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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 20, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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the hour here. i'm brooke baldwin. the squirmish over the soon to be expired payroll tax turns to be a kate bolduan, we go back to you on capitol hill. the house today rejected the two-month extension. that version of the bill, as you and i saw, the president spoke in the daily briefing, then the house speaker, john boehner, held there's no news conference. what did he say? >> reporter: the house speaker came to respond -- let me get a microphone on. that would be good. it's been a long day of live chats. the house speaker -- >> continue. >> reporter: thank you. john boehner came out and said that house republicans, they oppose the two-month extension
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over the weekend because it doesn't provide the certainly that americans need, the kind of stimulate the economy in the way that the payroll tax extension they would hope would do. so he made it very clear that they are not ready to budge from their decision. he says they have acted and now it's time for the president and senate democrats to do the same. i think we have a sound bite from speaker boehner. >> now it's up to the president to show real leadership. he said that he won't leave town for the holidays until this bill is done. and the next step is clear. i think president obama needs to call on senate democrats to go back into session, move to go to conference, and to sit down and resolve this bill as quickly as possible. >> reporter: in the absolute immediate term, we know that the senators are not here right now and the house, we're told other than the negotiators, the conferees that are in town to
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negotiate, it's expected that the house is also heading out as it doesn't seem at the moment that there's much to negotiate. brooke? >> do house republicans think that they can wait this one out? >> that's a great question. and that's really kind of the question on both sides that a lot of people are asking. how is this going to play out? can both sides stare each other down to the point that this will lapse, that this tax cut will expire? it's unclear who will blink, if anyone will blink. there's been a general talk, as you and i have talked about throughout the standoff, both sides will come together to reach an agreement. starting, i would say, a real sense especially today, that that is in question. while there is still time to reach a deal if the two sides can find agreement or if one side decides to give a little bit, there seems to be a question as to whether either side will budge at all. >> kate bolduan, 11 days and counting. thank you.
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let's go to jessica. we saw the president speak at the top of the daily briefing, essentially speaking to john boehner, who said stop talking politics and take up this bill? >> reporter: that's exactly what he's saying. it's up to house of representatives and speaker boehner to make sure that the taxes don't go up by january 1st. here's the president a short time ago. >> the clock is ticking. time is running out. and if the house republicans refuse to vote for the senate bill, or even allow it to come up for a vote, taxes will go up in 11 days. >> reporter: so you heard kate bolduan just say at the house side they are saying, look, it's up to the senate to act now but here at the white house the message is, the senate has acted. the ball is now in the house's court and the president's message is that the only move left, the only move left is for the house now to vote on that
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two-month extension that the senate passed and give congress a little bit of time to come back in the new year, whenever they have to do it, and do the full one-year extension. do the one full-year extension to the tax cut. let's point out that the house has not taken a clean up or down vote on that senate extension at all, brooke. >> that's right. that's right. and we should also point out, it's certainly not every day that we see the president pop into the white house daily briefing. i imagine he did so is he and the folks on capitol hill staring down a deadline. >> that's right. there seems to be a one to one correlation between gridlock and the president p poing into the briefing room. they are running out of time to get this done before the new year. so the president is trying to keep the pressure on. and, look, the president's aides believe that politically this issue is on their side. the american people want the payroll tax cut extended.
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89 members of the senate voted on a two-month extension. there are four republican senators who have come out with statements asking the house of representatives to vote for the two-month extension. all four of them are up for re-election. but the bottom line, brooke, is that if this doesn't get extended, it can hurt the economy and if the economy is hurt in the long run, that's also bad for the president. so for policy and political reasons, everyone wants this extended, brooke. >> as we keep saying, 160 million americans will be affected if a compromise is not met in 11 days. kim jong-un is the new
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leader. what kind of signals exactly? >> well, basically, brooke, a very carefully worded statement that i understand was the result of many meetings at the white house yesterday over several hours. basically saying to the north koreans, listen, we're ready to engage when you're ready to engage. secretary clinton saying, we are deeply concerned with the well-being of the north korean people and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. it's our hope that the new leadership for the kprk will choose to guide their nation on to the path of peace by honoring and respecting the rights of the people. but, brooke, she also went on to say that the united states stands ready to help the north korean people and urges the new leadership to work with the international committee to bring in a new era of peace and stability on the korean peninsula. so not really a strong statement of condolences, kind of not
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wanting to give credence to kim jong-il but recognizing that there's a mourning period in north korea. but warning once that is over that the international committee is willing to work with this young leadership in bringing north korea back into the fold of the international community. >> thank you so much from the state -- excuse me. from new york. normally you're at the state department. still ahead, if you have a smartphone, it may soon look a lot different. apple versus android. find out who is the winner this this big, big fight. plus, this -- >> crime is out of control. you can't walk out on the street without crimes occurring. >> this little girl is shot two days shy of her 2-year-old birthday. now a local politician says that crimes is so bad that he wants
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national guards men to walk the streets. the united states has conducted an operation that has killed osama bin laden. >> we're about to give you the largest stories that unfolded live here on cnn. a woman is dragged, undressed, stomped upon and beaten to death. they are calling it the million women march.
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rapid fire, let's go. beginning with these pictures. those of you in the rockies and central plains today getting beaten pretty badly. heavy snowfall, ridiculous win, below zero temperatures are keeping things interesting for people in at least five states. blizzard warnings from the rockies to north texas. and to wall street with we go. dow is up 330 points. one minute away from the "closing bell." new home construction rising, the highest jump in nearly two years. >> a victory for apple in the google android operating system. the technology allowed users to tap a phone number in a text message or e-mail and have it automatically dial belongs to apple. the phone maker makes it and will have to adjust it is features and the android system
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powers more than half of all smartphones around the world. and a 19-year-old college student vanishes in broad daylight. her name is aisha khan and in text messages she told family members a drunk man was harassing her and she hit him. and then she left this voice mail for her sister. >> oh, my gosh, it was so scary. my heart was pounding. i've never been this scared in my life. when he left he was so [ bleep ]. pick up your phone. i am freaked out right now. okay. >> this woman's family is offering a 10,0$10,000 reward t leads to her safe return. tomorrow we'll speak live to khan's sister on this show. now to egypt, hundreds are
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fed up. this rally was made up of mostly of egyptian women. tell me about this. >> reporter: that's right, brooke. it was really fascinating to see. you have hundreds of hundreds of women who were gathering at tahrir square. clashes have been going on and specifically one picture and one video that's made the rounds, especially via social media in the past few days, showing a woman severely beaten, being stomped upon, having her veil attorney off of her and being stripped from clothes from the riot police. women came out because they are fed up about what women are facing. men formed a protective ring around the women because there was so much concern that women might face harassment from any security forces they might be confronted with.
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the march was relatively peaceful. we spoke to women out there. one in particular told us why she came out and here's what she had to say. >> i'm here to violently condemn the attacks on egyptian men and women by the egyptian army. we will not be quiet. we will not let this happen again and we will continue to voice out our anger against this military that is killing this country. >> now, as you hefard, one of te key concerns was the anger at the supreme council of the armed forces, the military council that has been ruling since hosni mubarak was ousted. protesters, both men and women, are being systematically targeted by security forces. they are fed up with this. they want to see a civilian government formed here as soon as possible, brooke? >> this is new. all of the women taking to the streets in the million women march.
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mohammed, thank you. these republicans just picked up a pretty big endorsement. could there be a surprise coming in iowa? we'll take you there live. plus -- >> it was like one big gunshot and then heard just multiple little rounds. i'm looking and i see my little cousin. >> those gunshots hit a toddler. crime is so out of control and the bad guys are running the city. we'll speak live with the man who says it's such an emergency that wants national guards troops right now. don't miss this. after the war, as a japanese coming back from camp, he started a little store on main street in seattle. of course they needed some money, and bank of america was the only bank who would talk to my father. and we've stayed with bank of america. we have four stores now, three in the pacific northwest and one in oregon. my parents would not believe how popular it is now.
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a louisiana state official says crime in new orleans is out of control. so much so that he is now asking
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the national guard to be brought in to patrol to city streets. so here's the background. just this past weekend, kyra holmes was gunned down. she was turning 2 around christmas. family members spoke about this little girl who never got to see her first birthday. >> i will never see her go to church, nothing. i have toys under my christmas tree. i have stockings in my house. i don't even want to have christmas this year. now my baby is gone. >> they have a conscience and do what they have to do. because that's my grand baby. and i love her. they just need to turn themselves in. do it for me, have a conscience. please, have a heart, and turn
3:19 pm
yourselves in. >> i want to bring in louisiana state representative austin who joins me live from new orleans. he's one of the officials who wants to bring the national guard in just as they did after hurricane katrina. i have heard you say that your city is at war. why can't the local police do the job? >> well, we have done a lot after the storms of 2005 but this is totally unacceptable behavior. the local police need help. we've been able to do a lot of different things that are rebuilding our city and infrastructure and we have a select few people going out there and committing heinous crimes in broad daylight, killing people, killing babies. it's intolerable. we must do something about t i have called upon the governor to bring in the national guard. after the storm of 205, people
3:20 pm
are a lot more comfortable by seeing the national guard on the street of new orleans and made the moral higher. we are doing a lot of good things here. the people of new orleans have a great passion for our city. but we can not allow certain individuals to carry guns and to go out and shoot people on a daily basis in the city. so i've asked for the national guard to create order and also with patrols and help them to take the city back because we are at war and when you are at war, you have to bring in soldiers. >> when you use a word like war, it's quite the word to use. my question is, how has the crime in your city spiralled so out of control? how has that happened? do you have numbers, statistics to justify this level of emergency? >> yes. yes. we are at urban warfare right now. you have people who have drug
3:21 pm
crimes, drug warrants who are out on -- warrants that they should be in jail. you have people who are proliferating the streets with firearms and the problem is permeating and it's a short-term effect on a long-term problem. we have to rebuild our schools and have better schools and good schools. but what is going on is certain people are going out and creating a problem within our society and it's a negative environment on the positive things that we are doing in our society. and so we have to go back and take our streets back. we are at war and i think these people -- these soldiers can come in and help like they did after hurricane katrina. >> let me jump in because you mentioned that you had reached out to the governor's office. ultimately the green light for the national guard is to come in from the mayor's office. we reached out to mayor landers
3:22 pm
office. we have a great working relationship with the national guard and they are engaged on a daily basis in the crime fighting work that they are doing in new orleans. we do not plan to ask for troops. sir, did you get the same response and do you plan to challenge that? >> i'm hearing the same response and the mayor is do a really difficult job right now with trying to bring this city back and i applaud his efforts. everybody in the city is working hard. right now what the new orleans police department is doing is not working. we've got to make sure that the people of this city, the people who come to this city and visit this city are protected. we had about 15 shootings on halloween night. that's totally unacceptable. we have to make sure that we protect the people who come here and also have to protect our visitors. we have a lot going oncoming up in this city.
3:23 pm
we have major supportiporting e coming up. but if we don't get control of this crime problem, then we're not going to have the events come to the city and you're going to see a huge fiscal impact. not even the mention to human lives. >> i understand. we'll have to see if the mayor will -- >> this is occurring on a daily basis. >> and one time is too much. i appreciate it. >> coming up, it's coming down to months of debates and voters are the ones who will have their say. so with two weeks to go, we're going live to gloria borger where she caught up with newt gingrich and what he said had say about his recent drop in the polls and how this race could be very interesting. we'll be right back. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron,
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away. let's go to iowa, shall we, to cnn chief gloria borger standing by in a very chilly iowa. let's hear the question to gingrich and his response. >> your numbs have been heading in the wrong direction. can you tell us why? >> watch tv for two days. you've had all sorts of peoples and she's super pacs who have consistently been running negative ads. well, you get enough negative ads before you start answering them, your numbers go down for a while. >> so he said he would stay positive. does he have any choice, gloria, but to go positive here? >> reporter: you know, he really doesn't. he has to make a virtue out of necessity. those outside groups pouring in
3:28 pm
the ads on behalf of other candidates. gingrich has to sort of cut through all of the clutter with what little money he has to spend with his advertising and so he's got to go positive in those ads so he can differentiate himself. look, it's very, very difficult for him. he he needs to organize in the state. he doesn't have a lot of money. it's been tumultuous. >> you're there ground level. what do you find the most interesting? >> well, it's interesting because i met with the senior republican this morning and also spent some time with governor brandstead. a few things are clear to me. this is the most tumultuous race they have ever seen.
3:29 pm
completely unsettled, up and down and up and down. they have never seen this kind of negative advertising in this state and i think that really differentiates it. the rise of ron paul now also tells you something. people haven't rallied around mitt romney. ron paul has run an old fashion iowa caucus race. he's organized, he's identified. the new voters out is what barack obama did in 2008 and serving him very, very well, brooke. they are all kind of preparing themselves for something great to happen with ron paul here. >> how exciting. no one knows yet. gloria borger, i look forward to talking to you over the next few days. thank you. and now this -- >> stood over top with a gauge and shot in the chest and when he explained shooting in the chest he said he no longer heard anything out of her, that she
3:30 pm
was dead. >> an absolutely horrendous crime shocked one of the country's most famous college towns. a student body president on her way home from studying, kidnapped and murdered. eve carson, next. ♪ ♪ co-signed her credit card - "buy books, not beer!" ♪ ♪ but the second that she shut the door ♪ ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪ ♪ she bought a pizza party for the whole dorm floor ♪ ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪ ♪ but her folks didn't know 'cause her folks didn't go ♪ ♪ to free-credit-score-dot-com hard times for daddy and mom. ♪ but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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today a jury convicted a man in the ruthless murder of eve carson. she was the university of north carolina chapel hill student body president. >> we the jury find the defendant to be guilty of first degree murder on the basis of premeditation and deliberation. >> when there is a first-degree murder -- >> the judge sentenced 21-year-old lawrence junior to life in prison. you may remember this. this image of him using carson's atm card. she was kidnapped.
3:34 pm
she was in the back seat and was later shot five times. former prosecutor and criminal attorney mark is here. are we surprised that he got life? remind us why he wasn't even eligible for the death penalty? >> because of his age. he was 17. life was the appropriate outcome under the circumstances. casey anthony verdict a surprise. this one very easy to predict. >> mark, what was the defense that the team made in what evidence did they present? >> well, what the defense does is create reasonable doubt presented on behalf of the prosecutor. the star witness, testified that the defendant confided in him and told him all of the detail about their crime but then the defense alleges that mcneil is testifying because he was captured in a federal drug case and working off his time so he's
3:35 pm
manufacturing facts to help himself. you know, the defense has tried to chisel away each piece of evidence but the evidence was too overwhelming. >> his accomplice pled guilty and was also sentenced to life. did that at all factor in this case? >> i ordinarily wouldn't think so but i was watching the closing arguments and apparently that was featured. the prosecution said that the defense might have brought it out. the guy that was in the back seat as you can see with the surveillance tape, that guy already pled guilty of the same crime that you're deciding. it certainly made it easier on the jurors to decide this guy's fate. >> horrible, horrible. mark, thank you. coming up next, they are calling it dangerous, impossible, even. powerful winds, bone-chilling temperatures rocking large parts of the country. you're going to see the places hardest hit and find out where
3:36 pm
the storm is headed next. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
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white out conditions in north texas. no go. traveling through the rockies today is dangerous at best in places impossible. those are not words you want to hear. obviously very serious weather system blasting west and midwest states. a massive blizzard covered five states. snow, ice, blinding winds from colorado and oklahoma. alexander steel, at least they had the heads up, they had the
3:39 pm
warning and you said this yesterday, by this time today, it would be over. >> it was a fast mover. it really was. no question about that. we talked earlier, i-70, i-40, major interstates were closed for over 200 miles at one point but, again, they have reopened. things are getting back on track. all of the blizzard warnings have expired and snow is cominging down and wind is coming down. new mexico is the bull's eye. not only did we have two feet of snow, 72 mile-per-hour winds. that's why we have the blizzard warnings. they really don't account for as much snow or the account of snow that falls. what it presidents for is the driving winds bringing
3:40 pm
visibility to zero. we've got snow and ice on the roads. it is heading north and a lot of it will be rain. the cold weather to the west of this, this will be tonight. it's just a rain maker, washington, new york, a very wet day in the northeast and another storm. >> i know you've been with us all the way from japan's earthquake to bin laden's death. you're going to hear how the biggest stories unfolded right here on cnn.
3:41 pm
don't miss this.
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time now for the help desk. gary and gail are both here. gail, first question to you from chris in florida. my wife has approximately $45,000 in student debt spread out over ten loans. she is a teacher and a low-income school and could possibly receive repayment help. what is the best way to simplify and reduce that debt? >> wow.
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$45,000 over ten loans. we are speaking federal loans. if the loans are private, that might be a different animal to deal with. but income-base repayment, they are going to ask for documentation, of course. such things as previous tax returns, et cetera. but that's okay. it's going to be well worth it. she may also require some forgiveness along the way and she may have call fied for that having been in the teaching profession. >> consolidate those loans. get the payment started. >> gary, your question comes from john nan. i am considering rolling over several 401(k) plans from former employees. how do the legal protections for the two differ? >> normally you're talking about creditor protection and bankruptcy. 401(k)s have greater protections than i.r.a.s, not all states.
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but when you roll over, there are great advantages. you have tremendous flexibility and you can get cheaper funds. unless you're really concerned about credit risk, rolling to an i.r.a. often makes a lot of sense. >> send us an e-mail at any time to people with a machine. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ?
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ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. hard to believe we have a week and a half left until the new year. what a year it's been. there's been an arab spring, and
3:46 pm
what shocked the entire country, here is joe johns. >> martin savidge here. this story out of tucson, arizona. several people have been shot. >> tragedy in tucson as accused gunman, jared lee loughner goes on a shooting rampage, killing six and wunounding 13, includin gabriel give pords. egypt's tahrir square, protesters demand hosni mubarak give up power. >> free egypt, that's what they are celebrating here tonight. >> gadhafi, the son of moammar gadhafi on libyan state television basically warning the people of libya, saying this is
3:47 pm
not tunisia, this is not egypt. things will go in a much different direction. >> february 16th, all eyes on libya as anti-gadhafi protesters take to the streets. it would take months before gadhafi was captured and killed. >> oh, my god. the building's going to fall. >> a massive wall of water. a devastating tsunami swept ashore japan's northeastern coast sweeping away cars, boats, homes, almost anything in its power. >> march 11th, scenes of utter devastation, as an earthquake spawns a tsunami off japan's coast. the walls of water heavily damage a nearby nuclear reactor and for weeks people fear the worse. massive radiation leaks.
3:48 pm
>> these people are very resilient. they have been working very hard but there's a lot to deal with. in fact, to see what they have been dealing with -- >> april 25th. a tornado outbreak across the southeast leaves more than 300 dead. >> one of the greatest days i can remember in my lifetime in this country. quite remarkable. >> we're going to bring you all of the pomp and pageantry. >> april 29th, prince william married his long-time girlfriend. the two took a pageant-filled ride through the streets of london. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> the president of the united states is saying ten years after
3:49 pm
911, justice has been done. osama bin laden is dead. that's why you see that happening right there. across the street from the white house. >> the chatter with hyper overdrive this morning. i can tell you that. this has come as a real bombshell. >> may 14th, the head of the international monetary fund, dominique strauss-kahn, is plucked from a flight minutes before takeoff. a hotel maid in new york accused him of sexual assault. the charges were later dropped. >> it was really unbelievable to hear this. they are breaking a story out of california that the former governor of california -- >> may 17th, political bombshell. the former governor around snald schwarzenegger confesses to childing a father outside of his marriage with maria shriver. the two later announced the end of the marriage. as to charge of first-degree
3:50 pm
murder, verdict as to count one, we the verdict find the defendant not guilty. >> the devil is dancing tonight. >> may 24th, casey anthony goes on trial for the murder of her little girl, caylee, in orlando. shock and outrage when a jury clears her six weeks later. >> we've got some breaking news. right to the hill. dana bash, wondering if this has anything to do with anthony weiner. >> i spoke to a source who tells cnn he does plan to resign. >> anthony weiner embroil nd a scandal after a lewd picture of himself was sent to a woman on twitter resigns weeks later. >> i am announcing my resignation from congress. >> a major arrest of one of america's most wanted criminals after a sting operation.
3:51 pm
>> alleged organized crime figure wanted for at least 19 murders is caught in california. and lift off. the final lift off of atlantis. >> july 8th, the shuttle lifts off at kennedy space center. the final launch of the program. >> space shuttle spreads its wings one final time. >> a scandal brings down a storied tabloid. >> july 10th. after 168 years in existence, rupert murdoch's newspaper shuts down. >> two explosions have rocked central oslo in the last hour, wounding at least eight people. >> july 22nd. terror in norway. in oslo, a bombing kills eight
3:52 pm
people. at least 70 people, many of them youngsters, attending a political youth camp, are shot to death. the tragedy stuns the tiny nation. the accused attacker is later described as a right wing christian extremisextremist. >> that was just the year up to july. the second half after this quick break. you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff.
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we have been looking back to this past year.
3:55 pm
we took you from january to july before the break and now, joe johns picks up the rest. >> it's a remarkably important moment and vote for the country. also an emotional moment for this democratic congresswoman to return to the house floor for the first time. >> august 1st, a rare moment of bipartisan support on capitol hill. >> breaking news that could impact your mortgage rate or what you pay for your credit card. standard & poor's serve notice it plans to downgrade the country's credit union. >> america's credit rating is downgraded from aaa to double-a plus. it is blamed on the lack of cooperation between the white house and congress to get a handle on america's debt problem. >> breaking news now. cnn just confirming that steve jobs, the ceo of apple incorporated has resigned his position.
3:56 pm
>> jobs died october 5th. flowers were left at many apple stores around the word. >> all right. in new york city this morning, they're re-grouping from occupy anarchy. there were a few bursts of violence. few scuffles with police. protesters clogging subways. >> september 17th, the occupy wall street movement gains steam. protesters take a stand against what they see as corporate greed. the movement grows over the next few months, even spreading to other countries. >> break iing news for you. the hikes have been released. shane bauer, josh fattal, having been in an iranian jail since 2009. >> the anticipation in the streets has now given rise to expectation. this is a people who are feeling that abbas has put them on the map. >> september 23rd, after years
3:57 pm
of failing to reach a peace deal with israel, the palestinian leader, mohamed abbas asks the u.n. to recognize palestine. >> we have just learned that an american citizen linked to al-qaeda has been killed. >> september 30th. a cia drone strike takes the life of anwar al awe locky. >> free after more than five years in captivity. >> october 18th. israel releases more than a thousand palestinian prisoners in exchange for just one. corporal shalit, held by hamas for more than five years. >> the college sports world is reeling from allegations against
3:58 pm
coach of the nittany lions football team. >> the former assistant football coach at penn state is charged with multiple counts of abusing young boys over 15 years. the scandal brought shame to the school and ended the career of legendary coach, joe paterno. >> we, the jury in the involving title action, find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty. >> november 7th, conrad murray is convicted at his trial over the death of pop superstar, michael jackson. murray got four years in prison for the crime. >> another child sex scandal at another university. a basketball coach accused of abusing a ball boy for more than a decade. >> november 17th. two men appear on espn, accuse bernie fine of sexually abusing them. later, a tape surfaced of fine's
3:59 pm
wife in which lori fine appears to know about her husband's alleged abuse. >> following a couple of breaking stories here. first, we want to tell you about rod blagojevich. he has been sentenced. just moments ago, to 14 years in prison. he was convicted on corruption charges. including trying to sell president obama's senate seat. >> this is breaking news and it is history. the war in iraq is officially over. u.s. troops are moving across the border into kuwait now. >> what this means is the last vehicle, the last convoy, last, last, last anything you can imagine in terms of the milit y military, is crossing into kuwait. >> december 17th. the final american troops in iraq depart, ending america's long war there. joe johns, cnn, washington. >> what a year it has been. fo


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