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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 29, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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that wraps it up for us today. another day of "american morning." >> now it's time for ted rowlands. >> hey, ladies, enjoy the rest of your day. we begin with the new crisis dogging presidential campaign, the campaign of herman cain. he denies claims of a long-time extra marital affair and sits down with wolf blitzer, even before the scandal breaks. >> was this an affair? >> no, it was not. >> no sex? >> no. >> none? >> no. >> are you sticking by your original story that it was a sexual relationship? >> absolutely. i can only imagine, i can't imagine him actually confirming. it's the name of the game, i guess. >> david bettingly is here to
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look at the atlanta businesswoman who is making the accusations and joe johns focuses on the beleaguered cain campaign. let's begin with you, joe, in washington. can this cain train really keep on rolling here? is this going to essentially kill his hopes of being president? >> hey, ted, i think you have to say, number one, other politicians have survived allegations of extra marital affairs. interesting to see what happens with herman cain because on top of that he has all this talk about allegations of sexual harassment. still, herman cain's polling had already been trending downward. this certainly does not help him, but he does say he's not getting out of the race. here's what he told wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >> you're staying in this race, you're not dropping out. >> i'm not dropping out of this race, no. as long as my wife is behind me and as long as my wife believes that i should stay in this race, i'm staying in this race. >> the cain campaign put out a statement saying detractors are
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trying, once again, to derail the cain train with more accusations of past events that never happened. the cain campaign is not surprised that another female accuser has come forward due to the fact that earlier allegations were unable to force herman cain to drop his presidential bid to renew america. so, what do the latest polls show? they show newt gingrich leading and herman cain is sort of at the very bottom of the top tier. so, he's doing very well, quite frankly, considering all the sexual harassment allegations, if you will. but that poll, of course, was taken well before these latest allegations came out, ted. >> all right, thanks, joe. let's hear more now from cain's accuser, including why she claims she got involved with him. >> it was pretty simple. it was uncomplicated and i was aware that he was married. and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate
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situation, relationship. i'm not proud. i didn't want to come out with this. i did not. >> so, why did she go public with her claims? for that we turn to david mattingly. david, what reason is she giving? she said they had a 13-year affair and he says they were just friends and it's all out there now in the court of public opinion. attorneys for both sides have already weighed in. the cain campaign, as joe was just telling us released a statement implying that ginger white is another detractor alleging events that didn't happen. we got that statement just as i was talking to white's attorney last night and he says that's not the case. >> the cain campaign describes this as more accusations of past events that never happened. >> no. >> i mean, i think that people out there will just have to decide whether or not they believe that, in fact, mr. cain is telling the truth or that
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they believe ginger white is telling the truth. but, i believe that ginger is telling the truth. >> does she have anything to gain by coming forward? >> i don't think so. i think she has everything to lose candedly. >> is she asking for anything? >> no. nothing. >> cain's own attorney says this appears it be an accusation of private, alleged, sexual conduct between adults. notice the wording here that he's not confirming the relationship actually happened, but goes on to say that no individual should be questioned about his or her private sex life. it all now comes down to credible. white had legal problems with the former business partner. she's been unemployed in the past and recently she's had problems paying her rent. but she says she came forward because reporters were already seeking her out and, ted, she said she felt like she should be the one out there telling her story. >> what is different in the sense that the other accusers that have come forward were
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accusing sexual harassment. what does she say about herman cain? >> she is different in that regard. she says he was very nice to her. he flew her to hotels where he was saying and bought her gifts. he was never harassing her in any way. described as painfully arrogant saying herman cain loves herman cain. >> all right, david mattingly. thank you. near the bottom of the hour, we're going to be looking at herman cain's latest scandal from opposite sides of the political spectrum. roland martin will weigh in at the bottom of the hour. hard line iranian students have stormed the british embassy in tehran. they took down the british flag and threw stones at the embassy's windows. zain verjee joins us live from london. zain, this is an extremely fluid and possibly dangerous situation. what are you hearing? >> we are hearing that the iranian press tv is saying that the police and security forces
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on the ground have the situation under control right now. what happened was just a short while ago, about 1,000 demonstrators, mostly students gathered outside the british embassy in tehran and a demonstration that was mostly peaceful to begin with and then turned violent. they broke down the door and started throwing stones at the embassy and went inside and started throwing all documentation and all paper around and, also, got rid of the british flag and planted the iranian flag. why is this happening? well, first of all, on sunday the iranian parliament decided to expel the british ambassador and they also wanted to downgrade diplomatic relations between iran and the united kingdom. the reason for that, ted, they're mad because the british government basically slapped new sanctions on iran and cut off all financial ties to the countries. the first time they have ever done that, any kind of transaction with any bank, any business dealing with iran. it's all over.
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so, they're upset. also a report that came out and expressed more concern about their nuclear programs. iran has always says it's peaceful, but this is a development targeting embassies on the ground in tehran. >> thanks, zain. today's news that american airlines is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. cnn's richard qwest has just finished speaking with american ceo. richard joins us from london. richard, how did thomas horton come to this decision? why do this and why doing it now? >> they're doing it for one simple reason. the american airlines cost base is considerably higher than united, continental's and delta which merged with northwest. those other airlines did go through chapter 11 during the recessions and managed to slash their costs. so, now, american has been struggling for the last few years, trying to get negotiations, trying to get
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agreements and trying to get its costs down, but, frankly, and finally, with oil prices high, with growth slowing down and with so many other competitive disadvantages. tom horton told me a short while ago, they really had had no choice. it was time to push the nuclear button. >> the folks at american have worked very hard and honorably to avoid that path over the last decade. but it became clearer to us that that gap was just too wide now and it had become untenable and it was time for us to address it and turn the page and put our company on the path to a much more successful future. >> ted, no doubt it is a dramatic development for a company that has several billions of dollars in cash that is reasonably successfully on its, on its load factors. it has good, strong hubs. all in all, this is being done purely and simply, not because americans going bankrupt. the planes are still flying and
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champagne still being served in first clas. all things will be normal. it's being done to get down the costs. >> so, if i have a ticket for an american flight, either today or in six months from now or over christmas, no worries at all, is that what you're saying? >> yeah, look, you know, it's rare that i put my neck on the block. but i'll do it quite clearly. there is no danger that american airlines is going to stop flying. let's be absolutely clear. crystal cut about that now. and in the chapter 11 process. i think many travelers are used to this. they flew united in chapter 11 and flew delta and usairways and all the others during those times. horton told me he hopes that chapter 11 will last less time than the average being 16 months. he hopes it will be less time than that. the people who i think perhaps will be watching and be concerned, of course, are american employees. no changes immediately. but longer term, they could expect to see some significant
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changes in their benefits and in their conditions of employment. >> all right, richard quest live for us in london. thank you, richard. michael jackson's doctor is about to be sentenced for involuntary manslaughter. coming up, we'll talk to one of conrad murray's lawyers and see what he expects to happen in the next few hours. many people across the southeast waking up this morning to a rare november snowfall. we'll have details on that, as well, after the break. nyquil (stuffy): hey, tylenol. you know we're kinda like twins. tylenol: we are? nyquil (stuffy): yeah, we both relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. tylenol: and i relieve nasal congestion. nyquil (stuffy): overachiever. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't.
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checking news across country now. parts of the south getting hit with a rare november snowstorm. accumulations of two to four inches are possible in parts of tennessee, mississippi, alabama and north carolina. on new york's long island two more students accused in a college entrance exam cheating ring have surrendered to police. a total of 20 current or former high school students now face criminal charges in connection with the pay for testing scandal. and a utah professor is pleading not guilty to charges of watching child porn orn a plane. the university of utah has placed professor grant smith on administrative leave and will fire him if the allegations turn out to be true.
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well, less than two hours michael jackson's doctor will learn his fate. conrad murray sentencing for involuntary manslaughter comes more than two years after the singer's death. joining us now on the line, jay michael flanagan, one of dr. murray's attorneys. prosecutors and the jackson family are seeking the maximum here. mr. flanagan, four years. you're arguing for probation. what are you expecting that judge pastor is going to come up with in terms of a sentence? >> well, judge pastor should follow the sentencing guidelines and evaluate the nature of the crime and the nature of the victim. if you were to follow those guidelines, they would probably dictate low term of two years and recommending three years. the jackson family and prosecutor want four years. we've been asking for probation. what do i anticipate will happen? i would imagine judge pastor
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will give him the four years, based on everything that has gone on in the case so far. >> if the judge does give your client four years, which like i say is entirely possible here. you're asking that because of budget constraints in california that your client be basically detained in house detention or something like that. is that realistic in this case? and is it fair? after all, he was found guilty in the murder of michael jackson and the homicide. >> he wasn't found guilty of the murder of michael jackson. murder is an intentional act. >> homicide, right. >> he was found guilty of his involuntary manslaughter. that's an accidental death. since october in california, we've had an ab 109 bill called the realignment bill which indicates that nonviolent prisoners should be housed at the county level. state prison being reserved for
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violent offenders, sex offenders and people who might be a danger to the community. so, in all likelihood, dr. murray would be referred to at a county facility controlled by the sheriff. the sheriff in l.a. county. make the decision as to whether or not he thinks dr. murray is a nonviolent offender or make a decision based upon he is a threat to the community and he can release him to an alternative type of facility. >> do you, you have talked to murray. what is his state of mind and do you expect the jackson family members to address the court today in a few hours? >> yes. i anticipate the jacksons will be at least some of the family members will be making comments.
9:17 am
today it's been by the d.a. since last week that they were going to do that. i don't know who and how many of them. >> all right, jay michael flanagan, attorney for conrad murray who will find out his fate in just a few hours in a los angeles courtroom. thank you, mr. flanagan, for joining us on the phone this morning. how much is facebook worth? could be in the $100 billion in the next few months. the company is reportedly working on plans to go public and soon. and going into the wild. conservationists are using collars and text messages to keep close tabs on lions in kenya. we'll tell you how and why coming up after the break. neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®.
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there are now african lions that keep in touch with text messages. lions in kenya are wearing gps collars that calculate their
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exact location every hour and their data is sent by text message by conservationists who track their every move. zane vergesy back with us for more on this. zain, i understand, first of all, why are they tracking these lions so closely? >> well, they keep wanting to say in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion is sending texts. why they're doing this is because the population of lions in africa is actually really falling. some conservationists say it's something like 100,000 and now gone down to 30,000 and you have a pretty big tribe in kenya and they really live off their livestock. so, they're worried that the lions will attack the livestock and they won't have any food. so, what they do, they poison the lions. this is pretty sophisticated and expensive technology. it's about $3,000 just for one of the collars. there are about ten lions that have been outfit would these and, yeah, they send text
9:22 am
messages every hour and then the information is aggregated in an e-mail and sent out and then it's displayed and kind of pinpointed on a satellite map. so, they can see exactly what the lions are doing and study things like social structure, mortality, their locations, exactly where they are. >> wow. >> you know what lion is in swahili. >> you watched the lion king. >> simba. >> my kids are going to kill me. daddy, you didn't know simba. i understand you had a little run-in with a lion recently. >> i did, actually. i did. i was in nairobi, which, by the way, has the only national park in the world that is actually in the city and, you know, i do what i do every sunday afternoon, which is go through the national park and i did stumble upon a lion that was in heat with a female and that's really dangerous. this is him. it's really dangerous. he was very, very protective and
9:23 am
so he's looking at me in the car and if i had gone any closer, there was a danger that he could have attacked the car and busted in. but, nonetheless, i watched for a little while and then gave them a bit of privacy. >> did you take that picture? >> i did. i did. i actually only had my blackberry, so, i took that. but that is the simba staring directly at me about ten minutes from my house. >> wow. >> all right, zain verjee, alive to tell her tale. thank you, joining us from london. thanks, zain. well, alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. we're talking, once again, about the swirling rumors concerning facebook. any word on timing when facebook will actually go public? we could figure out how much this company is actually worth. >> oh, yeah. those are all good questions, ted. this could wind up being a real biggy. it could be the biggest tech ipo ever.
9:24 am
reports saying that facebook is looking at raising $10 billion in its ipo. that represents 10% of the company's stock. when you do the math there, that would value facebook at a whopping $100 billion. "wall street journal" says that is twice as big as hewlett-packard and 3m. you did ask about the timing and word on the street right now is that facebook is looking to make its public debut some time next year. here's why. facebook is getting so big that it is forced to report its financial trults the sec by april. so, hey, it's probably thinking, hey, may as well reap the rewards and go public and make some money. bloomberg is saying it could be earlier before it goes public before the end of the year. whenever this company goes public the founder, mark zuckerberg a very, very rich man. >> absolutely. after yesterday's big rally on wall street, what are we expecting today? >> stocks look like they will have a slightly higher open in
9:25 am
five minutes. nothing huge, but moving in the right direction. continuing hope that euro zone leaders are making more progress in addressing the debt crisis there. but a trifecta of bad news that could limit the duanemoves. also fitch cut its outlook on u.s. debt to negative. what that does, it increases the likelihood of a downgrade for the u.s. over the next two years. as far as futures go, at this point they're shrugging off the bad stuff and try to focus on the good. ted? >> good news. thanks, alison. we'll check in with you later. an atlanta woman says she was herman cain's mistress for 13 years. he says it's just not true. but can cain survive this latest allegation. roland martin gives us his take. stay with us. miley cyrus sings her support for the "occupy wall street" protesters.
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checking top stories. now, egyptians are still pouring
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to the polls in the country's first election since president mubarak were ousted. turnout has been, "massive and unexpected." nearly four months after robyn gardner disappeared, areuben authorities are releasing their main suspect. a judge ruled there's not enough evidence to keep holding the american, jerry giordano. the syracuse basketball team is prepping for its first home game without bernie fine. the assistant coach was fired on sunday amid a widening investigation into alleged sex abuse. the orange host eastern michigan tonight. well, herman cain comes out swinging insisting he did not have a 13-year affair with an atlanta businesswoman. here's what he told wolf blitzer. >> tell us about the nature of your relationship with this woman. >> friend and trying to help a friend because not having a job,
9:30 am
et cetera and this sort of thing. that's all there is to the relationship and here, again, i don't know what is going to be claimed in the story. there was someone who was supposed to be a friend, but, obviously, they didn't see it as a friend. >> when you say friend, these are awkward questions. but i'll ask you the questions you're going to be asked. was this an affair? >> no. >> there was no sex? >> no. >> none? >> no. >> have you spoken to your wife? >> my wife's reaction was very similar to mine. here we go, again. when i told her what little information that i knew about it, her response was the same as mine. and that was, here we go, again. we will basically show when the details become available that i didn't do anything wrong. >> but you're staying in this race. you're not dropping out? >> i'm not dropping out of this race, no. as long as my wife is behind me and as long as my wife believes that i should stay in this race, i'm staying in this race. >> this is the woman at the center of this. ginger white.
9:31 am
she told atlanta tv station waga that the affair ended just eight months ago when cain jumped into the race for the white house. she also showed the interviewer her phone records showing 61 calls and text messages she claims are from cain's private cell phone. >> it was pretty simple. it was uncomplicated. and i was aware that he was married. and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. i'm not proud. i didn't want to come out with this. i did not. >> cnn political analyst roland martin and cnn contributor will cain are joining me now. will, cain says he's staying in the race and the latest polls show he's still basically in it. those were done before this latest news. statistically tied with romney and iowa a little over a month ago. why not just ride it out if
9:32 am
you're herman cain? >> the thing about it is, this is another hole in what is already a leaky vessel. this isn't going to sink herman cain's campaign, but allow more watter to rush in. you know the problem here is herman cain. it's not who he sleeps with, his ability to tell the truth. in order to believe that herman cain tells the truth now, we have to believe not one, not two, not three, but five women are lying about herman cain in some capacity. in order to believe that, we have to believe there is some sort of conspiracy to get herman cain out of this race. what the republican establishment, what the obama establishment doesn't want herman cain in the race. that's a hard thing to believe. i believe they would love to have herman cain as their opponent. >> roland, who stands to gain from this? gingrich, of course, has his own marriage issues. >> well, first of all, anybody who is running behind mitt romney stands to gain. but here's the fundamental problem that herman cain has to deal with. let's just assume that will cain is his brother from another mother. these are the kind of questions
9:33 am
he's going to have to get. will, how long did you know this woman? how did you become friends? what kind of support were you providing? how long were you providing support to her? how much money have you given her over the years? did you fly her to various mr z places to join you? >> he will answer a litny of questions and then deal with his statement on cnn compared to his attorney's statement which sounded absolutely unbelievable. so, at the end of the day, herman cain is not going to be able, over the next couple of weeks, to be able to talk about 9-9-9 or anything else because he will have to answer these charges and going into iowa where you have social conservatives, it is not going to be a good thing for herman cain. >> will, do you agree with that? can he get any other message out or is he pretty much done? >> it's going to be tough. this will go back to the original question you ask me. we are answering these questions
9:34 am
assuming that herman cain is running for president. i think that's a big assumption at this point. we're not clear that herman cain is actually running for president. we don't know he might be on some kind of extended book tour or some kind of high-profile issue here. i'm just not convinced now with all of these issues. heefrz are you telling me he didn't know this was out there? this potential affair allegation exists? that shows arrogance or irnerrance. >> now, will, that question has been answered. he is running for president. republicans are going to have to claim him. he has been participating in various debates. he has people out there. >> roland, i'm talking about his motivation. what is his motivation? >> here's the deal, is he running for president? he is. he was allowed to the last cnn debate and he is running for president. the question is, can he actually win? can he compete in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina? that's a whole different question. >> i understand. >> i think, clearly, these
9:35 am
issues are really going to just suppress his candidacy even more so. i just don't see how he recovers because he will be dealing with this and not economic or foreign policy. >> i think technically he's running for president. i'm not sure inside his mind he ever really meant to run for president and win this thing. let me just say one last thing and that is the lesson is not you vet somebody by prior elected experience. it's not herman cain's mistake. not that he was a career politician. many peep xhl out and say that now. we need people who held elected offices, mayor of atlanta first. nonsense. how competent and prepared you are to handle the issues that might come up when you run for president. >> all right, roland martin and will cain, spirited discussion. that was easy, i didn't have to ask any questions. >> it's a texas thing. >> 114 years goes down the way it always should. >> thank you, gentlemen. before the scandal went
9:36 am
public herman cain sat down exclusively with our wolf blitzer. the veteran newsman will talk about the circumstances around that, next hour. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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miley cyrus giving a shoutout to protesters occupying cities around the globe. a.j. hammer is here with all the details. hey, a.j. >> hi, ted. unlike some of the other controversies, miley is intentionally stirring things up. she's dedicateling one of her songs to the "occupy" movement. she posted it on her official youtube channel. this is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in. now, the new video shows footage
9:40 am
from "occupy" protests around the world. all the fwoootage we have seen cnn and the last image is a sign saying we can change the world. imagine. the video has already been viewed by about 325,000 people on youtube. comment section has been filled with people both criticizing and supporting cyrus, but, ted, she is certainly a long way from hannah montana and getting politically active. >> all right, now to kim kardashian and the workout that caused her new husband to, naked yoga. a.j.? >> ted, i know you're dying to hear about this. part of the opening episode of "kim and kourtney take new york." discovers kim and his sist sister-in-law with a nak understructor. he blows up and decides to leave them in new york and returns
9:41 am
home to minnesota to train as an nba player and thought it was all too distracting with the naked men in the apartment. kim was tweeting as this was airing. naked yoga, has anyone heard of this before? i can't take it. i'm sure the naked yoga encounter was a ratings draw. people are tuning in to see the short-lived marriage of kim and kris. 72 days after having her televised fairy tale wedding is going to cause people to boycott the show. think again. preliminary ratings are out and topped all previouso openers for the show, ted. people tuned in to see what kind of clues they could find that this new marriage was in fact duped. >> i'm never watching that again, then, sure enough, they're tuning in. thanks, a.j. back next hour with more headlines. he'll tell us about tyler perry's letter to a man in the
9:42 am
penn state scandal. when your nose is running or your throat feels scratchy, you're probably not thinking about politics, but l.z. granderson thinks you should. why he says it's time to fix health care, coming up. stay with us. deer. fish. fantastic. ♪ this holiday, chevy's giving more. now qualified buyers can get 0% apr for 72 months on a 2011 chevy silverado. or 0% apr financing for 60 months plus no monthly payments until spring. ♪
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checking news across country. people across the southeast waking up to a rare november snowstorm. we are looking at live pictures from huntsville, alabama.
9:45 am
accumulations of two to four inches possible from mississippi to alabama into tennessee and north carolina. "occupy" protesters in oklahoma city are defying an order to leave a downtown park. the city told them to be out by 11:00 local time last night. the city is also refusing to renew the daily permit protesters have been using to stay in the park. the nation's first nucleared power aircraft carrier is marking 50 years of service. 1,000 former crew members of the "u. "uss enterprise" took part. if you ever had an ache or ailment that wouldn't go away, no matter what you tried. l.z. granderson feels your pain. he writes in a new cnn op-ed piece curing what ailing you can be expensive and it only gets worse when politics get in the way of medicine. how? >> well, you know, let's face
9:46 am
it. the conversation that we heard repeatedly the importance of repealing obama care. that is the conversation during the gop and during the debates. while i certainly see a lot of flaws in the health care reform law, i think there is a lot of good in there, as well. so, what i would like to see, what i think is important for the country is that instead of just saying, we're just going to repeal the entire thing, you actually take an intelligent look at it and dissect it and take out the good bits and look at what's good in that bill because the american health is approaching the crisis, if you look at the numbers. >> president obama's health care reform law is such a decisive issue. right now the supreme court is looking into it. how much do you think that health care is going to factor into this 2000 race when you think about a potential nonromney candidator if it's romney because romney, of course, has a track record with certain elements of the health care bill that or the law that
9:47 am
obama pushed. how do you see the difference playing out in the general election depending on who is up against president obama? >> well, it depends on how the conversation is being framed. if it's a conversation about health care and about health care reform, then we can look at things like the ten unhealthiest states also happen to be among the ten poorest states and start having a more important conversation about how they play a part in a person's life. if we frame the conversation politically and talk about obama care we're not focused on the american people or the conversation of health care, but focusing in on obama and his policies and whether or not we believe that been what's best for the country. for me, two totally different conversations. what i would like to see is that we separate the politics, which is obama care and talk about health care reform because of regardless who's in the white house in 2012, the issues that are affecting us in terms of health, they're not going away
9:48 am
and repealing that law is not going to change that. >> all right, l.z. granderson, thank you. you can check out l.z.'s op-ed don't take away america's health care lifeline at an astronaut plays a game of space ball. not only does he throw the ball, but he floats to the batter's box and hits it. you've got to see this. we'll have that coming to you in sports. seven minutes from now. daddy, come in the water! [ gnome ] awwwwwwww. i just feel bloody awful.
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stories making news later today. dr. conrad murray will be sentenced at 11:30 eastern for his involuntary manslaughter
9:51 am
conviction in the death of pop star michael jackson. also at 11:30 eastern, a man accused of killing eight people in a southern california salon is set to be arraigned in an orange county courtroom. and at 8:00 eastern, gary giordano, the maryland man jailed in aruba since august in connection with the disappearance of his traveling companion, is due to be released from custody. we're following lots of developing stories in the cnn newsroom next hour. let's check in first with david mattingly here in atlanta. david? >> she says they had a 13-year-long sexual affair. he says they were just friends. regardless, herman cain's latest accuser is putting her story out in public opinion, and i'll have details on that in the next hour. >> hi, i'm zain verjee in london. students have stormed the british embassy in tehran.
9:52 am
it turned violent. i'll give you more details at the top of the hour. and i'm deborah feyerick. bernie fine and his colleagues laying low as they try to get to the bottom of the sex scandal. concussion risks in soccer. concerns raised in parents. dr. sanjay gupta will explain. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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9:55 am
well, can anybody beat the pack, the green bay packers from winning another super bowl? the new orleans saints sure looked pretty good. they might go toe to toe. >> they were dominant against the new york giants. the packers have aaron rodgers, the saints have drew brees, and once again he was phenomenal. brees, early on, already up 14-3 finds jimmy graham. that makes it 21-3. then it's brees again. this time he finds lance moore on the right side. brees four touchdown passes he threw for more than 350 yards. and, you know, brees can also run. he ran for a score. watch him now. he takes it in the end zone and he thinks he's michael jordan. he goes up for the dunk, and not quite. not even close.
9:56 am
it's 49-24. del rio took over as the second coach in team history for the jaguars. the jags are 3-8 this year. they haven't had a winning season in four years. mel tucker takes over as interim coach. did you see this? thanks giving day, the sideline collision between the cheerleader and david kellerman. he tweeted, not hurting today like some of yaul thought i would be. our tight end isn't as tough as he looks. that or i'm way tougher than i look. that led a speculation to the account. she said she shut the account down herself because she wanted to spend the holiday weekend with her family and not the twitter account. >> the conspiracy theorists are
9:57 am
saying no. i take it at face value, that it's nice she took a weekend off from tweeting. first he pitches it, then forakawa glides to the other ball, goes to the other side, picks up a bat, and ready, and he finds enough time to hit it, and then he's not done. he actually jumps in the air and catches it, too. bugs bunny first base, bugs bunny second base. he said everything seems twice as nice. >> going back 50 years, just explode sbud a senior citizen smackdown. all of it caught on camera. cnn's jeanne moos calls the fight. >> throw the flag.
9:58 am
two football fanatics go at it after a years-long grudge. it started at a vancouver luncheon when former quarterback joe kapp took a flower from a centerpiece and extended it to his rival who responded -- half swatted angelo maska with a flower. maska used his cane to knock his glasses off, then cane decked him with a one-two punch. maska's new book is entitled "tell it to my face." even more ironic was the words out of kapp's mouth after the fight. once he was knocked down, kapp still didn't stop. >> i'm 74 years old and i don't even walk well with a cane. i have no balance. when i went down, he kicked me. >> maska having kicked a few
9:59 am
guys in his days as a wrestler after retiring from football. >> king congress maska! >> but king kongmaska wasn't resting after this one. the grudge goes back 50 years after a championship game. then cane hit back after maska made what he called a dirty hit that knocked one of the maska's teammates from the game. >> i'm not gonna sit here and watch someone stuff a flower up my nose. >> then kapp quoted a player from 40 years ago. >> angelo, can i kick the [ bleep ] out of you? >> a couple grumpy old football players. it's like a scene out of the movie "grumpy old men."
10:00 am
only in "grumpy old men," the weapon of choice was a fish rather than a flower. >> all i can do is apologize. >> before the fight, maska offered his hand and kapp ignored it. after the fight, it was the other way around. a newspaper summed it up this way, toothless but still ruthless. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. we begin this hour with her man cain's presidential campaign with a crisis that threatens to derail it. a woman says she was involved with cain in an extramarital affair for nearly 13 years. she said she came forward because her secret was about to go public. >> there were leaks. there were people, there were threats of people coming out with their version, and not that any version is really pretty, but i thought that it was
10:01 am
important to at least come out with my story -- my side of the story. >> david mattingly is here in atlanta. david, cain is issuing a flat out denial, but you also spoke to his attorney. what is he saying? >> well, here's how he's describing her. he says that ginger white is a former businesswoman, a single mother of two and says that she had a 13-year-long sexual affair with presidential candidate herman cain. well, cain flatly denies he has had any kind of relationship like that with white. in fact, after the story broke, the cain campaign released a statement implying that ginger white is another detractor alleging events that didn't happen. white says it's true that it went on until shortly before cain announced his candidacy and she's going public now because she was already being pursued by
10:02 am
reporters, and she felt she needed to be the one telling her story. >> it's pretty simple. it wasn't complicated. i was aware that he was married, and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. i'm not proud. i didn't want to come out with this. i did not. >> so now it comes down to credibility. i spoke with white's attorney. he confirms that she has legal problems with a former business partner, that she's been unemployed in the past, and she's recently had problems paying her rent, but he tells me that had nothing to do with her coming forward. >> what does ginger white hope to get out of this? >> her attorney tells me she's not asking for anything, and the only reason was here that sheine story would come out, so she wanted to present her side herself. >> even before ginger white's
10:03 am
accusations were made public, herrmann m herman cain actually broke the story himself. he sat down with wolf blitzer and adamantly denied the claims he knew were coming. >> did you have a 13-year affair with this woman? >> no. i did not. >> did you know her for 13 years? >> yes, but i did not have an affair, okay? and until i see and hear exactly what's going to be, what the accusations are going to be made, let's move on. but i acknowledge that i knew the woman. i acknowledge that i've known her for that period of time, but the accusations that i had a 13-year affair with her, no. >> stay with us. wolf blitzer will join us to discuss his exclusive interview with herman cain. two scandals after cain was
10:04 am
accused of sexual harassment. joe, cain rushed to contain the damage here. can his campaign survive this latest low blow? >> it's certainly trying to. he's got an e-mail out this morning touting his 9-9-9 plan to reform the tax code, talking about slaying the tax monster, and certainly staying in the race for sure. but he has been trending downward for the latest now. it can't be good, ted. the people i've talked to in the recent months never thought he would win the nomination when his numbers were at its peak, and now they're not at their peak anymore. the question is how he makes this case to social conservatives who expect politicians to answer to a higher power, how he makes this case to woman voters who showed signs of being skeptical about him earlier this month.
10:05 am
his problems are not only about the attlllegations of sexual harassment that came before, but he also came across as a candidate that wasn't up to speed on certain issues and not plugged in to the message of the campaign he was putting out. the challenge is getting past this latest hurdle. >> we'll see how he handles that challenge. pittsburgh police say they will launch a sex abuse allegation of syracuse university coach bernie fine. he already faces allegations in syracuse. one of the accusers taped a conversation with fine's wife where she says she knew about the alleged abuse. gary sussman tried to talk to lori fine tonighlast night. >> i'm sorry to bother you, but they're saying you might make a statement. >> no,i don't. >> you're not going to make a
10:06 am
statement? >> not today. >> couldn't that statement be misinterpreted, though? >> cnn's deborah feyerick is standing by. do we expect her to say something today? >> she has closed the door on pretty much everyone. what we can say is bobby davis has been trying to get people to listen to him for the last nine years. whether he got discouraged when police told him the statute of limitations has run out, what he fails to realize was that by making that tape, he had very powerful evidence. instead of taking it to police, he took it to the press, and now everyone is really playing catch-up just to make sure more victims don't step forward, hoping their actions didn't lead to the creation of potentially more victims. we've got police working with federal authorities who have brought in the secret service who are analyzing computers and other digital information to see
10:07 am
whether there is any evidence suggesting that bernie fine is guilty of doing what he's accused of doing. you've also got the district attorney. he's been shut out of the actual investigation, so he's looking to the police to see whether, in fact, they made a mistake by turning bobby davis away. the university, they acknowledge that yes, the reason they launched their investigation back six years ago is because of bobby davis' allegations against this associate coach. then, of course, you've got the press, including espn, saying it wasn't their job to bring it to police, it was their job to corroborate the information on the tape. so you have this circle where everybody is just trying to do the right thing. now for bobby davis, it's been years and years of trying to get people to listen to him, ted. >> syracuse has a home basketball game. any chance that scandal will affect jim bayheim? >> that's a good question.
10:08 am
jim bayheim is a very tough guy. he initially came out with strong support of his friend and colleague. just last weekend, he backtracked, apologizing to bobby davis and the other alleged victim saying if he made any insensitive remarks, it wasn't his intention to, and he encouraged people to come to the game. it's the first home game since fine was fired. bayheim is pretty secure in his job, espn reporting that he has no intention of stepping down. there is a very strong hierarchy here at the basketball program, so they already do have a coach who would step in, but it doesn't look like that's going to be a need. ted? jerry sandusky's lawyer says the former penn state football coach has hired a private investigate or investigator. sandusky is hoping to prove his innocence in the charge that he sexually abused eight boys over
10:09 am
a 15-year period. this comes after an alleged victim has hired two attorneys. they say when the time is right, they will file civil suits against sandusky and others. the british embassy was stormed. they replaced the british flag with an iranian flag. this is potentially extremely dangerous. >> reporter: it is, you know, ted, it's the first significant assault on a foreign embassy area in iran in four years. the scene was a violent one. it was a crowd of about 1,000 that gathered outside the embassy and it became violent. protesters stormed in, they broke windows, they threw documents outside of windows, they even set some of it on fire. they were chanting death of england. there was a picture of the queen they were waving around and condemning the united kingdom. what many people are saying is this is really a response to what the british has done with
10:10 am
iran, which is a pretty big deal. they cut off every single kind of financial tie, the first time they've ever done this to iran. all transactions, any relationship with any bank in iran. so what happened was, ted, on sunday the iranian parliament voted to check out, expel, the british ambassador to iran. and they want to downgrade relationships also with the united kingdom. the west really thinks that iran is developing a nuclear weapons program. a report from the united nations, the nuclear watchdog came out and said they were really concerned for the british reaction to cut off financial ties was really a response to that. and what we're seeing now in tehran, these really disturbing pictures of the situation getting more dangerous and a real target of anger and frustration at the british embassy there. >> any reaction from the british government? >> yeah, actually, i was just looking at the statement right now from the foreign office. this is what they had to say. they said, we are outraged by this.
10:11 am
it's utterly unacceptable and we condemn it under international law. the iranian government has a clear duty to protect diplomats and embassies in their country and we expect them to act urgently to bring the situation under control and ensure the safety of our staff and security of our property. ted, it's not clear if any of the embassy was in there when the storming happened? they're checking on everyone to make sure they're okay. ted? >> hopefully they are. stay with us. bo wolf blitzer joins us next to discuss his exclusive interview with h with herman cain. stay with us. ng... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: are there flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote.
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and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. at&t. this morning there are new
10:14 am
questions dogging herman cain and his slumping presidential campaign just weeks after two women accused him of sexual harassment. he now faces claims that he cheated highwaon his wife for m than a decade. an atlanta businesswoman came forward to say their 13-year affair was consensual. he sat down with cnn's wolf blitzer. >> i did not have an affair. >> do you think she has e-mails, letters, gifts, anything she will bring to try to confirm this. >> no. wolf, when you've done nothing wrong -- no. i mean, just like the second woman a few weeks ago came in with the statement and the so-called documents which couldn't stand up to scrutiny, i have no idea what it is she's
10:15 am
going to have to show proof. >> are you worried this could further hurt you in this republican race for the white house? >> i'm more worried this is going to hurt my wife and my family, because it's going to be proved that it was probably something else that was baseless. and the court of public opinion does not consider that when they run past that judgment. >> have you spoke enbe to your wife and family? >> yes. >> how did she react? >> her reaction was the same as mine. here we go again. >> you're not dropping out of the race? >> i'm not dropping out of this race, no. as long as my wife is behind me, and as long as my wife believes i should stay in this race, i'm staying in this race. because i am sick and tired of the hurt and harm that somebody out there is doing to my family, also to me, with these baseless charges. the important thing is that somebody is awfully afraid that i'm doing too well in this republican nomination to
10:16 am
continue to dig up these stories to try to put a cloud and damper on my campaign. >> blitzer joins us now from washington to discuss that bombshell interview. what was your reaction when you realized cain was going to launch into this pre-emptive strike? >> i was pretty shocked because i had no idea. we had booked the interview the day before, and he would be able to come into my situation room, and i thought we would get to current events of the day and talk national politics. all of a sudden he let us know about this story that they were about to break in atlanta. he wanted to pre-empt and give his side of the story first, and we obviously let him answer the questions and let him do that. we didn't know about it. we didn't know that they had twe
10:17 am
tweeted that they had a national story. i assumed they had something either on herman cain or newt gingrich in georgia, but i had no idea what they had, i had no idea if it was herman cain or newt gingrich or somebody else. we eventually got the specific details from herman cain and then later they revealed the story and broke the story of this woman ginger white, and had a statement from her and a statement from the lawyer representing herman cain. so it was just sort of breaking as we were on the air. >> i understand why someone would want to jump out at a story, but do you think possibly here this may bite him, because if it turns out there was a sexual relationship, which, quite frankly, his attorney's statement later sort of alludes to and that we shouldn't even think about it because it's
10:18 am
private business, the bottom line here is that he may have told a bald-faced lie to you, and that could be difficult to get out of. >> that would be very difficult to get out of. not nil impossible in the world of politics, but very difficult, especially as he's seeking the republican presidential nomination. a lot of conservative family values. oriented voters are out there, whether in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina or florida. it's doable but it would be very, very difficult if, in fact, it turns out to be a flat-out lie on his part. because he did look me and our viewers right in the eye and denied all of these allegations. and you point out accurately there was a discrepancy between his flat-out denial and the non-denial, if you will, from linwo linwood, his well-known attorney in atlanta who said consensual sex should be nobody's business. so there was an important
10:19 am
distinction between what the lawyer said and what herrmann man ca -- herman cain said on cnn. >> this is an affair being alleged here. do voters distinguish between the two? have we gotten to the post lewinsky-clinton scandal? can he deny this? >> he can, but it will be very difficult. he has two women accusing him of sexual harassment, two other women refusing to reveal their identities making similar accusations and now a woman saying she had a 13-year affair with him. none of these women seem to be coordinating a smear campaign against herrmann mman cain. they come from different parts of the country, different backgroun backgrounds, i suspect they don't even know each other, and
10:20 am
now there's several different women making accusations against him. he's gone down in the polls, but as much as the sexual harassment allegations have hurt him, i suppose the gaffes he acknowledges in the sentinel for about 40 or 50 seconds, he seems to be confused on a simple question involving u.s. policy toward libya. i think stuff like that hurt him if not as much, perhaps more. >> we'll see how the cain train reacts to all this. thanks, wolf. appreciate it. >> thank you. after the break, the hidden dangers of soccer? a new study raises troubling questions about a sport long embraced by parents. dr. sanjay gupta will explain. stay with us. many people across the southeast woke up this morning to a rare november snowfall. we'll have details on that as well after the break. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
10:21 am
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10:23 am
checking news across the country now, parts of the south getting hit by a rare november snowstorm. accumulations of two to four inches are possible for mississippi and alabama into tennessee and north carolina.
10:24 am
in new york, two more students have surrendered to police on long island. they're accused in a college entrance exam cheating scandal. a total of 20 current or former high school students now face criminal charges in connection with the pay for testing scandal. a utah professor is pleading not guilty to charges of watching child porn on a plane. the university of utah has placed professor grant smith on administrative leave and will fire him if the allegations turn out to be true. if you're concerned about your kids getting concussions from sports, football may not be the only game to keep your eye on. as we hear from chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. a new study saying repeated head butts from soccer balls may cause the same problems that football does from concussions. >> ted, you're absolutely right. soccer is a very popular sport around the world, but when it comes to head injuries, a lot of focus has been on football. keep in mind when talking about
10:25 am
soccer or football, the real concern is sort of movement of the brain within the skull. not so much the hits, and i think that might make sense when you think of why soccer overall can cause these types of problems. in this study, it's a small study. they looked at 39 players. these were players in their 30s and they were asked to assess how many times they used their head or head butted the soccer ball in a year. those people started to have brain changes more than the people who didn't have many hits. look at the changes in the brain for attention and memory and problem solving and they saw these changes. exactly how to piece it all together, that's going to be harder to do, but they did see these changes. when you look at this football animation, it's the brain movement back and forth within the skull that seems to make the difference. these studies need to be
10:26 am
duplicated. you need to look at kids specifically, these are looking at adults. but a lot of people paying attention to this given the popularity of soccer. ted? >> thanks, sanjay. you can see much more of sanjay's reporting on head injuries in youth sports in "big hits broken dreams" january 29 at 8:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, michael jackson's doctor is about to be sentenced in the singer's death. we'll go live to los angeles for the latest. plus, newt gingrich says he's not a perfect candidate but a lot better than mitt romney. our buzz panel weighs in next. ♪ [ electronic beeping ] [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff?
10:27 am
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10:30 am
is insane. if convicted he'll be held in a mental hospital tofor life. herman cain insists he was just friends with the woman accusing him of a 13-year affair. he said he tried to help her financially, but that was it. the political topics of the day, three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. today democratic national committee member robert zimmerman, founder and editor of citizen politics. and professor chris metzler. herman cain is denying allegations of a 13-year affair with an atlanta businesswoman. here's what he told wolf blitzer. >> i acknowledge that i knew the woman. i acknowledge that i knew her for that period of time, but the
10:31 am
accusation that i had a 13-year affair with her, no. >> is cain still a contender? robert? >> i can report to you with great sense of confidence that this most recent allegation in no way impacts herman cain's chances for the republican nomination. [ laughter ] >> because at the end of the day, he was never a credible, serious, legitimate candidate for the nomination. i think a bigger disgrace is that ultimately he's become a bore, and nothing is worse than a boring sex scandal. so ultimately, herman cain has lost all legitimacy and credibility in this process. >> patricia? >> if herman cain had a chance before, and i actually think he did. i talked to voters who saw him, loved him and also liked his policies, but i think with allegation after allegation after allegation, you can feel in the republican party just a fatigue for all these scandals of herman cain. they want someone who can win. they don't want someone always
10:32 am
explaining his sexual past. this is the last thing he needed. i think it's the end of his campaign. >> chris? >> as a conservative, i have to tell you i actually kind of agree with robert. there are a couple problems here. number one, i'm not sure herman cain was ever a contender. i think this makes him even less of a contender. the problem for cain is, in order to believe him, we would have to suspend any logic that we have. so that's one. two, he seems to have a very uncomfortable relationship with the truth, and then thirdly, you know, he's essentially poisoned the food and blamed the plate here. as a result of that, i think we're done. we need to move on. >> question number two. newt gingrich's new strategy, attack romney. here's what he told a south carolina radio station. take a listen. >> i don't plan to be the perfect candidate, i just plan to be a lot more conservative than mitt romney and a lot more
10:33 am
electable than anybody else. >> will this backfire on newt? patricia? >> someone has to attack mitt romney. it may as well be newt gingrich. the reason this puts him in the crosshairs, though, he says he's more conservative than mitt romney, and that requires a very close examination of his own record, and there is a question whether he's more conservative. newt gingrich supported t.a.r.p., he supported freddie mac. whether he lobbied or not, we know he got paid a million dollars by them. so is he as conservative as mitt romney? who knows. we'll go through his record now line by line by line. >> chris? >> i think at this point, newt is doing what he should do, which is dnc has come out with this attack ad questioning mitt romney. and as a result of that, i think what newt is doing is starting to pile on. and i think actually that that is a smart strategy. now, to the question as to whether or not he is more
10:34 am
conservative than mitt romney, i think the answer to that is probably yes. however, the caveat is it depends on which mitt romney we're talking about, which is why a lot of conservatives, myself included, actually don't like romney. you don't know who is going to show up. >> robert? >> the real contest here is not who is more conservative between romney and gingrich, it's really, who is flipped on more issues, who is taking both sides of more issues? gingrich's record, as patricia articulated, has been on both sides, romney is being two-faced on many issues as well. it's also curious to note you see democrats attacking romney with that great video they put out, mitt romney, two men in one body, versus attacking newt gingrich. it tells you a lot about strategy. at the end of the day, if they both compete with each other, then both of them will win that contest. >> 20 seconds each. the never shy democrat barney
10:35 am
frank retiring from congress after 16 terms. what should be his last words to his colleagues? what should the last words be? chris? >> i think his last words are so long, farewell, i won't miss you, you do-good, no-good congress. i also think part of his last words are, i am leaving you as morally bankrupt as fannie and freddie may are actually financially bankrupt skpchlt fin. and finally, you won't have barney to kick around anymore. >> that is probably the toughest question i've gotten on this panel in all the time i've done with you. i would never put words in barney frank's mouth. i think the question is how well he worked with republican colleagues, with the secretary of the treasury, ordain a
10:36 am
rorbach who praised him. all we hear from are people on polar opposites. >> patricia. last word. >> i think his last word should be something you said before, if you can't work with people you truly despise, you don't belong in congress. whether or not we want to believe it, he's a good example. he worked well with the republicans, got a lot done. i think people in congress could learn from that example. >> he will be missed for a number of reasons on capitol hill. thanks, guys. in about an hour, michael jackson's doctor will learn his fate. conrad murray faces up to four years behind bars for his involuntary manslaughter conviction in connection with the singer's death. murray's defense, though, has asked for probation. we're joined live from los angeles with more. what are we expecting, sandy? >> reporter: it could be a range of things when the judge takes the stand and announces his sentencing, ted.
10:37 am
the probation obviously could mean a very light sentence for conrad murray. that's, of course, what the defense is hoping for. murray's lawyers arguing that this is a conviction he'll have to live with for life, actually, and possibly the revocation of his medical license. so clearly, they're saying he's going to be punished enough. now, on the other hand, the prosecution wants the max, four years in jail, and also hefty fines. restitution could amount to more than $100 million. but according to state law, because of the overcrowding situation in state prisons here, even if the judge sentences them to the maximum four years, that will automatically be deducted or reduced to half of that, so two years in jail. listen to both sides as they made their comments when the verdicts came down november 7. >> you know, i'm confident, and i believe based on dr. murray's lack of a prior criminal record, i'm hopeful that the court will
10:38 am
take that into account and give dr. murray probation with maybe a little bit of county time. >> if they gave him all the time in the world, it's not going to bring my brother back. it's not. >> now, jackson's family members are expected to be in court today. his parents, joe and katherine jackson, as well as some of his siblings. his three kids are not expected to attend. they are supposed to be in school, according to family members, so it's clear that the family members, though, will be a presence here in the courtroom, ted. and interesting to note, both mothers petitioned the judge making their case. obviously jackson's mother saying conrad murray should get the max, and murray's mother in a letter pleaded for leniency, pleaded for mercy, and also mentioned in the letter she felt sorry for katherine jackson for
10:39 am
the loss of her son. >> he said he does expect some of the family members to address the court. coming up, tyler perry writes to a young man caught up in the penn state scandal. find out why in your showbiz headlines coming up next. stay with us. and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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miley cyrus is giving a big shout-out to protesters occupying cities around the world. a.j. hammer is sheer with aheree details. a.j.? >> the former actress is showing her political activist side. she is doing a video remix of her song "liberty walk." was posted on the youtube
10:43 am
channel with the caption that says, this is dedicated to the thousands of people standing up for what they believe in. this includes footage of protesters around the world. you see footage of angry marchers, the police confrontations and the last image is a sign that says, we can change this world. imagine. now, the video that be viewed by 325,000 people so far on youtube. i just checked it before we went to air. the original video of this song has only been seen by 15,000 people, so it is getting some notice. in the comments section you have your haters and you have your supporters, but the majority seems to like the song and some say it's actually changed their opinion of miley. ted is saying that's exactly why she did it, but for now i'm going to give her credit for speaking out and using her voice. tyler perry just reached out to one of the accusers in the penn state sex abuse scandal. tell us about the letter he's written, a.j. >> this was a very powerful letter, ted. it was published by newsweek
10:44 am
magazine. perry talks directly to the 11-year-old alleged victim of the scandal. he was a victim himself and he offers some advice to the victim. here's some excerpts that he writes. i don't know your name, but i know your face. i don't know your journey, but i know where you are. i am your brother. perry calls the victim his hero for coming forward and says that no one deserves to be chosen by a monster to suffer abuse. he sums it all up by writing this. you may have to go through with that trial and you may feel all alone when you're on that witness stand, but just know there are millions of young boys and grown men who are standing with you, including me. if every man who has ever been molested would speak up, they would see that we're all around you. ted, some powerful words spoken from experience from tyler perry. >> thanks, a.j. appreciate it. want more information on breaking news in the entertainment world? well, a.j. has it this evening on "showbiz tonight." 11:00 eastern on hln.
10:45 am
drew brees is great at throwing the football, not so good as dunking it. stay with us.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
checking news cross country, people across the southeast woke up this morning to a rare november snowstorm, accumulations of two to four inches are possible in several states. five inches of snow has fallen in the western tennessee town of denmark. occupy protesters in oklahoma city are defying an order to leave a downtown park. the city told them to be out by 11:00 local time last night. the city is also refusing to renew the daily permit protesters have been using to stay in the park. the nation's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is marking 50 years of service. 1,000 former crew members of the u.s.s. enterprise took part in two days of celebrations in norfolk, virginia. on monday night football,
10:49 am
the saints were dominant against the giants. the key, of course, in the nfl is the quarterback. drew brees to jimmy graham making it 14-3. later in the second quarter, it will be brees again. this time he's going to hit lance moore. brees had four touchdown patsse and threw for more than 350 yards. he also ran for a score. after he runs it in, watch him as he approaches the cross r. he tries to dunk the ball like michael jordan. not even close. new orleans wins the game 49-24. the jacksonville jaguars have fired coach jack del rio. he took over as the second coach in the team's history in 2005. the jags are 3-8 this year. they haven't had a winning season in four years. mel tucker takes over as interim coach. how much is facebook worth? it could be $100 billion in the
10:50 am
next few months. the company is reportedly working on plans to go public, and soon. where there's magic. and you now understand what nature's been hiding. ♪ at dow we understand the difference between innovation and invention. invention is important. it's the beginning. it's the spark. but innovation is where we actually create value for dow, for society, and for the world. ♪ at dow, we're constantly searching for how to use our fundamental knowledge of chemistry to solve these difficult problems. science is definitive. there is a right answer out there. [ male announcer ] the same 117 elements do the fundamental work of chemistry. ♪ the difference, the one element that is the catalyst for innovation, the one element that changes everything is the human element.
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facebook's long a waitwaite is coming and it could be coming soon, and it could be one of the largest ever. how big are we talking here? >> reporter: how big, ted? huge. these reports say facebook is looking at raising $10 billion in its ipo. that represents 10% of the company's stocks. if you do the math, it would value facebook at a whopping $100 billion. that's as big as the current value of hewlett-packard and 3m
10:53 am
if you put them together. if this actually happens, if and when facebook makes its public debut, mark zuckerberg goes out. his estate could be worth $20 billion. facebook has definitely been dragging its feet on this one. bloomberg is reporting it could happen this year, but ted, we've also been hearing next year in the spring as well. ted? >> facebook is seven years old now. why go public now? what's the motivation to go public? >> reporter: that's a good question, because what's happening now is that facebook is going to be getting to a 500 shareholder limit at the end of this year. the way sec rules go, companies like that are forced to open up their financial information to the public. at this point facebook has basically been doing whatever it wants. it's been operating outside the limelight because private companies don't have to report earnings, they don't have to show how much money they have.
10:54 am
but next year what is going to happen is that facebook will have to start reporting earnings even if it doesn't go public. so ted, what you see here is the possible thinking of facebook may be if they're going to have to open their books, anyway, they may as well reap the rewards, go public and make more money. >> thanks, al. appreciate it. checking stories making news later today, dr. conrad murray will be sentence the at 11:30 eastern for the involuntary manslaughter death and conviction of michael jackson. the man who killed eight people in a los angeles salon is expected to be sentenced. and jerry giordano, the man in jail in aruba since august for being responsible for the
10:55 am
death of his travel companion, will be released. dr. sanjay gupta will talk about the risks of obese children. plus -- >> i don't want to be a burden to my son, and frankly speaking, hope that ilbe kill will be kil car accident. that's the best that i can hope for. >> financial worries for baby boomers as they work into retirement. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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republican white house mitt romney getting endorsements this morning. mark is following the candidates. mark? >> you could call this endorsement day in many ways. down in florida today, mitt romney receiving the endorsement of three very prominent latino lawmakers. these are three folks who are very influential in the cuban american community down in miami. now, why this is important is because the florida primary, which will occur on january 31st, is seen as make or break for many candidates in the republican presidential primary, and when we're looking at florida, one of the subsets we look at is to see where the cuban voters will go. the cuban voters tend to be a little more conservative. big get by mr. romney down in
10:59 am
florida. not to be out done, newt gingrich saying he was supportive of giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. today perhaps one of the most o outspoken voters on illegal immigration supports rick perry. kind of that outspoken, flam buoyant sheriff from arizona who makes prisoners wear pink. he says, in fact, rick perry is a person who will help secure the border. two very big endorsements that came out in the last couple hours. >> everybody wanted old sheriff jim on their side when talking immigration on the republican side. mark, thanks. we'll have our next political update in one hour and a reminder for all the latest political news, you can go to our web site, coming up next, the best


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