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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 1, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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we have the ability to help and want to serve. i think it's a win-win situation. growing louder. the cries for justice in the trayvon martin killing. now a flashpoint. >> i've been covering it for a week now. >> whole week? wow. >> the color divide, playing out in your living room. check your bank account. right now crooks could be using your credit or debit card. loud mouth. lewis black, love him or hate him, when it comes to politics, he's in your face. >> they have four years to find a leader. they can't find someone. >> that and more, right here, right now, on cnn. hello, i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us tonight. in life, as it was a place where trayvon martin used to run and play. a place where he was among friends and learned about team work.
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long before a bullet ended it all. tonight, a candle light vigil at the field where he played youth football. teammates, coaches, friends and people who never knew martin joined his family in remembering the 17-year-old at the center of a national firestorm. martin's parents thanked everyone for their wishes and prayers. >> he got along with everybody. he never had any qualms with anybody. trayvon did love this park. this park is definitely an intricate part of our family. we will always love you. we thank you for everything that you've done for us. >> the vigil followed a massive rally in sanford, florida where martin was shot. protesters marched from the police station furious on how the investigation has been handled. police did not charge or arrest george zimmerman. zimmerman got suspicious when he spotted martin walking in his neighborhood on february 26 and followed him. what happened between them isn't clear, but zimmerman claims he
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shot martin in self-defense. martin was not armed. tempers are flaring across the country over the trayvon martin shooting. and one of the most heated conversations took place here on our air. cnn's pier s morgan going head to head with culture commentator. >> another black person who is unarmed and innocent and not doing anything wrong has been killed. and this is incredibly painful and goes back before you were born and before your father was born and before my grandfather was born. >> yeah >> these are things that hurt as an american very deeply, and you are too new to this situation to fully understand what's really going on here and what's really at stake for america. >> what a load of nonsense you speak. you think you have the only right to speak about what's serious in america? you don't think i have the right as somebody from britain who
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spent the last six, seven years here. >> six whole years. you have the right. >> that discussion blew up into an outright war and we'll show you more of that. and i'll be joined by angela davis. we'll talk about the way racial tensions are simmering around this case and country. angela davis, one of the original black panthers, will talk about what the new black panthers are doing, coming up on cnn. to the presidential race where the republican hopefuls are blanketing the state of wisconsin. the big prize in tuesday's trio of primaries that including d.c. and maryland. mitt romney told volunteers at a campaign phone bank today we're looking like we're going to win this thing on tuesday and he said a win in wisconsin could be just what his campaign needs. >> i've got a ways to go before i let 1144 delegates, so i'm not counting the delegates before they hatch. but i'm going to keep working very hard and hope i get a good, strong send off from wisconsin.
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i've got a good boost from the folks in illinois, and if i can get that boost also from wisconsin, i think we'll be on a path that will get me the nomination before the convention. sure hope so. >> rick santorum and newt gingrich also spent saturday campaigning across wisconsin. rick santorum kept up his criticism of romney and gingrich focused his attack on president obama. a u.s. official said it's a coincidence that secretary of state hillary clinton was in saudi arabia when new sanctions against iran was announced. clinton met with the saudi king abdullah on friday. nearly a million barrels of oil a day could be lost because of the sanctions. washington hopes that saudi arabia with make up the short fall. mega millions lottery frenzy is over for most of us, but we do know there were three winners last night. maybe it wasn't us, but there were three. they'll divide the massive $650 million jackpot. that means each will get about $218 measly million.
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can you imagine that? officials say the winners are from maryland, illinois and kansas. nobody has come forward yet, but in kansas and maryland, we may never know who the real winners are. >> maryland is one of the few states that does not require publicity of its lottery winners, so we had two powerball jackpot winners last year, and neither one of them decided to do any publicity. so we'll have to see what happens. >> at least 42 people matched five of the six numbers. that means a payout of about $125,000 each. jealous here. comedian lewis black has been vie watching as the gop hopefuls vie to be the republican candidate in the fall. here's some of what he sees. >> if you wrote about this campaign in a fictional manner, the campaign for the republican presidency this go around, you would -- you would -- you would have to say -- people would read it and go, that would never happen.
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it seems it's from a data breach from one of the largest payment processing firms in the world. all major card brands may have been compromised. according to one security company, as many as 10 million accounts. visa and mastercard have already started alerting their customers. you could say the gop presidential race has been down right comical at times. for political comedian lewis black, it's pure ammo for his rage-induced standup act. we hit the road with lewis black to find out his analysis on the remaining republican presidential contenders and what he thinks voters are really getting. >> romney is really good if you're interested in being, you know, starting at one -- the sentence starts and he says that he's going to do one thing, but it ends with the fact that he's really going to do another. if you can live with someone who
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really doesn't have what appears to be a compass at all. he's a mood ring. newt would be a great bureaucrat, whether he likes it or not. he's not a great leader. he can sit down and deal with nuts and bolts and that would be great and try to figure out how to do something. along with six or seven other people, like al gore. they can sit down and work og -- work on something together, science project, just to keep them out of my face. rick santorum is really like -- it's 1956, i can't live it again. i won't live it again. i won't go through it again. i won't. you don't -- you don't say at any point at any time, out loud, that women are not allowed the right to have contraception. not this issue we're talking about now.
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he's made that statement more than once. no, i'm not going through this again. i am not. he's the one who i think actually has the most intelligence of all of them. and he really has some ideas that i think are exceptional. and sadly, he's bipolar with ideas so he has great ideas and he has ideas that are completely insane. >> all right. later, we'll have more -- we'll hear more brutal honestly from lewis black, his approval rating of president obama, as well. some say the trayvon martin case has helped deepen racial divide in this country. others believe they are always there, and too often we're just too afraid to talk about them. not on this show. coming up next, the talk about race with activist angela davis. what the world wants to know and share is here.
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was angela davis. her years as an activist and cultural leader speaks volumes. she joins me now from oakland, california. ms. davis, the trayvon martin case has turned into a global conversation. why do you think that is? >> well, it's about time that we had some collective expression of outrage about racism in this country, and, of course, there have always been people in other parts of the world who have joined particularly in the struggle for black freedom. this is yet another example of that massive planetary solidarity. >> we remember you as the black panthers, the black panthers from the '60s and '70s and there's the new black panthers now. last weekend i spoke with someone from the new black panther party about this so-called bounty that they have asked for george zimmerman to bring him in, and i asked him if he thought it was inciting violence.
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i want you to listen. and we'll talk about it. >> george zimmerman should have followed the police instructions and stayed in his car, and he shouldn't have took trayvon's life. no, we're not inciting violence, we're doing what american citizens have been doing for many years, we're doing a citizen's arrest. >> what do you make of this new black panther party, what is your reaction to that? >> well, you know, first of all, it's true that demand for justice for trayvon martin has largely focused on the individual case, and most frequently have stopped with the call for the re arrest and prosecution of george zimmerman. i find it interesting how we treat the examples of what we perceive to be racist violence as individualized and exceptional. it's almost as if we put blinders on and forget that what happened to trayvon has happened many, many times over the course of a very long history and too many times over the course of
1:17 am
the last few years. it seems difficult for us to keep all of the other examples of racist violence in focus when we demand justice for trayvon martin. of course, there are many names that we know. there's abner louima. there's sean bell, james byrd and of course oscar grant here in oakland. perhaps even more important, there are so many more whose names are forever lost to us. so i don't see that we can simply focus on george zimmerman and expect that in this way we are advancing the cause of anti-racism. it seems to me that we also have to focus on structural racism. of course, many people have learned so much about trayvon and his family. we feel that we really all know
1:18 am
him well. we feel as if he's a son or a grandson or a brother or a cousin. but i think that if we truly want justice for him, if we want to guarantee that his tragic death will not have been in vain, we have to figure out how to eradicate racism, not only from the psyches of people in this country, but from the institutions, as well. >> why do you say that we almost put blinders on or that we do put blinders on, many of us, when it comes to these issues as if they don't exist or to look for excuses for it not to exist, why does that happen? >> well, in many ways it's -- it's much more difficult to think about the broad issue of racism or racist violence. it's really very painful -- as
1:19 am
painful as it is to think about the death of trayvon martin, it's even more painful to have to recognize that this has happened to so many young, black men and black women in this country. thousands and tens of thousands. and so it's -- in a lot of ways, it's much easier to focus on the facts of one case and just to focus on one individual just to raise the demand that george zimmerman be brought to justice. it's certainly true that george zimmerman needs to be held accountable, but i don't think we can assume that simply prosecuting him or sending him to prison will help stop the march of racism in this country. >> yeah. i was going to say, there has not been a trial, he hasn't been arrested, and it's innocent until proven guilty. george zimmerman is a human being, as well.
1:20 am
his family is probably going through some issues, as well. is there anything in any way do you empathize with george zimmerman or his family or his plight or his situation? >> well, of course george zimmerman has to be given all of the rights that any human being in this country should be able to enjoy. and when we -- when we look at the case, however, it's very clear to us that had the situation been slightly different, had it been trayvon martin who had pulled the trigger of a gun and killed george zimmerman, we know exactly where trayvon would be today. we know that -- we certainly know that he would be arrested. >> ms. davis, i'm sorry, i have to run. we have a lot of show to get to. but thank you for joining us. it's always good to look back on
1:21 am
your history and get perspective about the future, as well. thank you, angela davis. >> certainly. thank you very much for having me on your program. let's move on now and talk about politics and comedy. comedian lewis black sat down with us to talk politics and he's also reserved, of course. >> they've been screaming and yelling. they had four years to find a leader, and they can't even find someone they like. >> well, he goes after both sides, as usual. next, lewis black says what he thinks about president obama. ♪ ♪ wow... ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, all you need is the smooth, creamy taste of werther's original caramel to remind you that you're someone very special. ♪
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osama bin laden fathered four children in the years between 9/11 and his death. that's according to one of his wives who told interrogators all about the bin laden's life in hiding. cnn's brian todd reports. >> reporter: he was alternately hiding, running, and fathering children in the years after 9/11. new details of osama bin laden's life on the run have emerged, given by his youngest wife. according to a pakistani police interrogation document obtained by cnn, she told police that she and her family lived in pakistan for almost all of 29 1/2 years between the september 11 attacks and bin laden's death. consistently during those years, pakistani leaders said this about bin laden's whereabouts -- >> i don't think that osama bin
1:25 am
laden is in pakistan. >> reporter: the interrogation report filed in january is paraphrased by a police official. the report has her saying the family lived in at least five locations in pakistan after 9/11 in at least five safe houses. according to the report, she says right after 9/11, her family scattered. she says she went from the area around kandahar, afghanistan to karachi, pakistan. stayed there for eight or nine months. in 2002, she says she went to here, reunited with bin laden there. then the family went to sawat in pakistan, stayed there for eight or nine months. in 2003, she stayed here for about two years. then in 2005 she says she went to that compound where they stayed for six years until bin laden's death. bin laden may not have been with her the entire time, but she gave birth to four of five children.
1:26 am
she claims to have given birth to two children in a pakistani hospital. she says she only stayed in the hospital two or three hours each time. "the new york times" says she gave fake i.d. papers to hospital staff. i spoke with terrorism analyst brian fishman about the children born in those years. what does that suggest about his mind set during those years on the run? >> well, i think we have this notion that he was interested in preserving his legacy. we've got that famous video of him watching his old videos, sitting there in the house in abbottabad. so it's plausible to think he wants to be seep as a major -- wants a big family and wants to be seen as a major sheik. >> reporter: an u.s. official says bin laden's wife's account seems plausible. brian todd, cnn, washington. specifically asked if anyone in the government knew that bin
1:27 am
laden's wife gave birth in a government hospital. we got no response. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> thank you, brian. lewis black is famous for his quick wit and stark-raving mad opinions. he doesn't play political favorites. we caught up with lewis black to get his take on the presidential race and president obama's time in the white house. >> as far as i can tell, i don't feel that he reached out as much as he could have. i think he's aloof, and i don't think that really is good. i think he's kind of standoffish. you know, there's a sense he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. he's left too much up to congress at times. there are times the way it works is the president says this is what we're going to do and puts his hand around their throat and they respond and they work it to the point where you then -- you know, you kind of have to sit down and work on it.
1:28 am
and i don't think he's found that balance. i think he's been aloof when he should have been on top of them and he's been on top of them when he should have stood away. it's weird. i didn't expect as much as everybody else did. i thought if he can get americans to listen to someone actually speaking paragraphs, that was what we would get over the four years, and that's really what we got. >> lewis black. if you use credit or debit cards, you may want to check your account to make sure it's correct. there may be a problem and the secret service is involved. we'll tell you why right after the break. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro.
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checking your headlines right now, the republican presidential hopefuls are all over the state, all over the state of wisconsin trying to lock down support ahead of tuesday's primary. mitt romney told volunteers today that in his words, we're looking like we're going to win this thing. he also said that a wisconsin victory would put him on the path to the republican nomination. quote, well before the convention. maryland and d.c. also hold primaries on tuesday. a story we had earlier, it's -- it bears repate petes because it is about your accounts and your security.
1:32 am
tonight, the secret service is on the case of credit or debit cards that may have been hacked. it stems from a data breach at one of the largest payment processing firms in the world, global payments. all major card brands may have been compromised. according to one security company, as many as 10 million accounts may have been compromised. visa and mastercard have started alerting customers. so check your accounts. check them out. a tribute to trayvon martin in one of the places that was nearest and dearest to him. tonight, a candle light vigil at the field where he played youth football. teammates, coaches and friends joined the family in remembering the slain 17-year-old. hours earlier, a massive rally in sanford, florida, the city where martin was shot. protesters marched on the police station, furious at how the investigation was being handled. police have not arrested george zimmerman, the man who admits to shooting trayvon martin. tensions are boiling over in the martin case and one of the most
1:33 am
heated conversations took place here on cnn between piers morgan and culture commentator. piers invited robert zimmerman jr. on the show, the brother of george zimmerman. he thought piers could have been tougher on him. and he start twitter war with piers over it. and piers challenged him to come on the show. this is combative, but one of the most riveting conversations you're going to see about the trayvon martin case. here it is. >> are you saying that robert zimmerman invented his story last night? are you saying his father, an hour before the interview, was asked directly is there an estrangement and said there isn't. is he lying, too. is everybody apart from you lying and are you abreast of more information than anyone else in america right now? >> one thing i notice is obviously the zimmerman family
1:34 am
is banding together to try to keep george out of jail for the rest of his life. that's quite obvious what their motivations are to say the things they are saying. and between robert, george and the father, and the attorney, there are not consistent stories being told. we're not getting a consistent story we can wrap our heads around. we have not heard before he was going to target instead of on the neighborhood watch. he's sort of reading some of the story from the orlando sentinel and making some of the other story up. and i don't understand why it's not clearer to you why this is a witness who needs to be treated a little most hostily and why -- and pushed back more and why other people are not rushing to have him on their air waves because he doesn't know george zimmerman that well and they haven't spoken about this. which also joe oliver who you quote said he has not spoke on the george zimmerman about this. how is he telling us things that
1:35 am
may or may not have happened that evening when he too has not spoken. so how is he telling us things that may or may not have happened -- >> toure -- >> you're spreading misinformation and this is not helping america at an incredibly difficult moment. >> if i could just point out two things. one, brian williams, i think you're aware of him, the face of nbc news, they are trying to get robert zimmerman on the show. are you aware of that? >> that's not the information that i had 30 minutes ago. >> okay. maybe news has taken over for you. secondly, you tweeted this. this was on the 19th of march. new slang, you're zimmermaning me, equals you're killing me. that's a responsible piece of journalism, isn't it? >> in the first days, weeks of the situation, what many people were doing, what i was trying to do in that is saying look, this guy is d.o.t. not doing the right thing. this guy has harmed people in the community.
1:36 am
some people misconstrued that and i'm sorry about that. but this is an incredibly serious situation. and i -- >> so serious that you felt the need to do stupid jokes? >> you're showing that you don't understand america, because what i was trying to do -- >> i understand america very well, toure. >> might be called black humor, not african-american humor but dark humor, these are things that are common in america -- >> dark humor? >> once again, another black person who was unarmed and not doing anything wrong has been killed. this is incredibly painful and goes back before you were born and before your father was born and before my grandfather was born. these are things that hurt as an american very deeply, and you are too new to this situation to fully understand what's really going on here and what's really at stake for america. >> what a load of fatuous nonsense you speak, don't you? you think you have the only
1:37 am
right to speak about what is serious in america? you think i don't have the right somebody from britain who spent the last six years here -- top address the story like this? >> six whole years. you have the right, but you don't fully understand what's going on here. >> you don't understand what is going on here. >> what don't i understand? let's deal with this. what don't i understand? >> please, please. >> what don't i understand about america? >> the depth of the pain in the america soul that is at play in this situation. >> what a load of nonsense! absolute nonsense! you clearly don't watch my show. you don't have to. no one is forcing you to. if you had watched my show, you would have seen exactly the seriousness and responsibility that i brought to our coverage. >> i'm not saying that you take this case lightly. >> fascinating new information. >> i'm not saying you take the case lightly, but there are notes, subtleties, nuances,
1:38 am
there's a depth of history in this that you can't possibly understand. >> do you believe that george zimmerman murdered trayvon martin? >> yes. >> so you've already tried him, convicted him and found him guilty of murder? >> you asked me what i think. >> and you called me an irresponsible journalist? >> i hear 911 call. >> a journalist does not ignore the facts. >> you think you know enough about this? >> george zimmerman is clearly showed repeatedly racist bias against a person who he does not know and has never seen before and is pour ing all of these stereotypes in to this person. that is even before we get to coon. they always get away. the jails are filled with millions of black men but they think they always get away. he's up to no good, he's got his hands in his pants, he's on drugs. a 17-year-old boy walking down the street talking to his girl
1:39 am
on the phone. none of those things are true, but he has already said all of those things. then we have the other 911 call, which i imagine will probably be extraordinary damaging, if we ever get to a court of law, where we hear someone screaming, which sounds like a young boy and not a 200 something pound 28-year-old man with a gun. a person, however, is screaming, there is a gunshot and there's no more screaming. that sounds to me pretty damning, and it reminds me of the face of emmett till bashed in, in the coffin where we see, here's evidence of a black body being destroyed wrongly, innocently, and the justice system, of course, not coming to his aid. >> well, i've raised many questions about the legal process, the justice system. what i haven't done is convict george zimmerman, because i haven't seen all the facts yet.
1:40 am
you berate me for lack of professionalism. you have a very one-sided opinion of this based on your assessment of the limited amount of facts that we have. that is your prerogative. i don't challenge you. i simply say that as a fact. you also think it's okay to do stupid, dumb jokes mocking -- what did you call it, zimmermaning me, you're killing me. we are different people. i like to think i'm a professional journalist. i think that you are something else. but i appreciate you joining me tonight. >> i think it's safe to say conversations like that are taking place like that across the country. i had one of my own with political analyst goldie taylor and leonard pitt. here's what leonard thought of the grudge match between piers and toure. >> i don't think that either gentleman covered themselves in glory last night. there was nothing enlightening there, there was nothing that moved the ball forward. it seemed like more of an ego
1:41 am
match than anything designed to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the death of this young boy. >> and leonard has some definite ideas about this case. he wrote a column why george zimmerman should be considered white. i'm going to talk to leonard and goldie taylor about that. more right after the break. ion? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering, web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. [ male announcer ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create?
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before the break, we watched the verbal sparring match between piers morgan and toure. it was so heated we invited our own panel to talk about it and it didn't take long for us to get into our own controversial territory. take a listen. you wrote a column on tuesday about this case and you said, -- it is titled sprif about the color white. the first thing is why it is important to claim george zimmerman as white. >> that was written in response to a large number of reader responses to an earlier column. they were upset i referred to him as white and they pointed there's two answers to that question. the short an answer is the
1:45 am
census bureau will be that hispanic is not a race. the other has the idea of privilege. i submit it is inconceivable a dark skinned individual could shoot a pale skin individual under the questionable circumstances that trayvon martin was shot and the darker skin individual would walk away. he would not have that privilege. i believe that privilege is defacto what it means to be white in america. >> when you -- all of this talk about race, black, white. it's gotten a lot of people riled up and some people ticked off and everybody is going in their own corners and silos. just being an honest person, there's so much that is so obvious about this case, and then there are other things that are not as obvious. to see people taking sides like this, and some of the ugliness it has brought about in the country is disturbing to me. i'm speaking as a journalist
1:46 am
now. it is disturbing to me as a human being, leonard. >> i don't know if it has brought ugliness as much as it has revealed ugliness all along. that's where i draw distinction with you. we hear people say we need to knot not rush to judgment with regard to this case. i believe that was mr. morgan's case case and that is good advice. there's a history of african-americans having to rush to judgment as something racially motivated where it was otherwise. the other side is there is history of our white american country men and women refusing to call a thing a racial issue, when it is glaringly obvious that it is. we need to be -- if we are going to have this discussion there needs to be honesty about it. >> i just had this conversation, a similar conversation. i have to ask you this, leonard. and i know we need to move on. if you know me, if any of you know me i'm seeking for
1:47 am
diversity in everything that we do on television and in my life. i thought the best two people to talk about this were you two. i didn't think of whether you were white or black but you as professionals. someone tweeted me saying how about more diversity in your guests. we know about the issue of diversity on news and cable and you will look at the television and see people who are of one ethnicity all the time. so why is it such an issue for people that there are three african-americans sitting on television talking about race? >> i suspect that having too many african-americans on any given program is not generally a problem for cnn or any other network. so, you know, this rare confluence of events -- i would suggest that the viewer or viewers deal with it. that's a silly thing to say. it reminds me, frankly, of a time when i was looking at television during the last
1:48 am
campaign and the issue was whether or not barack obama was black enough and you had a panel discussion of three or four white journalists having that debate. no one seemed to have any problems with that? >> i think the same is true when we talked about women's health care and contraceptives and we had panels full of men talking about those things. i don't think that anyone complains when you have got on a particular program, you have all white commentators and a host. i think on one program i counted 12 people on a set who were all white, and no one issued a complaint about the diversity on that particular show. i think you are asking myself and mr. fishman to be here tonight was about a viewpoint you wanted to hear that you thought might be interested. whether we are white, hispanic, african-american, what have you, i think is largely irrelevant and should be irrelevant. >> goldie taylor and leonard pitts, thank you very much. >> plenty of questions remain
1:49 am
surrounding the circumstances of trayvon martin and we know that george zimmerman fired the shot that killed the teenager, but could this case center around incomplete police work? i spoke with senior law enforcement instructor alex manning. >> on the police report that we had, it says it a partial report. there's little these officers said in their report, maybe two senses really at the photograph but two or three sentences and that's it. there should have been a much longer report. they got there. a lot more happened than them looking around the scene, placing zimmerman under arrest. what they saw, who they called out, what time they got there, what other assistance they needed. hindsight is 20/20. also say, like i did last time, maybe i played basketball longer than lebron james but it doesn't mean i'm better than him. so i'm not suggesting i'm a better police officer than these officers but i was an officer long enough to know this is not
1:50 am
enough in a report and i'm hoping and trusting that they have more of a detailed report. >> are those reports a longer, more detailed repor usually released to the media? i have seen longer, more detailed reports and there are summary reports, as well. do you think there is a longer, detailed report, that's trouble. >> if this is it, that is trouble. definite trouble. there should be. a lot of times agencies won't release it they will say it is under investigation and that's fine. because they don't want to distort it. obviously jury pools, things like that. so there could be more even some other police reports from the other 911 calls said that public police report, public copy. there are things this there if there are minor children, something like that, you don't want released. i'm hoping there's more than this. aside from the horrible tragedy that happened to trayvon, if this is all they have done, and i'm really hoping they are not because they seem to be a very
1:51 am
good police department, that is the tragedy. the focus needs to be on the job they either did or did not do. >> alex manning, thank you. earth hour was celebrated across the globe tonight. world monuments disappearing in the night for a cause. we will look at the highlights coming up next. [ clang ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. see your lexus dealer. but why doesn't it last? well, plaque quickly starts to grow back. [ dr. rahmany ] introducing crest pro-health clinical rinse. it actually keeps your teeth 91% clean of plaque even at 2 months after a dental visit. new crest pro-health clinical rinse.
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in the military, everyone's taught how to lead and follow, how to solve problems. we really pride ourselves on being ready and willing to go anywhere. i served in the marine corps,
1:54 am
deployed to iraq and afghanistan. when i first saw the earthquake that hit haiti, a lot of the images i felt like i had seen them before driving through the streets of fallujah and afghanistan. i realized i could help out. i went on facebook and said i'm going to haiti, who's in. 72 hours after that we were on the way to port-au-prince. >> let's get your gaudss. >> we set up a triage clinic. we realized that veterans are useful in these type of situations. >> i'm jake wood and i want to help veterans transition to life and other helps succeed. it started as a relief organization and realize we could help the veteran community as well. we bring them together to be part of a team. they are almost recharged. >> you get out you have that feeling of what are you really doing that's important in the world? team river provided an opportunity to help people in need. >> put your foot back as far as you can. >> most of the work we do is
1:55 am
emergency medical triage clinics. we have go to chile, sudan, pakistan. here we have been doing operations, search and rescue. we have 1400 volunteers and 80% of them are military veterans helping other people is part of the healing process. >> i can't thank you all enough. >> there's no limit to what veterans can do. we have the ability to help and we want to serve. i think it is a win-win situation. >> environmentalists are spreading their message by keeping us in the dark for one hour tonight from paris to athens. they have already done it in europe and here on the east coast, as well. earth hour encourages homes, businesses and governments to turn off the lights forrer one hour to build awareness about energy use and climate change. organizers say they have commitments in 147 countries and territories and more than 5,000 cities. the country fell in love with him. new york knicks star gemjeremy
1:56 am
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1:59 am
argument from a member of gangs. court d documents in the child rape case of jerry sandusky. they say the documents support charges that two former penn state officials lied to a grand jury. former athletic director tim curley and vice president shultz have been charged with perjury and have been charged with failing to report an alleged sexual assault of a child by sandusky in 2002. both have pleaded not guilty. linsanity, over for now. new york knicks star jeremy lin is expected to miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery on his left neechlt an mri revealed the injury. he was moved to the starting lineup. the undrafted harvard grad became an overnight sensation with the fans and with the media, as well. jeremy lynn done for


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