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tv   Early Start  CNN  April 3, 2012 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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thanks for watching. "early start" begins right now. thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac -- good morning to you. welcome to "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. we're bringing you the news from a to z. what set him off? we are learning more about the man accused of shooting seven innocent people at a christian college in california yesterday and a possible motive. he is a he a former student and witnesses talking about what they saw during the terrifying rampage. >> you hear the firing, it's boom, boom. something like that. three, four times i hear that. if i didn't lock the door, i think i might be dead today. >> and we have a closer look. enhanced video of george zimmerman. you're taking a look at it there. minutes after he shot and killed
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trayvon martin. showing a possible head wount. something that may support his side of the story. a small plane sputtering and spiraling into a grocery store in florida injuring people and sending frightened shoppers. did you hear, kentucky beat kansas for their eighth national title capping off one of the most dominant runs in ncaa history. >> it's one minute past w5:00 on the east coast and up first on the newscast, a possible motive for the deadly shooting spree that left seven people dead in a quiet christian college in oakland, california. it happened yesterday morning local time at oikos university. former student apparently opening fire on former classmates. the shooter has been identified as 43-year-old won gone goh. it's alleged he carried out this terrible spree. he's been taken into a custody. this an hour after the shooting.
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he was found five miles away at a shopping center. san francisco chronicle is reporting that goh may have had a dispute with campus officials that got him kicked out of class. listen how police described the scene on campus. >> there were several people hiding in locked buildings, locked doors, behind desks. as you can imagine, very frightened. very scared. some of them were injured so we had to rescue them out. we haven't put together the actual shooting incident in terms of where he went, that's information we will get later on as we comb through the evidence, talk to witnesses and hopefully talk to the suspect. >> thelma gutierrez is live with us. there have been so many varied reports about how this played out, what happened inside that school, and just what relationship this suspect has with the students. how much more can you piece together for us this morning? >> reporter: well, that is exactly what police are trying
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to figure out, ashleigh, is exactly what kind of a relationship he had to the students here. did he know them? did he have any kind of a grudge with these students? we still don't know those answers, but i can tell you that the community here is in shock. oikos college is a small christian school. it's a very quiet area. it katers to the korean-american community. people hearsay this kind of thing just doesn't happen at schools like this. but police say that yesterday this quiet school turned into the scene of a very terrible tragedy, a terrible massacre where seven people were killed. police say that 43-year-old one goh was in a nursing classroom. they heard witnesses say somebody yell out, he has a gun, and then soon after they heard this string of gunfire, rapid gunfire, and people screaming. they started taking cover, running, hiding under their desks, anything to get away from him. at one point one student in the
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nearby classroom actually went to the door. she turned off the lights, locked that door. goh reportedly came, started firing in that door but then left when he thought that that classroom was empty. >> it's so hard to remember the scene that we have saw today. it's like, unforgettable. you know sometimes you hear the fire work, it's boom, boom, something like that, three or four times i hear that. if i didn't lock the door, i think we might be dead today. we were just praying for the god just to save us. hear the noise. she was asking for help again and again. like there was nothing we could do about that. >> reporter: after the shooting police say that goh then stole one of the victim's car, a student here at the school, and then drove abt five miles away to the community of alameta. he was in a safe way store where
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he surrendered to police. just a steshl situation. >> so, thelma, there are some reports from an unnamed police source that the victims included six women and one man. do we know at this point if there was any kind of targeting, if this was random, or what any motive might have been? >> reporter: that's what they're looking at, ashleigh, exactly what relationship he may have had to these people, but they say he was just firing at anybody who was in that classroom. in terms of a motive, goh lived with his father who was living in an assisted living facility for senior citizens. he had lost his mother and a brother just last year and was reportedly undergoing financial difficulties, but there's a lot to sort out here, ashleigh. police say that this scene was so chaotic and there are so many witnesses and victims that they say it'll be a while before they can figure out exactly what went
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down here and at this point have not yet filed charges. >> thelma gutd at this eraz is live for us. >> it is six minutes past the hour. now to the trayvon martin shooting. cnn enhanced the police surveillance video of george zimmerman on the night of the shooting. it appears to show a gash on the back of zimmerman's head which could support his claim that he was attacked by trayvon 345r continue and killed him in self-defense. on last night's ac 360 the martin family attorney had this reaction. >> is that enough to justify deadly use of force to kill an unarmed teen? and more importantly, the crux of the matter that we keep harping on, if he does not get out of that car, if he does what a neighborhood watch person is supposed to do, report it to the proper authorities and let them deal with this matter, then
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trayvon martin is here living and breathing and we're not here dealing with this with his parents saying why is my son in the ground and nobody's been arrested for killing snim. >> meantime, the florida state attorney says he is outraged at crump's claim that he conspired with the sanford police chief to not charge george zimmerman. the martin family is asking the justice department to investigate. we're live in sanford, florida. martin, is there an affidavit from the detective saying he did not believe george zimmerman to be credible? >> reporter: morning, zoraida. there has been talk of such an affidavit, but we have not seen it. we have made numerous attempts to get ahold of it if it does exist. it was reported by another network but so far that has not been seen by anybody else, which raises a lot of questions here. that seems to go to the heart of the matter of this letter that was written by the attorney for trayvon martin. that attorney has asked the justice department to investigate the events of the night of the shooting,
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specifically what he said was a meeting that took place between chief bill lee, that's of the sanford police department, and with the state attorney, either at this police station, maybe at the crime scene, but it sort of implies there was kind of a collusion. what they mean by that is after that meeting it was determined that no charges would be filed even though you had the lead investigator that apparently did want to charge george zimmerman. they want the justice department to investigate that. only a few minutes after that was announced then you get an angry response from normal wolf finger who is the attorney who says i am outraged by the outright lies dated april 2nd, 2012. i encourage the justice department to investigate and document that no such meeting occurred. so there you have the response and then the counter. it's a real war of words that has broken out down here. >> we were showing some video of zimmerman and that gash that he allegedly has on the back of his
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head. how is that changing the dialogue this morning? >> reporter: well, i mean, of course when that video first came out when we all saw it last week, the first thing you noticed was that you didn't seem to see the injuries that george zimmerman claimed he had suffered as a result of this life and death struggle with trayvon martin, but now after the enhancement that you see by cnn, you can see some indications of marks on theack of his head. is it significant or is it just backing up his story? really hard to say. it does seem to lend some credence to what george zimmerman has said, he was attacked. >> certainly raises some questions. martin savidge live in sanford, florida. thank you very much. now nine minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. there are three big republican primaries on tap for later today. did you know that we're still in the primary race, by the way? just about 100 delegates, not quite 100, are on the line from three states, wisconsin, maryland, d.c. washington, d.c., when they head
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to the polls this evening. wisconsin is the big prize out of all of them. there's 42 winner take all delegates there. mitt romney is sitting pretty. he's really ahead in all of the polls in three contests for tonight, but rick santorum doesn't seem to matter. he doesn't seem to think that's an issue. he says he's pressing on even if he loses all three of the contests tonight. >> it's rich with delegates and are strong states for us. states like texas, arkansas, kentucky, indiana, west virginia, north carolina, those are the states that we know we can get this right back to where it is right now which is a lot closer than what mitt romney and the pundants are spinning. it's a very close race and by the end of may we expect this race to be very close to even. >> well, you'd have to win a lot of contests if that's going to be a reality. that's just the math in it. certainly mitt romney doesn't see what rick santorum sees. incompetent stead, romney says a
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win in wisconsin could mean the campaign is effectively over, not just for santorum, but for his other republican rivalries as well. >> it is 11 minutes past the hour. so you know what time it is. this just in, the new national average for a gallon of gas, $3.92. >> what? >> it's dropping slightly. >> no. >> it's down two-tenths of a cent. that's the first drop in more than three weeks. gas prices are still very high. you know that. we're only about 19 cents shy of the all time high of $4.11. that was from july of 2008. >> do you think that's a fakeout? like we'll give you a little teaser. we'll drop it two ten-tenthtwo-. >> something tells me no. if christine romans is right, she tells us get used to it, gas prices are staying high. i hope you're right. >> i do too. >> number one, wire to wire, that's apparently how the sports announcers say it. university of kentucky beat kansas last night and the score was 67-59.
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>> i love those moments. >> look how excited. all that ticker tape. this would be the eighth national championship. >> love that. >> second all time. kentucky's anthony davis was named the final four's most outstanding player even though he only scored six points in the game. if you look at his record, he was a defensive force with six blocked shots. >> somebody in our newsroom said they don't watch basketball because it's no fun to watch. take a look at this! the highlights are incredible. look look at that. >> i hear that about hockey. >> are you kidding? it is a lot of fun to watch. >> you go to an arena it's like you go to a fight and a hockey game breaks out. it's exciting stuff. >> well said. 12 minutes past the hour. still ahead, a small plane sputtering an crashing into a super market in florida. have you seen the pictures here? it injures several people who were just out getting their groceries. the head of the general services administration, you've
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it is now 16 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. checking stories making news. here's christine romans. good morning, a 43-year-old former student has been identified as the suts spekted gunman who shot and killed seven former classmates yesterday at oikos university in oakland. three other people were wounded at the small christian college. the san francisco chronicle reporting suspect one goh left behind a string of deaths. he also kept hunting and fishing licenses there for several years. police say there are
5:17 am
multiple injuries after a small plane crashed into a public super market in deland, florida. that's near orlando. the plane's engine was sputtering before it crashed into the roof of the build. customers and employees were safely evacuated. two people treated for severe burns. two sailors rescued. they're recovering in a san francisco hospital. their boat was damaged by a monster wave over the weekend. they were part of a crew competing in an around the world race. for an expanded look at the stories, head to the web page. i think we got a thumbs up there. seemed to be in good shape. thank you. alexander steel is in for rob marciano. good morning. >> good morning two guys. couple interesting things weather wise. one, i love the denver story. 80s in denver over the weekend. temperatures have now dropped to 30. snow. three to five inches today, maybe another one to two inches tonight. of course, watching this line of
5:18 am
severe weather potentially from oklahoma city down to texas. in terms of denver, the 80 degree warmth over the weekend. second warmest weekend in denver and the least snowiest. new york, philadelphia also the second warmest. ample records of course because of all the warmth. that played a role and will continue to. these are the heat records. look at nashville, memphis. upper 80s. 87. should be at 70 this time of year. the heat the biggest story. acts of the heat just a little farther eastward. places like atlanta, georgia, should be 69. in the low to mid 80s. birmingham, same scenario. farther north, new york warm today, warmer tomorrow. with all of that warmth and the moisture coming in, potential for severe weather. oklahoma city to dallas. right around this quadrant from cinci to st. louis. isolated tornado, more hail, gusty winds potentially. really the scenario there today.
5:19 am
the wet weather staying here in the southeast. new orleans unfortunately all those spring breakers down there, new orleans morning rain, pretty much the balance of the day dry, but then seaside, got some wet weather. line of storms moving through. not a total washout for spring breakers, but not the best day. >> people in denver don't like to hear that they don't have a lot of snow because that's kind of their bread and butter, isn't it? all those ski resorts. >> absolutely. a paltry winter. the mile high city of denver has incredible vas sill lagss of weather. 80s to 40s. bigger news for us in the east than what they have. they see that a lot of. that's a big temperature swing, 80s, snow, three to five inches. >> thank you for that. >> thanks, alexandra. it's 19 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. this is the time we get an early read on local news that's making national headlines. we have papers from vegas,
5:20 am
chicago. let's start with vague gas, shall we? this one will blow your top. it comes from lass veg gas sun. it's about the general services administration. the head of that organization quitting after investigators reveal that she and her team of about 300 staffers blew about $820,000 on a trip to vegas. this was a team building trip to vegas, it wasn't just a vacation. holy molly did they spend money at the m resort. this happened back in 2010. are you ready for the things they did? >> yes. >> they had a clown, a mind reader. the mind reader according to pbs cost $3200. breakfasts that cost 50 bucks a plate. >> 50 bucks a plate for breakfast? >> i know. $75,000 on team building exercises. 6,000 on commemorative coins.
5:21 am
6,000 on canteens, key chains, t-shirts. take something home to the kids. more than $100,000 just to scout the location. scout the location. it's vegas. i could tell you what's in vegas. take in a show at cirque du soleil. it's cheaper than all of that. amazing. two of her top deputies are fired. if you're getting mad, you should be. they have taken action. four of the managers at the gsa have also been placed on leave. >> that is incredible that they would have the gallon to do that. >> makes me want to work for the gsa. >> yeah. >> onto the chicago tribune now. a man rushed to look at a newly revealed census data from the 1940s. it crashed the government website servers. 22.5 million hits in the first three hours after the records were released. the census director couldn't get on. so the national archives spokesperson says we're a victim of our own success. she says she didn't expect such a high demand for this. officials are working to fix the
5:22 am
website problems so you can search through. a new release is a big deal because a new census only becomes public every ten years after a 72 year waiting period. >> i know that, but for some reason when i heard that that was all becoming public i didn't think there would be that much interest. i don't know why. i sort of thought, it's the 1940s. i'm not sure who many people will be thrilled about that data. >> you know those ancestry websites. they're fixing it so you can go on there and take a look. >> would you want to find out about my family? >> actually, i would, ashleigh. i've got lots of questions for your family. >> wrong question. >> 22 minutes past the hour folks. >> long story. long ago. >> oh, i don't think so. >> so we've got a lot of questions coming. still ahead, what is fueling car sales? less fuel? probably. what about the electric car? minding your business, we're taking a look at today's big auto sales report stories. [ male announcer ] if your kid can recognize your sneeze from a crowd...
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minding your business this morning. >> singing. >> singing at the same time. >> stop. >> i do like it. i may be the only one. >> u.s. markets kick off the second quarter with a nice rally. the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 all closed higher yesterday after a positive report on manufacturing here in the united states. >> let's bring in christine romans to talk about what's happening today because we're expecting a new report on how many cars were sold in march. that might be the ziek gieb ber -- >> here we go. >> what does it mean? >> according to joe, who's in our studio who supplies me with the word of the day every day, i think i've completely misused it. it's an environmental que as the length of daylight that helps regulate the organism's biological -- >> doesn't matter what it means
5:27 am
anymore. >> you used it, girl. >> talk about wedging it in. >> let me get this car back on the highway. i'm going to drive the car back on the highway. i'm talking about it zsh. >> fuel efficient. >> economy that's recovering. today we'll learn more about how many fuel efficient cars these companies are selling and how many cars are selling in general. the economy is recovering. people have been holding on to old cars and higher gas prices mean people who are finally looking out there to buy something are more interested in buying something fuel efficient. right now 30 miles to the gallon is considered fuel efficient. by 2025 it will have to be 55 miles to the gallon. you'll still see a lot of changes in the cars we're driving. i want to show you the most fuel efficient cars out there right now in case these high gas prices are making you crazy. this is according to fuel economy.governor. mitsubishi eye. 112 per gallon. electric car. >> do you have a picture? >> i don't have a picture.
5:28 am
i don't have a picture. anyway, the next one is the ford focus. this one is 105 miles to the gallon. you do have a picture of this one. $39,000 and then there's also the nissan leaf. you've heard a lot of this one. we've driven this one, too. 99 miles per gallon. $27,000. it's available -- >> $27,000? >> here's the thing. when you start talking about fuel efficient cars, buy a brand new one. some places there's a wait for them. you're probably buying a new one, probably not buying a used one. it's one of those things where people have been waiting a long time to buy a car. >> then you hear about the volt slowing production. >> they're expensive. look, we're going to be watching a lot about the car sales today. we'll find out what kinds of cars are doing well. supposed to be good for detroit and not electric but regular small cars. >> the sales of these cars is the south korea gieb bzykegeibe
5:29 am
>> you took the car back into the ditch. >> you are amazing. >> 29 minutes past 5:00. environmentalists are upset because the fda is refusing to ban something they don't like. it's called bpa. they're saying the fight is not over. you're wondering if it affects you? it more than likely does. you'll find out more in just a moment. [ sighs ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barking ] [ whines ] that's why there's beneful playful life, made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. beneful. play. it's good for you.
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it is 32 minutes now past 5:00 on the east coast. nice to have you back.
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welcome to "early start." >> it is time to check stories making news this morning. a memorial service is planned today for seven people who were shot and killed at a small christian college in northern california. that was yesterday. a former student is in custody now. we are hearing he got kicked out of a class. we're going to talk to the police chief? just a few minutes from now. >> nervous residents can be heard begging for help as flames swept over the mountains southwest of denver. the 911 calls are now out from last week's deadly controlled burn that spread out of control. some of the calls are from people who did not survive. >> is there any fire around you right now? >> oh, yeah, there's fire all around me. >> the lower north fort fire almost is fully contained at this point. residents are returning home. >> what a charred mess. >> may be responsible for the deaths of three people. you're right, an absolute charred mess. over the edge. incredible video of an 18
5:34 am
wheeler busting through a divider. >> look at the tow truck going over a snowy cliff rolling down a hill. oh, my goodness. the tow truck, tried to rescue it. goes down with it. this happened in norway. police say the driver went down with the rig. he survived but has several broken bones. the tow truck driver bailed out just in the nick of time. >> terrifying. >> oh, my goodness. >> the water down below. take a look at that. just remarkable. was my life not enough of a cautionary tale for you. we are close to getting a record deal. it's whitney houston's final performance. the trailer for her new film, "sparkle" has now been released. her character with a haunting message. she plays an aging singer who warns her daughter of the pit false of success. we'll play more later this hour. >> tough watch for her family. >> 34 minutes past the hour. former student is in custody for a shooting rampage at a quiet campus in oakland.
5:35 am
that chaotic scene yesterday at oikos university. a former student identified as 43-year-old one goh. six women and one man ranging in age from their 20s to their 40s. >> mr. goh was taken into custody an hour after the shooting. he was five miles away from the campus at a shopping center. he was reportedly in a dispute with campus officials that may have gotten him kicked out of class. listen as a witness describes what was seen on campus. >> noticed there was a girl coming out of the bushes, looked scared. she came out and she was a -- approached me and another individual and said, i've been shot. and she showed us her arm and a piece of her arm was literally, you know, a chunk was gone. and she said, he's in there. he's shooting up everybody. >> the chief of the oakland lis is howard jordan.
5:36 am
he joins us live by telephone. chief jordan, can you hear me. >> yes, i can. good morning. >> good morning. is there anything you can shed in terms of new details with regard to this suspect? has he been talking at all overnight to police? >> he has been talking to our investigators and provided us details about what happened. so far we know that the motive is he had been upset with the members or the administration of the school and we're trying to confirm some of the things that he's told us. whatever the reason is, it's really a senseless act and our hearts and souls go out to the families of all the victims from yesterday. it's something that we wish on no one at all. >> so if i understand you correctly, what he has said to the police officers while in custody at this point was that he's upset with the administration of the school but why were the students targeted? >> he just felt a certain urge to inflict pain on them.
5:37 am
he gave us no exact reason why he did that. he just wanted to get back at the administration for dismissing him earlier in the year. >> and did he choose his victims or were these random victims? >> from what we can tell, these were random victims and we're still trying to put this whole piece together. as you know, this occurred less than 24 hours ago. >> was he in the classroom at the time that the shots rang out? there are varied reports that there were victims mostly concentrated in a classroom, one in an administration office. can you shed more light on exactly how this crime played out? >> yeah. he entered the building and he took one of the receptionist's, entered the room, was looking for one person in particular and i can't reveal that person's name because that person, we don't want to jeopardize their safety, and he lined up all the victims and began shooting at
5:38 am
them and left for a short period of time, came back, went through other parts of the school just shooting, what we call a shooting rampage. he casually walked out and left in one of the victim's vehicles and was subsequently -- he subsequently surrendered to the authorities in a neighbor city of alameda. >> if you can go back for a moment. you say he entered the school, took a hostage. correct me if i'm wrong, he went to the classroom and lined up the students from the classroom? >> yes. he lined them up just like i said and started shooting them one by one. >> where did he line them up? >> in the classroom against the wall. >> and did he shoot all of the students that he had lined up and how large was that classroom? >> we don't know the exact size but that's where the majority of our victims were shot. we assume most of the students in that classroom were shot at that member. >> how long did this terror play
5:39 am
out? did this happen fairly quickly or were these people tormented before they were shot? >> no, this happened fairly quickly, within minutes. we received the first call at 10:33 yesterday and our first officers arrived on the scene about three minutes later. so it was about a three-minute response time for our officers. one of our officers was around the corner when he was flagged down and dispatched by our dispatch as well. >> chief jordan, do you know if anyone in that classroom had time or even the inclination to try to stop him? did anyone leap at him, try to wrestle the gun away. >> not to our knowledge and we don't believe that the victims had any opportunity to resist, any opportunity to surrender. this was a calculated, cold blooded execution in the classroom that led to these victims, all seven of the ten of them, being deceased at this point. >> he had a .45 millimeter handgun as i understand.
5:40 am
did he have a chance to reload or did he empty and leave? >> we're told he had an opportunity to reload and came back in and fired multiple rounds again. >> and if you would please just take me outside of the classroom. once he had lined up the students and shot them and left the classroom, what happened in the interim before he came back and did he continue the carnage inside that classroom a second time? >> yes. he came back into the classroom after he left, went to another location, and began shooting again because he realized that there were other students hiding in the adjacent classroom so he began shooting into that classroom again. then left out the back. not through the same entrance that he came in and he left out the back and drove away in the car. and i just want to correct a report that came out yesterday that i made at my press conference. we have not been able to locate the weapon but we do have enough
5:41 am
ballistics evidence to determine that it was a semi-automatic caliber handgun. >> and just quickly, i'd like you to clarify, if you could for me, before i let you go, you said he came into the school, took the hostage, and was looking for someone in particular? >> yes. >> what -- what -- i know that you're being very cautious in terms of the details that you release. if you can't release the name, i understand, but what kind of a person? an administrator, a student? >> it was a -- it was a -- one of the administrators from the school. i can't release her name or tell you anything more about her. >> was this to exact vengeance on the administrator who perhaps let him know that he was no longer welcome at the school? >> we don't know that. we just know that he was upset at the school and he was looking for this one particular administrator that he wanted to seek revenge on. >> where was that administrator at that moment? >> i can't -- i can't reveal that. >> was the administrator on site? >> i can't reveal that.
5:42 am
>> does this administrator know this at this point? >> we are trying to confirm that with them. >> and what about charges? i know that we haven't heard of any charges formally being filed in this case at this point, but what's the update? >> the d.a. will be presented the case probably within the next day and it will be up to her to decide what charges will be levied against him. >> is he in any kind of protective custody at this point or i on any sort of as they say in the colloquial terms, suicide watch? >> not that i'm aware of but that's something that the sheriff's department will handle. >> chief jordan, i can't tell you how much i appreciate you joining us at this very early hour out on the west coast and with the amount of detail you've been able to provide us. we really appreciate t. thank you. >> no problem. take care. >> the chief of the oakland police department joining us with details this morning. >> incredible details. >> unbelievable.
5:43 am
unbelievable. i think this is the first that we've heard anything about students being lined up and shot. >> execution style. >> execution style as he said. >> unreal. >> and that there was a specific target that may have been intended. if the allegations are true, that this suspect was looking for the administrator potentially who may have somewhat been involved in his dismissal from this school. >> he did say it was a female administrator but no name. just incredible. we're going to take a quick break here and we'll be right back. so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia.
5:44 am
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5:47 am
diabetes and other health issues. natural resources council sought the ban. the fda said, quote, it did not have the scientific data for the fda to change current regulations. eleven states ban bpa in children's products. jechb never saus is in the national defense council. she is in washington, d.c., joining us this morning. just for full disclosure here, can you explain your organization's opposition to bpa? >> sure. nrdc filed a petition in 2008 and what we did was ask fda to ban or take out bpa from food, contact material so that it wouldn't get into people's food. >> and what are the effects that you suggest bpa has on the human body? >> well, dozens of studies in laboratories done in whole animals and in cells in laboratories have shown that bpa affects important tissues that
5:48 am
are vulnerable to hormones. so, for example, breast tissue and prostate tissue. prostate glands as well as developing brain tissues. so scientists are especially concerned about exposures to infants and young children but not only adults as well are a concern. >> i know that you're not the only organization that is concerned about bpa. there are several organizations that are concerned. but the fda says that the testing is actually flawed because you're using more amounts or higher levels of bpa than is actually consumed by a human body. so how do you respond to that? >> right. so that's what the fda has suggested, but in fact what we know is that the levels that are being given to animals in labs to do these kinds of studies are fairly similar to the levels we find in people's bodies right now. the government has tested it and found it in over 95% of the population in our bodies. what fda is saying, well, the
5:49 am
chemical is metabolized in a different way in animals than in humans and that would mean that humans are safer or less vulnerable to the chemical, but that evidence isn't sure right now. and what we do know sure is that it's causing harm in animals and we have it in our bodies and nrdc doesn't believe that's the kind of chemical we should be eating in our food. >> let's talk about those percentages of exposure. scientists from the national center for toxicological research says they've been investigating bpa since 2008. exposure to bpa in babies is actually 84 to 92% less than in previous estimates. so how do we know who to believe here? >> well, i think it's possible that the levels are starting to go down because people are changing their food and eating habits, but also even though fda has failed to take protective action, a number of companies have removed bpa from their cans
5:50 am
and their bottles voluntarily. that's because of consumer pressure. consumers have basically said we don't want to eat toxic chemicals in our food. a number of retailers an producers have responded. >> in fact, this is a $60 billion business. campbell's soup and hines are making changes. it's lined with bpa. let's say you are right and we're the consumer. how do we know which products we should be avoiding? >> well, a lot of them are labeled so that's one way you can try and learn, although unfortunately because fda has failed to take action, there's not mandatory labeling. so we don't really know if we can trust that. a number of companies have made important statements. campbell's and hines, eden foods is another one. you can look for those labels. as well, i think asking the companies because that tells them that as a consumer you care and that will push the market.
5:51 am
they will respond and make safer food packaging materials. >> in fact, isn't it moms being in an uproar over the baby bottles that caused some dhangs? >> definitely. moms and dads who are protecting their kids have made a big difference. they're been a turning point be in this. >> i know that it's not -- is it banned in all states now or just 11 states? particularly the baby bottles. i want people to be informed just in case they're buying baby bottles that they know whether they can feel safe with what they're giving their children. >> right. it's 11 states and they've basically done bans for things that are infants' products. baby bottles, formula containers for babies, and also soothers and teethers, baby toys. and it's really in certain kinds of plastics. so one thing you could do, for example, with bottles is move to glass bottles. there's been a lot more glass bottle production and
5:52 am
manufacturing in the country and new jobs created because of this. >> jennifer sass, senior scientist at the nrdc. thank you for joining us. we appreciate the information. >> thank you. ashleigh, back to you. 52 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. still ahead, we're getting a look at whitney houston's final performance and it wasn't a concert. it was a movie called "sparkle" and the trailer is out now. ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing new nature valley protein bars. 100% natural ingredients like roasted peanuts... ♪ ...creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate flavor. plus, 10 grams of great tasting protein in every bar. so it's energy straight from nature to you. new nature valley protein bars. find them in the granola bar aisle.
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5:55 am
welcome back to "early start." it's 5 minutes past the hour. >> which is a good time to look at what's trending on the? >> interwebs. >> let's take a look. first of all, this is something we've been waiting for. whitney houston's final performance. not a song, not a performance. it's a film. the trailer for the film, "sparkle," is finally out. >> was my life not enough of a cautionary tale for you. >> we are close to getting a record deal. >> if i had any sense, i'd be living off of you. >> he did that to you, didn't he? >> are you still going to be part of the group? >> destroy what we do. you and me, we started this thing. >> why would the lord give me this gift if i wasn't supposed to use it? >> it takes a lot of faith to do
5:56 am
"sparkle." >> whitney houston plays a character called emma who is a singer who once tasted success. but it's a cautionary tale to offer her daughters who want to hit it big. whitney had just finished filming "sparkle" when she died. it is scheduled to hit theaters on august 17th. >> that is quite a cast in that film. >> i know. serious talent. >> ahead on "early start," new exclusive information about the gunman who killed seven people at a private college in oakland. police telling cnn how he lined up his victims execution style before shooting them and that he was looking for one school official in particular. all the exclusive details ahead on "early start." of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment knows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪
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6:00 am
good morning and welcome to "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. we're bringing you the news from a to z. it is 6:00 a.m. in the east. what set him off? we're learning more about the man accused of shooting seven innocent people at a christian college in california yesterday and his possible motive. he is a former student there. the oakland police chief telling cnn moments ago he did have a target in mind when he entered the school. also we're getting a closer look, enhanced video of george zimmerman minutes after he shot and killed trayvon martin showing a possible head wound, something that may support his side of the story. two injured sailors back on land this morning after a wave smashed their yacht 400 miles off the california coast in a race around the world. a win for the wildcats. kentucky beating kansas for
6:01 am
their eighth national title capping off a dominant run in ncaa history. more reports of violence in lexington ruining the celebration overnight. car lease diaz is live with the highlights and the party, later on this hour. brand new developments in the deadly shooting spree that rocked a quiet christian college in oakland. oakland police chief howard jordan telling us a short time ago the suspected gunman, 43-year-old one goh, took a receptionist hostage, lined up his victims execution style and shot them. police say he was looking for someone specific. >> he lined up all the victims and began shooting at them, and left for a short period of time, came back, went through other parts of the school, just shooting what we call a shooting rampage throughout the school and casually walked out and left in one of the victim's vehicles.
6:02 am
>> thelma gutierrez is live in oakland. what details can you share with us? >> reporter: well, you heard the police chief say that he took one of the victim's cars and then fled. he actually drove to a safeway store about five miles away from oikos college, where i'm standing right now. he went to that safeway store and the authorities showed up. he surrendered to police. there was no incident at that point. today we're starting to learn a little bit more about the motive. the police chief said that one goh was apparently very upset with school administrators, who had dismissed him from this school just earlier this year, and he was coming back after one school administrator. they have not named that person, but we know that she is a female. so they believe that that is exactly what set him off, the fact that he was dismissed from
6:03 am
this school. he was very angry about that. >> do we know anything about that administrator? we have not identified her. do we know whether or not she was in the school at the time and whether or not she knows at this stapling of the game whether she was an intended target? >> reporter: we don't know that, zoraida. the police chief was disclosing details about her. we don't know whether she was in the school at the time of the rampage but we do know seven people were killed and three are in the hospital suffering from injuries from the gunshot wounds. >> do we know the conditions of the ones in the hospital at this hour? >> reporter: there was a woman who was shot yesterday, in fact, with he showed some of the videotape of her earlier, she was shot in the arm, she had come through the school. many people trying to help her. she was treated and released but the others are still in the hospital now and we're going to get updated on their conditions
6:04 am
as well. >> do we know anything else about the shooter, one goh, any more details about him and his life? >> reporter: we know that he's 43 years old. he was born in virginia, and then moved out here to oakland, california. he was reportedly having difficulties, money problems, and had been to the school and in the midst of some kind of a problem with he had with the school, he was dismissed and that's what we're focusing on now, exactly what kind of issue he had here with this school. >> thelma gutierrez live in oakland, i know you're working on the late-breaking details, thank you. it's four minutes past 6:00. we take you to the tale of the tape in the trayvon martin shooting. we have enhanced video, enhanced by cnn's experts and more
6:05 am
clearly shows a possible injury to the back of george zimmerman's head. in the meantime a florida prosecutor is lashing out at the martin's family attorney for claims that that attorney made that the prosecutor and the police chief overruled a request for george zimmerman's arrest. the family has asked the justice department to investigate these claims. the state attorney, for his part, is calling the account "outright lies." martin's family lawyer, benjamin crump responded to this on "ac 360" last night. >> nobody else is saying he can't make a claim. all we're saying is he should have been arrested. if that was trayvon martin accused of pulling the trigger he would have been arrested right there on the spot. we only want equal justice and fair and impartial to be applied across the board. >> cnn's martin savidge is
6:06 am
following the developments, live in sanford, florida. martin crump says it's all about the arrest. in most states you have to have the probable cause so the affidavit benjamin crump is alleging exists about a detective who suggested that george zimmerman needed to be arrested, it's critical that it exists, but yet we're not clear if it does. >> reporter: right. correct. we haven't seen that, and that is a key piece of evidence here. this goes back to the night of the shooting, february 26th and the lead investigator at that particular time apparently wanted to charge george zimmerman with either manslaughter or negligent homicide but was overruled, as a result of someone from the state attorney's office saying no, you cannot go forward and do that. there was this letter, of course, that's been sent by the attorneys that represent trayvon martin's family and they are asking the department of justice to investigate that specific night and the fact of how it got overruled, and they're implying there was some sort of
6:07 am
face-to-face meeting that took place between the chief of police of sanford and norm wolfinger, the state attorney here in this particular area and implying as a result of that meeting some collusion happened and that's why charges were filed. we got the response quickly from norm wolfinger who immediately fired back and said "i'm outraged by the outright lies contained in the letter of benjamin crump to deputy assistant attorney general roy austin dated april 2, 2012. he denies there was any meeting or collusion that occurred. that's where it stands on the war of words. meanwhile we talk about the video and this is interesting. this is of course the video that came from the jail last week, when we first saw the video we saw george zimmerman, hmm, don't see the ing res he talks about he sustained as a result of the life and death struggle but enhance it as cnn has, freeze it
6:08 am
and there you begin to see there does look like an injury on the back of his head and that would seem to support his claim that trayvon martin attacked him. ashleigh? >> every minute detail is being voraciously consumed. martin savidge in sanford, florida, thank you. it is eight minutes past the hour. two injured members from a yacht racing around the world are recovering in a san francisco hospital this morning, rescued by a coast guard cutter, 250 miles off the california coast. huge waved slammed the 13-member crew and disabled the boat, all over the weekend. it was a delicate rescue operation. >> our biggest concern was with the sailboat rocking up and down and us trying to come alongside we didn't want to sandwich them in between the two boats. >> the crew plans to fix the yacht and finish the 40,000 mile race. wow, that's determination. >> no kidding.
6:09 am
still ahead a small plane sputtering and crashing into a supermarket in florida. several people were hurt, just out getting their groceries. the obama administration, big wig out for throwing a party that included $7,000 in sushi. what else was on the taxpayers' tab? we'll share all of the details with you, when we come pack. [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second. the new audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place.
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or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. 12 minutes past 6:00. here's something you don't see every year, the best team made it out of march madness alive. >> kentucky beating kansas and celebrating in the big easy. carlos diaz is live in new
6:13 am
orleans. quite a celebration we understand, carlos. are you not there? there you are. >> reporter: we just drove by bourbon street and the celebration is still going on zoraida and ashleigh. the fans have been waiting 14 years in lexington for this and now they've got their first national championship in 14 years. it is head coach john calipari's first national championship as head coach and after they won regionals in atlanta he refused to cut down the nets. last night john calipari and the rest of the wildcats you the can down the nets as they got the title. it was an eight-point victory, the same margin of victory against louisville and the kentucky wildcats are back on top of the basketball kingdom. >> was it out of control the celebration? we heard there were some problems again. >> reporter: there were some problems in lexington, weird to say that 30 fires are less than the 50 fires that were started
6:14 am
in lexington on saturday night. >> 30? >> reporter: there were 30 fires and dozens of arests, even one shooting last night. the person that was shot sustained non-life-threatening injuries from what we understand, and there even was a twitter phenomena that went on last night. there was a twitter topic called lexington police scanner which allowed people to hear some of the quotes being said on the police scanner in lexington, some quotes were "no, let them let off fireworks as long as they're not lighting them off at each other" and one other quote "we have a partially nude male with a propane tank," some of the things heard on the police scanner in lexington. >> oh, my. >> reporter: you can see thousands of fans emptied into the streets. >> yesterday you were telling us about the tarot card reader who actually got it wrong. how did you do on your brackets. did you do any better? >> reporter: you know, zoraida
6:15 am
this shows how small of a person you are that you would bring this up. my bracket challenge was pathetic. i picked baylor because, and i quote myself, "they have pretty uniforms," and baylor did not make it into the final four. but this is a great segue about zoraida bragging about herself. zoraida won the cnn bracket challenge. she is on top of everyone there, and by the way, i'm sorry, i'm getting some breaking news right now, there is a senate subcommittee hearing on the cheating that zoraida did in order to make this -- >> how dare you call me a cheater! >> reporter: i just want to let bruce and everyone in the control room do not get into her ear, what are the names of the kentucky players? what's the mascot for kentucky. answer that question? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: come on. >> the boy and the man in my life saved me on this one.
6:16 am
listen, i am going to give credit where credit is due. >> reporter: i rest my case. >> i know but i did much better than you and that's really all that the maers, right, carlos? >> i think i may have come in last. >> reporter: you were breaking up with that last one, zoraida. >> of course we were breaking up when we were asking you how you did. >> thank you, carlos. >> reporter: you know, guys, we are breaking up in more ways than you can imagine. i'm out of here. >> see you later. >> it wouldn't be the first time but thanks anyway. it's 16 minutes past 6:00. i think i did come in last. >> i think you did, sorry. but first and last. >> i'm going to be honest, i don't know who i chose to win. i don't know if i chose kentucky or not. we want to get back to what we've been up to all morning long, we have a couple of things, cooking at 16 after and christine romans is watching our top stories. >> the university shooting possible motive is emerging for the deadly shooting spree that left seven people dead yesterday on an oakland college campus.
6:17 am
the police chief telling cnn one goh lined up his victims and gunned them down execution style and he was looking for one particular school administrator because he'd been removed from the school. police in florida are investigating a small plane crash near orlando. it crashed into the roof of a public supermarket. police say there were multiple injuries. witnesses say the twin engine plane was sputtering after it went down in the grocery store. ryan leaf has been arrested again, the former quarterback, he allegedly broke into a home in montana on sunday, made off with three bottles of prescription drugs. police say data from the gps in leaf's pickup truck shows he was in the driveway of that home that he's accused of burglarizing. he posted bail on friday of similar charges, breaking into a home and stealing prescription medication. martha johnson, head of the
6:18 am
general services administration has resigned. two of her top deputies fired after reports of lavish spending at a staff conference in las vegas. four managers of the gsa have been placed on leave. the conference cost more than $800,000 and featured a mind reader and a clown. the government spending cap for the conference was $75,000 per day, and ladies, in an era of cutting budgets and scrubbing out waste, fraud and abuse it is an embarrassment dealt with quickly. >> you think the mind reader would have let them know this was coming. >> reporter: they could get a refund. >> because it was over $3,000. christine, thanks very much. 18 minutes past 6:00. still ahead "minding your business," all comes back to issue number one, how the political war over your money is about to heat up. hi, i'm fred. >> and i'm keri brownstein.
6:19 am
>> we're from "portlandia." >> a tv show. >> i'm not going to go until you go. >> you go. >> you go. >> you go. >> oh, yugo. >> we play pretty much all the characters. do you have another show in. >> bits and pieces here and there. there have been other shows that have taken their show on the road, we thought it would be a good idea as well. >> of all the people i know, you are one of them. the show that we do is just us talking, with he show some videos, we play some music, we have special guests all the time. >> being on the road has a connection, interacting with the audience feels like a tour when you're on a bus or a van. "portlandia" is the romanticized version of any city, it was sunny all the time, left this indelible impression on you. the capital one cash rewards card
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6:23 am
it is 23 minutes past 6:00. we're minding your business this morning. president obama is expected to go after the gop budget plan proposed by representative paul ryan and others and vice presidented withed about joe biden has been on a swing state tour. talking about automotive, manufacturing, you name it. >> the battle lines are being drawn over the economy. >> this week they're drawing lines and you're seeing a general election theme coming in sharp focus and here's what the two arguments are, that the president is presiding over a recovery and he is making things better for you, that the economy is healing, that he's going to push the buffett rule, tax the rich, pay their fair share and criticize the budget plan and
6:24 am
republicans want medicare and want to hurt seniors. the other narrative from the right says this is the worst recovery in history and this president is making it worse, and it's a battle over the middle class and your kitchen table economics and whoever wins the message is going to win in november. i want to bring up something that's in the "wall street journal" this morning "the worst economic recovery in history" it's from an economiest named ed laz lazear, saying policies have focused on short run changes and gimmicks recall cash for clunkers and first time home buyer credits rather than on creating conditions that are favorable to the investment that raise productivity." this is something i've heard more poignantly, the regulatory horizon is not clear, the tax horizon is not clear, that the president hasn't been able to make it a confident kind of environment for companies, that's why they're sitting on trillions of dollars in cash and
6:25 am
not hiring people. so you have these two different world views about the recovery and who is responsible for it, and how strong it is, and what people with the middle class believes will probably decide the election in november. and it's all kind of coming into focus right now. >> we've heard the administration tout the recovery, so now if this is going to be the retort from the republicans, how will the democrats come back as we move into the clear cycle over the summer to say this is why it's at this pace. >> it's interesting because the white house is focusing on this whole income and equality and the rich. the rich need to pay their fair share. there's another group luminary out today saying this isn't about paying our fair share. we pay what the law says we're supposed to pay so the president should fix the law and not blame rich people and that's part of this narrative. does the president have the political clout to fix the big issues. the white house was saying we've got big structural things we're trying to do and you've got a
6:26 am
republican "no" congress that won't let us fix the things we want to fix. so what middle class voters believe i think is going to decide the election in november. >> an interesting conversation at your dinner table and how it affects you personally. >> reporter: a >> and what you think go your money, and who is helping you save it, spend it and earn it in a responsible way. >> did you think you were going to get summer vacation? christine romans? >> no. >> it's over sister. that's the construction of the campaign. >> you thought it was gas prices. there's a lot of things going on with your money. >> no days off until november 15th. >> constantly reminding us what the arguments are, we appreciate it. coming up on "early start" a motive for the deadly shooting in oakland. seven people are dead. what we know about the suspect and his motive. and rick santorum says he is staying in the race, even if he gets swept out of the three primaries that are on tap for tonight. he says he's got a may strategy, that would be may, as in april,
6:27 am
may, and then there may be a june and july. we're back in a moment. choose control.
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it is 30 minutes past the hour. welcome back to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> hi, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. time to check the news making top stories this morning. new can he tails about a shooting rampage at a small christian college in northern california. police are now telling cnn the gunman was trying to find a school administrator. an 80-year-old woman taking control of a small plane, after the pilot died in the cockpit. how she was able to pull off an emergency landing. incredible video of an 18 wheeler bursting through a divider, going over a snowy cliff, going down the hill and taking the toe truck with it. the driver marrowly escaped.
6:31 am
a new family restaurant with a touch of kiss. gene simmons opening a place where it's all about the beer and the music and he is here to talk about it later. >> it's 31 minutes past 6:00. a former student who had a beef with the school administrator after being kicked out of class is in custody this morning after a shooting rampage at a small private christian college in east oakland that left seven people dead. the scene was chaotic as it unraveled as oikos university. the suspect who allegedly opened fire on classmates has been identified as 43-year-old one goh of oakland. police say he lined up his victims, execution style, and shot them. i spoke with oakland's police chief, howard jordan, last hour, about how and why this rampage happened. >> he just felt a certain urge to inflict pain on them. he gave us no exact reason why he did that. he just wanted to get back at the administration for
6:32 am
dismissing him earlier in the year. he entered the building and he took one of the receptionists hostage, entered the room, was looking for one person in particular and i can't reveal that person's name because that person, we don't want to jeopardize her safety, and he lined up all the victims and began shooting at them, and left for a short period of time, came back, went to other parts of the school, just shooting what we call a shooting rampage. >> chief jordan do you know if anyone in that classroom had time or even the inclination to try to stop him? did anyone leap at him, try to wrestle the gun away? >> not to our knowledge. we don't believe the victims had any opportunity to resist, any opportunity to surrender. this was a calculated, cold-blooded execution in a classroom that led to the victims, seven of the ten of
6:33 am
them. >> he had a .45 millimeter handgun. did he have a chance to reload or just empty what he had and leave? >> we're told he had an opportunity to reload, then came back in, and fired multiple rounds again. >> and if you would, please, take me outside of the classroom, once he had lined up the students and shot them and left the classroom, what happened in the interim before he came back and did he continue the carnage inside that classroom a second time? >> yes, he came back into the classroom after he left, went to another location and began shooting again, because he realized that there were other students hiding in adjacent classrooms so he began shooting into that classroom again. >> chief jordan also added they have not been able to locate the murder weapon but they apparently learned a lot of these details of the shooting after the suspect talked to them overnight while in custody. >> just incredible detail there
6:34 am
is. 33 minutes past the hour. still ahead, incredible video of a big rig going over a cliff. it takes the tow truck with it. the driver is inside as it rolls over again and again. we'll show you where it ended up. . first, alexandra steele standing by with a check of the weather. >> we are going to see snow in the u.s. in denver, 80 degrees over the weekend, 30s today, three to five inches of snow. severe storms potentially, illinois, indiana, ohio today, also oklahoma city, down toward dallas and houston. showers in the south but it is the heat, temperatures continue to be about 20 degrees above average. you can see the axis of this heat from washington to new york to memphis, the warmth continues, as does "early start" continues after the break. le? well, we purchase 3 million a year. you just sold one right now didn't you? that's correct.
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welcome back to "early start." it's 38 minutes past the hour. polls open at the top of the hour in maryland and washington, d.c., and in less than 90 minutes in wisconsin with nearly 100 delegates on the line in three key gop primaries. wisconsin is the big prize, 42 winner take all delegates. romney is ahead in the polls in all three contests but rick santorum is not backing down, vowing to press on even if he gets swept by romney in all three primaries today. >> may is rich with delegates and are strong states for us, states like texas and arkansas and kentucky and indiana, west virginia, north carolina.
6:39 am
those are the states that we know we can get this back, right back to where it is right now, which is a lot closer than what mitt romney and the pundits are spinning is a very close race, and by the end of may, we expect this race to be very close to even. >> romney doesn't see it that way. he says a win in wisconsin would mean the campaign is effectively over for his republican rivals. cnn political editor paul steinhauser in washington. apparently not just the pundits. romney will raise money jointly with the republican national committee for the general election fight. apparently nobody told saners e santorum. >> they're not there yet but be honest, wisconsin is probably one of the last opportunities for rick santorum to try to change this conversation in the battle for the republican nomination and that conversation really kind of says that mitt romney is the inevitable
6:40 am
nominee. santorum is running out of opportunities. wisconsin we're focusing on it more than the other two because it's the closest of the states when it comes to the polls. if he can't wane, three more weeks until more primaries and three weeks later all of the states look favorable to romney except for pennsylvania, santorum's home state. he says he's not dropping out until romney gets the delegates needed, 1,144. here is where the delegate count stands. romney has a more than 2:1 lead in our estimate, but he's got a long way to go to the 1,144 delegates. >> you're kind of on a roll here. yesterday we were exchanging e-mails and i said give me the magic date where romney potentially takes the delegates. >> it could be late may, if santorum drops out which doesn't sound like he is. could be late may, texas, could be early june. santorum is hoping romney
6:41 am
doesn't clinch at all and goes all the way to the convention. >> you know i'll ask you about your best guess but not right now. a now ad campaign president obama has out and what's different about it? >> brand new commercial, second from the obama campaign. both concentrating on energy. take a listen. >> he's raising mileage standards and doubling renewable energy. in all of the fights mitt romney stood with big oil. >> it almost sounds like you heard mitt romney's name, like the general election has begun with obama and romney. the commercial pushes back at an energy alliance commercial that came out last week that criticized president obama for the high gas prices. >> paul steinhauser, thank you very much. 41 minutes past 6:00. soledad o'brien joining us with what's ahead on "starting point." hey there. >> good morning to both of you. randy jackson will join us, he is the only original judge
6:42 am
remaining since "american idol" kicked off. we'll talk all things "idol" and talk about the physical and emotional battle he has had with diabetes ever since he got diagnosed with it, we'll talk about that this morning. morgan spurlock has a new film out, all about comicon, and how it's expanded beyond tom of comic books and become a major pop culture event with 160,000 people attending last year and for many kids it's the sound of summer, the ice cream truck. how one person here in new york would like to get rid of that truck, why, because parents don't know how to say no. that's all at the start of the hour. [ male announcer ] this is the network --
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by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. solutionism. the new optimism. and the human element can solve anything. i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself and so, college was a dream, when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was going to do it, but i knew i was going to get that opportunity one day. and that's what happened with the university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky is the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is naphtali bryant and i am a phoenix. 45 minutes past the hour. time to check stories making news this morning. here is christine romans. good morning. >> good morning, ladies. new information about the suspected gunman who killed seven people and wounded three
6:46 am
others on a college campus in california. police say 43-year-old one goh, a former nursing student at oikos university, took a receptionist hostage, lined up his former classmates and shot them execution style. he was apparently angry at one particular school administrator, after being dismissed from school. an 80-year-old woman is forced to land a plane after her 81-year-old husband falls dead while flying that aircraft. this happened in wisconsin. the woman was not a pilot. she managed to radio rescue personnel as one of the engines shut down and ran out of fuel. a trained pilot went up in another aircraft to help this woman. the pilot gave her a midair flying lesson to help her land safely. a tow gone terribly bad. an 18-wheeler busting through a
6:47 am
divider, going over a snowy cliff, rolling down the hill. this happened in norway. police say the drive went down with the rig. he survived but has several broken bones. the tow truck driver bailed out in time. wow. kentucky cutting down the nets after beating kansas 67-59 in the national championship game. it's kentucky's eighth national title second to ucla. coach john calipari's first. more violence in lexington. a man was wounded in a shooting as thousands of people were celebrating. >> bummer. >> that's really -- >> why, why, why? especially since we had the same story. >> it's that mob mentality, college kids so happy, so sad or so something. >> want to focus on calipari first, congratulationcongratula.
6:48 am
this guy has the most famous tongue in histories. look at the pictures brings me back. gene simmonds will join us live to talk about his new family rock 'n' roll restaurant. sounds pretty cool but first off, how on earth does this guy do all the things he does? are' not going to believe the list of things he's in charge of. you're watching "early start." [ female announcer ] women have made it the number one selling
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6:51 am
so you might recognize the faces especially the legend dear tongue-wagging front man for the band kiss, but would you recognize gene simmons if he
6:52 am
didn't have his makeup on? you probably would if you watched his reality show. i just have to listen to this song. ♪ i can't get enough of you baby ♪ >> takes me back. oh, man, i'm like 13 all over again. gene simmons has been a busy guy since co-founding kiss 38 years ago, 38. he's got an impressive list of accomplishments in the business field. his latest venture is a restaurant in el segundo, california, called rock and bruise. gene simmons is live in our l.a. bureau. thanks for getting up early, it's almost 4:00 in the morning for you. >> it's zero o'clock and i'm going to find out where you live for getting me up at this time. by the way to fix something, it's not a local restaurant. we're already global. rock and brews is hoping in el segundo, maui, tokyo, at the lax airport. >> here's what i don't get about
6:53 am
you. >> yeah. >> what don't you do? >> what do i do? >> what don't you do. >> i have this in front of me jooep, i w gene, i was talking to my producers, you cofounded kiss 38 years ago, about 19 years old by my guess. >> let me stop you for one second. kiss is about to embark on a two-year-long tour with motley crue. >> i'm getting to that! >> the tour is mostly sold out. get your tickets now. my mom wants another house. go ahead. >> this is why i'm asking you. you are the consummate businessman. speaking of business you even wrote a blurb in ali and christine's "how to speak money." kids golf course, wealth management company, simmonds records, books, audio visual, a language translation company. >> the world's largest language translation. >> and that's just, those are
6:54 am
just your business creds. tv, family jewels, rock school, my dad's a rock star, mr. romance. do you sleep? >> well, look, i don't want to -- methinks he doth protest too much. i'm a very lucky guy. ashleigh i'm glad you asked me today is the grand open of rock and brews in el segundo. all the media will be there, i'm sure cnn will be there, all of the big rockers will be there but this is a family restaurant america has been waiting for, you can bring your kids, it's pet friendly, you can bring your dogs but it's surrounded by video screens that show the greatest rockers of all-time, because this is intrinsically america, america not only invented flight but they also invented rock 'n' roll and blues and all that and we have produced the royalty of the world, rock stars. in fact it has now become cc c synonymous with a fighter pilot,
6:55 am
a politician, he becomes a rock star. hip-hops. >> i like the idea the restaurant has the 20 large screen tvs that continually loop through the favorite concerts of all-time. my question what is your favorite rock concert and rock group of all-time and you can't say kiss. >> you're leading the witness, your honor. >> yep. >> you can't do that. >> yes, i can. my show. >> it's my show and i'll cry if i want to. >> what is it? i really want to hear. >> well, the most spectacular shows of all-time are obviously kiss but i'll play with you. >> okay. >> the most impressive live performers as far as i was concerned i've seen in my lifetime was elvis presley. >> oh, nice. >> because he understood the nature that his body, his physical presence on stage is his art, besides acoustics, here is my next song.
6:56 am
a lot of performers sing great, touring in vegas and all over this more. when the ladies get up on stage they know what to do and you'll watch all of that on rock and brews when you come down to any one of our sites. >> i love that you mentioned elvis, you are right up there in the stratosphere with elvis, you and kiss selling more than 100 cds and dvds. >> we actually outsell the beatles and el vision in licensing and merchandising. we just opened the kiss golf course in las vegas across from the hard rock. this is planet kiss. you're just walking on it. and we already own the trademark, by the way. >> i like to walk through your world. couple seconds, you mentioned you're going to go on tour with motley crue. you're clean as a whistle, never touched a drug but tommy lee ain't. that's going to be fun. isn't it? >> well you know, if you're lucky and you live in america, life gives you a menu, and
6:57 am
you're allowed to pick from it what you'd like, and everybody's allowed to lead life as they like it. i would never break my mother's heart. i'm an only child, and my mother spent all her life raising a good boy. i would never break her heart getting drunk, high and all that stuff. at the end of the day all of the idiots come up for air they go what an idiot i was. reminds me of the story of the guy that banged his head against the wall. he said why are you doing that? he said it feels so good when i stop. >> you had me at hello, gene simmons and zoraida. we want our personal invitation to a tour of rock and brews when we come out to california. >> yes, ma'am. >> by all means you're invited back when you start the next one in two months, that's usually your pace. >> boys that's what you want to
6:58 am
do, make mommy happy. >> thank you, gene simmons. >> why where is my flying car? we're getting closer. a massachusetts company is showing off its flying car at the new york international auto show. it is a plane that is street legal, called the transition, its first test flight was a success last month. flew at 1,400 feet for eight minutes. foldable wings, four wheels, seats two people. orders are being taken. got the sun in $279,000. >> i hate to say this because it's going to sound elitist and snobby but that's cheap if you think about the price of a plane there are few planes for $279,000. >> you have to have a pilot's license. >> there's that. what a nice way to get to work if you're commuting to new york city. i just don't know where would you land? >> on top of a building.
6:59 am
over at trump tower. great of you to be with us. we've had a busy morning but that is "early start," the news from a to z. i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. "starting point" starts right now. that tragedy in oakland, california, a gunman who lines up his victims and shoots them down. >> sometimes you hear the firing, boom, boom, something like that, three or four times i hear that. if i didn't lock the door i think we might be dead today. >> this morning we're learning more about the man accused of shooting and killing seven people at a small christian college in california. this morning we'll take a look at one goh, his family, his history with the school and also what may have been the motive in the shooting. polls opening right now, it's primary day in wisconsin and maryland and in washington, d.c. mitt romney is looking for a sweep. rick santorum is looking to survive. and $7,000 for sushi. a


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