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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  April 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from cnn center this is early start, saturday 7th. four shootings left three dead may be connected in tulsa, oklahoma. the whole thing was in flames, the whole backyard. then things started to explode. >> a fighter jet turns a virginia apartment building in a ball of fire. what was behind this crash? a quarter past the hour we put the jobs report in focus. we got a lot more work to do. >> its impact on the election and future unemployment numbers. later? >> don't you have any faith in me? >> a gutsy grandma, 2,000 feet in the air, you won't believe this story.
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we start with a manhunt under way in oklahoma. local police in tulsa, the fbi and u.s. marshalls are looking for what they think is a lone shooter who is responsible for three deaths. two others were injured in the series of shootings carried out over several hours. >> three dead bodies in one day, spread out like we have here, one general geographical area, but yet far enough apart where obviously somebody is mobile. >> that is scary if they are randomly running way, because they can do it at any time. >> investigators are looking at the case as a possible hate crime. all the victims are african american, suspected shooter is white. your tax dollars at work this morning you are not going to be happy. there is new video of skits played at a government agency gathering that has questions being asked about government spending. the huffington post shows members of the general services administration, gsa, it came
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under fire for nearly one million dollars convention paid for by you. also half a million dollar in gifts like ipods. noted artist thomas kinkade has died, he was 54 years old. the self-described painter of light died of natural causes. he is known for his paintings portraying scenes of wooded cabins, seascapes and classic american scenes. a quote catastrophic mechanical failure, being blamed for navy fighter jet crash in an apartment building in virginia beach. investigators are trying to figure out why the plane crashed and looking for three people from that badly burned apartment building. sandra endo joins us, what can you tell us about the people unaccounted for who lived in the building? >> reporter: randi, that's what emergency crews are wondering as well. they have been working
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overnight, still a very active scene here in virginia beach. they are looking for the three unaccounted for people, so far though, there are no fatalities and no people reported missing. here's the scene as it stands right now. look behind me. that is the destruction left behind by the fiery crash. happened around noon yesterday when a navy jet crashed in the apartment complex, damaging about five buildings. 40 apartment units in this senior citizens apartment complex, and the navy as you mentioned, randi, calling this a catastrophic mechanical malfunction and it was conducting a training exercise and all of this happened really all of a sudden. seven people were injured, including the two pilots who ejected shortly before the crash. and one resident described the scene and seeing the pilot before emergency crews arrived. >> so i got off the couch and went to the back door, sliding
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door when i looked out i saw a pilot laying there, bleeding from the nose. his parachute hanging from the building, i knew the jet crashed, i didn't know where until i saw the smoke. he apologized for hitting our complex, and i told him don't worry about it. you just take care of yourself we'll take care of you. everybody else will take care of the other stuff. >> reporter: according to the local hospital, one pilot is still being treated, but reportedly doing well. the six others injured have been treated and released, and so far, to give you a perspective of this entire area, we can tell you that the navy airstrip where the jet took off is two miles from this community and residents say they are used to these training exercises, hundreds of jets fly overhead daily, this is a very heavily populated area with military families and local officials
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here say they train with the navy in case something like this happens. so they are very used to hearing the jets overhead but a lot of witnesses we spoke to yesterday and throughout the night say they knew something was wrong with this jet, by the sound overhead and one witness says that they also noticed that fuel was hemorrhaging from this jet overhead, something navy officials also admit to and of course, randi, the investigation is ongoing. >> sandra endo for us there, in virginia beach, sandra, thank you very much. a witness in the trayvon are martin case is offering up in details on the night george zimmerman shot and killed the florida teen. listen but know we altered the witness' voice to preserve anonymity. >> there was two, as i say, yelled for help. the first was a clear loud yell for help, but really the second one that really always will stay with me. it was kind of almost like a
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yelp, like a devastating desperate type of yell for help, even to a sense it could be a cry. the lead investigator said to me kindly, he just said well if it makes you feel any better, the person that was yelling for help is alive. i really thought it was the boy crying for help but here's the lead investigator telling me that no, it was mr. zimmerman. >> zimmerman's attorney disputes those details. a grand jury is expected to convene next week to take up the case. zimmerman admitted shooting martin but says it was self defense. protesters called for his arrest. just days before an important dead lin in syria the opposition says 62 people were killed today in the government's crack down. tuesday is the day that the syrian military supposed to cease fire and withdraw from cities and towns. syrian president assad agreed to the peace plan put forth by kofi annan last month but the killing
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of civilians hasn't seemed to slow down since. safety concerns will delay the reopening of a nuclear plant in california. the san onofre plant shut down after a leak. there was a problem with pipes in one of the generators. the pipes are fixed but the plant will stay close until they figure out why it leaked. it powers a million-and-a-half homes near san clemente. we may never know who won the mega millions jackpot. the kansas winner came forward yesterday, wants to remain anonymous. lottery officials presented the check to a poster figure. there is also a woman in maryland who won but can't find her ticket. that is a bummer. someone bought the other winning ticket in illinois, winners getting around $218 million before taxes. let's say good morning to reynolds wolf. can you imagine not being able to find your ticket if you won $218 million? >> that is what one of them claimed? that is what she is claiming. >> randi, we couldn't find our
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winning tickets, either. >> that is what i was remember. >> i'm trying to look to see if i can find them. >> in the weather center. oh darn, they have to give us the money, we'll make ends meet. >> reynolds, a lot of people celebrating easter and passover in the same weekend, will they have nice weather? >> should be okay for parts of the country. one place we have concern is in the central and southern plains, where later today could see strong storms develop, hail-producing, we can't rule out the chance of tornadoes, we'll watch it for you carefully, but also get your travel weather a lot of people trying to cross the country give you an idea what to anticipate coming up. >> get back to looking for the lottery ticket. here is a run down of stories we're working on. numbersdisappointing, breaking down the numbers from the jobs report. an 80-year-old woman lands a plane after the pilot suffers a
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heart attack. the saints bounty program named specific targets. dogs may be man's best friends but they are also heros. you're watching cnn "early start."
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♪ good morning, atlanta, we're awake here at cnn center, looks like folks are waking up, a few lights there in downtown atlanta. looks like it will be a great day. if you have a dog, you know they will eat almost anything. and here is proof. you're looking at four tickets to the masters golf tournament, yeah, they look chewed up, right? that is what is left of them. russ burkeman's dog had the munchies for tickets. the augusta ticket office reprinted the tickets forhim and
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he was able to go. >> a big mistake by augusta. i think it showed irresponsible by the dog to eat the ticket, they should have scanned the dog for tickets or wear the dog around his neck. seriously. unbelievable. >> think do eat anything. >> indeed they do. the weather today at augusta national will be nice, as we look at the forecast, plenty of sunshine, chance of rain, absolutely zero, for today and tomorrow, monday we will see things change 20,% chance of scattered showers, humidity back in the forecast, temperatures in the 80s, wonderful on the final back nine among the azaleas, picture perfect at augusta nationals. don't eat your tickets or your dogs or kids to eat those. exactly. scattered showers, a few thunderstorms this morning south of omaha and right to the west of the city, also between wichita and oklahoma city, making that drive on i-35,
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listening too us on satellite radio. the thing that is making rain happen is the frontal boundary, interacting from the moisture from the gulf will give you a chance of scattered showers, but damaging winds and possibly large hail, situation like this, we can't rule out the possibility of a tornado or two that may spin up or spin down as we make our way in the afternoon. other than the issue of severe weather in the central plains, we're seeing breezy conditions across the northern plains including big sky country, wind relentless in places like lincoln, nebraska. sunshine for california, another system will bring lane to you the rest of the week and plenty of sunshine for the eastern third of the country. beautiful conditions in chicago, high of 67, wrapping up in atlanta with 74. 83 in dallas, 80 in los angeles. speaking of atlanta, beautiful shot that we have outside, things looking fantastic, sun
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will be up before long giving us a great day at bicentennial park. thank you, reynolds. we all come across traffic accidents but not often you see this, an armored truck left dangling over a bridge. take a look at that, we'll tell you about the problems this caused just ahead. plus inside the new jobs report, why do experts say the falling unemployment rate is misleadi misleading? we go in focus, next.
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>> the anticipated jobs report is out as you know the leading indicator of how the economy is actually doing. we're putting numbers in focus now with the help of christine romans, who tells us why experts are disappointed in what we would normally consider good news. >> reporter: randi, since when is a drop in the unemployment rate disappointing? if disappointing when i only have 120,000 jobs created in the month of march. many hoped for 200,000, this is
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a slow-down in hiring from what we have seen over the prior three months. the 8.2% unemployment rate is interesting, economists say 164,000 people dropped out of the workforce, and that's why you saw the jobless rate come down. i want to take a look at where the jobs are, okay? we saw job losses in retail, 34,000 jobs lost in retail. why is this important with all these categories? retail is the pulse how the consumer is feeling. if you're losing jobs in retail maybe that shows a consumer slow-down we have seen lately as well, strength in retail sales. this is what the trend looks like we are talking about economics or markets the trend is your friend. right here is the big sell-off in the last months of the bush administration and into the early months of the obama administration. hundreds of thousands of jobs
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lost. here is stimulus spending and census hiring, and looked like things were picking up and big disappointment in concerns about a double dip recession. here is the trend of job creation since then a lot of economists wanted to see this trend continue higher, you have half the pace of hiring in march than they would have liked, half the pace of prior months. but it still shows you are on the positive side of the ledger of job creation, although many people would like to see it more robust than this, randi? christine romans, thank you very much. more on the job numbers and how they affect you throughout the morning. she has no pilot's license and had never flown a plane, but even experienced pilots are giving can you dokudos to this grandmother, what she did when her husband collapsed, next. without dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. so skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] from neutrogena® naturals.
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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♪ we're waking up the east coast, waking up the west coast this morning. good morning, los angeles, hope you're with us and watching. 21 minutes after the hour. time to check out stories making news around the nation. traffic came to a stop on a highway outsiede los angeles after an armored truck crashed. it was hanging on the edge of the bridge and leaking gas. no word what caused that crash. the f afraa at denver airpo led to this exchange. >> 5912, emergency, smoke in the cockpit. >> who is that? >> 5912.
6:22 am
>> united 12, what is your position? >> i know that is bs. >> united 12, do you know of united 12 anywhere? >> the controller thought the pilot said united 12, not 5912. the faa says once controllers identified the plane they notified the fire department. only one of the 22 people on board was taken to the hospital. a massachusetts man trapped in a paper silo has been rescued. the man was working on a jam in the silo but got stuck when additional paper fell down. a fire department chief says the silo was nearly full when rescuers arrived. here is a story that will have you thinking what would you do in this same situation, two things you should know, helen collins does not have a pilot's license, and is it80 years ago.
6:23 am
>> reporter: good thing helen paid attention flying with her husband. a monday, her husband, john collins, piloting a plane, had a heart attack and lost consciousness. with her husband slumped over the control, this 80-year-old wisconsin grandmother did what most of us probably could not. she took control of the twin engine cessna. low on fuel appeared without a pilot's license, she began to maneuver toward cherry land airport, north of milwaukee. her efforts were recorded, one thing she makes clear right away, she needs to land, fast. >> you better get me in there pretty soon i don't know how long i'm going to have gas. >> if helen was nervous she hardly let it show. friends on the ground at the airport were alerted to the emergency and quickly made contact. >> hi, helen, this is katrina thee. hi, cathy, a hell of a place to be. >> an aircraft will give you
6:24 am
instructions. >> within seven minutes, robert was in the air in another plane. helen had a wing man. everything he did, she did. >> she was confident, she wanted to know if i was con dpi dent in her confidence? i think we can do this. >> despite the fact helen had not had a flying lesson in years, he said she was familiar with some of the switches. but he thought she was coming in too fast and too high. so he had her do practice runs. but when her wingman asked the airport to close the road, helen questioned his confidence in her. >> this is going to be a little bit of a flight lesson but you'll enjoy it. >> what do you mean by close the road? >> i'm talking to the people on the ground, helen. >> don't you have any faith in me? >> i do, i don't trust the drivers on the road. >> the final approach was tricky. eyewitness caught it on tape. >> turn left, turn left. left turn, left turn, helen, turn left, bring the nose up.
6:25 am
that's it. that's it. >> not only was helen out of fuel, but her right engine was out. her wingman shouted urgent commands. >> nose down, nose down, turn right a little bit. turn right. okay, bring the nose down. nose down, come on get down. get down, bring the power back. power back. power back. reduce the power. reduce the power, nose down lower. helen, do you read me? >> i read you. >> about 45 minutes after this nightmare began, helen landed best she could. >> she did a great job the timing was perfect, landed a little less than -- on the nose. >> the plane bounced hard and skidded about 1000 feet. >> power off, power off. okay you're down. great job, helen. >> helen escaped with a few minor injuries. all those years of flying with her husband paid off. he was later pronounced dead at
6:26 am
the hospital, but no doubt he would have been proud. >> the collins son hopes to repair the plane and fly it as a tribute to his father. mitt romney has the math on his side in the republican race for the white house. rick santorum has been doing calculations of his own and he still stands a shot at winning. our political gut check moments away. oklahoma police say it is unprecedented the details on a deadly shooting spree coming your way, next. deep wrinkle nig. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results... the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. new roc® retinol correxion® max. nothing's better than gold.
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welcome back. we have been telling you this morning about bizarre shooting spree in tulsa, oklahoma. three people killed in four shootings. on the line is jack henderson, councilman from tulsa. councilman, can you tell us exactly what is happening in
6:30 am
tulsa, what do you know? >> all i know is there has been three people killed, others have been shot, in four different incidents, like you said. it appears at this time that we have a person, a white individual that has started going around and taking shots at black people. >> is this person still on the run as far as you know? >> absolutely. they have not captured him at this point. i have talked to the mayor as well as the chief of police, and they have assured me that they have officers, many, many officers working on this 24
6:31 am
hours, seven days, they will do it as long as it takes until they bring this person to justice. >> what can you tell us about the victims? we understand as you said they are all african american, did they know each other? >> no, the ages range from i think in the 50s to younger people which i think 17, 18, i don't know of anyone that was injured that is younger than that. but i do know that allegedly these people are walking -- driving up to people they say walking and asking for directions, and when the people give them directions, or tell them they don't know, then as they are walking away, this person opens fire. >> so the shooter is asking for directions. >> right.
6:32 am
>> what is the mood there? i would imagine that people there are pretty concerned. >> oh, absolutely. and we had a press conference last night and we had all the news media there to really alert the citizens that the police department has assured us that they are, like i said before, doing all they can, trying to bring this person and they have had a couple leads, i don't think they panned out. but they are working and trying to apprehend this person or persons, to this point i don't know if it's more than one. >> as i understand there was a meeting at the church last night and naacp members are saying this could be a hate crime looking at it that way, is that what the may are kror and police are telling you as well? >> well, i think that they have not said those words specifically, but i do think that they understand that that
6:33 am
could be a possibility, you have somebody white that has come in a community and taken shots and killing black people, to me that would indicate that we have some kind of racial problem. >> is there a better description of this person at all? is it a male, female? how old? >> male. >> a male shooter. >> white male, at the time driving a white pick-up truck, it had a tail pipe hanging. the people that survived naturally gave the information that they have to this point. and i'm sure that the police department may have other evidence at this time, but i have been in touch with them on numerous occasions, they are calling me and keeping me
6:34 am
informed when they get leads. >> of the four locations the shootings took place, anything specific about those? where were they? >> no, they are all in the north tulsa area which is pre dominantly afro-american community. and that, too, would lead to the belief this was a hate crime because that particular area, target area and they went at four different locations in that area and these locations are within a five mile radius of each other. >> as the councilman there, what is your advice to community members? >> that is my whole meeting last night, what we were trying to do was to assure the citizens that we don't need anybody to go and take matters in their own hands. we want to give the police
6:35 am
department an opportunity and to support them in trying to apprehend this person. we need to incorporate with the police. i know there are pockets of people that have not traditionally done that, but this is a crisis situation, a lot of people are afraid for their lives, afraid for their children, afraid for loved ones, and if you can't walk outside or walk down the street in the city that you live in, then that is definitely a problem. so we need to see this person apprehended, apprehended expeditiously and we need to help all we can to try to make that happen. >> absolutely. councilman jack henderson, if you get more information, please check back in with us, appreciate your time. >> i certainly will, you have a blessed day. >> you too. top stories, sad news to report from the art world, beloved painter thomas kinkade
6:36 am
has died. his family said he died of natural causes in his california home and they are shocked and saddened by the artist's passing. more details will be released in the coming days. kinkade was 54. >> hugo chavez is flying back to cuba to continue cancer treatment two days after returning home. the 57-year-old says he'll met with the cabinet before he leaves today. neither chavez nor the government giving details about the cancer that he's battling. time now for something we like to call political gut check and break down what is going on in politics. seems that most gop leaders and mitt romney believe that he's pretty much all but secured the republican nomination, here's why. take a look. of the 36 primaries and caucuses romney has won 23, rick santorum 11, romney has a total of 659 delegates to date, santorum less
6:37 am
than half that, 275. the magic number you heard it before, 1144. that is what it will take to win the nomination. so whether you're a gambler or not, easy to see the odds aren't in san torick santorum's favor. what does he gain by staying in i asked mark preston. >> this is closest he will ever be to getting the republican nomination. the reason i say that if mitt romney becomes the nominee and loses to barack obama, who is the next cast of characters that could potentially be the republican nominee in 2012? marco rubio, paul ryan, chris christi, some of the up and coming superstars, would make it hard for rick santorum to decide to get out of the race now. this might be his only shot. >> his team, says fuzzy math, the delegate math isn't adding
6:38 am
up. >> they're trying to put a spin on the numbers, this is a complicated process how they elect delegates from each state. by cnn's account, the gold standard of where we are, is the fact mitt romney only needs 44% of the remaining delegates to become the nominee. rick santorum needs 80% of the remaining delegates. if you're a gambler, who are you betting on? >> his team and rick santorum himself is saying we're at the halfway point don't count me out. does he expect gains later on? >> he does. so his big strategy is get through april for pennsylvania, once he gets in may there are some states he thinks he will do better in. arkansas, same voter profile where he has done well. the problem is that even if he were to win those states, the
6:39 am
delegates will be divided up, they are not winner take all. how to you get to the 80%? >> when you look at pennsylvania he's a u.s. senator from pennsylvania this is a make or break state for him? >> this is something you will hear in the next couple weeks. rick santorum if the polls continue to show that he is eel in trouble in pennsylvania, will he decide to get out before the pennsylvania primary so as not to lose his home state, that will be a major talking point. let's get through easter, after that, that is what people will talk about. if he loses pennsylvania how can he stay in the race at that point? >> he had a big meeting, secret talks with conservative leaders this week. do we know what that was about? >> the message, what are they going to do, how can they recapture the momentum rick santorum has been able to pick up in spurts so far? the big question for rick santorum is not can he get the delegates to get to the convention but how do you deny
6:40 am
mitt romney, the conservative leaders think they could have a convention fight and could potentially win the nomination. could it happen? anything could happen in life. that is really difficult. >> they want a floor fight. >> that is the way rick santorum becomes the nominee. thank you. you can read more from mark preston at the smallest town in america has been sold in an auction. how much do you think it went for? 90,000, 900,000, nine million, 90 million? you're watching "weekend early start" where the news doesn't take the weekend off. all energy development comes with some risk,
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how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ welcome back, everyone. time for r & r. >> bring it.
6:43 am
>> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> we look at our favorite stories of the morning. you heard about buford, wyoming. >> not a huge place. >> not a big place. population, 1. was up for bid this week. the minimum was 100,000, which wouldn't buy a townhouse in many areas. but mysterious businessman from viet nam won with a bid of almost a million dollars, $900,000 at auction. >> what makes a town? do you have to have the post office, is that the main thing? >> that is good question. has a gas station, three bedroom house and few small outbuildings. >> if you're the only resident you're doing a lot of things. >> apparently he started crying when it was sold. >> unbelievable. >> you know it's easter, "the washington post" asked readers some who are very talented, but have i guess maybe too much time on their hands, to take a look
6:44 am
and make some peep diaramas. a peepshow of sorts. >> that's where you're going. >> they have movie scenes from the "the hunger games," titanic, this is in the situation room, political diarama rooms. my favorite is the peep-publicans. >> that is disturbing. it's bizarre. and delicious. what is not to love. >> makes me want to eat one of those. more of that later. i'll get you some peeps. also an interesting look at one of the most deployed airmen in the military, they are not who we think of. >> the two legged variety but the four legged variety, moments away. sit tight.
6:45 am
also inside saints locker room one coach instructs players how to hurt the opposition, we have the tape, next.
6:46 am
bombshell audio tapes from inside the new orleans saints locker room, giving us disturbing details how the bounty program worked. was recorded by a film maker who says the voice is former saints assistant coach greg williams. in it, williams names specific players and tells his team to target their known injuries. >> we need to decide how many times we can bull rush and we can [ bleep ] vernon davis's
6:47 am
ankle. >> that is a small part. a multiple occasions williams encourages players to aim for players heads. listen to this. >> kill the head and body. we need to find out in the first two series of the game, the little wide receiver, number 10, about his concussion. we need to [ bleep ]. >> this is an edited version of a 12 minute speech. here with me is koy wire. some of what -- good morning to you. >> good morning. >> some people say that is another pre-game rally speech. when you talk about $1500 on the table. there is incentive, what do you make of it? >> the audio is a glaring, example of what used to exit in the nfl. what you heard is common place
6:48 am
in locker rooms across the country, from the time a player puts on the helmet they are told go rip their heart out and eat it. there is a difference between inspiring to hit and play hard, and inspiring to injure. money was involved, a line was crossed. >> sounds like more than a pep talk to you. >> the line was crossed. absolutely. there is no place in the game with brain trauma, long term adverse effects of playing football. decreased life span by 20 years for the average player than that of the average american. we know change is necessary and not the change now would be destructive. >> let's listen to another clip i want to get your reaction to. >> we need to find out in the first two series of the game, the little wide receiver, number 10, about his condition. [ bleep ] right now.
6:49 am
>> so in that clip he's talking about 49ers receiver, michael crabtree, taking out his acl, that is a career-ending injury. >> absolutely. >> how does that sit with you? >> athletes are getting bigger, faster, stronger, physics are evolving, the way the game is approached must evolve also to compensate for the changes. if not, then someone will die. >> with the tapes being made public, what does this mean for the nfl? >> i think that this is going to be one of the best things that ever happened for the sport. it's making us cognizant of something that has existed in the game that maybe at some point will be looked upon as being the old barbaric ways. we need to change, move in a positive direction. that attitude, mentality,
6:50 am
malicious intent can't be in the game anymore. we can play the game with good old fashioned sportsmanship and respect for fellow man, follow the rules. >> koy, nice to have you here. when i say airmen you think of the men and women serving in the air force. you may have to rethink the image because take a look, these airmen, yep, you heard me right, airmen, are the most deployed in the military. we'll explain in a moment.
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welcome back. we're about to show you a story that may redefine how you look at airmen. >> a little different, unique, robbins air force base, got to meet amazing soldiers with a couple of cnn folks. what we found was incredible. robbins air force base in georgia is home to 7000 airmen. six of them are among the most deployed and most voidal in the military. vital. >> mike, the german shep heard, a dog, also considered and airmen. >> not people, obviously, but they are our partners, that is how we look at them. >> rocky forman is the handler.
6:54 am
he says there is a lot more to his job than just holding a leash. >> what is his specific role? >> can find explosive or narcotics, also patrol certified dog. he can do the bite work, escort, detention and apprehension. >> get it, boy. get him! get your dog. >> good boy. >> get your dog off me. >> out! >> they can save lives like soldiers and airmen can, they can stop things with their detention scents. whoever is with you, that is how many lives you saved because of his nose. >> estimated the dogs save 150 lives each. >> the dogs don't know they are being heros, they are doing what they think is right between the relationship that they have with the handler and themselves. >> that partnership is critical
6:55 am
to their success. >> extremely important we have the find the right handler with the right dog. the better relationship, the better detection, the better capability they will have when they do a mission. >> how do they decompress, separate themselves from a frightening situation? >> they have down time where they can relax and might be just that handler having time with the dog. petting it, playing with it a bit more and go out and do the mission again. becomes routine, and becomes something that the dog looks forward to. >> the sergeant is relying on the relationship. >> out, sit. stay. >> they will head overseas in a matter of weeks. >> do you feel confident having him with you when you're deployed? >> we're good to go. >> amazing stuff. very cool, certainly an amazing thing to see the airmen, i
6:56 am
referred to them with airmen. >> you have an airmen in the family. >> that is where it gets crazy. my grandfather in world war ii helped the canine corps, they were referred to as sold yiiers. the air force has this program they have done an amazing job. outstanding to see the team work between the handler and the dogs. >> you don't miss the bond between the two of them it's something special. >> truly impressive. breath taking. amazing thing to see the team work they have appearnd they tr match dogs with handlers. adoptions take place. >> you might need to get one. >> maybe so. >> bring him home to the wolf household. >> absolutely. >> thanks reynolds. 7:00, a flying car, guess what? it's street legal. don't go anywhere. plus -- >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta, a study
6:57 am
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