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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 9, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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sitting in for brooke baldwin today. more on the investigation of the tr trayvon martin death case. and north korea is threatening a new test. it's time to play "reporter roulette." we begin with new developments. sot news from the florida state attorney. it's significant. >> yes, angela corey all along has had three options in front of her. one was to aarest and charge george zimmerman, one was to drop the case completely and the other is to go to the grand jury. now she says she's not going to take this case to the groond jury. this isn't that big of a surprise. she indicated that she never had a case like this before that she did come to a grand jury with.
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it does not, however, provide any answers and the press release was really pacific. don't read anything into this that would tell you what she's going to do. the special very will decide whether or not george zimmerman will be arrested and not the grand jury. we reached out of the man representing the family of trayvon martin. they say they want to see an arrest made here in this case. but today's words that they believe were encouraging. listen. >> we're praying that an arrest is imminent. ms. corey has a track record for being a very good prosecutor. we hope after an arrest is made, it is a very public trial so everybody can see that all the evidence is presented and is presented in a probable way.
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>> today's word there will be no grand jury was also encouraging to the demonstrators we saw here at the sanford police station, the building behind me. these were students who marched up over the weekend, over 40 miles to get here today to block the entrance of the policeation station. they did so pu. the police shut down operations today so there was no confrontation, no arrests were made today. they blocked the doors for about four hours and had a media press conference afterwards saying they felt good about the message they got across. but everyone up porting the case for trey son martin feels encouraged by the fact that this is not going to a grand jury. ashleigh? >> what about george zimmerman and his two attorneys. have they said anything about this? wreert they were up in new york when that came back down. they were back on their way to orlando when they heard about
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it. we spoke to the lead attorney and they told us they're not surprised. they don't know what the special prosecutor's final decision will be, but their opinion was it was courageous for her to take on the responsibility to make this decision. so a positive comments from both sides at this point about this decision not to go to a grand jury. >> england and watts weren't in the courtroom for the hearing.
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they appeared from video in jail. the question is, will they face charges for hate crimes? one area they will be looking very closely at is england's facebook page. you know the history on some of this, ashleigh. england apparently never got over the death of his father. he was killed two years ago, april 5, 2010. he was killed by an african-american man. he wrote about that on his facebook plaj. he used a racial slur. he also wrote something to the effect basically saying, get ready for more funerals. police are trying to determine whether or not he and his counterpart should face hate crime charges but in the eyes of one city councilman, the evidence is already clear. >> i think i know pretty much a hate crime when i see it. you have an individual who is a white male going into a predominantly black community,
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shoot at five black people and with the other evidence of the online stuff and some of the things that were said leads me to believe that was totally a hate crime. the next court appearance is scheduled for april 16. that's when they will be formally charge the and that's when they will enter their pleas. ashleigh? next on "reporter roulette." barbara starr at the pentagon on word of a possible north korean nuclear test. not only that, a rocket launch. put them together and a couple of countries are pretty concerned about this, barbara. >> of tensions mounting, japan, south korea, the philippines, watching. indications now that north korea could be preparing for a third underground nuclear test. some evidence of digging
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tunnels. that would be concerning enough. but we've all seen the pictures over the weekend now of another test that the north koreans took reporters to a site in north korea where they say they are preparing to launch a satellite into space via this rocket. but it's the same technology that's used for long-range missiles that could carry nuclear weapons. north korea hasn't mastered that technology yet, but all of this can be steppingstones to getting there, and that's why everyone is so concerned. the window for that rocket test with the satellite, april 12 to 16th. >> all right, barbara starr for us. thank you very much for that. and still ahead, a witness telling cnn that she saw what happened the night trayvon martin was killed. >> i really thought it was the boy crying for help, but here's the lead investigator telling me no, it was mr. zimmerman.
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>> but what the witness said may not quite gel with what the police report says. how did trayvon martin end up face down on the ground? and did the teenager touch the gun before he died? we're going to speak live with a forensics expert about what the shooting scene tells us and why some of those details could be the most critical of all next. [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first.
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from behind closed doors in washington. because you've earned a say. >> it was announced that the trayvon martin case will not be taken before a grand jury. that teenager was shot nearly six weeks ago by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmer
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map. we still don't have all the details of what happened that night. we have contradicting stories from both sides that added fuel to a lot of this fire. joining me now is a forensic scientist. larry, i'm really glad you're here. i think forensics kwould end up being the linchpin to this storstory i want to tell you what up with of the witnesses in the case fold me. she had a pretty good view, 25 feet away from her window. she seemed fairly certain, the wlarjer gentleman, she thought was the hispanic looking gentleman, george zimmerman was on top of the boy and got up and off him off the gunshot rolled ute. have a wln, larry, and we'll talk on the other side. >> where were you looking the moment the gun fired.
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>> i was looking at the two men on the ground and heard the gunshot. >> could you tell who was on the top and who was on the bottom. >> i know it was very dark but i really thought it was the larger person on top. >> and when the gun fire went off, what happened to the larger man who you think might have been on the top? what happened at that moment? >> i was just say a couple of seconds later, that larger man was walking closer to where i could see him. >> before there was a couple seconds. at the moment the gunshot went off, what happened with the larger man? obviously the larger man, the boy was dead and the other person got up and was walking away from the body. all right, so larry, we know this. trayvon martin was face down with a gunshot wound to the chest. when you hear that witness saying what she said, does that
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jibe at all with the evidence we've heard so far. >> ashleigh, it's very difficult. as you know, eyewitness testimony is sometimes very unreliable. i think we have to take whatever eyewitnesses say and then look at the forensic science and see what's compatible and what's not. we need to know the trajectory of the bullet, we need to know the distance that the muzzle was from the target. was it a contact shot, was it a close-in shot. swuz it a distance shot. does the evidence make it appear that a struggle took place. is there dna from trayvon martin
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on the gun? was there a struggle over the gun? there are a lot of things we don't really know until we have a complete analysis of not just the ballistics but also the clothelinging that trayvon martin war at the time of the shooting. >> the dna that could or may not end up being on that gun. if we know there was a struggle and these two were in close proximate contact, larry, wouldn't there be transfer evidence? if trayvon and george were in a struggle, wouldn't trayvon's dap dan be on that fun if he touched it or not? >> i think that's a very good point. i think dna analysis will show whether or not there's a mixture we're trying to look at the science and see if it crab rates one side of the story or other. we obviously can't get into the
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mind of george zimmerman, but we can look at trajectories or ballistics, look at the clothing, try to determine exactly how trayvon martin's body was reversed on the ground. and look at the wounds that mr. zimmer man received. so there's a lot of information that we just don't have yet. and i think whether the prosecutor, the special prosecutor will indicate that an arrest should be made or not, i think he will have more facts to go on. it's quite easy. it's no problem for a prosecutor to say let's move made and arrest mr. zirmman, but does he have all the facts, does he have all the science? that's a question. >> and not to beat a dead horks but i keep going back to the witness account of what she thought was the hispanic looking man, who she called the larger man. george zimmerman is 5'9", 160,
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170 pounds. and trayvon martin is six feet. according to other reports, he's 160 pounds as well. she said she saw the larger man on top of the boy. is it possible in your experience, and i know you've had a lot of experience, have a victim face down on the ground with a gunshot wound to the chest and the alleged shooter on top of him. is. >> i think we really have to be careful with the you witnesses. it's not clear how much they saw, how much they're read into this. they know something about this case and that, you know, they understand who allegedly shot who. i mean, i think that we have to
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be very careful in paying close attention to what these witnesses claim. >> i have a critical detail that has been either lost in translation, badly reported or just badly bandied about. there's been a lot of ado made about the weapon in this case. it was never surrendered. it's just not troo uh. the facts of the case, on the fourth page, the .9 millimeter not only was surrendered at the police station, but it was entered into evidence. i had that confirmed from george zimmerman's attorneys as well. what is happening with that gup? what do you expect that investigators are doing with thoo gown now? 506. >> well, first ashleigh, i hope the gun was properly packaged and not contaminated. that's always a possibility. but what happens to the gun is it goes to a ballistic section.
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it will be determined whether the gun is fully operational or not. they will do test fires, using the same ammunition and see exa exactly whether or not that bullet that was retrieved from mr. martin was fired out of the same gun. this is standard operating procedure in ballistics. then the issue comes about, gunshot residue analysis, who has it, where is it located? is there signs on the scloet clothing where the bullet penetrated? there's a lot of stuff that has to be done microscopic, chemical analysis, ballistics now is much more complex than it used to be. there may be a lot more information coming out of that analysis. pro-sided of course, that there hads not been an extensive contamination of the gun. we all wax about who's guilty
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and who's not guilty. i look forward to wax more about this. thank you. >> a pleasure. >> okay, weirdness. are you ready? just into cnn. brand-new never before seen video. osama bin laden's widows and his children, video taken inside the home where they were kept under house arrest. one word to describe it -- bizarre. and you're going to see it in just a moment.
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>> so some brand-new video to show you. bin laden bep's wives and children on tape.
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the widows wear black burr kas. they are playing. another child, this one playing with a plastic bat it seems. this was taken while bin laden's wives and children were under house arrest in pakistan. they'll be flying back to their home countries of yemen and s d saudi arabia next week. they were sentenced to a very short stint in jail for not being in the country legally. "rapid fire." let's roll it. a billion dollars. that's how much facebook paid in cash and stock to require instagram. the ceo announced the acquisition today saying instagram will continue to work with rival social networks. they recently passed 30 million users worldwide.
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the nfl is sticking with its decision to stick with tit to t orleans saints for their bounty program. some saints players were paid to hurt members of the opponenting team. charming. kansas star thomas robinson announces he's leaving school early for the nba. big reason -- to take care of his little sister. listen to this, in one month's time, the siblings lost both of their grarnd parents and their mom. his little sister appeared alongside when he made that announcement. >> today is her birthday. she's 9 years old. she should be able to remember this one good. >> and did you think march was a little toasty this year? if you did, you're not alone. here's why. the red dots popping up on the map present a record or a near
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record high temperature recorded last month. that's a lot of red dots. the government says the first three months of this year were the warmest first quarter since they started keeping records in 1895. so talk amongst yourselves about global warming if you like. newt gingrich is admitting mitt romney will most likely be the republican presidential nominee. he's still in the presidential race and he said that. here's the former speaker of the house just yesterday. >> you have to be realistic. given the size of his organization, given the number of primaries he's won. he's far and away the most likely republican nominee. if he does get to 1,144 delegates, i'll support him. >> mitt romney had a long easter holiday weekend in california. his son matt tweeted out this picture of him on an easter egg hunt with his family and he apparently did a little body boarding as well. wow, good form. look at that. walk on a beach anyway.
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>> okay, trending today. ryan air, known for being a no-frills airline. find out the lengths it says it will go to cut losts. charging to use the toilet. they looked into making standup seats to pack people in a little tighter. they asked travelers if they would up is -- support charging overweight passengers a fat tax. they're also telling flight anticipates to trim down so they can save on fuel costs. and if they do, they could maybe appear in a racy cabin crew
3:28 pm
calendar. a ryan air spokesman explains how they arrive at the issue of weight. >> the carpets are lighter, the seats are lighter. we were considering getting rid of armrests, that time of thing. then it came on to passengers weights. you have no way to control passenger weight. we got on the debate of our cabin crew. of course, the cabin crew have to be fit. their weight really isn't that much of a consequence on the overall weight of the aircraft. it said we absolutely i cysted our cabin crew go on a diet. that's not true. they do have to be fit for their duty. >> joining us is the author of the book on your screen appropriately titled request the around the world in a bad mood" confessions oof a flight attendant. i love you already. you had me at hello, renee. when i heard this story, at
3:29 pm
first i thought it was a joke. >> i did, too. >> it's not a joke. >> i can't believe it's real. i mean, i don't know what the laws in ireland are, but i know that here in the united states -- >> that wouldn't fly, pardon is the pun, would it? >> no, and i would like to weigh in on this topic. >> she'll be here all weekend. >> if you took off a couple of pounds and there's two or three flight attendants per flight, what difference is that going to make? >> i don't think it makes a lot of difference. and you know what i think too? what about the pilots. and in the piece i read, it's female flight attendants because they want to be in the kol len dar. i think it's dis-christmas tear toir. it used to be the rules in the 1950s, you had to be a certain weight. and if you were above that weight, they would ground you without pay until you lost the weight.
3:30 pm
>> when did that change? >> 11964. you couldn't be married, you couldn't be pregnant. couldn't be a certain age. i think the people in ireland would honor hose things. >> you would think. so civil rights act alone. if other countries don't have such protections, some of them do have unions. would this be the kind of thing that could get past a union? >> i would say it would not. i guess what it's going to go beyond is also going to be the passengers. if you're really trying to lighten the load. >> there are a lot more passengers than flight attendants. >> we've got luggage, cargo, we've got passengers, we've gotship he's equipments, ovens, seats. >> i got ornery when i started to hear that airlines wanted to charge me to carry my own bag.
3:31 pm
it's me doing the work. but then i get it, this might be a way. i do that not to weight at the baggage carousel. i'm a glutton for space in the overhead. i'm asking for extra special attention and special care. wouldn't that be a special way to go to say we're going to charge you for your bag weight, but if you go over in weight, get the passengers there. >> that's good. and beyond that, if you're in a business where the cost of your raw material goes up. let's say you're a baker and the price of flour goes up. you have to charge more for the bread. if the fuel goes up, you might have to charge more for the tickets. >> do you think this is a pr move? >> i do. and i don't think it's a good pr move. >> you say i weigh 125 pounds and i'm 5'5". you are adorable for offering that up. >> i em. >> going to tell you something,
3:32 pm
what if they said someone who's 125 pounds you have to lose 10 pounds. i couldn't do it. >> go eat a big mac, you can handle it. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> "around the world in a bad mood." i think i've been there. i'm not allowed to say what airline she works for. >> that's top secret. >> don't tweet, don't ask. >> just buy the book. buy the book. >> there she goes. you're good at that. speaking of pr. 32 minutes past the hour. a mom loses her infant while sleeping with the baby in her bed. it happens but just a year later, she loses her second newborn the exact same way. in case you missed it, two babies dead, two years, the exact same cause. and now it's in the hands of a jury. stay right there. buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, you know, typical alarm clock. i am so glad to get rid of it. just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own.
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a. >> one woman says playing video games for an hour each day will change your life. how does she know? she designs them. here's a preview of cnn's "next list." >> the process for making a game usually starts with a problem. someone has a problem, either i have a problem or somebody out in the world has a problem. it was designed as a crash course in changing the world. it was a ten-week game you would play aec play, and we aimed first at people in sub sahara africa. you would play it, learn about social enterprise, how to start
3:37 pm
your own business that could not only make a sustainable profit, but also tackle a social issue like clean water or clean energy. >> i think it is jane's greatest genius and contribution is that she is reframing the whole conversation about gaming. >> all right. this one is a really big talker. should babies sleep with their parents in a normal sized bed? lots of people do it, but experts often advise against it. and one woman did not heed that advice. let me set it up for you. a mom use loses her newborn son to a co-sleeping situation. and the very next year, she loses another newborn in the exact same way. and now, a jury has just conv t convicted her. listen to the story from our affiliate ktre? >> vanessa clark burst into tears as a guilty verdict was
3:38 pm
read. a jury decided she ensdangerred her young son by putting him into the same bed as her and her then husband. >> the jury said she engaged in conduct that placed a child in danger. >> reporter: the prosecution said their son may still be alive if they had heeded another tragedy. another son died under simila l before. >> a hard position to say she wasn't aware of the risks. >> reporter: but clark's legal team argues there is no law stopping patients from sleeping alongside their children. and that she was only tryliing following parenting guidelines after is the previous death. a jury determined the bed was a
3:39 pm
dangerous place for tristan. the state's case compared clark to the decisions of a drunk driver. >> you have a one-car accident, one or more of the family members are dead. yes, there's grief. they regretted it, but they still is violated her law. >> her punishment could carry a 20-year prison sentence. >> in case you're wondering, the autopsies determined there was nothing unusual in both of those deaths. and still ahead, a man is accused of killing jennifer hudson's family in cold blood. and today, his trial gets under way. plus, police arrest a woman for allegedly stalking actor alec baldwin, but the suspect is not a stranger to baldwin. wait till you hear what their connection is and why it matters. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ?
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a woman has been arrested, chajed with stalking actor alec baldwin. she worked as a publicist on one of baldwin's movies but it was years and years ago. baldwin's camp is telling cnn that, quote, stalking is a serious issue then a tai turned the matter over to the nypd. also making news, actress jennifer hudson is going to play a part in a very high profile murder trial. jury selection is now under way for william balfour. he's charged with killing hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. this all happened three years ago. it was very highly publicized. balfour is the estranged husband of jennifer's sister julia. he's denying these charges. his lawyer says there's no forensic evidence to link him to the killings. but is that really the case? sunny hostin is on the case. the defense attorney will say everything they can say to bolster their case. but what do the prosecutors have
3:44 pm
in terms of forensics? >> they feel pretty confident that they have a pretty strong case. they even found gun residue on his car. we know they found a gun used? the dmigs of these crimes. the prosecutor feels pretty comfortable with their case. this made headlines nationally because not only were three people murdered, those three people were family members of jennifer hudson. so you've got to figure out that this prosecution team in a case with this much media coverage is going to be very, very careful and thorough in its investigation. >> it was just a year after she won her oscar and was catapulted into stardom. ? every one of these celebrity cases, you and i have done enough voir dire that we flow big questions about what do you know about jennifer hudson, o.j. simpson, casey anthony, robert blake. '. >> it's something in l.a. rooms, jurors are used to. but this is in chicago. last week, about 150 potential jurors filled out
3:45 pm
questionnaires. 9 of the 66 questions for that jury questionnaire dealt with hudson's career. they wanted to know if many of the jurors saw "dream girls." they wanted to know if any of the jurors belonged to an organization for which hudson is a spokesperson, arguably weight watchers. who isn't on weight watchers or hasn't heard of jennifer hudson? it's the big elephant in the room. can the frogs and defense team, can they find 2 12 jurors who can listen to the evidence and not become star struck? >> even a stop right there. i think a lot of people, when we talk about trying to pick a jury, they get hung up on, well, everybody knows jennifer. how could they possibly get a jury. that's not the standard. >> the standard is whether they can be fair and impartial. having picked a lot of juries, i wouldn't want a juror that didn't know jennifer hudson. you want someone that's in touch with pop culture, in touch with
3:46 pm
the news. and i think they can find 12 people that may adore jennifer hudson but can still listen to the evidence and be fair. >> she's going to be sitting in that courtroom. >> she has said through a spokesperson that she's going to be there each and every day. >> and testifying. >> she's on the witness list. she may testify. all the more important that these jurors are fair and impartial and won't be star struck by jennifer hudson. and she can s a big star. >> well, we've had big defendants that have been stars, too. o.j. simpson is one of them. this case is going to take a while, right? >> opening statements are april 23. it's gt to take a wail while. we're talking three victims. >> and separate crime scenes. . >> so this is going to be a long drawnout case. >> it's such a sad story and he she's stuch a lovely girl. lovely. still ahead, the navy announces what it's going to be
3:47 pm
doing for many of the feel involved in this. look at your screen, look at those pictures. imagine that in your backyard. it's an f-18 on fire. and those are their homes. on fire. the navy stepping to it fast. we'll let you know what they're doing for all the people who live there. r more than 116 year, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪
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>> last week we were showing you video of a crash in virginia beach. fighter jet and this video was shot just moments after that crash on friday.
3:50 pm
take a listen to this witness. >> i looked out and saw a pilot laying there, bleeding from the nose and his parachute hanging from the building and i knew exactly what happened, a jet had crashed, i just didn't know where, until i saw the smoke. he apologized sincerely for clashing into our building. i said, don't worry about it. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer coming up in just a couple of minutes and the man himself, wolf blitzer, joining me live with a preview. is there lots going on on the campaign trail or is it pretty quiet? >> there's always a lot going on.
3:51 pm
mitt romney, you know, he's threatening to spend probably $3 million between his own campaign organization, the super-pac that supports him to crush santorum in his home state. a lot of santorum supporters are saying maybe it would be more dignified for him. the counter argument, of course, is if he wins in pennsylvania, he's got some momentum, and may is a hopeful month for santorum, kentucky, arkansas, where he could potentially do well. ron brownstein will join us, david gergen will join us and we have a lot coming up on north korea and this rocket launch they're getting reddy to do. we'll have our own stan grant who's in north korea. i went to korea with him back in
3:52 pm
2010. i remember seeing you do your report from north korea, i was very jealous that you got that assignment, my friend. >> it was a real good assignment. rick santorum's little daughter bella is out of the hospital. is she okay? >> i assume if she's out of the hospital and back home, she's doing fine. let's hope and pray she's all right and this enables rick santorum -- first runner up for the republican nomination. he's only in his mid 50s, so he's got a long way to go. >> that's the second time that
3:53 pm
little one's been in the hospital since the start of the campaign. all right, so it is a mystery that is really baffling doctors, no one can seem to figure out what causes autism. yet more and more kids, almost exponentially are diagnosed. it may have a lot to do with the mother's weight. we'll tell you about that in just a moment. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the personal attention tdd# 1-800-345-2550 you and your money deserve. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, that means taking a close look at you
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autism could be linked to a mother's weight. a new study from uc davis findinging that obese moms to be are 57% more likely to have a child with autism. it doesn't mean that obesity causes autism. but there's a risk factor. the study's senior author joins me now live. this was very troubling, i have to say right off the bat, irma. and there's something in the study that actually incorporates some -- why is it that weight has anything to do with autism or developmental delays. >> sure, thanks for having me. we took a look at a group of
3:57 pm
children who had autism spectrum disorder. a second group that had developmental delays and a third group of normal children. we found that women who had any one of obesity, diabetes, or hypertension were at higher risk for having a child who had either an autism spectrum disorder, or also a child with developmental delay, a cognitive impairment. a 2.4% higher risk if the mom had one of these three conditions. it's not proof of a causal link. we as scientists like to be a little bit cautious, and we think it needs to be replicated
3:58 pm
in another study. a large study, more than 100 children in each group. this was statisically significant for finding. >> i was looking through the pricey version of what the study suggests, it could be an issue with chemical toxins. i was a mom who was way major weight. i was always worried about dieting during pregnancy. so for the moms out there, what constitutions obese? >> the obesity that we were finding really had to do with your prepregnant weight. it's a weight for height kind of measurement. your physician can certainly tell you if you are in the obese
3:59 pm
category or in the overweight category. so you need to speak with your doctor about that, but i think it also true that before you get pregnant, you need to be thinking about your child. and in some other work that we have done, we did find that maternal nutrition made a difference. if you take your prenatal vitamins prior to conception and during your pregnancy, that seemed to protect against autism spectrum disorder. the issue of the obesity and the diabetes, versus autism. we don't know if it's casual. we don't know if there's something that's causing both of them in parallel. because as people know, the rates of both have been going up. >> i for one look forward to further studies on this because the


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