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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 25, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning to all of you. i'm carol costello. happening now in the "newsroom," is madeleine mccann still alive. investigators say they have the best opportunity yet to solve this case so what do they know? new scare in the sky. a third bird hit a plane in mid air. just in the last few weeks. two geese slamming into the windshield. a threat against rubio. reports this morning the florida senator and possible romney vp pick is being targeted. hooker scandal hits the hill. the first member of the obama administration getting grilled this hour on the colombian prostitution debacle. the white house saying their staff is in the clear. why do they have to testify? coverup. john edwards' former top aide coming clean admitting he helped cover up edwards affair with his mist res mistress, rielle hunter. has presidential politics moved from behind the podium to
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on the stage? "newsroom" begins right now. we begin with startling new developments in a missing child case that riveted much of the world nearly five years after madeleine mccann vanished during a family vacation to portugal, british police came out this morning and say they believe she may still be alive. they released a new image showing how she might look. she'll be 9 years old in mid may. she was 3 years old when she vanished. investigators face blistering criticism for the way they handled that case. max foster is following the latest developments from london. bring us up to date. >> carol, what we've had is an update really on a british police investigation instigated by the british prime minister about a year ago. they are going through all of the evidence gathered by the portuguese police and british police and by private v investigators. 37 officers working on this full time. a quarter of the way through it
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and they say they found lots of new leads. let's look at the detail then of what they have come up with. this is suggesting the british police are calling for portuguese police to reopen this case. at the moment it's still closed. the british want them to reopen it. up to 200 leads they're talking about. things that could be investigated, gaps in the evidence, could be investigated by the portuguese police. 40,000 pieces of information is what they got and they're dealing with right now. 100,000 pages worth of evidence, carol. a huge investigation. it is still closed at this point. >> are the mccanns reacting in any way this morning, max? >> no word yet from the mccanns. if we bring up the photo, this photo we're told was put together in very close cooperation with the mccanns. that's their message today. look at this picture. if it's recognizable in any way,
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get in touch with the police. it's deliberately being designed to look like a picture that a child would have taken at school. it's a sort of picture that any parent could have on their mantel piece and encouraging people in portugal at the time, are there any ideas you may have that you haven't gone to the police with or people who since then might have seen a girl looking like madeleine mccann would look like today. >> max foster reporting live from london. new developments and new casualties in the colombian prostitution scandal. three more members of the secret service losing their jobs pushing the total up to nine. that's not satisfying the political blood lust. republicans turning up the heat and demanding the focus shift to white house staffers who also made the trip. senior congressional correspondent dana bash is on capitol hill where an important hearing gets under way in the next hour. tell us about that, dana. >> reporter: it will be homeland
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security secretary janet napolitano. this is the first time we'll hear from an administration official and an important one in public testimony about this scandal. i spoke yesterday, carol, to the top democrat and the top republican on the senate judiciary committee. when it comes to the republican, never mind the secret service, he wants to know more about the white house advance team. the white house counsel looked into it and is satisfied no one on the advance team to colombia did anything inappropriate. gop senator chuck grassley isn't. >> i'm not going to be satisfied until we get some independent look at this. >> reporter: grassley, the top republican on the senate judiciary committee, says he wants an outside probe. the homeland security department's inspector general should investigate there was there any misconduct in colombia by any white house staff. his reason? >> so that there's no political implications with it and the reason for all of this is this is a serious matter. this isn't just a case of
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prostitution being used some place. this is a case of national security and the protection of the president of the united states. >> with all due respect, he knows that's not going to happen. >> reporter: the judiciary committee's democratic chairman says he sees no evidence of white house wrongdoing and dismissed grassley's call for an independent investigation of the white house advance team in colombia. >> with all of the press that's down there, with all of the conference, the white house has been involved this thing would be on the front page of every newspaper in the country by now. the fact of the matter they weren't. >> reporter: until now outrage and disgust over the secret service scandal has largely been bipartisan. no longer. family party lines are emerging. >> let's get this out of politics. we're talking about the security of the president of the united states. i don't care if they're republican or democrat. i want our president to be secure especially when they are
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in another country. don't play politics with this. we'll get all of the facts. the facts will all be made public. >> reporter: speaking of facts being made public, that's another area where grassley is dissatisfied. he wants the white house to release information about its internal inquiry. >> the most transparent administration in the history, which they aren't, but it seemed to me that all of their methods and what they found out ought to be made public at the very least. >> reporter: senator grassley cold "john king, usa" that accusing him of playing politics is a cheap shot. tensions are going to be probably pretty high between these two lead senators at this morning's hearing which starts in just under 20 minutes. more broadly, of course, the main questions that a lot of senators will have for janet napolitano with regard to the secret service is whether or not this is was just a one incident
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or whether this is a cultural problem and this has happened before. >> i know you'll pop in and listen. we'll check back with you at 10:00 a.m. eastern. dana bash reporting live from capitol hill. at the u.s. supreme court oral arguments get under way in a critical test of an immigration law. at the center, arizona's immigration law. it raises the question of whether state laws can trump federal authority on immigration issues. critics say it's a racist law that relies on racial profiling. arizona says the flood of illegal immigrants has created a crisis for the economy and the public safety and says the law just wants to help federal authorities. the obama administration says the arizona law overreaches and creates more problems. in other news this morning, john edwards' former aide back on the witness stand today. andrew young testifying he helped the former presidential candidate carry up his affair with a campaign videographer. young claimed he was the father
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of rielle hunter's child. edwards is accused of using campaign contributions to hide his mistress. a jetblue airliner is forced to make an emergency landing after two geese slam into the windshield just after takeoff. it's the second such bird strike on a commercial flight in less than a week. listen to the pilot as he alerts air traffic control that he's returning to the airport. >> jetblue 571 contact new york depart u departure 120.8. >> we got to come back. we hit two big geese. >> 571, roger. stand by. jetblue 571 make right traffic runway 1-6. >> would you like to declare an emergency? >> we are declaring an emergency. >> no one was hurt. an initial inspection showed no damage to the plane. new jersey's governor defending the decision to suspend two state troopers over this video.
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not unusual you think. it shows the police officers escorting a caravan of exotic luxury cards down the garden state parkway at speeds reportedly topping 100 miles per hour. >> it's a completely ridiculous story. shouldn't have happened. dumb thing to do. let me assure that it's not the last dumb thing that we'll see happen. >> the caravan included dozens of elite sports cars and they were traveling at those break neck speeds. one witness dubbed it death race 2012. in politics this morning, florida senator marco rubio is under police protection after his office said he received a credible threat. rubio's office says no details of that threat will be given, it's serious enough to prompt security at his washington office and at his home in miami. an investigation is under way. mitt romney fired up this morning after a five-state
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primary sweep. connecticut, delaware, new york, pennsylvania, rhode island all sewn up. two different kinds of campaigning going on. romney playing hard ball in new hampshire saying a better america starts tonight while president obama plays serious but funny on jimmy fallon's show. to cnn political editor paul steinhauser in washington. good morning, paul. >> good morning, carol. how are you? >> i'm good. let's talk about mitt romney's speech because it seemed he was taking playbook from the democrats frankly. >> he sure did in a way. this was an important speech because he was trying to pivot from a primary campaign to general election battle against president obama. he used that speech to do it. while the speech is getting rave reviews from some people, it also is interesting. you know every poll you've seen and i've seen indicates that romney has a problem identifying with middle class americans, average americans and the problems they are facing. in a speech last night he talked about single mothers who have to take two jobs. about grandparents who can't
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afford the gas to visit their grandchildren. he said help is on the way. he also talked a lot about fairness. that's something you hear president obama talk a lot about. take a listen to romney from last night and also the president from his speech yesterday as well. here you go. >> we will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the very taxpayers they serve and we'll stop unfairness of one generation passing larger and larger debts onto the next. >> we can't to keep tax cuts for the wealthiest americans who don't need them and didn't ask for them or do we want to make sure that they are paying their fair share. >> sounds similar, doesn't it? pretty interesting stuff. you'll hear more of that from romney. one thing about that gop fallon interview, i love the preezy of the united steezy. the president is on a youth
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tour for past for you days trying to shore up support among young voters. if his appearance on jimmy fallon last night, he was a hit. he found the perfect stage on late-night tv. listen as the president joins jimmy fallon on a slow jam of the news. >> the reason it's so important to keep down costs is so we keep college affordable. >> and the president knows his stuff, y'all. that's why they call him the pot -- it means person on top. >> jimmy, potus stands for president of the united states. >> he's the potus with the mostest. >> maybe obama didn't make his audience swoon but he's playing to a familiar tune. he's more likable than his challenger, mitt romney.
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the wild time in colombia cost nine secret service agents their jobs. at least one lawmaker says that's not enough. he thinks their boss needs a pink slip too. we'll have that conversation after a break. more than a technical foul. the nba slaps metta world peace with a seven-game suspension for throwing an elbow to the head of an opposing player. we'll talk that story next. [♪...] >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or
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checking our top stories now, a 4-year-old girl who disappeared while on vacation in 2007 may still be alive. british police released a new image showing what madeleine mccann might look like now. they've been reviewing the case for nearly a year. mccann was at a resort in portugal with her family when she vanished. this morning the u.s. supreme court hears arizona's appeal over its controversial immigration law. key issue, can states enforce their own immigration laws or is that the federal government's job? arizona will argue illegal immigration creates financial and safety concerns. the nba has suspended lakers forward metta world peace seven games for this hit to the head in sunday's game against the thunder. the league's pent was intent and previous incidents when he was ron artest. two more secret service agents resigned yesterday and
9:17 am
another was forced out. 12 agents and 12 military members are being investigated for allegedly soliciting prostitutes before obama's trip to colombia earlier this month. despite the number of agents losing their jobs, at least one member of congress thinks another head needs to roll. that would be the secret service's director, mark sullivan. president bush made him the top dog back in 2006. there have been some bumps during sullivan's tenure and congressman randy forbes of the house armed services committee thinks enough is enough. congressman, welcome. >> thank you, carol. good to be with you. >> lawmakers are holding a hearing. it kicks off in about 45 minutes. what do you want to hear? >> carol, i think we're going to hear this is a much bigger problem than we thought. we talk about coming to washington to change things and fix what's broken but when we look at those things and they involve our friends or maybe point blame in our direction, it's so easy to cover it up and move to something else. this is the secret service of the united states. they are the lead agency in
9:18 am
defending the leadership of the country. i think people want this fixed. >> why do you think that sullivan needs to go because he does have a lot of supporters. >> well, i think one of the things that you look at and i know the white house talked yesterday this is just a bunch of knuckleheads but we need to look at a culture. if there's any place that we should demand a high standard of conduct and character, it should be the secret service. think about the culture that would hire this many knuckleheads. think about the culture that would assign this many knuckleheads to such a premiere mission. think about the culture that wouldn't detect this through all of the years of training and even when all of this was happening down there, it wasn't the secret service that determined it and reported it up and stopped it. the only reason we know about it and are talking about it today is because one prostitute didn't get paid for her services. i think that's a culture that needs to change. this is an agency we shouldn't be laughing about. we need to make sure we fix this problem. >> senator grassley wants to
9:19 am
know if white house staffers were involved. are you as concerned as he is about that? >> my biggest concern is not to point the blame or punish somebody. it's just to fix this problem. sometimes we can push away the problems that we saw putting guns in the hands of criminals that kill innocent people or maybe even the gsa and million dollars of taxpayer money but when it comes to the secret service and protecting the president and leadership of this country, we can't afford mistakes. we have to make sure we corrected this culture and make sure it doesn't happen tomorrow. >> congressman forbes, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. still to come on "newsroom," the fbi and state police are now investigating the saints gm over allegations he could eavesdrop on opposing coaches. that would be a federal crime. coaches are talking now. we'll tell you what they're saying. "newsroom" back in two minutes.
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so the new orleans saints scandal got a lot worse. jeff is here to talk about that. we first hear allegations that the gm is listening to other coaches on the sidelines during games. >> you think it's just a football problem at that point. >> it's not. >> the fbi is investigating. right now the state police say they are investigating as well. this is a problem now that looks like it's going beyond football. new orleans saints already in trouble over the bounty hunting scandal now have to deal with this. to be clear, the general manager, mickey loomis denies the report from espn that says while he was in the super bowl at home games he could listen to the coaches of the other team talking and of course deciding what they're going to do on the field. calling plays, et cetera. loomis again strongly denies it. the team denies it.
9:23 am
espn citing unnamed sources saying they couldn't determine if loomis listened to this. a spokesman said it never happened. yesterday reporters asked the interim coach about the report. >> it's ludicrous. absolutely ludicrous. it's impossible. i've never heard of it before. that's something from "star wars." when i heard about a wiretap, i didn't know what they were talking about. what are you talking about? this is ludicrous. and then to associate mickey with that. it's irresponsible. it's a shame. >> now to be clear, the accusations are this happened in the 2002, 2003, 200 season before sean payton was there. and the former head coach is responding to the reports saying there's no way this happened. during my years no time during
9:24 am
my tenure did the saints mickey loomis and i discuss monitoring opposing deep coaches communication nor did i have any knowledge of this. the nfl saying we don't know anything about this. the questions are how is someone else finding out about this and how is espn coming up with the report? >> maybe they will question them. i don't think espn will give up sources. the fbi is now involved because it's a crime. >> one question would be what's the statute of limitations on this. one expert says it should be five years which would fall outside of those limitations but if they are covering something up, how far back might it have gone or how recently has it been going on? >> we'll talk more about it later. thank you so much. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, could america elect a nonchristian president? mitt romney is a mormon. he's been running for president
9:25 am
since 2007, maybe many christians are not comfortable with his religion. on the campaign trail, romney has discussed what bonds him with other christians. >> i happen to believe that jesus christ is the son of god and my savior. i know people have different views and i respect those views and don't believe those qualify or disqualify people for leadership in our nation. >> still some students at liberty university, an evangelical college are upset that romney will speak at commencement calling him a cult leader. an influential voice in the christian community disagrees but qualifies his support for romney. >> when i hear mitt romney say that he believes that jesus is the son of god, that he's the christ, raised from the dead and he's his savior, that's good enough for me. i would encourage them in the same way. we don't all have the same views. i realize mormonism is not traditional christianity. i'm broader and more open in the fact that when someone loves
9:26 am
jesus and believes they're the son of god, that's good for me. >> he could support a muslim or hindu president based on their values, leadership ability and faith but could we or dare i say could american voters support an atheist for president? that's my talk back question today. could america elect a nonchristian president? graphic testimony in john edwards' corruption trial. his former aide talking about the ex-candidate's secret life and his affair. the defense taking a shot at andrew young today. new threats against senator marco rubio. serious enough to police to give him extra protection in florida and washington. we'll talk to the reporter that broke that story. we're back after a quick break. for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace."
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on wall street, i think the bell has just rung. stocks set for a higher open today and a lot has to do with one company. that company is apple. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. wow. apple. it's unbelievable. >> it's quite the darling on wall street. quite the darling for everybody else, isn't it, carol? >> if you have stock it is. >> that's true. everybody is buying their stuff too. what goes for wall street so goes what's happening on main street. you look at apple, carol, it's huge. it's becoming a bigger and bigger factor on wall street. it's the world's most valuable company. did you know that just a few weeks ago it came in with a worth of $600 billion. the company is worth $600 billion. the only other company that hit that mark was microsoft back in 1999. one investment group says if apple was in the dow it would be around 15,000. today the dow opened at 13,000 a
9:31 am
few second before you came to me. apple shares are up almost 10%. guess what apple did? posted better than expected earnings in sales in the first three months of this year. we did see futures pull a little back after we got a report on durable goods orders. those are big ticket items from airplanes to refrigerators falling 4% in march because orders for planes plunged. it was the biggest overall drop in three years. it's shifting the focus back to the economy and weakness we see in the world economy. nevertheless, we are starting on a high note. take a look. dow is up 67 points. the nasdaq a big player for where apple is a big player is up 52 points. carol? >> wow. alison kosik reporting live from the new york stock exchange. stories we're watching in the "newsroom." police say a 4-year-old girl who disappeared while on vacation five years ago may still be alive. british police released a new picture this morning showing what madeleine mccann might look
9:32 am
like now. they've been reviewing the case for nearly a year. mccann was at a resort in portugal with her family she vanished. this morning the u.s. supreme court hears arizona's appeal over its controversial immigration law. can states enforce their own immigration laws or is that the federal government's job? arizona will argue illegal immigration creates financial and safety concerns. the fbi and louisiana state police are investigating saints' general manager mickey loomis. the probe follows an espn report that says loomis had an electronic device in his superdome suite allowing him to eavesdrop on opposing coaches. europe's tallest volcano is spewing lava erupting for the seventh time this year. mt. etna is europe's most active val volcano. it's not disrupting flights or threatening cities. a former aide to john
9:33 am
edwards goes on the stand today and may be cross examined. he's been spilling intimate details about his former boss's secret love life during testimony. edwards is accused of using a large amount of campaign contributions to hide his mistress. marco rubio has gotten a lot of attention as a possible running mate for mitt romney. it brings unwanted attention too. he's been receiving threats and they are serious enough for police in washington and in west miami to give him extra protection. good morning, mark. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm good. thanks for joining us. any idea of what these threats are specifically? >> we don't know specifically. i hope we don't ever find out because it will mean that there's too many leaks. from what we understand the office received a credible threat according to the u.s. capitol police and i believe -- but we're not sure -- this may
9:34 am
have come through the west miami police department. we're double-checking that. >> is it unusual for a candidate -- not a candidate but for a possible vp candidate i should say to have police protection in washington and in west miami? >> well, right now he doesn't have it. i don't think -- if you monitor your e-mail and you see what people are saying out there, it's not unusual to have loonies target various politicians of various parties. that's what's happening here. rubio didn't have security until now. now he has it. obviously if he's chosen as mitt romney's vice presidential candidate, he'll have around the clock secret service security but right now it looks like it is just capitol police in the capitol and west miami police down here that are providing the security for him at his house and his office and when he's out and about in the capital. >> did this start after his name came up as a vp choice? >> that's a good question. we don't have access and capital
9:35 am
police won't give it to us. to all of the threats, complaints and scary stuff directed at various politicians. we don't know. this definitely happened as of late. whether it's connected to him being a vice presidential candidate or whether it's connecteded connected to him advocating for immigration reform hin his way, who knows. this stuff happens. it's a bad reflection on what can happen in politics. people can get a little stirred up and loonies can go out and do lunatic things. >> sadly you are right. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. still to come, the first case of mad cow disease in the united states in six years. it is found in a dairy cow. ho how worried should we? elizabeth cohen will join us to tell. and do you remember octomom?
9:36 am
who could forget? the california woman had fertility treatments and gave birth to octupleober up -- octuplets. police were called to investigate child abuse allegations. there are few things about my job that are intuitive to me. one that is intuitive is working with sound. >> he invented a new way to think about the oldest broadcast media. >> winning the peabody was great. genius thing was totally trippy. >> it's an amazing thing. >> the sound is something like when you are on the edge of a dream. >> if they want to call that genius, i think they should. [ male announcer ] if you want a luxury car with a standard power moon roof,
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welcome back to "newsroom." 40 minutes past the hour. we're just finding out that police were called to octomom nad nadya soleman's home. >> police and local social services haven't found cause or reason to take action. we did speak with the police department this morning and they said everything appeared to be in order and there's no criminal investigation under way at this time. they did confirm that they were
9:41 am
responding to reports that there was general neglect in the house and specifically neglect regarding suleman's children. they say that she was cooperative but she did contact social services. police were reportedly called by suleman's hairstylist yesterday afternoon who described the situation to tmz and provided them with pictures. she's saying the plumbing in the house is shot. only one toilet is functional for the entire family and it's a lot of people and she also says that suleman locked her kids in the bedroom at one point by putting a chair against the door and there aren't enough beds in the house and some of the children have to sleep on the floor. when i spoke with the octomom two weeks ago, she told me everything was in control and the kids were doing just fine. we'll have to wait and see if this goes anywhere. >> i'm trying to get over the fact she has a hairstylist. she has a hairstylist. a.j., thank you so much. a.j. will be back with us next
9:42 am
hour to tell us who "people" magazine is calling the most beautiful woman in the world. we look forward to that. thanks. still to come, mad cow disease is found in america. health officials say there's no threat to our food supply so how worried should we be? senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen will tell us. and a million dollar bounty on tim tebow and it has nothing to do with football. that story in two minutes in sports. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot
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45 minutes past the hour. welcome back. checking our top stories now, a total of nine secret service agents have now lost their jobs over the colombian prostitution scandal. two more resigned yesterday. another was forced out. 12 agents and 12 military members are being investigated for allegedly soliciting prostitutes before president obama's trip to colombia earlier this month. this morning the u.s. supreme court hears arizona's appeal over its controversial immigration law. can states enforce their own immigration laws or is that the federal government's job? arizona will argue illegal immigration creates financial and safety concerns. hillary clinton is more popular than ever. a new "the washington post"/abc news poll shows 65% of people gave the secretary of state a favorable rating compared to 2008 when mrs. clinton was running for president, only 52% of people viewed her favorably. clinton has said she will not
9:46 am
run for president. this morning the first u.s. case of mad cow disease has been confirmed. it's the first case in six years. health officials are reassuring americans that the threat is extremely low. it was discovered in a dairy cow in california during a random test at a rendering facility. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here. you know, some networks led their newscast with this mad cow story. it scared me. i'm just wondering from now how scared i need to be? >> of all things i report on, i don't find this extremely scary. i'll tell you why. this is one cow, okay. this cow was never going to be eaten, which is how you get mad cow disease. this was a dairy cow. you don't -- the minimlk is not infectious. it would not have gotten anyone sick. this is one cow. that's really important to remember. >> you called the rendering plant where the cow came from.
9:47 am
what did they say? >> they were open. we have all of these dead cows at our facility. we tell our people go out in the field, hundreds of dead cows. pick 60 to test. they picked this cow randomly and they tested it. and if they had not picked this cow, this is where it does get sca scary. if they had not picked this cow, this cow would have been rendered into soap or chemicals and that's not such an issue but it could have been made into livestock feed and then you and i could have eaten that livestock or poultry. i said it's scary. here's the safeguard to prevent that scary thing from happening. in this country you're not allowed to put brains or spinal cord or anything else that could have mad cow disease in it into food for animals or humans. don't touch that part of it and put it into food for anybody or any animal. that's the safeguard to keep mad cow disease out of our system. >> the government has safeguards in place. >> that is the government safeguard. >> that is a government
9:48 am
safeguard. as far as testing the cows or testing animals for mad cow disease. >> first of all, if an animal shows signs of mad cow disease if they are stumbling around, that animal is taken away and not put into the food supply. a cow could get the disease and not show signs for years and maybe even eight years. that's a long time. the cow looks fine. that's why they do this random sampling. the word random tells you this cow might never have been found. it was just random that they chose that carcass. this cow could have been made into feed for livestock. that's why you have the safeguard that you don't use the brains or spinal cord for any cow ever. you cannot go to a u.s. restaurant and get cow brains. it's not on the menu. >> if you have milk, you can drink it. >> even consumer advocacy groups that can't stand the usda and criticize morning, noon and night are not concerned about
9:49 am
this incident. they do think they need to do a better job systemically but this one cow doesn't make them nervous. still to come, metta world peace pays a price for violence. the nba hands down a seven-game suspension for the lakers forward and it's just as the playoffs are about to begin. sports just ahead. ged hair with new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. it nurtures hair back to strong, healthy life. our exclusive active naturals wheat protein formula works with your hair, targeting damage, restoring strength and resilience fop to 9 less breakage in just three washes. find peace with your hair. [ female announcer ] and discover strong, healthy hair with life. new nourish+ strengthen, from the nourish+ hair care collection. only from aveeno. woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ]
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9:51 am
we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question of the morning, could america elect a non-christian president. no way, this is a corner stone of the founding fathers. the further we move away from
9:52 am
these principles, the worst things get. this country is not ready for a women let alone non-christian. >> if it was a muslim running, all muslims would vote for them. as an atheist, i know there's too much hate in this country for an atheist to be elected into any significant office. >> we could and we should. i thought this country was founded on the base to keep church and government separate. maybe i was wrong. we are following a lot of developments in the next hour. let's check in with max foster. >> new leads in the search for the missing young girl, madeleine mccann. police in london say she could be alive. details coming up. >> i'm allison kosic.
9:53 am
china's growth is slowing and europe is still in trouble. question is, will all of that circle back to the u.s.? i'll have more on that at the top of the hour. >> i'm dana bash on capitol hill. janet napolitano is talking about the prostitution scandal. what is she saying? we'll tell you at the top of the hour. people referred to mitt romney as the presidential candidate. some members of the mormon church call him bishop romney. we'll look at that part of his life in the next hour. the next revolution in music is happening here.
9:54 am
9:55 am
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9:56 am
is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. metta world peace, the punishment is out and it is not pretty. >> seven games, do you think that's fair? >> he gave the guy a concussion. >> he did. the lakers star is getting a seven day suspension for the vicious elbow. this was it sunday. take a look. metta world peace says it was an accident. he weighed a lot of factors. before this, he was suspended 111 games in his career. 110 of them as ron artest. he redid his image and won a
9:57 am
citizenship award. he suffered a concussion on the play. he will miss the start of the playoffs. the lakers and thunder could meet in the playoffs in the second round. oh, boy. >> louisiana state police are joining the hunt and the fbi in the investigation allegations against saints g.m. mickey loomis. he was ease dropping on opposing coaches. they call the report ludicrous. nhl playoffs, new jersey and florida in playoffs. two defenders with him. pass to travis. that's the game winner. devils force a game in the opening round series. game seven tomorrow night. could we finally get a college football playoff? please. espn says they are working on a
9:58 am
four-team playoff to replace the current system, the semis and national championships would be played at neutral sites. if it happens, it wouldn't take ifect until 2014. it would be awesome. please. here, i'm sorry to say is the latest nfl bounty program. a website offering money to a woman who can prove she slept with tim tebow. the website provides hook ups for people seeking extramarital affairs. they assume now that he's in new york with the jets there will be temptation. they want proof. >> a number of actresses expressed interest in him. interest is sparked because he's a virgin. >> really? >> that interest that would only go so far, i guess. >> i'm sure tim tebow will make his own decisions. i don't need to talk for him. he knows his own mind.
9:59 am
thank you. you are staying away from this, aren't you? >> i'm putting it out there for the people. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. just ahead, new hope and a new picture. london police release this picture of madeleine mccann saying they have new evidence she might be alive. candid detail, john edwards closest confident takes the stage and reveals what edwards thought of his mistress. >> you are looking at a live picture at a hearing that just got under way a half hour ago. there could be fireworks as an obama official answers questions about the prostitution scandal. bishop romney, he was once a bishop counseling and balancing budgets. hear what members say about his service. we begin with startling
10:00 am
developments in a case that riveted the world. nearly five years after madeleine mccann vanished on a trip to portugal, british believe she may be alive. there's a photo of how she might look now. she was three when she disappeared. i'm sure you remember this. investigators faced blistering criticism for the way the case was handled. we have the latest developments from there. fill us in. >> the british police are the lead investigators on this. the british police got involved and got together all the evidence from the portuguese investigation. all the evidence is pouring over it. 37 police officers working full time on that for nearly a year. they got a quarter of the way through. now, what they want to do is present this. these findings to the portuguese
10:01 am
police and see what they can do with it. this is where we stand at the moment. the british police are calling for portugal to reopen the case. they have close to 200 leads they say, so far. they consider that's a quarter of the way through the evidence. there are 40,000 pieces of information to get through. 100,000 pages of evidence. huge, huge project for the british police. certainly one that grabbed the world's attention. it's partly why there's so much pressure on them. >> interesting. the mccann's any react from the parents? >> no reaction today. we know they were very involved in forming this portrait you have shown. the idea is to show madeleine as she probably would appear to the best of their estimations, really. it's deliberately made to look like a school photograph. the sort of picture people could
10:02 am
have or parents have on their mantelpiece jogging memories if they have seen the girl looking like this or remember being in portugal at the time she went missing. there are gaps in the story and opportunities for something to have happened which they are not aware of. they are going to try to get it reopened. it's up to the portuguese. >> i know you will follow this. new developments and casualties in the colombia prostitution scandal. nine members of the secret service are losing their jobs. right now, the powerful senate judiciary meeting is opening it up. janet napolitano is front and center. she is the first member to face public questions. here is what she had to say moments ago. >> the director took immediate action to remove the agents
10:03 am
involved. a thorough investigation is under way to determine what transpired and actions we need to take to ensure this kind of conduct doesn't happen again. director sullivan has the president's and my full confidence as this investigation proceeds. investigation will be complete and thorough and we will leave no stone unturned. >> congressional correspondent dana bash is on hand. that was the opening statement. has the questioning began? >> reporter: it has. what is fascinating has been so far. it's just the beginning. both democrats and republicans are extremely forceful about one of the main concerns, which is, of course, the safety of the president and everybody else who is protected by the secret service. listen to what the democratic chairman said about that. >> nobody wants to see the president's security
10:04 am
compromised. nobody wants to see america embarrassed. i can't think of anything that would -- aside from the personal tragedy, anything that would look worse than the rest of the world if something happened either to president obama or governor romney, especially during a presidential election. >> carol, the first question that the senator asked janet napolitano is whether the president was in danger. she said that was the first question she asked mark sullivan and the answer was no. according to what they know so far, no concern for the president's safety and no access to secure information by the people involved. >> what did the secretary say about the possibility of other instances? >> reporter: she was asked that question and if you can look at the live picture, she's being asked similar questions by the republican lindsey graham. she was careful in her answer. it was interesting.
10:05 am
the way she answered was in the two and a half years that she has been there, the office of public responsibility, where anybody would call to report a tip of bad behavior, they have not received complaints. she made a point saying there had been 900 trips internationally and 1300 do mesically. nothing on the record to say it happened. very careful to answer that question that there's nothing on the record. it doesn't answer the question of whether or not it happened. >> we'll check if with you later. in chicago, a trial resumes for the man accused of murdering jennifer hudson's family. he's charged with killing her mother, brother and nephew. a former aid to john edwards back on the stand today. he may be cross examined. andrew young has been spilling intimate details about his
10:06 am
bosses secret love life. he used large amounts of campaign contributions to hide his affair. here is joe johns. >> reporter: with andrew young on the stand, is the former right hand man fixer to senator john edwards. the prosecution laid out an amazing story of sex, lies, politics and money. young spoke of the day when rielle hunter made so many repeated frantic calls to him. when he finally got her on the phone he said somebody better be pregnant or dying. rielle hunter responded, nobody is dying. when edwards found out he was pregnant, he responded gruffly saying she's a crazy slut and there's a one in three chance it's her child. stunning was the big money donor who agreed to help because she thought edwards could rescue america. andrew young secured the
10:07 am
agreement to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to the benefit of the campaign, no questions asked. checks in ever increasing funds went through her decorator and endorsed by young's wife. with this money, he moved rielle hunter to north carolina to keep her away from the media. she was threatening to go public. he gave her a $5,000 a month allowance. a couple times it went up to $12,000. he rented a house for her in his name. got her a bmw. she was going by a different name. young said rielle lived in his house with him and his wife and kids for about three weeks which he called very difficult. rielle could be very demanding. more than once she said if she didn't talk to edwards, she was going public. how did his wife feel? young says she was scared to death. we were scared to death. edwards was a viable presidential candidate and this
10:08 am
was a truckload of money. they asked if it was okay to do it. edwards said it was completely legal. they spoke in code. knowledge of this could hurt him if he were to become attorney general. it's andrew young's version of events. today, he's expected to get challenged as the edwards defense team gets to cross examine him. carol? >> joe johns reporting live for us. this just in to cnn. we have confirmed newt gingrich will drop out of the presidential race next week. shannon travis, he's in north carolina. that's our reporter where gingrich had a campaign event. shannon will join us later to talk about this decision that a lot of people didn't think would come. as you know, gingrich said he would go all the way to the convention. hees changed his mind due to his showing in north carolina where
10:09 am
his primaries were held. he will drop from the presidential race on tuesday. again, more information later on news room. new jersey's governor is defending the decision to suspend two state troopers over this video. here it is. it shows police officers escorting a caravan of exotic luxury cars down the parkway. the problem is, they were traveling fast. speeds topped 100 miles per hour. >> it's a completely ridiculous story. shouldn't have happened. dumb thing to do. let me assure you, it's not the last dumb thing we will see happen. >> the caravan included dozens of sports cars like ferraris and lamborghinis. they were traveling at break-neck speeds. president obama is on the campaign trail again today stumping for low interest rates on subsidized student loans. it's a pitch that targeted young
10:10 am
voters. he found the perfect stage on late night television. listen as he slow jams the news. >> now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, yeah. >> maybe the president did make his audience swoon, but he's playing a familiar tune throughout the race. mr. obama is more likable than his republican challenger, mitt romney. for some members of a mormon church in massachusetts, politics isn't the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the name mitt romney. coming up, a look at the man they know as bishop romney. [ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals.
10:11 am
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10:13 am
in politics this morning, make it another win or five for mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor making a clean sweep of last night's republican primaries. in a speech, romney put a bruising battle for the nomination behind him and took the bid for president directly behind the voters. >> for every single mom who feels heart broken when she explains to the kids she had to take a second job and won't be home as often. for grandparents who can't afford gas to visit grand kids anymore. for the mom and dad who never thought they would be on food stamps. to all of you, i have a simple message. hold on longer. a better america begins tonight. [ cheers and applause ]
10:14 am
>> mitt romney's convincing wins have his rivals rethinking their chances. newt gingrich will end his bid for the white house and throw his support to mitt romney. that probably will happen on tuesday. before romney turned his attention to politics, he focused on faith serving as a bishop in massachusetts. mary snow spoke with church members to get their thoughts on the man who used to lead their congregation and now wants to lead the nation. >> they might ask that, too, that he labored with his own hands that he might serve the people. >> reporter: reading the book of mormon together is now routine for former catholics sandy and ron. their clash over mormonism almost destroyed their marriage. with nowhere to go, sandy turned to her then bishop, mitt romney. >> when i went to mitt, i said
10:15 am
it's so hard, i don't know what to do. i broke down and said i can't do this anymore. do i love the lord more than i love my husband? >> reporter: and what happened? >> he said to me, you can love both. i'll show you how to do it. >> reporter: mitt romney came up with odd jobs for ron, an out of work maintenance man struggling to provide for his wife and three sons. >> he was fellowshiping me and bringing me closer not to the religion but to him and his family and my family, which is important. >> he really helped change our lives for the better. >> we have work to do. >> romney, on occasion talks about his time as a church leader in the boston area working his way up the ladder at binge capital. he was similar to a pastor at the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. friends say he worked up to 20
10:16 am
hours a week counseling and balancing budgets. >> i had a chance to work with people who lost their jobs or facing financial distress, losing their homes. i found those circumstances were not just about money and numbers but lives and emotions. >> reporter: why doesn't romney talk more about his role in the church. >> mitt is a great listener. >> reporter: a former lbs bishop says there's a cultural opponent among mormons and political risks. >> there are many, many misperceptions about the mormon church. i think, to dwell on his involvement in the church no matter how effective he might do it, inevitably would lead to side discussions that may not be productive. >> not everyone in bishop romney's church was a fan with the hashest criticism coming
10:17 am
from mormon women. >> this is from 1986. >> she was the editor of the feminist mormon magazine who clashed with him when it couldn't be distributed at church. >> he said i know what's best. i'm the interpreter. you have no right to comment on it. if you do comment on it, you are wrong. >> reporter: she recalls the story of a friend, a mother of four who published a letter in the magazine saying her bishop pressured her not to have an abortion. this, despite a blood clot that put her health and that of the baby's at risk. the woman who wrote it confirmed that bishop was mitt romney. the romney campaign declined comment. >> i wanted him to look and hear what the women had to say. >> reporter: he was a leader that tried to address the concerns of women in a church largely led by men. romney met with 250 women to discuss issues and make policy
10:18 am
changes. >> i thought he was open and caring to say yeah, we'll do this. i don't think many church leaders would have done that. >> reporter: note, her admiration is in the past tense. what is your reaction when you see him on the campaign trail now? >> i have no idea who that man is. he's figuring outlet what he needs to do to win the republican nomination and he's doing it. >> reporter: they say they know the real mitt romney and hope their former bishop does become president. >> he knows how to connect with people like us. >> reporter: mary snow, cnn, belmont, massachusetts. breaking news on the political front. cnn confirmed newt gingrich will drop out of the presidential race. he may do it on tuesday. shannon travis on the phone in north carolina. gingrich had an event there today, what did he say? >> caller: that's right, you
10:19 am
reported it. newt gingrich is going to end his bid for the white house next week sometime. that's according to cnn political director mark preston, citing two sources. mark report that is he will throw support behind romney once he concedes from the race. the details are still being worked out. but, gingrich is going to hold the final campaign on tuesday. he's surrounded by friends and family. i am here at newt gingrich's last campaign event here in kramerton. he's got a few more today. he's vowing to do all 23 that he's slated for north carolina. at this event at a diner, he all but said he was dropping out. he talked about details of his transition coming soon. in the strongest terms yet, embracing romney as a likely republican nominee. this is very strong hints that
10:20 am
he would do it. obviously, again, we confirmed he will do it next week. >> he seems so, i don't know, he adamantly said he will carry his campaign through the convention. what changed his mind, do you think? >> caller: only gingrich knows but i can tell you this much. he's been using that language, verbiage going on to tampa. it's possible we assumed going on to tampa as a candidate. last night he talks about going on to tampa saying he will carry the conservative banner on to tampa. he'll make sure the party platform has conservative ideals in it. they'll make sure that romney campaigns on the conservative message. going on to tampa for awhile could have meant going on to tampa, but not necessarily as a candidate just to carry the conservative banner. >> shannon travis, again, newt
10:21 am
gin gich getting out of the race. he'll make the official announcement on tuesday. it's been awhile since we heard the name salahi. the white house party crashers. you knew they could not stay out of the spotlight for long. one of them wants to run for governor. we'll digest that new information, that's coming up. ♪ [ piano chords ] [ man announcing ] what we created here. what we achieved here.
10:22 am
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10:23 am
24 minutes past the hour. warning signs for the global economy. a new report says britain is now in a recession. we know china and europe are not doing so great, either.
10:24 am
allison is at the new york stock exchange to tell us what it might mean for the united states. >> we are seeing the signs of other country's slowing economies hitting the u.s., especially with hiring. there's a report from ohio state out that shows that most medium sized companies are not going to hire. we are not confident enough to hire. we would rather save money than spend it. it's what companies do. we saw that behavior during the great recession. we saw that pop up again. this week is corporate earnings season. we are seeing global economic slowdown. cereal maker kelloggs forecast is low. mcdonald's sales in europe was down as well. it's usually a strong spot for mcdonald's. one country probably won't trigger a worldwide slump. if several countries are slowing, it could become a problem.
10:25 am
it's what's happening now. the uk is officially in a recession. growth in china is slowing. europe is probably in a recession. yes, u.s. companies are feeling this. on friday, we are going to get a report here on the entire u.s. economy. it's a gdp report. expect it to show a slowdown this year. >> allison reporting live from theew york stock exchange. we have a pressing question for political buzz panel this morning. is it presidential to slow jam the news? barack obama did it with jimmy fallon last night. more on that, next. you think you take off all your make-up before bed.
10:26 am
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10:29 am
when she vanished. happening line, the secret service prostitution scandal. janet napolitano getting hit with questions on the scandal that embarrassed the secret service. >> took immediate action to remove the agents involved. a full and thorough investigation is under way to determine the actions we need to take to ensure this kind of conduct doesn't happen again. director sullivan has the president's and my full confidence as this investigation proceeds. the investigation will be complete and thorough and we will leave no stone unturned. >> it is the first public hearing on the scandal. we'll follow developments and bring them to you as they happen. young on the witness stand today. he testified yesterday, he helped the former presidential candidate cover up an affair. edwards is accused of using
10:30 am
campaign contributions to hide his affair. political buzz is your rapid-fire look at the topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. cnn contributor, maria on the right, chris on the right and daniel stone is in the middle, a reporter with news week and the daily beast. >> hello. >> nice you are here. first question, let's talk about the secret service. nine people lost their jobs. lizz winstead say that, pretty soon, the president is going to be left with kevin costner. >> think about the culture that would assign this many knuckleheads to such a premier mission. think about a culture that wouldn't detect this through all
10:31 am
the years of training. when it was happening, the secret service didn't report it and stop it. the reason we know is because one prostitute didn't get paid for services. >> so, guys, should the secret service director be fired? maria? >> we need to take a step back and take the amazing things the secret service does to protect the president every day from tracking down a stupid comment a teenager puts on facebook or the rants of rocker ted nugent. it's something to take into consideration. if this investigation leads to the director, yes, he should go. i think common sense, good behavior, personal responsibility and knowing when to keep it in your pants is something they need to take personal responsibility for. >> chris? >> well, i think there's a larger issue here, relative to the culture of government agencies in washington. this is an example of boys gone
10:32 am
wild, obviously. if we look at the larger culture in the agencies, we have the secret service scandal, the gsa scandal and we have the secretary of defense, panetta, on this 8$800,000 trip he has nt repaid the taxpayers. there's that issue. he's supposed to do that as part of his ride home. what's important, we have to figure out if it leads to the head of the secret service, he needs to go. >> daniel? >> the key factor is how much it spreads. we heard there were about 11 individuals involved in the beginning. some of those relieved of dut s duties. we heard from secretary napolitano and the president they have full confidence in the director. i don't think we are going to see his resignation and i don't think the president wants him to resign. >> question two, president obama and jimmy fallon slow jam the
10:33 am
news. >> what we said is simple, now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people. >> the staford loan. the pell grant is a beautiful thing. is it enough to satisfy your needs? apell no. ♪ if congress doesn't act, the students pay ♪ >> okay. fallon was funny. obama was serious. fox news says it was nutso. was slow jamming the message an effective way to get it across? daniel? >> look, we know being president now means you can't just rely on one platform, one media. people get their political news and take the message from a lot
10:34 am
of sources. he was speaking to an auditorium of young people and people who watch jimmy fallon's show. he has to take the message to them. it was effective. we are talking about it the day after. that video is going to be played a million times online as well. >> chris? >> i think that -- i'm not sure how much lower the office of the presidency can go than the late night talk circuit, but i think, in fact, this is part of the message. it's part of being able to reach that particular audience. and, you know, it's free publicity. we are talking about it. everyone else is talking about it. it's money the campaign doesn't have to use from the coffers. free publicity, i'll take it. >> maria? >> you said fox news was criticizing this president? are you sure your researchers got that right? >> i'm going to double check
10:35 am
that. >> of course it's a great medium. millions of young people watch this. that's exactly the kind of voters president obama was trying to reach. he was serious, but he was funny in the give and take. they had a thing going. the whole thing is hilarious. it gets students to talk about it. forget whether we are talking about it. it's not what the president cares about. his message got through to the students. >> time for the buzzer beater. 20 seconds each. salahi wants to run for governor of virginia. he crashed the white house party without an invitation and lost his wife to the drummer of journey. why should virginians vote for him for governor? chris? chris! >> they should not. look, if what they want to do is vote for a publicity hound on a
10:36 am
horse then they can do that. this guy is a complete moron. he's running for governor of virginia? so, at least he won't be able to or have to crash the governor's party if he gets elected. not going to happen! >> daniel? >> this couple and specifically tareq has been a distraction. i don't think his candidacy is going to be taken seriously here in washington and among the voters of virginia. i think his 15 minutes have long been over but soon will be very much over. >> maria? >> i think it was gallup or mad magazine has a poll saying what virginia voters want most are more winery tours, more polo matches and a governor who knows how to crash parties. that's why they should vote for him. >> hey, he doesn't have anything else to do. his wife left him. >> you know, exactly. >> carol, you are looking fabulous in green today.
10:37 am
>> oh, thank you so much. i appreciate it. i just got this blouse. why are we talking about this. i'm embarrassed now. >> you look great, kim. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. still ahead on news room, ease dropping allegations against the saints gm are not just a concern for the nfl, the police and fbi are getting involved. more americans are looking for the mind body connection as they reach their golden years. what they are doing in age against the machine. , heard anys on the game? i think it's final seconds, ohh, shoots a three, game over. so two seconds ago... hey mr. and mrs. harris, where's kevin? say hi kevin. mom, put me down. put...the phone...down. hey guys. did you hear... the choys had their baby? so 29 seconds ago. well we should get them a gift. [ choys ] thanks for the gift! [ amy and rob ] you're welcome! you're welcome! [ male announcer ] get it fast with at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. at&t. ♪
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40 minutes past the hour. time to check the top stories.
10:40 am
right now, the u.s. supreme court is hearing the appeal for the immigration law. key issues, can states enforce their own immigration laws or is it the government's job? >> a military judge denied bradley mannings request to have all charges dismissed. he leaked hundreds of state documents while in iraq. a major asian retailer of u.s. beef stopped selling it after mad cow disease was found in a dairy cow. u.s. health officials say the risk to the public is extremely lou. mad cow is thought to cause fatal brain disease in humans. rupert murdock is denying he cozied up to others. he was grilled about
10:41 am
relationships with the former prime minister, tony blair. >> i never asked mr. blare for anything nor, indeed, did i receive any favors. if you want to check that, i think you should call him. >> dan rivers is in london on the phone with us right now. dan, you have been listening to the testimony. murdock was questioned about his relationships. they are going back to margaret thatcher, right? >> that's right. basically, what they were trying to sketch out was down the years for more than 30 years various prime ministers cozied up to him knowing they would possibly get the favorable press coverage. in return to that, he expected favorable treatment on various business deals he was trying to do. that was something he consistently denied. it formed the majority of today's session.
10:42 am
at times, rupert seemed irritated by the questions. at times he paused ten seconds or more to think about his answers. he seemed exhausted by the end of it. he's 81 and was showing his years by the end. he'll be back tomorrow. tomorrow, possibly will be the most interesting day when he'll be questioned about what he knew about the phone hacking scandal, was he aware this extended to not just one rogue reporter as the company insisted in the beginning. it was more widespread with the news of the world. >> dan london reporting live from london. the fbi and state police are investigating the new orleans saints gm over allegations he ease dropped on coaches. we'll hear from the interim coach next. plus, this woman was going to need surgery on her shoulder and started doing pilates.
10:43 am
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standard keyless access, and standard leather-trimmed seats, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer. okay, let's talk sports and the new orleans saints because the scandal got worse. carlos dee ez from hln is here to fill us in with details that the fbi and police want to get involved. >> when you hear ease dropping, you think of housewives.
10:46 am
when you say wiretapping, it gets more important that's what's going on here for the feds and local authorities now. they are looking into whether or not the saints gm had a device in his suite that allowed him to listen to other team's coaches during games from 2002 to 2004. there are several things to consider here. this is considered wiretapping so the feds and local authorities looking into this. but, the statute of limitations is five years on this. so, those limitations have run out. but, they are still going to investigate this because local investigators are saying let's investigate it and we'll let the attorneys figure out about the statute of limitations. we want to find out if a crime was committed. >> what is the nfl doing about it? >> the nfl was like, they didn't know about it until the espn
10:47 am
report that came out. basically, the nfl is saying we are going to let the authorities look into this. we will punish the party ifs the authorities find out this is, in fact, true. yesterday, new orleans saints head coach, interim head coach came out and said he is very ticked off and does not agree and says these allegations are completely false. listen. >> it's ludicrous. it's absolutely ludicrous. it's impossible. it's impossible. i have never heard of it before. that's from "star wars." when i heard about a wiretap, i thought they were talking somebody else. i didn't know what they were talking about. that is ludicrous. to associate mickey with that, it's irresponsible. >> i want to applaud him for getting "star wars" and the
10:48 am
mafia in the same soundbyte. how can you prove it happened as long as 2002, that long ago. it happened allegedly from 2002 to 2004. that's the big thing. is it a wiretapping case and the feds and local police are involved or not? >> i don't think espn would report it if they didn't have credible sources. that could be dangerous for them there.'s something there somewhere. let's switch and talk about metta world peace. he got slapped with seven games. >> after this vicious elbow to the oklahoma city thunder, he's been suspended seven games. one game of the regular season and the first six games of their playoff series. that right there is the blow. now, initially, he said it was a blow that he was celebrating,
10:49 am
harden just happened to get in his way. he apologized to the oklahoma city thunder. the seven game suspension is not just for that, he's been suspended 13 times for transgressions on the court. he has a past. >> not a pretty one. h's trying to rehabilitate himself. >> i don't think changing the name to world peace did a lot for him this year. let's go to ron artest. you are still ron artest. you proved it with that elbow. >> thanks, carlos. a study shows how early discrimination starts. kids as young as 7 years old would rather play with slimmer classmates as opposed to larger ones. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. no annual fee. that's 1% back on... wow! 2% on my homemade lasagna.
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53 minutes past. checking the top stories now. a 4-year-old girl that disappeared in 2007 might be alive. police released this image of what madeleine mccann may look like now. she was at a resort in portugal when she vanished. andrew young testified he helped john edwards cover up his affair with a worker. researchers interviews 1100 first graders from 2900 schools. they showed each one a photo of classmates and asked them how much they like playing with them on a scale of one to three. the kids overweight were less liked. the cdc says one in three
10:54 am
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2% on my homemade lasagna. 3% back on [ friends ] road trip!!!!!!!!!!!! [ male announcer ] get 1-2-3 percent cash back. apply online or at a bank of america near you. ♪ apply online or at a bank of america near you. when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
10:57 am
when you think about retireme retirement, you think about the good life, not surgery or medical bills. for millions of baby boomers about to retire, they found a key to keeping the costs down. sandra endoshows us what it is. >> reporter: flipping through a file of bills, marian says she's paying a lot for her health now that she's in her 50s. >> a lot of medical bills here. >> correct. physical therapy, surgery, a whole variety of different assessments, x-rays. >> reporter: after surgery to her knee and foot, she decided to work on preventive measures to get stronger. >> i want to stay working and productive and have fun while
10:58 am
i'm doing it. >> reporter: three years ago, she turned to pi lates that strengthens muscles. many baby boomers are focusing on ways to stay healthy and agile. >> i have saved at least a rotator cuff operation because of the specific pilates exercises we do. i don't have the neck problems that i might have based on my job. i was able to prevent the other foot from becoming a claw toe foot. >> arms just a little bit in. >> reporter: her instructor says the pilate class for ageing clients are most popular because of the benefits they see in their every day life. >> often mobility becomes an issue. if you don't use your body, it becomes stiffer and that, again, leads to injuries and that is
10:59 am
being prevented here. >> health and fitness experts say these days there are a number of fitness classes like cross fit, yoga and boot camp that all work the body's base. >> working your core allows you to keep your spine in alignment, better posture for the duration of your workout and prevents injury. >> her mind and body has improved because she's proactively working to stay strong. >> i hope when people think about baby boomers they think about health, vibrancy, productivity, being engaged and taking care of ourselves. >> she says, as a baby boomer, she wants to stretch the years ahead of her to the fullest. sandra endo, cnn washington. >> thank you for joining us this morning. cnn news room continues now with kyra phillips. >> hello. it's 11:00 on the east coast, 8:00


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