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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 18, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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appreciate it. "cnn newsroom" with zoraida sambolin begins right now. see you back here tomorrow morning. hey, z. >> hi, soledad. good morning. carol is on assignment. happening right now in the "newsroom," breaking news. new pictures of u.s. troops in afghanistan posing with bodies of suicide bombers. this morning the military in damage control. suspicions and concern. ft. bragg, north carolina, today looking for one of its own after a mysterious disappearance. where is 23-year-old army private kelli bordeaux. we're learning the agents will take lie detector tests in the secret service investigation. we're live in colombia with that story. ted nugent not backing down after his controversial comments about president obama. new reaction from the rocker himself now calling obama's appointments communist czars. the most influential. "time" magazine's big left of
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moguls, pioneers and leaders. brand you this morning. we're talking to the editor. and the new york knicks sensation possibly heading south to the college of women and mary not for basketball but for a date at the senior formal. "newsroom" begins right now. we begin with breaking news. a new scandal is erupting for the u.s. military in afghanistan. they are photos showing u.s. soldiers posing with and mocking the bodies of suicide bombers. first two disclaimers here. cnn has not independently authenticated the photos and they are graphic and we have blurred them for you. these images published about 90 minut minutes ago are more than ghoulish. "the new york times" defends its
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decision to publish saying after careful consideration we decided that publishing a small but representative selection of the photos would fulfill our obligation to readers to report vigorously and impartially on all aspects of the american mission in afghanistan including the allegation that the images reflect a breakdown in unit discipline that was endangering u.s. troops. barbara starr is at the pentagon. barb barbara, military leaders condemned these images before they became public. tell us what is you know? >> reporter: early this morning before "the l.a. times" came out we started receiving statements from top officials in afghanistan and even from the spokesman for defense secretary leon panetta now traveling in europe. his spokesman, george little, telling us "an investigation that could lead to disciplinary measures is under way. anyone found responsible for this inhuman conduct will be held accountable in accordance with our military justice
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system. so clearly they have every reason to believe these photos are legitimate. they believe they were taken in 2010 in eastern afghanistan by members of the 82nd airborne division being involved in this incident. that's what "the l.a. times" reported. the military not pushing back on those details. an investigation under way. you know under the geneva convention, it is not permitted obviously for any kind of degrading or dehumanizing behavior toward corpses in a war zone. it's a violation if it's proven. one of the wrinkles here is they may involve young troops who may no longer be in the military. they may be out now in the civilian world. one more time we see these kind of situations. there have been a number of them. i think we can tick through some of them for you. we saw a couple years ago in southern afghanistan the so-called kill team.
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they were posing with dead bodies. there have been other incidents. there have been incidents where that marine corps video, the marines were urinating on dead corpses. we had the incident of the korans being burned and riots breaking out after that and most recently the tragic death of 17 afghan civilians allegedly at the hands of u.s. army staff sergeant robert bales. so these incidents have continued across afghanistan and have really come to pose a very sensitive challenge for u.s. commanders in that war. zoraida? >> a threat on both sides actually. as we look at the pictures, barbara, we actually see some of the faces there of the soldiers. have any of them been identified? >> reporter: well, we don't know, zoraida, if the u.s. military itself has been able to figure out yet exactly who they are. i can tell you from past
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examples sadly they usually are pretty quick at determining it. go back to that marine corps video of marines urinating on dead corpses. within a couple days the marines nailed down exactly who those guys were. the fact that they were wearing sunglasses, their faces were obscured, the military has a way of looking at those uniforms. they know the insignias and where these people are serving. 82nd airborne in 2010 in afghanistan. they are likely to be able to figure out exactly who they were. >> barbara, i want to put that picture up again if we have a moment. i don't know if you can see it or not. >> reporter: i can. >> we are showing faces and a blurred image. if you could explain to us what that blurred image is, please. >> reporter: by all accounts according to "l.a. times," this is the body of a dead insurgent. looks and appears to be that they are holding up his legs. let me point out to our viewers another very interesting element in this photograph. so many times this involves u.s.
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troops. by all accounts you see afghans in that photo. look at the man on the far right in the dark jacket with the lighter blue/gray uniform and cap. that's a traditional dress potentially of local afghan security officials or afghan troops. i have seen that uniform many, many times. we do not know the identity of this afghan man but that's a very typical uniform worn by afghans. so it may be that we see a situation here where both u.s. and afghan forces were involved in this. >> all right. barbara starr live at the pentagon for us. thank you very much. also this morning, another story involving ft. bragg, north carolina. police are searching for 23-year-old army private kelli bordeaux. they fear that she may be in inni danger. she was last seen saturday morning leaving a bar with an employee.
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she told the driver to let her out before she got home. bordeaux was reported missing on monday morning when she failed to report for duty. >> she's an amazing soldier. being a soldier to kelli is something she would jeopardize. missing work is not in character for kelli. her friends and family love her very much. if anybody knows anything, please contact the fayetteville police department. >> the army says bordeaux sent a text message saying got home safely but the family believes she never really made it back to her apartment. local police have searched that apartment and bordeaux's vehicle. now the scandal involving colombian prostitutes and the secret service. agents have a sworn duty to take a bullet for the president but apparently investigators have little trust in their word. lie detector tests are now being ordered for the officers who
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range from newbies to longtime veterans. tell us about it. >> reporter: as you know the president has been back in the state for more than a week. questions about this are going to continue as the investigation unfolds. white house press secretary jay carney was asked about this in yesterday's briefing. he says the president has confidence in the director of the secret service and responded quickly in response to this incident and that he's taking part in this investigation that's unfolding. so they are standing behind director sullivan. i should mention on the other side of the aisle at least one republican representative peter king who was the chairman of the homeland security committee on the house side has said that he doesn't hold mark sullivan responsible for this at all. he's reiterated that support saying he's acting quickly. and mitt romney, the presumptive republican nominee, has just commented on this a few minutes ago in a radio interview. he said the president has confidence in the secret service
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as do i. i believe that the right corrective action will be taken here. romney went on to say that of course everyone is disappointed in what the secret service has alleged to have done, these members over in colombia. >> all right. thank you very much. in just about ten minutes from now we'll talk to a reporter on the main news source in colombia giving us the view within the country. here's what else is happening a this morning. mitt romney is boasting new endorsements from the top republicans in the white house and the senate. john boehner and mitch mcconnell respectively. the support is growing outside of the beltway as well. according to a cnn/roc poll, 44% of people questioned say they have a favorable view of the presumptive nominee. that's up ten percentage points from february. billionaire warren buffett
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says he feels great and is downplaying his diagnosis of stage 1 prostate cancer. he notified shareholders of his condition yesterday and told them it is not life threatening. he says he'll begin daily radiation treatments this summer. as early as today george zimmerman could have a new judge in his murder case. the orlando sentinel is reporting circuit court judge will step down. the attorney defending zimmerman in the trayvon martin shooting made the request because the judge is married to a partner in the firm of local attorney providing legal analysis to us here at cnn. ted nugent is backing off what he said about president obama and his administration. the rocker, nra activist and romney backer said he would be dead or in jail if obama is re-elected. that part of his rant reportedly got the secret service's attention. nugent says he didn't threaten anyone and he slammed his critics. >> i'm a black jew at a nazi
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clan rally. there are some power abusing, corrupt monsters in our federal government that despise me because i have the audacity to speak the truth. >> the romney campaign put out a statement saying the candidate believes everyone needs to be civil. another rocker isn't ranting. he's relieved and thankful. tom petty and his band had their hearts broken when someone stole five guitars, three vintage models from the 1960s. police found all of them and arrested and booked a security guard for grand theft. across much of the south it may be too much of a good thing. the region is getting much needed rain but the downpours have been so strong and ground so parched that some areas are dealing with flooding. meteorologist rob marciano is in the weather center. be careful what you pray for, right, rob? >> often you get it at one time.
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looking at the rainfall amounts with this system that caused flooding over the past 24 to 48 hours we saw some areas we got 6 to 8 inches across parts of north central louisiana and this rainfall is heading off toward the north and toward the east. also needed in georgia. we'll take it. atlanta back through athens getting over toward augusta you are getting it stretching up across the appalachian mountain range. d.c. getting a little bit of rainfall also. a little pulse of rain from from minneapolis back through green bay. that will get into chicago with a clap of thunder there and threat for seeing some rain also across parts of california. as far as the good news that you mentioned, the drought in eastern texas and western louisiana is officially over. there was some isolated flooding because of the rainfall that came at a quick pace. for the month of march, a foot of rain above what they are at in louisiana. monroe to ten inches. shreveport 7.67.
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mt. pleasant, 6.57 inches of rain. drought gone there but flooding issues in spots. ouldn't be too bad by this time tomorrow. zoraida? >> thank you, rob. coming up, brand new details on that widening secret service sex scandal and investigation. we're now learning agents are being offered lie detector tests and had visited a brothel. we're live in colombia with that story. also, a million dollar lottery winner charged with welfare fraud. michigan officials said she kept getting benefits along with her ining winnings. warren buffett advises investors he has prostate cancer. how he plans to fight it just ahead. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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checking our top stories. the l. "the l.a. times" just released on its website, gruesome photos which we have blurred. the u.s. military is condemning the release and conducting an investigation. gsa officials face a third day of grilling on capitol hill beginning in the next hour. a senate panel takes up wasteful and lavish spending by the government agency and its fiscal budget for 2013. a million dollar lottery winner has been charged with welfare fraud. amanda clayton is accused of refusing to report her earnings for michigan officials. >> she said she called the
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welfare office and they don't return your phone calls. what are you supposed to do? >> she tried to report it? >> she tried to report it. >> clayton faces two felony counts. we'll find out today the third and final winner of that record $656 million mega millions jackpot. the loucky person will receive check for $218 million. the big presentation will take place in the small town of red bud, illinois, at 11:00 eastern. a colombian brothel at the center of a prostitution scandal rocking the secret service. a source tells us 11 agency members already under investigation went to the play club. their clearances have also been pulled. i'm joined now by a reporter with colombia reports. first of all, welcome. thanks for being with us this morning. >> good morning, zoraida.
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hello. >> so what can you tell us about this brothel? >> well, zoraida, it has long been a prostitution hub so these kinds of destinations are extremely common. it is legal where these destinations are found. it's a typical strip club with added services. men can go and watch women dance. if they can't anything extra, they can pay to take the women out of the club back to their hotels. although this is being portrayed as a seedy destination in the u.s. and european media, it's not. drinks are expensive. around $20 to $75 a bottle. dances cost $40. that's expensive colombian standards. you can hire private rooms which
9:19 am
are described as nice and comfortable for the best moments of your party. >> there are reports that the secret service members not only visited that brothel but revealed their identities. do you have anymore information on that? >> well, zoraida, yes. as we know there are reports that the agents and soldiers bragged to the women that we're to protect obama. there's no more reports coming out on whether that's true. we may find out more given new news that the women that were taken back to the hotel left their colombian identity documents with the hotel reception. that's quite a common practice where prostitutes are allowed donto enter hotels between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. so now that colombian investigators have those details, we have u.s. investigators right now checking out the details of those identities and looking for the women. so hopefully should they be found they'll be the ones that can tell us just how much obama security was compromised with any information the men gave them. >> now, i know you say you were
9:20 am
surprised at how brazen the secret service members allegedly were. can you explain that and why? >> well, i mean, i have to say i wasn't surprised that prostitutes were being engaged by members of the secret service. they have high standards of behave but i think it's naive to believe those aren't broken. but i do think it was extremely brazen in the days before obama even arrived. the first official visit to colombia and they take 21 women back to the hotel where they are staying. that's a level of audacity i think would shock anyone. i mean, colombians i have to say aren't surprised. american tourists have a strong reputation here as coming to the country to take drugs and sleep with women, particularly prostitutes and colombians i speak to are not surprised.
9:21 am
they say they sleep with prostitutes. as far as they are concerned, this isn't embarrassing for colombia but embarrassing for the u.s. >> interesting to see the perspective in colombia. thanks for your time. a health care for billionaire warren buffett. he says he's now fighting cancer. his prognosis coming up. two men want to take this guy to court. he's the executive producer of "the bachelor." they claim race plays a role in who gets on that show.
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billionaire warren buffett
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reveals that he's facing prostate cancer. it is stage 1 and was spotted earlier. elizabeth cohen joins us this morning. buffett and his doctors say they'll begin radiation in mid july. >> if you look at men diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer, 99% of them are alive five years later. it's because prostate cancer grows very, very slowly and stage 1 means that it hasn't left the prostate. it's really well contained within the prostate. so his prognosis really is very, very good. >> he said he was starting his treatment in the summer. what kind of treatment will he be getting and i suppose it's okay to wait that long? >> it is okay to wait that long. not clear why he's waiting that long. doctors we've talked to said that it's not a terrible thing to wait that long. he'll get radiation. that's not an uncommon treatment and what happens is that he'll go in about once a day for five
9:25 am
days a week and you get the radiation and most men are able to carry on their daily lives and go to work and what not. often they don't feel much of an effect. this radiation again is every day for five days. so it does curtail your ability to travel. that would be about it. >> we just put a graphic up. i suppose it was showing different options and treatment from prostate cancer. can you talk to us about those? >> there are many different treatments for options for prostate cancer. there's radiation, which is what he's doing. there's surgery, which is what some men do. they just have the prostate gland removed. and also there's something called watchful waiting. this surprises a lot of people. sometimes when men have stage 1 prostate cancer they don't do anything. they have the doctor watch the cancer. see how it is doing and that's because treatment for prostate cancer can do more harm than the cancer itself. the treatment like radiation that he's going to be getting, that can cause incontinence, it can cause impotence and some men
9:26 am
say i don't want to mess with that. this cancer probably isn't going to do me any harm. i'll just watch and wait and see if it gets worse. it's hard to make these decisions about what to do if you go to we have an article that explains all of the different options and thinking behind what options to choose. >> his options, ones he chose, anything to do with his age at all? >> this is an option that is often chosen by older men. he's 81. younger men sometimes try to do surgery instead. it does have something to do with his age most likely. >> all right. elizabeth cohen, as usual, thank you very much for the information. we're following breaking news this morning for you. new pictures of u.s. troops in afghanistan posing with the bodies of suicide bombers. the military is now in damage control. introducing gold choice. the freedom you can only get from hertz to keep the car you reserved or simply choose another. and it's free. ya know, for whoever you are that day. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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opening bell ringing on wall street. stocks set for a lower open today as investors wait the latest round of corporate
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earnings. checking top stories, "l.a. times" just released gruesome photos on its website which we have blurred. they are showing u.s. soldiers posing with body parts of afghan suicide bombers. a soldier provided the photos to them. the u.s. military is condemning the release and also conducting an investigation. billionaire investor warren buffett says he'll begin radiation treatments this summer for his newly discovered prostate cancer. he told shareholders that he feels great and stage 1 diagnosis is not life threatening. gsa officials face a third day of grilling on capitol hill beginning in the next hour. a senate panel takes up wasteful spending by the government agency and its fiscal budget for the next year. with gas prices up nearly 19% this year, president obama is unveiling his plan to help consumers and put an end to a practice he says are driving those prices higher. christine roman joins me. we're always talking about this. is it a ploy or tactic or election year.
9:31 am
>> it is an election year and gas prices are high. the president is tapping into voter anger about the high gas prices and trying to say, look, we'll hold speculators accountable for driving up gas prices. when you have gas prices going up, you have people complaining about speculators. the st. louis federal reserve took a look at the beg run-up from 2004 to 2008 with record above $4 a gallon and said that 15% of that rise was oil speculation. the number one driver for oil prices world demand. the world wants to be like the united states. they want to grow big middle classes. people are using energy a lot more energy. fossil fuels. that's the big reason why oil prices are higher. the president is specifically targeting manipulation and speculators. listen. >> we can't afford a situation where speculators artificially
9:32 am
manipulate markets by buying up oil and creating a perception of a shortage and driving prices higher only to flip oil for a quick profit. >> the president wants to limit positions for speculators and go after manipulateors. two different things. speculators are a normal part of doing business. manipulate is different. he wants more power for those that monitor this and his critics say, mostly republicans, say drill more. we need supply. don't go after speculators. we need more supply. you are seeing two different world views and sharp contrast in an election year over this issue. all of these things the president is talking about, any kind of legislation is a divided congress. not expected to go anywhere. >> my big question becomes what do we do? we're caught in the middle. >> that's a really good question. we already see americans adjusting how they behave. we are driving fewer miles. we are taking more public transport. the most recent year 10.4
9:33 am
billion trips on public transport in the u.s. that's the highest since 2008. that's a lot. we're driving more fuel efficient cars and smaller cars. slowly, slowly, people are adjusting because i guess people feel like high gas prices could be here to stay. >> it becomes a game changer for us. all right. christine romans, thank you very much as usual. it's 33 minutes past the hour. in our next hour, wile get reaction to the president's plan from petroleum analyst. that's coming up at 10:15 eastern here"cnn newsroo newsroom". >> this police dog is taking a bite out of crime. take a look at this. how one kentucky car jacker's joyride came to an end. that's ahead for you. plus, pippa middleton may be in hot water over that gun incident in paris but one says she's as important as president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. a look at "time's" list of the 100 most influential people in the world is coming up.
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two men accused reality tv's
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"the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" of excludeing people of color. a.j. hammer is in new york with details. break it down. what is this about? >> zoraida, a couple of would-be bachelors say they were given the brushoff during interviews to be on the show because they're black. one is described in the news release as an aspiring national football league player. they both are african-american and they will seek class action status for this suit according to their lawyers and they are saying that the lawsuit will be filed in a u.s. district court today on behalf of all persons of color who have applied for the role but have been denied the opportunity for selection on the aboutbasis of race. it will be interesting to see who else comes forward and how big this gets. >> they say over a combined
9:39 am
totals of 23 seasons, neither show has had a bachelor or bachelorette of color. >> we asked abc about that. the network is not commenting right now. can you imagine the discovery process in this case? from what i have seen, the internal e-mails that abc have written about the show could become available to the defense and zoraida, we know how people aren't always very careful about what they write in their e-mails. it could lead to some pretty embarrassing revelations down the road. >> interesting reading. you are following the drama on "dancing with the stars." there were duelling dances last night. explain. >> a new format for the show. the judges get a chance to make the final decision. last night they did a danceoff. the show implements this kind of change to avoid the shocking eliminations that we sometimes see on these shows where people who are the fan favorites all through the season suddenly get eliminated. >> i could watch this forever.
9:40 am
i never get to watch it because i'm asleep. i appreciate having it on. thank you. thank you, a.j. you'll be back in the next hour with more showbiz headlines including revelations by a "desperate housewife." what happens when you combine a car jacker and member of a canine unit from the local police? we'll show you what happened just ahead. where can you find bashar al assad, warren buffett, and pippa middleton at the same place at the same time? we'll talk about what it took to make the cut. interviewer: you had several
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species of endangered animals on that bus. but the priceline negotiator saved them all. animal handler:except for joffrey. but he did save me a ton of money. interviewer: how's that? animal handler: that was the day he told us all about priceline... has thousands and thousands of hotels on sale every day. so i can choose the perfect one without bidding. joffrey would have loved this. wouldn't you joffrey?
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43 minutes past the hour. "the l.a. times" has just released gruesome photos on its website which we have blurred showing u.s. soldiers posing with bodies of insurgents. we're learning more about the secret service prostitution scandal. 11 members are being offered lie detector tests after going to a brothel in colombia ahead of the president's trip there they are accused of bringing prostitutes back to their hotel rooms. top of the hour to you. officials face a third day of grilling on capitol hill. a senate panel takes up wasteful and lavish spending by the government agency and looks at its fiscal budget for 2013. a kentucky police chase ends with some help from a four legged friend. look at this.
9:44 am
officers say a car jacker stole a woman's suv and after stopping was attacked by a police dog. officers had to cut through that suspect's shorts to set him free. he was treated for dog bites and then he was hauled off to jail. a rescue crew will resume efforts today to free this gray wail after it began caught in fishing lines off of california. part of that line was around the whale's fin and in its mouth. that has been freed. rescuers say the whale is actually in good health. and it is that time again. time magazine has just named its 100 most influential people in the world for 2012. take a look at the cover. "time's" editors pair down a long list of names. some you have never heard of before. others you might be tired of hearing of. we have "time's" assistant managing editor. is that list in any particular order? >> we put it in categories. moguls, leaders, visionaries.
9:45 am
groups of people depending on the type of influence that they have. >> all right. the list is super varied. adele is on there. both obamas with warren buffett and benjamin netanyahu and the woman that created spanx. >> she's one of my personal favorites. >> mine too by the way. >> first female billionaire. a lot of women on the list this year as well. influence can come in many different shapes and forms across a variety of fields. economics, politics, arts, culture. the way we think about influence is someone who is really pard paradigm shifting in their area. we try to look for people whose influence has legs. >> you mention women. there are a lot of women on the list this year. probably more than ever before. is that coincidental?
9:46 am
>> i think this has been building for a few years now and represents the increase in female power growing across the world. we have female leaders abroad and at home and business leaders which reflects as we had in a recent "time" cover, women have more economic power. >> we think of pippa middleton who has been in the news a lot lately. how do you separate the famous or the notorious from the influential? >> we do have some notorious rogues in our rogues gallery. by in large most of the people who make the list are on it because their influence is in some way positive. it doesn't have to be. we have certain leaders and our rogue gallery. influence can come across a wide variety of field. it's a big party. we invite a lot of people to join. >> let's talk about some of those. bashar al assad, kim jong-un on there. so not a popularity contest.
9:47 am
>> absolutely not a popularity contest. influence doesn't have to be positive. these are important leaders that are changing world events and shifting abroad. it's important they be on the list. >> you have readers vote on the top 100 and they chose the internet hacking group unanimous. did that one surprise you? >> it did a little bit. you know, when you think about it, maybe not because again in the age of the internet and social media people can grab influence and do with it what they will. i think that really reflects this. >> and then the burning question is the person of the year on this list? >> well, our person of the year this year was the protester and while that person is not on the list, it's not one person, there are a lot of people who are involved in protesting for women's rights abroad, for education for children, so in a way yes. in terms of next year, i won't reveal that. >> that's what i wanted to know. i figure you work on that very
9:48 am
early. all right. >> we start. we start. >> thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. it's a huge decision for a college senior. >> here's the deal. >> this is it. this is the moment that will change our lives forever. >> senior formal. i got to thinking, who am i going to take? >> my goodness. how about knicks star jeremy lin. wait until you hear this student's video coming up in sports. my hair. [ female announcer ] weak, damaged hair needs new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. active naturals wheat formulas restore strength for up to 90% less breakage in three washes. for strong, healthy hair with life, new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. [ male announcer ] the cadillac cts sport sedan was designed with near-perfect weight balance from front to back... and back to front. ♪ giving you exceptional control
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the sun shines, sends energy through fphotons. that converts in to electricity and it's powering all the devices in your home. if you actually produce more solar than you use, you'll send a little bit of that back out to the grid and your electric meter will actually spin backwards. you get a credit for that time from your electric company. at night when you're not producing electricity, you're pulling the leb trisielectricite grid. most homes are hybrids. they have a part of electricity from the company and a part from solar. the affordability of it has really gotten to be on a different level in the last several years. leasing opens up a whole new class of consumers that just weren't available to solar. they may want to go solar, they may want to go green, they may
9:53 am
want to be more independent from the their utility company, but they didn't want to spend the money. >> i'd like to produce my own electricity if i could. so the best thing i could do was put solar bepanel up. hoping to say 40% on my electric bill. with the lease, the maintenance is done for the next 20 years. i don't have to worry about it. it just made sense, economic sense. high gas prices got you fuming mad? president obama's blaming oil speculator speculators. he wants more federal supervision of oil markets. but would that help or hurt you at the gas pump? and what about the oil companies? we'll talk with a senior petroleum analyst in our next hour. my job is to find the next big sound.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
we are just about to wrap up the first hour of newsroom, but before we head to jeff, i want to hand over the reins to my colleague, don lemon. >> look at us working together again. old pals from chicago. worked together many moons ago. good to see you. have a great morning. jeff, jamie moyer is giving hope for us old guys. i love it. >> you know, you didn't just win one for the ages, he won one for the anyoimless. jamie moyer becomes the oldest major league pitcher to ever win
9:57 am
a game. he was masterful against the padres. rockies go on to win. won his first major league win june 16th, 1986. six of his teammates were not even born yet. many thought he would retire, but he said it's the only thing he has every done and can still live the dream. ozzie guillen back managing the marlins after a five game suspension for his pro fidel castro comments. no formal protests outside the park. attendance was small. marlins star ramirez sent the fans home happy with a mammoth three run homer that broke the tie in the eighth. set off that hideous statue out there. fish beat the cubs 5-2. the nfl schedule is out. here are the games fans are already buzzing about. opening sunday night game, broncos hosting the steelers.
9:58 am
broncos now have peyton manning instead of tim tebow. cam newton where we expect robert griffin iii as their new quarterback. and what team likes the jets. a. and last night, nhl playoffs, vicious hit on hossa. have been a penal it i. hossa taken to the hospital, later released and sent home. game decided in overtime. there you see hossa on the ground. right in and that's what wins. phoenix takes a 2-1 lead in the series. finally, a wherein oig-vitation. a saenor at william and mary is
9:59 am
asking jeremy hin oig senior formal. she and lin may not have much in common on the court as you'll see here, she's not much of a hoops player, but she did make a creative video which includes an assist from her college president. >> come on down to william and mary, jeremy. come see the beauties of the colonial capital. and meet our women. >> thank you. so there you have it. jeremy, will you be my date to formal? >> we don't know if jeremy lin will say yes or no, but we do know the william and mary president is very proud of the women on his campus. >> did he say meet our women? >> he did. >> lin-nou gchgh already. good morning, everyone. i'm don lemon. carol is on assignment. happening right now, breaking news to tell you about. new pictures of u.s. troops in
10:00 am
afghanistan posing with the bodies of suicide bombers. this morning the military in full damage control. suspicions and concern. ft. bragg, north carolina today, looking for one of its own after a mysterious disappearance where a 23-year-old army private kelly bordeaux, where is she? scandal, shocker. brand new details this morning on that widening secret service investigation iks we're now learning the agents will now take lie detector tests. >> and you might need a small loan to fill up at the gas station in california or anywhere else really. look at how much a gallon of supreme will suck out of your wallet. $6.01 per gallon. coming up, we'll ask a pa control ypatrol why am analyst is president obama's plan will help. newsroom begins right now. we begin with breaking news. a new scandal is erupting for the u.s. military in
10:01 am
afghanistan. there are trophy photos showing u.s. soldiers posing with and mocking the bodies of suicide bombers. first, two disclaimers. cnn has not independently authenticate the photos and second, they are very graphic. these images published in the "los angeles times" website just a short time ago are more than ghoulish and we have blurred them. that's soldiers holding the obliterated legs of suicide bombers. previous scandals like this have fueled violent retaliation against u.s. troops. given the high stakes, the "l.a. times" defends its decision to publish saying after careful consideration, we decided that publishing a small but representative selection of the photos would fulfill or obligation to readers to report vigorously and impartially on all aspects of the mission in afghanistan. barbara starr at the pentagon for us. good morning.
10:02 am
military leaders condemned the images. tell us what you know. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, in your e-mail inbox this morning, there were statements from top commanders already condemning this before the "l.a. times" even published the photographs. full damage control trying to get ahead of the story. and it began perhaps with george little, the spokesman for leon panetta saying secretary panetta strongly rejects the conduct depicted in these two-year-old photographs. these image do pot represent the values of the vast majority of u.s. troops. he goes on to say an investigation is under way. this incident apparently took place back in 2010 in eastern afghanistan. the "l.a. times" say they were given the photos by a soldier who wanted to draw attention to what he felt was the possible breakdown of discipline in those
10:03 am
army units. that said, you saw the l.a. times response that it felt it had an obligation to bring this to the public's attention. we have seen these types of incidents before in afghanistan. they go back been years. there was the so-called kill team photos in southern afghanistan when an army yunt w unit was engaged in misconduct will. we saw the marine corps video urinating on dead bodies. we saw the koran burning. that's one with its deep religious implications that sparked the most violence. and of course we've recently seen the ranlgic death of 17 afghan civilians allegedly at the hands of u.s. army staff sergeant robert bales. so these cases are always investigated and it will remain to be seen whether anyone is brought to discipline. they have to find out if these people are even still in the army. >> interesting.
10:04 am
okay. so are they releasing the names, have any of the soldiers been identified? >> well, they may well be identified inside the army. usually i have to tell you, when these cases come up, these young troops think about they keep their sun glasses and helmets on, nobody's going to figure out who they are. the army, marine corps has a way of figuring out who you are. they usually figure it out pretty quick. those names have not been released yet. and if they get so-called administrative punishment, a letter of reprimand, some kind of punishment sort of criminal activity, which by all accounts it's not, those names are not likely to be made public. >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you very much. we'll go now to afghanistan and cnn's nick payton walsh. nick, i want to know what you're hearing on the ground now. >> reporter: this really comes after a very, very difficult three months for the nato
10:05 am
campaign here. we do more often than i'm sure the general would like receive statements from him apologizing for the misconduct or alleged misconduct of his troops here. as barbara says, marines urinating on bodies, and the staff sergeant. so a negative tone for the presence here. yet to see how afghans will react to these images. publishing only two of 18 allegedly from two separate incidents not far from where i'm standing. in which these two suicide -- instances in which suicide bombers remains were as you saw held up almost astro if is by these u.s. soldiers. and with these incidents coming to light, there are concerns that they're the tip of an iceberg and certainly afghan's questioning the level of conduct
10:06 am
and professionalism of some americans on the ground here. it is actually the case that this number of pictures seem to emerge towards the end of this long war. >> nick payton walsh, thank you. if history is any guide, insurgents will waste no time in seizing upon the photos. our next guest is all too familiar with the battle of hearts and minds in afghanistan. he's a former cia operative and he joins us from berkeley, california. you heard both of our reporters there talking about winning the hearts and minds, reaction here in the united states and of course in afghanistan. what's your reaction when you see these aim thiimages and to that there are more? >> i'm connecting these to the attacks on kabul and other parts of afghanistan last couple days. and i think the situation there is going from bad to worse. i know general petraeus was out there and he got a very grim briefing from the cia station.
10:07 am
that we could be leaving there on helicopter pads if things continue to go down. it's incidents like these with which are dividing american troops from the the afghans. and i just don't see it getting better. of course this is an isolated event. it's not the end of the world. but about if continues on, we'l a difficult time stabilizing this country before 2014. >> and as we're speaking here, i want the viewers to know what they're seeing. we're looking at the photographs now and that particular photograph, that's soldiers and a few civilians, as well, holding up legs that have been blurred. let's think about the time line that's supposed to be 2014 that they will start withdrawing most of the troops except for support troops out of afghanistan. if incidents like this continue and we see there have been a string of them, is this going to
10:08 am
move -- force the administration, force the military to move that time line up because they can't win over the hearts and minds of people in afghanistan? >> you know, getting into one of these wars are very easy. this started this october of 2001 and it's mission creep and it's very difficult for a white house to walk away from this especially when the same people that attacked us on 9/11 are going to come back. a politician to say, hey, let's forget about it, let's hope for the best, let's leave. and this is the problem facing the white house. they cannot be seen to be losing a war. and it doesn't really matter that we've never really won the war. it's just morphed into a quagmire. so i don't think we'll speed it up. we'll just hope for the best and try to get better control of the military and hope that the
10:09 am
afghans are will be able to take it this over. and i'm not very confident, though. >> robert, i want to put up of past incidents that have happened. those are the kill team photos. and then the urinating on corpse, the occur ran burning and then the massacre. can we talk about our men and women in uniform, most of them young people thrown in this situation, not say that anything condoned what they were doing, but these are young people who face extraordinary peril and tragedies and see it every single day in a war zone. can you speak to that, not that there's anything right with what's in these images? >> you're right. these are 19, 20-year-olds. they've been pulled out of some nice city where they've been living, sent into the military, they get mortared every day in afghanistan, ieds going off. they're wounded.
10:10 am
they don't even have -- no contact with the local afghans. and will this is not surprising and you tat all. i'm surprised it didn't happen more often. i think our military has been extraordinarily disciplined in afghanistan considering the nature of the conflict, just how hostile the afghans have become. so obviously this is an exception and it's terrible, but thank god it is the exception. >> all right. robert, thank you very much. former cia operative in the middle east joining us with this latest scandal to come out of afghanistan. the photos from 2010. so what is the solution to those high prices at the gas pump? president obama says it is putting a stop to speculators. a parole yum etroleum analyst j with his thoughts. and this army sergeant missing and possibly in danger. she got spooked while getting a ride home from a bar.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
live to washington. looking at live pictures from a senate panel hearing in to gsa wasteful spending. this is the third day by the way the gsa officials have faced a grilling by lawmakers. taxpayer outrage has boiled over with the release of video clips from a lavish 2010 las vegas conferences. you've seen them. outrageous video. want to go now to the scandal involving the secret service. lie detector tests are now being offered for the officers who range from newbies to long time
10:14 am
veterans. athena, what a scandal this is blowing in to. the administration is defending the agency and the director. tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right. the president is set to travel to ohio later today to talk about job training initiatives at a community college, but not surprisingly, they can't dodge any questions here. a lot of questions about the secret service incident and jay carney was asked about it yesterday and he said the president has confidence in the director, mark sullivan, and that he's investigating the matter. director sullivan has also gotten support from new york congressman peter king who is the care man of the homeland security committee on the house side. he told piers morgan that he has confidence in mark sullivan, doesn't hold him responsible for this at all, and that he acted very effectively in jumping to deal with this. no too long ago, mitt romney talked about this issue in a radio interview.
10:15 am
romney said that the president has confidence in the secret service as do i, and i believe the right corrective action will be taken there. romney went on to say that of course everyone's very disappointed in these stories and that they're uncharacteristic of the secret service. >> and i spoke with peter king it this week as well and he wanted to point out that for laws were broken. because in parts of colombia, prostitution is legal. but what he wanted to stress, athena, was that they certainly went against the code of conduct. so while there is no press department with resident with this, these people will probably face severe punishment. >> reporter: we know they've had their security clearances revoked. himself heard jay carney say generally speaking the work that the secret service does is exemplary as a rule. they put their lives on the line. it's a difficult job. and the president acknowledges that and appreciates that.
10:16 am
so certainly this is not -- it's a stain on the secret service and lot of agents disappointed of course about the rep putatio that they're getting, but we'll the white house will make sure the people are published appropriately if it turns out to be rue. >> athena jones, thank you. you have seen it, you have felt it in your wallets. gas prices near record highs. topping $6 at this station in california. president obama unveiling his plan to help you pay less at the pump. >> we can't afford a situation where some speculators can reap millions while millions of american families get the short end of the stick. >> the president is talking about speculators, people who he says are manipulating oil markets and driving prices higher. patrick dehaun is a senior
10:17 am
petroleum analyst. patrick, thank you. so speculators only account for 15% of oil prices. is the obama administration focusing on the the right or wrong thing? >> well, i certainly think it's tackling the issue. and certainly one of the issues in high oil prices is speculation. there's so many other things that go in to it. my question is are we looking at the right things. and only the right things. i think there's so many different things that we can list behind the reason for high oil prices. speculation certainly a good issue to tackle and the president outlining a few factors. certainly will do good things at least a start. of course the question is this political. and of course it is. it's an election year and obviously the president looking to score with the voters. but beyond that, is this the only issue here? i think in addition to speculation, i think some of the government's own regulations are behind the high prices, as well.
10:18 am
and that's something we haven't really talked about. >> and there are other things besides speculation that drive up gas prices, correct? >> certainly. and that's how we've gotten here. springtime is when gas prices go up the most. and that's why we're here is because these government regulations every year by the epa, the clean air act that we switch over to summer gasoline, i think that's a lot of the reason for the increase. so we're talking about speculators, something that's going on year-round and we're not really focused at all on government regulations that are also costing motorists at the pump. >> you mentioned the politics of it. and of course each size will seize on it, the left will say the president is only trying to help the voter, the american. and then the right will say this is strictly for political reasons. republicans are expressing hair doubts about the president's plans. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hads some to say. he said if i were to guess, i'd
10:19 am
say today's proposal by the president polls pretty well, but i guarantee you it won't do a thing to lower the price of gas at the pump. so the administration has hit the obama administration on drilling and exploration delays and all those things are going into playing of the politics of will whole issue. >> it is. it's very interesting, though. obama's the incumbent here. he's the one trying to get back. so he really has to sell himself a lot with this whole gas price situation. something that has spiralled out of control. everybody cites the fact when obama came into office, prices were much lower. so he has to take care of this and that's why even mitt romney hasn't said a whole lot about what he would do with gas prices. romney disagrees with gingrich that $2.50 gas is even possible. but a lot of what we're seeing is just speculation. it's certainly something that we do have to look at. the ease of being able to trade
10:20 am
oil and to buy into oil commodities. and i could sit here and pull out a laptop computer myself and i can contribute to volatility. >> you're going way into the weeds here. patrick, we appreciate it. and gas, it would be great when gas is really our bud it buddy in the future. and from gas prices to unemployment. president obama is talking about the economy today as he heads to ohio state. that could be critical in his bid for re-election. cnn will have the comments live for you around 2:30 eastern this afternoon. still to come, man accused in plotting to blow up the new york city subway takes the stand. a live report from new york coming up. and we nova necessary a williams as a beauty queen, a pop star, now an actress, a singer. but she's also getting very personal in a memoir and what she reveals is pretty shocking. . good, 'cause it's date night.
10:21 am
find me a store that sells organic mushrooms for my risotto. [siri] this organic market looks pretty close to you. how many ounces in a cup? [siri] this might answer your question. oh, i knew that. still to come, man accused personal in a memoir and what e [siri] here's your reminder. shall i create it? yeah...unless you like hotspacho. siri? [siri] sam. you can take the night off. [siri] if you say so.
10:22 am
10:23 am
fayetteville, north carolina. police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing ft. bragg soldier, also planning a ground search. 23-year-old kelly bordeaux was last seen leaving a bar with an employee. her family says she got spooked during that ride and told the driver to let her out before she got home. and bordeaux was reported missing on monday morning when she failed to report for duty. >> she's an amazing soldier. being a soldier to kelly is something she wouldn't jeopardize for anything. missing work is for the something that is in character
10:24 am
for kelly. her friends and family love her very much. if anybody knows anything, please contact the fayetteville police department. >> the army says bordeaux sent a text message saying got home safely, but the family believes she never really made it back to her apartment. local police are not confirming that report and though they say the private may be in danger, they are not saying for now that foul play may be involved. the masser mind of a 2009 plot to blow up several new york city subway stations is back on the stand today in a trial that pits the would-be terrorist against his high school classmate. susan candiotti tracking the developments for us. zazi has confessed to the attack, but what does he say specifically about the incident so far? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, it's been fascinating to watch how this would-be
10:25 am
terrorist, a new york city street vendor who used to sell coffee on the street as, to talk about how he became radicalized and how he and two of his friends planned to pack explosives on their backs and carry these backpacks into new york city subway rains. and blow themselves up. he and another friend have already pleaded guilty, but the third says he's not a terrorist. this man talks about how they became radicalized in pakistan, originally wanted to stay in afghanistan and fight american forces will. but they were convinced by al qaeda operatives to, no, come back to the united states and do something here. he said, quote, we were told to go back to america and carry out a martyrdom to die for a cause. they decided to do it after watching all kinds of suicide bomber videos that glorified
10:26 am
those missions and al qaeda wanted them to do the same thing in the united states. >> what can we expect today? >> reporter: well, today while he's on the stand, he'll be talking more it's expected about how they put -- went about getting explosives training and how they then came to the united states and put these bombs together. and how it was quite by chance really that the fbi found out about something in the works just literally days before this was supposed to happen in september of 2009. >> and what about his demeanor? >> reporter: this man is cool, calm and collected as he almost emotionlessly describes all the steps he took and also interesting to see the interaction between him and one of his friends watching him there, the man who is on trial. and so we expect to get a lot more detail about what happened
10:27 am
while he was in the united states before this plan was to be carried out. >> susan candiotti on trial watch for us. thank you, we appreciate it. still to come here on cnn, ted nugent rocks, rolls, he reeks of truth according to him. and he rants to the point where the secret service reportedly is looking into some things he said about president obama. our political buzz panel weighs in. and more fallout in the bobby if a petrino scandal. the young woman who had the relationship with him has quit her job. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
10:28 am
10:29 am
here they are, your headlines. the "l.a. times" has released on
10:30 am
its website gruesome photos which we've blurred here showing u.s. soldiers posing with body parts of afghan suicide bombers. the times says a soldier provided the photos. u.s. military is condemning the release and conducting an investigation. let's take you live to washington. live pictures from a at sosenat panel here manage to wasted gsa spending. the taxpayer outrage is boiling over with the release of a lavish 2010 las vegas conference. the woman at the center of the bobby petrino scandal has quit her job at the university of arkansas. jessica dorrell will receive a $14,000 settlement from the university. perino was fired last week from his as head football coach. he never told them about their relationship when he recommended her for a job.
10:31 am
and 49-year-old jamie moyer has become the oldest pitcher to win a major league baseball game. he's not that old, come on. the rockies starter pitched seven innings against the padres last night without giving up ap ea an earned run. his first win came in june of 1986. six of his current colorado rockies teammates were not even born yet. they were just babies. all right. political buzz now. your rapid fired look he best political topics of the day. three questions, count them, three. 30 seconds on the clock. playing today, maria cor can tona. crystal wright is on the right. let's see if i can get her in trouble again.
10:32 am
and arab-american comedy festival, he'll make us laugh. >> i'll rtry. >> are you ready? let's start with the romney refresh. a new cnn poll shows voters are will to go give romney a fresh look now that he'll likely be the nominee. listen to stephen colbert. >> it is finally happening. america is falling in love with the idea of liking mitt romney. and they just can get exactly enough of him. in fact, today's gallop tracking poll has him beating obama by five points. and it might be more since mitt hides some of his points in cayman islands. >> okay. all kidding aside, what should romney do now that he has a clean slate of sorts? crystal first. >> what romney should do is what he is continuing to do,
10:33 am
remindings american people that president barack obama has no record to run on. and really the joke is on the president. and romney is the candidate of opportunity and this is why he's inching up in the polls and edging out president obama. he's reminding the american people that hope and change, that ain't working out. per scissors tent high unemployment, run away debt and spending and, oh, yeah, that little thing called obamacare could be found unconstitutional by the supreme court. >> i guess that buzzer means you're done. maria. >> well, romney is going to need to hope that voters are either stupid or that they have a short term amnesia. because it's going to be very difficult for him to really etch a sketch his way to voters ooef minds after he has been so right wing in terms of the policies he's had to embrace in order to gain the nomination. president obama will continue to talk about his great record on creating jobs and helping the
10:34 am
middle class and helping the working class while mitt romney will continue to embrace those right wing policies which frankly will take us exactly back to the place that caused the recession in the first place. >> she got an etch a sketch reference in there. let's see about if you can get a war on something in there. give us something. >> i'll try. if mitt romney is watching, here's my advice. try to stick to a position for the entire campaign. that's one thing. many people didn't like george bush, but at least they knew what he stood for. mitt romney is this me, too, candidate. he's slippery than an e chltel olive oil. and don't put your dog on the roof of the car and don't say in the south you like grits and in the north you like cars. stick to your principles. win or lose on your principles. >> you guys are going over a little bit. when that buzzer -- you're
10:35 am
supposed to stop when that buzzer. i'm going to hold you to it. so president obama re-election campaign is planning to run ads in spanish in colorado, nevada and florida three battleground states. obama won about 67% of the hispanic vote in 2008. does this ad campaign suggest that he'll have to work harder to win that block this time around? maria. >> he's a 67% right now with latino voters and it's because he's actually talking to them respectfully and in a humane way about the you issues that latinos care most about. education, health care, the economy, jobs and yes immigration. while mitt romney is going around having people as advisers like pete wilson and he's out looking for the approval of joe arpaio.
10:36 am
>> i'll give you ten extra seconds if you could have done it in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] s >> perfect. that's how should you have done it. dean, go for it. [ speaking spanish. >> rosetta stone is what i've been learning. maria is right, when you look at the poll numbers, obama is leading three to five to one over mitt romney. it will be mitt romney's issue about being against the dream act, supporting arizona's immigration laws. at the end of the day, itle come down to independent voters and what do they think on those issues. so he has the latino vote sewed pretty well. independents might go either way. >> crystal. >> i think the president should get a record to run on to connect with all voters, including hispanic voters, women, white voters, black
10:37 am
voters. but back to the hispanic voters, disapproval ratings for barack obama have inched up over 51% i think. they don't think he's doing a good job. and those include has panic and latino voters. so maybe the president should start doing magic tricks to convince voters that she get another four years to get us out of the mess that he made worse and worse and worse. >> look at that she did it with four seconds left. buzzer beater. no one has ever accused nra leader ted new against of being a meek wall floweflower. listen. >> if you want more of those kinds of evil anti-american people in the supreme court, then don't get involved and let obama take office again because i tell you this, it if barack obama becomes the president in november again, i will either be
10:38 am
dead or in jail by this time next year. >> he denies he was making any lets and that he reeks with truth and people who did disagree with him are i had ydi. mitt romney doesn't have to address this, does he? >> no, he doesn't. his cam been issued a statement, they said it was offensive, and you know what, let's hold barack obama accountable for bill maher who gave $1 million to barack obama's super pac. and we know maher has called sarah palin and her daughter the c word. all sorts of awful things that you wouldn't even kiss your mother with a mouth like that. so when the president of the -- >> that's it. >> wants to distance himself from bill maher -- >> sorry. that's the rules. go ahead, maria. >> yes, absolutely he needs to come out and say something. and his silence is deafening.
10:39 am
because ted nugent clearly anybody with a brain knows exactly what he was referring to. and i'm glad the secret service is looking into it because it's down right scary what he said. he also talked about this administration doing something unspeakable with the constitution that i can't really describe on your family friendly show, don. so, yes, he needs to come out and say something. it's vile. >> why would anyone with a brain even pay attention to something that ted nugent said? wouldn't you just be like whatever? >> i agree, but do we get to choose, does he go jail or death, is that our option? i'd like to put to a vote of americans. if it was death, his albums will finally sell again. i agree with crystal, we can't have -- candidates should have to be held for what they say, not what every supporter says. if you're paid by the campaign or asked to speak, okay, maybe. but this apology war is ridiculous. >> all right. we'll stop this right here. you guys are good sports.
10:40 am
always appreciate. new numbers surprise surprise show the rich are getting even richer faster. how does your paycheck compare? a closer look at america's pay disparity is coming up. and vanessa williams very personal secrets revealed. you think you take off all your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. [ director ] cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 days -- it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things.
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desperate housewives star vanessa williams star gets very personal in her new memoir which she co-wrote with her mother. she revealed she was know molested when she was 10. >> the book is titled you have into idea and it's pretty easy to understand how she came up with the name. she reveals she had an abortion in high school and called it the most frightening they think in your life. she seems to be telling all. as don mentioned, vanessa wrote the book with her mom and she's revelations were even a shock to her. her mother said she had no idea that she was molested until they were working on the book together and the book also explores that nude photo shoot that vanessa had when she was 19 and how those pictures wound p in penthouse magazine and of course cost her the title of miss america. thankfully that whole thing didn't seem to hurt her very long and fruitful career one
10:44 am
bit. and you remember back then, people thought it was done for her. >> and very interesting how she has just overcome so much if her-. she keeps going after that scandal with miss america. people out that she would never come back and she reinvented herself and did. >> sure did. and i think the reason that she's speaking out about now is that she's 49, she's comfortable with who she is, she says she's at the stage where she's learned to embrace her life. and i believe as you well know, it is quite cathartic putting it out there in a book like that. >> and it's not surprising to me that her mother doesn't know about it. usually you just keep it bottled up. thank you, a.j. we'll be watching later on tonight on hln. >> the rich are getting even richer and doing it a lot faster. new labor department figures show the widening pay gap. just ahead, alison kosik with all the numbers. we'll continue to innovate.
10:45 am
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since the end of the recess, the pay gap between the rich and poor has gotten wider. new labor department numbers to tell you about. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange to break it all down. so we know it exists, right, but how big of a gap are we talking about now. >> >> it's really not a huge gap, but really is big enough at this point to make it into quite
10:48 am
the talking point on the campaign trail, whether it's president obama who has made it a recurring theme in his campaign or mitt romney who is calling what president obama is doing as bitter politics of envy. but what seems to be happening is that the rich are getting richer faster than others. there are new figures out from the labor department that show that since the recession, that incomes of the top 10% of workers in this country are up 7%. but then you look at the incomes for the workers at the bottom 10%, and you look at their pay, their pay only rose just 2.5%. keep in mind, though, this trend isn't new. it's really been years in the making at this point. but the gap is becoming more sark. stark. so many still feeling the income divide. just ask one of your neighbors, chances are they're feeling that. >> oh, yeah. an obvious question. what's the cause?
10:49 am
>> you you look at how the economy is moving ahead and the u.s. economy is really changing. and so are the jobs, the kinds of jobs available. that's changing, too. you look at many of the lower skilled, high paying manufacturing jobs, guess what, they're gone. replaced by technology. technology is a huge part of the workplace now. also most big companies are doing business overseas. it's making it more clear these days that education is even more key these days. >> alison kosik, appreciate it. not just a few bad apples. that is a quote, what one of the members of the homeland security committee is saying about secret service agents accused of hiring prostitutes in columb s is in ct it's probably happened before. dana bash's interview right after the break. my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity --
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10:53 am
scandal hitting the white house. dana bash has been following will this story for us. you just spoke with senator susan collins. she says she can't believe this is the first time that this has happened. >> reporter: that's right, she absolutely believes this is cultural. she said but in the first place, part of what has been going on is a little controversy between susan collins and the secret service because she said she was briefed that there were 21 women involved here. and the secret service pushed back on that saying that that's not true. so i'll update you on that. and she basically said that she reviewed her notes, she is standing by her comments. she said in her conversation with the secret service director, he said he had to be swept off the ceiling when he heard about this you because he himself has three daughters and regardless of the number, it is absolutely appalling and she thinks it's cultural. >> it's so difficult for me to
10:54 am
believe that this is the first time that this kind of behavior would have happened. and the reason is it wasn't just one or two personnel. it was 11 secret service personnel and approximately 10 military personnel. that is so troubling. it's not one or two bad apples. and that raises questions about the culture, it raises questions about oversight, and most of all, it raises questions about whether or not this has happened before in other countries on other important missions. >> the other thing that she said is despite secret service saying the agents didn't have the information that would have been necessary frankly to really harm the president, she said that she just doesn't buy that, that anybody who is in these hotels could have put eavesdropping
10:55 am
devices in and that the agents and other personnel who were this colombia already were will to do scouting trips. so she believes she had the plans, maybe not the details, bu bu but enough to have a big problem. >> you pulled scandal patrol today because the other scandal, that you makers beginning the third day in hearings for over the gsa, how they squandered taxpayer money. just ridiculous video. what do you expect to learn today, if anything, new from these hearings? >> reporter: it's going to be different -- it's already under way. you see a live picture. we're told a different approach. in the house, which is controlled by republican ares, they were very, very tough on the witnesses, including now former gsa officials about why they let this happen. the senate which is run by democrats, they're focusing more on how we can fix it for the future and reminding people that this is not just a problem in
10:56 am
the obama administration, spending also went up during the bush years. >> dana bash, appreciate it. time for your daily dose of health news. we've all heard about the power of positive thinking. a study suggests a little positive different can go a long way in fighting heart disease. the study's authors saying in part the most optimistic individuals had an approximately 50% reduced risk of experiencing an initial cardiovascular event compared to their less optimistic peers. and those researchers add people with a better outlook enjoy a variety of benefits including healthier cholesterol and lower blood pressure. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word. you have yet to master the quiet sneeze.
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