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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 19, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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with carol costello. i'll see you back here friday morning at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm carol costello. happening right now in the "newsroom," ten days is how long the head of the secret service has to come up with a full report of what happened in colombia. backstage barbecue. chat nugent chatting with the secret service tonight. he's vowing cooperation. not too dark. an acura ad causing controversy. a casting document coming to light asking for a specific skin toned actor. this morning acura responds. silver spoons and greek columns. the president and mitt romney duking it out at duelling speeches. this morning we ask is it possible to have a civil election? in the pipeline. a new route and chance for the keystone pipeline this morning. a bill fast track that would strip the president of his
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authority to rule on the pipeline. and keeping up with the mayor? after conquering the reality show, perfume, clothes world, she wants to be mayor. can the world ready for kim? "newsroom" begins right now. we begin this hour with the sex scandal involving the president's secret service. lawmakers demanding answers and the clock is ticking. in the meantime, time runs out for three secret service employees caught up in the debacle. cnn's brianna keilar is he white house to fill us in. good morning, brianna. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. right now congress is starting to very much demand answers. this is a letter that has gone from the top republican and top democrat on the house oversight and government affairs committee to mark sullivan, director of the secret service. they want a number of answers
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and they want them by may 1st. they want a detailed description of the misconduct of these alleged misconduct of these 11 agents. they want to know specifically who was involved and not just who was involved but who had timely knowledge. they want to know action taken against the actions involved back to 2002 and know about any disciplinary actions involving any agents on overseas trip since 2007 and also sort of a note in this letter, they want to make sure -- they want to see that the secret service they've investigated have been able to ascertain that all women involved were of age. talking to cnn sources familiar with this investigation, at this point it appears at least by the i.d.s that women turned in that they were of age. lastly, i should also mention
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that there's expected to be a hearing next week wednesday before democratic led senate judiciary committee where secretary of homeland security jan janet n janet will be testifying. one says she didn't know he was a member of the secret service. >> and she then there was this bizarre scene unfolds where she enlists the help of this other prostitute and the other american and they sort of knock on the door. she says they were discrete. weren't trying to make a scene. they spent a couple hours trying to coax this guy to open the door. according to her he wouldn't say a word. and finally she gets fed up and
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goes to leave and then runs into a police officer in the hotel. tells him the story. he goes back with her. you have a bizarre scene where you have two colombian police officers now. the two prostitutes. hotel security guy shows up. at some point more of the americans come out of their hotel rooms. >> that's how the pay dispute came about. the woman says it got even more odd. she says the american men stood in front of the door and tried to block the colombians from knocking on the door and that's when it became more of a police matter. on another note, secret service agents plan to talk today with rocker ted nugent. the meeting follows comments nugent made over the weekend at an nra convention. remarks some took as suggesting violence against president obama. nugent says he welcomes the chance to sit down with agents. >> we actually have heard from the vet service and they have a
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duty and i salute them. i support them. i'm looking forward to our meeting tomorrow. i'm sure it will be a fine gathering. >> nugent will talk to the secret service in oklahoma before he performs at a concert in a bar tonight. divers are searching a north carolina pond this morning following a lead in the case of private first class kelli bordeaux reported missing from duty at ft. bragg on monday. she was given a ride home from bar early saturday morning. he had says her daughter had the driver let her out before she got home. they are stopping short of saying foul play may be involved. >> the information we've received from a unit in command at ft. bragg, very good soldier. not the type of person that would come up being awol or missing. the fact that nobody has heard from her since. >> police are asking anyone with
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information about bordeaux to come forward. a jetblue pilot that acted bizarre during a flight will use an insanity defense at his trial. he had to be restrained by passengers after leaving the cockpit. he's charged with trying to interfere with flight crew members' duties. more prison time for lenny dikestra. one woman says dykstra held a knife to her throat. the smithsonian will hold a ceremony to officially receive the space shuttle "discovery" which arrived in d.c. on tuesday on top of a 747. first step toward being placed on permanent display and replacing the shuttle enterprise. astronaut john glenn will be on hand along with half of the 31 discovery commanders still alive. silver spoons and greek
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columns are part of the presidential race. >> i want born with a silver spoon in my mouth. >> one thing you won't see at the democratic convention. you won't see president obama standing alongside greek columns. he's not going to want to remind anyone of greece. >> and don't forget the duelling dog stories. it's getting nasty. it's just april. more on that coming up. for millions of baby boomers, it was must see tv every saturday. today stars and fans pay tribute to dicclark and the way he changed america's cultural landscape. also still ahead, a new embarrassment for pippa middleton and her in-laws and the entire british royal family. we'll tell you about a raunchy party and the video you were not supposed to see. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
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>> ladies and gentlemen, this is cher. ♪ ♪ this is a different kind of love song dedicated to everyone ♪ >> dick clark a television pioneer and legacy that will live on. the tributes are still pouring in for dick clark. the boyish icon to charmed generations of music lovers with "american bandstand." the ground breaking tv show host not only helped shape the music taste of american teenagers decades before mtv, it launched many music careers. >> such a nice and easy man to work with. a very warm and classy and just
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an ageless person. and if you didn't go on "american bandstand," you just hadn't made it yet. you had to go on the bandstand. >> any details on the funeral plans? >> good morning, carol. actually, we've got just a few. the family did tell us yesterday that they weren't going to have a traditional funeral. they did say they were trying to decide still because they know so many people in the public loved him, whether or not to have a public memorial. hopefully that decision will come in the next couple of days. of course this all just happened yesterday so they're still trying to work out details. >> so we don't know yet if there will be a funeral where people can go and pay their respects? >> right. we don't know that yet. people have been coming out here to the star this morning leaving
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notes and you do see the flowers here. there's also some candles that are burning here. little notes from fans. people were just walking by today taking pictures as well. dick clark was an icon and not only did he pave the way for many musicians in the music industry, he was known as an integrateor at a time in our country when blacks and whites weren't allowed to be together and there was a lot of strife because of that. he said we're talking about music here. this isn't about race. it's about good music and bad music. if it's good, i'm going to play it. i want everybody to enjoy it. that's something that he's being remembered today for. carol? >> it is 9:12 eastern time. checking this morning's top stories, 3 of 11 secret service agents caught in a prostitution scandal in colombia are booted. one resigned, one retired and
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one was forced to leave. the head of the agency has until may 1st to provide congress with a full report. afghanistan's president karzai says the only way to put an end to painful experiences is to have foreign forces leave. the photos published by "the l.a. times" reportedly were taken in 2010, and have been condemned by defense secretary leon panetta. a quarter of those in a new cnn poll back the former secretary of state. rick santorum is next in line. followed by marco rubio and chris christie. rice says she's not interested. in two hours, florida's governor will announce a task force to examine the stand your ground law at the heart of george zimmerman's defense. governor rick scott says many citizens voiced concerns after zimmerman shot and killed unarmed teenager trayvon martin. zimmerman has a bond hearing
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tomorrow. we'll have the governor's speech live at 11:00 eastern. a company whose pipeline permit was denied by president obama comes up with a new proposed route. transcanada's new keystone xl pipeline route is east of what was initially proposed and would pose less of an environmental risk. the house yesterday passed a bill stripping the president of his authority to rule on the project. still ahead on "newsroom," a two-year vatican investigation concludes the most influential group of nuns in america has a serious problem and the vatican orders a crackdown. i'll talk to a former president of women religious next. president obama and mitt romney are talking about silver spoons and greek columns. can we just forget about civility this election year? we'll discuss. [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barking ]
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the vatican's investigation into how nuns live their live the in the united states is finally over and now the largest group of nuns in the united states is in trouble with the vatican. they are being reprimanded. the investigation found the leadership conference of women religious to have serious problems. the main problems being challenging church teaching on home sexuality and i filed a piece on this investigation in 2010. here's a closer look. >> some of my friends asked me whether vatican officials suffer from a deep seeded hatred of women. >> reporter: on the washington radio show -- >> could they be serious? >> reporter: the role of women
9:18 am
in the catholic church is a popular one. the talk has been heated after since the vatican ordered two sweeping investigations into the religious views and lifestyles of american nuns. investigations that have alarmed many sisters like marlene whose organization represents thousands of american nuns across the country. >> we weren't quite expecting to walk in to this kind of a process that would test our authenticity and our integrity. >> reporter: one of the investigations involving a two-part questionnaire consisting of 120 detailed questions like what is the process for responding to sisters who dissent publicly from church teaching and discipline? how does the matter of dress of your sisters lend to the dignity and simplicity of your vocation? what are the procedures for dealing with matters such as civil disobedience, criminal activity, sexual improprieties, et cetera? >> i think they want to do able
9:19 am
to control what nuns do in every aspect of their lives. >> reporter: at this year's leadership conference of women religious, some nuns say the investigation feel like an inquisition and are fighting back by boycotting all or part of the questionnaire. >> are we ready for prayer? >> reporter: many nuns who haven't lived in convents fear the vatican wants to force them back into both. she also fears rome wants to silence nuns when they disagree with the pope on issues like gays in the church or women's rights. some who the church now allows them to do. >> some of it might be a deep seeded misunderstanding. >> reporter: the vatican is hoping that the father who was just appointed the number two official for religious life can help calm the fears surrounding these investigations. >> there is a need for a dialogue. i think dialogue means that two parties are honestly conversing
9:20 am
in search of the truth. >> reporter: sister marlene hopes that's true. >> there's no turning back. i don't think that happens in any kind of living organism. god doesn't turn the church. doesn't turn creation in opposite directions. >> the nuns worst fears are realized now. an american bishop has been appointed to make changes to the organization and some women in the group say they are absolutely stunned by this verdict. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, ted nugent threat to president obama or loud mouth? ted it was supposed to be a fun night. you at the two frogs grill in oklahoma on your great white buffalo tour but before you take the stage tonight, there's that
9:21 am
meeting with the secret service. all of that is okay. first amendment rights and all. it's that next part that got you into trouble. >> if barack obama becomes the president in november, again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. >> that could be interpreted as a threat against a u.s. president and that would be against the law although it's not much different than what nugent a longtime board member of the mra sanra in 2007. he said this of obama and hillary clinton. >> obama is a piece of [ bleep ]. you ride one of these into the sunset you worthless [ bleep ]. >> obama wasn't president yet. as for nugent, he says the secret service are my buddies will either be shooting some taxpayer ammo at targets or eating barbecue and maybe nugent
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will serenade with his latest single "i love my barbecue." the chorus, it's what americans do. pull up a chair. i'll get a beer for you. that will call things down. i'll read your comments later this hour. acura is apologizing for a super bowl ad featuring jerry seinfeld. the ad in question and why it sparkeded a controversy over race. the chevy cruze eco also offers 42 mpg on the highway. actually, it's cruze e-co, not ec-o. just like e-ither. or ei-ther. or e-conomical. [ chuckling ] or ec-onomical. pa-tato, po-tato, huh? actually, it's to-mato, ta-mato. oh, that's right. [ laughs ] [ car door shuts ] [ male announcer ] visit your local chevy dealer today.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." secret service agents will interview ted nugent before his
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show in oklahoma tonight. he made remarks over the weekend that some critics say suggests violence against president obama. dick clark's family says there will be no funeral for the showbiz icon and no decision has been made on a public memorial service. clark who hosted "american bandstand" for 33 years died of a heart attack. he was 82. india says it has successfully fired a long range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. it means many chinese cities would be within striking distance. the test flight was not meant as a sign of aggression but deterrents the two neighbors, china and rival already have nuclear weapons. the firing of arkansas football coach bobby petrino led to a fund-raising bump for the university. they are donating $1 million for a student athlete center and the foundation's chairman is throwing in another quarter million of his own. both gifts are in the name of the athletic director, jeff
9:27 am
long, who canned petrino over an inappropriate relationship. remember the acura super bowl ad that featured jerry seinfeld and jay leno doing battle over a sport car. >> i would love to have the first one. >> sorry. you are number two on the list. >> who is number one? >> that guy. >> so you're number one? >> just a reminder for you. the casting call sheet for that commercial has been revealed and it asked for an african-american actor to play the car dealer you just saw. the thing is it specifically called for someone who was "not too dark." nowak acura is apologizing. what is acura saying? >> it's one of those things where you are, like, really? did i read that? acura saying it's sorry but defending itself in a statement from acura they say we apologize
9:28 am
to anyone offended by the language on the casting sheet used in the selection of actors for one of our commercials. we sought to cast an african-american in a prominent role in the commercial and we made our selection based on the fact that he was the most talented actor. acura says it will make sure this doesn't happen again but they are also passing a buck a bit. acura says it didn't know about this until just now. they say she hired a casting agency and that the agency was the one that made that casting sheet that said they are looking for a nice looking, friendly, not too dark african-american. in the long run is it likely to hurt the acura brand? not likely. still definitely what were you thinking kind of a moment. carol? >> you got that right. let's talk about this new report. wall street has this new report out on the job market. how are things looking? >> not great. 386,000 people signed up for unemployment benefits for the first time last week. it was higher than expected
9:29 am
375,000. and then last week was also revised higher as well. so all in all, not the right direction that we want. another concern we're looking at ahead of the open, we're hearing talk of a possible debt downgrade for france. one of the richest countries in europe. it often helps to bailout other nations so the downgrade shows a loss of confidence and the debt crisis could be spreading. our futures have been plflat. we'll find out how investors are feeling. >> patricia wu, thank you. this morning we ask is it possible to have a civil election? what's that you ask? cnn contributors will cain and roland martin are here to discuss. pundits say this will be the nastiest campaign ever. even nastier than 2008.
9:30 am
seriously, will? >> no. not seriously. i want to read you something. i might have read it to you before. you have to hear this again. these are quotes from one campaign to another on a prior election in this country. one camp called the other a hideous character which has neither the force or firmness of a man nor gentleness of a woman. the competitor said his campaign was son of a half breed and a low life. every generation thinks the one behind it is taking the world to hell in hand basket and every campaign season thinks the one that follows it is the worst ever. >> i no know that's history. that doesn't make nasty campaigns right. it doesn't make it easier for voters to make a decision. why don't we ever change, roland martin? >> because voters like it. voters don't mice nasty campaigns and votese evoters li
9:31 am
single time. voters say we don't like all of the partisan bickering in washington, d.c. even though voters are the ones who keep sending the partisan folks to d.c. all the time. it will be a very tough campaign. look, you always heard people say when you run for president or when you run for office, it is big boy, big girl politics. that's what you're going to see. >> i want to play an example of those kinds of politics. the conventions haven't even taken place. it's already started. here's your example. mitt romney and the greek columns. >> i told you things that you're not going to hear at the convention. one thing i'm convinced you're not going to see at the democratic convention. you're not going to see president obama standing alongside greek columns. he's not going to want to remind anybody of greece because he put us on a road to become more like greece. >> this is what romney is talking about. mr. obama delivered his acceptance speech at the democratic national convention.
9:32 am
that was panned as being arrogant. is that a charge we'll hear again and again in 2012? >> it's a stupid narrative. those criticize it say it's for doing so. anybody that understands as a question of staging. ronald reagan with michael as his image maker understood what you have to do. so what do they want? the sideline wall? it was in a stadium. that's just nonsense. guess what? the last folks who criticized them got their butts kicked by then senator obama. i would say mitt romney you might not want to remind yourself of the losing team last time. >> so, will, i'll ask but this. mitt romney fired off a zinger of his own. president obama fired off a zinger of his own. he was in ohio yesterday. he didn't mention romney by name but we got what he meant. let's listen.
9:33 am
>> because somebody did the groundwork. we created a foundation for those of us to prosper. somebody gave me an education. i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. michelle wasn't. but somebody gave us a chance. >> so, will, it was pretty obvious what president obama was referring to, right? >> i guess. i don't know that he was referring directly to mitt romney. we do talk that we appreciate people in this countiry who p k picks themselves up by their boot straps. you don't criticize someone by being poor and you don't criticize someone who is born into wealth because they were born into those circumstances. you evaluate someone on what they did with their life. have they made their circumstance better and
9:34 am
contributed? when it comes to mitt romney, that's a clear yes. he has. >> look, you also -- first of all, i don't think the president was talking about mitt romney. he was describing his circumstances as well as the first lady's. i will say this here. mitt romney has to deal with his previous comments when it comes to the poor, when it comes to who he is going to advocate for. in the white house and so again both candidates, let's be honest, have to, i believe, speak to more about the poor in this country when you look at the conditions and you see catholic bishops highly critical of paul ryan's budget. speaker boehner tried to hit back on them. that should be an issue. we should not only hear candidates talk about the middle class and the upper income of this country, they need to talk about those who are less fortunate who need that safety net to rise out of the situation as well. hopefully that will come up in an actual debate. >> last question for will. will that come up as mitt romney makes his way across the
9:35 am
country? >> you know what's interesting? the debate we're having in this country isn't about what roland just described. we don't need this huge conversation about where the social safety net stands today. it's in a good place. what's interesting is conversation we have isn't about picking up the bottom of the economic wrung. it's about pulling the top down. that's kind of telling. >> that's because the top doesn't want to talk about it. also, carol, the states that mitt romney likely to win, georgia, mississippi, alabama, those states are some of the brokest states in the country. maybe he should talk to poor folks even if they are white and republican in those states. it should be a part of the conversation. i don't say dominate it but it should be part of the conversation and not just the rich. >> we'll see. roland martin, will cain, thanks as always. vote for kim kardashian? i'm not kidding. we'll tell you which office she might be running for next. pippa middleton is probably
9:36 am
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mayor kim kardashian caught on camera telling her sister about her political aspirations. "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer joins me to talk about the plan. she'll run for mayor and it will be a reality show. >> you think? i love it. caught on camera, carol. everything in her life of course caught on camera. it looks like this is for real for kim. she was seen talking about with
9:39 am
her sister khloe. >> i decided i'm going to run for the mayor of glendale. noel is going to head my campaign. it's going to be in like five years. i have to buy a house there. you have to have residency there. i'm going to -- park right here. noel and i are looking into all of the requirements and i'm literally going to have -- she's going to help me with my campaign. >> after all, kim is a successful businesswoman why not try politics? if they are looking into all of the requirements, here's the thing that kim is going to need to understand before her campaign gets too far along. the mayor of glendale is not actually a directly elected position. the town council is made up there of five elected officials. every year they rotate the ceremonial position of mayor among them. kim would have to get elected as a councilwoman that's a four-year term and then she could become mayor for a year. carol, you have to know how the system works before you can jump in. >> she's got time.
9:40 am
she can learn. i can't imagine her being part of council. councilman is a hard job. it is a lot of work involved in that. okay. i'm sure you'll keep us posted. let's talk about the hunt for the next "hunger games" director. who is on the short list? >> well, right now they are loo looking to get this nailed down as quickly as possible. the sequel "catching fire" is expecteded to release next december. the studio is hoping to have a decision by the end of this week. a lot of money at stake here. >> you got that right. a.j. hammer, thanks. a.j. will be back with us next hour with more showbiz headlines including jennifer love hewitt bearing her natural beauty. a royal flush. we'll tell you why pippa middleton is causing new embarrassment for her in-laws. the british royal family.
9:41 am
pat summit's legendary coaching career comes to an end after her most courageous season. that story coming up in sports. [ male announcer ] there's a crushing national debt
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hanging over us. hindering economic growth. it's time for some common sense -- people in congress who'll come together and put partisan politics aside. not with radical schemes that gamble with america's future. but with a plan that requires washington to balance the budget the right way -- protecting the priorities of america's families. tell congress to pass a common sense balanced budget -- now. sign the petition at
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new hope for the keystone pipeline. a company's who pipeline permit was denied by president obama comes up with a new brought. transcanada's new keystone pipeline route is east of what was initially proposed and would pose less of an environmental risk. the house yesterday passed a bill stripping the president of his authority to rule on the project. in about an hour from now, the smithsonian will hold a ceremony to officially receive the space shuttle "discovery" which arrived in d.c. on tuesday on top of a 747. the first step toward being placed on permanent display and replacing the shuttle "ent "enterprise." all cars could be mandated to have a black box video recorder. a bill is expected to pass the house after already passing the senate. all 2015 cars would have to be fitted with the device.
9:47 am
this morning more embarrassment for britain's royal family. french tv airing behind the scenes video of pippa middleton at that raunchy and now infamous party in paris. cnn's max foster is in london. have you seen it, max? >> yeah, i've seen the video. it doesn't paint a very pretty picture really of pippa's lifestyle. there are dwarfs there dressed up and people in bondage gear and you see this videoher being pushed in front of the cameras. i don't want to say anything. she tries to move away. it's all very awkward. of course shortly after this party she was seen in the car and one of the people in the car points a toy gun at the paparazzi chasing them. it's all become a big problem. we get a sense really of how awkward those involved feel. the people in the car have
9:48 am
apologized saying pippa wasn't impressed. one of them, the culprit, hasn't turned up to work. it is a big deal within the group. i'm sure for pippa this is a huge concern. a wake-up call really about how much of a spotlight there is on her. and any images really of her and if they are controversial will make headlines. >> it's a bummer. she is the sister of the future queen of england. i don't know. i'm just curious how likely is this to have lasting impact on kate and her standing with the royal family? >> well, the sister and also the best friend of kate and i'm sure they will be in touch and kate will be extremely worried. they meet up once a week. she'll be advising her as well. the difficulty that pippa has got is she doesn't have a support team like kate. kate can't lend out her palace aides to pippa and give her advice because pippa is not in the royal family. you speak to the palace, they don't want to get involved in this at all and they are happy to say nothing to do with us.
9:49 am
kate will want to be helping her sister out and the problem is that kate does sell herself as a down to earth person. she goes out of her way to give that message. perhaps the whole pippa story suggesting she does come from that background. she doesn't but her sister is part of this big sect. that's the reality. >> interesting to see what happens. max foster, live in london for us this morning. bubba watson spoke to one person after his win. it was justin bieber. that's in sports less than ten minutes from now.
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in this morning's "health for her," childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years in the united states and now the government has a new plan to help your kids cut the fat. the proposal requires healthier foods be sold outside of school cafeterias and issues guidelines on salty snacks and sugary drinks sold on campus. most agree with an 80% support limits on calories and fats in school snacks. 17% are opposed. the new rules will be out this summer. we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. ted nugent, threat to the president or loud mouth? >> this from david. ted nugent is a fool, but his comments are no way what whatever a threat. mr. nugent is a dangerous man that can cause shootings like the one we saw in tucson that left gabby giffords in terrible
9:54 am
shape. all of america should scorn that man. he's a conservative, patriot who is frustrated with the current administration. no matter who the president is, his statements should be taken seriously. can anyone remember what was done to the dixie chicks and what they said wasn't nearly as bad and bill maher, seriously? you'll compare bill to that? keep the conversation going. let's check in first with brianna keilar. >> good morning. the state of nebraska has received a proposal for the new route of the controversial pipeline. you'll remember president obama denied a permit for the initial route back in november. how will this one be received? i'll see you at the top of the hour? >> i'm patricia wu, the new york stock exchange where microsoft is staging a big comeback and it could put it ahead of rivals apple and google. carol, i'll have that plan in the next hour.
9:55 am
thanks to both of you and remember those two sisters we talked to before they went on the titanic memorial cruise? well, their ship has just come into new york and we'll ask the sisters if it was everything they hoped it would be and more. that will come your way around 10:45 eastern time. see your lexus dealer. oooh, what's her secret? [ male announcer ] dawn hand renewal with olay beauty. improves the look and feel of hands in just five uses. [ sponge ] soft, smooth... fabulous! [ male announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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i get my cancer medications through the mail. now washington, they're looking at shutting down post offices coast to coast. closing plants is not the answer. they want to cut 100,000 jobs. it's gonna cost us more, and the service is gonna be less. we could lose clientele because of increased mailing times. the ripple effect is going to be devastating. congress created the problem. and if our legislators get on the ball, they can make the right decisions.
9:57 am
>> legendary women's basketball
9:58 am
coach pat summit is stepping down, but she's not leaving tennessee, right, jeff? >> no. she will still have a big impact on the school and the women's basketball program. she's the greatest coach in women's basketball and might be the best period, man or woman. she shocked everyone before this past season when summett announce shed had alzheimer's, 38 is seasons, eight national titles. 1098 wins, the most in major college basketball history. summitt will stay on as head coach amor tus, mentoring and recruiting players and carol will talk to summitt and her amazing career next hour. >> such a classic. >> she was always standing up for what she believed in for the program and her players. we've seen fallout from the bobby pet inro scandal. he was fired as football coach and his mistress from the football program.
9:59 am
there's something positive coming out of it. they're donating $1 million in reaction to petrino's removal. the foundation is throwing in a quarter of a million of his own money. both are being made in name of jeff long, the administrator who fired petrino. we know your favorite team, the detroit tigers. >> tigers! >> they got help from prince fielder. you just don't expect this. he stole second base. he's -- what's a nice way to say it? he's big boned. >> he's a big guy. >> he's a big guy. 275 pounds and he steals the base. >> the tigers do win. all right. let's squeeze this in. bubba watton spoke to one person and he wasn't taking phone calls except if your name is justin bieber. watson described it as a big honor. they've played golf together
10:00 am
before and they're good friends. >> i don't know what to think about that. >> bubba and bieber. >> bubba and bieber. >> thank you. i'll be back next hour. >> next hour of "newsroom" begins right now. good morning to you, i'm carol costello. happening right now in "the newsroom." backstage barbecue, ted nugent chatting with the secret service before his concert tonight after saying the president leads an america-hating administration. nugent is vowing cooperation. ten days, that's how long the head of the secret service has to come up with a full report of what happened in colombia, from bad behavior to hiring hookers. brand new details this morning. silver spoons and greek columns. the president and mitt romney duking it out. this morning we ask, is it possible to have a civil election? >> in the pipeline, a new round and a new chance for keystone this morning. a bill fast track that would strip the president of his authority to rule on the pipeline. and keeping up with the mayor? k.k. after conquering the
10:01 am
reality show, perfume, shoe and clothing worlds wants to try her hand at politics, but is glendale, california, ready for kim? "newsroom" begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- ted nugent hits the stage in oklahoma tonight, but before that the rocker will face a much smaller audience not remotely interested in cat scratch fever. secret service agents will question nugent about what he said about president obama, comments some people found violent in nature. nugent says he's fine with talking to the agents. >> yea. we actually have heard from the secret service. they have a duty and i salute them. i support them and i'm looking forward to our meeting tomorrow. i'm sure it will be a fine gathering. >> our own ed lavandera is headed to oklahoma, and the scene of the meeting. ed's on the phone right now. good morning. >> caller: good morning, carol. we're making our way down there
10:02 am
in ardmore, oklahoma. our understanding right now is the meeting will take place outside from perhaps somewhere around the venue where he's playing tonight. presumably, he's already there. there won't be a lot of information about the meeting from the secret service. they are saying they won't have any readout or any information to hand out to describe how the meeting went or what was discussed, but they clearly say their job is to get down to the intent and learn more about what was behind these comments. as you heard ted nugent say he looks forward to the meeting and we'll see how it goes and whether or not ted nugent is willing to talk about what was discussed with the secret service agents after they meet today. >> so just remind us once again about what ted nugent said that has the secret service concerned and also, will this just be like
10:03 am
a talking to to ted nugent or is this more serious than that? >> reporter: that's a good question. i don't know in these types of situations if it's more -- if it becomes more of a lecture from the secret service agents to whoever it is that they're talking to, but -- or if it's one of those things where they're trying to get a better sense of what the motivation of the comments were, what was driving it and if there is any indication that there say real threat to incite violence against the president. perhaps it's a twofold process, or a two-part meeting to this, but his comments were essentially, the comments he made at the national rifle association meeting in st. louis earlier this week, his comments were to the effect a year from now if president obama is reelected he will either be dead or in jail. he went on to talk about how he
10:04 am
doesn't understand how anybody in the country can sit around and watch president obama get reelected. so the comments were taken rather harshly by supporters of president obama and critics of ted nugent and now we're here at this point where we're having this meeting. >> okay. so just a last question for you. if the secret service determines these are -- his intent was violence, what could happen to ted nugent? >> reporter: well, that becomes perhaps a much more serious situation, and i would imagine that there's a range of things that could be done at that point. i don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves in this situation, but i would imagine that would open up a whole new level of issues and questions that the secret service would have to explain at some point if it became much more serious. i do suspect that things like
10:05 am
this go on quietly many, many times throughout the year and most people across the country never find out about the conversations like this or meetings like this that take place and, you know, threats or perceived threat for the secret service. >> ed lavandera, thank you so much. >> now let's turn to the sex scandal involving the secret service. the clock is ticking. at least four congressional committees are demanding the agency provided detailed description of exactly what happened that night at the hotel colombia. they want to know who hired the prostitutes and who knew about it and they want the answers by may 1st. in the meantime, the scandal forced out two employees and the remaining eight personnel faced lie detector tests. in the meantime, the colombian prostitute at the center of the scandal has gone public with her version of the events. she's 24 years old. she refers to herself as a high-class call girl and said she didn't know the american was a member of the secret service.
10:06 am
"the new york times" reporter who spoke with her shared that discussion with cnn's anderson cooper. she said the woman described what happened when the american refused to pay and kicked her out of his hotel room. >> then she said this bizarre scene unfolds where she enlisted the help of another prostitute and another american and they knock on the door. she said they were discreet and we're trying to make a scene, but they spent a couple of hours trying to coax this guy to open the door and according to her he wouldn't even say a word. finally, she gets fed up and goes to leave and runs into a police officer in the hotel, tells him the story and he goes back with her and then you have the bizarre scene where you have two colombian police officers now, these two prostitutes, hotel security guy shows up and then at some point more of the americans come out of their hotel rooms.
10:07 am
>> the reporter goes on to say after that the woman says it got even more strange. she says the american men who emerged from their rooms stood in front of their door and tried to block the colombians from knocking on it and that's when it became a police matter. another battle over the keystone pipeline. three months after president obama suspended the project the company building the pipeline is suggesting a new route over land that's environmentally sensitive and that's setting up an environmental fight over jobs and energy independence. brianna keilar is at the white house. brianna, what could this mean? >> reporter: first let's bring you up to speed on what this development is. this is transcanada, the company behind the controversial excel keystone pipeline and they've put forward a proposed new route and they submitted this to the state of nebraska. and you remember, it was back in november that president obama
10:08 am
and the state department denied a permit application by transcanada for this pipeline. this happened amid protests, including protests outside of the white house by environmentalists. so we're still awaiting details on the route, but as you can see by this map, the expectation is that the move will actually get moved to the east. the idea is moving the route to the east through nebraska which is the issue that was at hand there because there's an ak wi per there that supplies water for the state of nebraska. the idea to get it east, get it away from the aquifer. this has become the keystone pipeline and the centerpiece of republican criticism over president obama's energy crisis. they've held this up to say, look, president obama isn't doing everything he can about gas prices and so as you can imagine, carol, they're already
10:09 am
seizing upon this development today trying to make that point further. >> interesting. ultimately, what needs to happen to break ground on that pipeline? >> reporter: ultimately, carol, because this does cross an international border it is up to the state department and they would need to approve a permit. they don't actually have an application for that because the state process is going through right now, but judging from the timeline that was laid out in november by the state department, this still is not expected, if it moves forward to move forward until after the november election. it does seem that the white house, that president obama and the state department they've certainly left some options open and they say they want to move forward on this in sort of an environmentally safe manner, but really what might depend on how quickly this moves is gas prices and the political pressure that that creates right now. as you know, gas prices have been sort of plateauing, but if they were to spike that would increase pressure on president obama so we'll sort of see what the markets do.
10:10 am
>> brianna keilar reporting live for us from the white house. divers are searching a north carolina pond this morning following a lead in the case of private 1st class kelli bordeaux. bordeaux was reported missing for duty at fort bragg on monday. bordeaux was given a ride home from a bar early saturday morning. bordeaux's mother said her daughter was spooked on the ride and had the driver let her out of the car before she reached her home. police are calling this a missing person's case, stopping short of saying foul play may be involved. >> the information we've received from the unit and command at fort bragg, very good soldier and not the type of person that would come up being awol or missing. so the fact that no one has heard from her since. >> police are asking anyone with information about bordeaux to come forward. many of the music world in mourning today after the death of dick clark. clark's career spanned several decades launching acts like the jackson 5 and others and inspiring entertainers for
10:11 am
generations to come. >> how long have you been singing? >> 30 years. >> so you went to grab it right away and snatch it right out of my hand there. >> we can't begin tonight's show without acknowledging the passing of a television pioneer and my dear friend, dick clark. [ applause ] >> without dick a show like this would not exist. he will be missed greatly. our thoughts and our prayers go out to his family. >> clark suffered a massive heart attack yesterday. his family has not decided if there will be a public mellerial service for him. clark was 82. more prison time for retired baseball star lenny dykstra. he sentenced him to five months for exposing himself to five women. just last month dykstra was sentenced to three years in
10:12 am
prison for grand theft auto. in the next hour the smithsonian will hold a ceremony to officially receive the space shuttle "discovery" which arrived atop a boeing 747. it's the first step before being placed on permanent display and it will replace the shuttle "enterprise." john glenn and other shuttle commanders will be on hand. mitt romney's super pac has raised $more than $3 million and it's making everyone ask who is donating that money anyway? i'll talk with him next. a traveler got so fed up with tsa security screenings he said he decided to make their job easier. oh, yea. he stripped down and bared it all right there at security. he'll tell us what happened next. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ]
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10:15 am
ted nugent has a meeting with secret service. his comments landing him an up close and personal meeting with agents today. for his part, nugent says he looks forward with the chat and says it will be a fine gathering backstage before his concert in oklahoma. >> a pipeline whose permit was denied by president obama comes up with a another proposed route. transcanada's new keystone pipeline route is east of what was initially proposed and would pose less of an environmental risk. a man in portland, oregon, said he had no plans to lose his
10:16 am
shirt at the airport, but he did, along with everything else at the tsa screening line. john brennan said he got naked in protest. he explained on this morning's "starting point." they had actually already patted me down, and were testing residue from that patdown. i had to ask what was going on. they were not very informative about what was going on and at the point i found out i tested positive for nitrate which is are an explosive i decide the best way to show them i'm not carrying a bomb i took off my clothes and i just decided i'm going to speed this process up. >> oh, and he did, as you can see. brennan is no stranger to naked protests calling them tools he uses for free speech. he was briefly jailed after this. he faces charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. it is the era of super pacs and secret donors and this election cycle they have super power and lots and lots of money
10:17 am
to give. according to, our future has raised $43 million in support of mitt romney just this election cycle. so who exactly is donating all of that money? the fact is we don't know. chris van holland is the ranking member of the house subcommittee elections. he wants to know. welcome, congressman. >> good to be with you. >> so you will convene a congressional forum to look into these super pacs. what do you want to find out? >> well, carol, we just had a forum yesterday to investigate these pacs and what we find out should trouble all americans which is tens of millions of dollars of secret money are now flowing into various campaign efforts and our view is that voters have a right to know who's spending all this money. this shouldn't have secret money in these campaigns, and so i have a piece of legislation called the disclose bill that
10:18 am
very simply says when you're spending gobs of money to influence voters, you should tell the voters who you are, who is spending it. a very simple idea and it used to be a bipartisan idea, senator mitch mcconnell always said we need more disclosure. unfortunately, at least as of right now they're not supporting this bill and i hope he'll change his mind. >> you spoke in the spirit of bipartisanship, but i'll ask you a bipartisan question. we know they've raised tens of millions, but they haven't raised as much. would you have a problem if the numbers were reversed? >> i would. i have a problem with secret money no matter. you're talking about a republican-leaning organization, a democrat-leaning organization. there are two issues with super pacs. one is the volume of money that's flowing in. the other issue is the secret money. now, technically, super pacs do have to disclose their donors, but what you're finding is many
10:19 am
of these pacs are then partnering with these other organizations. for example, karl rove has a crossroads gps which actively solicits the secret money and i don't care whether it's karl rove's group or some group on the left. my view is that voters have a right to know who is funneling all these monies in the campaigns to try and elect candidates of their choice to influence the legislative process. it's as simple as that. >> i think many voters would agree that they want to know who is donating all of this money, but any time campaign finance reform of any time comes up in congress it doesn't really go that far. so what makes you think that your idea will work this time? >> carol, there are two issues. one is campaign finance reform, which is to try and put some limits on the amount of money people can give to candidates specifically, but now there's this whole wild west outside of giving the candidates and campaigns that was opened up by
10:20 am
the supreme court's decision and citizens united which says we're now going to treat corporations just like individuals. they're going to have the same rights for the purposes of spending money in campaigns as individuals which means that major corporations can now spend millions or if they choose, billions, in these campaigns. what we're saying is i think that's a problem in and of itself, but at the very least, let's make sure they can't do it secretly. let's make sure a corporation cannot give to some organization to essentially launder their money so that nobody knows where it's coming from. transparency and sunshine are good for the democrat process. that's what we're asking for. >> okay. we'll keep an eye on what comes out of the forum. >> i should say, i wanted to have a hearing, a full hearing and unfortunately the republican chairman of the committee refuses to have a hearing on this issue so we had to have a what we call a forum instead. we'd like to have a full hearing
10:21 am
and that's what we're asking for. >> gotcha. i want to pivot now and ask you about ted nugent. secret service is meeting with him in oklahoma to talk about some remarks he made about president obama. what do you hope the secret service says to ted nugent? >> well, my understanding is the secret service is going through its standard protocol. whenever people make remarks that could be perceived as threatening and clearly, the remarks that ted nugent made were reckless and inflammatory. people like him who are in the public eye, i believe, have a responsibility to understand how their words are heard by the people who are listening to them. i'm not only disappointed with the fact that he made these outrageous comments, but also disappointed that the romney campaign and others haven't spoken out to say that they were reckless and irresponsible and shouldn't happen again. >> i think the romney campaign came out and said something and sort of distanced themselves from these comments, but -- what
10:22 am
do you think should happen to ted nugent? >> well, i'm not saying anything should happen other than the fact in the court of public opinion people need to say that we need to have a more civil discourse. with respect to the secret service, that's their business. they have this protocol. they'll have their interview. ted nugent said he had no intention of his remarks being interpreted to suggest any kind of violence. i take him at his word. the secret service will make its own determination, but beyond that issue is this question of just these outrageous, inflammatory comments and what they can do to incite other kind of conduct by the people who are hearing them. and when you make comments like next year if the president's re-electioned i'll be dead or in jail. in certain audiences can obviously have unintended
10:23 am
consequences, but people need to be aware of the power of words and use them responsibly. >> congressman, thanks for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead. vote for kim kardashian? you may be hearing those words in a few years. no kidding. we'll tell you which office she wants to run for next.nd e a stos organic mushrooms for my risotto. [siri] this organic market looks pretty close to you. how many ounces in a cup? [siri] this might answer your question. oh, i knew that. and remind me in an hour to put the gazpacho on ice. [siri] here's your reminder. shall i create it? yeah...unless you like hotspacho. siri? [siri] sam. you can take the night off. [siri] if you say so. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover.
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10:25 am
now's your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, ted nugent, threat to obama or loudmouth? ted, oh, ted, it was supposed to be such a fun night, you at the two fronts grill in oklahoma on the buffalo tour. before youio take the stage
10:26 am
there's that meeting with the secret service about what you said at the in, ra convention. you know, vote romney against this vile, evil, america-hating administration. that's all right, the first amendment and all, but it's the next part that got you in trouble. >> barack obama becomes president in november again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. >> see? that could be interpreted as a threat against a u.s. president and that would be against the law although it's not much different than what nugent, a longtime board member of the powerful nra said in 2007. back then a gun-wielding nugent said this of obama and and hillary clinton. >> obama he's a piece of [ bleep ] and ride one of these into the sunset you worthless [ bleep ]. >> oh, but obama wasn't president yet. as for nugent, he said the secret service are my buddies and we'll be shooting taxpayer
10:27 am
targets or we'll be eating barbecue and maybe nugent will serenade them with his newest single "i love my barbecue." pull up a chair and i'll get a beer for you. that will calm things down. the talkback question today. ted nugent, threat to obama or loudmouth. i'll read your comments later this hour. romney-rice 2012? we'll see how the political buzz panel feels about that. that's coming your way next. i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪ [ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime. [ male announcer ] jetta tdi clean diesel. the turbo that gets 42 miles per gallon. that's the power of german engineering. ♪
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introducing gold choice. the freedom you can only get from hertz to keep the car you reserved or simply choose another. and it's free. ya know, for whoever you are that day. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. "political buzz" is your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing with us today is sirius radio host, pete on the left. will cain on the right and holly from yahoo news. welcome to all of you. hello. >> so our first question --
10:31 am
>> hi, carol. >> hi. first question. which guy do you trust with the economy? a new york times/cbs news poll found more americans have more confidence in mitt romney than president obama. i will ask you why. will? >> his background, and his experience. specifically working in the private equity and finance sector, you learn how to take over companies that are running inefficiently and poorly and trim then down to an efficient market player and the government needs at the very least efficiency trimming if not a huge scaledown. the second as a player in the private market he knows the limits of government influence on the economy and hopefully he will approach that with some humility. >> holly? >> i think this is really not really about mitt romney's background, but more about the fact that people are not happy with the way things are and they want change and that's what people are focusing on change, change, change. >> pete? >> well, i don't think people have more confidence necessarily
10:32 am
in mitt romney, carol. i think that he's not obama, and like both will and holly just said there's a kind of a change there, but like will said and he's been a boss before and if he's elected, carol, he'll probably cut health benefits and get rid of snacks in the break room, but at least we know he won't get drunk at the christmas party because mitt romney doesn't drink, carol. >> okay. on to the second question. silver spoon gate. we don't know for sure if president obama was referring to mitt romney yesterday in ohio, but romney seems to think so. listen. >> somebody gave me an education. i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. michelle wasn't, but somebody gave us a chance. >> in my case, i'm not going to apologize for my dad and his success in life. he was born poor. he worked his way to become very successful despite the fact that he didn't have a college degree and one of the things he wanted to do was provide for me and for
10:33 am
my brother and sisters. i'm not going to apologize for my dad's success, but i know the president likes to attack fellow americans. he's always being looking for a scapegoat, particularly those that have been successful like my dad and i'm not going to rise to that. this is a time for us to solve problems. this is not a time for us to be attacking people. we should be attacking problems. >> so, guys, mitt romney seems to think the silver spoon comment was a cheap shot. was it? holly? >> i think every word that the candidates say can be interpreted as a cheap shot. mitt romney gave a speech yesterday that president obama was in over his head. the unfortunate thing is if president obama wasn't taking a cheap shot he did play into mitt romney's talking points and he attacked him as attacking americans and playing the class warfare card. >> pete? >> first of all, the president wasn't talking about mitt romney. he would have said he was born with a platinum spoon in his
10:34 am
mouth. he has expensive, high-class shots. did anybody hear mitt romney's speech? he's such a liar and a hypocrite. he spent almost 20 minutes just criticizing attacking. we have to stop using that word, the president. that's all he did. my callers in my program said he didn't say anything, he just criticized the president. that's what they do and president obama and michelle obama they'll be touting that they came from nothing and they're the most powerful couple in the world. wouldn't we expect them to? >> before pete has a heart attack, will? >> we can expect candidates to attack each other and the question is whether or not this is a cheap shot. the clip that you played where he said i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. i don't know if that was directed at mitt romney. thous of americans make that claim on a daily basis. i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. it does feed a narrative where he seems to malign weight. if you frown upon poverty you
10:35 am
must frown on maligning wealth. he stepped up well from where he was born to where he is. >> time for the buzzer beater. stephen colbert is offering romney advice on his running mate. listen. >> maybe romney should go with something blander like a headless joseph a. bank mannequin or a rice cake or a heel of white bread. no -- they're all too fascinating. damn it. who can mitt romney find who won't overshadow him? wait! that's it! the perfect ticket! romney/romney shadow 2012! >> you can't help, but laugh. no offense to shadow mitt, but in a new cnn poll of republican voters, condoleezza rice was the top v.p. pick. so romney/rice 2012? what do you think, will? >> stephen colbert had it exactly right. the picture that was shown first right there next to romney was
10:36 am
ron portman from ohio. i think the excitement factor is totally overrated despite our experience four years ago. you pick a vice president for strategic purposes, mitt romney or barack obama, for that matter, need to win ohio and it's okay that he's boring. >> holly? >> i think mitt romney has talked about how he would like to have a woman on the ticket and one way that would help his ticket, but at the same time there would be the threat of bringing in all of the drama from the bush administration and so i don't think it's very realistic. >> pete? >> well, holly took mine. yea. who did condoleezza rice work for, carol? what was -- what was his name? a name that we haven't heard in a really long time. we haven't heard his name. i don't think he's endorsed anybody. i think mitt romney and the conventional wisdom like will said he's got to pick someone boring, so maybe a dead person, dick clark or john kerry -- >> hey! >> you go to the corner right
10:37 am
now! >> he's an entertainer. a dead person would be more boring than mitt romney -- the joke was a dead person -- carol, by the way, you look beautiful this morning if you don't mind me saying. >> he's changing the subject. >> i like that kind of diversion though. thanks for plague today. pete, holly, will, a quick reminder, we want you to weigh in on the talk back question today. the question for you, ted nugent, threat to obama or loudmouth? i'll read your responses later this hour. also, kim kardashian has conquered reality tv, but now she's going to get political. she says she wants to run for office. we'll tell you where and when. is that rain?
10:38 am
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mayor kim kardashian. is it possible? kardashian spills political plans and of course, cameras are rolling. "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer joins me to talk about all thins kardashian. >> good morning. these things just make me smile. she's talking about this seriously. cameras caught her talking about it on sunday's episode of "khloe and lamar." let's watch. >> i decided i'm going to run for the mayor of glendale so noel will head my campaign, but it will be in, like, five years. >> i have to buy a house there. you have to have residency there. so i'm going to -- yea. right here. so noel and i are looking into all of the requirements, and i'm
10:41 am
literally going to have a -- she's going to help me with my campaign. >> noel is kim's assistant, by the way. kim's thinking about glendale because of her armenian roots. the city has a large armenian population. here's what the spokesperson is telling "showbiz tonight." kim is always looking for opportunities to grow and do what she can to help and support the armenian community. she's doing her part to make a difference, but here's the thing that kim will need to understand before she gets her campaign going too far, anyway. the mayor of glendale, not a directly elected decision. every year they rotate through. it's a ceremonial position of mayor so kim would have to be leched as a councilwoman and then she'll be able to serve as mayor for part of her term. no truth from anything i've seen to the rumor that snooki may be her running mate. no snooki. sorry. >> that would be too much to bear. speaking of bear, let's talk
10:42 am
about jennifer love hughit. she has the new lifetime show called "the client list" where a lot of her is bare. -- i know, enough with the puns. anyway, what's she doing on the twitterverse? >> i love what she's doing. she's the latest celebrity on the trend of showing off natural beauty. she posted a photo of herself without any makeup. i think she looks great in this photo, don't you? >> yes. >> we saw demi layoff at on and snooki posted pictures on their twitter accounts. this is not how we normally see these stars. they're normally well lit in their pictures and jennifer pointed out how some ads for her show the client list were touched up to give her a breast reduction. so, carol, the truth is you just never know what's real in some of these pictures, but might i add how beautiful you look today? >> i'm loving this. >> but i was just going say, if i looked the way without makeup
10:43 am
like she did, i would come on television with no makeup on, too. >> oh, come on. that's the truth, but i appreciate that, a.j. i loved it. thank you so much. a group of american nuns sparks outrage from the vatican. what they did and how the vatican plans to handle it. that's coming up. and the doomed voyage of the "titanic." 100 years later modern-day passengers complete the journey. we'll talk to two sisters who were aboard that memorial use. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968.
10:44 am
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46 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories now. an influential group of american nuns find themselves the target of unlikely criticism, the vatican. the vatican says the women has challenged the church's teaching on home sexuality and the male-only priesthood while promoting, quote, radical feminist themes. a bishop has been ashes pointed to oversee them. today marks a somber moment for the residents of oklahoma city. a bombing at the alfred p. murrah building killed people. my next guests are back in the united states after going to a "titanic" memorial cruise. their grandmother had a ticket for the titanic's maiden voyage, but she didn't take the trip because she got sick. now after reliving history and
10:47 am
honoring the lives of the sunken ship, cristy and nancy are here live to tell us about the unforgettable cruise. we are so glad you're back with us. >> thank you very much, carol. >> christy, let's start with you. your general impression of the cruise. was it the most fantastic thing ever? >> it was. you were always afraid of expectations never being reached, but i think we can both say that our expectations were reached and exceeded with this trip. it was just a trip of a lifetime. >> so, nancy, give us your favorite memory. >> i think my favorite memory, we were just discussing this is probably -- i had many. throughout the memorial service, what i started to do was just imagine my family being in the position of the survivors, the victims, myself in a lifeboat, my husband and my sons back on the ship. it just -- i honestly started to
10:48 am
cry just thinking, personalizing what these people had to experience. >> wow. so kristi, tell me about that moment when the ship arrived at the place when the titanic went down. tell me what that felt like for you. >> we got there a few hours early. of course, the "titanic" hit the iceberg at 11:40. we got there, i would say close to 10:00, 9:00 or 10:00 and so we had time to reflect and i myself went up on the bow. there weren't many people around me and i was thinking 100 years ago what the passengers would have thought. nothing was wrong at that point. they were just going toward their new lives and it was -- it was an eerie feeling, and we really did feel like there were so many souls and so many spirits with us, and it was just
10:49 am
a moment of deep reflection. >> wow. nancy, i heard what you said. you had tears in your eyes. what did you learn from this cruise? what did you take away? >> i learned so much that when i -- when i decided to join the cruise with kristi, it was mostly for kristi that i wanted to go. i was immersed in "titanic" history and now i want to learn more. i want to learn what happened after 1912. i'm very curious about these people that had to start new lives. a lot of times the survivors had no family left. women, left alone with children. so i'm very interested in learning where did they go from here because it didn't end on april 15, 1912. >> that's right. it didn't. i want to end the interview on a brighter note. so i want to know, did you have the leonardo dicaprio moment when you went to the bow of the ship and yelled "i'm the king of the world?"
10:50 am
>> that's funny because i think a lot of people wanted to take that moment, but we found out that in 100 years' time you can't get anywhere close to the front of the bow of the ship. even though a lot wanted to try, none had that experience. >> so disappointed! >> we were okay with that. >> thank you for sharing your story. we so appreciate it, nancy and kristi. >> absolutely. thank you. pat summitt's legendary coaching career comes to an end. the women who basically put women's college hoops on the map is stepping aside after her most courageous season. more on that story is coming up next. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, needally. hello ?
10:51 am
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10:53 am
>> things are going to look very different in knoxville starting this fall. longtime tennessee basketball coach pat summitt will not be pacing courtside. summitt has announced she's stepping down after 38 seasons. jeff fischel is with me, and put her career in perspective for us. >> we talked about the 38 seasons and it's really -- she's mirrored and led the way in the fact that women's college basketball has changed. no one watched a women's college basketball game. she talked about starting to see that change. and there was one game on the national championship game and now you see them all of the time and largely due to her and her success. an incredible career as she led tennessee to an incredible run. eight national titles in her 38 years as head coach of the vols. 1,098 wins. it's not even close. she won so many more games than anyone else, men's or women's. you have to consider her easily
10:54 am
the greatest basketball coach of all time, 18 final fours and seven times she was national coach of the year and she would talk about herself and how important the other side of it was, the academic side of it was. every one of their players finished their eligibility of tennessee graduated. >> you're kidding. >> every single. >> that's just hard to believe. good for her. and we know why she's stepping down because she announced she has alzheimer's. how is the disease progressing and what kind of support is she getting? >> you know, it came as a total shock last year. eight months ago when she announced she had dementia, early onset alzheimer's, she's always been one of the coaches that's been in so much control of the game and herself and she was struggling the previous season. now she's ready to step aside and she'll still be involved as head coach ameritus. you see the tweets and the great athletes who acknowledge what she's accomplished. that's lebron james.
10:55 am
another trailblazer, billie jean king says thank you for everything you've done. you're a true champion and there's dick vitale as well. and her son just took a coach for an assistant basketball coach. >> that gave me chills. in today's "daily dose" childhood obesity has tripled and now the u.s. government has plans to help your kids cut the fat. the proposal requires healthier foods be sold outside of school cafeterias and salty snacks and sugary drinks on campus. most agree with the healthier approach. 80% approve limits on calories, fats and school snacks. 17% oppose. the new rules will be out this summer. we're back in a minute. sometimes, i feel like it's me against my hair. [ female announcer ] end the struggle with weak, damaged hair with new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. it nurtures hair back to strong, healthy life.
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10:59 am
we ask you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, ted nugent, threat to obama or a loudmouth? >> this from patricia. the sentence that got the secret service concerned is the one all pundits are dancing around. i could be in jail or dead and that could be taken as an attempt on obama's life. end of story. that can be construed as a threat to security. you have to love great white buffalo in the morning. this from christine. i think you left out the choice of idiot. he's a has been trying to get 15 minutes of fame. probably an idiotic loudmouth, but if he was anyone other than a celebrity this wouldn't be given a second look. kyra phillips starts now. it's 11:00 on the east co


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