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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 27, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pennsylvania to urge congress to act to extend and expand the payroll tax cut. thanks so much for tuning in to the special hour of politics. join us every sunday, 4:00 eastern time. now stay right here for the latest news right here in the "newsroom." all right, if you're not home yet from your thanksgiving getaway, listen closely. the weather could snarl your travel plans. let's get right to karen maginnis. what's going on out there? >> the weather is deteriorating. and now those airport delays are kind of catching up with us a little bit. and they are really accumulating quite a bit. take a look at this. boston, new york, teterboro, los angeles, major airports, and semimajor delays. we have seen them longer, but teterboro, perhaps, under two hours is our longest one. the primary reason for this is fog. also look at philadelphia. now, we have got 20 minutes. we could see these airport delays really increase because
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volume is increasing, visibility has become reduced at these major airports across the i-95 corridor primarily because of fog. the visibility is low. we have lots of volume. some 42 plus million people traveling. a lot of those in the area, but the bulk of those on the roadways. want to show you a view of what is happening in atlanta now. we have cloudy skies. but there were earlier delays because an aircraft had blown out three tires. well, that was a hiccup in the system, but let me tell you this is only going to get worse as we go through the evening hours as the weather is really going to start to deteriorate across the southeast. let's show you what's happening. we're going to see the bulk of that bad weather stretching from the great lakes down towards the gulf coast. and embedded in the middle there is an area of low pressure here and as a result, that's going to be tracking a little more towards the northeast, drag a frontal system with it, bring in that cold air behind it, the cold air could trigger some areas like memphis and dallas --
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not dallas, but for nashville. also cleveland, cincinnati, you're looking at maybe a rain/snow mix, brief flurries. i think this will be a novelty event for most people. but nonetheless, this is the first significant rain event that we have seen for this season. and some of these rainfall totals could be 3 to 6 inches, fredricka. so people who are traveling on those roadways, i-65, i-75, i-40, could be a little slow going for them. >> thank you for keeping us posted on that. thank you, karen. shocking developments in the syracuse university child molestation scandal. the wife of assistant basketball coach bernie fine reportedly admitted she had concerns that her husband had molested a boy in their home. espn reports bobby davis, the alleged victim, recorded a phone call with the coach's wife back in 2002 in which she said, quote, i know everything that went on and you have trusted somebody you shouldn't have, end quote. earlier i talked to the reporter
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from espn who broke this story. and i asked him why it took them some eight years to go public with that audiotape. we'll replay that interview for you later on in the show. plus, cnn talked to michael lang, another alleged victim. we'll bring you what he had to say. my eyes are burning! my eyes! my eyes! >> the woman who caused this panic at a walmart on black friday has now turned herself in to los angeles police. detectives say she admits to pepper spraying a crowd of video game shoppers. ten of them had to be treated for exposure to the pepper spray. the woman's name is not being released and charges have yet to be filed because the investigation is ongoing. republican presidential contender newt gingrich picks up an endorsement, an important one from new hampshire's largest
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newspaper. today's edition of e"the union leader" calls gingrich the best candidate who is actually running. but the editor said gingrich is by no means the perfect candidate. >> if you look at what the american electorate goes for, has gone for in the last few decades, we don't see a lot of evidence that these sorts of personal issues really, you know, turn voters off. they don't seem to send them away. i don't think that's going to be a big electability issue for gingrich. >> let's bring in cnn's deputy political director paul steinhauser. how important is this endorsement? it is a backhanded compliment. >> yeah, in a way i guess he's the best of the rotten field, is that what they're saying? this is one that matters. we say do endorsements matter. this one does. why? it is new hampshire, the second state to vote, the first primary state. and, of course this is a very influential conservative newspaper up there. here is what the joe mccoy, the publisher said in his statement.
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newt gingrich is by no means the perfect candidate, but republican primary voters too often make the mistake of preferring the unattainable ideal to the best candidate who is actually running. in this incredibly important election, that candidate is newt gingrich. so how is the track record for "the union leader." take a look. four years ago it was john mccain. i guess they got that one right. mccain won the primary, went on to win the nomination. go back earlier, steve forbes in 2000. patrick buchanan, pierre dupont in 1988. back to 1980, ronald reagan the last time that the newspaper got it right in new hampshire. what about where the latest polls are? look at this, a poll out last week this is still mitt romney's state. this is a suffolk university poll. and romney at over 40% right now in new hampshire among likely primary voters. gingrich starting to gain. he's at 15%. still pretty far back. six weeks to go until the new hampshire primary, fred. >> meantime, herman cain, we
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said many analysts said that the numbers would change. who is out front, who is at the bottom, all of that would change. so herman cain, he's going the other direction. he's going down now when he was enjoying, you know, riding high on the polls. >> he was. remember, he was basically at the bottom of the pack back over the summer. he just skyrocketed, right to the top. over the last couple of months. and now started to fade a little bit. why? herman cain was on candy crowley's state of the union and said i've been taken out of context, my words when it comes to sexual harassment allegations and my stance on abortion. take a listen to what he told candy. >> what do you think has gone wrong in the past month or so? >> well, obviously false accusations and confusion about some of my positions has contributed to it. and, you know that was to be expected. in terms of the campaign itself, nothing has gone wrong in terms of our strategy of spending time
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in our new hampshire and south carolina and florida. so in terms of the mechanics of the campaign, nothing has gone wrong. as you know, candy, some people are heavily influenced by perception more so than reality. >> there we go. five weeks on tuesday, fred, five weeks until the first votes in iowa, the iowa caucuses, we have been talking about this for so long. the votes are almost here. this race is going and the clock is ticking for the candidates, fred. >> it is pretty exciting. thanks so much. paul steinhauser in washington. and for the latest political news you know where to go. cnn three american college students are enjoying their freedom. they're back on u.s. soil after an ordeal during egypt's pro democracy protest. we'll hear from one of the young men. and later, shocking new developments in the sex abuse scandal facing syracuse university's assistant head basketball coach. we'll tell you what bernie fine's wife reportedly admitted.
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three american college stuntd students are savoring their first full day back in the u.s. after a harrowing day in egypt. they arrived last night after being freed in cairo. the three were arrested during pro democracy protests. they were accused of tossing firebombs at security forces. gregory porter is joining us by phone now from glenside, pennsylvania, just outside philly. gregory, what is it like to be home? >> it is great. it is like an early christmas present. i never thought i would be here. we were really afraid. >> so, gregory, take us back. what happened? what were you and your two friends doing in cairo that night that police say you were throwing molotov cocktails? >> well, we went down to look at the protests, and there were kids that were throwing rocks and people that were doing some
5:11 pm
violent things, but we weren't doing that. we were just down there looking. and when the molotov cocktails and we did see them go off, the next thing we knew, we were grabbed by police and taken to the police station. and my mother, they gave me a phone call, so i called my mom and, you know, she got my attorney. and theodore simon, i want to say thanks to him for everything he did. the u.s. embassy in cairo, the north shore animal league and bababui's animal nuts. >> what were you expecting would happen next when you were being detained? all right. all right. we're going to try and reconnect with the real gregory porter as best we can. some cyber monday sales have already started, but is it
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really the best time of year to get online shopping deals? that story is coming up next. plus, shocking new audiotapes in the syracuse molestation scandal. we'll roll the tapes and talk to the reporter who broke that story next.
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all right, expectations are pretty high and analysts are projecting sales of more than $1 billion in just 24 hours. it is cyber monday. but is it really the best day for you to find all the deals online? our josh levs is here to separate fact from fiction. people are so excited about cyber monday, like they are about black friday. >> they can get too excited and sometimes you think, i have to buy everything in this one day, right? >> right. >> listen to this, it can be a
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day to get good stuff and get discounts if you're careful. i have new info from you from consumer reports on whether prices are lower on cyber monday. this is interesting. a lot of people are looking for electronics, right? consumer reports looked at what happened last year. and what they found among tvs and cameras that they would recommend, a lot of prices dropped online after cyber monday. 5% or more. so if you wait for some of these higher end electronics, you might get an even better deal. that said, some of the lower end brands you can get good deals, when they started last year, they said in some cases, don't rush to get it all that day. there are some good deals you can get on cyber monday. look at different sites for the same product, look for coupons, also follow companies on social media, facebook and twitter. they'll announce new deals throughout the day. >> incredible. meantime, just tlas are great deals out there, there are also ways to get had. lots of scams. how do you avoid that? >> the scammers are out in full force.
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they love cyber monday. all the $1.2 billion flying around, if they get a tiny fraction of that, they clean up. i want to show you a few pointers here on the screen for you. first of all, make sure you have updated anti-virus software, including watching out for spam ware. also use trustworthy websites. you might google and find a website out there that seems to have a price half of everyone else. if you go to, you can check out the company you're looking at. also, read the privacy policies, a lot of people skip that. you don't want to on this day. these are basics. i put everything for you on my facebook page. take a look there. and on twitter also and on the blog. i want to give you a guide. i don't want you to get taken. i want you to get the deals. i don't want you to feel you have to get everything in the entire world or for christmas all tomorrow. >> there is so much anxiety that sets in with folks this time of year and the whole spending and feeling like there are great promotions and they're getting a good deal. they want to spend even if they don't have it. >> the thing is, it is good to go into this really smart.
5:16 pm
good to go into this, everyone says go into this with a list, know what you need to get, know what you have to get, don't get carried away and sometimes what they do is kind of like -- they'll bring you in with door crasher deals, get an ipad for $5. while you're here, how about you buy some ipad software for $5,000? that's the exaggeration of the real idea of what happens. so go into it smart and end up with what you want. i think you'll do well. >> great advice, thanks so much. >> the latest on the syracuse university child sex abuse scandal, a reporter revealing recorded phone conversations between the wife of basketball coach bernie fine and his accuser. hear them next.
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turning now to a big development that we're following today. lori fine, the wife of syracuse university associate head basketball coach bernie fine may have been aware of her husband's alleged inappropriate acts with children. espn's outside the lines releaseded ao tape given to them by bobby davis, the man who publicly accused the coach of years of molestation. in the tape, mrs. fine says among other things she witnessed one of the acts. espn independently confirmed the voice on the recording is that, indeed, of lori fine. here is mike schwartz. first, a warning, the piece you're about to see contains graphic sexual content. >> bobby davis says he knew of one person who could validate that he was being sexually abused by bernie fine, that person was fine's wife, lori fine. >> hello?
5:19 pm
>> mrs. fine? >> yes. >> it's bobby. >> how are you? >> davis says in october of 2002 he recorded a phone conversation with lori fine without her knowledge, a legal act based on the location of both parties. during the call, fine, seen here in hidden camera video from 2003 discussed the alleged sexual molestation of davis by her husband. syracuse associate head basketball coach bernie fine. >> what did he want you to do? you can be honest with me. >> what he's always doing. >> he wants you to grab him? >> he tried to make me grab him. he was like, he grabbed me and -- >> but you never had any oral sex with him? >> no. i think he would want to. >> oh, of course he would. >> after bringing his
5:20 pm
allegations against bernie fine to a syracuse police detective in 2002, and getting nowhere, davis says he was determined to confirm his story. he says he hoped lori fine would disclose on tape the details of her own knowledge of the abuse he says started when he was 12 and continued for more than a decade. >> so what were you hoping to accomplish by recording it? >> lori was a person that i talked to a lot about this situation as i got older. she was there a lot of the times and seen a lot of things going on, you know, when, you know, bernie would come down in the basement in his house, at night when i was laying down there and she had to see him every night do that, but lori was the only one else that knew about what was going on, you know? and saw things that were happening with her own eyes and that we talked about it. >> i know everything that went on. i know everything that went on with him.
5:21 pm
bernie has issues maybe that he's not aware of, but he has issues and you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted. bernie is in denial. i think that he did the things he did, but he's somehow through his own mental telepathy has erased them out of his mind. >> davis who stayed here at the fines' former home in the seventh grade and at one point had his own room in their basement says lori fine told him she was aware that her husband was sexually abusing him. >> do you think i'm the only one he ever did that to? >> no. i think there might have been others, but it was geared to there was something about you. >> yeah, that's what i'm wondering, like, i'm wondering why i was -- >> she left the blinds open one night and she acted like she took the garbage out but she watched through the window. >> what did she see? >> bernie grabbing me and touching me. she said the next day, we got
5:22 pm
to -- this is when i was older, probably a junior in high school, you got to step up to him and say something, you got to be a man. >> during the phone call, davis explained to lori fine that when he was about 27 years old, in the late '90s, he asked bernie fine for $5,000 to help pay off some student loans. >> when you needed the money, what did he want for that? >> he asked me to touch him a couple of times. grabbed my hand and put me in your bed, and you know, then i'd pull away. and then he'd put any in your bed and then, you know, put me down. >> it is about the [ bleep ]. you know that. so i'm telling you for your own good, you're better off staying away from him. >> reporter: during the call, lori fine suggested to davis what her husband should do with his need for male companionship.
5:23 pm
>> you know what, find yourself a gay boy, get your rocks off and have it be over with. >> yeah. >> you know, he needs a -- that male companionship that i can't give him, nor is he interested in me and vice versa. >> reporter: she said her husband was not the only adult in the fine household who betrayed davis' trust. so who was the other person in the fine household who may have betrayed a young bobby davis? we'll have the rest of the espn report right after this. [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering.
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back to the espn investigation. lori fine, the wife of syracuse university associate head basketball coach bernie fine may have been aware of her husband's alleged inappropriate acts with children. in a shocking revelation, she says another person in the fine household may have also betrayed a young bobby davis. espn's mark schwartz has the rest of the story. first, a warning, the piece you are about to see contains graphic sexual content. >> at one point, lori fine seems to say that her husband was not the only adult in the fine household who betrayed davis' trust. >> he had no business doing what he did with you. i really helped screw you up
5:27 pm
too. >> davis says he and lori fine had a sexual relationship that she initiated when he says he was 18 and a senior in high school. >> were you ever with her sexually? >> yes. >> slept with her? >> yes. >> had intercourse with her? >> yes. >> does bernie fine know about that? >> i did tell bernie. there is as i got older. i thought he was going to kill me, but i had to tell him. i told him about it. what was going on with me and lori and didn't phase him one bit, honestly. >> later in the call, lori fine tells davis she wanted to come to his defense but she just wasn't capable of it. >> because i care about you, and i didn't want to see you being treated that way, and it is hard for -- you know what you're up against. you can't compete with that. it is just wrong and you're a kid, you're a man now, but you
5:28 pm
were a kid then. >> this is about a kid who was abused, and adults who didn't help, who didn't step in, who, in fact, sort of allowed it, created a space for it to go on. >> danielle roach, who has been friends with davis since the second grade, says that as a teenager, she served as the fines' baby-sitter for about three years. recently roach listened to the conversation again. davis first played the call for her after recording it in 2002. >> this tape tells me that lori knew and watched it go on, knowingly, that it was going on in her home for a long time. >> roach, who is now a mother herself, says she cannot imagine how any mother could know sexual abuse was happening in her home and not act. >> it is amazing that she can say some of the things she says
5:29 pm
to bobby but couldn't pick up a phone and say maybe this isn't the place for your kid. maybe he shouldn't be here. >> at the time, davis says he questioned whether anyone would ever believe his story. yet lori fine tells him she's already warned her husband one day his alleged molestation of davis might become public. >> said to him, you know, bobby and i talked. i know some things about you that if you keep pushing are go to be let out. >> yeah. >> he didn't even flinch. >> that's what i'm saying. >> let them go ahead. let them go right ahead. he thinks -- i think he thinks he's above the law. >> cnn reached out to numerous people for reaction to this story. some are commenting. others are not. we have not heard yet from syracuse university or syracuse police. and the u.s. attorney's office is not commenting on any new developments because it is an
5:30 pm
ongoing investigation. but we did get the following statement from fine's attorneys saying this, quote, mr. fine will not comment on newspaper stories beyond his initial statement and any comment from him would only invite and perpetuate ancient and suspect claims, end quote. after the break, you'll hear my conversation with the reporter who broke this story. espn's mark schwartz. beauty, huh? it's dependable. long-lasting, too. yeah, i could really use this silverado. i'm a big hunter. oh, what do you hunt? deer. fish. fantastic.
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lori fine, the wife of syracuse university associate head basketball coach bernie fine may have been aware of her husband's alleged inappropriate acts with children. that's what she said in an audiotape recorded back in 2002. the alleged victim, bobby davis, gave the tape to cnn the following year. espn's outside the lines aired earlier today. i spoke to the reporter who broke this story and asked him why this tape is the centerpiece of espn's report now if the sports network had it in its possession for some eight years. >> we interviewed bobby davis extensively in several locates for dozens of hours, both on the phone, in camera, on camera, and
5:34 pm
we had what we thought was a very credible story, however, what we did not have at the time was someone to corroborate the facts of his story, another alleged victim of the same abuser, the alleged abuser in this case, bernie fine. we did have the tape at the time as you say, and we had bobby davis, one victim, but only ten days ago on thursday the 17th did a second victim actually come forward and appear on camera and that was 45-year-old michael lang, who is the older stepbrother of bobby davis who alleged a very similar pattern of abuse from bernie fine. so at that point, our goal was to, first of all, get a voice recognition expert who could verify as much as possible that this was indeed the voice of lori fine. and we also spent time reaching out to the fines beginning early
5:35 pm
last week, wanting to get their comment. we reached out to them through their attorneys. we did not hear from them. in fact, we got the same release that you did today saying that mr. fine will not comment on newspaper stories beyond his initial statement. >> so now what did authorities say, if anything, when you went to them, if you want to them and said, hey, we have this tape, while we can't get anybody else to corroborate, the information on this tape, what can you do with this information? >> well, you know, we don't see it as our job to go to authorities with evidence that we collect. we did not go to the authorities with the tape. the authorities did speak to bobby davis before the tape was made in 2002. he spoke to a syracuse police detective who he says spent five minutes on the phone with him and didn't even do a detective report, told him that the statute of limitings had come and gone. that is why bobby davis says, that he recorded the tape to try
5:36 pm
to at least corroborate his story this way. he was determined that lori fine, who he says had a window into this abuse, in fact, literally, one time saw the abuse going on in the home through a basement window with her husband and bobby davis and she alleged that that actually did happen on the tape. but once the interviews were done ten days ago with bobby davis and mike lang, that tape then through them, got in the hands of the police department and it is evidence in this case and the district attorney, bill fitzpatrick, also has a copy of the tape. >> and following the november 17th, that's what alerted espn or you to get the voice recognition. why was that not done before? >> it was important to do that if we were actually going to air the tape. these are grave charges. we had to do everything that we could to confirm that the voice was indeed lori fine. bobby davis, of course, told us
5:37 pm
it was lori fine. you hear on the tape he says hello, lori. she says, hello, bobby. in this kind of a case, you have to confirm it. that's why we wanted to before airing it take the extra step to run it by a voice recognition expert who says, yes that is the voice of lori fine because we compared it to other voice of lori fine examples that we were able to provide. >> and who shot the videotape of her behind a counter? >> we shot hidden camera video in 2003, which was one of the areas where we had, you know, her voice on tape. so we're able to compare her voice from 2003 and the call from 2002. that's how the voice recognition expert was able to verify for us that that was indeed her voice. >> now talk to me about the legality of why that audiotape recording, why bobby davis was not breaking the law the way in which he did it. >> okay, well, bobby davis made the call from st. george, utah, and the call was received here
5:38 pm
in syracuse, new york. now, both of those states, utah and new york, are one party states. and what that means, by law, it is legal to record a conversation with someone without the second party knowing. so in utah and in new york, the origin and the source of the call both states are one party states. the call was then made legally. >> and we'll have more of my discussion with cnn's mark schwartz straight ahead. i asked him what does bobby davis, the alleged victim want. the rest of that conversation next. en gas prices jump... you still gotta work. so suddenly you're cutting back on everything from family vacations to cell phone minutes. well here's a thought - how bout cuttin' back on gas? here's how: the ford f-150. it gets 23 highway miles per gallon. that's the best. so you can get the job done and get a break at the pump. yeah, can you hear me now? this is the future. this is the ford f-150.
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espn aired a tape today that shows lori fine was aware of her husband's alleged inappropriate acts with children. here is the rest of my conversation with the reporter who broke the story, espn's mark schwartz. what does bobby davis want to happen from this point forward now? >> i've spoken to bobby davis about exactly that. he's told me that he didn't want an apology from bernie fine. he doesn't want to see bernie fine publicly humiliated, in fact. he doesn't want money. he hasn't hired an attorney. he says what he's wanted all along is that bernie fine seek help and that bernie fine ask forgiveness. i think what he's told me he
5:42 pm
wants most of all is to make sure that no other victims are hurt by a man he says hurt him and stole his childhood so many years ago. >> and did bobby davis reveal to you why he continued this relationship with lori and bernie fine well after, you know, his 18th birthday, that he, on his own, just based on his interview, reached out to the fines. why would he do that? >> that is a great question and it is an important question. on the phone call, in an excerpt that you don't hear, but you may in the future, there is an exchange between bobby davis and lori fine where he says, you know, i don't know if i'll speak to you again. you guys are like family to me. i miss you guys. and lori fine's response is, i'm the mother that you never had. now, bobby davis felt an extraordinary attachment to this entire family. bernie fine, lori fine, their
5:43 pm
children, he did not have much of a family of his own. he was from a blended family. and he spent more time in his teenage years with the fines than he did with his own family. and i am not an expert. i'm not a psychologist. i'm not a victims advocate, but i have been told that the power and connection in the relationship between the alleged victim and the abuser is such that there is an extraordinary devotion and dedication to that person for many years, even long after he reached the age of 18. >> now, a third accuser has stepped forward. however, this accusation is being treated a little bit differently. explain what is happening here. >> well, there was a young man named zach tom sele, a 23-year-old from lewisston, maine who claims he was allegedly sexually abused by
5:44 pm
bernie fine. he's done a sworn affidavit this week with the syracuse police department. and we have spoken with him as well. we are still vetting his information. but he is another person that is part of the police investigation at this point. that is true. he also faces sexual abuse charges himself for molesting allegedly a person under the age of 14. >> is it also the case that his own father is undermining his character and credibility? >> i have spoken with him about that. i wanted to be in touch with his father. he told me that his father and he have not spoken in as much as four years and his father did, in the syracuse post standard, reported that story, his father did call him a liar. his father also apparently called him a liar that he didn't make a statement to the police and he told me that, well, at least that is certainly confirmed because i have made a
5:45 pm
statement to the police. so i am not lying about that. >> okay. and, again, you have reached out to the university. the athletic department, syracuse police, the attorney general's office, just as cnn has done so. no response from them yet. however, is it your feeling as a result of the airing of these audiotapes that were in your possession that the university may perhaps take a different stand now since the university and the athletic department head coach have been backing bernie fine as a result of those allegations that came to the surface november 17th? >> fredricka, there is no way to know that. all i know is that, our online source, reached out to jim boeheim and the syracuse public relations department released a statement saying that jim boeheim will have nothing further to add on this issue. that came today. so at this point, no comment coming out of syracuse university. we have reached out to the chancellor ourselves just today. >> and you're there still in
5:46 pm
syracuse, new york. any reaction from the general populous there? >> no, but we anticipate there probably will be. a lot of people are very fond of bernie fine. he's been in this community for decades. he's been an important figure here. these are grave charges and he has many people that still defend and he has not been charged with anything by the police. that's very important to note. >> all right, espn's mark schwartz, an earlier conversation with him. espn says it had this audiotape in its possession for some eight years. was there a legal responsibility to turn it over to authoritys? i'll ask attorney b.j. bernstein that very question after the break. also straight ahead, our own deborah feyerick catches up with another alleged victim. you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm?
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more now on the child molestation scandal facing syracuse university coach bernie fine. the first accuser is bobby davis. his stepbrother mike lang also accused him of molesting him, accused fine of molesting him. cnn's deborah feyerick spoke with lang and she is with us now on the phone from upstate new
5:50 pm
york. so, deborah, what did lang tell you. >> well, fredricka, we're on our way up to syracuse. i did speak with michael lang and it is interesting,lang. it is interesting, two of the alleged victims are step brothers, michael lang and bernie davis. they said he was like a father figure to them. they were so close that as teenagers they actually ape tended the wedding of coach fine and his wife 26 years ago. lang says his hand started shaking when he heard the coach's wife on television talking both about her husband's alleged sexual abuse of children, specifically his brother bobby davis and when she talked about her own alleged sexual inappropriateness to teenagers. lang says the same happened to him. that both of the brothers were victims sexual abuse by the husband and wife. as you mentioned, bernie fine not commenting on this. he said in a statement he
5:51 pm
remains hopeful if that a quick and credible review by police, and authorities will bring it to an end. the wife not commenting. michael lang said when he heard about the penn state scandal his stomach turned and a half hour later his brother bobby texted him saying this is what happened to me. he said he felt guilty because he was the older of the two step brothers and worked as a ball boy and loved being on the court with his basketball team. the prestige and front row to the games. when we went to college, apparently bernie fine said his younger brother should come and work as a ball boy but he said his brother suffered more than he did. he said both were victims allegedly of coach bernie fine. >> you mentioned penn state and how news of penn state kind of
5:52 pm
sent chills down the the spine of lang and davis. is that why they have come out publicly, or is there another motivation they have? >> no. it seems that was the real trigger. one of the things that lang told me, they really want justice. they don't want to see this to ever happen again to any other child. when bobby davis initially came forward to talk to police, they told him the statute of limitations was up. but they said if you want to come in, come in. we will talk to you. bob by davis never followed up on that apparently. instead he reached out to reporters and a reporter at a local syracuse paper who basically told them we have to get this -- we have to record this and that is what he did. he gave the tape first to the "post standard" up in syracuse and made a copy for espn. both of those tapes existed after his initial interaction with police. police obviously now have that
5:53 pm
tape. clearly, many years have gone by. that was really the trigger. i think for many people who are the victims of sexual abuse as children when they hear it just opens up a flood gate of feelings, emotion, pain, grief, hurt. michael lang told me, when the coach would come here him he pushed his hand away. with bobby davis it seems the abuse was more serious. >> i want to bring in an attorney b.j. bernstein. you are nodding your head that some of these feelings are classic as to why they want to share their information. even though the statute of limitations may have run out involving these two alleged victims, how might this recording help in the ongoing investigation involving bernie fine. >> if someone comes forward now saying it is more recent within the statute of limit taegss
5:54 pm
either criminally or civilly this type of information could be used as evidence in that case as what we call a similar transaction. trying to use a previous instance to krob ro rate a younger child f that is happening, and we're not saying that now, but if it is fine, it would help the case. i think this penn state situation has literally had so many victims across this country taking a step, going back going maybe it is time i come forward and what if it is continuing and i didn't stop it? >> when you listen to the audiotape and you are listening to the wife of the assistant head coach talk about how she was aware, how she was also come police it is because she was a participant according to her testimony on that audiotape. now, what about spousal immunity, if this is such a thing as it applies to here. even if the statute of limitations has run out s she going to be be held culpable because of her statements?
5:55 pm
>> it will be difficult legally, but in general, most states exempt spousal privilege of what you know or when it is a situation of abuse of a child. i think really what this gets down to and why it is such a conversation is where are people's moral comp pass in that we like our lives so much. this lady is married to a coach. it is protected and they are well thought of in society and at what point do you say i maybe willing to shatter that for the truth and in the long run we are all better off. that's what is so hard an why abuse continues. it is taking the step to say i actually know something. families, abuse happens in families all over this country, in institutions, in churches and what the pattern we are seeing is we buried it and buried it and you have to say something to stop the pattern. >> you talk about the moral
5:56 pm
obligation. what about the legal obligation there may or may not have been as pertains to espn or any media outlet that had this information. is there any legal obligation to share this with authorities. i asked the reporter. it was clearly discussed but they didn't feel they needed to be part of the investigation. >> i think this will be a topic in legalist and journalist conversations this year. legally there is no direct obligation to turn over the information. there's always been a concern, news outlets across the board have legal departments worried about liable and slander. when you sue an individual, they may not have anything but the assets of a larger company are at issue. again, this is the power of penn state. you are seeing here, even with this, there is confidence in the media to run stories and not require the same level of
5:57 pm
corroboration that is not necessarily needed in court. >> thank you so much. . appreciate that we continue to keep an eye on the story throughout the evening. that will do it for me in the noom. more ahead with ted roland. this silverado. i'm a big huer. oh, what do you hunt? deer. fish. fantastic. ♪ this holiday, chevy's giving more. now qualified buyers can get 0% apr for 72 months on a 2011 chevy silverado. or 0% apr financing for 60 months plus no monthly payments until spring. ♪
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