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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 2, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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nights and early morning, you plan your whole life around this. once you get to middle school, you watch college basketball and it is all you want to do in life and you just have to see which one you love the most. that is a very, very hard decision choosing from all of these great schools where you can be a great education as well. >> reynolds wolf, cnn, lithonia, georgia. wow. newsroom continues with kira phillips. good morning, everyone, i am kira phillips. 11:00 on the east coast and 8:00 on the west. anguished cry from a life and death struggle captured in the background of a call the night trayvon martin was killed by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. zimmerman says he was the one desperately screaming for help. two separate and independent auto analyses say it is not george zimmerman's voice. we'll get more in a live report moments from now. malfunction and pilot error are the two leading theories in the crash today of a commuter plane
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in russia with 43 people on board. 31 people were skilled. survivors badly hurt. the pilot reportedly was trying to make an emergency landing shortly after take off for reasons still unknown. better from canada, france and britain will help with the investigation. the top republican presidential candidates are in wisconsin planning for tomorrow's battle of the badgers state. wisconsin is one of three primary contests tomorrow. voters in maryland and the district of columbia also make their picks and wisconsin the biggest prize. it is a key swing state and the chair of the rnc says tuesday ae results could be pivotal in deciding this race. wisconsin is seen as just one of 12 swing states in the race so they could go either way. a new gallup poll shows that president obama has a good advantage in the states. he is ahead of romney by nine points. as for an obama hire santorum race, pretty muches same, 11
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points. ohio, florida, and have have are on the list. all three were romney victories in the primaries. points or not former president bill clinton will win handedly. in an interview mr. clinton talked about the problems facing mitt romney's run. >> the problem that governor romney had is his character attack was, you don't really know what he believes and he did this and he says that. the poor man that got in trouble for the etch-a-sketch remark, it is like saying there is nothing more damaging in politics than telling the truth. i mean, the truth is that's what he has to do. >> as for 2016 he ruled out a run by his wife hillary clinton. he says it is her decision but he also says he is looking forward to spending more time with her at home. former vice president candidate sarah palin is starting out a new role tomorrow, morning tv host. palin will be guest hosting the today show alongside matt lauer.
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lauer reached out to palin by phone during the show this morning to see what palin is doing to prepare. >> what are you doing to prepare? are you reading some newspapers? >> oh, oh. >> whoa. >> and it begins. >> you can still turn that plane around, governor. >> that's a great start. here we go. >> still going to be interesting. the newspaper dig, of course, was aimed at palin's interview with katie couric who asked palin during the 2008 campaign what newspapers she read. couric is guest hosting down the dial at good morning america all this week. almost a year after navy seals killed osama bin laden, a pakistani judge sentenced the al qaeda's leaders three widows and two daughters to 45 days home detention. the five were living in pakistan illegally and face deportation to their home country after they serve their sentence if yemen and saudi arabia will take them.
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the wife you see here, osama bin laden's fifth, has given authoritying the clearest picture yet of osama bin laden's post 9/11 life in hiding. this woman spent 20 years under house arrest in myanmar, but take a look at her now. her national league for democracy parties are claiming victories in 43 of the 44 parliament seats. official results may be days away and control won't change regardless. reformers are halg a try hum of of the people. the soldier who died saving a little girl's life is being remembered as a hero. a memorial service was held today in providence, rhode island, for 29-year-old dennis weikel. he is sergeant in the rhode island national guard died in afghanistan almost two weeks ago. he was hit and killed by an armored vehicle trying to save a little girl who ran into the
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road to pick up shell casings. hundreds of people gathered for the funeral. that little girl survived by the way and he leaves behind his fiance and three children. good news to go along with the expensive airline ticket and added fee. flying is actual will i getting better so says the airline quality rating study released today. it reports when it comes to on time performance, baggage handling, fewer customer plants and over booked flights, u.s. airlines are actually performing at the highest level in at least 22 years. also in the study the three best performing airlines, airtran, hawaiian, and jetblue. after getting slammed by a monster wave, the coast guard rescues four sailors from an australian yacht. they were taking part in an around the world race when it disabled the main steering and some of the communication equipment. two sailors were seriously injured and transferred to a coast guard cutter and will be
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flown to san francisco for additional attention. a new twist in the trayvon martin case. a new questions over whose cries for help are heard on the 911 call. the shooter george zimmerman says he is the one screaming for help. now audio experts are saying no way. that's next. sean white, tony hawk, you have serious competition. check out tom char on the ramp or should i say off the ramp? watch carefully. this 12-year-old is about to pull off a trick the world's best pros can't do, the first 1080. what's a 1080? three full re stations airborne. try in slow-mo and you can count with me. 1, 2, 3, and a half. that, my friends, is one for the record books. the first 1080 ever, 12 years old, and already making skateboarding history. that move right there, tom,
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with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme. search for answers in the trayvon martin case always comes back to one question. who was threatening whom. we have george zimmerman's account of the deadly encounter on a rainy night in february but there are chilling sounds captured on a phone call to 911. >> does he look hurt to you? >> i can't see him. i don't want to go out there. i don't know what's going on.
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they're sending. >> you think you hear help? >> yes. >> what is your -- >> zimmerman says the teen was attacking him in the face and head and those screams were his. the sanford, florida, police report quotes the neighborhood watch volunteer telling paramedics, quote, i was yelling for someone to help me but no one would help me. trayvon martin's family and friends say otherwise. they say the screams were trayvon's and two respectedes audio experts a that trayvon's mom and dad are probably right. tom owen is a forensic consultant and chairman emeritus of the american board of recorded evidence. >> we have the tape of zimmerman, the tape of the screams, and we can start the comparison. it is going to do this comparison if you can see the screen now. it is going to give me false rejection rates, acceptance rates, and likelihood ratio.
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this gray dot over here designates the very lower end of the scale which in essence is translated as it is not him. >> george howell is following all the latest news out of sanford. do the expert opinions, and just opinions, change anything? >> certainly very compelling information coming from these two audio experts. this is what they do and according to them, they believe that the voice, the screams that you hear on the 911 audio, they believe that voice is that of trayvon martin. again, it is important to point out that these tests are not 100% accurate. theres no way to prove with exact certainty that that is indeed trayvon martin's voice, and you will remember on the police report the investigator pointed out that he believed that the screams were coming from george zimmerman. again, zimmerman's brother, father, they indicated that they believe the voice that you hear on the 911 audio is coming from zimmerman. >> george, we're also hearing
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that trayvon's parents want the federal investigation widened. can you explain what that is about? >> well, you know, they are looking to talk to the department of justice to file a new request to have investigators look into the actions of the state attorney norm wolfinger. norm wolfinger is no longer handling this case. it has been turned over to a different state attorney. he was the first person to handle the case. he was the person really at the end of the day who decided not to file charges in this case and they are looking to see if somehow wolfinger interfered with investigators, sanford police, as they were determining whether to file charges. >> we have some strong concerns about the process that took place here and possible influence that may have went into that decision. as you know, when we met in the justice department they told us that any concern that is we my have had about this situation and totality that if we raise those concerns to them, they
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would look into it. we have a concern our clients have expressed to us. we relayed that to the justice department. we hope they would continue to look into this to determine what was the process, was there some influence, probably should not have taken place and to lead to that decision. >> kira, we have been in touch with the attorneys and at this point we know that they plan to file today and we also know they expect to hear back as to whether the department of justice will look into this. >> still no let up in the hearts and mind campaign as well. miami saw a big rally. >> a lot of rallies, a lot of people coming together and in fact we saw big rallies over the weekend and we were told by civil rights leaders that will continue, the message that people that came together, the message they say is clear, to arrest george zimmerman. >> all right. george howell, thanks so much. syria's president must
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co-from secretary of state hillary clinton as bashar al-assad as international pressure mounts and why several nations including the u.s. are paying syrian opposition to resist that government.
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big news out of syria. the syrian national council, not president bashar al-assad regime is formally being recognized as the legitimate representative of the sir an people and at the sbiet his promise to accept a peace plan, a crack down against forces is intensifying. at least 30 people were killed today and the opposition says al
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assad's troops launched an arrest campaign and are burning the homes of activists. the u.s. promises to double its humanitarian aid. turn to ben wedeman. ben, the syrian national council is being recognized by international leaders called the friends of the syrian people. what more can he tell us about the syrian national council? >> this was a council formed in the summer of last year and it is intended to be sort of an umbrella organization for the syrian opposition, and it really does, the umbrella has a few holes in it. just last month, in fact, three members resigned from that group because they felt it was too corrupt and it was really just a liberal facade for the muslim brotherhood. two of em this were later convinced to join it again. this is an organization that the friends of syria yesterday did declare as a legitimate representative of the syrian
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people. it receives good deal of funding from saudi arabia, but it doesn't necessarily have an awful lot of support on the ground. in fact, our colleague ivan watson yesterday quoted one syrian refugee on the turkish syrian border calling the snc losers. >> ben, i mentioned the humanitarian aid factor and i see that secretary of state hillary clinton is going to announce that the u.s. will add 12 million dollars to hum humanitarian aid, nearly double the aid to syria. according to the national council, it is stilt not enough. >> because the syrian national council has committed to paying the wages of the members of the free syrian army, and by one estimate that's a million dollars a day. now, the u.s. aid in addition to
11:19 am
800,000 dollars being provided or to be provided by the british government, it is mostly going to communications equipment, possibly medical equipment as well. they made it very clear that they're not going to be paying for lethal aid, for weapons, or apple mission, and that is really what the syrian national council and the free syrian army want. they want weapons. they want repetition of the scenario of libya where weapons were provided and not necessarily from the united states but from other sources and some sort of air cover, and the united states and its western allies to date have said that's not something they're ready to do. >> final thought. what happened to this peace promise or plan proposed by kofi ann an. >> it was accepted by the syrian government last tuesday but little materialized on the ground.
11:20 am
according to opposition sources more than 40 people have been killed today alone and we're just leaving news from the opposition local coordination committees that one group of anti-regime fighters that took over a hospital in homes today found 71 aunidentified bodies. we don't have details at this point. >> ben wedeman, thanks so much. marie colvin and french journalists remy ashleak were two of the 9,000 people the u.n. estimates died since the violence began. we're now getting an exclusive rare look inside the house where colvin and ashleak were killed in holmes. british photographer paul conroy was one of the journalists trapped inside during the siege. they were using that house as a base. conroy was seriously wounded when that house was bombed. he recorded this during his escape shortly after his colleague marie colvin was
11:21 am
killed. >> a lot of hits on the house today and all of a sudden run in and run in and just said get ready to go. we had just been through an arduous journey to get out and now heading to a relatively safe place. >> was was in the same house as marie and myself when marie was killed when the explosion happened and one of the people that dragged me to safety where my leg was in pieces. >> conroy credits opposition activists with saving not only his life but the lives of countless others. he says what you just saw is nothing compared to the hell
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have you the to done the taxes yet or putting them off until the last second? you get two extra days. april 17th is the deadline this year. allison kosik, what's the average refund looking like this year? >> if you're lucking enough to get a refund they say the average is $2,860. that's down a few dollars from last year's amount and, yes, if you're one of the procrastinators waiting in the the last minute, you're not alone. turbo tax says 27% of taxpayers admit they wait until the last two weeks to file their returns and if you live in san francisco, new york, washington, d.c., turbo tax says you claim the honor of the top three procrastinating cities when it comes to filing your taxes. dropping off the list, a few texas towns, houston, dallas, san antonio and chicago, too, so
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they're stepping it up a bit. >> if you look at your count and thinking there is no way i can pay these taxes on time, what do i do? >> so if you can't pay the full amount, you owe the irs, says you want to still i will too the return by the april 17th deadline and pay as much as you can to avoid penalties and interest. you will also set up an install meant plan and you can request a six month extension that will take to you october 15th to file your taxes. remember, you still have to pay. you're not getting off scott free. if you haven't paid 90% of the total taxes you could get hit with a penalty. the bottom line, call the irs at the following number, 1-800-829-1040. you don't not to pay and not do anything. >> thanks so much. the delegates, the money, and he has the lead. in spite of all of that is mitt romney's wife his biggest asset?
11:27 am
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before the break i asked when residents of washington, d.c. got an official vote in the presidential race. that answer, 1961. that's when congress passed the 23rd amendment giving dc the vote. they have gone democratic in every election sense. congrats to john for tweeting me the right answer. mitt romney is predicting victory in wisconsin tomorrow and the state is still fair game. it is one of three contests on the calendar and joining me to talk about it, anna navarre owe
11:31 am
and keith and as i said, three contests, wisconsin, maryland, d.c., so let's talk about why the candidates only seem to be focusing on one state, keith. >> wisconsin is a swing state in the fall election. maryland and d.c. are reliably blue states. you know the democrats will win those in november. it is an important race but the reality is mitt romney is likely to win in all three states. he is ahead in the polls in all three states. it is not a surprise that people would be focused on that state of wisconsin. >> anna? >> i absolutely agree. i think the fact that wisconsin is a swing state is what is driving the attention. also, it is the closest race that we have tomorrow. in maryland and d.c mitt romney has a huge lead. the polls are showing him with over 20 points of a lead and there is still a little bit of suspense related to wisconsin. there the race seems to be under 10 points and here, this has gone on for a really long time and so any little bit of suspense we can get to keep us
11:32 am
excited is a good thing at this point. >> that's the problem. >> i don't necessarily know if mitch mcconnell did that. take a listen to him over the weekend. >> the people of wisconsin will speak and the district of columbia and maryland and i have not felt they needed any advice from me as to what to do. i think it is absolutely apparent that it is in the best interests of our party at this particular point to get behind the person who is obviously going to be our nominee and to begin to make the case against the president of the united states. >> not really a ringing endorsement, like, okay, let's deal with this and move on. keith? >> sounds like, okay, if i have to, i guess i will endorse the guy. you know, the reality is he can see the writing on the wall and romney is likely to be the nominee and the republican establishment is starting to rally around him. it is one of the most lukewarm endorsements we have ever seen. >> anna, why is that? why the lack of enthusiasm or the lukewarm endorsements?
11:33 am
not really endorsing, just lukewarm, okay, whatever. >> put things in perspective. okay? this is mitch mcconnell. he is not exactly the most excitable or most exciting guy in america. you know, i think that for mitch mcconnell's standards he is doing pretty well here. i think what he is saying is let's forget about -- let's not focus on who we like, who we don't like, let's not focus on the candidates anymore and shift the focus on beating barack obama in the fall. i think you have to give mitch mcconnell and cut him slack. >> what happens when mitch mcconnell, keith and anna walk into a bar, dot, dot, dot. >> that's a good joke for foster frees to say. >> and athe complete opposite o the spectrum here, ann romney, front and center on the campaign trail, and you guys have seen the number of write ups even over the weekend. i was seeing a number of write
11:34 am
ups in t"new york times" about feeling the connection with mitt romney and definitely feeling with it with his wife ann. i guess let me start with you. is this just a little icing on the cake, gets everybody excited and is it really going to work? is she going to help mitt romney in the end pull this off? >> i think she can be a tremendous asset. she can be great help. precisely the words people use to describe mitt romney's deficiencies are the words they use to describe ann romney's strength, being normal, being you authentic, being able to connect with people, being playful, having a sense of humor, so she brings out all of those things that mitt romney seems to have a difficult time with and, you know, we are in 2012 political spouses are increasingly important. will you have michelle obama on the other side who is going to be very involved. it is great to have a surrogate
11:35 am
who you trust completely that can be a surrogate with voters, doeners, media, and out there for you helping cover some of the country. i think i agree with some of the people that say we may be running the wrong romney in this race. >> that's my point. why isn't she running for president if you have all of these wonderful things to say about her? >> give her name. if you hear bill clinton speaking, maybe we will see ann romney and hillary clinton in 2016. >> we would really have something to talk about. >> that would be interesting. >> do you like broccoli? >> do i like broccoli? >> yes. >> do i have to tell you the truth? i like broccoli if it is slatherred in some sort of cheese or butter. >> keith, perfect segway. >> that's exactly the problem. mitt romney is like broccoli, and so ann romney at the best is like some cheese you smother over him, but it is still broccoli. people don't like to eat broccoli. they would rather eat meat or
11:36 am
something else and more interesting and exciting an that broccoli and mitt romney at the end of the day whether you had ann romney or the entire family, he is still broccoli. >> nobody hated broccoli as much as george walker bush, and we know he is eating his broccoli. i think we need to give broccoli a little more credit in this life. >> you know what, like etch-a-sketch, i knew i should have invested and now it is broccoli. i will somehow find where i can invest in some sort of form and for full disclosure, i knew he was going to say that, one of the funniest quotes i saw from keith, so i didn't mean to set you up there. we all love broccoli whether smothered with cheese or not. >> i thought you were going to go to anthony ska lee a you know, quote from last week in the supreme court. you know, broccoli has been very much from the news the last few days >> it has. >> a very good food, yes, we should all eat it. thanks so much. fair game today. from one dynamic female to another. could this woman not first in an
11:37 am
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and then there were two. after all of this march madness it comes down to kentucky versus kansas. tonight the fight for the ncaa championships and don't think we're only talking basketball. we're going to georgia and we are talking masters. not just tiger, but the other men of the augusta national golf club and discussing whether the head of ibm, a woman, will be allowed in. either way the club will have to break tradition. let's get right to it. joining me, master of all things sports, len burman and my favorite usa today sports columnist kristine brennan on the phone. start with you, march madness. kentucky-kansas? >> yes, i like the kids from kansas. it is an interesting setup you have, freshman and sophomore and for kansas the upper class man from kentucky that will immediately turn pro and anthony
11:41 am
davis is a wonderful player, so i guess it doesn't do anything for me to say the favorite will win, but i have to go with the favorite. i like kentucky. >> kristine, what do you think? >> i have to agree with my friend len, kira. kentucky would be one of the youngest ncaa men's division basketball champions if they do win it, and i think they will. this has been on course really since losing to indiana in december, and i don't see anything about tonight's game that would lead anyone to believe that kentucky is not going to win this game. offsets occur, of course, and kentucky seems to be a course to win this tonight. >> len, did you do a bracket? >> i don't because i am an idiot. i get bounced out and -- >> len, you of all people? >> i know. i stopped doing it years ago because people even when they ask me who i think, i am always hesitant to say because i am afraid they will run out and bet on it because i have inside information. i am like a nerd. i say i don't know, i hope the
11:42 am
best team wins. i always say stuff like that. >> christine, about you? >> no bracket and i try to just observe. >> remain down the middle. you know what, i know we'll hit the masters. i can't wait to talk about that. first, christine, not forget the women's ncaa, notre dame and baylor, and you're there. >> i am in denver, and tomorrow night, tuesday night, 6'8" britney grooiner will try to leave baylor to the national championship. this is game changing. this is wilt chaimer lane for the men years ago. britney changes everything about how a team plays. people should watcher. it is extraordinary. blocking shots, dunking with two hands, like the guys do, and this is really something different in women's hoops >> love it. len, you agree? >> agree and impressed christine called us journalists. >> okay. let's get to the one thing a lot
11:43 am
of journalists will be paying attention to, the masters. not just tiger woods, i am talking possibly the first female to wear a green jacket. len, i am going to start with you. christine has good personal tidbits here. sex or money, what will win out? >> the old boys club, they have been doing it this way for eight decades and have a boy's group. when will they come into the 21st century in i don't know if they will choose. what i would personally like to see it people like tiger woods or phil mickelson or mcilroy say we're not going to play until you join the current century. that's never going to happen but it is a pipe dream i have. >> i like the fantasy. christine, i am on board with that. you actually have a personal connection to the story which got us all talking about this in the first place. >> that's right, kir a jenny is the ceo of ibm, just named in the fall and became the ceo in
11:44 am
january and she and i went to college together and i know her and e-mailed her a few times and understandably she is not talking. i don't blame her. it is the most private of clubs, old boys club, and it is ridiculous when you this i that augusta national brought in an african-american male member in 1990 under pressure. 22 years later they're still discriminating against 51% of the population. it is about the corridors of power. it is not about golf. it is about giving women the opportunity to be in the business world. this one, and remember martha nine years ago. this is an outsider talking and this isn't journalists like me asking questions. jenny rohmetie is one of their own. says tradition for them to become a mb of augusta national. if she is not wearing a green jacket later in the week and i hope to see her anyway, that means that augusta is showing a face you can't believe it would be showing in 2012.
11:45 am
>> point well made. we'll be paying close attention. tiger, the masters, really show us, len, if he is back, right? >> sure. he won seven arnold palmers and firestones is and by his own thing that matters to him is winning major golf tournaments. if he can put it together and wear the green jacket, we will say are you back. i know the other golfers are hoping he is back. the high tide of tiger raises all boats, and they will make more money if tiger wins. until he wins that masters or another major, we're not willing to say he is back. >> we know how mental the game of golf is. len, you know, too. we all can agree with that. just the fact that he won the last tournament, doesn't necessarily mean that he is going to play well in the masters. >> true, but even when he wasn't playing well after all the
11:46 am
scandal of 2009 he still did very well at the masters. if he is going to win a major every year, this is going the one. i think tiger will be in the hunt on sunday. i do think he is back. i think it is actually his tournament that he needs to win this. it has been four years almost since he won a major. watch out for roy mcilroy. he learned by watching tiger as a young boy on television, and he is not afraid of tiger woods. if anyone is going to beat tiger, i think it could be roy mcilroy. >> len, he is such a great kid. we had him live on this show. everything about him is just, he is just remained unscathed on every level and he is a great athlete. >> i just want to see it on the sunday come down to tiger and a short putt which used to be money for him. i want to see if he can still make that putt with everything that's gone on in his life. i don't know if you saw the woman's putt the other day, she missed a 1-foot putt that would have had the championship. i will see and then we will kneel down and tebow.
11:47 am
>> let's have a follow-up. christine, len, both join me again? >> only if christine does it. journalists, come on. >> putting you on the spot, christine. >> absolutely, with len and kira, any time. thank you. >> thanks, guys. up next, all the fuss over a new four square app called girls around me and critics say it is a stalker's dream. ♪ ♪ why do you whisper, green grass? ♪ [ all ] shh!
11:48 am
♪ why tell the trees what ain't so? ♪ [ male announcer ] dow solutions use vibration reduction technology to help reduce track noise so trains move quieter through urban areas all over the world. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. [ all ] shh! [ male announcer ] solutionism. the new optimism.
11:49 am
an app accused of encouraging stalking is pulled from the itunes store. the company behind the app used the social networking service four square to show where women checked in nearby. the developer defended the app and told the wall street journa.
11:50 am
the app's intention was to help people discover public venues nearby. and time now for stories making news at street level. ne in kansas, a truck crash. a rig towing a trailer went off the highway, hit a metal guardrail and a concrete bridge rail before going into a creek. investigators are looking into the crash. a kids' science project led to the partial evacuation of the love field airport. a robotic device was found near a cockpit of an airplane. 11 people were detained in connection with the device. it turned out the be a science project left behind by a student traveling with his professor. to amarillo, texas. where the pilot that disrupted the jetblue flight is making his
11:51 am
first appearance. captain clayton osbon looked composed going to court. you'll remember that passengers had to tackle him on the plane blast month when he started acting radically. the plane made an emergency landing. his wife thanked the passengers and crew for the compassionate handling of the situation. morning tv watchers welcome back kylie. she's back on the air after a nearly two-month injury a freak injury, she was bit on the upper lip by an 85-pound dog in a segment of her show. she needed 70 stitches to close the wound. the dog was later quarantined and released to the owner. we're hoping to see who the winners are of the mega millions jackpot. the winners were in kansas,
11:52 am
maryland, and illinois. the winners will get about $218 million each before taxes. let's get to washington. vindication for strip searches in jail. jailers in new jersey had the right to strip-search man who was arrest td for allegedly failing to pay a traffic fine. justices ruled that giving low-risk inmates a pass puts everybody at greater risk. here's the kick person he had paid the fine. he was arrested by mistake. and finally, we head to new york city. that's where sara palin will be tomorrow. she'll be in the "today" show stud studio. not as a guest but as a best host. this will be different than what she's used to. ironically, katie couric, matt
11:53 am
lawyer lauer's cohost is down the dial at abs this week. the republican front-runner is running into trouble now. how bad is president obama beating him in some key states? but first, she said she's doing what she has to do to take care of her kids. all 16 of them. nadya suleman, or octomom says she's so broke she's destitute. so broke, she's forced to pose topless. so broke, she's going on welfare where she'll receive $2,000 a month to feed her children. raising 14 kids is expensive. somehow, it's hard to feel sorry for her. perhaps because more than her need for money is her need for attention. so enjoy this round, it could be your last, octobmom, your 15
11:54 am
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11:57 am
well, it looks like president obama will have to go on without one of his highest profile supporters on the campaign trail. we're talking about oprah winfrey. she says she's too busy to be out there right now. >> i'm not going to be out there. i'm 100% behind our president. i actually love our president. and have the utmost respect for him and that office and what it takes to to be there. i will not be oult because i'm trying to fix a network. >> she's, of course, talking about her own network, struggling with bad rates. in fact, said that she -- she said if she would have known it was this hard, she probably would have tried something else, maybe like rung for office
11:58 am
herself? thinking out loud. president obama may not need her held. pierre joins me now from washington. peerkts what are we seeing in the new numbers? >> obama might not need her. 12 battleground states came out today. obama with a strong lead over mitt romney. the likely or increasingly likely republican nominee. 51% to 42% over mitt romney. up from a lot from a month ago when obama trailed him by two points. what has made the difference? it's been all about women voters. look at these number. romney leads obama among men by one point. obama leads romney among women by 18 points. the discussion in the republican race over the last month or so, ever since february, has devil
11:59 am
into contraception. it's turned women off. you need women to win. barack obama beat john mccain by 13 points among women in 2008. you have a hard time to win the election if you're losing women voters. >> let's stay on the female theme. you came out with an article talking about nikki haley. not interested in the v.p. spot. >> no. she was asked by abc if you'll be on the short list. the governor of south carolina, elected with strong tea party support said absolutely not. she's said things like this in the past. i asked her chief of staff, what does this mean? he said, she'll not be vetted. it would be a waste of time. she's going remain the governor of south carolina. scratch her off the vice presidential short list. >> okay, peter, thanks very
12:00 pm
much. thanks for watching everyone. continue the conversation with me on twitter or facebook. we continue now with suzanne malveaux. live from cnn head quarters in atlanta, it's 12 noon. 9:00 a.m. on the west coast. want to get you up to speed for in monday april 2nd. a passenger plane crashed in siberia. 31 people were killed. a dozen survivors are hospitalized in intensive care. the plane broke into pieces just after takeoff. britain, france, and canada are helping to investigate. the republican candidates are back on the trail today. people in wisconsin, maryland, and d.c. voting on tuesday. mitt romney is favored to win
12:01 pm
all three contests. rick santorum and newt gingrich say they're staying in the race until rom any gets 1144. and the leaders of canada and mexico meeting at the white house. stephen harper and mexican president philippe calderone are there. in about an hour, the three will come out, discuss how this meeting went. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. and keeping a close eye on your credit and debit statements from march. 1.5 million card numbers were stolen. global payment says it's trying to find out the hackers who pulled this off. but tell us, card holder names, addresses, social security numbers, not affected. new developments now in the fatal shooting of trayvon
12:02 pm
martin. today, the boy's parents will formally ask the justice department to review what the state prosecutor did. they want to know why he didn't bring charges against george zimmerman, the man who shot their unarmed 17-year-old son. george howell is joining us from sanford, florida. george, you have a different state attorney. you have the justice department investigating it. why are the parents seeking another investigation? >> reporter: well, they're looking into the possibility that norm wolfinger, the previous state prosecutor, into whether he somehow interfere wtd the lead investigator. again, at this point, they're not sure whether the department of justice will actually take this on. whether they will, when, or how. they're questirequesting it tod formally. they're waiting to see what
12:03 pm
happens next. >> tell us about tahe tapes. audio experts are weighing in on the screams. who are they saying the screams are coming from? >> the information coming from the experts is compelling information. you hear the skreems on the 911 audio. the audio experts, the analysis there is not 100% authentic. the investigator did believe the scream came from george zimmerman. we have heard from his brother
12:04 pm
and father. both believe the scream came from zimmerman. >> george, finally, a lot of people came out in the pro tests here. do they worry that this is case that will be diminished as time goes on or do they feel emboldened here that people are still paying attention? >> reporter: and a great question. as each new detail comes out. the audio erks perts. people are paying very close attention to the details. it seems from people that i spoke with, they want to no exactly what happened that night. they're staying on top of the story, following all the details. it doesn't seem like the people, the thousands of people that were at the marches and rallies, doesn't sound like they're giving up. they want to see what happens as far as an arrest. >> george, thank you.
12:05 pm
>> has been sentenced. nick, i understand that at least according to the law there, this is a flat risk. the lawyer called the sentences lenient. how did this happen? >> well, they have been held in islamabad since their arrest earlier this year. they were expected to face charges. the lenient sentence put through. >> and we know that a deposition was taken from one of the wives that pretty much giv us a clear picture of bin laden's life in hiding. what does she say? >> well, it appears they moved around quite a lot. she appears to have gone to afghanistan in 2000 to marry him. they moved back towards
12:06 pm
pakistan. they scattered, moving around a lot. at one point, she was reunited in bin laden in the north of afghanistan. over a period of time, he had two children in 2003 and 2004. the house where the navy s.e.a.l.s caught up to him there were another two children born there. they evaded the u.s. attempts to capture them. the level of complicity, what that tl may have been among authorities. how he managed to evade that decade-long man hunt for him by ever resource available to the u.s. they've demolished that house. the women are due to be deported. people are still asking questions about how much authorities new in pakistan. >> when the widows talk, do we get a sense he lived a good
12:07 pm
life? he was happy man before he was killed? >> i think as you can imagine, evading capture really dominating his ever move. clearly, they were anxious to move around. many years not spent together with his ever expanding family. i think a story of man desperately trying to evade capture throughout his years. >> thank you, nick. very much. those are some of the sto stories we're covering. sarah palin versus -- yep, katie couric. the last time they went toe to toe, it changes the course of the election and made headlines. and you have a visa or mastercard in your wallet, stick around. from checking a bag to getting more leg room.
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all right, so there's this big fight on tv. not wrestling or boxing. this one early in the morning. morning tv. over at "good morning america" started this by going on vacation. abs replaces her with katie couric. folks at "today" on nbc said sarah palin is hosting tomorrow. they have a big announcement coming from ryan seacrest. meanwhile, gayle king has her bff on for an interview. we're talking oprah winfrey.
12:11 pm
tv is competitive. this is a whole nother level. i want to bring in eric deggens. i was glued. i was watching this morning, seeing all this go back and forth. what is this about? are they trying to bump the "today" show? >> i think that's what's going on here. the "today" show has an amazing track record in terms of viewership. it's won in the ratings ever week for something like 16 years. the distance between the two shows has narrowed a lot. particularly in recent years. think abc saw an opportunity to surprise the "today" show, bring in somebody that used to be on their air, steal some viewers and get a great headline next week that says "gma breaks today
12:12 pm
show viewing record." >> they had promos saying, guess who is going to be on. what do we think is behind this? >> katie couric has a syndicated show debuting in september 10th in the fall. she wants to keep her profile up. she doesn't want to look like she's pushing robin roberts off the stage. overt about robin going on vacation. they had promos. showing everybody agrees with this. they don't want "good morning america's" fans to get upset with katie couric. they're taking a shot at the "today" show and promoting katie's new show, also done through abc. >> and nobody comes close to oprah. she's struggling with her own network, own. she talked about it with gayle
12:13 pm
king and charlie rose. she made news. let's play the sound. >> i'm not going to be out there. i'm 100% behind our president. i actually love our president. and have the utmost respect for him and that office and what it takes to be there. i will not be out. because i'm trying to fix a network. >> what do you think? how is she doing? i mean, how is she managing she's struggling so much with her own network. >> this is a tough time for her. i don't know if she's used to being on the wrong side of events the way she has been over the last year or so. own debuted and it got tremendous numbers when it first debuted. then it struggled in the ratings ever since. they just canceled the rosie o'donnell show and they had to lay off 30 people from the company. i think oprah redd scheduled th
12:14 pm
down to say, i think we did too much at once. she picked a bad day to do it. we see katie on abc, hear about sarah palin. all of the thunder, i think she hoped to own the news cycle for the day. >> didn't happen. >> nothing doing. >> i have to ask you about this. sarah palin, right, hosting. and you know, it made a lot of us think and wonder, what does it say about the state of journalism. sarah palin, she can see russia from her backyard. katie couric, the woman who basically called her out, what newspapers are you reading? and they are toe to toe here. what does t say about the state of journalism? are the shows morning shows, entertainment shows? >> we have to remember that when the "today" show started in the 1950s, it was hosted by talk
12:15 pm
show host david garroway and a chimp, j. fred muggs. the "today" show has a history of having folks on that are not necessarily a journalist. florence henderson has been on the show. she's not a journalist. i wouldn't make a whole lot of this. this, to me, feels like a last-minute attempt to bring glitz and glamour to the "today" show to try and blunt and pull back. nbc was caught a little flat-footed by katie couric cohosting. >> you're not calling sara pail an chimp honow, are you? >> i am not, no, no. i am not. i'm not comparing sara pail on the a chimp. i'm saying the "today" show as a
12:16 pm
history of having light-heart td hosts that are not journalists. >> and ryan seacrest is supposed to come out with a big announcement as well. do we know what that is? >> we don't know for sure. indications are that it has something to do with olympics coverage. he's signing a new deal with nbc. and you know, he does a lot of unscripted shows. produces a lot of them with nbc's cable channels opinion she's very involved with them. for a time, there was talk he might take matt lauer's place on the "today" show. i think we have found out that matt lauer is probably going to reup. he'll do new ventures. >> my recommendation, watch soledad o'brien and carol
12:17 pm
costello. >> i was wondering why we were spending so much time talk about somebody else. >> cnn. come to cnn tomorrow. we'll see how this all plays out. the two biggest credit card companies in the world, hacked.
12:18 pm
12:19 pm
more information coming out on the $1.5 million debit and credit card numbers that were stolen from a credit card processer. what do we know about the kind of information compromised? >> the hackers did not get people's names, addresses, and
12:20 pm
phone number. they got account numbers. they can wind up making a fake credit card to buy stuff using your account number. but hoors tere's the good news. they don't have enough information for a full-on identity theft. they can't take out a mortgage or open up credit cards. wall street is reacting. global payment shares are down 3% in adindition to the 9% from friday. >> are all credit cards at risk? amplgts good question. global payments are not coming forth with many details. not saying which companies are affected. visa said it's the big boys. the big players. visa came out and said, they're affected. mastercard alerted card issuers on which accounts could potentially be at risk.
12:21 pm
discover and mastercard are on the lookout. we're not sure how far this will go. global payment says the problem is contained and they are still processing payments. suzanne? >> what do we do? how do we make sure the credit cards are safe to use? >> expect the issuer will contact you if you're affected. they'll give you a new card, a new account number. in the past, they've given out free credit monitoring as well. you have to take responsibility. if you're worried about it, the first line of defense is you. go ahead and watch your account statements when they koom in. of course, report anything out of the ordinary. note this is a drop in the bucket. 1.5 million credit cards is a lot. but it's small compared to the 1 billion credit and debit cards being used currently in the u.s. mitt romney having trouble
12:22 pm
with women. women voters, that is. a new poll shows president obama is trouncing the former massachusetts governor in this key demographic. how does romney win over the women women? and college, pretty pricy. costs keep going up. got a few tips of how to pay for it up a. christine romans with the details. >> reporter: their thmore than is what you need per year. where do you come up with that money? the new issue of money magazine has ideas of where to do that. >> when you look at the $22,000 number, people don't realize that $9,000 or $10,000 are living costs. one way to do that is to ask for
12:23 pm
less fancy dorms. the standard zorm is shared with one other person. if you triple up, you can save $1,000. doing chores. there are coops in houses that you work five hours a week. you can save huge number. they save $2,000 a year in room and board at the university of florida. >> take cheaper courses. how do you do that? >> a lot of schools are offering discounted tuition at the summer schools. >> 40% of kids that get to school need remedial help. do that first. thank you so much. >> you bet. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow.
12:24 pm
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12:27 pm
here's a run down of some of the stories we're working on. if mitt romney wants to be competitive with president obama, he has a lot of work to do with women. how do the airlines stack up on quality. new rank togs help book the next trip. racism far from over in america. ask you kids. a startling new report. could it finally be the beginning of the end? mitt romney hopes so. wisconsin's primary is tomorrow. a healthy lead in the poll. the former massachusetts governor set to make another strong argument for his nomination. his challengers are saying, not so fast. they're not going anywhere. joining us so talk about it, lenny mcallister and jamal
12:28 pm
simmons. lenny, start can ywith you. top republicans, if they don't get behind somebody soon, they're only helping the president. what does romney into v to do to wrap it up before the convention? >> two things. a sweep tomorrow would be fantastic. he's in position to do that. the other thing he needs to do is win a vast tha majority of yankee primary on april 24th. the past meeting with gingrich and romney is significant. there's a growing possibility that newt will get out of the race after tomorrow. setting up the one-on-one contest sereverybody is looking for. mitt romney versus nonromney. if mitt romney with win on april 24th, i think we'll have the coalescing of the party. >> and lenny, did you say
12:29 pm
yankee? >> yankee primary day on april 24th. >> i had not heard that expression. there's an enthusiasm gap. romney is up 7% in the polls. according to nbc. that's the lead that could evaporate if voters don't come out. how does romney fire up the social conservatives in a state like wisconsin? >> they had, i have heard a couple of interviews even here on cnn of people saying, i'm probably more conservative than mitt romney, but i think he can win. i think santorum is just too far out there. i think santorum, over the recent weeks, he's proven he doesn't have the temperament to be the president. that's a tough hurdle to get back over. romney is campaigning. he's not mentioning santorum's name anymore. they're going to starve santorum of any attention which really
12:30 pm
hurts him. after wisconsin, you've got about three weeks without primaries. it will be very hard for somebody like santorum who doesn't have a lot of money to air tv ads. doesn't have debates to make news the three weeks before the primary tomorrow and three weeks from now. >> let's listen to rick santorum. he says it's far from over. >> what a north dakota radio station the other day, said, govern eor sunu nurks rks tryin to spin this race is over, this race is over. then why is he spending $4 million in wisconsin? if it's over, there's no chance, why is he bothering? >> throw this at you, here. he seems like he's hardly ready to step out of the race. newt gingrich falling behind, too. how far is this going to go? >> again, think, april 24th is a
12:31 pm
big date. if rick santorum starts losing in the midwest, where he got strength earlier in the year, then has a hard time hanging on in pennsylvania and doesn't do much good the rest of the way on april 24th, there's not much reason to stay in. yes, he'll win texas. he won't be able to stop romney from getting to the magical 1144. he has to throw the poms obombs there about the relevant people out there. if he can't win primaries and doesn't have a debate, put him up against romney one on one, he's going have a hard time turning the tide away from romney. >> and suzanne, i would love to find way to argue for rick santorum. it's good for us, as democrats, to have this go on as long as possible. it's too recommeminiscent of 20.
12:32 pm
i sat here telling people it would probably be ending. obama will probably be the nominee. it's clear that romney will be the nominee. all rick santorum can do is get in the way. he can do that. it's his will. i doubt other republicans have the stomach to see it happen. >> i remember 2008, the battle between obama and hillary clinton. nobody thought it would go that far. he was fighting the vote over the women, whether or not he has the support of female voters. we're looking at usa today. 12 key swing states. owe what is way up on romney when it comes to female voters. what do you think sit? he's resonating? a message that he's -- that's resonating with women that is important here? or do you think he's doing so poorly with connecting with women? >> we see it a lot in polling.
12:33 pm
for a long time, it was barack obama over your perfect republican. what mitt romney has done is he's started to defind himself. now people learn it's not barack obama versus ronald reagan. it's obama against a flawed candidate, mitt romney. the time after time the planned parenthood issue. contraception. all the issues around women's health and reproductive choices are taking a toll on mitt romney. think that's hurting him more than it is really helping the president. >> lenny, i want to bring you in here. a fun matchup, let's say romney pulls it out. this is "the washington post." a list of potential running mates for him. a run down of a couple here. the new jersey governor, chris christie. he's been his campaign wingman. you have got marco rubio. he's got star power as we know. and i want to skip ahead. we have a lot of names here.
12:34 pm
i want to skip to this one. i like her name, suzanne martinez. governor of new mexico. what do you think? who do you think he would choose? >> i think from a romney standpoint, and he's been doing things logically and methodically. i think the logical choice is rubio. florida, young, latino-american. i think it all fit there is. i wouldn't be surprised if he goes with governor martinez, not just because she's la tetinlati because she's out in new mexico. she's a governor, not a senator. it goes back to the women's vote. you look at president obama, she's not officially on the ticket yet. it will be a referendum of the administration. until we get to the fall, there's no way to put them both head on head. this is an opportunity to get
12:35 pm
some of that women's vote back for governor romney. >> who is the one person that obama would not want to see there on the ticket as a vp? >> i'm not afraid of in of the folks. i'm thinking they're flawed kptds. if i was ronlmney, i would thin seriously about ryan. he's young, energetic. romney's endorsed his economic plan. ryan's probably the best articulator of that plan that can can make that case. martinez, maybe interesting candidate. i think the bar is high now for people we have never heard of before. >> all right, jamal, lenny, god to see you both. we'll have you back, soon. from baggage fees to leg room, who is giving you the most in the battle for the sky? ♪? f you can use some exotic booze
12:36 pm
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all right, remember this bizarre moment. from last week? >> oh, my god, i'm so distraught! oh, my god. we've got israel, we've got iraq. we've got israel, we've got iraq. >> jetblue pilot clayton osbon. he was transferred to a federal courthouse in texas. that happened this morning. he's charged with interfering with a flight crew. he's been receiving treatment if a hospital since tuesday. stay with us for more. we have our travel horror stories. believe it or not, airline performance is improving for four straight years, according to a new report. lizzie o'leary joins us with more. i just flew this past week.
12:40 pm
international flight. my bags didn't make it with me. how is this improving? >> it is hard to understand for flyers. this is a measure of how airlines are doing, not on the safety front but the group looks at the performance of airlines over 20 years. being on time, your bags, where they went, airline and customer complaints. the top three were airtrain, hawaiian, and jetblue. they came in the top ratings of the 15 major airlines they surveyed. at the bottom, a lot of regional carriers that work with bigger airlines. they're counting both customer feedback and son time things. one of the reasons you see discount airlines do better there. people are not expecting in some ways what they would expect if they were flying on one of the legacy carriers. they buy a cheaper ticket, they
12:41 pm
expect service in correlation to that. >> i'm surprised. the blankets are gone the pill lowe's are gone. you have to ask for the peanuts. how was it, 20, 10 years ago? >> overall, performance on these measures are improoufring. one of the things you see, you have to think about it a little bit. people fly less, after 9/11, people flew less. the once that flew got better service. that's the same thing also after the recession. you saw a dip because fewer people were flying. you see people saying, oh, we like the service better, because there are fewer of them in the air. >> all right, it's sometimes still a struggle there. it's good there are some airlines doing better. thank you. what really happened the night trayvon martin was shot and killed?
12:42 pm
we'll take a closer listen to a crucial piece of the evidence. it's the screams caught on the 911 call to police. [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer.
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12:45 pm
>> i can't see him, i don't know what's going on. i don't want to go out there. [ screaming ] >> you think he's nelling help? >> yes. >> what is your -- >> we want you to thereon one of the audio expects explaining how that tape was analyzed, how he reached the conclusion that it was not george zimmerman's voice screaming for help. >> there's a comparison made between a known and an unknown voice. in this instance, jorm zimmerman is a known voice. he identified himself on the 911 call. we know who that is. we have the voice of the person who is screaming. we consider that the unknown. we don't know who that is at this point. the difference between the old comparisons where you had to have verbaitim speech to today, the software is able to define
12:46 pm
three things. spectographic information is one of them. the spices between words when people speak. the software of today in use at nsa, cia, fbi, is able to do that and do it efficiently with no subjectivity been thrown into the mix. we have the tape of zimmerman. the tape of the screams. we can start to comparison and basically, it's going to do this comparison if you can see the screen now. and it's going to give me false rejection rates. false acceptance rates. and a likely hood ratio. okay. this gray dot over here designates the lower -- very lower end of the scale. in essence, it's translated as it's not him. >> that was tom owen. he admit this is is not an exact
12:47 pm
sentence. the killing of trayvon martin has sparked a racial debate across the country. all this week, cnn is going in-depth on race relations. anderson cooper is studying how it affects kids. >> we wanted to do research on how early it is that kids form attitudes at race or how early they form opinions about race. why they form them, how they're shaped. we wanted to go to different locations, different geographical locations in the united states to get a cross-section of the population. also, we wanted to make sure we went to different kinds of schools. some majority white, some majority african-american. some very mixed. one of the interesting things in the study, researchers showed
12:48 pm
kids of different ages ambiguous pictures. the child viewing the pictures could make up their own mind about what was happening. >> what do you think happened in this picture? >> the girl pushed him. >> is randy doing something okay, not okay or kind of in the middle? >> not okay. >> also, we would ask questions and whether the kids were looking at the pictures thought that the children portrayed in the pictures would be friends. and would their parents want them to be friends. the answer were really surprising. >> do you think it would be easy for a kid to convince his parents it would be tock have other types of people over? >> hmm-mm. >> this is about educating all of us about sub conscious biases that most of us probably have. trying to understand where those come from, how they're formed. importantly, what can be done about them. >> if i had a son, he would look
12:49 pm
like trayvon. >> one of the early things i heard, i thought about the study we had just done. so much of the controversy over trayvon martin's shooting centered around what george zimmerman was thinking. >> a black kid with a hoodie on. jeans, tennis shoes. thousands of people wear that every day. >> what did he perceive he saw? what was his perception of trayvon martin? those are the questions we are trying to get answered in this study. the topic of race in america is an important topic. it's one that is not easy to discuss sometimes. it's uncomfortable to discuss. we wanted to try to do it in a very scientific way, as scientifically as possible to do research and study kids and their per sepgs about race. that's what we have done. >> be sure to check out anderson's special series, kids
12:50 pm
on race, the hidden picture. that's all week long at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. pa-tato, po-tato, huh? actually, it's to-mato, ta-mato. oh, that's right. [ laughs ] [ car door shuts ] [ male announcer ] visit your local chevy dealer today. now very well qualified lessees can get a 2012 chevy cruze ls for around $159 per month. e.p.a. estimated 36 miles per gallon highway.
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12:52 pm
it's autism awareness day. we asked you the share your experiences. this is a 10-year-old boy explaining his life with autism. >> hi. i have autism. one of the good things about it, you think in a different way than other people. and being different is okay. one of the negative things is, like, you can't understand people. can't understand what they're saying to you. what they're saying to you. it's like you can't really understand it.
12:53 pm
>> there are some difficulties and besides the emotion that will toll, people living with severe autism can spend millions of dollars on care in their live time. families are struggling to get proper medical care for their kids. >> what letter is that? >> a. >> what's that? >> b. >> reporter: if you could describe colten in one word, what would bit? >> happy. >> happy. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with autism. first the emotional shock. then the financial. >> it's about $1,000 out of pocket a month. between the therapies. >> reporter: 29 states require insurance to cover it families bear a large burden. >> we have copays. i've been fighting to get him occupational therapy.
12:54 pm
we want to give him ever fighting chance we can. >> reporter: autism's cost to society can be staggering. $137 billion a year in the u.s. according to research funded by autism speaks. life time costs for someone severely affected with reach $2.3 million. do you thing about what's going to be like having colton at age 20? >> i don't. you worry about so many things. right now, i can't go there. >> reporter: that day will come. it can mean a whole new set of financial challenges for families. many people with autism will need lifelong support. >> oh, all right. >> i think of love. unconditional love. >> reporter: in the 19 years, since clinton was diagnosed, his
12:55 pm
parents have spent a lot of money of therapy. >> adolescence hit in a big way. he started breaks windows, overturning furniture. we spent $4,000 in replacing windows. >> our savings are almost gone. at some point, we'll have to sell the house. >> he graduates from high school in june at 21 years old. >> reporter: how are you feeling about that? >> sick to my stomach. we don't know where he's going to go afterwards. there are very few programs for adults with autism. >> reporter: $80,000 a year from the state will cover services. more than most families get, reflecting the severity of his disability. a group home is years away. >> we're on a priority waiting list. we're, like, number 3,018. >> reporter: 3,000? >> 3,000. >> reporter: you to think about him in the long term? >> i worry about him being in the right hands, having people
12:56 pm
that love him. someone that's going to care and advocate for him. >> reporter: though they are at different points on their journey, they're both focusing on the future. >> never give up hope. there's always positive things that happen. >> don't ever give up hope. >> in new jersey, poppy harlow, cnn money. >> so how do you get help? you'll hear advice in the next hour. including signs to watch for in your child. ♪[music plays] purina one beyond. food for your cat or dog. hanging over us. hindering economic growth. it's time for some common sense -- people in congress who'll come together
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island, buries their son today. he was a soldier. a sergeant in the national guard, dennis weichel died in afghanistan while saving the life of a little girl. they're not surprised he made such a sacrifice. here's barbara starr. >> daddy! >> daddy! >> reporter: three months ago, specialist dennis weichel made a surprise visit home from his tour in afghanistan. now the flag flies at half staff over the rhode island state capitol until the 29-year-old father of three is laid to rest. he was killed in eastern afghanistan savering the life of an afghan child. according to the army, when his armored convoy came across afghan children in the rode, he and others got out to move the children out of the way. at the last minute, a little girl ran back to pick up shell casings. he saw her in front of the trucks and pulled her t


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