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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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thank you for joining us. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom. we begin with big developments surrounding syria. more than 300 killed in the past two days. opposition groups say hundreds more wounded this. youtube video shows violence breaking out today at a funeral procession. also today, a draft resolution condemning syria failed to pass in the u.n. we'll break down what happened with the u.n. vote in a moment first, cnn on the latest round of bloodshed in syria. >> reporter: utter carnage and horror. that's how residents and activists describe what went on there starting late friday and continuing during the overnight hours into saturday. they say syrian government committed a massacre, at least
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260 people were killed and over 130 killed in the homs neighborhood. one activist told us of bodies in the streets. those trying to help people were shot at, including ambulances. he said they were in dire need of assistance and medical supplies. >> these aren't animals lying here. these are human beings. being bombed by mortar bombs and tank shells. no one is doing anything about this. we are going to sit here and get killed. that's one message i want to get out. we are not going to stop. syrian people will not stop 2 if they kill millions. we will remember no one did anything about this. >> reporter: opposition groups reported even more deaths, saying tens had been killed in different parts of syria. activists reported a funeral procession that took place. this amateur video reportedly
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shows thousands gathered for that funeral procession. visible are cowans on the ground. the syrian government denied the records and blamed armed terrorist groups for violence in the country. >> now to the u.n. vote. the u.n. security council tried to formally condemn syria's government today. russia and china used their veto power to block it. the u.s. ambassador susan rice saying the u.s. is disgusted. what else did ambassador rice have to say? >> reporter: the ambassador is displeased. she wasn't as angry as she was during the meeting. she thinks the russian ambassador was acting in good faith but told me so much more needs to be done to help the people of syria to overcome this double veto by china and russia. >> what, if anything, would with
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a formal condemnation accomplish? >> reporter: these resolutions are important. they are legally binding when approved and would provide momentum to know the international community was behind them. it would send a message to president assad there is unity among the big powers. moscow and beijing wanted the resolution watered down. for now, u.n. action is dead in the water. >> i want to listen to what the ambassador had to say, how she had to explain this, then we'll talk about it. >> at the 11th hour, russia tried to introduce amendments that would have gutted the text. they were unacceptable to the other members of the council. the one silver lining in this is that 13 members of this council supported the resolution, made
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strong statements in its favor. countries that had originally not supported the resolution last time changed their position and voted in favor. >> reporter: south africa, countries such as that. take us into the back rooms, if you can. do you feel russia was stalling all along? working together, sleeves are being rolled up, do you feel they ever intended to abstain or vote yes? >> i can't speak for russia, richmond. our colleague ambassador durkin was negotiating in good faith. i think at the end of the day, decisions were made in moscow. moscow decided it would rather stand with assad against the people of syria than do the right thing. >> ambassador rice had strong words there the president's statement today very strong, as well. >> reporter: yes. the president of the united states issued a call for the council to act. this isn't the first time a u.s.
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president was ignored. russia is certainly flexing a more aggressive posture on the international stage. some dimple mats here said it's just about syria. the british diplomat. british ambassador called it a sad day for the security council. russia and china felt the retribution was unbalanced. russian ambassador explained to reporters about why they vetoed. >> i would certainly agree tragic events are happening in syria. security council, well, what happened, happened. let us hope working through other diplomatic tools we have, security council is not the only diplomatic tool on this planet. >> reporter: president owbama's comments after the vote.
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saying any government that brutalizes and massacres its people does not deserve to govern. the french are going to try their own fwrup to get momentum going to maneuver around russia and china. president assad got a strong signal the u.n. is not going to try to touch him or his troops, at least today in new york. >> richard roth, thank you, sir. let's talk about the clashes in the nation's capital between police and occupied d.c. demonstrate dwrors. u.s. park services officers showed up in riot gear to enforce a no camping ban that had been upheld by a federal judge earlier this week. six people were arrested, although park police said most of the demonstrators cooperated. officers in yellow hazmat suits moved in to tear down tents. protestors had been told monday that sleeping bags, cooking utensils and other housekeeping items had to go.
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the hazmat suits were a sign of concern over unsanitary conditions. >> in some of the tents we found urine-soaked bedding materials, bottles of urine. we found dead rats and live rats with rat families. >> police say the park will reopen to the public after an inspeck is completed. want to get you up to speed on the republican caucuses going on in nevada. cauc caucus goers got thinks started. >> if you want to lower your taxes effectively across the board, not only in the formal taxation but hidden fees, vote for ron paul. thank you. >> results will start to come in soon. our team of correspondents are out in force including jim acosta at mitt romney's las vegas headquarters.
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he's been planted there all week. brianna keilar in las vegas at newt gingrich's headquarters. jim, i'll start with you. how confident is the mitt romney campaign right now? they are looking good when it comes to poll numbers. >> that's right. mitt romney is feeling very confident about tonight. he'll be watching returns coming in at a casino here in las vegas with his family. just consider where mitt romney is right now. he is not in nevada. he's in colorado springs working ahead towards that caucus battle coming up on tuesday. that is what his campaign has been doing all day long today. talking about these upcoming caucuses in colorado, minnesota. the campaign is touting the endorsement romney picked up earlier today from the "denver post." he's got surrogates in maine which had its caucuses starting today. results won't come out until a week from now. this is a race for second place
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between newt gingrich and ron paul. mitt romney will get good news if ron paul somehow beats newt gingrich in this state. that will go once again to this air of inevitability for mitt romney. ron paul is not seen as a viable threat to mitt romney, but newt gingrich is. if ron paul can come out ahead of newt gingrich, that is good news for mitt romney. >> that is a beautiful shot behind you. we are going to move off jim real quick and go to brianna keilar standing by for us at newt gingrich's headquarters. what are the expectations for tonight? you heard what jim said. this is a race for second place. have they resigned to the fact it's going to be second place, hopefully not third? >> that is exactly it. they are hoping for second place. that is the hope. if you look at newt gingrich's public schedule today, there is nothing on it until he talks to the media later tonight.
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at that point, caucus goers will have said their peace. he had campaign events yesterday, but it's conspicuous he doesn't have anything going on today. he is trailing romney by double digits in the polls. he does have a sizable lead over ron paul. polls don't always say what's going on when it comes to ron paul. his supporters tend to be enthusiastic. i think right now the gingrich campaign best-case scenario for them, they come in second and hopefully they can point to a strong showing, some strong support by more conservative republicans. by voters who identify themselves with the tea party. this is something certainly the gingrich campaign is expecting more so than the romney campaign. >> we'll be watching very closely. you heard jim acosta say right
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romney was in colorado springs, colorado. he's just taken the stage there. you can see him with john thune there. nevada caucuses tonight, but mitt romney not in the state. confident he will come out on top. he has a quite hefty comfortable double-digit lead over newt gingrich. we'll be watching that. just getting started here on cnn. mr. wolf blitzer and mr. john king join us to analyze exit polls to give us an indication who had a good day in nevada. stay tuned. keep it here for a special edition of "the situation room" with wolf blitzer at 6:00 p.m. eastern.
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welcome back. let's get an inside look from john ralston a writer based in las vegas. good to see you. before i start asking about the polls, let's put up mitt romney now. colorado springs, colorado. there he is taking to the stage a lot of supporters there. he's in campaign mode.
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he could be heading towards a victory tonight. that's what the polls are showing. he's been outspoken about letting the foreclosure crisis play itself out. nevada has taken the brunt of the housing meltdown. when you look at all the people under water there and how the housing prices have dropped. how is he holding on to that support having made these statements? >> reporter: i think that is much more of a general election issue for him. there are republicans and independents under water on their homes here. it's overwhelming majority of nevadians. those have not been put in 30-second ads as they will be by the obama campaign team and democrats come fall. it hasn't percolated where it's going to hurt him with a low turnout caucus with republican voters. >> is this a state where romney's mormonism is a good
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thing? it helped him a lot four years ago. >> reporter: the mormon vote is exaggerated. maybe 1/4 of the electorate was mormon in the republican caucus in '08. it will probably be about the same this time. that is a nice base to start from. romney will probably get more than 55% of the vote. he had the organization, the money and nobody else was able to compete with that. >> is that going to be a big factor or is that the economy, stupid? it's been a triple whammy. you look at the foreclosure rate, housing, tourism. it's been more than a double, triple whammy. >> we may have the worst economy in the country. the highest unemployment, worst
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foreclosure crisis. we are an economy built on what you see all around me here which is gaming. gaming has not done well. the other component is construction. that dried up. this state is really hurting. the comments you alluded to that romney made and the economy and the fact that the democrats here are more organized than the republicans, that gives them hope they can win nevada in 2012. >> can we talk about ads, jon? i want to get to the super pacs. they spent a heck of a lot of money on ads in south carolina, florida and so on and so forth. they are spending money in nevada, but not as much. have you seen because you've been watching and covering, as many negative ads, have you seen a lot of them in nevada from all the candidates? >> not that much. remember, nevada moved itself back from third in the country to fifth. we are only four days here after
5:18 pm
florida. so there hasn't been that much time to campaign. only two candidates spent money on tv. romney, who spent a lot of money as has his super pac and ron paul. ron paul spent money here. they will probably finish one-two here. newt gingrich spent nothing. his super pac which ironically is essentially funded by a guy who built some of the places behind me has not spent any money here in nevada. santorum only made a token appearance here. romney's money is winning this for him. not the mormon vote. money begets organization grassroots. >> when i asked how much will that play, he said not much. it's interesting to see they are not spending that much money and their super pacs as well on ads there. it's a battleground stake. jon, good perspective. thank you for joining us. tonight, it's nevada's turn to join the heated contest to
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decide the republican presidential nominee. our coverage will begin at the top of the hour -- our coverage begins now. we will have a special edition in "the situation room" with wolf blitzer at the top of the hour. up next here on cnn, why is the fbi calling this man the geezer bandit? he's been robbing banks in southern california. e's a prize. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪
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you want to watch this next story. a gun-wielding grandpa who's robbed more than a dozen banks in southern california, still on the run. he may be a lot younger than police think. >> this is a stick-up. >> reporter: old men robbing banks looks comical in "going in style." the fbi says this seemingly elderly serial bank robber dubbed the geezer bandit is no joke. >> this isn't funny. this guy is going out there and he's victimized people, threatening that he is going to shoot these tellers if they
5:23 pm
don't give him money. >> reporter: the geezer bandit is described as 60 to 70 years old. he's hit 16 banks in california so far making off with tens of thousands of dollars over the past 2 1/2 years. the fbi says he's been hard to nab because of his nonthreatening look and his discreet manner of putting bank tellers at gun point so he escaped before too many witnesses know what happened. these are the type of takeover robberies you see in the movis.s or the town's elderly gun-toting nuns, but there may be one thing in common. the geezer bandit may be a masked man. watch this surveillance tape closely as he flees the bank two months ago. >> it doesn't appear to be consistent with someone 60 or 70 years old moving at that pace. >> reporter: clues led law enforcement authorities here to
5:24 pm
this business. he creates these form-fitting silicone masks. >> the idea is to make this look real. >> reporter: that he sells around the world for $600 and up. you can see how someone could say this is so life-like, maybe i can fool someone. he says he cooperated when law enforcement agencies contacted him about the geezer bandit and asked about any buyers of this specific type of mask. when he puts it on, it transforms him. the same style was used by a young asian man who snuck onboard a flight to canada to seek refugee status. this was worn during a bank heist in ohio. the robber was actually white. this mask dubbed the handsome guy was a disguise in a series of brazen texas bank robberies last year. the mask maker says he is tired of seeing his creation on surveillance video and prefers to see them on the big screen.
5:25 pm
>> these are not meant to commit crimes. these are meant for novelty use only. people have fun. >> reporter: one thing to do pranks, another to rob banks. if this person is committing crimes with your mask, what do you say to them? >> i say please do not use our masks to commit crimes. >> reporter: the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for anyone who can help them unmask the geezer bandit. cnn, los angeles. >> the caucuses still going on in nevada. we are already getting an indication how people are voting. wolf blitzer, john king are in the cnn election center. they are taking a look at the entrance poll numbers. do you like your parents or in-laws enough to have them move in permanently?
5:26 pm
spurred by the recent recession, multigeneration house holds are making a comeback. christine romans reports the move is helping boost housing construction. >> reporter: meet tlafflers. three generations plus one dog living under one roof. make that four generations when granddaughter ella visits. >> i value family. it means a lot to me to have of together a lot. >> reporter: the first time in decades, more generations are moving in together reversing a trend that's been in place since world war ii. it's about culture, about convenience, it's about money. the trend has grown 30% oaf the past decade fueled by immigration, people living longer and job losses and foreclosures. new jersey builder renovates single-family homes to
5:27 pm
accommodate more than one generation. when you look at what's happening in the housing market, this is an area in housing showing growth, no question. are you seeing that in your business? >> absolutely. we've been doing multigen houses something 20 years. in 2009 it's grown to three to five projects per year. >> reporter: one of those projects, building an addition for the lafflers. >> i could have never lived by myself. i could never have afforded it. >> for her it was economic. for us, i think it was peace of mind having her here. >> reporter: peace of mind meant a new social dynamic to keep the peace. >> mom is sensitive to our family dynamics, too. >> it was important for us to keep her room separate. she is an integrative part of the house. she could make it separate. she has a separate entrance to
5:28 pm
the back deck. hopefully, she feels like, hey, it is separate. i think those are the important things. >> reporter: change comes with unexpected perks, too. >> every couple of days i bring my laundry down, drop it off. when i come home from work it's pressed and good to go. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪
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bottom of the hour. want to get you caught up on the headlines. opposition groups say more than 300 syrians had been killed in the past two days. hundreds more reported ly wounded. this youtube video shows violence breaking out today at a funeral procession. also today, a draft resolution formally condemning the syrian regime for the violence failed to pass at the u. in. china and russia used their veto power to block it. the clash is in the nation's capital this afternoon between police and occupy d.c. demonstrators. park service officers showed up in riot gear to enforce a no-camping ban upheld by a federal judge earlier this week. six people were arrested.
5:32 pm
officers in yellow hazmat suits moved in to tear down tents. the suits are a sign of concern over unsanitary conditions in a park. >>. >> officials say a a local school in leroy is safe. parents accused school officials of failing to do their jobs. doctors diagnosed most children as suffering from conversion disorder, a condition induced by stress. some parents suspect the problem is linked to a train derailment 42 years ago that spilled toxic chemical as few miles from the school. extensive testing has shown no environmental link. police in maine are investigating after two windows were smashed at the home of missing toddler ayla reynolds. detectives believe the windows were broken with a baseball bat. the 20-month-old has been missing from her home for seven weeks now. police found traces of her blood in a basement her father was
5:33 pm
using as a bedroom. we've got it all covered for you. nevada republican caucuses will wrap up soon. they've bin going on all day across the state. we'll start getting results in a little bit. already, we are getting our first peek at entrance poll numbers for you. let's turn to wolf blitzer. thank you for joining us. let's talk about the issues on the mind of caucus goers in nevada. >> we are beginning to get a sense of precisely the most important issue voters are considering, republicans specifically. john king is at the entrance polling center. these are entrance poll results as opposed to exit poll results because -- >> important distinction. iowa caucuses. these are caucuses, not a prime richlt we survey people on the way in. some say it's a little less reliable because you're polling people on the way in.
5:34 pm
history has proven these to be consistent and very worthwhile. no surprise. the number one issue for republicans caucusing in nevada, 12.6% unemployment in the state. it's been above 14%. the highest by state in the country right now. 12.6%. it's been over 14%. foreclosure issue, the housing crisis in nevada. the economy is issue number one. shouldn't be a surprise among conservatives. budget deficit consistently ranking second. economy has been number one in every state. lesser issues, abortion and illegal immigration. much smaller issues. the economy dominating the discussion. let's look at this. what is the most candidate quality? this number is almost exactly the same. people say nevada is different than florida. in florida it was 45%, by far the number one thing on the mind of republican caucus-goers in
5:35 pm
nevada, winning in the fall. like florida, it will be a key swing state. george w. bush carried it once, barack obama carried it last time. these republicans are thinking toness, can defeat obama. a true conservative. strong moral character 20%. they want to win in november. they know their state matters. this is the one thing about nevada that is different. 26% of the electorate today are members of the church of latter day saints. they are mormons. 27% are protestants. this is the highest number. tiny percentage of mormons in other states. mitt romney is a member of the lds church. 1-4 voters are mormons in nevada today. this is the beginning of what we are seeing on the way in. a lot more as the night unfolds.
5:36 pm
>> we are going to be here for hours dissecting these numbers. soon around 8:00 p.m. eastern, we'll be getting official numbers coming in from throughout the state. all the caucuses will close until 10:00 p.m. eastern. we've got a lot of information. we'll get initial official voting results in the next hour at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> i'll be up there joining you. i was up there earlier and tried to touch john king's magic wall, he's very possessive. >> he loves touching that wall. >> come on up, don. i'll give you a tutorial. >> i'll see new under 30 minutes there thank you, guys. which republican presidential candidate will nevada choose? keep it here for a special edition of "the situation room" with wolf blitzer.
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>>. >> the most powerful winter storm of the season slams colorado. where will the snow hit next? here is a hint. it's heading east. get your shovels ready.
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extreme weather in our nation's night. jacqui jeras, it's not an exaggeration to say extreme, is it? >> not at all. the snow, flooding, we have all of it. we have incredible pictures out of this one storm causing everything. this out of colorado. this is in blackhawk county. they had as much as 40 inches of snow in about three days. it came fast, it came furious. it brought a whole lot of snow. you've been waiting autumn winter for that. the system has been on the move. nebraska getting hit hard today. you can see video of treacherous conditions along the interstate there lincoln, nebraska, had more than a foot of snow. a mail carrier tweeted me to tell me today was the first day he can remember they did not deliver the mail. let's move on to texas now. the rain has been coming down so heavy. this is between five ant seven
5:41 pm
inches fell in a short period of time. flooding out roadways. the system on the move and still causing problems. it's moving across parts of iowa at this hour. there you can see it behind me. expecting to see a good four to eight inches for you in the des moines area on the southern tier we have heavy rainfall. showers and thunderstorms. some on the strong side moving through new orleans. the rest of the nation sunny and nice, a calmer week ahead. thank goodness. >> thank you, jacqui jeras. you know about romney, gingrich, santorum and paul, but there is another republican running for president. who is he? take a look. there he is. still don't know him? we'll tell you who he is after the break. i almost gave it away.
5:42 pm
first we have this for you. a new year brings a new group of cnn heroes. next week we'll introduce you to the class of 2012. first we look back at robin lim. she was your choice for 2011 cnn hero of the year. congratulations. how do you feel? >> full of gratitude. >> did you think you might have a chance of winning? >> of course not. we helped so many people since 2005. almost 113,000 people got free medical care and medicine. >> what does that feel like to start with one person and slowly start to build the organization? >> i found that if you have a good idea and you do it with love, a lot of people want to help you. >> it was a personal loss that got you involved in this. >> my sister died. she was pregnant. this was 21 years ago. >> what was her name?
5:43 pm
>> christine. i feel like she really helps me. >> you carry her with you still? >> yeah. i authentthink i carry her baby. the clinic we have in the tsunami zone is safe. the clinic in bali is falling apart. >> you're hoping to rebuild the clinic? >> we've been saving money for years. we did get a piece of land in our village. we are ready to build. now we have money to begin. >> you have $250,000 plus $50,000. $300,000. >> yes. that goes a long way in indonesia. >> what keeps you going? even in the dark days when you don't have money? >> some days i don't have money, but i have support. when you think how are we going to pay the electric bill? there is always an e-mail that says we are sending money. it's a miracle every day like birth. >> congratulations. i am so happy for the work you
5:44 pm
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nevada republican caucuses will be finished just hours from now. all eyes on the four main gop contenders, right? what you may not know is there are other candidates in the running. former louisiana governor charles "buddy" rohmer joins me now from my home town of baton rouge. i've been wanting to get you on forever. you've been out of public office for some time. i remember when you said you were going to run for president. my mom sent me a text saying buddy is going to run. get him on. why did you decide to come back? >> let me put it this way. i don't think washington's broken. i think it's bought. i saw it in louisiana when a system becomes corrupt and decent people get treated like
5:48 pm
dirt. i see that in washington. you've got to have a big check to get congress' attention. they only care about re-election and spend 70% of their time fund-raising. it's not right. we need tax reform, budget reform, immigration reform, trade reform, banking reform, health care reform, but it won't happen when the big boys own the system. i run with $100 limit, no pacs, no super pacs. i'm different. >> some people say that's okay, they respect you for that, that's great. that's honorable. let's be honest, governor. look at the position you're in. everyone is paying attention to mitt romney. lots of money. newt gingrich doesn't have as much. you said you put $100 limit. you're not even showing up in the polls. >> it's a good question, don. it doesn't dissuade me. the money defeats them. even when they get elected.
5:49 pm
i remember obama got elected with hope and change. what happened? there's been no change. he signed bank reform, went to wall street, had a fund-raiser, $35,000 a ticket, hosted by goldman sachs. this is what's wrong with the system. american do better than this. we had an employment report out yesterday that was the best we had in eight months. i was real pleased with that. under obama's leadership, we had two better reports a year ago. there's been no follow-up. tax reform is needed. no follow-up. you know why? the big money owns it. i'll give you one number. there was more money given in washington, d.c. four years ago by the lobbyists and the pacs to mccain and obama than 32 states combined. who owns washington? the lobbyists are the people. we need to ask that question, don. >> governor, the same points
5:50 pm
you're making now. yesterday i had jack abramoff on the program. he is a convicted lobbyist. you're talking about the jobs report and the obama jobs report and obama administration. the economist said the jobs report that came out yesterday, there's nothing bad that you can say about that jobs report. 240,000 jobs added to the job market in january. >> it is good. it is -- don, don't misunderstood me. it's good. but you'd have to go six consecutive years with that same report every month to put america back to work. what are we waiting on? >> look, we're out of time. i understand the point you're making. listen, your candidacy, is it more about trying to make a point? because obviously the reality is that you're not going to be the next president of the united states or you're not going to be -- >> you don't know that.
5:51 pm
you can't say that, don. the only thing i haven't been on is a national debate. cnn has one coming up in arizona. i'm going to be in arizona. why don't you give a man that has matching funds, the only candidate in the race that has been a governor, give him a chance to show -- >> the only reason i'm stopping you is not because of what you're talking about. it's because we're out of time. i appreciate you coming on the show. >> go baton rouge. >> say hi to my mom when you see her. all right. you know about the big battle on the football field tomorrow. but for one new york giant, it's going to be easy. it was a battle against cancer. dr. sanjay gupta has the story two minutes away. ♪ oh, it was the first time i fell in love ♪ ♪ the first time i felt my heart ♪
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how's it going? >> mark herzlich has come a long way in a very short time. >> we're excited to win. we're excited to be here as a team and playing in the super bowl is unbelievable. >> the rookie linebacker for the
5:55 pm
new york giants is focused on beating the new england patriots. some say his being here is somewhat of a miracle. herzlich was expected to go far. as a junior at boston college he was named 2008 defensive player of the year and expected to be first round draft pick. but all of that came to a crashing halt in may 2009 when he was told he had a rare form of cancer. >> when the cancer came, it wasn't just my super bowl dreams are dead. it was all my football dreams are dead. >> he was determined to fight the cancer. but after two months of a chemotherapy, doctors wanted to remove part of his thigh bone. then he found a doctor willing to try a rare treatment for this kind of cancer. radiation therapy. >> my dream was to play football again. i knew that radiation was -- and keeping my leg was going to be the only chance that i would
5:56 pm
have at playing again. >> the treatment worked. a little more than four months after diagnosis, he was declared cancer-free. >> football drove me every second of every day. >> herzlich returned to boston college and was picked up by the new york giants and now he'll be playing in the biggest game of all. >> i think the biggest thing coming back from cancer, coming back to play football, all that kind of sits in the rear-view mirror now as we're getting ready for super bowl. there are such things as dreams come true and this is one of them. >> dr. sanjay gupta reporting. >> dr. gupta, thank you. a tribute to a man who brought a little soul into our homes for decades. don cornelius. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios
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let's check our top stories. police and occupiers went head to head during a raid. park officers showed up in riot gear to enforce a no camping ban that had been upheld by a federal judge earlier this week. six people were arrested. haz-mat officers came in to breakdown tents. iran is flexing its military muscles again. iranian commander says the airborne drills are aimed at maintaining the combat preparedness of ground forces. it followed similar drills by the revolutionary guard last year.


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