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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 22, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i am sorry for the loss of your son. >> war crimes. >> war is ugly and it's violent. >> service secrets. >> prostitutes are often used by foreign intelligence services. >> loudmouths. >> i will either be dead or in jail. >> who the [ bleep ] wants to eat? go have something to eat! hooray! >> if you are not down with it get the [ bleep ] off my channel. >> knacked news. >> the most effective way to get through security. >> artist protests. what the? are we really shocked by any of this? >> the stories you are talking about in just a moment. first the news you need to know right now. we are watching and waiting for the moment, george zimmerman walks out of jail. could take until the middle of the week to come with $15,000. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder for shooting the 17-year-old.
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miller insists the carpenter did nothing, had nothing to do with the disappearance of patz in 1979. miller has not been charged with any crime. patz's disappearance changed the way police handle missing persons reports. on friday, press secretary jay carnie said he believes only secret service and military personnel are involved. six secret service members have left their jobs since the scandal broke. we will keep an eye on the stories for you. now to the stories you are talking about. there were a lot of things that happened where people claimed shock and awe. is it real or fake? are we surprised? is it really stunning that war pushed honorable men and women to do gruesome things like take pictures of dead people with dead people?
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and why be indignant when blow hards like ted nugent and mel gibson blather, why? we'll go over it shortly. perhaps, the one moment we all couldn't take our eyes off of. an unusual move happened just yesterday in a florida courtroom. george zimmerman spoke directly to trayvon martin's parents. >> my client wants to make a statement to the court, your honor. >> be sworn in, please. >> do you swear that the testimony you present will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> please have a seat. once you're situated, state your full name for the record.
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spell your last name. >> george michael zimmerman. z-i-m-m-e-r-m-a-n. >> i do think an inquiry is probably appropriate. by the court, just to clear up the issue, facing a -- anything he says -- i want to make sure it's clear. >> george michael zimmerman. >> you want to make a statement, correct? >> i wanted to say i'm sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. i did not know if he was armed or not. >> nothing further, your honor. >> and i'm sorry. sir, you have not really addressing that to the court. you're doing it here to the victim's family, is that correct? >> they are here in the court, yes. >> i thought you were going to address your honor, judge lester. that's really addressed to the
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family and to where the media happens to be. is that correct? >> no, to the mother and the father. >> tell me, after you committed this crime and you spoke to the police, did you ever make that statement to the police, sir? that you were sorry for what you had done or their loss? >> no, sir. >> you never stated that, did you? >> i don't remember what i said. i believe i did say that. >> you told that to the police? >> in one of the statements i said i felt sorry for the family. >> you did? that would be recorded, right? balls those conversations were recorded right? >> yes, sir. >> you're sure you said that? >> i'm fairly certain. >> okay. and so -- which officer did you tell that to? i think you gave five statements total. >> yes, sir, i'm sorry. the names all blend together. >> okay. and do you remember if it was male or female? >> there were both males and females. >> at the time you made the statement? you were sorry? >> yes, sir.
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>> let me make sure the record is clear, you stated exactly what to those detectives. >> i don't remember exactly what, verbatim. >> you are saying you expressed concern for the loss of mr. martin or that you had shot mr. martin. you felt sorry for him? >> i felt sorry they lost their child. yes. >> you told detectives you wanted them to convey that to the parents? >> i didn't know if they were defectives. >> officers. >> i didn't know if they were going to convey it or not. i just made the statement. >> you said you left a message to tell them that? >> no, sir. >> why did you wait 50-something days to tell the parents? >> i don't understand the question, sir. >> why did you wait so long to tell mr. martin and the victim's mother, the father and mother, why did you wait so long to tell them? >> i was told not to communicate with them. >> a lot of people here to talk about zimmerman and other
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stories. i'll introduce them all to you una moment. first, to the people i have been talking with about this over the last month. dina, holly hughes. zimmerman is asking trayvon martin's parents to forgive him. that is a lot to ask. could you forgive him? >> yes, but he didn't murder my child. >> as simple as that? >> it is as simple as that. we all like to believe we have that capability. come on, don. every one of us wants to say, i would be able to forgive. sitting here today, as i know myself, i think i could. but i'm not in their shoes. he didn't kill my child. >> this is a very difficult -- this has been a tragic case from the beginning. the thing is, trayvon's parents have been so dignified. soracious. >> would you forgive him? >> it's tough for me right now. >> i don't know.
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i don't think so right now. >> all right, dean? >> if it was my son, i couldn't. that apology wasn't for me or the family but for the public to get some sympathy on his side. that's what it was all about. >> stand by. thank you very much. up next, we're going to talk about this. why the puritanic attitude about the oldest profession on earth. talking about prostitution. are we stunned about men buying sex where it's legal? and who are we to judge our troops? does a picture tell a whole story? and this -- >> if you're not down with it, get the [ bleep ] off my channel. >> the king of all media under pressure to fill piers morgan's shoes. and to stop the backlash that he lost his edge. has howard stern jumped the shark? you think you take off all your make-up before bed.
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colombian prostitutes and secret service agents are fodder for late night comedians this week. >> i feel somewhat responsible here. you see, the secret service was here last week to protect the first lady. and like anyone who gets close to my virility, they obviously got their manhood jacked up. it's called been man-jacked. i don't know if it's the same team here. it wouldn't be the first time a visitor to this building had to seek professional relief after being here. because and this is true -- according to the fbi's phone records, eliot spitzer called a prostitute in the car right
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after leaving my studio. >> that was funny. not for the 23 agents and military people involved. this is an alleged incident. does this surprise us? i'm joined by author jeffrey robinson. former marine scott camille and holly hughes. and joining us in here in atlanta is gentleman mall anderson. are we surprised by this? should we be? >> i don't think there's any surprise at all. >> that simple. why? why do you say that? >> well, from my experience in war, taking pictures with people that we killed to show we killed those people was common practice. >> okay. i'm talking about the secret service here. about the secret service, not about the afghanistan pictures. agents accused of buying sex this week. i'm wondering if you feel we should be surprised by this?
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>> i don't have an opinion. >> yeah. okay. >> i don't -- >> let's move on. let's talk to jeffrey robinson. you write about these things. what do you think? >> yeah, you should be surprised. shocked. this is behavior that is unacceptable. totally unacceptable by the secret service. these men are briefed to know better, they're overseas, representing the government. this should never have happened. i said previously in one interview, boys will be boys. i was criticized for excusing them. boys will be boys is a definition. what they did is inexcusable. totally inexcusable and no laughing matter for the secret service. >> holly? go ahead. >> i'm thinking here, what we should be shocked about and ticked off about, quite frankly, is the timing of what they did. all right, fine, it's a legal thing, legal, not illegal. perfectly legal in colombia to hire a prostitute. do what you're doing on your own time.
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you jeopardize the safety of the president of the united states, his itinerary is on the desk. what makes you think one of these women is not la femme nikita? come on, seriously. that's what we should be worried about it the security risk. >> let's put this in perspective. first of all, there was no risk to the president of the united states. these men were not part of ppd. the presidential division. they were not there. they were there in a supplementary support function. they were not armed. they didn't have the radio equipment. if they had blackberries, they were supposed to be in their pants. normally their pants are supposed to stay on. they did not know what was happening. and the uniformed officers. one of them was the dog patrol. at no point was the president in jeopardy. >> the president was in no danger. number one, this was legal. we expect the secret service to have exemplary service. if they make the news, it's for a bad thing usually or if they're investigating something
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that threatens the president. the secret service they're not supposed to get caught by the way. you're the secret service, okay. let's be real. secret service. how do you get busted in colombia, my man? >> if they had blackberries, they're supposed to be in their pants. guess what? their pants were around their ankles. i say it is a security risk not to mention a national embarrassment. >> they're supposed to uphold a certain standard. >> go ahead jeffrey. >> i'm wondering why -- >> it's an embarrassment. >> scott, go ahead. what did you say? >> i'm wondering why the media spends so much time on sex when there's so many important issues today? >> yeah, i think you're right. but sex is one of them. especially if the people accused of having sex are the people supposed to be protecting the president of the united states. >> not only that, they're not paying for it. that's why this whole thing blew up. y'all, come on, let's face it. >> when we talk about the
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legalization of prostitution, this young lady went to a legitimate police officer instead of a pimp. where it was legal, she actually had the right to go to a police officer and protect herself. awe off course she did. it's called theft of services, don. seriously. >> we'll move on and get off of sex. i think that will make scott happy. up next, the outrage over troops posing with dead people. is that shock real or is it fake? >> don, where you at? >> no, no, no. i said -- listen to my question. i said people outside of politics and outside of the media. last week, conservatives tried their talking points. i shut them down. this week, it's the liberals' turn. fair warning, they won't get to spin either.
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okay, war is hell. we see images of war, we judge before realizing what our soldiers are really up against. this week, it was u.s. troops posing with body parts of afghan bombers. our guests are all back now. i want to say, we're not condoning this by any means. we can't even begin sdwrund -- understand what it is look tobe -- we can't even begin to understand what it is like to be in a war zone. why are we so quick to judge? first to scott camille, a former marine. why are we so quick to judge? we don't know what those men and women are up against, do we? >> we don't know what it's like being in combat unless you have been there. you're nitpicking talking about things like people posing with bodies. the real question should be, why are we at war in the first place? why are we killing so many
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people in the first place? the concern about posing with someone who is dead. seems to me, the fact that someone is dead and we're killing people is more important than what happens after they're dead. >> i think you're right about that. the fact is, we have those pictures. 18 of them of men and women in a battlefield posing with people who are dead. most people don't see that activity every day. if that leads people to understand what is going on in a war zone, or maybe why we're killing, that is a good next question. maybe this is the impetus to have that happen. >> the difficulty for me about these issues, don, we are stretched so thin. how long have we been at war? the circumstances -- we have put the military in in several regions. i'm not justifying the pictures at all. but so tough when something like this happens when you have so many thousand, hundreds of thousand of people who served honorably, who served all over the country in difficult situations and then you have this happen.
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you know, who knows what happened with the guys days before? >> scott does have a good point. he says, why are we killing people? the subject is faux shock and awe. should we be more surprised we are in all of these wars? >> here's the great thing. scott hit the nail on the head. now we opened a dialogue. what are we talking about now? shouldn't we be more upset that we're out there killing people? >> we're still there. >> but it happens in all different professions. you have heard of black humor. surgeons playing rock music in the o.r. and operating on people. you see life and death every day, and in a combat zone, i'm not going to sit here and say, how dare you? because nobody sent me over there with a gun. thank god somebody else is willing to do it. no, you know what it does -- it calls attention to the fact that maybe we need to assess why we're there in the first place. maybe we need to get these folks help. they're in a place where they're trained to kill. it's kill or be killed. >> this is war.
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>> this is war, hello, it doesn't get more basic than that. stwhin take a soy when they take a picture, it's like showing you, i'm doing what you trained me to do. >> most people may be surprised, you're saying, why are we in a war zone? they might say, you're former military. it seems like you would understand that more than most. >> what i understand is what it is like to be in a war zone and i understand the behavior in a war zone. and i, i would say first of all, that war is really an institution made up of criminal behavior. when we as civilians want to solve our problems we are not allowed to murder people and burn their houses down. i don't see why war is anaccept able means of conflict resolution and the majority of people that die are innocent civilians. >> jeffrey, under these particular circumstances, should we be judging our men and women in uniform so harshly?
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>> no, scott made a good point. and heap is very right about this. i served in the military. war is controlled insanity. and sometimes it's very easy to lose control. >> all right, thank you, guys. don't go anywhere. we have a lot to talk about. up next -- why these two people coming up have some explaining to do about president obama. you will see them after the break. [ woman lo wecholesterol. man ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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more of the stories you're talking about in a moment. first, the news you need to know right now. tonight, george zimmerman is behind bars. that could change soon. it may take until the middle of the week to come up with $15,000. 10% of the bond the judge set on friday. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder for shooting trayvon martin. new york police are tearing apart the former basement workshop of othneil miller. his lawyer insists the carpenter had nothing to do with the disappearance of 6-year-old etan patz more than 30 years ago. the colombian prostitution scandal has claimed more careers. three more secret service employees have stepped down making it six to lose their jobs so far. altogether, 23 secret service and military personnel have been caught up in the controversy.
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so tonight we are cutting through all of the smack talking on this show, no matter what political side you are on. last week we invited on conservatives, a conservative panel. nobody pulled any punches. listen to this. >> it sick ends me when i hear some of the writers being used to describe conservative women. someone calls you see you next tuesday. if you're reporting it in the context of the story, you want people to know what is being said. >> otherwise it's disgusting. >> i have to say, i just got the acronym see you next tuesday. that was beyond me. >> no, all right. all right. >> this week, it's the liberals' turn. maria cardona, a guest. you heard our conservative panel. bill mahr, and others have spewed about conservatives? >> i don't think so.
4:27 am
ed schultz was reprimanded. i think suspended for a couple days when that happened. i think plenty of democrats and liberals, including myself, who talked about when bill maher did it. when anybody uses that language, it's beyond the pail. that should not be the kind of language we use in politics. i have condemned it when it happens on both sides. >> it's a political talking point for the right to say, oh, liberals don't speak out when their own do it? >> i do think that. and, and it has become something that they have tried to use against the president. and against the administration. i think that they need to look at what their own people are doing. and, we're probably leading up to this. but you know -- ted nugent this week said awful things about the president. mitt romney said absolutely nothing about what the comments were. mitt romney's campaign sought the approval and the endorsement of ted nugent.
4:28 am
>> you're jumping ahead with maria with the ted nugent conversation. we're going to talk about it. >> it was an obvious segue there. >> i want to play something from "the daily show." something they said about the presidential race. listen. >> but last week, rick santorum conceded. primary's over. general election on. all the firepower the right was wasting on each other has now been retrained on their actual opponent. like the democrats didn't realize they went from england to america where the traffic is now coming from the other direction. democrats got so comfortable going, there's nobody coming on the street. they don't realize the cars were [ bleep ] bam. >> so, eric, you know he has got a point. he's got a point. the secret service scandal. soldiers posing with bodies in afghanistan. the gsa wasting taxpayer dollars. they're pouncing on it. the president and the democrats were caught offguard, it looks
4:29 am
like, eric. >> four years in the white house, there's always going to be breaking news. there's always going to be news cycles. do i think anybody in november will remember the gsa accounting scandal? or things like that? i don't. it's clear the romney campaign is clearly focusing on the obama administration and doing it in a dramatic way. and really cozying up to the right wing media. as we talked about, not just, not just, distancing himself from ted nugent and things like that. obviously, the general campaign is on. and it's funny that the republicans are playing hardball early. and they freak out when obama dares campaign for the white house. >> let's talk about the president obama and the economy. treasury secretary timothy geithner made the talk show rounds. he said something he's said a lot. we've heard from this administration. >> the president inherited, again, as you know, the worst financial crisis since the great depression. the worst crisis since the great depression.
4:30 am
when he came into office. a financial crisis caused by a shock larger than what kautz -- caused the great depression. >> he's been in office for three years. how much longer will we hear that line? can he run again on how bad bush was? bush has been all but invisible lately. >> i think you have to clarify what the administration is saying. they have not said that george bush, that the economy is george bush's fault. obviously, that's semantics. what they are doing, don, and i think is absolutely fair, is that they are laying the history of what happened. and i think that it is a very important point to remind americans of the hole that this economy was in when president obama took office. he did not start at a level playing field. he did not start at zero. it is fair to remind americans of that. we have seen in polls, in some
4:31 am
of the cnn polls that americans do understand that this president had a huge challenge when he walked into office. the majority don't blame him for that. and still blame bush. >> eric, listen, i have to move on. i have a short time with this. we're running long here. maria brought up ted nugent. ted nugent hasn't had a hit since 1977. since "cat scratch fever." a long time ago. he says crazy stuff. should mitt romney take responsibility for something ted nugent says? and should president obama take responsibility when a supporter of his says something that its out of line? >> that's a good point. i don't think people will vote in november based on these little games of outrage. it was the romney campaign that two weeks ago went bonkers over a comment that hilary rosen made on cnn, for them to now take the nugent comments, which were off the charts and he has a history of hateful, disgusting, vile
4:32 am
comments, for them to basically say, okay, we don't deal with entertainers, it's a pretty big double standard maria, i know you wanted to jump on this. go ahead, really quickly. >> and i think we have to be clear that the romney campaign sought ted nugent's endorsement. >> celebrated it. you didn't have obama going around looking for the endorsement of bill maher. and george shultz. >> last week, it was the conservatives. now the libs, the lefties have had their chance this week. we will have you back. eric, maria, thank you. have a good evening, all right. >> thank you, don. >> all right. after the break, we'll try to get to the bottom of why the tv show "the bachelor" is not very fond of black people. yes, we are going there. pr resso sap lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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we hope you've noticed our saturday 10:00 p.m. show is different. we hope it's different. and some saturday night fun. let's look at what popped up in entertainment. i have comedian dean obeidallah in new york. he is a comedian, i guess, i don't know how funny he is. former nfl'er jamaal anderson and our legal eagle holly hughes. let's talk about the mel gibson rant. joe eszterhas said mel yelled at him. he was yelling at him a few weeks back at his home in costa rica. >> i go to work. you're getting paid.
4:35 am
i'm not [ bleep ]. i am earning money for a filthy little [ bleep ] who takes advantage of me. >> they've been jabbing at each other in the media. and we're only hearing mel there. we want to be fair. but, you know there were the comments from nugent and then mel. they're both pretty much loud mouths. should we be surprised by this? >> no. when mel got in trouble in california, that ran thin. it's unfortunate. this was a guy who was a tremendously talented actor. it's hard now to watch some of the great movies that you love when you know all this stuff and rants and different behavior that have come out. come on, dude, really? >> dean? >> i said the same thing to owners of comedy clubs. i have to be honest -- mel gibson, he's making charlie sheen look better. charlie sheen looks like the
4:36 am
employee of the month. when you look at the rant of mel gibson. there is no defense for it. for mel, it's thursday, or friday. he has a history of angry outbursts. ted is completely different. that isn't angry. that was political rhetoric that got to the level of being a crime prohibiting a threat against the president. mel is crazy. ted nugent is not. that's the difference. >> are you sure about that? >> are you sure if ted nugent is crazy, legally crazy, i may be prosecuted for that. >> i don't know. look at alec baldwin. women don't do this. that's the interesting thing. snooki, they get drunk, they fall down. you don't see these angry, crazy rants. this is something men do. >> why don't we let a woman speak to that. do women do this? >> no. if a woman is going to say something, she's going to make sure she's not taped. it will be a catfight in the bathroom. a little slapping. somebody's weave may get left on the ground. then it is over. you know what? mel gibson has not gone off the rails he has jumped the track. i know we are kidding around and everything. let's face it.
4:37 am
get to the bottom of it. it's racist rhetoric. it's something we started at the top of the show going, this is hateful, this is horrible. some of it is really funny. i don't mean the rhetoric. the fact that he's over the top. >> we got it. i have to move on. i want to get to this. the television show, "the bachelor" being sued. see if you, if you can tell why. look at this. >> oh, my god. >> will you marry me? >> the end is in sight. everything that i dreamed of could be coming true. thank you. >> will you accept this rose? >> thank you. >> will you marry me? >> oh, my gosh. yes. >> what do you think? can you figure it out? a lot of white faces there. in 23 seasons there has never been a black bachelor or bachelorette. now two african-americans are filing a class action lawsuit saying they didn't get their shot. do they have a point. >> this is outrageous. i can't believe there is a
4:38 am
topic. there are absolutely no african-american bachelors or bachelorettes. we don't exist. >> maybe they're too smart to go on the show. >> there are no single black people? >> it's a joke there hasn't been a single one. >> maybe they just don't want to embarrass themselves. okay. this could be a good move on their part. how do we know they're not too smart? >> you're missing. there is a lot of diversity. all different shades of white people there. some offwhite, some with a tan. some didn't shave. how come -- no black person, i'm muslim. why no muslims on there? they could marry four women, great show at the end. four wives. >> maybe they don't need to go on tv to get a date? how about that? maybe they have enough in real life. come on. >> i spoke to someone. they said -- this is what they say. i don't know if this is true. can you imagine having a black bachelor with women of all different ethnicities? and having him pick and choose?
4:39 am
they think the audience would be uncomfortable by that or by having a black bachelorette and the same thing. i don't know if that is true. >> that would -- that's shock -- that's surprising to me. >> i am with jamaal. we see interracial couples on our comedy shows, our drama shows. this is -- aren't we past this? seriously? >> the show's been on ten years. clearly a problem. ten years. 23 seasons. "the bachelor" and "bachelorette" combined. not one person of color? i used to be a lawyer. this is discrimination. it will be off the case for abc. >> my question -- how do you have ten years and 23 seasons? that is interesting to me. i kind of know. it used to be one year, one season. all right, we're done. up next -- >> if you're not down with it, get the [ bleep ] off my channel. >> the king of all media under pressure to fill piers morgan's shoes. and to stop the backlash he has lost his edge. has howard stern jumped the shark?
4:40 am
4:41 am
all right, back right now. dean is in new york. jamaal and holly here as well. we talked a minute ago about mel gibson's public battle with a screenwriter. it's been a bad week for shock jock howard stern. his multimillion-dollar lawsuit got thrown out. now he's fighting with director judd apatow. who says he is howard stern's biggest fan. director of "the 40-year-old virgin." he said he's howard stern's biggest fan. he tweeted, i hate to say it but i don't have much interest in discussions about "america's got talent." i tried. it's just too much synergy. talking about listening to howard stern's show. howard stern got upset and fired back on his rid -- radio show, listen.
4:42 am
>> robin was with me at "agt." which judd apatow says i shouldn't talk about. because he's such a genius. >> really, he decided? >> he tweeted his opinion. >> you shouldn't talk about it? >> do i talk about the film you made? i keep it to myself. his criticism of me talking about "agt" is that i go on and on. you ever see the movie, "funny people"? talk about going on an on. i don't put my wife in every project i do either. if you're not down with it, get the [ bleep ] off my channel. >> you don't want to be in that conversation. >> yeah, that's all. what am i going to tell you. any way, that kind of ticked me off. >> you are not shocked. nobody is shocked that howard stern went off on him. >> isn't he called the shock jock? >> dean, go ahead. >> how thin-skinned is howard stern? judd apatow tweets one thing and astacks his -- attacks his casting of his wife in movies.
4:43 am
i don't know why howard is taking it so personally. who wants to hear about america's got talent. put strippers on the sex machine, that's what people listen to the show for. that's what people listen to. >> i'm a true howard stern fan. i don't know if you are. i listen to howard religiously. my sirius radio is locked to howard. lately, i got to tell you, i am tired of hearing it. what is agt? i didn't know what "agt" was. i don't like talent shows. he's taking over as a judge for piers morgan. piers morgan left to do his show. he's taking over as a judge. now all he talks about is "agt," "agt." i want to hear about debbie the pet lady. i don't want to hear agt, is america's got talent. >> you got to imagine, don, when the negotiations start ed happening, he started shifting the discussions on the show. it changes everything for the audience. like you said, people who listen to howard are like really? >> i think dean has a point. he said judd was not his friend because friends wouldn't judge -- criticize a friend. sometimes you have to tell the emperor he's not wearing any
4:44 am
clothes. sometimes friends tell you the truth. there is a guy on his show, j.d., who said, why didn't you go to the tapings. i had work to do. j.d. is saying, i'm not interested in this. because i don't want to. >> the other thing that was just mentioned -- >> me thinks thou does protest too much. if you're this upset, a guy puts out one tweet, this its not your only tweet. you've been getting it from all corners. >> he's a bit sensitive, because he knows. he knows. >> not the first one he heard. >> judd apatow apologized afterwards and said, i'm howard stern's biggest fan. i don't know why howard made such a big deal. i think maybe howard wants a little press. that's part of it. don't forget -- he was the king of all media. he could get press doing anything. amazing. he's a little bit ignored on satellite radio. that's just life. >> joe was basically trying to say get back to where you are. get back. >> he should write a song, get back to where you once belonged. >> has howard stern jumped the shark?
4:45 am
it's a legit question. either you're a stern fan or you love him or hate him. right now, i'm ready to get rid of my sirius radio. awe >> even if you hate him, you listen so you can talk about him later. >> agt is not that kind of outrage. howard, man up again. up next, why is this cake so scary? and more importantly, why is it screaming? [ screaming ]licy. at aviva, we do things differently. we're bringing humanity back to life insurance. that's why only aviva rewards you with savings for getting a check-up. it's our wellness for life program, with online access to mayo clinic. see the difference at
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will is a cnn contributor with a bit of a conservative bent. good friend of mine. good to see you. the new cnn poll finds that nearly 7 in 10 americans believe the tax system benefits the rich and is unfair to ordinary workers. that certainly seems to be behind president obama's push to raise taxes on millionaires through the buffet rule. should we talk about the tax code as being fair or efficient? what is your sense we all don't love the tax code, what should it represent? should the rich pay more? should everybody pay the same
4:49 am
amount? what's your thought? >> for me, don't think that subjective of interpretation. what's fair when you have the poll, how many think the tax code unfairly benefits the rich. statistics fly in the face of that. one thing the tax code does, so complex, so riddled with exceptions and exemptions that it becomes like swiss cheese and who does that benefit, well we want to say the rich, it really benefits those that are connected, have lobbyists, tax accountants and lawyers where you can make a fair tax code. simplifying it. my complaint and reference to the buffet rule and president obama. that doesn't solve any problems makes it more complex for arbitrary definition of fairness yes based on semblance of envy for playing to the cheap seats, telling people, we'll get this solved, play to the rich guys. >> will, thank you. this week's "mastering your money."
4:50 am
meineke's personal pricing on brakes.
4:51 am
i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. the artist says he is just making a political point. a warning though, some viewers may find the report disturbing. >> reporter: these are the pictures igniting the race row, shown plunging a knife into a stereotypical shape of an african woman. the artist, covered in dark makeup, head of the cake, screamed as the knife is plunged in. the minister still laughing.
4:52 am
>> okay, did this offend you or just making a point, dean? >> i think it is a great nontraditional way of making a political point raising an issue. just glad they didn't make a circumcision cake, scarier, lot smaller cake, let's not get into it. >> what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is that? >> who are you, beaver cleaver? you can say hell. >> you were sitting there going -- it is gross. i find the whole thing freaky. if you want to make a point. say, female circumcision is wrong. >> good intentions. >> we are not done making a point. we want to know why this man the one you are going to see right now is buck naked in an airport. tsa wants to know so did frightened children.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> when i was involved in heroes in 2008, the messages project just touched my heart. when you think about the people in this world that need help. the last people on that list are children of incarcerated parents. that to me is why i am coming out here today. >> approaching destination on the left. >> so what are the total number of messages delivered by the messages project now? >> we are right at 9,000. >> wow. that is a lot of children that have this opportunity. >> gate, please. >> so tell me about this facility? >> this is a maximum security prison. and it is the pilot for california.
4:55 am
>> thanks. >> good morning. >> how are you. i am carolyn. talk from your heart. 15 minutes. we are going to give you a signal. >> are we ready to roll? >> here we go. >> hi, kids. i know that you're angry with me and you should be angry with me. the difficulties that you faced over the years -- that's my fault. hold on a second. >> you could see that sadness that guilt that they had for whatever -- whatever decision they made that impacted their children their entire lives. >> when you set these fathers down in front of that camera, they're dad. >> i can't imagine with all the things going on in these children's lives what this means to them. on behalf of all of them thank you so much.
4:56 am
4:57 am
4:58 am
for more shock and awe, when was the last time you want through airport security hand to remove your shoes. extreme version of that. this guy decided to go through security in portland, his birthday suit, depending how you want to say it. he refused to put them back on to appropriate test the screener he felt harassed him. are you shocked byholly. i thought the cake was creepy. i would rather see the cake than this. >> you would rather see the cake than that man's butt. that's what you said.
4:59 am
>> the nice version of it. don't want to spell it out. >> the image i don't want to see. the frustration we deal with going through tsa. when i first saw it. i thought yes, somebody got back at them. >> dean, remember the guy if you touch my junk? >> this guy looks like the before picture in a gym ad. be in good shape. angelina jolie do a protest like this. not this pudgy white guy. keep your clothes on. >> assured he will never -- >> some one in my ear said that's not nice. not nice. it is what it is. >> thank you, jamaal, holly, dean. have a great night. thank you for watching. we will see you back here tomorrow night. good night.


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