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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 11, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning to all of you. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom," where is he? stressed out, losing weight and isolated as his lawyers bail. florida and the nation ask this morning where is george zimmerman? overnight, 8.6 earthquake slamming indonesia not far from an area where a caquake left te of thousands dead in 2004. santorum steps aside. we ask this morning where will his voters go? harrowing moments the night the u.s. captured osama bin laden. for the first time new details as hillary clinton describes minute by minute the courageous s.e.a.l. team mission and what one moment had her holding her breath. sequel search. director of "hunger games" saying he won't come back. cnn new hearing from him this morning. we're catching fire via box
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office bust. clooney, spielberg and dog from "the artist" a white house correspondents dinner to remember. this morning the clock is ticking and the tension is building in the trayvon martin case. a few hours from now the parents of the unarmed teenager will hold a news conference with civil rights activist al sharpton. also this hour, we expect comments from u.s. attorney general eric holder. the feds have been investigating whether the fatal shooting could be prosecuted as a hate crime. angela corey says she'll release new information within three days all of this unfolding as the shooter, george zimmerman, remains in hiding and out of touch with his own attorneys. they say his disappearance forced hem force ed them to resign from his case. let's head to george howell. what are we looking for in angela corey's announcement, the special prosecutor?
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>> reporter: good morning, carol. at this point it could be a decision in this case. it could just be an update on the facts of the case. no one can really say with certainty at this point what that announcement will be. it will happen here within the next several days. a big announcement from the state attorney's office. we know that came just a few hours after we learned that george zimmerman's defense team will no longer represent him. we know from that press conference that they had just the other day that he contacted a fox news host about this case. we also know that they lost contact with him on sunday. that's the last time they talked with him. he also reached out to the state prosecutor on his own without a defense team and without legal representation. we know that the state attorney's office decided not to talk to him without representation. so at this point his attorneys are out of contact with him. not representing him. they did make it very clear even this morning on teearly start tt they believe he acted in self-defense on february 26th.
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take a listen. >> we believe that there's information and evidence in possession of the prosecutor, investigators, police department, department of law enforcement, that if publicly known might change some of the course of public opinion. we're not at liberty to disclose it. we don't have possession of it. what little we know might disclose a confidence as to where we learned about it and we're not going to go there. >> reporter: george zimmerman has made himself public in a way by creating a website. the real george his attorneys did not know about that specific website initially. they later learned that it is legitimate. again, that's something that also caught them off guard. >> george howell reporting live from sanford, florida. thank you. george zimmerman may not be talking to his own lawyers but he's a big part of the conversation in the conservative media. in ten minutes we'll talk to howard kurtz talking about george zimmerman as a new
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rallying point for the right. a big scare off the coast of indonesia today after two massive earthquakes trigger tsunami alerts. the 8.6 and 8.2 quakes sent people scrambling. no immediate reports of damage or casualties in banda aceh, an area devastated by a quake in 2004 but the big question today is another tsunami possible? a man who knows this, rob marciano. >> they did get a tsunami locally along the coast. the tsunami come in fast and furious. the tsunami watch as of ten minutes ago for the rest of the indian ocean has been officially canceled. 8.6 magnitude quake that was very close to where the 9.0 magnitude quake happened in 2004. it was just off the fault line and likely more of a strike slip fault.
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that is good news. you saw shaking and damage across the north but no injuries or fatalities. there are pieces of video coming off the internet that look real. we'll try to get confirmation of this tsunami coming onshore with serious force. enough to scare people and have them running for the hills. tourists in places like phuket and other places in thailand and sri lanka are allowed to go back to beaches and enjoy their vacation. >> i hope it remains there are no serious injuries. thank you, rob. to the world of politics now. consider this addition by subtraction. republican front runner mitt romney inches closer to the nomination with rick santorum's decision to quit the race. >> i know a lot of folks will write and maybe those at the white house game over but this game is long, long, long way from over. >> santorum's departure may not be a game changer. he was already a very distant second behind romney but it may
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be romney's last obstacle. in the gop horse race republican confidence is weaker for the two remaining challengers. newt gingrich and ron paul. together their numbers barely pass santorum's. paul steinhauser is in washington to talk about what's next for mitt romney. of course romney's focus is on obama and november. and the gloves are off. i do find it actually we're going to play this sound bite from romney surrogate chris christie. >> we're turning into an entitlement society. that will not just bankrupt us financially, it will bankrupt us morally. when the american people no longer believe that this is a
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place where only their willingness to work hard and to act with honor and integrity and ingenuity determines their success in life, then we'll have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for the next government check. >> so it's interesting. president obama is going to be holding a little news conference and sit down with millionaires and their secretaries to push the buffett rule. and mitt romney is going to go to connecticut and he's going to visit a business owned by a woman and i don't think that's an accident, do you? >> not at all. the general election now getting under way in earnest with the primaries basically coming to a conclusion. you have two candidates, president obama and mitt romney who are as far apart on issues and philosophy as you can get when it comes to the role of government, when it comes to regulation of big business in wall street. you name the issue, these two candidates are about as far apart as we've seen in
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presidential election in a long time. you just played that sound from chris christie. he's a leading surrogate for mitt romney. a possible running mate choice for mitt romney. what does the president say when it comes to republican fi philosop philosophy? take a listen from a republican fund-raiser in florida. >> they want to spend trillions of dollars more in tax breaks for the very wealthiest of americans even if it means adding to the deficit, even if it means gutting things like education or clean energy or medicare. philosophy is simple. if we just let those who have done best keep on doing what they do, and everybody else is struggling to get by, somehow that's going to grow the
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economy. they're wrong. >> what you see the president doing and seeing chris christie and mitt romney doing, trying to paint the other person and get an early jump. romney today in connecticut and yesterday in delaware and pennsylvania reaching out to women voters. we've seen the polls. that big gender gap. pronounced. take a listen to mitt romney and his pitch to women voters. >> the real war on women has been the job losses as a result of the obama economy and if we're going to get women back to work and help women with the real issues women care about, good jobs, good wages, a bright future for themselves and for their families and for their kids, we're going to have to elect a president who understands how the economy works and i do. >> we always talk about independent voters are crucial. they are. i tell you, female voters, women vote is going to be a big, big deal in the november election.
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>> as it should be. >> exactly. >> paul steinhauser live in washington. thank you. happening now, fire warnings are up in new york, new jersey and pennsylvania. brush fires have already burned 2,600 acres. high winds are pushing flames across dry conditions. the region has been reeling from a dry spell after a lack of snow and spring showers. new outrage in that wasteful spending scandal. the agency which is supposed to safeguard how your tax dollars are being spent has canceled an upcoming conference after embarrassing videos of a lavish gathering in 2010. we're also learning today gsa employee who was responsible for that event has later given a $9,000 bonus. the university of arkansas fires bobby petrino days after his motorcycle accident exposed an inappropriate relationship with a female employee. 25-year-old jessica dorrell was riding with petrino when his motorcycle left the roadway and crashed. the school says that petrino
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knowingly misled administrators. charles manson comes up for parole again today. his state appointed attorney will ask that manson be placed in a mental hospital. he's been denied parole 11 times. a korean air passenger jet makes a safe landing after the airline got a bomb threat at the call center. two jet fighters intercepted the plane with 147 people on board and escorted it to a military base in british columbia. later today school officials at uc davis will release a long awaited report on this incident. you remember that? a task force has been investigating why university police officers used pepper spray on these peaceful student protesters last november as they sat huddled in a line. 11 protesters were treated for the effects of the spray. we'll keep you posted. "titanic" memorial cruise is back on course this morning. a passenger reportedly developed heart problems, which forced the ship to turn back toward ireland
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where the sick passenger was air lifted. the cruise is dealing with rough weather and 20-foot waves. many passengers are sea sick and a floor show had to be canceled. secretary of state hillary clinton is revealing new and riveting details of what exactly it was like in the white house situation room during the raid on osama bin laden's compound. the atmosphere so tense clinton says no one could breathe for 35 minutes. listen. >> when we gathered that sunday, it was a pretty intense, tense, stressful time. the people who were actually doing it on the ground were thousands of miles away. we did have good communications so in the white house there's a large situation room in the h e
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whole protected secret area in the basement. we were in the smaller room when the attack began. we were able to have some communication so we were in real time aware of what was happening. i'm not sure anybody breathed for 35 or 37 minutes and for me the worst part was when one of the helicopters -- if you remember looking at drawings of what the compound looked like, there was a yard and there was a wall and as the helicopter went in, the tail got stuck and it was not flyable. that had been planned for but it was still somewhat worrisome that this had occurred. >> cnn foreign affairs
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correspondent jill dougherty is at the state department this morning. you listened to hillary clinton's comments. tell us what else she said. it was riveting. >> that is the word, carol. we all remember that picture of secretary clinton kind of in the middle of the bunch of men and she has her hand up to her mouth. you can tell that there was a lot of drama. let me set the scene of where this all came from. she was giving a speech last night in annapolis at the naval academy talking about foreign policy and then at the end of her prepared remarks, one of the young future officers asked her a question about osama bin laden and that's where she went into this really long explanation of what she saw, what she felt during this operation. let's listen to what she said. >> we got the word that they thought they had build bin laden but think about what they had to do. it was imperative that we take
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the body. the decision had to be made to blow up the disabled helicopter, which didn't completely work because of the way it was positioned. the s.e.a.l.s had to take the women and children out of the house to get them away from the site of where the disabled helicopter was. you didn't want any collateral damage. all of this is happening. body is going out. women and children are coming in. the reserve helicopter is on its way but it's not there yet. there was a lot of breath holding and then finally all of the helicopters were up and out and on their way back to afghanistan. >> so you have to remember of
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course secretary clinton used to be a senator from new york and that was where of course 9/11 much of it happened so she had this personal memory that was quite strong. carol? >> i'm just surprised she went into all that detail. she talked about this spontaneous eruption of relief when the mission was finally called a success. >> she remembered in fact recalling the people especially the young people who gathered outside the gates of the white house after osama bin laden was killed and she actually said something interesting. she believe they could think about the future in a way they couldn't think about it before. that is true. although terrorism continues, there's no question, the sentimental person involved in that is now gone. >> jill dougherty live at the state department. coming up on "newsroom," you get a college acceptance e-mail only to find out it was a mistake. that actually happened to hundreds of applicants.
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what went wrong is coming up. george zimmerman won't talk to his lawyers but apparently he has no problem talking to the media. what's more weird? we'll tell you when we come back. a controversial north korea rocket launch could be hours away. a live report from pyongyang coming up. you're watching "newsroom." [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ]
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george zimmerman is probably the most controversial and mysterious person in the country right now. a lot of people calling for his
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arrest. his former legal advisers were just hoping for a call from him period. zimmerman's lawyers says their client called sean hannity of fox news. >> we learned he called sean hannity of fox news directly and not through us and we believe he spoke directly with sean off the record and he's not even willing to tell us what our client told him. >> sean hannity felt compelled to respond. >> i was contacted by an individual that we in fact believe was george zimmerman. he reached out to me. we spoke on the phone about his case. i agreed not to report on the contents of that conversation. >> howard kurtz from daily beast and cnn's reliable sources is with us now. hi, howie. >> good morning. >> first of all, you have been around a long time. as you watch this news conference held by these lawyers, what went through your
9:21 am
mind? >> this is the most bizarre spectacle i have ever seen. these guys feel compelled to hold a news conference to drop a case because they can't get their client to return phone calls, respond to e-mails, respond to text messages but he's calling up hannity? i mean, you couldn't write this in a hollywood movie. >> do you think the lawyers were using the media or are they really concerned for their client? >> well, you know, i'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to represent or were trying to represent george zimmerman. they both said that they still believe that he was not guilty of murder. but, you know, lawyers have a responsibility to represent their clients well and if your client refuses to communicate with you, it's kind of hard to do that. >> most attorneys would not advise their clients to call the media. reporters aren't obligation to report what was said to them in confidence by a person accused of a crime, right?
9:22 am
>> i don't think sean hannity did anything wrong here. every television show on the planet including some at cnn is trying to book george zimmerman and hannity receives a call from a guy that says he's george zimmerman who wants to talk to him off the record. if i got that call, i would have said yes. establish a rapport. it does tell something about zimmerman that he's a fox news fan. probably a hannity fan. he felt compelled to want to tell his side or establish some kind of contact with sean hannity while he's blowing off his lawyers. >> it is interesting, you know, when you watch fox and when you watch msnbc, there are clear lines drawn, maybe it's no surprise that george zimmerman chose to call fox. >> i have almost never seen anything like the ideological split here. for the first week or two, fox
9:23 am
news played down this case. as more evidence came out that zimmerman had told the police that trayvon martin had attacked him. he was acting in self-defense. fox jumped on this. made many, many segments that are taking sympathetic toward zimmerman side whereas msnbc is calling f calling for zimmerman's arrest in the camp of trayvon martin. not surprising that if he's going to call some network, george zimmerman would call fox. >> the martin family is going to an event hosted by al sharpton appearing together later this afternoon. it's been a strange, strange split. i just want to play you a bit of what rush limbaugh had to say. it's not just fox news. it's sort of like -- i don't want to call it a conservative movement. i'll leave that to you, howie. let's hear what limbaugh had to say about george zimmerman and
9:24 am
trayvon martin. >> the trayvon martin situation caused happiness somewhere in the civil rights community because it gave them a shot in the arm. it launched them. it allowed them to get in gear and start leveling the charges that they always love to make about the country. >> so this -- it's become very political, hasn't it? >> political and polarized. i will disagree to this extent. i don't think anybody is happy about killing of an unarmed teenager. it is true people on the liberal side are using this case to take a stand against what they see as anti-black prejudice and they see as lax gun control laws and things like that and people on the other side certainly being much more sympathetic to george zimmerman. i'm compelled to add, carol, we still don't know what happened.
9:25 am
when zimmerman is not talking to his own lawyers but off the record to sean hannity, it will be a while before we find out more about what happened on that tragic night. >> howard kurtz, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, carol. good to talk to you. rick santorum supporters are feeling lonely today now that their candidate is out of the race. they are wondering who to back. a bear roams in an l.a. suburb sending residents scrambling. we'll tell you the outcome. ♪ [ bird screeching ] ♪ [ elevator bell dings ] [ sighs ] how mad is she? she kicked me out. but i took the best stuff. i'll get the wrench. ♪ [ male announcer ] kohler's tresham collection. life. with a twist. ♪ got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok?
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checking stories across count country. >> nearly 900 students on the
9:28 am
ucla's admissions wait list received e-mails saying they were accept eed but it was a mistake. >> it's a big messup but not that big of a deal. >> they shouldn't have made a mistake like this. i mean, i guess things do happen. >> an updated e-mail with apology went out days later. look at this robbery caught on camera in portland. a flash mob of 16 teenagers walks into a convenience store and they take items off the shelves and they walk out. police say about $200 to $300 worth of goods was stolen. black bear caused a scare in a los angeles suburb. he was spotted on camera roaming a neighborhood. after a few hours, fish and game officials caught up with the bear, tranquilized it and this morning the bear is back in the angeles national forest.
9:29 am
now is your chance to talk back on the big stories of the day. the question this morning, rich versus poor. if that's where america really is, who's right, romney or obama? game on. the 2012 election is down to romney versus obama. get ready for class warfare. it came from romney surrogate chris christie. >> they work hard and that determines their success in life. then we'll have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for the next government check. >> for president obama the election is all about fairness. >> they want to spend trillions of dollars more in tax breaks for the very wealthiest of americans even if it means
9:30 am
adding to the deficit. even if it means gutting things like education or clean energy or medicare. >> on fox news, republican pundit dick morris accuses them of enticing fear. in campaign speak, romney equals the robin baron and obama the welfare president. they say sound government programs on the wealthy help the economy. republicans say less government, less regulation and lower taxes accomplish the same thing. so the talk back question, who is right? romney or obama? i'll read your comments later this hour. he won them over with their conservative positions on same
9:31 am
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rick santorum supporters are waking up today with a pressing question on their minds. with their candidate out of the race, who should they back in it's a real dilemma for many evangelical voters who have problems with mitt romney. tony perkins was on cnn this morning and he had this advice for romney. >> if mitt romney wants to capture some of that support that rick santorum gained with very little money, based solely upon his message, mitt romney needs to pick up that message not just when asked in debates or cornered by a reporter to say i'm pro-life or i support marriage but intertwine that in his message. >> religion editor is in
9:35 am
washington. hi, dan. >> good morning, carol. >> explain to us exactly what mr. perkins means. what should romney do when he's out making campaign speeches? >> i think that tony perkins speaks to this reality that a lot of social conservatives are waking up to this morning. that is that there is this huge lingering disappointment late in the primary race. social conservatives are disappointed for two reasons. they loved rick santorum. he was one of them personally and politically. he was outspoken catholic and advocated on issues like abortion, which even a lot of republicans are afraid to touch. the other reason they are disappointed is because reality is setting in that mitt romney is almost certainly going to be the nominee of the republican party to face barack obama this fall. and so they are coming to terms with that reality and all of these months in mitt romney still hasn't closed the deal with these voters. >> what does he need to do? he's a devout mormon.
9:36 am
he says the right things when he is cornered by reporters, right? he's reached out to them. he's told them i really mean this. i had an education. i think differently now. what more can he say to win over these evangelical voters? >> a lot of it and tony perkins spoke to this too is about outreach and the vigor of the outreach to social conservative leaders. there are a lot of leader i spoke to who say they haven't really heard from the romney campaign. a lot of them feel neglected. one thing that romney will have to do is pick up the phone, he and his campaign and reach it out to leaders in a serious way. he'll suffer from enthusiasm deficit. are social conservatives going to pick up the phone for him and go out and knock on doors for him. that's the grassroots organizing that successful candidates from ronald reagan to george w. bush
9:37 am
have depended on to win their elections. >> just a bit about the difficulty that mitt romney has. i mean, he can't really speak their language because he has to attract other voters as well. >> right. this is precisely where you don't want to be as a candidate this late in the race. the primary is winding down. we're moving toward the convention this summer. the candidate wants to have the base locked up so he or she can move to the center. he has two big problems. one is shoring up his own base and two, moving to the center and get moderate independent voters that are essential to put them over the top in november. he has to fight a two-front war right now which is hard. >> dan, thanks so much. if you want to read dan's column, it's on >> that's right, carol. good to see you. >> nice to see you too. thank you. still ahead, fallout from castro
9:38 am
comments. the miami marlins pick a fill-in manager to take over while ozzie guillen serves his suspension. more on that story coming up in sports. >> there are a billion people on the planet now who qualify as gamers. there are games you can play to learn how to start your own business. if you are unemployed and want to start your own company, there's a game you can play to learn how to do that. when i tell people, do you want to cure cancer or alzheimer's? you can do that by playing a game. games are an extraordinary way to tap into the best version of yourself. the most determined, the most creative, the most resilient. i'm a game designer. i'm the inventor of super better. [ male announcer ] if you want a luxury car with a standard power moon roof,
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guess who is coming to dinner at the white house? a few of the stars from the first family's tv show, host a.j. hammer is here with details. spill it. >> it's correspondents dinner. i bet the first family is just thrilled that some of the cast from "modern family" will attend the white house correspondents dinner. all expected to show up and since we're talking about "modern family" which happens to be one of my favorite shows on television, i must take an opportunity to show a clip. >> we have lights and ornaments at our face. >> it would be great. the angel. it's up in your attic.
9:43 am
would you get it? >> not the attic. it's dirty and there are spiders. >> it won't be christmas without it. >> it won't be christmas with it. it's december 16th. >> we'll help gloria. >> that may be where they find you. in the attic. >> i have a party tonight. you promised i could go if i got a b on my test. what was the point of that? >> one of the best shows on tv. the correspondents dinner will be fun. hosted by jimmy kimball on april 28th. this is one of the most glamorous nights in washington. you got stars and politicians mixing with the celebrities that are expected to be there. george clooney, reese witherspoon. quite the guest list this year. >> you're not kidding. maybe i'll try to get in. it will be a big no from bosses. let's move onto our next topic, shall we.
9:44 am
one of tv's favorite tv shows to "the hunger games." we understand there's big changes that might upset some fans. >> it may. we talked about this being a possibility. now it's the truth. gary ross, director of the blockbuster hit "the hunger games" will not participate in the sequel "catching fire." there were reports that the studio behind the film and ross fighting over salary and some other issues but as both sides announce that ross wouldn't be back, they are both saying this is an amicable parting. they hope to work with ross down the road. ross in what i think was a relatively emotional statement called "the hunger games" the happiest of his professional life. but this is what he said ase departs. i decided not to direct "catching fire." i don't have the time i need to write and prep the movie i would have wanted to make because of the fixed and tight production schedule. no word on who will pick up the job as director of the next film. it is scheduled to be released
9:45 am
next year. >> "hunger games" was good. i'm worried myself. >> see what happens. >> thank you, a.j. a.j. will be back in the next hour with more showbiz headlines including a swan song for a "dancing with the stars" favorite. what the popular talk show co-host is saying today. a north korean long range rocket is being fueled right now and the controversial launch could be just hours away. we'll have a live report from inside north korea.
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a korean air passenger debt makes a safe emergency landing after the airline got a bomb threat at its call center. two jet fighters intercepted the airliner. 147 people were on board. they were escorted to a military base in british columbia and it has been undergoing an intensive safety check ever since. north korea plans to launch a long-range rocket within hours. they claim to be putting a satellite into orbit but united states and south korea insist the purpose of the launch is much more sinister. joining us by phone from pyongyang inside north korea is cnn stan grant. hello, stan. >> reporter: hi, carol. you're right. this question is what exactly is north korea up to? they opened the doors to the international media, an historic and unprecedenteded st estep ann
9:49 am
us right up to the rocket. they have taken us around the facility. and they took us out to the command center to try to reinforce the message this is not a missile launch. this is in fact a satellite launch. they say the united states is confused about this. the u.s. says, no, this is a seriously provocative act and also in violation of united nations resolutions. there's a lot riding on this. here's a country that can't feed its people and needs international food aid and they did have a deal with the u.s. to provide that aid back in february. that now appears to have been scuttled by this move but they are determined to pressahead with that. the window is now opening. it's likely to happen in the next few days at least all of the preparations are now in place. the rocket is there. the satellite has been
9:50 am
9:51 am
let's bring back our panel. president obama's campaign put out this ad. we talk about the gop primary, i want to play this and get your reaction on the other side. >> corporations are people, my friend. i like being able to fire people. i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> it focused on mitt romney's primary campaign. does that message resinate with
9:52 am
independent women? >> oh, gosh. i guess. probably no more than anyone else. you know, every primary has a gaffe highlight reel. everyone's got one, even obama. of course, they are going to be playing these soundbytes. this was rife with interesting soundbyt soundbytes. itis up to romney to go back to his happy place and sort of fixing, you know, these problems like a democrat would. >> those comments were made when he was talking about the economy. it's the problem with mitt romney. it's beyond just being wooden. the thing the white house couldn't butt at reel is putting him where his father laid off thousands of employees and giggling with that. it's a divorce he has, i'm not going to say reality, but human
9:53 am
condition. it's a problem for romney. >> do you think anybody expected there would be this many land mines for romney through this gop? we always heard he was the seasoned candidate. he's run before. >> he's been in and around for a long time. you wouldn'tfuture.
9:54 am
the choice between them could not be clearer. >> nobody wins unless everybody wins? >> obama is not coy about his campaign centerpiece. this is it. he's laid out the choice, vote for us, we'll take care of you. vote for the other guy, you're on your own. >> is that the republican attack line? >> chris christie did a better job than romney has done presenting the counter point. we don't need what gives you fewer choices, freedoms and
9:55 am
opportunity. romney has to take that and address it. >> if you call training workers to get them the skills they need for the 21st century, reaffirming the safety net, president barack obama has a great message. >> everybody should go to we are asking people to tell us their favorite wins. >> super shameless, i have a piece in the daily news from romney and lessons he can learn from bill clinton. >> alex wagner, what do you have for us? >> pocket squares, vests, live on set. >> that's appointment tv. developing now, you are looking live at pictures here of
9:56 am
attorney general eric holder. he made news here. he mentioned the trayvon martin case. chris jansing will have more next. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." i'll be in washington, d.c. tomorrow in for chuck. at noon, don't miss alex wag near. it's great. thank you for watching. keep it here on msnbc. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. i get my cancer medications through the mail. now washington, they're looking at shutting down post offices coast to coast. closing plants is not the answer. they want to cut 100,000 jobs. it's gonna cost us more, and the service is gonna be less. we could lose clientele because of increased mailing times. the ripple effect is going to be devastating.
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good morning. i'm chris jansing. it looks like mitt romney will be the guy to take on president obama in november. the last viable alternative, rick santorum dropping out yesterday. >> we will suspend our campaign effective today. we are not done fighting. we are going to continue to fight for those voices. >> santorum never mentioned the
10:00 am
name mitt romney, even though he called him to tell him the news. >> i had the chance to speak with him this morning. we exchanged our thoughts about going forward. we both have a great deal of interest in seeing the country taking on a very different path. >> i want to bring in karen hunter and david. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> somehow mitt romney needed to bring santorum in. did he need an endorsement? >> yes. i'm not sure he's going to get it. very, very nasty, nasty campaign. i think there's hurt feelings. i think if mitt romney wants to win the swing states that are heavily conservative, which he isn't, the etch a sketch moment is coming. he needs santorum in order to win. >> let me play a clip from
10:01 am
romney talking about the santorum decision. >> he will continue to have a major role in the republican party and i look forward to his work in helping assure victories for republicans across the country in november. we have to get that done. >> is that code for i hope he endorses me soon? >> he will endorse. feelings are raw. the primary is just ending. we talked about it for barack obama and hillary clinton with the battle that went to june. would they be able to unify? of course they did. regardless of what romney and santorum think of each other, business is business and they will come together. will voters that have been suspicious of romney also come together? it's something we don't know yet. it's too early to decide if it won't happen, either. >> whatever you think of santorum's policy, what we saw
10:02 am
yesterday is what made him a surprising candidate. he spoke from the heart. he does connect with people. how does mitt romney start to repair the damage that's been done by a tougher than he expected primary fight and then you have a poll yesterday that comes out and says in terms of likability, romney is 40 points behind. that's why rick santorum was able to challenge. >> he needs a personality transplant, which i don't think they offer anywhere. that's tough. i think maybe he could do some work and be more authentic with who he is. he's the guy with the elevator for his cars, puts his dog on the roof. it's who he is. he's not the beer drinking talk of wheat in his mouth. he needs to stop pretending he's something he's not. maybe then people can be more comfortable. americans feel he's a phony. >> a lot of people pointed out
10:03 am
it's not that barack obama is going to the poor house. this is a guy who was the harvard review editor. he had a best-selling book. his future is assured as former president of the united states whether it a year or five years from now. there's an authenticity question that lingers for romney. what does he do about it? >> he needs to be himself. i agree, the likability numbers are automatic. it's something he can repair. you have to understand, he's been fighting off both democrats on the left and republicans on the right. he's in a much better position now going head-to-head against the president to have the unified party behind him to get attacked from one direction. it's easier to be likable when not everybody hates you. it is important for him to be who he is. i don't think he needs a personality transplant. i don't think he needs to all of
10:04 am
a sudden become warm and fuzzy. if people believe they are getting the genuine article of what he offers, if the campaign shapes up in a way that's add venn -- >> richard, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> there are two issues here. one for mitt romney is the personality. the other is the issues and conservatives who have real problems with the way he has talked about some of the things that are very important and maybe changed his position on that. here is why it's so important. 7% more self-identified democrats voted in 2008 than republicans. the enthusiasm four years ago, three years with barack obama. romney bring in? not that they are not going to vote for barack obama attorneys
10:05 am
thought it might have been a hoax. later, determined it was legitimate. they have no idea that that was happening. george howl reporting live. thanks. as you well know, by now, santorum quit the race for president. that means romney is the likely republican nominee. there's renewed speculation over who could become the running mate. paul steinhauser is in washington, any ideas? >> let the guessing games begin. we do this every four years. we are going to talk about it when romney names the running mate.
10:06 am
what does romney need? we have the gender gap. he's had a problem with conservative voters. does he need a conservative running mate? he needs to win, ohio or somebody from one of those states? maybe. 16 possible names. there could be more added. four stand out to me. let's start with mark arubio. he's a rock star. he is from florida and hispanic. what about rob portman of ohio? such a crucial state. he's a safer pick, not as exciting as arubio. ohio, crucial. what about ryan? wisconsin, a battleground state. ryan and romney had a bromance it seems over the last couple weeks. what about mcdonald in virginia? a safer pick. an important state.
10:07 am
>> carol? >> let me ask you about the overshadowing. some say romney isn't all that char izmatic. if you pick mark arubio, who is very charismatic or paul ryan, does that hurt or help? >> there's got to be a comfort factor. it's why people talk about portman or mitch daniels he may be more comfortable with. he may be overshadowed with chris christie, the governor of new jersey. yeah, he's got to be comfortable. there may be a name out there we don't know about. remember four years ago at this time, i don't think sarah palin, the alaska governor was on many people's list as john mccain's running mate. we know what happened. >> we do know. there was an overshadowing factor as well. paul steinhauser, live in washington for us. president obama is sitting down
10:08 am
with millionaires and secretaries at the white house. the event is the so-called buffett rule. the very rich should not get a smaller tax rate than the middle class. >> dan lothian, who are these people? >> reporter: we don't have a list of who the people are. they did confirm the millionaires and secretaries who pay more in taxes than their bosses will be at the event. we are seeing the president get ahead in the vote that takes place in the senate. the president is trying to put pressure on members of the congress to put in place a system that he believes is fair. it's also an opportunity to draw a contrast in the policies of republicans in particular, his potential running mate, mitt romney, who obviously is a wealthy american, trying to frame it as republicans are there to support wealthy
10:09 am
americans. you heard that from the president when he was pushing for the buffett rule in boca raton, florida, where he talked about the budget passed by house republicans and how they were putting in place a system that was providing tax rates for wealthy americans and paying for it by gutting investments in education, medical research and energy. this is a policy push. it's shaping up to be the theme of the president's re-election campaign. >> this so-called buffett rule comes to a vote next week. it's not expected to pass. does it matter if it passes or not and i'm speaking politically here? >> as jay carney said, it puts them on record as supporting or not supporting wealthy americans paying their fair share. they are hopeful the pressure causes republicans on capitol hill to have a change of heart. i can tell you, this push is
10:10 am
coming under criticism from republicans. some of them saying this is nothing than just a gimmick. we heard from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying sadly, an administration that won't take a person off the unemployment line. the sense is the president should be focusing on those things not raising taxes on wealthy americans. >> dan lothian, live at the white house, when they join president obama in the white house, we'll go back there live. >> we have a riveted account of what it was like during the white house "situation room" during the osama bin laden raid. details you have never heard before. that's next. can technology save detroit? a group of businessmen hope so. in fact, they are banking on it. .
10:11 am
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secretary of state, hillary clinton, has new and riveting details of what it was like inside the room. the atmosphere so tense, no one could breathe for 35 minutes. >> we were able to have some communication so we were in realtime aware of what was happening. i'm not sure anybody breathed for, you know, 35 or 37 minutes. for me, the worst part was when one of the helicopters, if you remember looking at drawings of what the compound looked like,
10:14 am
there was a yard and there was a wall and as the helicopter went in, the tail got stuck and it was not flyable. >> secretary clinton gave a detailed play-by-play account at the naval academy in annapolis, maryland. president obama expected to speak any moment in support of the buffett rule. the white house meeting with millionaires and their secretaries as the backdrop. they are aiming at making the tax code fairer. we'll bring it live when he pops out from behind the podium. now is your chance to talk back on the big stories of the day. the big question for you, rich versus poor. if that's where america is, who is right, romney or obama? game on. romney versus obama.
10:15 am
get ready for class warfare. it came from chris christie. >> when the american people no longer believe this is a place where only their willingness to work hard and to act with honor and integrity and ingenuity. then we'll have a bunch of people sitting on the couch waiting for the next government check. >> for president obama, the election is about fairness. >> i want to spend trillions of dollars more in tax breaks for the very wealthiest of americans, even if it means adding to the deficit, even if it means gutting things like education, clean energy or medicare. >> on fox news, republican pundit accused republicans of stoking class envy and fears of
10:16 am
entitlement programs. they zing back with socialism and welfare state. romney equals the robber barron, obama welfare. translation, sound government programs help the economy. republicans say less government, less regulation and lower taxes accomplish the same thing. the talk back question for you, rich versus poor, if that's where america is, who is right? romney or obama? i'll read yoush comments later this hour. bringing jobs back to detroit by opening the city to a whole new world. how a group of businessmen are turning the motor city toward technology. chris christie said the government is telling people to stop dreaming, we'll take care of you. will independents want that much political protein in their diet? that's next.
10:17 am
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10:19 am
bringing back detroit. you know what happened to the once industrial city. well, things are looking up. they really are. you have heard lots of problems with city government. detroit, i'm speaking specifically. over all, they are making a comeback. felicia is there to tell us about it. >> detroit is making a comeback. we can look at the issues including the population. detroit lost 25% of the people between 2000 and 2010 bringing population down to the lowest
10:20 am
level since world war i. fewer people means fewer tax dollars. it's not good for the city. they are forecast to run out of cash by the middle of this month. but, a comeback could be taking place. unemployment is above the national average but still above 10%. the auto bailout helped and saved 1 million u.s. jobs. many of them were in detroit. the city's comeback isn't all about the car industry. it's building up other industries including high-technology, making itself more attractive to younger people who might want to move there. last month, an austin,texas based blog wrote detroit as the next austin. the hayek nomic growth helps as well. good news for a troubled city that has been on hard times. things could be looking up.
10:21 am
felicia, thank you. >> as they move from the industrial past, many are pushing the future toward technology. they are trying to lure 2,000 laid off yahoo! employees. they uploaded their resumes and began interviews immediately. one company offering u.t. jobs. greg joins us from detroit. hi, greg. >> how are you? >> i'm good. tell us about your company. >> we are focused on future trends focused on capturing the recent past in realtime. we empower your calendar. we launched on iphone. we are excited about the growth and hiring we are doing in detroit in the tech industry. >> let's talk about the hiring.
10:22 am
they lay off 2,000 workers and you are thinking i would love to get some of them to detroit. how are you doing that? >> yeah, it's always an unfortunate situation when someone loses a job. our best wishes go out to any former yahoo! employee in that situation. here in detroit, we are in the middle of a revolution. i left detroit a decade ago for new york city. i started hearing about the exciting things happening in detroit. when we opened in detroit, it was opportunity to see what this is all about. twitter just moved in. small businesses, large businesses, quicken loans hiring hundreds of employees doing things in the tech industry. we have events happening throughout the city. it's been an incredible time to be in detroit as the city reinvents itself around
10:23 am
technology. >> this website, that allows people to upload resumes, are there a lot of people using the site? >> yeah. you know, it's only been up 48 hours and, you know, it's been incredible, the traction we have seen in the number of, you know, applicants already coming in through the site. here in detroit, we are hiring nearly 500 employees throughout the quicken loans family of companies and other small businesses throughout detroit. you know, we'll be bringing -- flying candidates out here for interviews on sight. it takes one afternoon in the city to see everything happening and the comeback that's happening around technology. we are thrilled with the result already within 48 hours of the site launching. >> terrific. >> new applicants can go watch a baseball game.
10:24 am
sorry, i'm a detroit tigers fan. i can't help it. >> one of the new hot office spaces has rooftop bars that overlook the tigers stadium. you can go look at different office environments. the hottest spaces are around the corner in detroit. >> awesome. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> you are welcome. let's go to the white house. president obama began speaking. he is speaking with millionaires and their families to push the buffett rule. >> we can settle on an economy where a shrinking number of people do well or reward hard work and responsibility. an economy where everybody has a fair shot. erveds is doing their fair share. everybody is playing by the same set of rules. the people who joined me here today are extremely successful.
10:25 am
they created jobs, opportunity for thousands of americans. they are rightly proud of their success. they love the country that made their success possible. most importantly, they want to make sure the next generation, people coming up behind them have the same opportunities they had. they understand, though, that for some time now, when compared to the middle class, they haven't been asked to do their fair share. they are here because they believe there's something deeply wrong and irresponsibility about that. at a time when the share of national income flowing to the top 1% is flowing since the 1920s, these same folks are paying taxes at one of the lowest rates in 50 years. in fact, one in four millionaires pays a lower tax rate than millions of hard working middle class households.
10:26 am
many millionaires pay their fair share, some take advantage of loopholes, shelters and let them get away with paying no income taxes what so ever. it's perfectly legal under the current system we have. you have heard that my friend warren buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary because he's the one pointing that out saying we should fix it. the executives with me today, not just behind me, but in the audience, agree with him. they agree with warren. things should be fixed. they have brought their own assistants to prove that point. it's plain wrong that middle class americans pay a higher share of taxes than some millionaires and billionaires. now, it's not that they are excited about the idea of paying more taxes. i have yet to meet people who
10:27 am
love taxes. nobody loves paying taxes. in a perfect world, none of us would have to pay taxes, no deficits to pay down and schools and bridges and roads, national defense and caring for veterans would happen magically. we would all have money we need to make investments in the things that help us grow. investments that have been essential to the private sector as well. not just -- they are not just important in terms of the people that directly benefit from the programs. historically, those investments we have made in infrastructure, education, science, technology, transportation, it's part of what made us an economic super power. it's nice if we don't have to pay for them. this is the real world that we live in. we have real choices and real
10:28 am
consequences. right now, we have significant deficits that are going to have to be closer. right now, we have significant needs if we want to continue to grow this economy and compete in this 21st century hypercompetitive, tech technologically integrative economy. we can't afford to keep spending more money on tax cuts for wealthy americans who don't need them and weren't asking for them. it's time we did something about it. i want to emphasize, this is not simply an issue of redistributing wealth. it's what you'll hear from those who object to a tax plan that is fair. this is not just about fairness. this is about growth, it's about being able to make the investments we need to succeed
10:29 am
and it's about we as a country being willing to pay for those investments and closing our deficits. that's what this is about. next week, members of congress have a chance to vote on the buffett rule. it's simple. if you make more than $1 million a year, not if you have $1 million, but if you make more than $1 million a year, you should pay at least the same percentage of your income as those in middle class families do. if, on the other hand, you make less than $250,000 a year like 98% of american families do, your taxes shouldn't go up. that's all there is to it. it's sensible. most americans agree with me. so do most millionaires. two-thirds of millionaires support this idea. so do nearly half of all republicans across america. so, we just need some of the republican politicians here in
10:30 am
washington to get on board with where the country is. i know that some prefer to run around using the same reflexive, false claims about wanting to raise people's taxes. what they won't tell you is the truth, i have cut taxes each year i have been in office. i cut taxes for small business owners not once or twice but 17 times. as i said, for most of the folks in this room, taxes are lower than they have been or as low as they have been in 50 years. there are others saying, well, this is a gimmick. just taxing millionaires and billionaires imposing the buffett rule isn't enough to close the deficit. well, i agree. it's not all we have to do to close the deficit. the notion it doesn't solve the entire problem doesn't mean we shouldn't do it at all. there are enough excuses for
10:31 am
inaction in washington we certainly don't need more excuses. i point out the buffett rule is something to get us moving in the right direction toward fairness, economic growth and more specific than anything the other side proposed so far. if republicans in congress were truly concerned with deficits and debt, then i'm assuming they wouldn't have proposed to spend an additional $4.6 trillion on lower tax rates including a tax cut of $150,000 for every millionaire in america. they want to go in the opposite direction. they want to double down on the inequities that already exist in the tax code. if we are going to keep giving somebody like me or some of the people in this room tax breaks we don't need and we can't afford, then one of two things happens. either you have to borrow more
10:32 am
money to pay down a deeper deficit or you have to demand deeper sacrifices from the middle class. you have to cut investments that help us grow. you have to tell seniors to pay more for medicare. tell the college student we have to charge you higher rates on your student loans or you get smaller loans. you have to tell that working family that's scraping by they have to do more because the wealthiest of americans are doing less. that's not right. the middle class has seen enough of the security over the past few decades that we shouldn't let that happen. we are not going to stop investing in the things that create real and lasting growth in this country so folks like me can get an additional tax cut. we are not going to stop building first class schools and making sure they have science labs in them.
10:33 am
we are not going to, you know, fail to make investments in science and research that could cure diseases that harm people or create the new technology that ends up creating entire jobs and industries we haven't seen before. in america, prosperity is never trickled down from a wealthy few. prosperity is always been built from the bottom up from the heart of the middle class, outward. so, it's time for congress to stand-up for the middle class and make the tax system fairer by passing this buffett rule. let me just close by saying this. i'm not the first president to call for this idea that everybody has to do their fair share. some years ago, he gave a speech where he talked about a wealthy executive that paid lower rates
10:34 am
than his secretary. he wanted to come to congress to tell them why it was wrong. this president gave another speech where he said it was crazy. it's a quote that certain tax loopholes make it possible for multimillionaires to pay nothing while a bus driver is paying 10% of his salary. that wide eyed warrior was ronald reagan. he thought in america the wealthiest should pay their fair share and he said so. i know that position might disqualify him from the republican primaries these days. but, what ronald reagan was calling for then is what we are calling for now, return to basic fairness and responsibility. everybody doing their part. if it will help convince folks in congress to make the right choice, we could call it the
10:35 am
reagan rule instead of the buffett rule. the choice is clear. this vote is coming up. i'm asking every american who agrees with me to call your member of congress, write them an e-mail, tweet them, tell them to stop giving tax breaks to the wealthiest of americans who don't need them, aren't asking for it. tell them to ask everybody to do their fair share and play by the same rules so that every american who is willing to work hard has a chance at similar success. so that we are making the investments that help make this economy grow, so we are able to bring down our deficits in a fair and balanced and sensible way. tell them to pass the buffett rule. i'm going to keep on making this case across the country because i believe that this rule is consistent with those principles and values that helped make us this remarkable place where
10:36 am
everybody has opportunity. each of us is only here because somebody somewhere felt responsibility not only for themselves but also for their community and for their country. they felt a responsibility to us, future generations and now it's our turn to be similarly responsible. it's our turn to preserve that american dream. i want to thank those of you here with me today and everybody in the audience to appeal to the american people. make sure we keep the pressure on congress to do the right thing. thank you, everybody. [ applause ] >> the president of the united states speaking from the white house. surrounded presumably by millionaires and their secretaries. he's pushing the buffett rule. it will come to a vote before the senate. they are going to take a procedural vote next week. political buzz is a look at
10:37 am
the topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. maria on the left, republican strategist on the right and separating them, chris moody of yahoo! news. welcome to all of you. >> thanks. >> good morning. >> since the president talked about class warfare, listen to what new jersey governor chris christie said yesterday at george w. bush's economic conference. >> never seen a less optimistic time in my lifetime in this country. people wonder why. i think it's simple. it's because govern is now telling them, stop dreaming. stop striving. we'll take care of you. >> christie, as we all know is a romney supporter. his message resinates. how will it play with the voters romney needs? >> that message has to be
10:38 am
coupled. we as republicans have to criticize this president for a slow recovery and mismanaged recovery and offer answers. it's what romney is doing. that message is taken out of context. he's saying he believes government is overstepping boundaries. it is true. we believe that. independents care about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> romney has a plan. that's what the message should be. >> maria? >> it's not going to resinate with independents. what chris christie is talking about is not the reality most are living. talk to the teacher out of work. ask her if she thinks the government is going to take care of her. no. they are talking about what the president talked about. fairness. everybody paying their fair share. stop giving millionaires and billionaires and corporations
10:39 am
making billions of dollars tax breaks we can use that money to hire teachers. give the tax break to a small business to hire more employees. it's what independents are looking for. >> chris? >> small business owners are conservatives. it's not the case. you have a lot of small business owners that are apolitical or independe independent. what christie was talking about is going to resinate. when they have to start a new company and fill out forms and go through red tape, they are going to notice. if taxes are raised for those earning $250,000 or more, a lot of small business owners file individually on taxes so they are going to be hit. they will resinate with independents. >> okay, on to question two. now that santorum is out of the race, romney shifts into attack obama mode.
10:40 am
he has no black endorsers or high ranking campaign staffers. is romney kissing off african-american voters? boris? >> no, he's not. he's not delivered to the african-american base. his approval among african-americans is down by 10%. unemployment among african-americans, the national number is 8.3, among african-americans it's almost 15%. african-americans will not support barack obama as much and will not come out as strongly as they did. romney needs to deliver a message of how he's going to help african-americans. that's what matters most. >> chris? >> in 2008, barack obama won 96% of the black vote. i don't think people expect him to drop below 90 here. i don't think mitt romney is ignoring the vote, over the next
10:41 am
several weeks lots of black conservatives are going to surround him. there are more black republicans running for congress and positions of office. i think romney could reach out to that community. i'm sure he will before november. >> maria? >> absolutely he has, carol. not just in per sepgs. if you look at the campaign rallies, none of the people behind him look like americans. no people of color period. look at his policies, that do everything to hurt african-american families, middle class families, hispanic. he has pissed off this vote. if you look at an event he did, one of the very few with african-americans arnound him, the only thing he could talk about is who let the dogs out. he asked an african-american girl if she had bling on. he doesn't know how to relate.
10:42 am
>> third question. the salt lake tribune reports newt gingrich's $500 check to pay for the utah primary bounced. if he doesn't pay by april 20th, his name will not appear on the ballot. $500 rubber check. why hasn't he pulled the plug? chris? >> it doesn't matter if he's not on the ballot in utah. he locked it up. he hasn't reached the number of delegates yet. it's obama versus romney race. it's an unfortunate end to the campaign but not unexpected for a campaign like this. >> maria? >> a strategic move to bounce this check so that we would be talking about it on cnn this morning. there's no other way gingrich is into this conversation now. in utah? really? trying to pay to get on the ballot? he thinks he has a chance in
10:43 am
utah? come on, newt. >> boris. >> newt's not having a great day. we know he has the 500 bucks it would take. he could call his friend and said give me 500 bucks. if i can't win utah, i'll go to a casino in las vegas. romney is going to face barack obama. he's going to beat barack obama because he's not giving up. when george zimmerman's ex-lawyers held a news conference, a lot of experts couldn't believe what they were watching. coming up, the possible impact on the zimmerman case.
10:44 am
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trayvon's martins parents will speak out at a news conference later today. they are wondering where zimmerman is. many, including zimmerman's legal advisers are wondering the same thing. this rally in florida last month. welcome. >> good morning. >> so, i'll start by asking you the same question many are asking today, where is george zimmerman? >> he is alive and well and
10:47 am
regrettably, trayvon martin is not. that is raising the question for millions of americans, who is really on trial, is our patients on trial, our intelligence on trial that this man cannot be found by his lawyers, has a gun, open account to receive money through papal but there's no arrest? everyone wants to know where he is and why he's not incarcerated. >> zimmerman's legal advisers said he could have post-traumatic stress syndrome, he was reaching out to the prosecutor on fox news. he suddenly set up a website seeking money. what do you make of this? >> the lawyers, the representatives, advisers have as much credibility as newt gingrich's bank account in utah. he never signed anything or met with them. that press conference yesterday was a circus. nobody understood what was the point. they discredited their would be client. at this point, they need to
10:48 am
recluse themselves from the case because they talked about him having post-traumatic stress but they have not seen him. they cannot find him. >> this special prosecutor in florida will go public with new information by friday. if she doesn't announce zimmerman's arrest, what will the reaction be among trayvon supporters? >> the family has been overwhelmingly patient. the 911 tapes have been released. the video is exposed. at this point, we have to do something to get florida's attention. critical place we are in right now, we are at 46 days out with no arrests and not even a warrant for the arrest. when we protests, that's when they released the 911 tapes. when we marched, they released the video. we have to say enough already.
10:49 am
we have been patient. we have gone by the process. at this point, the prosecutor has to do her job and arrest george zimmerman immediately. >> what you mean by gaining attention, you mean peacefully, right? >> absolutely, peacefully. everything we have done over these 46 days thousands emerged all over. everything has peaceful. we believe in the justice system, we just want them to do our job. we have done our job raising our voice. a government will only do what the people allow them to do. we refuse to allow the government of florida to not do anything, push it under the rug until there's a lump in the carpet. there's got to be justice. zimmerman must be arrested. it's not gauchable. there's enough evidence. we are prayerful they are going to make the right decision. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we're going to take a short
10:50 am
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10:56 am
we asked you to talk back on a big story of the day. the question, rich versus poor. if that's where america is, who is right, romney or obama? i'm not sitting on the couch waiting on a government check. we make the rich richer. aaron says republicans do not believe in lower taxes for the rich, they believe it in for everyone. more for the every day person. this from matthew, i'm a hard working highly motivated, highly educated entrepreneurial american. the ridiculous tax breaks rich
10:57 am
people have been enjoying for too long. >> republicans have become masters to vote against their own self-interest with a promise that you, too, will become rich some day. from patrick, both sides are right. the problem is, there's no compromise or listening between the sides to find the solution that would work well for americans as a whole. please keep the conversation going. thanks for your comments. we are going take a break. we'll be back with more after this. [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barking ] [ whines ] that's why there's beneful playful life, made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day.
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