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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 27, 2011 6:00am-7:30am EST

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six months. >> thank you. appreciate it very much. >> nice to see you. >> great being with you. thanks, victoria. that's all for us tonight. good sunday morning to you all on this november 27. a special good morning to our military men and women watching us right now on the american forces network. thank you for what you do. thank you for being with us. back here in the states, one of the busiest travel days of the year, and look at the mess you're going to have to contend with. a lot of people are going to find it pretty tricky trying to get back home. we've got a major weather system about to cause all kinds of fits for you travelers out there on this cnn sunday morning.
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yes, 6:00 a.m. in atlanta, georgia. let's get you caught up on the headlines of the day. one of three american students arrested in egypt says they were hit repeatedly just after their arrest, but the news and the good news certainly for their families, you're seeing the pictures there, all three are now back on american soil. the last of them got back just a few hours ago. they were accused of throwing molotov cocktails during anti-government protests in tahrir square. we'll hear from them in a few minutes. nato saying it's highly likely that they carried out air strikes that killed 24 pakistani soldiers near the border with afghanistan. this incident has led to strong protests by the pakistani government, plus the closing of key nato supply routes in afghanistan. pakistan is also telling the u.s. that they have two weeks to leave an air base there that's used for drones. they said the same thing just after the raid that killed osama
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bin laden. we'll have a live report from pakistan in just a bit. also, it was a record haul for retailers on black friday. all those big deals and long lines apparently paid off for the stores to the tune of about $11.4 billion. that's about $1 billion more than last year. also, police in buckeye, arizona, are taking a closer look at the bloody arrest of a shopper at one of those chaotic black friday sales. it was caught on video by one of our ireporter. the 54-year-old man on the ground there, he was thrown apparently face first into the floor by police officers, accused of shoplifting and resisting arrest. the man, family says, he put a video game under his shirt because other shoppers were trying to grab it out of his hands. [ crowd noise ] police haven't yet decided
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what to do with the woman who has admitted she sprayed pepper spray into a crowd at walmart in los angeles. she turned herself in on friday, but she was released. investigators are trying to figure out if she did it to get ahead of other shoppers in line or if she felt threatened by the huge crowd. three minutes past the hour now. let me turn to our bonnie schneider, an all-important person for you to be hearing from today. bonnie, this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. people trying to get back home. it's going to be a problem. it is, we have so many travel trouble spots today, all weather related. we had a great thanksgiving, nice black friday, trouble free. today, oh, boy, a different story. take a look at the radar, and you'll see what i'm talking about. heavy rain, a large swath of rain from chicago all the way to detroit, and then southward through areas into missouri and arkansas where we're even getting some flurries mixing in this hour. that's right, snow flurries. the heart of the south. so it's a big change from the
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mild temperatures we've been seeing across the region. memphis, you started with rain. later on today, it's possible you may see flurries into the overnight hours mixing with snow showers. it's unusual to get this so early in the season. we're also looking at more rain for areas along the dpoeft. -- along the gulf coast. stormy areas in louisiana. more of that is expected. a surge of air will bring temperatures very warm in atlanta, into the 80s. that will change, we'll have cooler air coming in behind the front. some of the biggest news is the drop in temperatures in the northern plains and great lakes. you'll see big change today. highs will only be in the 30s in minneapolis. you're going to be below freezing most of the day. bundle up, for those of you shopping. chicago, too, high of 44. the wind, of course, will make it feel colder. right now it's early. we don't have airport delays. we are anticipating major ones. even in atlanta because we're going to see wind and low clouds. probably won't be pouring. we're looking at delays. and a lot of people connect at atlanta if it's not your final
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destination. chicago, wind, washington, d.c., detroit, low clouds, wind and resign. unfortunate -- wind and rain. some of the biggest airports facing weather delays. if you can get an earlier flight, i highly recommend it. snj. >> thank you. we'll be checking in with bonnie throughout the day. we're talking about air travel there. about 23 million people, according to the air transport association, 23 million will be taking to the air. they'll be air traveling this thanksgiving holiday, around about a 12-day period surrounding this holiday. that's a lot of folks in the skies. certainly the busiest airport in the country, and maybe even in the world. atlanta hartsfield jackson going to see issues today. our george howell is out for us. i know it's early now. are you getting a sense of what the day's going to be like? >> reporter: well, so far all eyes on this storm system moving in from the west. i can tell you as of this morning, not a sprinkle, great news for people who will be passing through.
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also inside, we went to check the big board and couldn't find any delays which, again, great news for people who got out here to start the travel day early. again, when you go in, you find the lines are building. so far, no major delays especially through security. smooth sailing through security. so again, a good story for people that are traveling early. however, maybe it's a different story if you're traveling with small kids. we talked to a family traveling from atlanta to syracuse this morning. their situation possibly a little more complicated. take a listen. >> it's been difficult at times. it's been arduous actually. my grandmother said it would be an arduous trip, and she was not completely altogether right, but the traveling part has been rough. she's 3. >> she's 3. >> she cries a lot. it is what it is. >> reporter: some good news, though, for families traveling with kids.
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tsa officials not requiring kids to take their shoes off. so for the experience with that family at least, they were able to move through pretty quickly. t.j.? >> all right. george howell, we'll continue to check in throughout the morning as things get busier. at seven minutes past the hour, a lot of people -- maybe not flying, you might be traveling by car. you had to do it with these prices, $3.30 for regular, mid grade, $3.45. and premium, $3.58. last year this time, regular gas was $2.85 a gallon. it was a pretty emotional homecoming, and why wouldn't it be for these three american students? >> so happy to have them home. i'm just really happy to have them home. >> we're just thrilled. >> i'm sorry i'm such a crybaby. >> it's already to be a crybaby on this one. their family's happy to have them out of an egyptian jail and back home. you'll hear from the students
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nine minutes passed the hour, and good morning, washington, d.c. gorgeous shot of the nation's capitol. and president obama decided to get out of town just for a little while yesterday. check out -- this is always pretty cool. what a treat for folks at towson university. this is at nearby baltimore. the president and the first family, they were there sitting courtside to see the towson-oregon state game. yes, there's a really good reason to see the game. might not sound like a great match-up to you, but of course oregon state coached by the first lady's brother, craig. so they won by 20 points. you see the whole first family hanging out. also in the crowd, actor bill murray. his son is an assistant coach at towson.
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the countdown as we return to politics is on to the first votes in iowa. january 3 date acting like a magnet, drawing candidates to iowa. paul steinhauser tells us what else to expect this week in politics. >> reporter: good morning. tuesday marks five weeks until the first votes in the iowa caucuses, the first contest in the primary calendar. with the clock tick, most of the republican presidential candidates spent the week campaigning in the hawkeye state as well as new hampshire, south carolina, and florida, the first four states to vote in the race for the gop nomination. what about the man they hope to replace in the white house? president barack obama heads to pennsylvania wednesday to push his plan to extend the payroll tax cut to stimulate jobs. the location is interesting. mr. obama seems to be a frequent visitor to pennsylvania. one of those crucial states he won in n 20and that he hopes tod on to next year to win re-election. friday, arguably the most important economic number in
6:11 am
politics, the nation's jobless rate. the november unemployment report. t.j.? >> thanks as always. also, we told you earlier about the three american students arrested in egypt. they are now back home this morning. while you were sleeping, the last two were being greeted by friends and family at an airport. here's how all three described the chaos in cairo and the, moti emotions -- the emotions of being home. >> it's really nice. really nice. really good feeling. i'm glad to be with my family. i want to go home and have thanksgiving. >> i'm so thankful to be back. and -- i'd love to be in philadelphia right now. >> the last to arrive was derrik sweeney. listen to him describe the ordeal. >> there was teargas everywhere, and there were cops and tanks shooting bullets. people claimed that they were taking us to a safe place.
6:12 am
that night, we were hit a bunch. the three of us americans never helped, prepared, or threw any bombs or even rocks or did anything to harm anyone or anything. >> so where did those come from? the molotov cocktails? >> they had taken our bags away when we got in there. and then when they came back, they had those. and they put them in the picture with us. that was the scariest moment of my life, actually. when i was in that room. i fainted, i think. but -- i did faint. i don't know if it was before or after the picture was taken. they didn't have any sort of evidence connecting us to any crime. and that's the case. and so they finally let us go. >> i'm going to be talking with derrik sweeney a little later this morning. they'll hear about what he was doing there and how this all
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chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home.
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16 minutes past the hour. good morning, nadia. vending machines, not just coke? >> one of the world's first. the airport in amsterdam, a world first in terms of making banners. you're coming from the airport and it says "welcome home, t.j.," personalized.
6:17 am
banner-making machine for around $20. there it is. you can get it to say whatever you want it to say, will you marri, my hello, sweetie -- will you marry me, hello, sweetie. the founder was tired of seeing tacky sign on big sheets, that he thought this would be so much more attractive. there it is in a couple of minutes, your own customized banner. >> this would be great, you know, there are plenty of military families looking at this and saying -- it comes out that large? >> reporter: it comes out that large. now, "welcome home" is generic, but they can be customized. he's thinking of putting them at games and various other things. i can see that this is certainly innovative? around $20. >> certainly worth it for a loved one coming home. >> especially if you make it original. one that you couldn't just get in a store with the person's name on it. >> why amsterdam? some being that particular airport? >> he happens to be in the area.
6:18 am
hopefully he's going to roll it out. who knows, we may have one here at cnn center. in italy, this is my favorite. they have a pizza vending machine. and it is not just ordinary pizza like frozen pizza that gets heated up. no, no, no. you get to see the pizza being made. it's by a company called let's pizza. and it took about ten years to develop. and you actually see the machine rolling the dough, putting on the toppings, all in a matter of three to four minutes. >> they spent ten years on this. was there not something else they could do with their time? i'm teasing. >> i like the idea. can you imagine mini oven in the machine, that's for about $4.50. it's like having the real thing. you can have thin crust, medium crust. >> a slice? >> not just a slice, it's a little pizza, but you see the dough being rolled, and you see the toppings being poured on. like homemade pizza. >> how many minutes? >> three minutes. three minutes. some of the machines are hoping
6:19 am
to get to two minutes. in abu dhabi you can get gold bars out of the machine. >> always over the top. >> this is the ultimate vending machine. there's one in the emirates palace hotel, called go gold to go brand. and millionaires frequent the hotel. you can get small bars of up to ten grams. and what it does is monitor the price of gold. you can also get gold coins. >> there's a market for this? >> there is a market for this. >> i'm running in the wrong circles, i don't know anybody who's going to get a gold bar out of a vending machine. >> you can even get bicycles out of a vending machine in the netherlands. >> stop it -- >> yes, you can. bicycles. you have a card so you obviously take the bicycle and then return it. you have a whole system, and that works really well. an entire bicycle, yes. >> comes out of the machine? >> comes out of the machine. and particularly in a city like amsterdam, people ride bicycles a lot, and don't have to worry about the safety of the bicycle because they put it back in
6:20 am
another machine. there it is. the bicycle out of the vending machine. >> okay. that one's my favorite -- wow, that's my favorite. anything going to top that ever? >> well, fresh eggs, fresh eggs -- okay? we did one a while back on flat shoes, after a night of dancing in the clubs in england. also one in germany where if you've had a night in high heels you can go to flat shoes. i must tell you, i was at the hudson hotel opposite time-warner center recently. there they have the fanciest vending machine ever. have you seen it? you can get sunglasses, you can buy a jacket for around $450. i was facenated that that vending machine was near the bar because, think about it, when you were sober or when i was sober -- >> yes? >> put it this way, nothing -- you know in that moment after a few glasses of wine and that fur jacket for $450 impulse buying. not that i bought it, but the sunglasses looked particularly good. >> good stuff. i like the bicycle vending
6:21 am
machine. we'll see you again this morning on "morning passport." thank you very much. 20 minutes past the hour. we're going to turn back to the case of missing baby lisa. you remember this story? the search continues, and they're get something help in the search. but would you believe they're getting help from a psychic? we'll explain. also, a man loses his job and then turns to a chainsaw. we'll explain this a little more. stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic.
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23 minutes past the hour. occupy l.a., protesters have until midnight to leave camp tonight. also a psychic helps the search for baby lisa, and a jobless man gets busy with chainsaws. let's go cross country. cops close in on occupy l.a. the crowds face a deadline of midnight to get out. the mayor support their message of economic just but says the camp has to be shut down for health and safety reasons. a new search for baby lisa is underway in missouri. this time the leads come from a psychic. >> she dreamed that there was a whale and some metal back through here.
6:24 am
-- a well and some metal back through here. a man in washington state turns to wood carving after getting laid off. his works so good he's back on his feet. >> you feel like -- like this miracle just happened. >> now the official international chainsaw king. [ bell ] that familiar sound, those familiar sights. the bells and the red kettles around the holiday season. they've been a staple across the country for more than a century. but now the salvation army is changing things up, finding a new way to get you to give. they're not going to do away with the red kettles and bells, but they are going to add virtual bell ringers who are using social media to get the message out. i talked with major george hood, with the salvation army. asked him it the new efforts to go high tech.
6:25 am
>> it's important as technology is introduced that we are at a point where we can communicate with consumers and donors who want to make contributions. more and more we're finding people don't want to be carrying money in their pocket when they're out shopping. we've created some online opportunities. not only to make contributions but also to select angels to provide christmas presents for needy children. so we've really gone to the online environment, the digital age, and we're finding that many people, particularly the emerging generations, love these options as they want to become loyal donors. >> so is it a matter of -- say, if i was a virtual bell ringer, if you will, am i actively seeking people out on line? >> it's a viral relationship where you volunteer to be an online bell ringer and send e-mail blasts to people you work with, neighbors, friends, relatives, and you ask them to donate to your red kettle. there's a thermometer there. in the software package. it allows you to set a goal and
6:26 am
then track how much contributions you're receiving and see if you can reach your goal before christmas day. >> oh, okay, that's pretty cool. now tell me about the traditional bell ringers. do you finds that that still works? a lot of people not carrying cash these days. does that still work and you still are able to pull in a good number of contributions during the holiday season? >> i tell you, about eight years ago i forecasted that we were looking at the end of the red kettle. how much did i know? last year we recognized $142 million in those red kettles across america. >> so that still is going to be what gets it done for you. can you imagine a day, though, when online, the online, virtual red kettles, will be pulling in more than those on the streets? >> well, we think that that may happen over a period of time. it's not going to happen in the next couple of years. >> yeah. >> but the -- the idea is let's be accessible where the donor wants to find us.
6:27 am
that's what the technical and digital world is all about. >> if you want more information on the virtual bell ringer program, you can check out the salvation army's web site. they're at and as we get close to the bottom of the hour, police certainly have a warning to anyone who might be looking for a job and checking some of the listings on craigslist. we'll tell you why. a serious investigation and manhunt is now going on. stay with us. [ male announcer ] sometimes, a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. is that what i think it is? ♪ [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers on the 2012 is 250 and, as a gift from lexus, we'll make your first month's payment. did you hear sam... promoted to director?
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we're at the bottom of the hour on this sunday morning. i'm t.j. holmes. a disturbing story yesterday out of pakistan. secretary of state hillary clinton got an angry call in the middle of the night from her counterpart in pakistan saying the u.s. has no regard for human life. the call was in response to what pakistan says were nato air strikes that killed 24 soldiers near the border with afghanistan. we have more live this morning from islamabad. things were not necessarily hunky dori between the two countries. now it seems like this relationship is on a downward
6:31 am
spiral. >> reporter: you're right. and i think that phone call really underscores the anger here that has been sparked after this incident. a lot happening a day after this deadly nato airstrike that killed at least 24 pakistani soldiers. i think all sides involved, washington, pakistan, nato trying to figure out their next move in a very complicated situation. an incident that's already damaging u.s./pakistani relations. today funeral services for some of those 24 pakistani soldiers killed in the city in northwest pakistan, the flag-draped coffins of some of these pakistani soldiers being walked into the venue. obviously, a very somber environment at that event. there have been some protests throughout pakistan. in the district where this incident happened according to pakistani officials, also protest in the city of lahor on saturday.
6:32 am
the pakistani government not very happy. the prime minister wrote a scorching condemnation. the government also taking some measures in response to this incident, shutting down the two nato supply routes to go from pakistan to afghanistan. also asking the u.s. to vacate an air base in southwestern pakistan. nato and u.s. have responded with conciliatory message. the nato secretary general delivered this message -- "the deaths of pakistani personnel are as unacceptable and deplorable as the deaths of afghan and international personnel. this was a tragic and unintended incident." remorse and regret but not exactly an apology from nato and u.s. officials. they're trying to figure out what happened on their end. they haven't corroborated pakistan's account that nato air strikes killed these pakistani soldiers on pakistani soil. they say they're still investigating, what nato and
6:33 am
u.s. officials are saying at this moment. >> reza, we thank you as always. and as we're a couple minutes past the bottom of the hour, we'll look at stories making headlines. three american college students grateful to be back home with their families after a frightening ordeal in egypt. derrik sweeney, gregory porter, and lance gates, thrown in jail after last week's protest. sweeney said he was hit a bunch of times. the egyptian court ordered their release friday. >> it's really nice. really good feeling. i'm glad to be with my family. i want to go home and have a thanksgiving. >> i'm so thankful to be back and would love to be n philadelphia right now. >> there's a lot of -- there's a lot of fervor for the revolution out there and for change. i learned that -- from watching
6:34 am
tv. another story and a terrifying one for anybody who might have been looking for a job on craigslist. three men answered an ad to work on a cattle farm including the man you're seeing there, timothy kern. all three men have now been found shot to death. bodies were buried in shallow graves in eastern ohio. police now have two suspects in custody. one of the suspects, a 16-year-old high school student. dr. conrad murray will find out this week if he will spend the next four years in prison or get probation for michael jackson's death. a judge will announce his decision tuesday at murray's sentencing hearing. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors are now pushing for jail time. they want murray to pay jackson's children more than $100 million in restitution. and catholic mass will sound a little different today to millions of english-speaking church-goers around the world. for the first time in 40 years, the book of texts and prayers used in the mass has been revised.
6:35 am
the changes are intended to better capture the meaning of the original latd inmass. -- latin mass. we'll turn back to politics now. the latest news in the hunt for the republican presidential nomination, just over five weeks to go until it's time to vote. patricia murphy, you excited? >> i'm so excited. i can't handle it. i am bubbling with excitement. >> we can tell. >> it's how exciting my life is. >> founder and editor of citizen jane politics, friend of ours, as well, on cnn sunday morning. it was what everybody was talking about after the cnn debate last week, that is what newt gingrich said. if you didn't hear it and you probably have by now, we'll play it again and talk about it. >> i don't see -- the party that says it's the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families that have been here a quarter century. i'm prepared to take the heat for saying let's be humane in enforcing the law without giving them citizenship but finding a
6:36 am
way to create legality so they not certained from their families. >> -- separated from their families. >> bachmann, perry, cain, rise and fall. gingrich the next to rise and fall, or can he make it through this? >> we're going to see that as the big storyline this week. this was another of those moments where newt gingrich is run afoul of the conservative base, but the conservative base at the moment still seems to be with us. he said this on tuesday night. then we rolled into the thanksgiving holiday. we don't know exactly how it's going to play out. this will be a huge test. this is a position that is totally eanathema to conservatives. george bush couldn't pull it off when he was president, to have a more humane immigration policy. john mccain couldn't pull it off when he was a presidential nominee. he backed away from that. if gingrich can pull this off, it would be a huge, huge change for the republican party. i don't know if he can do it. >> calculated or did he have an honest moment? >> i think it was both. i think it was an honest moment, but this is a position he's had for a long time.
6:37 am
he said almost the exact same thing at a debate in september. nobody noticed because he was at 5% in the polls. this time it caught people's attention. for one thing it is so different from other candidates on the stage. and he's the front-runner. guess what, you'll get more attention for statements like this. >> front-runners come and go. >> yeah. >> romney has been the consistent front-runner, and he stays at the top of a lot of those polls. something that gets talk good here and there. is it going to be a bigger issue than we realize? his religion once you start getting into the social conservatives and dealing with folks in iowa. and then goes to south carolina. new hampshire, he's doing really well there. is this going to be a bigger deal than we're talking about? >> romney has two elections to run. he right now is trying to run a primary election and general election. and the primary election, it will be a problem for him, because a lot of early states dominated by christian evangelical conservatives. and only 17% of those conservatives support mitt romney. and they are the most likely to see that his religion is a
6:38 am
problem for them. but here's the big "but" from mitt romney and the good news. when he gets to a general election, evangelical conservatives are on the romney train. they have a lot fewer problems with his mormonism than they have with barack obama generally. if he can get through the primary, the religion factor is out the door. doesn't matter anymore. >> i think you and i talked about this. but it's been talked about, some thought that newt gingrich peaked too early. you want to peak on election day. >> yes. >> he's here now and has time, needs to keep this momentum up. if you're at the top now and doing really well in the polls and now people are in the holiday, not paying as much attention, christmas is coming up, people have got other issues, are you in a pretty good position now? because you're not at the top of mind for people anymore. >> yeah, five weeks is more than enough time to blow it for newt gingrich. he's gotten more than enough time with consistent statements like this for conservatives to hop off the bandwagon. but the good news for him is that voters really start to pay attention to other things instead of just what's happening in the republican primary like
6:39 am
what's on sale at best buy. where's my 52-inch tv. you know, they are not like, what is -- what is newt gingrich saying about immigration today. so people have lives. they start to live those lives in the holiday season. all these other candidates now, they are doubling down. especially iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. they're not just doing debates anymore. they are knocking on doors. they are doing mailers. everyone in iowa is getting a mail box full of stuff from the candidates this weekend. so it's sort of like dieting during thanksgiving. it's possible, but you have to double down to get peep's attention. >> are you really doubling down? governor perry is doing a campaign event now with the infamous sheriff in arizona. >> yeah. >> i mean, can he pull off a comeback? what does it mean to have him and anda arpaio together? >> it means almost nothing. rick perry never had real support. he popped up, number one in the polls immediately, but was not able to maintain support.
6:40 am
his immigration position claberred him. there's no way he was get past that. newt gingrich is more of a known quantity. everybody knows who he is, what he's for. can he hold on? that's the question this week. >> what if governor perry had never done a debate or maybe just did three of them? i mean, were the debates really his downfall? >> they were devastating. and again, he has several positions that conservatives don't like. but then they see him on stage, many for the very first time. they've only ever heard of rick perry. then they see him on stage. he can't complete sentences, he's falling apart, sort of unwinds, can't remember what he's going to say. could he do that as a president? can he be on stage with the russian president and forget things -- >> incomplete sentences, that's horrible. >> i'm sorry. just didn't do it. >> and herman cain is actually going to be in the building in a few, how actually going to be a guest with candy crowley at 9:00 eastern time. >> yes. >> and what we hear about him is usually nothing about policy, nothing about can he win, it's usually something controversial here or there. where is he going these days?
6:41 am
>> he's going to iowa. he needs to make a big, heavy play in iowa. the good news for him is that people who meet him tend to love him. iowa rewards people who come to iowa and meet them. he is very good at these retail politics. everything else has gotten him way off track. it's not too late for him. but if he doesn't do well in iowa, it's over for him. >> patricia murphy, always good to have you with us. i told you we'd call you every week. >> you sure have, and i'm back. >> good to see you. at 41 minutes past the hour, today's the day millions are hitting the roads and airports, as well, trying to get home after this holiday weekend. we've had rain and even snow that's going to cause problems today. we'll tell you what you need to hear before you head out this morning. stay with us. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash.
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6:44 am
43 minutes past the hour now. take a look, hello, good morning, atlanta, georgia. downtown. right outside of our window here at the cnn center. on the left side of the screen. on the right, hartsfield jackson going to be a busy, busy place. one of the busiest or the busiest airport in the country. millions of people are going to be traveling over this holiday. trying to get back home. and bonnie schneider, keeping an eye on things for us. you don't have to be a meteorologist necessarily, bonnie. when you see that map and you see that big storm system in the midsection of the country, you know it's going to cause some problems. >> absolutely it's going to cause some problems. as a meteorologist, i can tell you, the weather will be changing. in fact, some places that are seeing rain right now will see snow later on tonight. and i'm talking about cities we don't really think of as big snow areas like memphis, tennessee, little rock, arkansas. snow showers could pop up in your forecast later on this
6:45 am
evening. a big swath of rain, some of it's really heavy, working through the midwest and down through the south, as well. so this is going to be -- really a mess for those of you who are driving. in birmingham, you're getting hit with heavy downpours. we've seen snow flurries pop up already in areas of missouri and arkansas. as we go through the day, that's where we're anticipating some more travel troubles with this powerful storm system that will produce snow flurries. especially as that cold air comes in behind the strong cold front working its way through. it's triggering milder temperatures in advance of it. as we go through today, tomorrow, and tuesday, i zoomed in right here in the mid south. this is going to be big news. snow across tennessee is possible, even in the mountains of north georgia. north of atlanta. i don't think atlanta itself will see snow. but we are likely to see snow showers possibly in alabama, as well. so the heart of the south getting hit with some early wintry weather before winter even gets started. all right. for those of you that are traveling, no delays.
6:46 am
it's early now, we are anticipating quite a few. and millions of people will be flying today. so in atlanta, look for low clouds and wind. the delays will likely accumulate more toward the afternoon. we also have delays through the midwest and the deep south, as well as st. louis. low clouds and some showers. it's really going to be tricky as we go through because t.j., we're talking about changing conditions throughout the day. that's going to be troublesome for drivers especially. >> all right. on this busy, busy day. really, one of the busiest days, everybody trying to get home. good to have you here with us this weekend. thank you very much. we're about a quarter off the top of the hour now. a little snow? that's not a little snow. this is in canada, folks. you don't have to deal with this just yet. but this is in eastern newfoundland. they are see being a foot of snow. low-pressure system hit the region this past week. damp snow, gusty winds, closed most schools and businesses. and of course, traveling out this on the roads, you know that was not a good time. we told you about these black friday shoppers incidents all over the country.
6:47 am
at least nine states where we saw some type of violence break out. this crowd of shoppers in l.a., they were trying to get a deal on black friday. they got a faceful of pepper spray. and nobody seems to really know why. but we do know who. we'll explain. stay with us.
6:48 am
welcome back. on black friday, the stores made a billion dollars more than retailers took in last year. meanwhile, police in buckeye, arizona, taking a closer look at this arrest. a bloody arrest of a shopper at one of those chaotic black
6:49 am
friday sales. this was caught on camera, as you're seeing here, by one of our ireporters. 54-year-old man on the ground there. he was thrown to the ground face first by police on to the floor. now we're not showing you the bloodiest part of this, but he was pretty bloodied by this. he's accused of shoplifting and resisting arrest. the man's family says he put a video game under his shirt because other shoppers were trying to grab it out of his hands. [ bleep ] [ crowd noise ] >> my eyes are burning! my eyes! >> this is one of the uglier scenes of black friday. police are trying to decide what to too with the woman who's accused of shooting pepper spray into the crowd at the walmart in los angeles. she's turned herself in. she's also been released, and investigators are trying to figure out if she did it to get ahead of other shoppers in line or if she felt threatened by the crowd of people. there have not been any charges filed yet. the woman bought her stuff, left
6:50 am
the store before police got this. again, she ended up turning herself in later. if you didn't get that holiday bargain you were looking for on black friday, maybe you wanted to avoid a melee in one of the stores, you'll get another chance. you don't have to leave the house to do this. cyber-monday is right around the corner. and we have more on the place to be on line and what to look out for. >> reporter: according to, eight out of ten retailers will be offering special deals on monday. you can bet retailers on line will be ramping up. the best part is that over half of people that will be schwanning monday will be doing -- shopping monday will be doing it naturally from work computers. >> yep, of course they will. will you miss something -- if you don't jump on it on monday, are you going to be missing out on an opportunity? >> reporter: yeah, i think there's a lot of opportunities out there. and just to give you some of the sites that i'm keeping my eye on. first off, to a great site, a subsidiary of
6:51 am, a great site to look at and make sure you're staying in touch with everything that's going to be on sale. also, if you're into a big brand, i recommend going to their facebook page and hitting that "like" button. now more than ever, online retailers are using social media site to make sure they are rewarding loyal fans. and also two sites that i use year-round, t.j., and they typically will always have a promotional code, at the least for free shipping. sometimes you get about 10%, 20% off. this is definitely a day that you want to stay tuned. and again, big bonus -- you don't have to be fighting with people in the store over a $2 waffle iron. >> yes. okay. but if everybody knows that we're going to be on line on monday, you know, you got criminals out there who are pretty smart and getting ready for monday, as well. >> absolutely. some things to take precautions on monday. first and foremost, phishing schemes. scammers trying to lure you with big ticket items and prom these
6:52 am
are too good to be tree -- promises that are too good to be true. they look like realistic ads. make sure you know what you're clicking on before you click on it. make sure you use credit cards instead of debit cards. you'll be better protected from fraud and face less liability in the event that your credit card number is stolen. also, when are you shopping on line, look for the https in the address bar. that's going to mean you're on a secure site before you're putting in info. and this is not so much a scamming thing, but heads up, look for restocking fees. people see a couple hundred dollars off. and those big-ticket electronic item. they impulse buy. sometimes you get hit with a 25% restocking fee, especially when it comes to tvs, laptops, computers. you want to make sure that you do want the product. and make sure you're not making purchases on public wi-fi. and last but not least, protect your smartphone. 53% of consumers are planning to shop on smartphones this holiday season. download an app like lookout. it will protect your smartphone and also wipe all your data
6:53 am
should you happen to lose it. >> wow. that's a good one. i didn't think about it -- don't do it on the wi-fi. an important tip there. good stuff this morning. haven't seen you in a while. good to see you. hope you had a good thanksgiving. i'm sure we'll talk again during this holiday. thanks. >> thank you. welcoming back the nation's heroes. take a look. about 300 marines and sailors back from war arriving to a happy homecoming in hawaii. just one of the wonderful scenes we saw over the holiday weekend. we certainly will be seeing many more of these over the coming weeks and months. >> how are you? sorry. hand cramp... ahh... [ male announcer ] cyber week starts sunday and lasts all week. plus get free shipping on hundreds of thousands of items. the only place to go for cyber week.
6:54 am
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[♪...] >> announcer: now get a $250 airfare credit, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. certain restrictions apply. just a few minutes till the top of the hour on this thanksgiving. a lot of military families have been counting their blessings to be reunited with their loved ones. these never get old, do they? take a look and listen to this. >> hey, buddy. i missed you. >> oh. these are just great. we're going to see many, many more of these. this is out in hawaii. some 300 deployed marines and sailors returning home to a
6:57 am
marine corps base after months in afghanistan and around the holidays, as well. just perfect. >> i love you. in vitro lou all u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the end of the year. a little more than a month from now. many have to stop over in kuwait first to drop off some equipment. our martin sav itfsavidge stopp virginia to see how they are spending leash time. >> reporter: these are pretty days at camp virginia in kuwait. got a pickup basketball game going on there. volleyball going on over here. but there's more to it than just fun and games. this base is almost to capacity. there are about 5,000 troops he here, could handle up to 6,700. and there are thousands of vehicles. this is the main staging area for convoys that have been coming out of iraq and are in the process of going home. most of these soldiers should spend about five to eight days here as they wait for the
6:58 am
flights to return to the states. time to decompress, time to do the paperwork and a lot of packing. remember, the president said that he wants all u.s. troops out of iraq by december 31. three months ago there were 50,000 troops in iraq. now the number is down to 11,000. what it really means is that over the next two weeks, it's really going to be crunch time. i only at this base but at a number of other bases in kuwait. trying to keep everybody house sudden a strain. just about -- housed is a strain. just about everyone trying to keep fed. morale is high because everyone knows that soon they'll be on their way home, and home in town for the holidays. t.j.? >> all right, thanks to our martin savidge. we're going to reset things, give you the latest on stories you may have missed overnight. thing that happened while you were sleeping.
6:59 am
also, you travelers, i know a lot of you getting ready to hit the road, maybe head to the airport. there is trouble abrewing for you. there is a big storm system that will complicate things and absolutely frustrate some of you travelers out there. the very latest on what you need to know with the system. stay with us on this cnn sunday morning.
7:00 am
good sunday morning to you all on this november 27. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year, and getting home is going to be tricky for a lot of people because of what you see on your screen right there. yes, the midsection of the country, a huge storm system is
7:01 am
already starting to cause some trouble for folks hitting the roads and certainly for folks getting to the airportsment b. bonnie schneider will tell us what we need to know about the storm system. let me give a check of the morning's headlines. one of three american students arrested in egypt says they were hit repeatedly just after their arrest. all three of these students, however, are now back home in the u.s. the last of them got back a few hours ago, they were accused in egypt of throwing molotov cocktails during anti-government protests happening in tahrir square. also another major story this weekend. still a developing story. nato now saying it's highly likely they carried out air strikes that killed 24 pakistani soldier near the border with afghanistan. this incident has led to strong protests by the pakistani government. plus, the closing of key nato supply routes in afghanistan. pakistan is also telling the u.s. that they have two weeks to leave an air base there that's used for drones. they said the same thing just after the raid that killed osama
7:02 am
bin laden. . and black friday seems to have paid off for the retailers out there. hope it paid off for some of you shoppers, too. all those big deals, long lines, well, listen to what they took in on this one day. $11.4 billion. yep, billion. and it also equates to more than a billion more than they took in last year. let's head to arizona. police in buckeye are taking a closer look at this video and this arrest. a bloody arrest of a shopper at one of those chaotic black friday sales. this was caught, as you see, on video here. the 54-year-old man who's on the ground there, taken down by police. he was taken down face first to the floor. we're not showing you the bloodiest part of this video, but he was pretty bloodied by that hit to the floor. he was accused of shoplifting and resisting arrests. the man's family is telling a different story. they're saying he actually put a video game under his shirt because other shoppers were trying to grab it out of his
7:03 am
hands, and he was not trying to steal it. [ crowd noise ] >> my eyes! my eyes are burning! my eyes! >> this is another of those chaotic black friday scenes. this one was one that really had the country talking. pepper spray used on unsuspecting shoppers. police have now found the woman responsible, but they haven't decided what to do with her. this is at a walmart in los angeles. the woman turned herself in. she's already been released, however, investigators are trying to figure out if she actually used the pepper spray to get some kind of advantage and get ahead of other shoppers in line, or if she actually felt threatened by the huge crowd of people. just a few minutes past the top of the hour. let's waste no time getting to bonnie schneider, giving you the forecast that you need. so many people traveling today. we've got a mess going. >> we do. so many big cities impacted by this storm system. i'll show you on the radar
7:04 am
picture, we have rain moving through chicago and detroit. southward toward memphis, further south into shreveport and down through louisiana. what's fascinate being this system is that it's not going to just be rain all day. many locations will see a changeover from rain to some freezing rain and sleet to snow showers before it's said and done. here's the reason why. you see cold air starting to emerge this morning. look how cold it is in duluth. 28 degrees, it's 27 in fargo. bismarck, only 11. it's been a while since we've seen numbers like that. this cold air will be -- obviously it will be moderating as it pushes southward. but it is changing things and bringing about a surge of colder conditions. 36 in kansas city. that will impact cities in the south. it won't get down as cold, certainly, as -- at memphis and nashville, but it likely will be cold enough to mix with snow showers on monday morning. that's right, snow showers in the forecast. nothing heavy will accumulate, but any time it snows down south, it's big news. snow showers will develop by tuesday, early, across
7:05 am
tennessee. north georgia may even see snow. i don't think we'll see it in atlanta. but we're likely to see it to the north. highs today will be mild just ahead of the front. 70 with temperatures falling in atlanta in the 80s in florida. then we're going to see everything change for tomorrow. it will be much colder, and as i mentioned, the wintry mix that's working its way across the country will continue to impact travel. i'll talk more about forecasts and airport delays in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll check in with her plenty. she'll talk it the airport delays. let's check in with the busiest airport in the country right now, atlanta. hartsfield jackson national airport. it's always a major hub, always a busy spot. over this whole holiday weekend and really the 12 days as calculat by the air transport association. they're saying some 23 million people are going to travel around this entire thanksgiving holiday. that's a lot of folks in the air. george howell is keeping an eye on thing at hartsfield jackson. we know it's a little early. i know you're checking the
7:06 am
boards. is a theme starting to emerge just yet? >> reporter: we just went inside to check the board. i can tell you as of this hour, no delays to speak of. in fact, even check the faa web site, and around the country, no delays that we can speak of at this hour. good news for travelers. again, here at hartsfield, i know that there's a storm system moving in from the west. all eyes on that storm system. and that could obviously make for a different situation here throughout the day. so far so good for these early travelers. we went inside and checked. when you go in, you find that the lines are building, but no major lines to speak of. in fact, people are getting through security quite quickly. we did talk to some travelers, many know what to expect on a day like this. take a listen. >> i travel every week, so i'm used to this whole process. but usually on days like today, the security line's really slow, baggage lines are really slow. you do a lot of standing and
7:07 am
waiting. >> we're starting to see it build a lot slower than you would expect. so far, so good. >> so far, so good. >> reporter: at this airport on any given day, some 240,000 people pass threw these gates. so -- pass through these gates. so what happens here in atlanta clearly affects major airports across the country and around the world. the story this morning is that people are getting through okay appreciate you giving them hope. thank you very much. seven minutes past the hour now. a lot of people flying, most will be driving, of course. these are the gas prices you're having to deal with. average in, $3.30 for regular. mid grade, $3.45. and you see $3.58 for premium. however, and i probably shouldn't tell you this, last year this time, you were paying $2.85 for regular gas. your own personal tax break? well, this year you got about $1,000, but that tax break you
7:08 am
got is set to expire. and that is setting up, what else, another fight in washington. stay with us. or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year.
7:09 am
because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. nine minutes past the hour. showing a pictures of the white house and washington, d.c. my director said in my ear, you got anything to say? yeah, good morning, washington. how about that? is that okay?
7:10 am
okay, just at ten minutes past the hour on this cnn sunday morning. and yes, washington, another fight is abrewing. you know you could use an extra $1,000, right? that is what the president and congress are now ready to fight over this week. a tax break for the middle class. our athena jones has more on what this means to you. >> reporter: t.j., president obama is hitting the road again this week traveling to scranton, pennsylvania, on wednesday to continue to push for the payroll tax cut extension. it's the next big debate for congress after the thanksgiving break. the payroll tax holiday has benefited about 120 million families this year, and it's set to expire on december 31. the president was in new hampshire this week to urge lawmakers not to let that happen. let's listen to what he had to say in manchester. >> now i know republicans like to talk about, you know, we're the party of tax cuts. a lot of them have sworn an oath, we're never going to raise taxes on anybody for as long as we live. even though they have already
7:11 am
voted against these middle-class tax cuts once. but the question they'll have to answer when they get back from thanksgiving is this -- are they really willing to break their oath to never raise taxes and raise taxes on the middle class just to play politics? >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid plans to introduce legislation this week that would extend the tax cut for one more year. by reducing withholding for social security, the tax holiday has been an extra $934 for the average family this year, costing about $120 billion. but those billions represent one of the central sticking points for congress, how to pay for it all. democrats are undecided on whether to propose a surtax for millionaires to fund the payroll tax cut extension. it's an idea the republicans oppose. you also have some who argue that these are emergency steps to help the economy. and that the time to worry about paying for them is after we emerge from this rough spot. either way, passage in the senate is far from certain, and the measures must also pass the house. many economists agree that
7:12 am
failure to extend these benefits would hurt the economy. slowing down already sluggish growth. t.j.? >> all right. thanks to athena jones, talk being your money. money you're trying to hold on to. but there's some scammers out there trying to get your money as you try to shop on line this holiday weekend. on cyber-monday, trying to get your identity? we'll tell you how to protect yourself. you need hear it. stay with us on this cnn sunday morning. this new at&t 4g lte is fast. did you hear sam... promoted to director? so 12 seconds ago. we should get him a present.
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that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year. a quarter past the hour on this cnn sunday morning. you work hard for that money, you don't want people to take it, do you? scammers are after your cash this holiday season. they want your money, your credit card, and even your personal information. money manager ryan mack stopped by, gives you tips, maybe common sense stuff, but still stuff you need to be reminded about and how to avoid getting scammed. right now there's a 7 or 8-year-old giving their parents pure heck, making sure they get
7:16 am
that new gift and some come christmas time they want that gift under the tree. there are a lot of individuals who capitalize off of that. you can't find the tickle me elmo, you can't find the new video game. they'll create fake web sites. you go to the web sites and essentially, the internet is still not necessarily the most regulated market. they'll create web sites. you think you're paying three times the amount, the new gift doesn't come, you go to the web site, it's not this any longer. buy from the stores directly and make sure to know who you're buying from. >> to follow up, are this any that are legit? a lot of times you can't -- maybe you can't find it at the target or walmart and you find web sites. are there any that are legit that has v a speci-- that have ? >> there are a few. and video games are hot. i can create a game now and collect all your credit card information. at worst you want to get the toy, but at worst you might have identity theft, as well. they might steal your
7:17 am
information and not only are you out of money, but now you have identity theft to deal with, as well. >> gift cards always popular. easy, as well. >> yeah. >> what's the problem here? >> well, the gift cards -- they don't have the scratch-off code behind them. if they're conveniently located, many individuals go in previously, write down the code and the 800 number. when you buy the card, as soon as it's activated, individuals are calling to say as soon as that card gets activated, they run to the store and say, hey, i lost my card, here's the code. i want to spend your money. we have to make sure that the card has that scratch-off code or purchase gift cards on line. again, gift cards again sometimes we spend too much money on gift cards. again, give a check, cash to individuals. it's more easy, more safe. >> you would recommend that? it seems convenient with the card. you're saying old-fashioned cash works? >> exactly. sometimes they have fees attached. we should never have to be spending to spend our own money. >> and tens of thousands of jobs
7:18 am
are out there, maybe temporary. you can get texas a&m-- get sca. you see a new job on twitter, next thing you know you're giving up your address, telephone number, and there's no job available. it's someone saying i want to make sure i can collect your information to steal your identity and there's no job. you have to be cautious. >> it's not necessarily about getting your money. it's just getting your identity -- >> getting information is key. you should never be willing to give out your information. information is power. information is money. as soon as you give information out, somebody can use it to make a lot of money basically off of your own identity. >> are we getting better at this, or are we still falling for this? >> we're definitely falling for the stuff. the crooks are getting better. there's things now they can walk past your pocket and can magnetically steal your credit card information. the crooks are getting better, and sometimes we're not as up on making sure we're as savvy about making sure we're aware of those scams. >> hope you listen, folks.
7:19 am
ryan mack. 18 minutes past the hour. we're talking about today being a busy travel day of the year. this is just thanksgiving. we're just getting started with the holiday travel season. we've still got the christmas travel and new year's travel to do. you better jump on those deals. where should you go? we're checking it out for you, the travel expert next. stay with us. [ grunts ] hand cramp!
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22 minutes past the hour now. and today is the day.
7:23 am
one of the busiest travel days of the year. millions of people trying to get back home after the holiday weekend and have to get back to work tomorrow. for those of you traveling today, we do have a travel tip that could be awfully helpful courtesy of david letterman. >> what we've done, we've put together for you some holiday air travel tips. watch this. >> as a thank you to overworked tsa agents, puts a piece of pie in your pants for the pat-down. we hope you enjoyed "holiday air travel tips." [ applause ] >> maybe that's not the best idea. but still, this is an idea. let me bring in a deputy digital editor for "budget travel" magazine. i assume you wouldn't recommend that, laura? >> yeah, not so much. >> not so much. all right. and the main reasons -- i guess a lot of people are going to see
7:24 am
family. we're just getting started with the travel season. with thanksgiving here. but you got christmas, new year's. what are the main reasons people are traveling over the holidays? and straight through new year's? what are the main reasons people get for wanting to travel now? >> you said it, the number-one reason people are traveling this holiday season is to see their family. over 80% of people are going to be on the road, in the skies, to see their loved ones. the second most popular reason, though, is to escape the cold. also not that surprising. you know, it's winter, yeah. people want to go someplace warm. >> and also -- >> the third reason -- >> yeah, i'm a new year's guy. i'm the one who always -- i'll work thanksgiving, work christmas. that means i'll get new year's off. i didn't realize it was that high up on people's list of priorities. i was surprised because we have a list here, as well, of -- we're past thanksgiving, we'll move past that and go to christmas. and the top places people want to go around christmas, i was surprised to see orlando, florida, at the top. >> yeah. believe it or not -- actually
7:25 am
florida is -- there are four floridian destinations on that list. orlando is number one. actually not that much of a surprise when you think about it. there are so many family-friendly activities. there are all the parks. people just love orlando. >> new york still popular. i see number two on the list. would you recommend -- how chaotic -- the city can be chaotic any time. how busy does it get? >> oh, it gets pretty crazy. you know what, it's worth it. you've got all of the amazing holiday displays, you've got great shopping. so new york is high on that list. you'll find other cities on the list like los angeles is up there, miami is on there, you know, people want to just go, they want to get out there and have a good time. they want to do some shopping. get out there and celebrate. >> new year's destinations, as well. once again, orlando is at the top. and is it for the same reasons, it's just family friendly people have time off, let's go to orlando? >> same exact reasons, that's right. you know what, you'll also see new york is also number two for
7:26 am
the new year's destinations. again, no surprise. it's a party city. there's so much to do here. it's a little different on the new year's list that cancun is number three. probably because there are so many options for partying down there, as well. but again people just -- they want to get down to the warm weather. >> how can -- to wrap up, how can people try to avoid these crowds? we know people want to go to warm places, and the caribbean right now will be packed, everybody wants to gwet down there. should you avoid the cities, or what are the tips at least for avoid something of these crowds and the chaos and keeping yourself sane around this time? >> no, i don't think avoiding the cities is the answer. i not the smartest thing that you can do is to be strategic about when you travel. so i mean, if you have the option to travel on the holiday, that's obviously, you know, the smartest thing. there are the fewest people on the roads. alternatively, you could travel two days perfect or two days after the holiday. most people are going to be traveling the day before or the day after. so you can just avoid all the crowds by doing that.
7:27 am
otherwise, try to leave as early as you possibly can in the morning. if you're flying, consider alternative airports. you know, instead of flying into dulles and d.c., for example, try bwi and baltimore, there are not only fewer people but you'll pay less on a ticket. it ends up being better for your wallet also. when it comes to hotels, think about business hotels like all suite hotels, homewood suites, extended stay hotels like residence inn. fewer people this because they're business hotels and cheaper prices, too. >> good stuff as always. i know we'll be talking again over this holiday season. thank you so much and enjoy your holiday, as well. and to our viewers, i'll be back at the top of the hour with more live news. we'll hand it over to the good doctor after the break. [ dad ] i love this new soup. it's his two favorite things in one... burgers and soup. did you hear him honey? burgers and soup. love you. they're cute. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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