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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  April 9, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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discressing story -- oh, no, i think we lost irma. now stay tuned for wolf blitzer and "the situation room." ashley, thanks very much, happening now, mitt romney tries to enjoy some regular guy moments but his rich guy image gets in his way. how that may play out on the campaign trail. an erie look at their every day life under house arrest in pakistan. and north korea prepares for a rocket launch. we have an up-close look at the launch pad, could a nuclear test be next? i'll ask bill richardson why the rest of the world is so worried. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the
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situation room." but we begin with the obama administration, pressing hard right now for legislation that would ensure that the wealthiest americans don't pay a lower income tax rate than the middle class, this drawing iss -- let' bring in our chief white house correspondent, jessica yellin. jessica, the president's getting ready to score some political points on this issue? >> reporter: the white house says this is all about policy, but on a campaign conference call they could not -- behind the push for the buff let rule. >> it's the front page of the website, president obama bushing
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the buffet rule. >> if you make more than a million dollars a year, you should not pay less than 30% in taxes. the buffet rule says if you make more than a million dollars a year, you should not pay a lower tax rate than your secretary. >> the rule would apply to anyone who makes more than $1 million. right now with that money comes from investments in the stock market, they could pay 15% or even less in taxes. far lower than the rate on income from a paycheck. under the new bill, they'll have to pay 30%. >> there's zero chance of it ever passing on a stand alone basis because of the republican opposition and i'm sure some democrats in swing states and swing districts are not going to be comfortable with voting for a tax rate increase. >> reporter: so why push it? >> that's what votes do, they
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put senators on record and we will certain see how senators handle that. perhaps even those who have been opposed to this in the past will rethink their position, consider the governmental fairness of the legislation, and vote yes. >> in other words get republicans on records during an election year? can you imagine ads saying, they voted for the 1%. >> it's closer than the 15% rate than anything because my last ten years, i have -- my income comes overwhelmingly from investme investments. >> reporter: and in the same campaign con france call i spoke about a moment ago. president obama's supporters say that mitt romney's some of his money was in a swiss bank
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accounts. clearly there are some quote contrasts being drawn between the president and mitt romney. >> are white house officials -- even if the buffet rule were to going into in effect, it really wouldn't generate all that much money in the scheme of things. what do they say about that? >> that is not the fundamental issue at stake. this is about fairness and making sure that at least the tax system is fair in terms of millionaires what, they pay and what the others pay. and the rest of it, in terms of generate -- >> mitt romney try for a little bit of rest and relaxation, but taking a little bit more heat for his rich guy --
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>> what's going on? >> all it took was one holiday visit to the beach and a few family pictures of the campaign front-runner. how does romney with all his money appeals to the regular guy, or if he has to. >> mitt romney appeared on the beach in la jolla, california with a boogie board. >> we had the easter egg roll that we did on our neighbor's lawn. we went swimming where in california is absolutely -- >> the problem is, he's not. he's worth $200 million.
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he has a home here in la jolla that's set for renovation after the campaign and another multimillion dollar home in wisconsin. >> i think the worst thing that mitt romney can be is insincere, he's a wealthy man, he's a successful man, he' made his money and he doesn't need to apologize for it. the best he can do is accept it, embrace it. and in america, being successful, being wealthy is a good thing, not something that we represent. >> romney is -- >> i've been very successful, i'm not going to apologize for that. >> the romney campaign says they don't think that the -- a poll late last month, of the gop top
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contenders, the voters see rick santorum as more in tune. when asked which of the top candidates feels more like you, santorum took his -- suffers from a rare genetic condition and had to be hospitalized. in response to the situation. the romney campaign took down a television ad targeting santorum. santorum in distant second place and newt gingrich in third, and millions of dollars in debt. the obama campaign is suggesting it will try to make romney's personal wealth an issue, starting with the tax rates he pays. but a former political -- >> whether romney's wealth is seen as a positive, because he's self made, and he has helped other people become wealthy and
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wants to do for the rest of the country, or romney is out of touch. >> mitt romney can almost be seen as an example setter for people who are suffering financial hard times. he thinks that people are hungry that he can be a financial role model, if he's not exactly every man. >> joe, let's dig a little bit deeper right now. our senior political analyst david gergen. david the president is promotes this so-called buffet rule. how should his campaign deal with this on the campaign trail? >> it's a good question, wolf and i think he is vulnerable on his issues, especially if he goes out and campaigns to lower the tax rates on the wealthy and reduce the safety net for those who are in trouble.
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i think that's going to make him more vulnerable. so what should he do? for one thing, go back to the points you were making. he has to emphasize that the country has a serious financial problems. the buffet rule does not make up more than a small fraction of that difference. the buffet rule would produce less than .05%. i don't think that -- jack kemp made the argument, very successfully, that the point is not try to punish people who are successful, but to open the doors for those who are near the bottom and help them get up, that social -- modest begins and make money in this country is something that's been very precious to our heritage.
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and that social mobility is slowing down, it's stagnating, mitt romney wants to be the guy that becomes -- >> the fact that mitt romney is worth $200 million and the president, he's not a poor guy either, he's got a few dollars out there. nowhere near as much as mitt romney, but he's made a lot of money from his books and other ways. >> that's true, but i think the president's tax rates are different from mitt romney's. mitt romney has, as you point out, only 14% taxes on his income. and so he's at a lower end. i think he does need to emphasize that he's also been very generous with his personal contributions to charity, he's the person who gives away 10% a year, he gives it away to
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charitable causes. people ought to understand that it not just 14%. a full -- this inequality in the country and his wealth can be a serious liability. he does need to address it, but i think there are ways to do that. >> i think it's even more than that, his charitable contributions, because he keeps adding up the tax rate that he paid for investments as well as the contributions you give to charities, you're looking at 30%, which is a much more reasonable number than that 13% that he gives out. embarrassing new video surfaces showing government employees mocking their jobs, their agency, even president
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obama. this new video, we're just getting from the gsa. plus a rare look at the widows and children of osama bin laden. we have new video also taken inside bin laden's compound. ♪ ♪ and the flowers and the trees all laugh when you walk by ♪ ♪ and the neighbors' kids... what does being true to yourself have to do with being healthy? everything. ♪ but you're not ♪ you're the one ♪ one, one, one, one, one
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so why exactly should that be of any interest to you? well, in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. like the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal that made our world a smaller place.
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we supported the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, so you can get cash when you want it. it's been our privilege to back ideas like these, and the leaders behind them. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping people and their ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ ooze the national debate rages on, a new poll thinks this country is rather badly divided
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by race. 72% of whites, 89% of blacks say the country is racially divided. almost four years now after the election of the nation's first african-american president. the majority of whites and blacks say race relations have either stayed the same or gotten worse. there seems to be fundamental disagreements on when blacks will attain equality. as for the killing of trayvon martin, an unarmed black florida teenager, more differences along racial lines. blacks are twice as likely to say that martin was -- blacks overwhelmingly approve of how president obama has handled the martin controversy, while a majority of whites disapprove. the differences go on and on on this subject. it's a sad state of race
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relations in 2012. meanwhile an update from sanford, florida. the federal prosecutor says she will not take the case to a grand jury. george zimmer marine calls that a courageous move. you can bet the decision will fan the racial flames even further. already thousan thousands of pe calling for zimmer marine's arrest. here's the question, how racially divided is the united states today? go to and comment on my blog. for go to my face book page. it looks like another government worker is in huge trouble for that $800,000 las
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vegas conference. dana bash has the latest in details. >> reporter: we just learned that the eighth employee of the gsa has been reprimanded. he was actually one of the people that he made fun or at least appeared to make fun of x excess pending. >> hoping to limit the political damage, the obama administration headed out to selective media outlets, an hour's worth of new embarrassing gsa video over the holiday weekend. among the see it to believe it -- it's yet another submission for a video award ceremony which cnn first
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reported on last week. a talent show with a lavish 2010 convention in las vegas, that cost taxpayers over $800,000. but the gsa conspicuously omitted this video. >> that was amazing, was there anybody in region 7 that wasn't in that thick? >> if they didn't work on friday, chances are they are not. >> in this video, a man dressed as an angry clown makes fun of government meetings. >> i think meetings are good to have in between breaks. >> reporter: and in this one, government employees appear to -- listen to this brazen boasting. >> i think i pretty much promised to deliver, an over the
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top, unforgettable team building experience. how did we do on that one? >> reporter: that's jeff neely, an he's at a make belief -- >> i am wearing all armani. i think what i would like people to take home is to dispense with the notion that what's done in vegas stays in vegas. it should be shared with what's done in vegas. >> our go-green initiatives. >> and the gsa released the same exact statement as last week that, the videos re-enforce the complete lack of judgment at the
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2010 conference and the agency continues to be appalled by this in defensible behavior. the administration is pushing house republicans to investigate not just the obama years, but also the republican-bush years. a spokesman for chairman itssa - we're already hearing about, they will happen when they come back. >> this is hugely embarrassing, not only taxpayer money wasted for something like this, but the gsa, a lot of folks don't really understand the gsa, the general services association, what are they supposed to do? >> the sole purpose is to make sure that the government is operating correctly, and that includes with the budget, with the money. so this is an agency that's absolutely supposed to be focused on money and they're spending way too much money. >> darrell issa from california
4:22 pm
says he's going to go in depth on this. obviously he's a republican so he's going to be looking at what the obama administration allowed on their watch. was this a continuing travesty or was this something that was created in recent years? >> i have spoken many time fs t darrell issa's people on that. there are no red flags that they are investigating the bush administration. i think it is going to be a big line of attack or at least questioning from the -- >> if you look at these videos, you look at the senior people here, like jeff foley, i mean it's hard to imagine that it's not going to get worse. if again, early last week, the
4:23 pm
gsa administrator was already fired. effectively she tendered her z resignation. unclear if the people who were asked to do the videos, the low land employees, but the people that were were in -- the bloodshed in syria spills beyond it's borders. details of two deaths in neighboring countries also. we get a rare inside look, our brian todd went there. impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average.
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let's go right to our strategy session, joining us right now are our cnn political strategists, donna brazile and mary macklin. let's talk about chuckwhat's said about the supreme court deliberations on the obama health care reform law. it was an unprecedent ed that ws the word that chuck grass lee
4:28 pm
used. the president's senior campaign advisor said on his twitder, i think a 6-year-old hijacked your account and is sending out foolish treats he did in fact use that word stupid, referring to the president of the united states. is that becoming for a united states senator, to call the president of the united states stupid. i think what's foolisher is david view of the authority of the federal court. so it was a bad issue for the president. he had to want you back. i'm surprised that a strategist as senator as axelrod would draw attention to a tweet or a
4:29 pm
twitter. i think anybody over 30 who likes a glass of wine shouldn't have a twitter account. >> is it appropriate for a united states senator to call the police of the united states stupid? >> no, that would not be appropriate. but in the language of twitter, it seems clear to me that that could be interpreted as a constitutional law professor should know that it is not unprecedented, in fact it is the duty, the obligation of the courts, particularly the highest court, to overturn laws, there's nothing unprecedented about that, that is their constitutional dude. so that was a piece of constitutional ignorance, either intentional or intentional on the part of the president. i don't know that he was calling the president stupid. >> over the years that president
4:30 pm
bush was in the white house, dra democrats were calling him all sorts of name, stupid, a relatively mild name that they used to call him. >> i think the level of incivility in our society today is just bounce, everywhere, not only between politicians but also within the public atmosphere. -- public sphe. >> billions of americans are now benefitting from the portable care act. people with disables, of course with preexisting conditions, young people who are still able to get access to health care because they can stay on their parents account. and women we will no longer have to pay more just because we're
4:31 pm
female. senator grassley should get away from this vile language. >> you can have a serious debate, you can have a serious discussion, you can express your anger, but you don't have to start calling people stupid or worse. i know senator grassley is considering his use of that word by now. mitt romney, he was out there this weekend, east offense weekend, outside his home. but to some, including myself, as soon as i saw that picture,down what i thought of? i was in new york and all of a picture of john kerry wind surfing. there's that picture of john
4:32 pm
kerry wind surfing. it dogged him throughout the campaign. do you think the mitt romney -- boogie boarding is to wind surfing is what catfish is to cognac. i don't know anybody who doesn't boogie board and i don't know a si single soul who does wind surf. he needs to do more of that for his own self, he needs that kind of break and it's good for the american people to see our nominee as he truly is, he's a great family guy and i'll say this, there are more boogie
4:33 pm
borders than wind surfers this inn this country. >> you remember when john kerry went suffering off the beach of rhode island, it seemed like he was out of touch of main stream america. >> governor romney has committed so many gaffes, just pick your poison and see whichdown -- i know you -- i can remember back in the day when i was merging campaigns, i'm not going to sit here and comment on his wealth, his house, whatever his poison is. i had my moment over the weekend, i'm glad that people didn't take a picture of me in my garden, i really don't look the part. it would make the people in walmart call for a discount. >> donna, you always look
4:34 pm
lovely. we're going to show you what few people ever get to see, inside a mormon temple. and we have got video of osama bin laden's wives and children under house arrest in pakistan. ♪
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will be dedicated for the next month. for the next three weeks, it's going to be open to the public. the gold leafed statute adorning it's main spier. the mormon temple comes at a him when many see their numbers in. >> for members of the church, this is the house of the lord. >> which were shown arrange. >> how much did it cost to build this? >> a lot.
4:39 pm
to the chambers are striking. and the pristine celestial room, the most sacred space inside for reflection and meditation, complete with crystal chandeliers, this is the biggest room you'll find in the temple. >> the purpose of the temple is not for a big meeting. we have other chapels throughout the church and throughout the world, assembly halls and meeting halls, when we come to the temple, this is more for private and individual communion. >> while we were given an extensive tour, the church denied our request to record it. instead he provided these pictures. i asked him, doesn't that see kres si -- >> it's reserveds for those worship functions and those ordinances that take place in the temple. it's not about secrets.
4:40 pm
not even all mormons will be allowed in. worshippers are supposed to wear white. during these visits, we have to wear foot covering, so we don't mess up the carpet. you can't go past the recommend desk unless you're referred by your -- >> the 12 tribes of israel. but the front alsosymbolize -- more mormons an --. some have used the church -- a practice that has outraged jewish leaders. >> the critics say this speaks from a lee logical arrogance and
4:41 pm
intolerance. walker says there's no when i asked him how he would respond to those who say the damage is done, that too many people have already been offended by pos humus-we would tell them we're sorry, but we live by our word when we say we'll do something about it. >> we're going to show you what's going on, plus they were married to the world's most wanted terrorist. now there's new video of osama bin laden's widows inside the
4:42 pm
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we're learning that central major -- are now cutting ties to
4:45 pm
a conservative group that has helped state lawmakers on state legislation, immigration and so called stand your ground laws. mary snow is looking into the story for us. mary, what's going on? >> wolf, this is a group that's more than 30 years old. it's not a household name. liberaled a voe capacity groups have turned their focus on the group because of the conservative legislation they push and it's conservative to corporate members. >> in the wake of trayvon martin's death, florida's stand your ground law came into the spotlight. it's for controversy over the possibility called the american legislative exchange counsel. the public pressure is being turned up by liberal act voe
4:46 pm
cassey groups. >> how did this law not only get in place in florida but around the country. and all the fingers kept pointing back to alec. it's not just alec. they don't do things alone. they do it with some of the biggest corporate brands in america. >> coke can cold la and ---neither cited the attention over stand your ground as a reason. companies can join alec by paying as much as a $25,000 membership fee. it helps copy legislation from one state to another. some of that legislation has little to do with business. for instance, for stand your ground, 15% of the -- alec says while it did not help stand your ground, it has spread beyond
4:47 pm
florida. >> we have a broad area of policy topics and it's up to a legislator of his or her particular state, what their constituents need and what's the most pressing problem facing them the group caught the attention of tim smith. he says he spoke to coca-cola last year, along with a trade union in calling for better transparency. alec is out there trying to put legislation into place in states all around the country. and you've got to look very seriously about what. >> companies say they're -- major names cutting ties, liberal advocacy groups say
4:48 pm
they're continuing to turn up the pressure. >> mary snow reporting for us. thanks, mary, very much. we have a very eerie look of osama bin laden's wives and children who are on house arrest in pakistan. how racially divided is the united states today? jack and your e-mail coming up next. [ male announcer ] away...
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here's a look at this hour's hot shots, in india, the child of a fisherman leaps off to a boat into the harbor. and in afghanistan, a vendor holds out a rooster. and camels are led through a desert to market. and farmers gather huge bags of sap from pinbirch trees. >> it looks like snow in that last picture. >> i've been there in the winter, it's cold. >> i probably won't go, just for the record. the question this hour is how
4:52 pm
racially divided is the united states today, daily beast "newsweek" poll suggesting that we have got just as much racial division as always, maybe more. david writes racial tension is the dark side of the land of the free and the home of the brave. the fact that it hasn't torn us apart in 200 years, is encouraging. it's also disheartening. >> lou writes i just don't buy that we're more racially divided now. i think sometimes the media misses the mark on what their viewers are feeling over events. with most of the folks i have talked with, the trayvon martin shooting had more to do with gun laws unanimous with race. a teen died needlessly, doesn't matter what race he was. >> there's a fence that still
4:53 pm
divides races in this country. apparently in my hometown, even in death. our country has come a long way, but whether we want to admit it or not, race is still the final frontier. no one wants to talk about it honestly or openly. because unfortunately, this is who we are as a nation. after the 2008 election of an african-american president, the country regressed 100 years or more. i am 76 years old and i don't remember as much hatred that we have now. some of the smartest most civilized reasonable doubt black, some of the most uncivilized are white. and bob in iowa writes, the same amount it was yesterday, and all the days before that, when did you think it wasn't? you want to read more, go to my
4:54 pm
blo we have new video and it's giving a rare glimpse into the family of osama bin laden. stand by and coming up in our next hour. there's growing concern about an upcoming rocket test in north korea. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
4:55 pm
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they were the wives of the world's most wanted terrorists. now for the first time, we're seeing images of osama bin laden's widows and children currently under house detention in pakistan. nic when you first went to this -- >> the fact that the women, the mothers of these children seem more intent on praying than they are paying attention to their children. one of them is reading a koran and a child seems to come up to her and wants attention and she indicates for it to move away, kept in very, very spartan conditions there by the
4:58 pm
pakistani authorities. the children do have some toys, but they don't have a television. this appears to be very, very conservative women, they're covered head to toe, this exactly what you would expect, the type of woman to be married to osama bin laden, the kind of woman if they had set out if they had set out of that compound. >> what else do we know about the wives, the children of osama bin laden? >> we very few details we know officially. but reports from the pakistani officials who have seen the transcripts of the interrogations of the wives, the youngest wife 30 years older, s she's the one who does most of the -- a year later, going back to osama bin laden where they had about nine years on the run and four or five different
4:59 pm
addresses. inside pakistan, at one time living an hour from the capital of laum bad. it really begs that question everyone's been asking, how could these families have gone on living there for so long without anyone knowing? >> has anyone given a really good explanation for that? because a lot of experts doubt the pakistani line, he's not convinced they necessarily knew. >> certainly some pakistanis would have known. but what level were they inside the intelligence services or were they even anything to do with the intelligence services. that's impossible for us to make a judgment, and there certainly are people or would have been people right after 9/11 who would have been sympathetic to
5:00 pm
osama bin laden. >> thank you very much. and you're in "the situation room," happening now, a rocket relaunches u.s. fears about north korea's nuclear ambition and the potential, potential attack on the united states this hour. cnn gets a rare tour of the launch site. and i'll talk to the former governor, former u.s. ambassador of the united nations, the international troubleshooter, big richardson, we experienced nuclear tensions inside north korea firsthand. stand by. a big decision in the trayvon martin shooting case, does it mean that george zimmerman will be arrested soon? and a drunken man is savagely beating. police get a disturbing lead when video of the attack goes viral. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room."
5:01 pm
right now the white house says it's very focused on north korea and a long range rocket set to launch this week. the united states fears the operation is simply a cover to test missiles that could reach the united states. more fuel for tensions with the west. but the communist regime says it has nothing to high and gained cnn sam grant rare access to the launch site. >> reporter: this is what north korea has been keeping hidden from the world. not anymore, a long range rocket, 30 meters long or nearly 100 feet that much of the world
5:02 pm
expects that launch the next phase of the reclusive country's missile program. to prove it, they have taken an unprecedented step, opening up the launch site to the eyes of the international media. for pyongyang, it also represents a coup, celebrating the birth of its founder, kim ill sun, this is a spiritual moment as the north korean people struggle to open the gates to a much more powerful future. but the united states and it's allies see it very differently. a country still technically at war, still another step closer to a michael that could reach american soil.
5:03 pm
>> are you denying that -- [ speaking in native language ] >> if you look for ourselves, with your own eyes, then you can judge whether it's a ballistic missile or whether it's a satellite to put in orbit. to show that, that's why we have invited you to this launch site. >> we certainly get the grand tour. today shown all around the site, the control center, even the actual satellite that will be launched into space on the rocket. one independent european analyst visiting the site says he sees nothing to be concerned about, but -- >> i don't know what they want to do in the future, but today, what we see is a space missile. >> we travel to get an all too clear look through the window of what's been dubbed the hermit
5:04 pm
kingdom. people are scattered working the harsh fields, a country where many people struggle even to eat. not an issue, north korean officials were keen familiar to per sue. . >> translator: vrj as we are stabtsly reminded this is a satellite, not a michael test.
5:05 pm
>> the united states always worried about the intentions of an unpredictable country. stan grant, cnn, north korea. several months ago my own national security sources here in washington said that the new leader might invoke his country in a dangerous way. it's remarkable to see how people are falling behind kim jong- jong-un. look at these pictures from pyongyang, i got to see some of that fawning over kim jong-il, the father first hand when i went to korea with the former new mexico governor, the former ambassador to the united nations bill richardson. governor richardson is joining us from santa fe. thanks very much for coming in. what are the north koreans trying to prove right now? >> well, there are three events going on in north korea, one,
5:06 pm
the 100th anywhere of the founder of the country, number two, the succession of more power for kim jong-un. and then third this launch. so it's a big celebration occasion for the north koreans. i think what is happening is kim jong-un is consolidating his leadership by trying to i'm the guy, but his most important audience here is the north korean mill your. i think it is a cover for a ballistic missile test. secondly to the international community, the fact that he's assembled all of those journalists is basically saying, you're going to notice us, we want to be major players in the international community. we have nuclear weapons and if you want us to get rid of them,
5:07 pm
we want something substantial in return. they're scaring people, it's their unpredictability, their unique style of negotiating which i have seen for ten years, and it's a little supersome, because it was my hope that the young leader would be a moderate, would get the foreign ministry types that i know want negotiations with the united states. not rely so much on the military leadership. that's what i think is going on. >> he may eventually do that, but i think he's trying to show how strong he is right now to consolidate his own position. he's a young guy, he's not even 30 years old right now, kim jong-un. >> our position remains don't do it. north korea's launch of a missile would be highly provocative, it would pose a threat to regional security and
5:08 pm
it will be inconsistent with it's recent undertakings to refrain from any kind of long range missile launches. >> the north koreans say this is not a missile, it's a rocket to launch a satellite. you and i both know it's the same technology that would be used for an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> i think it is a missile and the fact that they have assembled so many journalists and so much international attention is symbolic of that. i think what we have to do, wolf, is we should keep cool, let's see what eventually happens, there's even reports of a nuclear underground it is. let's see what happens after this thing cools down. and i think the appropriate response should be for the u.n. security council.
5:09 pm
because it is a cover for a long range missile test, it's a violation of those sanctions. but a lot of it is staging, this is how the north koreans operate. although the north koreans are saying there's a misunderstanding on that deal, but whatever it means, it does mean they are back to their old ways of sending very strident, negative messages by these actions and right now with a new leader, with kim jong-un trying to consolidate, it gives them a folk to make that happen. >> i have spoke within some north korean analysts, some inside the government and some outside of the government, kim jong-un right next to his father and grand father, it shows that
5:10 pm
cultive personality is continuing, but they still haven't heard his voice, he still hasn't delivered a speech through north korean television. what if anything should we make of that? >> i think what he is trying to do, is his most important audience is the north korean military, secondly it's the party leadership. he's trying to show them that he is not going to buckle down from the united states or the six-party countries or china. that they're going to proceed with this launch, that they're going to proceed with him taking over the leadership of the country. he probably right now is getting training and briefings. we know very little about about him, he's not even 30 years old, he hasn't had leadership or
5:11 pm
military training, so he's probably undertaking that. but what he doesn't want to do at this stage of his succession is give concern to the north korean military, the korean people's army, any hint that he's weak on not going to followthrough on actions. >> it's going to be a tense time out there on the korean prince. let's not forget, there's a million north korean forces long the demilitarized zone, some 3,000 american troops right in between. this is potentially a nightmare scenario, with nuclear weapons in north korea. governor, thanks as usual for joining us. >> thank you. a new move by the united states military could help set the stage for iran's nuclear
5:12 pm
program. is the obama campaign on another subject getting cocky? and a surprising new twist in the trayvon martin case, and a lot of debate over what it means for the shooter, george zimmerman. ♪ ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram. so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function.
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5:16 pm
women are not an interest group, you shouldn't be treated that way, unquote. republicans have almost always faced a gender gap when it comes to women, but this time it looks like mitt romney faces a particularly steep uphill battle. the romney campaign says romney will end planned parenthood and his stance on employer health care plans. rush limbaugh called a georgetown law student a -- by naming a woman as his running mate. meanwhile the battle over women comes as the debate rages on after the refusal of the augu a
5:17 pm
augusta -- you know you're in trouble when rick santorum is urging you to be more progressive on women, unquote. here's the question, how can mitt romney overcome his huge deficit among women? go to and post on my blog or go to "the situation room's" facebook page. houston, we got a problem. >> a huge problem for mitt romney as he seeks the white house. thanks very much, jeff. mitt romney's next big test comes this month when he faces off with rick santorum on santorum's home turf. we're talking about pennsylvania. will the april 24th primary seal the fate of senator romney? rick santorum's under enormous pressure right now to call it quits before pennsylvania, some
5:18 pm
of his best supporters say if you lose your home state, it's going to be bad heading into 2016. if you have any hope for 2016, this is a great time to step aside. >> polling out today by the pew research center, 74% say they believe romney will be the nominee. so there are a lot of reasons to argue about pulling out now. if he can win pennsylvania and re-establish some credibility, the calendar in may is more favorable for him. it states with large portions of evangelical voters where he's done well. >> in may, texas, kentucky, arkansas, if we can win in pennsylvania -- >> he might win a whole bunch of other states. he's not going to get to what they originally hoped for. the question has been could they deny romney 1144 and though this
5:19 pm
open potentially at the convention. even that is looking more unlikely now. clearly if santorum can get this act three in his campaign, it will increase his leverage with the party and he will have for states than the nongop than ever. >> you know pennsylvania, if romney and his superpac spend three million dollars, killing him in effect, really slamming him on television commercials, it's going to be unlikely he can win, because he doesn't have that kind of money to counter that kind of financial assault. >> and mitt romney releasing this huge barrage, and also the demographics of pennsylvania, if it were not rick santorum's home state, inside philadelphia are the better educated affluent voters. even in pennsylvania, there are
5:20 pm
signs of them moving toward him. they have never been part of that very conservative social judgment. if he lost the counties outside of philadelphia in 1996. >> he lost to bob casey, what, by 17, 18 points. let's talk about the obama campaign in chicago. some are saying these guys are looking a little bit cocky now looking ahead to november. >> they certainly feel that mitt romney, the certain nominee now has done damage with hispanics, with college educated women and the upper midwest. on the other hand they are very concerned about the potential for the super pacs to potentially flip the battlefield, and switch the financial base, you look at the job numbers on friday, it's very
5:21 pm
hard to imagine him getting into a truly safe zone, even if he is slightly favored today. >> you have $200 million ready to unleash against the president and other democrat and the pro obama campaign has -- >> tremendous financial success, even if they're not going to meet the billion dollar expectations, but they are very concerned about this disparity. >> the obama campaign has hundreds of millions of dollars, but the -- >> wall street has moved away from democrats. they have win source for checks, that's silicon valley. look, there are a lot of big industrial and financial interests that are very unhappy with the regulatory focus of the obama administration, a lot of
5:22 pm
that money is flowing out to the other side. >> and the obama campaign could write a check for a million dollars. 140,000 cars are being recalled. we'll tell you what the problem is and if your car is included. a man is punched in the face and then completely stripped him down. the people who could have helped him chose to laugh at it all. [ male announcer ] the cadillac cts sport sedan was designed with near-perfect weight balance from front to back... and back to front. ♪ giving you exceptional control from left to right... and right to left.
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lisa's monitoring some of the news stories incoming "the situation room" now. >> face book says it's buying instagram.
5:26 pm
the price includes the few million people- ford is recalling 100,000 2012 ford focus vehicles. it's a tradition older than the electric flight. for the 134th year, the president and first lady took part in the first white house easter leg roll. it started way back in 1878, but our guest says the race hasn't really changed much. >> we got a winner over here! >> looks like they're having a great time there. the event also included tennis and basketball and has gotten so popular, the white house said it expected more than 35,000 people
5:27 pm
to attend. that looks like a good time. i didn't go this year, but i have gone in previous years, wolf, i have taken my kids, and i have got to say, it is a blast. a lot of kids having fun there, wolf. an announcement by the special prosecutor in the trayvon martin case, raising eyebrows right now. should the arrest of george zimmerman be next? the prize wenner of the masters tournament. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us.
5:28 pm
thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school...
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and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at a major new development today in the trayvon martin shooting case. the special prosecutor says she's decided not, repeat not to use a grand jury to investigate the florida teenager's death. what does that do to the arrest of zimmerman?
5:30 pm
david, explain what happened and what's likely to happen? >> reporter: wolf, we have known all along that angela cory, the special prosecute never this case had three options, she could file charges, arrest and prosecute george zimmerman, she could drop the case entirely or she could go to the grand jury and see what the grand jury would decide about how to handle the case. she's not going to go to a grand jury, she indicated early on that she may go this route. it's her decision alone about whether or not george zimmerman gets prosecuted in this indication. right now, she's clearly putting herself in the hot seat and getting praised from both sides because of it. we got a comment from the attorney representing george zimmerman, he says he's not surprised, he doesn't know what the decision from that department will be, but he said to take the decision out of the grand jury, he called it draj
5:31 pm
outside. and the other attorney representing trayvon martin says this is what the family wanted all along. >> we anticipated that tlld be no grand jury because the family has always been hopeful that they would just is simply be an arrest, we knew from day one that they had enough evidence to arrest the killer of trayvon martin, and now that the evidence has continued to unfold, we think there has been a pleasure are of evidence to simply affect probable cause to do an arrest. not for any conviction, but for an arrest. >> reporter: earlier today, there was a group of student who is had hiked 40 miles into sanford. they emerged here at the sanford police department here behind me. a small group of them did block the doors to the sanford police
5:32 pm
department in protest. the department was prepared for this. they had actually shut down operations here today and were directing people to go to city hall if they needed any business with the police. but their demonstrations went on, angela corey actually speaking to some of the students by telephontelephone, thanking gathering today. when she put out the release saying she was not going to go to a grand jury, corey said be sure not to read anything into this. she's not giving any indication whatsoever of what the future might hold for george zimmerman. >> is she giving any indication at all when she will make her decision? >> a timetable is also out the window right here. if she was going to a grand jury that might indicate that when she was going to make the next step. but by taking it out of the hands of the grand jury, she
5:33 pm
nice back completely in control, clearly and very comfortably it seems, on the hot seat in making this decision when she's ready to make it. >> let's dig a little bit deeper now about this new twist in the trayvon martin case. sunny, what's your reaction? you've been spending a lot of time looking into this story. >> i'm not surprised by the news today that show would not be using a grand jury and using the april 10 date because we know that april 10 date, the grand jury was set by the previous attorney. she probably wouldn't be using the former state's attorneys timeline. many former prosecutors say they are comfortable making those tough judgment calls, those hard charging decisions and letting the burden rest on their own
5:34 pm
shoulders. they look at the evidence in a case, they look at the thoroughness of an investigation, they speak to witnesses, they speak to their investigators and they make thosing decisions, as a former prosecutor, i will tell you often times i made my own charging decisions, so that doesn't surprise me. what i also think is interesting is that in florida, a grand jury consists of not less than 15 grand jurors to indict. strategically, this was also very smart by angela corey, when you're talking about a stand your ground law, and a justifiable defense. those are very significant issues for lay people to grapple with and it would be possible not to get an indictment in a case like this. so strategically it is smart to
5:35 pm
allow the lawyer to make the determination as to whether or not there's probable cause to make an arrest. >> a prosecutor never wants to file charges and lose the case. i have spoken to several criminal defense attorneys who they could in fact a acquit hichlt they think it's a slam dunk. >> this is especially tough in the wake of stand your ground. when you're talking about a justifiable homicide, you're talking about evidence, you're talking about things that are fact specific. so i think it's certainly possible that a jury would determine that self-defense or zimmerman standing his ground would be appropriate. in that sense, wolf, i think it's also importanta if charges are brought, that this case not be overcharged. you're hearing people discussing first-degree murder and
5:36 pm
second-degree murder. the facts that i know of, that would be the most appropriate charge in this case. >> sunny, thanks very much, we'll check back with you tomorrow. magic johnson is giving his take on the trayvon martin case. he spoke a little while ago with c nrks nr cnn -- >> a lot of us have son who is wear hoodies and caps turned backwards, they're not doing anything, that's the fashion of today. and so it could really happen to our sons. that's what the nba players, i'm sure are thinking, that's what i'm thinking. >> you can watch the interview tomorrow morning on early start beginning at 5:00 a.m. eastern only on cnn. the u.s. is sending a message to iran, it's ready to fight if it needs to, how and why the military is flexing its muscles. and can you believe this guy just won the masters?
5:37 pm
>> i want my burgers all day long ♪ ♪ hey ♪ [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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5:40 pm
the u.s. military is ready to fight iran, at least that's the message it wants to send to the iranian government. part of the strategy, putting a fully loaded navy warship right nearby. our pentagon corporate barbara starr is following this story for us. why now, barbara? >> the pentagon is calling it a routine deployment, but it's coming at a time when the region is steaming up. the aircraft carrier uss
5:41 pm
"enterprise" says the fighter pilots are ready to go. this time in the middle east, part of the signal to iran that u.s. firepower is ready if president obama orders military action against iran's nuclear program. the u.s. is heavily spying on iran, using drones, satellites and eavesdropping to find out how close iran really is to a nuclear bomb. but for now, the threat of economic sanctions, has stimulated iran to steer themselves away from an effort to make a nuclear bomb. >> the iranians are feeling squeezed. they don't want to solve the problem, they want to move it to where they can play it in a m e mored a van stage you way. >> i think the iranians are looking to split off the
5:42 pm
russians and chinese to try to break apart what has been a very impressive growing international consensus, but not do it so effectively as to invite an israeli strike. >> reporter: iran is offering a concession, reducing the amount of uranium it is enriching at the 20% letter. it's a further step to weapons grade, once 20% is achieved. the defense minister is laying out his country's position. >> always enriched 20% enrichment. all the material to enrich to 3.5%. except for a few hundred kilograms. should we take it out of the country, into a trusted company. >> reporter: iran says their
5:43 pm
entire program is for economic reasons. there's no guarantee that israel would also agree. a tourist beaten after a day of drinking, police get an important lead when video ends up on the internet. the video may shock you. [ grandfather ] that a boy!
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
some internet videos posted make you laugh, some make you cry, some make you down right furious. that's how you may feel when you see this clip from the streets of baltimore, maryland. lisa sylvester is following the video for us.
5:47 pm
this is simply outrageous. a lot of people are asking why. >> they beat this man, they robbed him, they stripped him naked and then they posted the video on youtube. the video has gone viral sparking outrage with some suggesting the attack had racial undertones. it's 2:00 in the morning in downtown baltimore the day after st. patrick's day. the guy has been drinking and he appear as little dazed. women start dancing around him suggestively, people messing with him, then someone notices his watch. you see someone grab something from his pocket, he goes get it back. but it doesn't stop there, this is a second tape, someone else is also recording the incident,
5:48 pm
the man who's been identified as a 31-year-old arlington, virginia resident is kicked and punched. we showed the video to several people in baltimore. the reaction outrage and d disgust. >> obviously he didn't do anything to anybody. they just got up on him and started beating up on him. >> reporter: what about the people watching? >> i think that's even worse, you would think they would intervene and try to help. but not everyone has that mindset. >> when he woke up, he had no memory of what had happened. but he had a black eyes. >> an iphone valued at $500 and the key to an audi valued at $300.
5:49 pm
detective nicole monroe says they are asking for witness statements from those in the video. >> not only did they rob him, but they attempted to trip him of his dignity, they tore his clothes off, they mocked him. that behavior just will not be tolerated. >> and baltimore police identified one suspect, he's not in custody yet, authorities are trying to identify more people in the video and they could face charges for assault and robbery. >> i know this has caused outrage there in baltimore. they're going to arrest folks in the video, they're going the find them and charge them with serious crimes. >> part of the reason they hope this gets out there, they have received calls, more tips to fi out all of those people involved and some you can clearly see and others you can't. they are focusing their
5:50 pm
attention on getting all of them >> once they arrest one or two they will talk in order to reduce any punishment they might get and the whole group could be rounded up and some could wind up in jail. >> the other thing about this, keep in mind they posted this video on youtube. there was at least one individual who tweeted about this video. these are all potential leads now. the fact this video is out there, it is not good for this individual but it is a very strong lead that they can now try to work backwards and figure out whose account it was. >> some of those people should go to the police and say they did it and it might help them in the long run. >> exactly. >> i suspect they won't. >> thanks very much. now to another brutal attack. stand by. we'll have much more on this coming up right after this. >> jack cafferty is back. unfortunately, jack, we have
5:51 pm
confusing signals from the control room. not unusual. this is live television. >> it is extremely unusual. i have been doing this show for seven years and this happened maybe once before. it is very unusual and it doesn't look very nice, either. we're supposed to be more professional. >> stuff happens. you know what, i got confused. they got confused and now we have jack. >> don't put it in my lap when things go to hell. i can handle it. the question is how can mitt romney overcome his huge deficit among women? carolyn in california, spin, that's how. security trumps all in the female vote by dialing up his jobs and improved health care plans and dialing back his promise to nicks support and funding for planned parenthood he will soon clear his screen of this sketchy issue and get more back than he's lost. connie in indiana writes romney keeps referring questions about women to his wife. she drives two cadillacs. i don't. they won't even let me sit in
5:52 pm
one. i had three kids and they used birth control. she had five kids and rails again birth control. she doesn't know me. who does he think is running, him or his wife? brian in san diego, the only shot is take a stand against the far right elements of his party and say clearly this is the wrong approach, i am not going to blindly follow this doctrine as president. unfortunately for him he moved so far to the right already trying to win those voters that by re pud ating them he would be seen as making another flip-flop. ken in seattle writes romney can't relate to anyone who isn't just like him. that's everyone who is not 1% of the 1% and not male. he has shown repeatedly by his own actions and words that he just doesn't care and is further hampered by a republican party that cares even less about the rest of us than he does and on facebook, a female vice presidential running mate besides sarah palin and frank in l.a. says i can't think of anything short of ending his
5:53 pm
quest for the white house and opting for a shot on dancing with stars. other than that, anything he does to overcome this deficit with women voters will assuredly be seen as nothing more than smoke and mirrors. you want to to read more go to my blog or throw a post on "the situation room's" facebook page. back to you, wolf. >> thanks. you're right, it doesn't often happen, sometimes it does. live television. a lot of thipgsz you probably don't know about the winner of the masters golf tournament including his connection, yes, to justin bieber. and social sec. security. that's what matters to me... me? i've been paying in all these years... years washington's been talking at us, but they never really listen...'s not just some line item on a budget; it's what i'll have to live on... i live on branson street, and i have something to say... [ male announcer ] aarp is bringing the conversation on medicare and social security out from behind closed doors in washington. because you've earned a say.
5:54 pm
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♪ [ male announcer ] with 50 horsepower, dual overhead cams and fierce acceleration, the gator xuv 825i will shatter your expectations. ♪ and so no one gets left behind, check out our affordable xuv 550s at ♪ -- captions by vitac -- at you can probably tell by his
5:57 pm
longer hair or better yet even his pink driver that masters winner bubba watson is a rare breed. here is jeannie mills. >> if you think golf is a snobby sport, meet the latest star, bubba watson may have bulbared when he won the masters. he is a master of not taking the sport or himself too seriously. >> bubba watson here. >> he has been teegs off from a top discount tires and whacking cakes. >> you're welcome. >> welcome to the whacky world of bubba's youtube videos. >> you got lettuce and the 08d wooden stick. see which wins. >> the old wooden stick always wins. the amazing hook shot out of the rough that helped bubba win the masters was a distant relative to his hot tub trick shot. >> under the porch, over the roof, into the hot tub. let's see if i can do it. >> here is how he celebrated
5:58 pm
that shot. >> oh, woo hoo. >> the water works at the masters all came from his eyes. he is a christian and winning on easter tweeted to god not glory. his wife reads the bible to the newly adopted infant son and bubba may have been wearing a half a million dollars watch from a sponsor but he wore the masters green jacket modestly. >> thanks. i look like you now. >> probably the best known fact about bubba is that he has never had an actual golf lesson. if you can't beat me, how can you teach me, he says? >> never had a lesson, just me out there beating plastic balls. >> bubba here. >> bubba is the polar opposite of cool, tiger woods. his father nicknamed him after the football player and actor bubba smith. bubba may be famous for his long, powerful drives, but it is what he drives that is actually
5:59 pm
one-of-a-kind. ♪ >> it was his dream car known as general lee from the show he the dukes of has ard. there are dozens the dodge chargers used in the series and bubba bought one of the originals for $110,000. this is a guy that plays golf with justin bieber and appeared with other golfers in a mock boy band video, the golf boys. >> ♪ >> his game may be golf, but for bubba, any ball will do. >> play me. >> pumpkin me. >> ball me. >> jeanie moos, cnn, new york. >> pretty good, bubba watson. congratulations. excellent masters tournament. thanks very much for joining us. i am wolf blitzer in "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn.