. but the question is why would anyone target someone who didn't have a job? it just doesn't seem to make much sense. but as for the two suspects, the father of the teenager says that beasley was a meant tore to the 16-year-old. now the father suspects that beasley may have manipulated his son. beasley's mother says her son is it a good man and it was the boy who was the troubled one of the two. >> he was a kid we have taken to church since he was 7 or 8 years old. wow. he's had such a tough life.
7:38 pm
his mother has had a severe drug problem all her life and still has. >> question for authorities is whether there are any more victims they don't know about just yet, ted. >> all right. crazy story. thank you, suzanne candiotti. i'm sure we'll hear a lot more on this as it develops. thanks. investigators search the home of a syracuse university assistant basketball coach who has been accused of sexually abusing two ball boys. authorities scoured bernie fein's house. police, state troopers and the secret service and the u.s. attorneys office reportedly took part. it's not clear what they were looking for but cnn affiliate wsyr is reporting they left with three filing cabinets labelled evidence. fein is on paid administrative leave from syracuse. the former ball boys, bobby davis and his stepbrother mike lange accused fein of molesting them years ago.
7:39 pm
checking the headlines, federal investigators are looking into the crash of a small plane outside of crystal lake, illinois. that's just west of chicago. four people are confirmed dead. the faa says the plane was flying under visual flight rules suggesting that weather was clear at the time of the crash. the federal government is also investigating the chevy volt and fears that the electric car's batteries may pose a fire risk. the national highway traffic safety administration says the volt's lithium eion batteries could catch fire in a crash. so far there are no accidents involving fires. gm is insisting that the car is absolutely safe. gary giordano will be freed tuesday in aruba despite prosecutors' objections. the judge there rejected the prosecutor's requested to hold the american citizen as they investigate the disappearance of his traveling companion robin gardiner.
7:40 pm
giordano has been in custody since august. he denies any involvement in gardiner's disappearance. the prosecution is appealing the decision. it's the world's largest online resource for holocaust victims. we'll show you the amazing work being done by the world memory project to help families and survivors discover missing chapters of their history. that's coming up. who ate my cookies and milk?
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scouring millions of historical documents on the holocaust and their victims compiling all the information and putting it online. it is a massive project. but also a labor of love for thousands of volunteers who are helping uncover the missing chapters of these victims' lives. allison is helping others learn about their own relatives as part of the world memory project. a joint effort by the united states holocaust memorial museum and the genealogy website
7:44 pm >> i just think that it's really important to keep the memory of these people who died alive. >> reporter: six million jews and millions of pols, soviet pows and others were killed by the nazis and their collaborate rat yoiz in world war i. some died after allied forces liberated their concentration camps. many of their stories will never be known. but decades old documents found all around the world from transport records to death camp rolls to shipping manifests could help. volunteers like allison log on to to download records and enter key information into a data base. >> they give you a little instruction set here which tips on what you're looking at. >> reporter: she types in names, places, and dates from documents like this one in french. >> his first name is avaron. and it looks like -- okay, he's from romania. >> reporter: to help insure accuracy, each record is assigned to two volunteers.
7:45 pm
an arbitrator steps when necessary to clear up zrepss. anyone with internet connection can search the data bases. if they find information about a family member, the museum will send them a copy of the record, also for free. the museum has more than 170 million documents related to the holocaust. the hope is that the volunteers taking part in the world memory project will help survivors and their families find out more about what happened to their loved ones. the project leader says it's a race against time. >> the goal of the world memory project is to have the largest online resource about the victims of the holocaust and nazi persecution. in order to get this information to survivors before it's too late, we need all the help that we can get. >> reporter: so far, more than 2100 volunteers from around the world, some as young as 12, have indexed more than 765,000 records. >> nazis gave them numbers. and we're giving them back their names. and the public can help us do this by participating in this
7:46 pm
project. >> reporter: athena jones, cnn, washington. there's big buzz around hollywood this weekend. j-lo being criticized for a recent commercial shoots and laty gaga and tony bennett? is there a musical romance blooming? shannon cook gives us the scoop coming up next. [ grunts ] hand cramp! it's cramping. go ice that thing. sorry. hand cramp... ahh... [ male announcer ] cyber week starts sunday and lasts all week. plus get free shipping on hundreds of thousands of items. the only place to go for cyber week.
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it's been hard to miss this fiat commercial featuring jennifer lopez harkining back to her generjenny from the block dn the bronx. >> this place inspires me. to be tougher -- to stay sharper -- >> jut one thing, lopez didn't shoot this anywhere close to her old neighborhood. let's bring in shannon cook. shannon, you know, no big deal normally. but this commercial is one that, you know, you watch it over and over. and she really makes it, you know, seem like she's getting all this inspiration and she goes there every weekend. but it's really just a hollywood illusion. >> well, yeah. apparently her gps system was really on the fritz there, ted.
7:50 pm
you see these -- you see her looking sentimental and getting all warm and fuzzy as she's driving through the bronx where she grew by these nice close-u were actually filmed according to reports in los angeles. so what about the scenes where it's obviously shot in the bronx? apparently that was a body double. this is according to sources who smoke to "the smoking gun." vague statements from both fiat and lopez's reps back up the story. lopez was too busy to jump on a plane and fly to new york and shoot this in the bronx. >> she's a great actress, which we know. she definitely show it is there. let's switch gohrs here. there's a major star is embracing a great idea, new idea in the music world, his very own app. >> exactly. we're talking about sting here and he's released an app for the ipad. it's free, mind you and it chronicles 25 years, the last 25 years of his career basically.
7:51 pm
he says he looks at this app as a replacement for cd liner note, which we all know are kind of going out of style and it's also a really great way to archive his body of work. in the app you see rare photos, there's commentary from sting and of course there's a lot of sting's music and there's some exclusive footage from his 60th birthday concert, which took place in october which included a really star-studded lineup, bruce springsteen, stevie woer. in the spirit of full disclosure, i should point out my interview with sting for cnn which aired recently is also on his app, which is reason enough to go and download it. >> it's a great idea. if you're a huge fan of any artist and they put all of this stuff in one app, would i think a lot of people would go for it. why is he offering it for free? >> well, in sting's word he says this is the first of its kind so we don't know what it's worth yet. plus the app has two big sponsors so no doubt recouping
7:52 pm
production costs on this app is not really a factor here. and keep in mind the app has to compete with a lot of free material that already exists about sting online. hence why it offers some unique content. >> let's talk lady ga-ga for a minute. we know she and tony bennett had have a good friendship, they collaborated on a song and video for bennett's album. if you watched her thanksgiving special on abc, you learn something very surprising, tony bennett has seen lady ga-ga naked. explain. >> with some of the costumes she wears, i kind of feel like i've seen lady ga-ga naked. basically she stripped down so that bennett could sketch her, this is for a "vanity fair" shoot when the magazine comes out next year. it was photographer annie liebovitz's idea. if it sounds creepy to you, just
7:53 pm
keep in mind it's all art, darling, it's all art. >> all right, thank you very much, as that image, get it out of your mind. >> remember the pepper spraying cop caught on camera. he's being ridiculed all over the web for the video of him dousing a line of protesters sitting on the ground. jeanne moos will give us a look at a unique pepper spray incident herd around the world. stay with us. nationwide insurance, talk to me.
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outhwash, toothpaste and mouth wetting lonzenges - guaranteed effective on all types of bad breath and dry mouth. nothing works faster than therabreath. visit police in southern california now know the identity of the shopper who reportedly pepper sprayed other shoppers at a walmart on black friday. the woman turned herself in to police last night. she hasn't been charged in the case because police are still interviewing witnesses. the woman was seen pepper spraying a crowd of people who were scrambling to get their hands on discounted xbox video game counsels. >> i didn't see her personally but i got the scent of the mace. i got it in my throat. it was burning. i saw people around me, they got it really bad. i tried to get away from it as quickly as possible because i didn't think those were worth it. no deal is worth that.
7:57 pm
>> ten people required treatment. >> well, pepper spray can hurt but online mockery stings for a lot longer, as the police officer who sprayed students at the university of california davis a week ago may be find out. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: an officer hosed down protesters were pepper spray. now he's getting hosed back, peppered with ridicule for watering my hippies. >> he was like watering the garden like this. >> reporter: now he's spraying everyone from santa to jesus at the last supper. he's spraying lassie. he's spraying snoopy. he's become what's called a meme, an idea reproducing across the web, spraying another internet meme, the keyboard cat. he's spraying the beatles, he spraying to stop the flag raisers at iwo jima. his pepper spray replaces the
7:58 pm
torch on the statue of liberty. he's spraying in famous paintings, at historic moments, at national monuments and now we know why house speak are john boehner cries. he, too has been pemer sprayed. lieutenant john pike has been nicknamed pepper spray pike. want to see the super committee do something? give me ten minutes with them in a locked room with spray. the hacker group anonymous went over lieutenant pike by publicizing his phone and address. >> we are going to make you squeal. >> someone even created the pepper spray cop's lament. ♪ hey, kid, sorry i pep are sprayed you ♪ >> when fox news anchor
7:59 pm
described pepper spray this way -- >> it's like a derivative of pepper -- >> she was mocked. megan kelly would probably like to eat her words, as long as they weren't seasoned with pepper sprays. >> on, critics are writing reviews of actual pepper spray, calling it the cadillac of citizen repression technology. pepper spray is being aimed at old people and the village people. it's even being shot up marilyn monroe's dress. anyone care to give thanks for pepper spray on turkey day? >> move or you're going to get it in the face. move! move! >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> a cnn special report, "gerry-rigged, why your vote


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