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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 28, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>> most of my life. >> how do you have the energy still to go out there and do this? >> i think the music is the energy. i really love the music. you want to make music that live. i focus on things that are catchy and have heart so, you know, you want things that make you laugh and make you think and cry. >> cyndi lauper, thank you. as always, take a look at our blog to catch the entire interview if you missed it, pass it along to your friends, top of the hour. watch this. i'm brooke baldwin. here's what we're looking at right now. a syracuse coach fired soon after a shocking tape has come to light. also, the markets getting a bit of a black friday bounce. pakistan puts the u.s. on notice after a deadly nato strike.
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and a wet, dare i say possibly snowy, day for the southeast. i'm going to play reporter roulette here on this monday. ed lavandera, in syracuse where syracuse university fired assistant basketball coach bernie fine, fine is accused of sexually abusing kids. ed, also news fine's termination just hours after the world heard this tape recording of his wife. tell me about it. >> reporter: well, this was a recording between one of bernie fine's principal accusers, a man by the name of bobby davis. in that phone recording he was talking with bernie fine's wife, and it was a dramatic phone call. these are phone calls that lasted quite some time. we can listen to a little bit of it, and it really seems to bolster what bobby davis has been saying here over the last few weeks accusing bernie fine of molesting him hundreds of times over the course of some 16 years, back in the 1980s and 1990 s. >> listen. >> i know everything that went on. you know, i know everything that
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went on with him. bernie has issues. maybe that he's not aware of, but he has issues. you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted. >> yeah. >> bernie is also in denial. i think he did the things he did, but he somehow through the whole mental telepathy erased them out of his mind. >> obviously, ed, it sounds quite incriminating initially. head basketball coach jim boeheim came out in strong support of fine. what's he saying now? >> reporter: we also want to be very clear about this. we've made repeated attempts to speak with bernie fine's wife about these tapes, repeated phone calls. we have knot knocked on her doo. we've gotten nowhere. the head coach of the syracuse basketball team, fascinating because early on when the story first broke, boeheim was very adamant for had his support for his assistant coach, also came
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out and said that these two principal accusers at the time were lying, very strong words. boeheim backtracking dramatically in a statement saying he's shocked and devastated by these new allegations. there's now a third accuser who has come forward and he's actually apologizing if his comments were in any way disruptive and not allowing other people to come forward and tell their stories to authorities. quite a dramatic change for the syracuse basketball coach. >> just to underscore your point, we'll continue to follow up and make those phone calls to mrs. fine. ed, thank you. next on reporter roulette, karina huber at the new york stock xhoong. we are less than 60 minutes away from the closing bell. a pretty huge day for the markets. >> absolutely, brooke. stocks have been hot, hot, hot today, the dow is up by more than 2.4%, the nasdaq it and s&p 500 doing even better. what we're missing today is a relief rally on the back of the
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strong outcome for the thanksgiving holiday. over the weekend, europe didn't implode like many feared so we're seeing a bit of cautious optimism coming out of europe that's helping the markets today. >> we saw record-breaking sales for black friday. what are expeexpectations for t cyber monday? >> more than 200 million americans hit the stores or shopped online, more than half of the population here in the u.s. total spend over the four day reached a record $52.4 billion. opening on thanksgiving day itself was a winning strategy despite some of the backlash we saw from store employees and facebook groups. more than 20 million shopped online or in stores on thanksgiving day, up 40% from last year. you can bet more stores will do it next year. as far as today, $1.2 billion in sales online. this means a lot of people at work are out there shopping, not so good for productivity but hopefully a lot of the bosses will understand it is good for
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the economy. hopefully they'll look away today. >> i've been working all day, just want to say that. i've been working, no cyber shoching for me. karina huber. >> me, too. >> next on reporter roulette, let's go to the pentagon and chris laufrns. chris, we know over the weekend a nato air strike killed two dozen pakistani troops, causing protests. >> the situation is so sensitive that about all you're hearing from u.s. officials are condolences and an announcement that the u.s. has launched an investigation into finding out how this happened. the pakistanis have asked the u.s. to leave an air base that the cia had been using to launch drone striekz against al qaeda elements within pakistan. and they closed two keyboarder check points that control about 30% of the supplies for the american troops in afghanistan. >> let's just talk a little bit more about u.s./pakistani relations.
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it hasn't always been peachy, if you will. why is that. >> that's an understatement, brooke. they've had obviously very rocky moments, most especially earlier this year with the raid to kill osama bin laden. look, pakistan is important for the war effort in afghanistan. pakistan also has between 70 and 90 nuclear war heads, a strong nuclear power that the u.s. needs to engage. and, on the other side, the u.s. provides billions of dollars in aid to pakistan. so there are elements there that suggest the relationship will find a way to continue. >> chris lawrence at the poent gone, thank you. and finally here on reporter roulette, chad myers with talk of rain. it's been a nasty day in atlanta. and possible snow in the southeast? >> yes. tonight. the good news is everyone has some leftovers. you don't have to go to the store. you don't have to go get bread or milk.
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>> speak for yourself, friend. i ate all of mine. >> it's only a three-hour event. you can live three hours without new bread. western tennessee, northern misses miss and northern alabama, big snow. could be four to five inches. >> wow! >> but it will be 36 degrees, brooke, so it may be sticking to the grass but it certainly won't stick to the roadways. if it snows hard enough, especially as snow comes this way, west of nashville through memphis all of northern mississippi and alabama, not quite to atlanta because we're in this dry area here called the dry slot of the storm, you may see enough snow coming down heavy enough that a bridge or overpass may get slick. but that's it. the roads are going to be fine. the roads have been 40, 50, 60 degrees over the past couple of days. but we are forecasting two to three. i would certainly recommend some people right through here probably get a sittered ready for tomorrow, maybe two to three hour bus delay it's at schools. that's probably it. if they cancel school, you get a free one because otherwise it will be just fine. maybe make a small snowman.
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airports are a bit slow because of wind and snow and cloud cover. san francisco, typical delays, hour and 15 minutes. and for you in the west, just because we're talking about snow in the east, another record-breaking day. look at this, look at long beach, california, yesterday, 86! >> hello! >> i think i'd like it. >> i'll take that. >> and santa monica pier 83. >> thank you, chad. as always, send us your ireports if you see the snow in the southeast. new developments this afternoon in the death of the florida a&m band member. we have now heard from the attorney for the band director. plus, a university of utah professor is allegedly caught watching child porn on an airplane, on a flight to boston. find out how exactly he was caught. and a border fence between mexico and the united states is being extended into the ocean. we're talking about 300 feet in
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[♪...] >> announcer: now get a $250 airfare credit, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. certain restrictions apply. welcome back. if it's interesting and happening right now, you're about to see it rapid fire. let's begin at syracuse university. disturbing new allegations in the syracuse university sexual abuse case. there is audiotape now. the school fired assistant basketball coach bernie fine last night after a third man came forward saying fine molested him when he was a young boy. a phone recording surfaces now from nine years ago. espn says the woman on that tape is fine's wife laurie who says she knew everything that went on with her husband. the family of a florida a&m
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drum major who died in that possible hazing incident plans to sue the university. robert champion died on november 20th after a game in orlando and an attorney says the family is concerned about a, quote, culture of cover-up at the school. the school's band director has been fired and earlier today he said he was doing everything he could to rid his band of hazing. >> i wish that we were not meeting here now. i wish that this could have been avoided. and i took the necessary steps that this tragedy could have been avoided. >> julian white was fired shortly after robert champion's death and all band performances have been suspended. the u.s. border patrol plans to replace and extend what they call a surf befence 300 into th pacific ocean. this goes between imperial beach california and tijuana, mexico.
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according to t"the los angeles times" a new steel fence some 18 feet tall will replace the barrier which apparently has gaps in it. a professor on a delta flight to boston saturday winds up in jail. police say university of utah professor grant d. smith was caught looking at child pornography on his laptop while on the airplane. the university paper says smith is a material science and engineering professor and is now on leave pending an investigation. mitt romney getting ripped by a new from the dnc today. this ad here paints the gop presidential candidate as wavering on issue likes abortion and health care. they're calling this ad "p trapped." it's airing in five states and washington, d.c. in a statement, romney's campaign spokesperson says democrats' focus on the gop candidate is a distraction from real issues today like the economy and jobs. a high-profile fighter for the liberal cause is retiring
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from politics. this man, congressman barney frank of massachusetts, has decided not to seek reelection. the congressman says when he leaves the capitol he's not coming back. >> there is no way i would be a lobbyist. look, i will miss this job, and i'll have some twinges of are he cigarette when the new congress -- twinges of regret when with the new congress is signed up. maybe you'll laugh, but one of the advantages to me of not running for office is i don't have to pretend to be nice to people i don't like. some of you may not think i've been good at it, but i've been trying. >> congressman frank known for his quick wit, key knowledge of husband house rules and being one of the first openly gay member fz congress. a teenage girl in kansas said some pretty ugly things about the governor of her state to her 65 friends at the time on twitter while on this youth and ghost field trip. now her story maz gone viral. the governor's office called the
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youth in government folks, they in turn called the girl's principal, she was called to the offices to apologize. she said no thanks. find out what happened next, all over one tweet. and that teenager emma sullivan will join me live to tell her side of the story in it two minutes. stay here. what's this? it's progresso's new loaded potato with bacon. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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if you ever doubted the power or the reach of social media, i want you to listen closely to this story. i want to warn you up front you may find the language a little rough. here we go, a high school senior on a youth and government field trip tweets to her followers at the time it, 65 of them, blasting this guy, kansas governor sam brownback. so today this young woman is at
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the center of an internet storm. let's start with her. she is 18-year-old emma sullivan and her tweet apparently as the story goes she was standing with students listening to the governor speak and she tweeted this -- i can only read part of it speaking of this language -- quote, just made mean comments at governor brownback, and told him he sucked, in person, then she follows it up with a crude hash tag. the repercussions from that tweet were swift. the governor's office saw sullivan's tweet, they then contacted the youth in government program and then emma got called to the principal'ses office and told to apologize. >> he started off with saying that he had to do a bunch of damage control and i needed to do damage control and that i needed to fix this. >> emma has the full backing of her mother. here she is. >> i think it was a cowardly move for him to go after her. this is the lingo for this
3:19 pm
generation. it's not entertaining if she said, well, my political views differ and went on to explain in a more intellectual forum. >> since the story broke, i mentioned she had initially 65 followers. last time i checked her site it was like 8,000-plus. this whole thing blown up on social media. in fact, i want you to take a look at some of the reaction. quote, emma sullivan should be applauded not criticized. just how much power and influence should brownback have? another tweet -- emma sullivan is a spoiled brat who probably doesn't even know why she was saying that. not sure i get an adult acting like a teen to try to show up a teen acting like a teen. emma sullivan on the phone with me from fairway, kansas. emma, we should point out you just got word from your school district, the principal gave you a deadline today to officially apologize. now they're backing off that. they say that this should be a teachable moment. so, emma sullivan, what have you
3:20 pm
learned? >> i've definitely learned the power of social media for sure. i've learned that people will see what i said and my words do have an impact and that everyone's voice will eventually probably be heard. >> emma, let's go back to your tweet. why did you tweet that in the first place? why did you think that about the governor? >> it was a decision on my own part to kind of joke around with friends. i didn't mean to get his attention or to cause an uprise like it has, just i wanted to, y you know, continue the conversation with my friends. we were all standing around joking around, kind of saying things they would like to say. it was kind of spur of the moment. >> so it was a joke with friends, but, guys, let's pull the tweet up again because given some of the words -- have you
3:21 pm
ever met the governor? did you have any kind of conversation with him while you were there last week to at all prompt you to tweet this? >> i follow his policies, and my sisters does regularly, too, and she keeps me updated. he was actually at the time talking about his plan for education and funding, and me and my friends are at that point where we all are registered to vote so we do have to keep up with the government. we all are in government class so i do know his background and i do know what i believe in and i know what he believes in, and i know that they don't match up. >> just so i'm clear, you've never met him. >> no. >> okay. did you have any idea, emma, that your 65 followers who initially got that tweet would turn into 8,000 in a week? did you have any idea this story would blow up the way it has? >> i had no idea whatsoever. i didn't think it would get any
3:22 pm
bigger than me getting called into the principal's office. >> would you, if you were to ever meet the governor, ever use that kind of language if you were speaking with him face to face? >> i wouldn't use that language at that time i was speaking to my 60 followers, which are a bunch of teenagers who wouldn't take the time to read a tweet that said, i disagree with br n brownback because of this and this, very actual critical words and mature. my friends are still teenagers. if i said something that used their language, something they could relate to, of course they're going to read it instead of me droning on about something too serious for them to comprehend. >> well, let me let you know we here at cnn reefed o ee ee eed out to governor brownback'ses office. let me read the statement they sent to us. quote, my staff overreacted to
3:23 pm
this tweet, and for that i apologize. freedom of speech is among our most treasured freedoms. so they're apologizing. are you still not apologizing for any of your language used in the tweet, number one? and number two, would you be willing ever to sit down with the governor and have an actual conversation? >> i wouldn't mind maybe voicing my opinions to him. i'm not a politician myself so i can't sit down and tell him, this is what you need to do for, you know, this, this and this. different policies or what he needs to do to help our education system. but i wouldn't apologize for the tweet itself because, like i said, that was aimed toward my audience, not aimed toward him. i wasn't talking directly towards him. it was to my high school friends. >> emma sullivan standing behind her tweet. emma, thank you for calling in from kansas. i appreciate it. >> thank you. if a parent turned over the car keys to an 8-year-old, we would be shocked at the level of
3:24 pm
irresponsibility. stick around and see if you agree with this case coming out of ohio where a small child was removed from a home because he weighs 200 pounds. then our own john king hits the road to talk to newt gingrich, the new republican front-runner in the battleground state. we'll definitely discuss why bill clinton felt compelled to give gingrich such high marks in a conservative publication. first, let's look at "the next list" with dr. san gentlemjay gupta. meet heather and her sidekick robot "data". >> my name is heather knight. i'm a social robot sift, someone who makes robots that can interact with people in a human way. when i tell people i make robots, they're like, wow, that's cool. when i tell people i make social robots usually they're confuse ed at first. i've found the best way to talk
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like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? time for a special america's choice 2012 update. john king is live in beautiful charleston, south carolina, and, john, huge interview today, current republican flavor of the week, this week's poll topper newt gingrich. you have to be pretty excited about this one. >> well, that's the question. is he the flavor of the week? we've watched the anybody but romney ball, brooke, be handed from bachmann, trump had it when he wasn't even running, then cain, perry. now it's gingrich. can he keep it? he's now saying he's the only
3:29 pm
bona fide conservative alternative to romney. this state south carolina votes third, iowa, then new hampshire and south carolina. republicans here like to say new hampshire and south carolina, we know the field a little bit. an important night for newt gingrich. a town hall meeting, trying to tell conservatives in this conservative state, look at me. i know you were talking earlier, this is a first television interview he will do since getting the union leader endorsement in new hampshire. he's trying to build momentum. >> talk about the significance of the "union leader" endorsement. why is that such a big deal? >> well, it's important because it's a statewide newspaper, the leading conservative editorial voice in the state of new hampshire, a newspaper that mitt romney has courted and courted and courted in hopes of getting that endorsement. he's been at it for three, four years courting them. essentially the editorial says on the front page mitt romney will say anything to get our endorsement. newt gingrich may not be perfect, but we think he success
3:30 pm
a good candidate. when with the union leader gives you the endorsement, it's not just one day. it's usually over and over again. new hampshire votes second, after iowa. romney is way ahead right now. if gingrich could surprise romney, meaning even a strong second place finish, that would be a decent spring board into south carolina. the "union leader" does not have a perfect track record, they've endorsed those who don't win. the goal for gingrich, number one goal, is convince conservatives he's the alternative. in that fight the endorsement helps a lot. >> then the bill clinton factor suddenly. the former president saying some pretty nice things about newt gingrich in that recent interview. let's remember they were blood rivals when clinton was president. is bill clinton being straight-up, or is he playing republicans with this? >> i think both actually. i covered bill clinton and newt gingrich back in those days, got some of those gray hairs back in those battles. remember, newt gingrich was the head of house republicans during
3:31 pm
the impeachment of bill clinton over the monica lewinsky scandal. so these two are not -- they wouldn't sit down for tea, not likely friends. but clinton respects gingrich. yes, they fought viciously but cut a deal to balance the budget. they cut a deal to change pell fa well fare reform. clinton respects gingrich the thinker. when he he compliments him on policy grounds, he means it. he also knows the last thing newt gingrich needs is praise from bill clinton when with he's running for the republican nomination. so he means everything he says, and he winks when he says it and smiles, trust me. >> i look forward to that interview, mr. king, 6:00 eastern on your show jk usa, liv in charleston. now to this. this is not what we need. three years ago we had the meltdown. now we're just kind of staggering out sort of. we he had a record black friday. we have some other positive signs. but as if on cue, europe has a
3:32 pm
problem and it could be contagious. a lot of talk today about this at the white house. let's go to brianna keilar there n for us now. what is the white house doing, if anything, to help, push, prod the euros with their dead crisis? >> reporter: brooke, we've been hearing the same thing from the white house for some time now, they believe it's a european issue and europe is equipped to handle it and they will deal with this effectively. but there's a lot of concern right now, growing concern, about some experts worrying of course that some of the countries who use the euro might default, that you could see the eurozone break apart, of course that's something that would affect the european economies but u.s. economy as well. it's really this backdrop that we saw president obama today meeting with eu leaders. he spoke on camera a short time ago. here's part of what he said. >> i communicated to them that the united states stands ready to do our part to help them
3:33 pm
resolve this issue. this is of huge importance to our own economy. you know, if europe is contracting or europe is having difficulties, then it's much more difficult for us to create good jobs here at home because we send so many of our products and services to europe. it is such an important trading partner for us. and so we've got a stake in their success and we will continue to work in a constructive way to try to resolve this issue in the near future. >> reporter: now, we've heard white house press secretary jay carney say over and over that the eurozone countries need to move quickly, need to move strongly. but there's this open question that i think is causing nervousnesses, aside from applying this gentle elle pressure, at least publicly, what can the u.s. really do to help this situation? >> we just heard the president say, yes, the u.s. has a stake in the success of what's happening in europe and publicly the folks at the white house are saying they're confident that the europeans are taking steps
3:34 pm
in the right direction. but are they saying that as well behind closed doors? >> reporter: you know, privately at least at this point, brooke, it's not a whole lot different than that. we've heard the white house -- we've heard jay carney say that top officials in the administration stand ready to provide assistance in the form of expertise. now, at the same time, there's sort of this sensitivity as you can imagine to certainly tread publicly on an ally like germany, like france. we know that president obama is speaking constantly to hear carney say it to the chancellor, to president sarkozy, and what we're seeing really from the white house now is a focus instead on -- you'll hear this, let's focus on what we can control, and that would be our economy here, that no matter what happens in europe we need to make sure we can do everything we can to shore up our economy. the focus there is on the president's jobs plan which he is continuing to push and will continue to push this week as he goes to pennsylvania with his message on wednesday.
3:35 pm
>> brianna keilar, good to see you. thank you very much. question for you -- should a judge be able to decide on a case she worked on as a government lawyer? when the judge is a member of the highest court in the land and the case is the president's health care overhaul? that question gets aloft attention. we're going to go on the case next. also, we're going to tell you about an 8-year-old boy removed from his mother's home because he's morbidly obese. he's 8 years of age weighing in at 200 pounds. don't miss that. rt every semest. but mostly it helps me try new moves on and off the court. ♪ [ male announcer ] powered by the 2nd gen intel core i5 processor: not just smart, visibly smart. nobody does cyber monday like visit through monday for instant savings on some of our most popular products. i habe a cohd. and i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up.
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on the case today, the fight over which justices, u.s. supreme court justices,s should or should not be on the bench for the upcoming supreme court battle over health care reform. two justices in particular are being targeted here, some on the right say justice elena kagan should sit this one out. keep in mind she was the obama administrati administration's top supreme court lawyer before joining the nation's highest court. then some on the left want justice clarence thomas to bow out because his wife has been
3:39 pm
very active in conservative causes and that could create a conflict of interest. let's bridge in sunny hostin. sunny, what do you think? should these two justices remove themselves from the health care case? >> well, you know, if you look at the history, i don't think that's appropriate or necessary in this case. i mean, when you think about justice thomas, they're asking that he recuse himself because his wife virginia is opposed to the health care law. judges are allowed to have their own personal opinions and their families and friends are allowed to have their own personal opinions. i don't think that would affect justice thomas in any way. i think elena kagan's position is a little more tenuous, a little -- it's a closer call in the sense that she was the solicitor general for obama had when this law was passed. and my understanding is she sent an e-mail to harvard professor larry tribe expressing sort of her excitement over the law, saying, wow, we've got the votes. so when you look at that, that's probably a closer call, but the
3:40 pm
bottom line is, it's up to justice kagan to recuse herself. she's given no indication she will recuse herself, and i think we would know already if she weren't going to listen to the 5 1/2 hours of argument, brooke. so is she going to recuse herself? i think the answer is no. >> so does anyone even have power, sunny hostin, to remove one of these justices from a case? >> i did a little research on this, and, surprisingly, no. it's really p up to the justice to recuse themselves. i think most justices generally do recuse themselves when there is sort of a conflict of interest or certainly this appearance of impropriety. but, in this case, people's opinions are sort of all over the place, not when it comes to justice thomas but sort of when it comes to justice kagan. but i don't noi know it's necessaries for her to recuse herself in this case, and don't believe she's going to, brooke. we have to talk about this 8-year-old boy who lives in cleveland, ohio. he has been taken away from his
3:41 pm
mother, placed in foster care, because he weighs over 200 pounds. child welfare workers say the mother wasn't doing enough to maintain or control his weight. have you ever seen or heard of a case like this, sunny hostin? >> i have not. it's remarkable, right? oftentimes children are removed from homes when they aren't being taken care of, when they aren't being bathed, aren't being fed. you see these cases when had children are malnourished and abused. you don't typically see cases where this type of thing happens, when a child is fed too much. but i think it's appropriate because the standard here is what is in the best interest of the child. and we're talking about a kid that's morbidly obese, brooke. 200 pounds at age 8 is so far off the scale. look at the average height and weight for an 8-year-old, a boy
3:42 pm
4'2", 64 pounds. this child is about four times the average weight for an 8-year-old boy. there's no question this is not healthy for him. >> i was reading about this this morning. they kept talking about mednic medical neglect. he a's taken from his mother. is there any other alternative from foster care in this situation so situation? >> that's the thing, the standard is the best interest of the child. is it ever in the best interest of a child to be taken away from his mother, the only family he's known. i don't think so. a more appropriate method perhaps would be to find a program for the child and for his mother so that they could learn how to make these healthy choices. just because you take a child away from his mother and place him in foster care, what if that foster parent isn't equipped to take care of a child that's now morbidly obese, to take care of a child and show the child these healthy choices? we know the first lady has given us so much information about
3:43 pm
obesity in this country, especially as it relates to children. but most people just don't know enough about it, brooke. >> we'll follow it and see what happens with this 8-year-old boy, if he does get to come back home. sunny hostin, thank you. looking for work far from home, they went missing for days. but one man followed his gut. >> wait a minute. he owns a 688-acre farmed and he doesn't know the exact exit it's at? something's wrong there. >> coming up, we'll talk to that man who did not get the job and lived to tell about it.
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
3:46 pm
the deaths of three men in ohio are believed linked to a craigslist ad, but the motivation wasn't to find girl, which you might think when you hear craigslist. these men were look for work, responding to a job on a cattle farm. the only identified victim here so far is timothy kern. he said this in his last facebook posting, quote, just got one of the strangest job offers. a good offer but strange. this job is to watch over 680 acres. drawbacks? no cell service. the local sheriff has two in custody. this all started after a fourth man escaped. sarah budeson from our affiliate has the time line. >> reporter: november 6th, a man from south carolina is shot in the arm in rural noble county when he answers an ad about a
3:47 pm
job on craigslist. he escapes and tells police. later that week, police begin searching the area. november 13th, timothy kern is last seen in plain township. his father said his son interviewed for a job advertised an craigslist. november 14th, cadaver dogs begin searching rural areas in noble county. november 15th, the dogs find the body of a virginia man in a shallow hand-dug grave. police say he was lured to the area by the promise of a job, also advertised an craigslist. november 16th, police arrest two people in connection with the case, 52-year-old richard beasley of akron who has not yet been charged but was picked up on unrelated charges, and a 16-year-old boy from summit county. november 18th, the teen is charged with attempted murder, also beasley's mother says she knows the teen. she talked with news channel 5. >> he's a kid we have taken to
3:48 pm
church since he was 7 or 8 years old. wow, he's had such a tough life. >> reporter: november 22nd, a summit county man told news channel 5 he interviewed with beasley for a job advertised on craigslist. but the man never got a call back from beasley. november 25th, police find two more bodies in shallow graves, one in noble county and one in summit county. >> now, as that affiliate reporter mentioned, police arrested a 16-year-old boy. his father, michael rafferty, tells wjw that his son broegen is charged with attempted murder. the other suspect that she mentioned, richard beasley, who is in jail on prostitution and drug charges, i want to bring in ron senson on the phone with me, responded to this ad, met richard beasley in person. first, ron, can we be more specific about the ad? what exactly did the job entail?
3:49 pm
>> basically he was asking for someone single, older gentleman, to look over a farm they have, 6 688 acres. you would have a two-bedroom trailer rent-free, utilities paid for, and $300 a week. >> sounded pretty good. >> oh, yes. >> so then you go, you meet this 52-year-old beasley. where did you meet him and what was he like? >> he met him at the chapel hill mall here in akron in the food court. >> and how did he strike you? was he a pretty regular guy? was he odd? >> yeah, he was regular, from what i seen of him. he talked nice about everything, you know. nothing -- no bells went off in my head about it. >> continue your thought. >> not that this guy is up to no good or anything.
3:50 pm
so i filled out an application. he said he was going to talk to a couple more guys so after we talked -- the only thing that he really didn't answer was, when i asked him, where the property was, and all he said is it's couple exits south of cambridge. >> now that news has come out that these bodies have been found in these shallow graves, these men applied for the jobs, who had gotten the job, are you glad you didn't get the job? >> yes. i guess. >> you guess. okay, ron sanson, thank you so much pb. >> now to this one. come in close here. okay, come in a little closer. and you see this guy, talk to him, this, this i go over here. he's the guy anchors the show each and everyday, right after mine, sew has interviews presidents, prime ministers, you
3:51 pm
name it. leaders of nations. he did a little something special, something different. we're going to talk about that. we're going to show the video next. okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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"the situation room" coming up with wolf blitzer in minutes. talking about things political and news worthy, i know have you a big interview coming up in the next hour. but we have to talk about what we saw on tv last night, the bet soul train awards. tell me what you did. >> well, i was there with you, we sat in the audience, we add good time. at one point i went up and did the scramble board. if you are old enough to
3:54 pm
remember soul train, they put the letters up there, give you a clue and that was doug e. fresh, he taught me the doug e. last year. it was fun. a brief little cameo appear tluns. >> let's be clear. if you are looking at role of with the drum sticks and the box, that's wolf blitzer beat boxing, kind of. who's idea was that. >> that was theirs. you know in high school i played the drums, did you know that. >> i didn't know. >> i played the kettle bell. but i was all western new york tempony. played at the music hall in buffalo. one of the highlights of my life. >> i guess so. >> ask me how other competitors were trying to get that role as all western new york tempony player. >> how many? >> i think i was the only one. i was really bad, but i got that assignment which was pretty good. >> hey, wolf blitzer, i know
3:55 pm
you're talking about herman cain in the next hour. well look for that, all beat boxing aside. >> we will be live here. cain and blitz in the situation room. >> that's right. we will look for that, see you in a matter of minutes. meantime, thanksgiving was spent decking the hall at the huntsman house and apparently the huntsman girls were rocking out around the christmas tree. ♪ ♪ >> what does this guy, that man, have in common with mitt romney? has nothing to do with singing. everything to do with worship. it is making political pop today. joe johns is next. why do we have aflac...
3:56 pm
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and so it happens, we have a bit after holiday theme for you. joe johns, you know, we know the lawmakers are back from their thanksgiving holiday to the capitol annual christmas tree. >> that's right. the lightinger is mooenl be december 6. they have the christmas tree for the capitol here. it is a sierra white fir. always a big deal. 65 feet ball from the national for nest california.
3:59 pm
i don't mean to be a complete downer so i don, i worked at th capitol for a while. i asked them why don't they plant a live tree and redecorate it every year. well, apparently they did that. in 1960s they tried that and the tree died. 1970 they started receiving trees. >> speaking of songs, let's skip ahead to mitt romney loves the killers. why? >> right. well, this is interesting. and we find out from people magazine because these the things that people magazine likes to ask about, he has an ipad, and he has both


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