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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 2, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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with somebody she felt very comfortable get into a car with. and she hasn't been seen since. what does that mean in terms oof the likelihood we might find her alive down the road? >> it is not very likely given that scenario. whoever had caused that harm to her would want to get rid of the evidence for want of better terminology and may very well have killed her 37 but that's not to say, ashleigh we give up hope. we always have to remember the elizabeth smarts, the jace jacey dugards or even our own great volunteer mitsy sanchez who was able to escape from her tormenter after being abused over a three-day period when she was only 8 years old. >> and hope is something that's so critical for patients going through this. >> flrp 583 people who showed up over the weekend for a search, which is an enormous number of
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people. i think i read you saying this is the largest search since your daughter. >> we sent out 3,000 sergers to locate this young girl. we extended the radius, which was going to be eight miles over a 20-mile radius from the little girl's home. it's absolutely unbelievable. and when he get support with food, water, logistical support to put this whole thing together. what's behind it? i think sometimes, ashleigh communities just draw a line in the sand and say we're not going to tolerate deviant behavior in our community, we're going to fight back and do whatever we
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can to get this little girl home. feel took time off from work to search for her. it's absolutely astounding. >> it's good of you to join us. i hope we can speak with a different circumstance at some point. thanks so much for your perspective. >> thank you. and it is the top of the hour. i'm ashleigh been afield. president obama said it would be extraordinary if the supreme court overturned his health care law. also osama bin laden's widows are going to jail. and the national average gas price is dangerously close to a record. it is time to play "reporter roulette." and we begin with brianna keeler at the white house. the topics went right from oil
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to health care. but the president certainly made some news talking about health care spp. >> that's right. he was asked what would happen if the supreme court were to jo tu -- overturn his health care law 5-4 and he said it would be an unprecedented and extraordinary move if the court was to do that for a law, he said was approved by after strong majority of a democratically elected body. here's what he said moments ago. >> ultimately, i'm confident the supreme court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically electically congress.
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for years one of the things we've heard on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint. that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn is duly constituted and passed law. >> so as you can see, ashleigh, he's basically saying there that if the supreme court were to overturn this signature law of his, that he would sort of see it as a political move and that especially since we're expecting this decision here come june, that this is something that obviously he would be talking about going into his election. and this gives us a glimpse as to how he would frame such a decision by the supreme court. >> okay. thank you so much. and next on "reporter roulette." details on the sentences that came down today for the widows of osama bin laden.
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it's sounding a little like a slap on the wrist. nick? >> absolutely. they've been staying in a nice house to central islamabad before being sent back to their home country, yes, ma'am min in the case of one of them, the two saudis may not go to saudi arabia. many people questioning why is it the only people to be sentenced in connection with the america's most wanted man, hiding out in pakistan for nearly a decade are these two reasonably innocenting a seszryes to his time there, his wooifs. his daughters, age 17 and 21 also to be sent back to their home countries as well, ashleigh. >> so one of the deposition that was given finally gave a little color and life to what osama bin laden has been doing while he was hiding. tell me about some of the accounts that came out of that depo.
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>> this is based on the testimony of one of his weds. two police, officials saying they have little reason to doubt much of it. but it's really more fascinating for the sheer length of time bin laden spent ducking around pakistan. appears to -- his family appeared to have scattered just after the 9/11 attacks at which point his wife said she didn't see him for a while until they were refind in pashawar, on the border of pakistan and afghanistan. he had two children by his wives before settling in where navy s.e.a.l.s.s caught up with him there. really, as the pakistanis seek to erase all memory of osama bin laden's presence there, destroying the house where he stayed and sending these women
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out of the country, questions continue to mount, ashleigh. >> thanks very much. and next on "reporter roulette" the cost of a gallon of gas, getting closer and closer to a record high. we're talk about the national average. it was the first day in a long time where it didn't ascend but it didn't descend either. so give me the lowdown. >> exactly. the price for a gallon of regular, holding study at .393. but lits's less than a time away from averaging $4 a gallon. that's the tipping point for many people. a lot of people aren't changing that are driving habits or spending habits. they start spendingless on other things and start driving less. the record average price for gas that we've seen ever is $4.11 back in 2008. thingings not getting better as far as oil prices go. now at/105 a barrel for these
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higher oil prices. that's what's pushing the price of gas higher. the kwi is improving. that's also why you're seeing prices move higher. there's an expectation that the demand for oil will continue. >> i can remember those days when oil was at $19 a barrel. thanks very much. and this is today's "reporter roulette." coming up, tyler perry writes candidly about a recent traffic stop during which he said police officers profiled him. but at the end, perry mentions an unsolved mystery, including two men picked up by a police officer but never seen or heard from again. i'll speak with the investigator about that mysterious case. plus we're getting some new details on our breaking news out of oakland, california. reports of a shooting at a religious school with several victims. stay right there. and social security... security. that's what matters to me... me? i've been paying in all these years...
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>> more breaking news information out of the east oakland, california. a shooting involving multiple victims took place at a religious university pl one of the police officials is on the scene live filling us in. >> that area right now, we have medical personnel, we have our officers as well as our s.w.a.t. team has arrived. they are still evacuating any possible injured or students from this college. this is still a very active and fluid situation. i will update as events unfol.
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>> is the gunman inside. >> our s.w.a.t. team is assessing priorities. anyone who needs medical attention, that's a priority. then we'll go in and conduct a security check of the interior of the building. it's unknown if the gunman is still inside or if the gunman fled before police arrival. it's unknown at that time. i know officers are talking to witnesses, trying to gather as much information. again, this is a very sense situation for everyone. at the same time, we do have s.w.a.t. our officers are on scene. we have secured the area and our priority right now is to take care of the injured. make sure they receive medical attention and also locate the person responsible for this.
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>> do they know the shooter? >> that's unclear at this time. we're interviewing the witnesses. it's still very early on. right now, our priority is to take care of the injured and make sure the area is secured for everyone. >> we do not have a shooter. the shooter is still at large. and that's one of the priorities that we're looking at. we want to make sure that the shooter, we catch him as soon as possible. if anyone has any information, contact the oakland police department. any information will be very helpful. >> as that officer walks away, that was such an unexpected briefing. they're still evaluating the
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injured and trying to evacuate them from the building. at this point, two conflicting messages from that official. number one, that they have secured the area, but number two that they still have to secure the building. but she says the priority at this point is to deal with the injuried. medical attention is the priority and then clearing the building is the priority because they have not actually arrested or caught up with this shooter. they said that they're interviewing the witnesses to find out if the shooter was, in fact, known to the students or the victims, but they don't have any clarification on that yet. they believe that that shooter is still in the area of this college. stretchers taken to the waiting ambulances. there were calls earlier for five different ambulances. at this point, the gunman's location is unknown. a very tense situation to quote the officer who was speaking
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just at the last moment. we'll keep an eye on this in east oakland, california, as a shooter went on a rampage. there are multiple victims. very little else is known. >> tyler perry in a facebook post that's been liked more than 100,000 times and has spurred thousands of shares and comments. in it, tyler perry describes a very tense run-in with two atlanta police officers that he had last month. he says he was pulled over for allegedly making an illegal turn. perry says he told the officer he, quote, signaled to get into the turning lane and then made the turn because he wanted to be sure he wasn't being followed. he said it wasn't until a third african-american officer arrived on the scene that the situation was defused.
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perry then makes an apparent reference to the killing of trayvon martin writing this. i'm not sure how a murder in florida can be protected by a stand your ground law. he also writes that he's been, quote, screaming a the top of his lungs an't the disappearances of two florida men, terrance williams and felipe santos. williams is black, santos is mexican. both men vanished under similar circumstances more than eight years ago after being arrested by the same deputy. a former deputy named steven culkins. their disappearances are unsolved to this day and no one has been charged including that officer. joining us now by phone to talk about the case is don hunter. he was the sheriff in naples, florida, when the two men disappeared. he's now the police chief in marco island. chief hunter, thanks so much for taking time to talk about this. it is just uncanny, the
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similarities in the disappearances of these two men. they were both picked up by the same officer and both of them were never seen again. and the officer has the same story, i dropped them off at a convenience store. where do these cases stand? >> well, first of all, thank you, ashleigh for having me on and the opportunity to speak. numerous problems with both cases. although the broad story that he told us at the time had some consistency is, there were so many inconsistencies in his testimony to me and the internal affairs investigation that ultimately he was removed from office, fired in the vernacular of your viewers. >> that still doesn't make a lot of sense. it sounds like it would be intuitively obvious that someone who did that would be fired. you picked up from a scene,
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you're taken off in a squad car and you're just dumped out a circle-k? what about being charged? or what about being investigated. what kind of evidence exists to arrest him? >> right, two convenience stores were allegedly used to drop the individuals off. i think it would be important for you viewers to know i immediately engaged. the florida department of law enforcement, the federal bureau of investigation, and the u.s. attorney's office of our circuit to become involved in this case and of all the statements that had been made. we can not determine that this particular deputy sheriff had involvement in any criminal activity. what we have still to this day
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are two missing persons cases. one is hispanic, the other man is an african-american. but no proof could be had pertaining to culkins involved in any criminal activity. we simply have two missing persons that remain missing. >> so what about the story that he told everyone. he had picked these two individuals up at separate scenes and ultimately dropped them at what you mentioned wi withed were two different s circle-k stores. there are video cameras at these stores. >> not only did we try to get the video. and in the state of florida, stores are required to have
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video. unfortunately they do not keep them in good repair. we did not have anything in terms of video evidence that he dropped anyone off at those convenience stores. he alleges, if if i recall correctly, that neither mr. santos or mr. williams went inside. they were going to use the outdoors pay phone. in order to call for a ride. i believe his testimony on mr. williams was that mr. williams actually worked at one of the convenience stores and that's why he dropped him at that convenience store. in reality, mr. williams worked approximately two miles north of that convenience store at a pizza store. this is so perplexing there would be these extremely curious explanations for why someone was in the back of his cruiser one moment and never seen or heard from again and the story repeated itself almost to a
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letter a second time. almost sounds like that's probable cause to bring someone in, bring a statement, do forensic testing in the back of the cruiser. was any of this stuff done? yes. in fact, extensive work was done on the investigative side. mr. culkins was invited in for several statements. i believe he gave four statements. he was also compelled to participate in three separate polygraph exams. >> how did those turn out? >> one was inconclusive as a result of a head wound he had received on the day of the polygraph exam. supposedly. the second one was no deceit indicated and the third indicated he was deceptive at this whoint he was called back
3:22 pm
in during the same session. if you understand how it works, you have the polygraph exam, then the individual is presented with the result, confronted on the deceptive statement, i think they were four pertinent questions asked that he was judged deceptive on, and in an effort to clear that deception up, he was asked very pointed questions, at this point he is alleged to have angly gotten up and indicated to the investigator that the conversation was over. it was that type of conduct on that day that caused me to remove him from office. he was judged uncooperative in our investigation. and yes, we all believe as you do, there are too many inconsistencies and coincidences, from the u.s. attorney's office at the time, the chief u.s. attorney, the
3:23 pm
fbi, the difficulty we have is proving it to make an arrest or serve a warrant. we could not do so. we could not amess another evidence to get to that level. >> there's no statute of limitations when it comes to murder. if these men are gone, and i mean gone as opposed to just in hiding somewhere, which no one in their family seems to think there are, there are no statute of the limitations and an investigation can continue with all sorts of fervor. is that what's happening. do we know where the former deputy is? >> we understand he still resides at the same location, that he resided at the time. we do have open investigations of both mr. williams and mr. santos. the sheriff's office continues
3:24 pm
to conduct investigations into both cases. they' they're receiving tips and we'll follow every tip. >> it's enor lousily frustrating. >> to all of us. >> it sounds like it, yeah. >> i had some 20 years of tenure as sheriff, is going to encounter perplexing and odd, bizarre cases. this is mine. and i exhausted every possibility on this. literally put transponders on the patrol vehicle thinking that he would return to the scene if there was a scene involving mr. williams and mr. santos. i took the car back into says keeping to inspect the vehicle. it was gone through thoroughly by crime scene, looking for blood evidence or any evidence of a strug.
3:25 pm
>> and nothing? >> we turned up nothing. >> se we certainly hope there is a development and it doesn't enend up in to a cold case file. >> if any of your viewers have any information, they're encouraged to call the collier county sheriff's office or myself. and please relate what you may know. >> thank you, chief hunter. it's good to talk to you. >> switching gears here and talking politics. as mitt romney looks towards the general election, there's a brand-new poll out suggesting he's got a big weakness against president obama. and that weakness cowl hurt the republican front-runner big time in the swing site states. we'll tell you where the weakness is and why it's critical. way maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check
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>> we've got presidential primaries. the fop two republicans, mitt romney and rick santorum, they're both very focused on with u wii. maryland and the district of columbia are also holding their primaries as well. i want yo tow listen to the words of a republican leader in congress. mimp mcconnell telling cnn the odds are now, quote, overwhelming that mitt romney will be the nominee. here's what else he said. >> absolutely amarpt it's in the best interest of our party to get behind the person who's obviously going to be our nominee and begin making the case against the president of the united states.
3:29 pm
>> certainly sounds like he's saying let's wrap this baby up and get behind mitt romney. but hold on. there's a snapshot pitting romney against president obama and it might not be as sweet as the senate minority leader would like. give me the lou down, mark. >> in some ways mitch mcdonneco is correct hen't whats to see this get wrapped up very quickly. and i think this poll in many ways will tell the reason why. it's the gallup swing state poll. in a head to head matchup, proe president obama has a lead over romney. look how the numbers break down when you look at women. and look at that right there. an 18-point advantage that president obama has over mitt romney. when you compare what the men who wear -- men want to vote, you see right there, mitt romney
3:30 pm
has a one percentage point advantage. once the republican presidential rye mare is over, we're going to see these numbers turn around a little bit. republicans think they need to start raising money and stop attacking one another. >> and this morning on my early program, i asked rick santorum's communications guy about the fatigue of republican donors. this is different this time. we have super pacs like mad that have fleecing republicans along this race. and how much are they going to want to give. is that where the republican leadership is now? we need to coalesce and start bank rolling the goo pip. >> there was a $1 billion number thrown out by someone at the obama campaign a while back. but obama is supposedly going to have about $1 billion for
3:31 pm
reelection and republicans realize they need to raise something close to that if they're going to have a shot at defeating him in november. but more importantly, what you're seeing now is this criticism of mitt romney by the likes of rick santorum and newt gingrich that can only be used by the obama campaign in november to turn around, make tv ads, and say look at mitt romney, even fellow republicans they he isn't strong enough to run the country, let alone be the nominee. >> rick santorum has something to say about that. >> we've been following some breaking news out of east oakland, california. like the officer who updated us a few moments ago said, it is fluid. i can tell you, it is very fluid. the suspect is noo now in custody. apparently police kwaching up with a korean man in his 40s. the officer in weeft oakland
3:32 pm
just said moments ago that's their priority. we know that five ambulances were called. they said the area was secured but that the building was not. clearly that changed as the suspect is now in custody and the attention can turn 100% to clearing out students who have been seeking cover as this incident has played out over the last hour or so. helicopter shots courtesy of ktvu the area was secured, the building was not. apparently multiple victims but we don't know the full count. medical teams were dispatched. at this point, i can't tell you
3:33 pm
that any have died, but we'll watch as they attempt to evacuate. they're just trying to find out where this shooter was. luckily, they have this northwestern custody. and by all accounts, they were only looking for one. and still ahead, we're getting our first look at the jet blue pilot who for a lack of better description freaked out inside of his plane. appearing in federal court. you're going to see the walk. you'll also hear what his family has to say to his follow colleagues onboard.
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the airline pilot who caused a panic last week at 35,000 feet has gone to a courtroom in texas. the amarillo global news shot video of him surrounded by police. this incident captured on cell
3:37 pm
phone video on a jet blue flight that really had a lot of people scared. it's not often you see your pilot who needs to be restrained. he faces charmgs of interfering with a flight crew for allegedly leaving the cockpit, running through the cabin and ranting about religious and terrorists. our aviation correspondent liz zi o'leary is tracking the story from washington. obviously everyone wants to know, with a first appearance, he's clearly going to be in a different state of mind going into the courtroom. what happened? >> we, he has appeared to be that way, ashleigh. we know he went into court today. this is his initial appearance. he's still being held without bond in a local jail in texas, amarillo. he's being charged on federal charges of interfering with a flight crew and we should remind our viewers, that cowl carry up to a maximum sentence of 20 years, though he has still not entered a plea here. he will get another court appearance on thursday morning.
3:38 pm
and probably another chance to get a slightly better chance of what happened onboard that plane. we have seen confidents from the fbi. agents investigating this case, talking about certain things osbon said. probably not going to hear from clayton osbon, but he will remain in custody until then. >> what about the bigger issue? the screening of pilots before they take their place in the cockpit. do we know what happened, what they tell their bosses and what they should be telling their bosses? >> right now it's a once a year screening for the pilots under 40 who get a physical exam.
3:39 pm
they ask some mental health question, but this is not a separate psychiatric questionnaire. many also conduct their screen ing but it's not demanded by the faa. there are a lot of questions whether they're fully honest. they're not allowed to fly after several psychological conditions diagnosed. >> i would only assume his family were there, or at least had some kind of support for him. >> his wife has released a statement through the airline essentially saying we don't ever -- you know, we're very surprised about this. we don't think it's intentional. we basically like to be left alone and deal with this on our own. i think we will probably get a fuller pick kmur of that after the court proceedings on thursday. >> it can't be easy for them. it's obviously a terrible situation for them. and as you mentioned with 20
3:40 pm
years down the pike in jail, that's not a good situation for him. the game of thrones a hit series on hbo, a behind the scenes peek at how the producers created an entire language for the show. >> they are a kind of wondering tribe in this imaginary world. they're first and foremost warriors. >> we took the tribe from the best-selling series. and in the books, they speak their own language and we thought we could create that fictional language for a few lines. we tried to do that and it sounded like gobbledgook. >> i created the language and worked as a lans translator on the show. >> once we got the language and we saw the actors performing the lines, there was no question. it made a huge difference in
3:41 pm
those scenes. >> and don't forget to catch cnn's brand-new show "the next list." that airs sundays at 2:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. coming up next, the report of a possible showdown involving one of the lucky lotto winners. and it involves, you guessed it, the office pool that we all get in on. joey jackson once represented a group involved in this kind of spat and he's going to join me now live. [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious.
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the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer.
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>> did you get in on it? lottery pools are all fun and games and then luck strikes.
3:45 pm
and a winning ticket has led to lawsuits between a ticket hold and the other people in the pool. it happens it's the cover of the new york post, in fact. kind of looks like it may end up happening to this woman featured in the new york post. she says she has one of the three winning mega million tickets which will share a jackpot. the new york post reports that she bought the ticket on her own outside of the lottery pool that she had with her 15 colleagues at the mcdonald's where she worked. but did she? and how can you prove any of that? ats not confirmed whether she bought the winning tick or has the winning ticket. she just says she does. but this is the kind of story that gets you going. were you in a pool? >> likely story. of course, we all had a dollar and a dream.
3:46 pm
>> i was in two lotto pools. the studio crew and our editorial crew. but i wasn't the guy who was dispatched to the 7-eleven to pick up the tickets. so tell me, if she is telling the truth and does have a winning ticket, what does she have to prove in order to say it was my ticket and not the pool ticket? >> here's the problem. that's why you have to define the group that are going to be involved so you know what the parameters are. then you designate the individual. let me tell you my experience. the individual designated to purchase the ticket says when the group wins, it wasn't your ticket, it was my ticket. i purchased it independently. >> i should have said right off the bat, you actually represented the lottery pool in the last case out of new jersey where the guy said no, no, it's my ticket, not yours. >> as the attorney, you have to freeze the money. what we did in our case, when we
3:47 pm
went to freeze the money, half of it was gone already two weeks later. >> half of it was gone two weeks later. in order to do that, you have to show you have a likelihood of success on the merit, you could potentially prevail and interest of justice requires that. the matter was litigated. ultimately, he says listen, i'm not going to share anything with you, but i'll give you the $2 back you gave me to go get the ticket. isle get you the hat or the umbrella gave me that the lottery gave me when i won. the story did not pass the smell test, so it was determined that it was not your own ticket. if you participate in a pool, that's fine. you don't waive your individual right to go out and buy tickets on your own, but at the same time, what you have to determine if you're part of that pool, that's why it's so important, get those tickets, photo copy them for the group, once you designate who the representatives are, give it out to everybody, sign it. makes it so much easier in court. fortunately ours did not go to trial. >> these guys are in a
3:48 pm
mcdonald's and they probably don't have a photo copier they could have used. and we don't know if she has the winning ticket, but if she does, she was dispatched, she said twi twice. her office pool says she went once to get the tickets and the boss say s he sent her out a second time. even video of that convenience store won't help the case, would it? >> it's a matter of circumstantial evidence. courts don't like fraud. >> it's he said-she said. >> it is but when you have a number of people. it's normal common sense. ultimately when it gems to a jury, they're going to determine was it you acting independently or you act on behalf of the the group. if your story doesn't make sense, you have to pay back the money. >> how many members of that jury were in an office pool? >> hopefully many of them and this way they can relate to the people who are in the pool and
3:49 pm
they can get their money. i doubt if it goes that far. >> or they get disqualified. >> that's right. >> thanks for coming. it's always a joy talking to you. okay, so even though cnn has the best morning show on television, i can say that because i'm on it -- i'm kidding, i'm totally kidding. there's a total war breaking out in the to hours after my show and it's between the broadcast morning shows. you will not believe the punches they're pulling. i'm just going to do this. oh, yeah, baby. katie versus sarah coming up after this. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the personal attention
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