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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 5, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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them in? >> i tell you, bold, striped shirt like tiger woods. i would put him in a big, bold, striped shirt and in a jazzier trouser and cool looking shoes and he is getting there and real trim trousers to make him look more athletic than he looks. >> there you have it. spoken from a man who knows fashion, marty hackle there watching the game and more of the fashion on the green. is
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the judge giving the homework assign meant, three i think is he will spaced, to the
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department of justice answering a question that frankly i thought he had no business asking. >> exactly right. three pages, single spaced, that was the assign meant. you call it homework. have you this judge, and to quote you, this guy has a hissee fit, down in texas, hearing the whole other case and orders the justice department to explain what the president meant on monday and from what i am hearing the justice department followed through, yes? >> they did, and they did answer the letter today signed by eric holder, the attorney general, and they basically said what was completely obvious from what i thought the president was saying, which is the position of the department of justice is that the health care law is constitutional. it is the right of the supreme court of the united states to declare that law unconstitutional and that's been true since 1803 and the famous case of maher berry versus madison. what i thought in many respects was the most interesting part is
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it was only two and a half pages which i thought was a bit of a needle to these judges and demeaning the department of justice in the way that they did. >> bigger picture here. as we talked about this back and forth, the simmering clash as it seems between the president and the judges and the justices and appointed by republicans, it appears a little ugly. what is your take on that and have we seen this before, this back and forth? >> it is ugly. it is a rich part of american history to have judges and presidents in conflict. in the 1930s franklin roosevelt was so stymied by the united states supreme court he tried to pack the court and add a number of justices. this is a frequent matter of contention between presidents and the stream court and one thing never changes. the supreme court has the last
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word. if they see the affordable health care act is unconstitutional, barack obama can disagree all he wants. they have the last word. >> they get to rule and decide which as you point outlast time we were talking we should be hearing the ruling coming down end of june. jeff toobin, thank you so much for calling in talking about that. we're getting word now of a secret meeting, the secret meeting between rick santorum and a group of conservative leaders. the topic, newt gingrich. dana is there for us in washington. what do you know? >> we understand from a couple of sources now who were present at the meeting that newt gingrich was one of the topics, but more broadly, what this was was a group of conservative activists, some conservative leaders who asked rick santorum to come to northern virginia to talk about strategy. these conservative activists have a lot on the line. remember, back in january many of them got together and decided to throw their support between senator santorum and now obviously we have been reporting
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extensively on the delegates count looking better for mitt romney and rick santorum obviously being in big trouble. the part of the discussion i am told was trying to figure out how they can try to convince newt gingrich or at least the supporters of newt gingrich to leave him and support rick santorum and others, other parts of the discussion i am told was more broad strategy on how to make sure that he is able to continue on and not only win his home state, the next big contest but beyond that in more conservative states in may. it is do or die time for rick santorum, no question. these conservative activists know it. >> it is do or die time and we heard from senator santorum the other night if his home state and he says he is sticking to it, going to stick through it for his home state, april 24th and pointed out the primary and through may which a number of those states have a lot of evangelical voters that play well and so this meeting had nothing to do with or we're a
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little worried about you, it was more about let's fix this, find strategy so you can power through? >> my sense is that it was both. they are worried. there is no question. they would be kind of crazy not to be worried given the math and the math is that mitt romney is 400 delegates ahead and that rick santorum looks like he would have to win more than 70% of the contest going forward in order to even come close to getting the 1144 delegates he needs in ort to get the nomination. of course they're concerned, primarily when you look at the substance of it, it is because these conservative leaders since the beginning of republican time so to speak have not thought rick santorum was conservative enough, socially, mostly, to be their nominee and given where we are on the calendar, where we are with this math and the delegates count, they are concerned and that's really the main reason why they wanted to get together and i am told there was a meeting in person, brooke, and because of the fact that many people are at spring break and on vacation, they also did a
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conference call with the senator as well. >> interesting, dana bash. thank you so much. we appreciate that in washington on the secret meeting here. up next we'll talk about the young marine, a veteran, father, behind the wleel of the suv with his two daughters inside. does something strange. he crashes through the gates of his high school, gets out of the car and now he is dead after a sheriff's deputy shot this marine sergeant. the case is still a mystery and today we now have the new video that shows what happened moments before his death. don't miss it. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands
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pnchts update on a story we talked about yesterday about the marine sergeant shot to death in his suv by a sheriff's deputy in california while two of his daughters were sitting in the backseat of his car. we now have that surveillance video of the crash back in february. look closely. after crashing his suv he got out of the vehicle, walked to a nearby playing field and track and orange county news outlets reporting he was apparently speaking irrationally. there is a police deputy car there. moments after this, though, he
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is dead. since this incident his wife gave birth to the fourth child. i spoke to the family attorney and asked a number of questions including had he seen the surveillance video. here is what he told me about the video, what it shows and what you don't see. >> i think, brooke, what's important about this video is not what it shows but what it doesn't show. this is a case involving the death of a man. it was a man that was shot and killed in the presence of his two daughters. we know that he wasn't armed. we have no concept as to why the deputy fired. we know that the deputy was not in fear of his life. we know that no crime had been committed, and at the same time deadly force was used, specifically force that resulted in the death of this individual and not only was he killed in his car, but he was killed in the immediate presence of two of his daughters who were aged 14 and nine, so when we start talking about the video, what
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we're interested in, what the family is interested in, is answers regarding why this shooting happened in the way that it did, and so far we have seen nothing whatsoever from the orange county sheriff's department that has given us any information whatsoever that would justify this or that would in any way -- >> let me jump in. we of course doing our due diligence reached out to the orange county sheriff's office and let me read you what they gave us as a statement, quote, the district attorney's office is conducting an independent investigation as per our policy to ensure clarity and transparency and until that investigation is complete we would not be able to comment. in addition to that statement, in that investigation, here, he we have also learned the deputy, deputy sandberg has won awards g for his service to the department and ironically enough also served in the marine corps, a highly trained individual. >> that was just a piece of the
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interview. i ken courage you to watch it. joining me now to talk more about this mystery former san clemente mayor mr. egg he will and it happened in february, and you have never met the sergeant log ins or his family, correct? >> i had not met him previously. >> so having not met him, hearing about what happened, how did you get involved in this? i understand you decided to help raise money for his family and is four daughters >> it was a situation of a heartfelt response to his death and very tragic and i called various members in the community including the san clemente chamber of commerce and we decided along with the organization i belonged to, the foundation, manages the semper if i areason monument we would raise funds for the educational benefit of his children and we're in the process of doing that now. >> so you mentioned his
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community. you have the contacts. you served as mayor when this happened and even up until now and how has this story, this death, this now current investigation, how has that increase nature in this area? >> well, it resonating a great deal. people i have spoke to are very dismayed by the situation and obviously, and there is a great deal of support for his family and to find out what really happened. >> can you tell me anything more about his widow? i understand they had a memorial service for him up at camp pendleton and you did meet her there. how is she? >> had he is dignify and had poise and had diplomat toik say the least. i had the honor of aattending the marine memorial service and spoke with many of the marine who is knew him personally and including his commanding officer and they all said the same thing, that in fact he is a
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marine's marine, and he was very -- he expected discipline from his troops but he was always there for his troops for their personal and family issues and he was very religious, and his wife, fooeb i, at the time of the death had three children. she since delivered the fourth child, but he is really the people that knew him respected him a great deal as a father, as a husband, and as a marine. >> thank you. i know we have tried reaching out to the orange county sheriff's department as they point out to us this is an on going investigation and they're not talking publicly and we appreciate you coming on. we'll stay on this. still ahead, i will speak live with a forensics expert about whitney houston's revealing autopsy report which in part could be most surprising, since we now know what police found inside her hotel room. plus, dolly parton reveals to me the moment that made her
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rjts hot water, a spoon with white powder and an ash tray by the bathroom sink. we're getting new details about the final days and death of pop superstar whitney houston. all of these details are coming from the final autopsy report from the los angeles county coroner and the most surprising new information was this, the water in the hotel bathtub where houston drowned was very, very hot. i am talking in excess of 93 degrees. the singer was found facedown and was under water for as long as an hour before her assistant came into the bathroom and found her. i want to bring in a doctor, a
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forensic pathologist, that performed 17,000 autopsies and, doctor, the coroner ruled that whitney houston's death was an accidental drowning caused by the effects of heart disease and cocaine use and we all thought that she was, you know, in the bathtub, taking a bath, and perhaps had some kind of event like a seizure and you read this entire lengthy whole autopsy report. do you buy that? >> no, i do not. i do not know of anybody who takes a bath in a bathtub face down. she was facedown in as you pointed out very hot water, keep in mind that the temperature of that water would have been a couple or more degrees hotter when this happened than it was when she was found. she had a bruise contusion abrasion scratch, the left lateral forehead and also some similar markings around the nostrils and in the collarbone
3:21 pm
areas she had some yellowish brown markings and pressure type marks as well as on the left breast. these clearly indicate to me evidence of a fall into the tub, striking her forehead, and there was a little bit of hemorrhage on the under surface of the scalp and not sufficient to produce brain damage but indicative of a fall, a full in which she was unrestrained. >> let me quote this autopsy to further perhaps from your point page 4, two superficial abrasions to the left side of her forehead, so up here, and there was a superficial abrasion to the left side in the bridge of her nose, so when you hear that, you say, doctor, without a doubt she fell, perhaps fell into the tub. >> well, yes, and the proof that she fell is the correlation with the water. there is not one person watching you right now who has not had an
3:22 pm
incident with hot water. when you inadvertently mistakenly, negligently, stuck your finger or toe into burning water, you jumped halfway to the ceiling. >> right. >> what was the response of whitney houston? not to ex try indicate herself from that or cry out for help? it was clear a a woman that was unconscious and unable to react. she was i am mobilized and that could only happen by something that occurred before drowning if at all playing a role in this case would have been a terminal event as her head was submerged. the point is that what was it that rendered her unconscious, and it was the drugs, the combination of xanax, antidepressant, been drill, antihiss mean, and flex ril, and both of those latter two drugs depressed the brain as well as performing their other tasks. >> you have specifically they
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say a plethora, the word they used, a plethora of prescription medication bottles, and also small spoon with a white substance in it and rolled up piece of paper was found. when you hear all of that and you talk about all of these drugs in play, how large of a role do you think drugs did in fact play in her death? >> there is no question that drugs played the major role, brooke, and this is a tragic situation that is occurring by the dozens of cases every day in america, 37,000 acute combined drug toxic deaths last year in america and one only hears about them had they involve celebrities. 60, 65% of my 300 coroner cases in surrounding counties last year were cases relating to three to as many as eight or nine drugs, and so we have a plethora of drugs, cocaine, marijuana, the illicit drugs and the three legally prescribed drugs that i mentioned and this
3:24 pm
is a deadly combination. this is what led to whitney houston, an otherwise healthy, strong, well muscled individual falling into the bathtub of scalding water, unable to call for assistance. this is to attribute it to hear disease is what she had was focal, ath row cler on the i can narrowing of carotid artery. >> you say that's normal, that 60% blockage isn't what led to the ket death. you point to drugs and when you hear about everything in and around the bathroom area and you read the autopsy, are we to believe she was doing these drugs right up to the last second of her death? >> well, yes. well, right up to the last second she had taken the drugs because they were still evident in the principle form within the blood. these drugs quickly break down and you get the me tab lights, the finding of these drugs still
3:25 pm
in the blood as well as the metabolites they were taken shortly before and as you point ut the spoon, the substance, in the little paper, that's cocaine. the nasal accept item indicates she was a veteran cocaine abuser. this is a classical defect in which the nasal septum is perf rated. this is a woman who was a drug abuser and this is a tragedy, a beautiful, talented individual dying in this fashion. >> that's what i kept saying when i was looking through the autopsy. it is so, so sad. doctor, thank you. and monday just this past monday i had the opportunity to sit down with a gospel legend in her own right, dolly parton, and i know you know that it was dolly parton that wrote the song that became the international hit thanks to whitney houston and "i will always love you", so dolly talked about that song with me and also talked about the moment that made her collapse with grief just about
3:26 pm
over whitney houston's death. >> i think her version of that was spectacular. she just put that song out there in the whole wide world and i always say every night on stage when i do it, i will do my version, i ain't no whitney houston, but it is my song, so i always think of it as being our song. it is like she just did so great with the recording that song, and it was just killed me when they played it so much after she passed away and on the day of her funeral and raised her casket and that went into that song, oh, man, you could have just -- it was just like i was just stabbed in the heart and i just started to boo-hoo. that's when i really, really cried, yes, because just hearing my song, her voice, knowing that that song would probably be at my funeral as well, and it was just a moment to think that what a great song god gave me and whitney. thank you to dolly parton for sharing that with me. we did sit down with her to talk
3:27 pm
music. you'll see more of that in a couple of weeks in an upcoming music monday segment. that's coming up. the former football coach accused of raping young children appears in court. what jerry sandusky's attorney said outside the courtroom today, that's raising some eyebrows. plus, a bombshell today in the hacking scandal involving rupert murdock's empire. turns out one of the news organizations admits to hacking e-mails, those details next. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife.
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jerry sandusky appears in court on child sex abuse charges today. president obama appears alongside eric cantor and rupert murdock's empire makes a big
3:31 pm
admission. time to play reporter roulette. jason carol, let's begin with you and this hearing in pennsylvania and the child sex abuse case against former penn state defensive coach jerry san did you say ski. jason. >> he came to court looking for justice for his client, and that is going to have to wait. the judge deciding not to rule on any of the important issues today. here is the reason why. joemen feels he has not received enough specific information or evidence from the prosecution in order to build his case. the prosecution says it is an on going investigation dealing with ten alleged victims and they're turning over information as they get it. the judge basically deciding that it would be premature, quote, to rule on the motions to dismiss until all of the evidence is in. joe also came out here, brooke, and answered some of his critics who say he has been filing the motions to dismiss in order to delay the trial.
3:32 pm
joe says that is not true. he already feels as show his client has been tried in the court of public opinion. >> i want to try to make sure that mr. sandusky gets to court and can get a fair jury to hear sides on both sides of this case so that that jury when it is seated will listen to the judge's instructions and hear the evidence at trial and make a decision based upon that evidence, not upon as you may recall the decisions, the conclusions made by many of you when mr. sandusky was initially charged on november 5th and guilty and all of these accusers were victims and all the candlelight vigils that were held for them and all the programs opened up for them. we have been trying to overcome this tidal wave of presumption of guilt since november 5th. >> prosecution saying this is a broad investigation, once again, dealing with ten alleged victims and those victims that are scheduled to testify prosecution saying they are looking forwards to facing jerry sandusky in
3:33 pm
court. for now the trial is expected to get under way june 5th. brooke. >> jason, thank you. next on reporter revenue leet allison kosik with reaction to the president's signing, jump start our business startups, otherwise known as the jobs act and officially law and all 11 pens later. how does the law create jobs, allison? >> it did make it easier for start ups and small and medium-sized businesses to go public and they go public to sell shares and raise more money and with this bill the idea is if they have more money they'll be able to grow, expand, be able to hire, so what this law does is relaxes some of the rules and i will tell you what, there are a lot of rules before a company goes public and they have to look at company books and the company has to disclose certain financial information and now that it is signed into law companies don't have to do the audits and the disclosures right away. the idea is loosening the regulations will ultimately encourage innovation and
3:34 pm
entrepreneurship, help boost the job market and ultimately the economy, brooke. >> and also potentially lead to more investor fraud at least say a lot of are critics. >> critics like aarp and seen the sec is coming out against it saying the bill winds up weakening protections for investors and could open the door to more failed ipos and more fraud. another issue they say they can solicit investors by advertising their ipos and this worries the aarp. they say it makes it easier for companies to take advantage of seniors and prey upon them trying to lure people to investing in ipos thinking they can make a quick buck and not all ipos are successful in the end. brooke. >> allison, thank you. next, sky news admits it it indeed allow journalists to hack e-mails. this comes two days after rupert murdock's son stepped down as chair of the parent company and dan rivers has the latest in
3:35 pm
london. >> brooke, more bad new for rupert murdock and his media empire here in the u.k. this time it doesn't concern one of the tabloid newspapers. it concerns sky news, the cable news provider. skies news admitting that on two occasions one of its journalists hacked into the e-mails of two members of the public. it is saying on both occasions the journalist was probing alleged criminal activity and therefore it was justified and in the public interest, but it is against the law here in the u.k. to hack into e-mails and there is no public interest defense in the strict letter of the law, so that's going to potentially land ski sky news and the director that is authorized this into some hot water. this comes 24 hours after james murdock rupert's son quit as his chairman of b ski, the parent company, because he didn't want b sky b to get em broiled in the whiter hacking scandal that involved news of the world here
3:36 pm
and now laterally arrests of other papers including the sun newspaper here, so a terrible week for rupert murdock and one in which sky news is claiming it was justified because it was in the public interest. >> that's your reporter roulette on this thursday. listen to this, there is a hospital in texas that says if you're overweight, sorry, you can't work here. sunny is on the case next. he is one of the most notorious serial killers in america and for the first time in years we are seeing what charles manson looks like now. we're going to show you the pictures next. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft.
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on the case today, the changing face of one of the most notorious killers of the 20th century, charles manson. he is serving life in prison for the 1969 murders of actress sharon tate and six other people
3:40 pm
by a group of his followers known as the man son family. he faces a parole hearing next week, his 12th, and cnn asked the california department of corrections for the latest photos of manson and, guess what? they sent us two. sunny is here. let's put the new pictures up of manson before we talk. look at this. look at the gray hairs, last june, and barely recognizable except for the swastika on the forehead. how old is he now, sunny? >> can you believe it, brooke, he is 77 years old. he spent about the over 40 years in prison. we know that he was convicted of the most heinous crimes that he committed in 1969. he has spent over 40 years in prison, and you can tell, can't you, when you look at the picture? >> you can tell looking at the beard, that wild gray hair, and i am guessing, though, after all of these years he has not softened one bit. >> well, that's what we're
3:41 pm
hearing, of course. he has gone up for parole 11 times, brooke. it has been denied every i think single time. the last time informs 2007. the parole board in rejecting his bid said the following, he continues to pose an unreasonable danger to others and may still bring harm to anyone he would come in contact with. even at 77 years old, i suspect that they still feel that he poses a danger to others. >> he is still hoping the 12th time will be a charm. i mean, is there really any chance this guy will ever be paroled? >> you know, there is no indication that he has indicated any re force are to the crimes. there is no indication he has changed at all. so i suspect that what was said in 2007 is likely what will be said in 2012, that he continues to pose this unreasonable danger to the community at large and so i don't think he will be released. of course his parole hearing is set for next wednesday. >> let's move onto the other
3:42 pm
case, a lot of folks i know in our meeting talking. you have this citizens medical center, the hospital in texas. you [ laughter ] . you know what's happening. they have a strict weight policy, it won't hire people that are overweight and uses bmi to determine who is in and who is out. so take a look at the graphic, the cut off, bmi of 35 according to a report in the texas tribune. we ran through examples on a bmi calculator. think about yourself and would you be able to work there. the cut off works to 210 pounds if you are 5'5", 245 pounds in you're 5'10", and i get it, it is a hospital. you should be in good physical health to work there to be a role model, but can they really refuse people? can they really refuse people? >> it is remarkable. it is remarkable, isn't it, especially because they're basing it on bmi. i think many people don't even know what that is, body mass index. apparently i have been looking into this, and it isn't against
3:43 pm
the law. >> it is not? >> to sort of discriminate against someone based on their weight interestingly enough. in texas it is not one of the protected categories, some of the categories are race, of course age, religion, and nothing discussing weight. i have got to tell you, though, i think the hospital certainly is in a risky area here because the americans with disabilities act does protect as disabled some folks that are obese, and there is case law to protect people that are obese. so i wonder, i wonder, brooke, if someone challenged this policy whether or not it would be able to withstand scrutiny in a court of law. this is really remarkable. >> let me point out obviously we made the phone call to the hospital. they don't have a comment. this bmi cut off if you're looking to work at the hospital, my question is what if you already work there and you put on pounds? can they fire you? >> well, it has been reported that if that happens, they don't intend to fire people, but under
3:44 pm
the law i suspect that perhaps they could, and perhaps they would. of course the hospital didn't give us any comment but there has been some reporting that they don't intend to fire anyone that may begin a few host holiday pounds and instead they will help people lose weight. when you really look at this, again, brooke, this is really, really a risky area for a hospital because if obesity is determined to be a disability, those folks are protected under the americans with disabilities act. i think they have to be very careful here. >> this could be one of those stories we circle back to. remember when we talked about this because now there is someone coming forward none too pieced. mark this day down. thank you sochl. welcome back, by the way. coming up next, a disturbing signed that north korea getting ready to launch a long range missile. be right back. these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. i was worried it would be hard to install.
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if it is interesting and happening now you're about to see it. rapid fire, let's go. beginning with syria, syria says it has taken steps to comply with the peace plan proposed by the united nations. the government says it has now partially withdrawn troop from some cities and towns and opposition groups say assaults are continuing and 37 people have been killed today around syria and this video here was taken in the city of holmes. also a new satellite photo of north korea an missile launch pad suggests a long range rock set about to be launched there. north korea said it plans to launch a satellite this month but western powers suspect it is a cover for a ballistics missile test and it would violate multiple unresolutions.
3:48 pm
tearful, desperate searches for people trapped in the land slide. this is kenya. heavy rains over night sent boulders tumbling into tin shacks in a nairobi slum and several people are still trapped under some of the rubble and debris and the bbc is reporting at least six people have died and more rain, more rain expected there through the end of the week. in colorado ski town is going waste free. it is a solution with plenty of possibilities. steamboat springs has amazing views, snow-capped peaks and mountains of george. the city has set a goal to be 100% waste free by 2014. it works like this, restaurants use recycled products and even trash cans are sealed so customers can't throw anything away. they have people who do it for
3:49 pm
you. >> grab and go. >> we look and see what is compostable and what is recyclable and anything left, food or bioor plastic left we put in the compost bin. >> it goes to the composting facility where it decomposes into dirt. every year steamboat springs turns more than 175 tons of food scraps and other compostable waste into 4 huntons of soil that goes right back to the mountains. waste has been cut by at least 70%. >> people are on vacation and here for fun and when they see something like that, and it interests them, they can bring it home. i think any bit helps. >> that makes me want to go skiing. anyway, we talked about mary j. bli blige, singing with chicken and burger king released this ad. she is responding to the controversy and it does involve race. that's next.
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coming up in a matter of minutes, this man, wolf blitzer. wolf, i was just in the commercial checking at your twitter page,er is, and it looks like you're talking to the governor of south carolina today. >> she's really an amazing woman. i don't know if you know a lot about her, brooke. i didn't know that much about her, her personal life growing up in south carolina, in the small community where her family moved she was the only little girl except for her sister whose parents were from india, they were sikhs and her father wore a turban and a beard, let's put it this way, unusual and extraordinary some of the experiences that she had, even
3:53 pm
wanting to play kick ball with the other girls. there was a black team, a white team. they wanted to know if she was black or white and she couldn't participate in the beauty pageant because they didn't know if she was black or white. she tells these stories. i taped this interview in "the situation room" and she read says passages from the book. we'll talk politics and why romney, the man she supports is having so much trouble getting support among women in particular. i think our viewers will be interested in this interview. we'll air it in the next hour. >> it's an interesting back story in her life and i think she told stephen colbert that her parents came to the states with $8 in their pockets. thank you, wolf blitzer. meantime, the grammy winner mary j. blige. she says that the burger king ad she did agree to do isn't this ad it ended up being and the chicken wraps and the commercial
3:54 pm
reenforces old stereotypes. let's play it. what do you think? >> what's in the new chicken snack wraps. >> what's in the new chicken wrap? >> mary? >> crispy chicken, crisp lettuce, three cheeses with dressing wrapped up in a tasty tortilla. >> that's the ad, it has been yanked for now, but blige responded to this whole controversy saying this, and i'm going to quote, i agreed to be part of a fun and creative campaign that was supposed to feature a dream sequence. unfortunately, that's not what was happening in the clip. i understand my fans being upset by what they saw, but if you are a mary fan you have to know i would never allow an unfinished spot like that one go out. coming up next, the first lady teams up witha i new goal to give americans a never before seen look here at the white house. kind of cool. >> plus, rick santorum, let's hope his bones heal from the republican race because he's spending a lot of time at the
3:55 pm
lanes. z we have some proof. political pop next.pu chinese takeout taco truck free range chicken pancake stack baked alaska 5% cash back. right now, get 5% cash back at restaurants. it pays to discover.
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pr president obama screens to kill a mocking bird at the white house. i'm sure you read it and have seen the movie, perhaps. gregory peck play s aticus finc. >> you want to tell me what really happened? >> i've got something to say,
3:58 pm
and if you don't do nothing about it then you're lousy, stinking cowards. >> the movie classic now 50 years old is going play tonight in the white house family theater and jay carney answered a couple of questions about the film today including who's coming. >> members of gregory peck's family here, some of the actors from the movie as well as local d.c. students. >> how about that? >> also speaking of the white house, first lady michelle obama is teaming up with google to give virtual tours of the white house. >> but the white house isn't simply a home to first families or meeting space for world leaders. it's also known as the people's house, a place that should be open to everyone. now you can do all of that without leaving your home. so go ahead, look around. enjoy the history and the beauty of these rooms because after all, this is your house, too. >> google using its technology
3:59 pm
so you can get the same experience you would have if you go on tour at the white house, and while he's trailing in the republican presidential race, rick san tour up seems to have the vote cover said. check him out. he was bowling a couple of frames yesterday and if you think you've seen a lot of him at the bowling alley, you're right. get this, he made five stops while campaigning in wisconsin, five. it seemed to start a couple of weeks ago after he bowled a turkey, that's three strikes in a row. i've never done that, since he has been holding appropriately titled rallies at the alleys and while all of this bowling may be to show off his every man appeal, he seems to be enjoying the game. here he is professing his love. >> i grew up actually doing a lot of bowling. when i was younger i love the sport. i love the fact that you can sit around and drink beer and hang out with f


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