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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 22, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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much ridiculed hit -- ♪ it's friday, friday >> it may not be flattery, but others are imitating hot problems. ♪ we're just like you ♪ except we're hot, hot >> reporter: how do you feel about seeing some of the reviews that said things like this is the death of music. >> all the negative criticism that we're getting, we're just really kind of brushing it off our shoulders. >> i read a [ bleep ]. i would let receive stevie wonder give me a free haircut before listening to that -- >> ♪ we're just like you ♪ except that we're hot, hot, hot ♪ >> reporter: he is hot. jeanne moos. >> i can't get it out of my lady. ♪ hot girls have problems too ♪ except we're hot >> reporter: morning. sex, money, betrayal.
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we'll hear how these themes played into the 2008 presidential campaign as we look ahead to the trial of john edwards, which begins tomorrow. >> it's -- please stay. >> reporter: desperation in syria. the government atrocities mount. syrians swarm the newly arrived u.n. monitors. and a new warning from the u.s. to assad's regime. plus, a perfect game for number 41. we'll bring you the final pitch that led to last night's victory. and, later, do you see what pete sees? we'll have pete's take on some of the week's most interesting stories. good morning, everyone. i'm randy kay. it is 7:00 here on the east coast. we start with a look ahead. tomorrow former presidential candidate john edwards heads to
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federal court. prosecutors say edwards used nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions to deceive the public. they say he was hiding an fa affair and a child. rielle hunter is expected to be the star witness. she has immunity. edwards and his attorneys say he did nothing wrong. major figure from the watergate scandal has died. chuck colson. he was the first of richard nixon's aides to be convicted. he was the president's special council, but he was also known as nixon's hatchet man. colson took his punishment seven months no n prison and turned his life around. here he is in 1999. >> we have healed a great deal from what happened in watergate, but it took a long period of time for people to recognize what they had done wrong. i apologize for what i did, went to the people that i had offended and -- >> after leaving prison in the mid 1907s colson founded a prison fellowship. it's aoutreach group providing
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support for scores. colson was 80 years old. wal-mart could be facing federal scrutiny over allegation that is it paid millions of dollars in bribes to mexican officials. a "new york times" investigation found that wal-mart's operation in mexico paid $24 million to secure permits to expand throughout the country. it is now the largest private employer in mexico. the times alleges that key executives were informed and looked the other way. wal-mart could face punishment for the corrupt practices act. more fall-out over ted nuj ebt's recent anti-obama ad. they've canceled nuj ebt's upcoming concert at fort knocks. nugent said that i would be dead or in jail if president obama was re-elected. he says he never meant anything as a threat against the president. those comments still led to a meeting with the secret service. china and russia are playing war today. warships from both nations are in the yellow sea right now for six days of war games.
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there are more than 20 ships and a couple of chinese submarines as well taking part in this. they simulate a hijacking and rescue and work on strategies for defending against attacks. to syria now and an outpouring of emotion from people in homs. they were talking to the first united nations monitors to come into the embattled city. listen to this. >> most on trial. it's very important to us at least understand so because of that we want to stay. please stay. this is what we want. this is -- when you come, killing stop. it's -- >> yesterday the noin security council agreed to send even more unarmed monitors into syria. 300 now up from the 30 that were originally promised, and joining me now from abu dhabi is
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reasona. good morning to you. tell me what difference are the monitors supposed to make there. sn what's their mission? >> well, there are 300 monitors, and they are unarmed military monitors. they're supposed to maintain via cease-fire. they have to really observe what's happening on the ground, talk to the syrian government officials and talk to the activists and normal citizens in syria. however, they are only 300 monitors over a big country like syria with 22.5 million people lig there, and they're going to spread over ten locations, so there are a lot of questions about the mission of these monitors and how much they're able to really maintain the cease-fire. >> what is the reaction from the syrian government about this? >> well, the syrian government yesterday the u.n. ambassador
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said that the security forces will maintain self-restraint. however, he said that they will defend themsdz, and they will target any terrorists, and the problem has been over the past year how the syrian government dae fines terrorists. sometimes dissidents and opposition members are defined as terrorists by the syrian government, so this has been the stand that the government has been taking. >> so is that it now? i mean, is the u.n. finished? >> well, this is the u.n. mission. it just started. we are waiting for things to happen on the ground. we already have an eight member team on the ground, and this mission is expected to last for 90 days. how far, it is not yet known if it's going to be a successful mission. as we are speaking, randy, there are four people killed today already in syria just before noon, and the city of homs is in
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another district in the suburb of damascus. it is a very fragile cease-fire. >> watch it for us, thank you very much. reynolds has his eye on the weather for us. what's coming up? the heavy rainfall through parts of the east coast, and get this, randy, there's a chance of flash flooding in parts of the northeast and maybe even heavy snow by late tonight and into tomorrow. the eastern hatch of the great lakes. that's coming up for you in just a few few moments. >> a wet, wet day. >> coming our way. thank you. i want to say a big good morning to washington d.c. as we head to a quick break. ♪ [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪
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young, candy cofax and randy johnson. here's another pretty awesome story this morning. a soccer ball from a school in japan washed ashore. it's believed to be one of the first pieces of debris to arrive in the u.s. there was also a volleyball. the name is sentence illed right on the ball. the man who found it says that he hopes to return it one day to the school. reynolds joins us now once again. isn't that amaze sng. >> it truly is. >> to alaska. >> very erie to think about all the things, the small items like this and personal like a soccer ball that belongs to kids at a school that made its way all around the current in the pacific. currents are an amazing thing, and the currents on the eastern seaboard fwloez flows from south to north. it's called the gulfstream. as we take a look at the gulfstream and what's happening close to it, you have the shoreline, and with it you have heavy rain falling. anyone riding along parts of
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highway 12 on the ourer banks, you have scattered showers and a good part of the day. although you see the showers moving from tout so north, the front is moving from west to east. we're going to see that rain continue. not only is it going to continue for parts of the outer banks, because we make our way up along parts of new england, you're going to see that frontal boundary, that area of low pressure continue to pull its way to the east bringing heavy rain, possibly two to four inches of rainfall back into the brookshires all the way up into maine. as far south as the jersey shore. even into philadelphia where we could see two to four inches of rainfall. watches and warnings will be into effect. snow will also be an issue, but farther back to the west, the reason why is we have a lot of cold air invehicles. translation? cold air movement coming from the south to north, and as we head that overrunning moisture from the great lakes, we're going to see anywhere from eight to 16 inches of snowfall. it's not going to come in one fail swoop. not in a matter of, say, minutes. it's going to be a long day as we make our way into tomorrow and into tuesday.
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youco see eight to 16 inches of snowfall south of buffalo, and also north of pittsburgh. now, something else you'll be noticing across parts of the central plains. anyone making a drive from oak ok city southward into dallas, you'll have picture perfect conditions. out to the west and the four corners. warm and sunny. a few scattered clouds for the west coast, and with it temperatures will be a little bit cooler than they were yesterday. close to 80 degrees in san francisco. wrapping it up to billings and 57 in minneapolis. 69 in memphis. 81 in dallas. 55 in washington d.c. among the cherry blossoms and in atlanta, 67. that's a quick shot at your forecast. let's send it right back to you. >> okay, reynolds. i'll take it. thank you. now an update to a story we first brought you yesterday. you may recall i spoke with 14-year-old alex boston along with her father and their attorney. they are suing two of alex's school mates for libel because of this fake facebook page that her school mates set up. many it you can see there they warped the picture of alex making her appear overweight,
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littering the page as well with racial slurs and very obscene language, and then they friend requested her entire school. i'm happy to report immediately after our interview aired yesterday, facebook deactivated the fake page and apologized to alex for not taking it down sooner. they contacted us and asked how they could help. we thanked them for that. thanks to all of you for your responses to the segment on twitter. to continue the conversation on believe you can fweet me at randy kay, cnn, and use the hash tag bullying stops here. an unbelievable assertion from a disgraced. there's pete dominik getting all fired up. downing some caffeine. you'll be ready to go right after this break. first, thinking about retiring any time soon? well, you might want to pack up and move to a southern college town. folks at washington economics group compiled a list of the
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best places to -- my hometown in atlanta rounded out the list at number five. tuscaloosa, alabama. number three, athens, georgia. number two, memphis, tennessee. i'll tell you what city topped the list next. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943.
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before the break we were counting down the best cities to retire. atlanta, tuscaloosa, athens, georgia, and memphis. it is number one city on that list, tallahassee, florida. that's according to the washington economics group which compiled. it's a nice play is mrais. been there many times. it is time for a different look at some of the week's top stories. for pete's take, that means pete dominik is back with us, like he
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is of sunday morning. >> when you retear, if ever. all right. let's -- as you get fired up with a little more caffeine, i knew you would need it. it's early. i want to start with ted nugent. listen to this. >> barack obama becomes the president many november again, i will need to be dead or in jail by this time next year. why are you laughing? you think that's funny? that's not funny at all. i'm serious as a heart attack. >> yep. they don't call him the motorcity mad man for nothing, and now, pete, nugent says that he didn't mean it as a threat. what do you think? >> well, first of all, when he said why are you lafring, i was laughing right at that time. i thought he saw me. i thought that was live for a second. that's how funny this is. that's how ridiculous it is. listen, ted nugent knows exactly
7:21 am
what he is doing. he has created a brand, and it woks for him, but there are limits to free speech. really, one, you can't threaten the president, which is pretty clear that that's what he did there, and now he just got removed from performing for the troops of fort knox. that's the latest development. randy, i think you can expect that. if i were to go off on some fortune 500 ceo, i'm thinking maybe i wouldn't get invited to perform at their annual christmas party. >> probably not. as you mentioned, the army, they have canceled his appearance at fort knox, and i'm curious, which is sadder, though? the fact that nugent had his appearance canceled or that he is touring with r.e.o. speed wagon and stix? >> randy. >> i'm sorry. >> i am appalled at your shot at r.e.o. speed wagon. >> i'm a big fan. >> ask stix. >> i wonder if he is opening for them or if they are opening for him. or if they all have that
7:22 am
horrific mullet that nugent is rocking. >> what about free speech? does he have a right here at all? >> i'll defend everybody's free speech from rush limbaugh to ted nugent, as much as i despise what they're saying. it is a felony to threateden the president of the united states. there is that limit on freedom of speech in this country, and so you really are not supposed to say those kinds of things, and you are probably not supposed to say them at an nra annual convention where if you watch that video, he is saying it while guys are walking around holding machine guns behind him. probably not the best idea. >> good point. >> not that i want to pile ownering but i'm going to pile on. nugent has now agreed, as you may have heard, to plead guilty for an illegal bear hunt. can go t get any worse for this guy? >> this is good for him. it's all good for his image. he gets paid. he gets paid to perform for people who love guns, and agree with what he is saying. they agree with his narrative. that he killed a bear, randy, that's not bad. that's good. he killed a bear.
7:23 am
aside from he baited it and then killed it. this all works for ted nugent and raises his profile because his music hasn't been doing that for him in the last 25 years. >> no. certainly not. >> how bad do you think this is? this scandal, i mean, is it a big deal, or do you think folks like the media maybe are making too much out of it? >> we might be making too much out of it. the sad thing is there's 3,200 secret service agents that do protection. i know a lot of these guys. they're amazing at what they do. can you imagine how difficult that is to be that focused all the time. i'm having a hard time now just getting distracted by the lights here in my home studio, randy. these guys -- i feel bad that they're all getting painted with this broad brush, but this is an important issue, and it's not really a scandal to the way that we look at scandals. i don't think it's going to get
7:24 am
connected with the president. these guys are idiots. it's more proof, randy, that men no matter what happens, we -- we're idiots. we can't control ourselves sometimes. it's another example. >> yeah. which may explain why apparently the agents' assertion that they didn't know that the women were prostitutes, i mean, come on. really? is it possible? >> i tried for hours to figure out how that could be a defense, randy, but even the dumbest men knows when a woman is a prostitute because in that exchange, the woman says for this, you are going to have to pay me. >> i mean, whether you are an escort or a prostitute, right, whatever they call themselves. if there was talk of money. >> yeah. i don't know what they call themselves in columbia, randy, but it's the world's oldest profession, and men and women both know what happens there. these guys are smart guys. they -- that's not going to work as a defense, unfortunately. >> no, i don't think so. all right. pete, that was fun. i'm glad you are fired up. glad you woke up.
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the new home studio. you got some new luting. it's looking good. >> hi great lighting. i went out right before. i'm back to the old desk light. it's always fun to be on with you in the morning. you're doing a great, great job. >> i thought the new lighting took the shine off your head a little bit, so it's looking good. >> another shot. is my hair messed up, by the way? >> it's unruly today. >> i minted this -- oh. >> all right, pete. thank you very much for the kind words. have a great sunday. a check of the morning's top stories is next. [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, you know, typical alarm clock.
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the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter jobs on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ thanks for joining us this morning. a lot to get to, including a new push to end medical research chimpanzees. a controversial issue. plus, the man hin the music of drake. his own producer on living with ms, what that's like. first, a look under the microscope. as you may have heard --
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>> in their sterch for clues in the disappearance of eton. the stain was discovered on a concrete wall as investigators dug up a lower manhattan basement yesterday. it's unclear if the discovery is significant. he vanished from that area more than 30 years ago. chuck colson who played a big role in the watergate scandal died. he was known as the hatchet man for president richard nixon. he served as nixon's special council and served time for the skamgdz. his death comes three weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage. colson was 80. in peru vimplt experts are investigate aing disturbing mystery washing up on its beaches. at least 877 dead dolphins have been found. crews deputy environment minister says the dolphins may have died from a veers. official test results are expected next week. i'll see you back here at the top of the hour. sanjay gupta m.d. begins right now. >> hey there, and thanks for joining us this morning. lots do get to, including a new push to end medical research on chimpanzees. a very controversial issue.


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