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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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i'm ted rowlandss in for don lemon. major development thes in the case against bernie fine. the head coach accused of sexually abusing two former ball boys. reports of a third accuser coming forward. perhaps most shockingly, espn has released a secretly-recorded conversation in 2002 between fine's wife laurie fine and one of the coach's accusers, bobby davis. on it potentially damning evidence that suggest that fine's wife knew about the abuse and allowed it to go on. we want to play some of that audio for you now. >> i know everything that went on with them. bernie has issues.
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maybe not that you are aware of but he has issues. you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted. bernie is in denial. i think that he did the things he did but he's somehow through his own mental telepathy find yourself a gay boy. you know, get your rocks off, maybe it is over with. >> you know, he needs a, that male companionship. that i can't give him. i care about you and didn't like to see you treated that way. if it was another girl like i told you it would be easy to step in because you know what you are up against. when it is a guy you can't compete with that. >> he says that fine molested them when they were ball boys.
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today, affiliate wcsh spoke to a third accuser coming forward, 23-year-old zach tomaselli. he said fine molested him the night before a syracuse game against pitt. he described the alleged abuse in detail. >> i was in the hotel room. he was, he would put his hand down my shorts whenever i was sitting there watching tv and basically fondle me four to five times, and it would go in spurts between ten and 15 minutes and it would stop for a couple of hours and then he would start that all over again. >> now tomaselli has his own problems. he is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a 14-year-old boy many maine of 2009 and 10:00.
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his own father calls him a liar and denies ever meeting fine or letting his son take a trip with the coach. when asked for a statement, fine's attorney released this saying "mr. fine will not comment on newspaper stories beyond his initial statement. any comment from him would only invite and perpetuate ancient and suspect claims. mr. fine remains hopeful of a credible and expeditious review of the relevant issues by law enforcement authorities." the allegations first surfaced a couple of weeks ago. today's disturbing revelations put the allegations in a new light. susan candiotti spoke to the father about his allegations. what can you tell us. >> reporter: you eluded to a bit of that. i just got off the phone with him a while ago and he denys the allegations that his son is making against bernie fine. mr. tomascelli says that he and
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his son have never been to any games in pittsburgh. that his son has never met bernie fine. that he never went to autographed sessions with him or after parties as his son alleges. he described his son as an angry, bitter person and he believes he's coming forward at this time because a, he said he's an avid sports fan and watches espn all the time and he believes his son, because he is in trouble himself with the law is trying to diffuse that in some way by coming forward. on the other hand, he also tells us, mr. tomas "discovery" celli said his son made similar allegations against him recently and he was investigated by the new york state police. allegations that involved the authorities interviewing his children about whether they had been accused sexually by mr. tomascelli. and he said the police had cleared him of any allegations like this.
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he said he's not been contacted by the police that are investigating the bernie fine case, but if they contact him that he would be willing to speak with him and finally, ted, he said he still loves his son and hopes he gets some help. >> obviously some issues with. that what's the reaction from the rest of the syracuse committee following these allegation and the audiotape released from espn yesterday? >> we have been working all day to get reaction by that by the investigative agencies working on this. the u.s. attorneys office would only confirm they conducted a search warrant, the search of his home near syracuse and they are involving the secret service in this investigation because of their expertise in looking in to electronic transactions. that wouldn't be uncommon for the secret service to be involved in this kind of an investigation. it also -- they also -- we contacted the district attorney's office, the local d.a.
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we haven't been able to reach them, nor the syracuse police department to get them to weigh in on this new information we have been getting. >> all right. susan candiotti live for us in new york. coming up you will hear the espn report in its entirety and hear what bobby fine said he made a phone call with his wife laurie. you will hear her in her own words saying she knew everything and from the espn reporter that broke the story up and cnn investigative reporter jon wertheim is joining us to talk about the investigation and whether espn should have done something with this audio recording before. that is coming up in our 7 p.m. eastern hour. alternate secretary general says a deadly attack on pakistan troop was a tragic unintended accident but those words have done it will toll calm the anger in pakistan. more protesters were seen across
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the country today. 24 pakistani troops were killed. the army chief visited wounded soldiers and they branded the attack unacceptable. cnn explains it is set back for the u.s. relationship with a vital ail. >> i pakistani officials condemn the fact but they are going beyond rhetoric. they have shut down two alternate supply routes that go from pakistan in to afghanistan. they have asked u.s. personnel to vacate an air base in southwestern pakistan that at one point was a launching pad for those controversial u.s.-drone strikes. a developing story, alternate and the u.s. have yet to offer a full apology to pakistan. there are reports suggesting the alternate force may have come under fire during their mission. afghanistan's president is laying out a new timetable for alternate to hand over more
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security responsibilities to afghan forces. a plan would place roughly half of the population under their control. it is faster than anticipated and some say riskier. many areas are considered safe but others more dangerous. the billioning of the coalition troops are expected to be gone by 2014. a developing story in philadelphia. occupy protesters marching through the streets in and police surrounding them. that is a live picture of what is going on in philadelphia. we are watching that for you. and home at last, americans arrested in egypt for taking part in violence in the streets this week are back on u.s. soil and talking about what happened. stay with us.
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we are following breaking news in philadelphia where police are preparing to move in on occupy protesters who are under an order to clear their tents out of a city plaza by tonight. take a look at live picture there of what is a tense situation. we haven't had any reports of any violence. police have apparently gone in and asked these people to leave. mayor michael nutter gave these demonstrators 48 hours' notice on friday that they would have to vacate the premises. we have seen it play out in city and city across the country. it is philadelphia's turn this evening. apparently there is a construction plan for the plaza where the occupy protesters have been taking up shelter and pitching their tents for weeks now. there is a $50 million construction project about to begin on the plaza. the mayor used it as an excuse, if you will, to push them out.
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there's been a lot of back and forth in the city of philadelphia. there was an uprising within the protests, not from police clashing with protesters but a group that thinks the police have been too lenient they came to the square. there was pushing and shoving but no serious incidents took place and at this point nothing serious reported from the the ground from our affiliates. as you can see the live pictures there. there is a situation happening at this hour in philadelphia. and we will of course watch it. three american college students are back in the u.s. after a harrowing experience in egypt. derrik sweeney, gregory porter and luke gates arrived home last night after released from custody. they were arrested during violent protests in cairo. >> it's really nice. it's really nice. it's really good feeling. i'm glad to be with my family.
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i want to go home and have thanksgiving. >> i'm so thankful to be back and love to be in philadelphia right now. >> there's a lot of -- there's a lot of revolution out there, change. i learned to watch tv. >> the three were accused of tossing fire bombs at security forces but an egyptian court ordered them free. egypt is facing the biggest test of its commitment to democracy. pro-voters choose a parliament on monday and it is expected to be the most open election in decades in egypt. and the first since mubarak resigned. the military insists the elections will forward despite protests in tahrir square. they want the army to give up power but officers say they won't be pressured in to stepping aside. syria faces new pressure to end the crackdown on protesters. this time from allies in the
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arab league who agreed to impose sanctions on syria. new video today showed enthusiastic demonstrations by syrians who support the league's actions. the sanctions will freeze assets belonging to the geechbt syrian officials. it also cuts off relations with syrian's central bank. travel restrictions will be enforced. the arab league will meet next saturday to decide how to impose the sanctions. it is unclear how effective they will be since two of syria's training partners, iraq and lebanon abstained from voting. the gop candidate for president who's been climbing in the polls gets another boost. a potentially huge endorsement in a key early primary state. we are talking about it in two minutes. stay with us. am, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve
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a few weeks ago, newt gingrich was almost invisible as a presidential candidate. suddenly, he's leading the pack of republican hopefuls, and he just got a huge assist in mitt romney's backyard, just weeks before the new hampshire primary. a coveted endorsement from the new hampshire union leader. in its endorsement, joe mcquaid said "republican voters too often make the mistake of preferring an unattainable ideal to the best candidate who's actually running. in this incredibly important election, that candidate is newt gingrich. he has the experience, the leadership qualities and the
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vision to lead this country in thooiz these trying times them good vibes don't stop there for gingrich. he is even getting high marks from bill clinton. clinton says his thoughtful solutions to national problems such as immigration oud should apeal peel to independents and conservatives his sudden rise is a good place to start off. lenny, we talked about this in chicago last week. can gingrich hold this lead? and what will possibly derail him? what does he have to watch for? >> well, he can hold this lead. what he has to watch for is overreach. this is something other candidates have done. they have had the lead and overreached too fast, too soon and find themselves sliding down. newt has to make sure he solidifies this lead. make sure he wins iowa. the advantage he has over the
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previous front runners is iowa is around the corner for him. he should have time to do well in iowa, probably win and move in to new hampshire where he is chipping away at romney's big lead he's had for months now. if he can do that and win south carolina he will have nuchl momentum to run and get the nomination next summer. >> is gingrich too mean, what do you think now? can he win? >> no. it is funny to listen to lenny to talk about the reasons why the other candidates have slipped back. the reason they have falln in the polls is because the american people haven't found out who they are and once we learned about them we realize we don't really like them after all. we were excited about bachmann until we found out she doesn't know what she was talking about. >> don't we know gingrich. >> we do but we don't. we are hoping he is a new person and i will give him credit. he has been a thoughtful politician and thoughtful
6:20 pm
person. the reason i wrote the column because the thoughtfulness ends in policy. he's unable to touch the human heart. he always gets in the way of himself. and the reason i don't believe he will get the nomination is because he will derail himself. he can't run from who he is and who he is just doesn't seem to be a genuinely nice person. >> the fovrmer front runner was herman cain. listen as he explains his recent drop in the polls on cnn's state of the union this morning with candy crowley. >> what do you think he has gon wrong in the past month or so? >> well, obviously, false accusations and confusion about some of my positions has contributed to it. that was to be expected. in terms of the campaign itself, nothing has gone wrong in terms of our strategy of spending time in iowa, south carolina, florida.
6:21 pm
in terms of the mechanics of the company nothing has gone wrong but some people are heavily influenced by perception more than so than reality. >> all right, lenny. herman cain is down in the polls but not out. running third in most of the polling. is he down and out? or can he stop this and i guess the next polls will be very important, huh? >> i think he is down and out. part of the reason is because one thing that american voters want from politicians that make mistakes is contrition. he's never quite come across as contrite when he has misspoken on the issues or with the sexual allegation. it was witt rheeial coming out as far as pushing off the allegations and american voters don't like that. the same thing they are saying about newt gingrich now. he has already said some of my mistakes will be between me and god and i hope god can forgive me as well as the american people. people want more of that type of
6:22 pm
demeanor from their politicians than what they are getting with cain. and as long as cain is like that it will be a problem. >> lz, who do you think obama would like to meet in the jerlt election, romney or one of the nonromneys? >> i think he would rather meet one of the nonromneys with the exception of jon huntsman. i have been talking to him since he made his candidacy unknown. if you look at his resume, it is something the president should be fearful of. same thing with romney. both men happen to be mormons and i believe that is why they can't get over the hump. i think clinton is actually playing with the -- >> again rich is a great thing. who said it is not an issue this year? we had an evangelical pastor who
6:23 pm
issued perry and said that mormonism is an issue this year. >> lz, it doesn't hold much weight because he is in first place right now. >> he might be in fourth play right now but because of his performances in the debates. >> he's going to stay there, lz. >> yes, he will. because he is a good politician. >> they will get to the social issues once they get the jobs and the bomb line, perry has been off message when it comes to job. herman cain has been off position with the 9-9-9 and perry has been the best at the dedebates. he is at the top and i expect him to stay this. >> thank you very much for another spirited discussion. we will talk to you again. likely next weekend. on a cnn programming note, newt gingrich will join john king on monday night.
6:24 pm
it is a one-on-one interview on john king usa at 6:00 eastern. next we will go live to the occupy philly protests as police surround protesters. we will check in on the ground with the latest. we are following this the breaking story out of philadelphia. stay with us. what makes the sleep number store different? the sleep number bed. with the sleep number bed, it's not about soft or firm. it's about support where you find it most comfortable. the magic of this bed is that you're sleeping on something that conforms to your individual shape. on a traditional mattress, there is no adjustment. you get what you're buying that day.
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we are following breaking news in philadelphia where police are preparing to move in on occupy protesters who are under an order to the clear
6:27 pm
their tents out of the city plaza tonight. our aquilluate kyw is joining us now. what is happening on the ground? >> there are 200 occupy philly protesters on the western side of city hall. i would say 100 to 150 of those are sitting down, locked arms waiting for police to act. whatever that action may be. there are about 0 police officers and more civil affairs officers standing off to the side. they haven't moved in yet. they have been waiting in case anything does happen. so far it has been peaceful. the eviction time was 90 minutes ago. we will see what happens here. >> are the tents still up? >> reporter: there are quite a number of tents. it is difficult to estimate how many. the count as of yesterday was 370. it looks like half of them have been taken down. some may b be empty.
6:28 pm
i have seen people in other tents but quite a number remain with people inside of them planning on staying. >> what are the occupy folks saying in terms of their strategy? are they going to continue to stay until they are pulled out of there, until they are arrested? >> reporter: they are determined to stay. perhaps the best comparison of what may happen, a month ago they sat in the same style, locked arms outside of police headquarter and waited. they repeated their initiatives for economic justice, at that point police brutality. determined not to move and police let them sitting there two days before they moved them at 2:00 or 3:00 on a monday morning when traffic came through. police could let them sit through to the morning or longer. their permit to start protesting at another location starts tomorrow morning at 9:00. police could let them sit here until that time when they move to a different site. >> i know there has been a lot
6:29 pm
of political pressure to get these occupy folks out. apparently a report of a clash earlier today between groups. is the city government and the police specifically under pressure to act? >> reporter: well, one of the big projects the city has been waiting for has been a multi-million dollar, $50 million construction project on the city of city hall. that can't move forward without moving the protesters. from the start the city let occupy phil philly know we have to move you when the construction starts. the construction is scheduled to start tomorrow. pressure has been from all over. there has been public health concerns and public safety concerns. accusations of a sexual assault a few weeks ago, so from that side as well to clear out the plaza and move them across the
6:30 pm
street or move it away from city hall all together. >> all right. reporter with kyw-tv, a developing situation going on in philadelphia as occupy protesters are being told to leave. nothing in terms of violence at this point bau fluid situation. we will watch it. thank you for joining us a lot of weekend holiday travellers are having to deal with the weather. karen maginnis is in the weather center. a lot of trouble out there for different airports and the roadways. >> we certainly do. about 42.5 million people were traveling. most on the ground and the highways. but at the airports is where you have the congestion. we are starting to see some weather-related delays catch up with us. here's some of the delays we are now. look at new york city. a little fog and reduced visibility right now at jfk. ground delays in excess of one hour. teeter borrow, we watched them most of the afternoon.
6:31 pm
they have had problems as far as wind is going and as far as volume is concerned as well. let's take a peek at philadelphia. both in the news for a couple of reasons. philadelphia earlier they were looking at delays primarily because of fog. it looks like the weather has improved a bit there. temperatures have been running ten to 12 degrees above where they should be for this time of the year. looks like philadelphia rain is on the way. look at l.a.x. the weather is much improved there. a few minor delays being reported at l.a.x. primarily we were looking at a little ceiling. right now that's not a problem. looks like it is mostly volume delays expected there. here's the real troublemaker . that's a very slow-moving weather system. because of its slowness, this is reallile producing the rainfall that will be quite heavy. especially right in this region. this central tennessee valley region. if you are traveling up 75 or 95 over the next 24 to 48 hours,
6:32 pm
this is going to be the troublesome area as far as the heavy rainfall is concerned. we could see three to six inches of rain in isolated areas. on the backside of this, in the way of snowfall, throughout kentucky, tennessee, north carolina, also in to northern georgia, just north of atlanta it looks like that rainfall will be heaviest but central tennessee high volume of traffic there, pacific northwest also, ted, a little unsettled the next 24 hours. >> hopefully people have been watching your weather and the wef reports out there and have been able to avoid the weather on their way home. thank you, karen. well, black friday sales numbers are in. was it a boom or a bust for retailers? and what can it say for the economy in the year ahead? we are talking about that coming up in two minutes. stay with us. killer audio, and lids that switch to start every semester fresh. but mostly it helps me try new moves on and off the court.
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we have heard plenty of the big black friday crowds. until now we didn't know how much people spent. joining us from new york is the managing editor of cnn if i had a drum roll i would give you one.
6:36 pm
final number, what happened? >> reporter: ted, it looks like we actually got a record this year. national retail federation just put out numbers. they are reporting $52 billion in sales. that's up 16% from a year ago, which by any measure is just shockingly good. earlier estimates this weekend were 7%. the forecast going in to it was 3%. given the state of the u.s. economy, it took a lot of people by surprise, i think. >> this is bargain hunting at its best and most extreme. what does it say about consumer confidence and the economy as a whole? does it correlate? do good black friday numbers mean good sales throughout the whole season? >> absolutely. that is one of the questions we had going in to it. we sent reporters out beginning on thanksgiving which frankly i feel guilty about. we were at macy's, target, toys r us. >> my wife was at all of those
6:37 pm
places, too. >> absolutely. but basically we heard two stories. we had people who were feeling financial stress and were there because they needed a bargain. others were there because they liked the party atmosphere and they were having a good time. what it really tells us is there's definitely still anxiety in the economy, but -- and this is the story we have seen in a lot of economic reports lately, the bottom has not dropped out, which is a really good sign given all of the global turmoil we are having right now. >> let's look ahead to the financial week. what's coming up? >> the big one is friday. so, talk about anxiety, the jobs report comes out on friday. this is how many jobs the economy added in november. the forecast right now is a little over 100,000. unfortunately, we are probably still going to be at a 9% unemployment rate. that's the one thing that's still dogging the economy.
6:38 pm
i have to mention the european debt crisis. we talked about it a few weeks ago, and guess what, they have not fixed it yet. you will have european leaders throughout the week talking about it. >> lex harris, thank you for joining us. cnn money editor. appreciate it. dr. conrad murray is days from being sentenced in the michael jackson case. how much time could he get? and a secretly recorded conversation shows up in the case against syracuse coach. roc® multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. lines, wrinkles, and sun damage will fade. roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. whoa. whoa. how do you top great vacations? whoa. getting twice the points on great vacations. whoa!
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in two days conrad murray will find out whether he will be sent to prison for involuntary manslaughter the death of michael jackson. sentencing is scheduled for tuesday in los angeles. prosecutor and the defense have already made clear what they want this judge to do. joining us now holly hughs, the criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. clearly the prosecution is going for the max, four years. what do you think the judge will do? you have been following this. i sat through the entire case. he's basically ruled against the defense throughout. what do you think he will do here? >> i think he will impose the
6:42 pm
max. here's why. typically what the judge will look at is does this defendant have a prior record? is there anything in his past, but they will also look at the evidence introduced at trial. what we saw here, ted. and you know, you were in the courtroom, was a pattern of egregious behavior. this sant one-time thing where someone loses control of a car, has an accident and kills somebody. it is that type of involuntary manslaughter. >> his behavior was only with this one patient. his other behavior, as a physician, which the defense put up other patients seemed to be the direct opposite. >> exactly. but he was acting as a cardiologist with those other patients. that was his specialty. what the problem is here is he took on a job he was not qualified to do. he started to act as an anesthesiologist and started to administer a very strong drug he had no business administering. if you remember dr. shafer's testimony there were 17 points
6:43 pm
in which he was grossly negligent according to the state's expert. so i think we will see the max here. >> no matter what the judge does it up to the state prison and the sheriff to impose the actual sentence, if you will in terms of where he will spend it. say he is sentenced to four he will likely do it in county jail. do you think he will be able to take advantage of not going to the state pen. >> if the judge imposes the max and this is true in almost every state of the union, the department of corrections is an entirely different entity than the bench. the judiciary says you have to do four years in prison, that's what i am giving you but the department of corrections says we have another program we think he is eligible on, put him on the ankle bracelet and let him serve his sentence at home. >> we will find that out on tuesday when murray is scheduled to be sentenced.
6:44 pm
switch gears to these new explosive developments in the child sex abuse case in syracuse against coach fine. espn released secretly recorded conversation between fine's wife and one of the accusers. these were from 2002. bobby davis was the accuser who was secretly doing it. potentially damning evidence that suggests that fine's wife knew about the abuse and let it go on. let's listen to that recorded conversation. i know everything that went on with that. bernie has issues. maybe he is not aware of but he has issues. and you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted. >> you know what, go to a place where there's gay boys.
6:45 pm
find yourself a gay boy and you know get your rock off and have it over with it. you know, he needs a, that male companionship that i can't give him. i care about you and don't want you treated that way. if it was another girl it would be easy to accept that because you know what you are up against but when it is another guy you can't compete with that. >> people listen to that and may say, okay, case closed this guy is guilty but statute of limitations may prove differently. what's the reality with these tapes? >> the reality with these tapes, these crimes are 0 not punishable because the statute of limitations is five years in new york. with the new accuser coming out we are seeing the federal government has gotten involved because it is and the-year statute and double what new york has. if these things happened in 2002, which is the allegation from the new accuser they have until the same date in 2012 to file charges.
6:46 pm
>> the new accuser has issues. >> the problem is the new accuser is also charged with multiple counts of child molestation, child sexual exploitation, inappropriate touching of a child but we also know statistically speaking that abused children grow up to be abusers a lot of the time. so that could cut both ways. it may play in his favor if they can corroborate with physical evidence or another witness. it may turn out to be true. we have to wait and see. >> we will have full coverage of the person ny fine story including the entire story from espn of bobby davis' recorded phone conversation with fine's wife at the top of the hour. and an interview with conrad murray's hurry, j. michael flanagan on the eve of the doctor's sentencing. now that super committee of course has failed, what is next for congress? how about a plan that could put
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thmplts week, president obama heads to scranton, pennsylvania, where he will push for an
6:50 pm
extangs of the payroll tax the cut. it's the next big debate before congress. here's cnn's athena jones. >> president obama is hitting the road travel to go scranton, pennsylvania on wednesday to continue to push for an extension of the payroll tax cut, the next big debate before congress. president obama's message to congress this holiday season -- >> don't be a grinch. don't vote to raise taxes on work americans during the holiday. >> in the wake of the spectacular failure of the super committee, a new issue, whether to extend the payroll tax cut. >> it's essential that we do this. we'll keep at it and at it and at it because it's so important for the economy. >> the payroll tax holiday has not stimulated job creation. we don't think that is a good way to do it. >> by reducing withdrawaling for social security, the tax holiday
6:51 pm
has meant an extra $934 for the average family. at a cost of about $120 billion. it's set to expire at the end of the year and president obama took to the stump in new hampshire last week to urge lawmakers not to let that happen p. >> republicans like to talk about we're the party of tax cuts, but the question they'll have to answer is this, are they willing to break their oath to never break taxes? >> harry reid plans to introduce legislation that would extend the tax cut. a bill too extend unemployment insurance benefits also set to expire would come later. >> we'll take that up and i think probably some package of that with other features might well pass. >> but passage is far from certain and the bills must also get in the house. the sticking point, how to pay for them. democrats could propose a surtax on millionaires. an idea republicans oppose. some think congress should worry about paying for the extensions later when the economy is on
6:52 pm
stronger footing. >> the danger from the shock from europe, i think what we've got here is a patient with high blood pressure who has been hit by a bus. let's deal with the bus hit first. >> while both measures whether provide some boost to the economy, unemployment benefits pack more of a punch. >> unemployment benefits virtually all the dollars get spent and so we get a pretty large bang for the buck. >> many economists say that failure to extend these measures would stall the already sluggish economy recovery and that's leaving aside the impact a meltdown in europe would have. a me in a jones, cnn, washington. you might notice that your internet is running a little slower tomorrow. that's because it's the biggest online shopping day of the season. psycher monday. we'll show you where to find the best deals coming up in two minutes. nationwide insurance, talk to me.
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a shout out to black friday shoppers. this years numbers are in and it looks like folks did indeed shop until they dropped. retail sales hit record numbers. up 6.6% over last year. consumers spent an average of $11.4 billion on the biggest shopping day of the year. black friday online sales were
6:56 pm
also up 24% from last year. consumers spent slightly more than last year, although spethe spent most of it on themselves. you still have another shot at saving big. tomorrow, of course, is cyber monday when retailers offer huge deals online. katie is here to help us break it down. let's talk first about the best part of cyber monday, no crowds. you're by yourself. >> yes. you don't have to interact with any people. and we know when it comes to holiday shopping, people get a little crazy. and i love these statistics we pull pulled. 96% of americans are dreading some form of holiday shopping. and this is my favorite part. walmart had a $2 waffle iron on black friday. you can see the mayhem that happened. and if you watch the lady in the blue, her pants fall down. this is what you get to avoid on
6:57 pm
cyber monday. but let's talk about the phrase that was coined in 2005. last year we saw a billion dollars on the day. this year we hope to project $1.2 billion in sales. >> i guess you have to watch out for scams tomorrow because they'll be out there, too. >> let's give issue tyou some t. a lot of scammers will be using fishing schemes. make sure you really know what clicking on and what e-mails you are opening. they love to cash in on the ipad and sxchlt box kinect. also credit cards instead of debit cards. you'll be we are protected from fraud in the event that your credit card number was stolen. also when you're online shopping, look for the https, the s stands for secure. and also restocking fees.
6:58 pm
not so much a scamming thing, but people's impulse buy. $100 and $200 off, make sure it's something you want because you could get hit with a restocking fee upwards of 25 prd. also be careful shopping on public wi-fi and 53% planning to short on smart phones. download an app to better protect yourself. >> favorite sites, what will you be looking for? >> i have my favorites. first off, cyber aggregates all the deal, all the ads. a good place to look. also two sites that i use year-round, retail me and you can at the least typically get a promotional code for free shipping, but i always find it great in terms of getting 10%, 20%. also amazon known for lightning deals. and of course social networking sites retailers pig bigging. lit the like button if there's a
6:59 pm
brand that you'll love, for your loyalty, they'll give you special deals. >> apparently a lot of folks will be doing this at work. they don't at that time day off, they it actually do it at work. >> that's my favorite statistic. over 50% of people shopping from work. might as well just give us the day off. let's he be realistic, right? >> you can work and a lot of people surf the net. in fact i think my wife can do pretty much anything and shop on the side. >> absolutely. we're multitaskers. >> katie, thank you very much. enjoy shopping online tomorrow. it all starts tomorrow. are you in the cnn newsroom. i'm tell alld rowlands. would he begin with bernie fine. the head baseball coach accused of sexuall


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