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tv   Early Start  CNN  April 27, 2012 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm christine romans. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. new exclusive details in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman could go back to jail. find out why coming up. >> and sickening surveillance video. a thief hurting two women in their 80s and 90s. find out what he was after and what he has got coming up. >> the shuttle making its final landing today at the big apple. if you're flying into jfk today, you could get an interesting look. i just gave it away. >> you can watch those pictures over and over again. a piggybacking 747 and a shuttle? sweet stuff. let's get started off the top of the hour here. up first, a six-figure shocker in the trayvon martin case. legal experts say it's something that could land trayvon martin's
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killer george zimmerman back in jail. zimmerman's attorney mark o'mara told anderson cooper that he just found out his client has over $200,000 in online donations, but the judge was told zimmerman had very little money when the bail was set this wee week. >> he asked me what do with his paypal accounts. i asked him what he was talking about. and he said those are the accounts that had the money from the website he had and that there was about $200,000, $204,000 that had come in to date. i don't think judge lester will believe i misled him. i told him what i knew at the time which is exactly what i was aware of. >> martin, there was a hearing scheduled for this morning, it wasn't supposed to be about this issue, but the issue today could almost only be about this money. >> there's no question this will dominate the conversation inside the courtroom. just when you think anything --
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or there is something called a routine hearing, you get surprised by this. a $200,000 bombshell, as you point out. that's because a week ago, there we were inside the courtroom, george zimmerman's attorney was arguing you need to reduce bond because george zimmerman has no money, he doesn't have a job, his wife has no job. his family has no money. then lo and behold he was sitting on $200,000. this was money coming in from the website he had set up, donations from all across the country and all around the world. what will the impact be on the judge that granted that bond? mark geragos spoke about that on ac 360 last night. >> he's setting a bond at 150 over the prosecution's objections, and the prosecutor is asking for a million bucks and it turns out this guy has got $200,000 in an account, you know, i know a lot of judges who would remand the guy back into custody immediately. and i'll tell you why. because one of the things is, they want to make sure somebody is not going to flee and that
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the bond secures. >> now the attorneys that represent the family of trayvon martin are saying that it shows you cannot trust george zimmerman. it does not look good in any way, shape or form and as you say it will probably dominate the hearing. >> we move on, i do want to mention he was in a form of protective custody. it's my understanding that you don't often have access to the internet. is there a possibility, martin, i'm not suggesting that you were watching him, is there a possibility that the defendant might not have even known what he had before going into the hearing? >> you know, it is possible. we really don't know. he two websites set up. one was the and the other was whether he was able to monitor them while in hiding, we don't know. last week over and over the prosecution kept asking family members how much money is in those accounts?
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everybody said they didn't know. somebody must have known. >> we may find out today in this hearing. certainly a lot of questions to be asked. martin savidge, thank you very much. john edwards, the defense team for john edwards trying hard to tear down the government's star witness. former aide andrew young taking the stand for the fourth day. he admitted he used much of $19 million in campaign supporter money to build his dream house in north carolina not to cover up an affair edwards was having with his videographer rielle hunter. some real ugliness coming out from boston bruin fans after that team was eliminated by the nhl playoffs. joel ward scored the winning score. there were some racist tweets,
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the n word scores again and we riot. we lost to a hockey playing n word? larry holter, host of the sports hangover, will talk about the comments and how the league has reacted to these tweets. the investigation into the secret service is expanding this morning, this after agents allegedly paid for strippers before president obama's visit to el salvador last year. an alleged eyewitness said the agents told him, hey this happens all the time. >> conversations i heard, they bragged about it. how good was the night, the country. that's -- i heard that more than once. >> cnn cannot independently confirm the allegations. the secret service responded to the report saying they are
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following up on the allegations in an appropriate manner. here's one of those stories you like to hear. 48 philadelphia transit workers just hit a powerball jackpot worth $172 million. why aren't we in that pool? the winning septa employees range from janitors to accountants to managers. they had been pooling their lottery money for quite some time now. this big win creating a serious buzz in the building. >> by 1:00 this afternoon, this buzz went through this 20-story office building. did you hear? did you hear? is it a rumor? people started fessing up. >> everybody is, like, excited. everybody is, like, they can't believe it. it hit on the 11th floor. >> congratulations. the winning transit workers have decided at this point they would like to remain anonymous. this just in. gas prices dropping another 0.4
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cents over the past 24 hours. the new national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.83. that's a national average. depending on where you live, you're saying that's not what i'm paying. aaa just posted this on its website a few minutes ago. we're approaching the busy summer driving season, we'll see how that effects demand for gas. a lot of people saying there's been a peak, but gas prices could go up again. >> when they were going up constantly, you were saying keep your tank topped up. do we let it go? >> maybe a half tank now. maybe the next couple of days it will be lower. you can get a half tank now. 5:07 right now. ahead on "early start," the space shuttle with skyscrapers as a back drop. it does not get cooler than this. how you can see the space shuttle "enterprise's final
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. it will be a majestic sight in new york city if the clouds break up. the space shuttle "enterprise" will make its final flight to new york city on the deck of a 747. the shuttle will fly over several new york city landmarks before touching down. it is set to take off from dulles airport at washington, d.c. at 9:30 a.m. eastern. athena jones is there. >> reporter: good morning. you can see the shuttle behind us attached to the 747. i promise it's there. you won't be able to see it until the sun comes up. you may not know the "enterprise" is the first shuttle but it never flew in space. instead it was used for a whole
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bunch of flights, test flights and other tests over the course of about two years in the '70s after it was rolled out in 1976. originally it was supposed to be called "the constitution" in honor of the bicentennial of the united states in '76. but a write-in campaign by "star trek" fans got them to change the name to the "enterprise" after the starship enterprise in that show. later today we will see not so much the folks here in d.c. tweeted t ee eed treated to a w sight a few weeks ago when "discovery" was attach to the same airplane flying past several monuments here. today it will be you guys up in new york that get treated to the big show. once the flight takes off 9:30, it will fly past the statue of liberty, fly up the hudson river. so everybody on the west side
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will get a great view of the shuttle atop this airplane, as it passes the intrepid sea and airspace museum and ends up at jfk airport where there will be a private ceremony there. over the next couple weeks, it will be put on a barge, eventually make its way over to the intrepid where they will build a whole pavilion around it. a big show later this morning up there, christine. >> athena jones, all right. i'll have my eyes peeled up the west side. thank you very much. >> i can't wait for that. my kids love the intrepid. eventually when it gets there, it will be awesome. >> watching the planes coming off the intrepid decks a they're making room for the "enterprise". >> the big cranes. is it nerdy? i don't know the kids adore this stuff. parents probably like it more. >> 13 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. the last time this happened, reynolds wolf, the weather was a real scuttle for the shuttle as it was trying to make its way to
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new york. >> today it will cooperate better but they have to hurry. we do see some weather that will forming further out towards the west. first let's begin with what's happening in the central rockies, even into the great plains. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 4:00 a.m. local time. speaking for parts of denver and the mountain state, they had rough weather yesterday. look at this video. this video actually from twin bu bu butte, colorado. the rain coming down. two tornadoes reported in the area, and you have the hail, quite a bit of hail can and will be produced in the state. let's go right back to the weather computer. as we do so, we'll show you what's happening in parts of the great lakes. prevailing wind from the northwest. seeing that residual snow fall. we go from the snow to the cool temperatures around the great lakes. lows in the 20s and 30s.
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further south, you will run into arm warmer air, especially carolina. 75 towards lexington. the national temperatures, a bit warmer in texas. 90 in dallas. 83 in new orleans. 83 in miami. best chance of severe weather in the central plains today. potential of strong thunderstorms, hail and maybe a few isolated tornadoes. back to you in new york. >> thank you, reynolds wolf. appreciate it. time to check the stories making news for thank you morning. a potential bombshell in the trayvon martin case. shooter george zimmerman could be going back to jail. according to his lawyer, zimmerman raised more than $200,000 in online donation force his defense, the judge didn't know that when he set bail. legal experts say when the judge is told about the cash today he could revoke zimmerman's bail.
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>> take a good look at a new photo being released of missing ft. bragg soldier. police in north carolina are releasing this last-known picture of kelly bordeaux. they say the outfit she was wearing in the picture is the same one she was wearing on the night she disappeared. the 23-year-old combat medic has not been seen since she left a fayetteville bar in the early morning hours of april 19th. 9,000 marines are shipping out of japan. it's part of a deal the u.s. made with japanese officials. the residents of okinawa wanted them gone, angry over criminal activity including the rape of a 12-year-old by three marines. look at this video. two elderly sisters thrown to the ground when a thief snatches one of their purses. an 84-year-old woman was helping her 96-year-old sister on to a wheelchair ramp on a bus in boca
5:17 am
raton when a guy on a scooter came by, snatched and made off with the purse. both women were hurt from the fall. the 96-year-old woman has two broken ribs. that purse was filled with more than $1,200 in cash and $6,000 in jewelry. there is a ray of light in this story. the 19-year-old suspect has been arrested. he's now facing charges of robbery and aggravated battery and get this -- it was his own father, police say, who turned him in on his birthday. wow. >> can you imagine? >> sweet justice hopefully in that case. >> happy anniversary. prince william and kate middleton are celebrating their first year of marriage. they are planning on spending a private weekend with fans. >> is it just me? i got goosebumps? >> really? i did not.
5:18 am
>> i'm a sucker for the royals. >> it's a canadian thing. >> i think it might be the commonwealth thing. >> my country was built on the rejection of such things. >> it's my country too, now. >> i know. i play both. i love it. 18 minutes past 5:00, we are getting an early read on some of the water cooler stories you may want to chat about. the "chicago tribune," this is bizarre, a crazy cyberstalking revenge story, sounds like a script out of hollywood this guy's name is kevin lu, he is accused on launching cyberattacks on anyone who has crossed him in his opinion. problem is he has gotten it wrong a lot. he is suspected in more than 90 burglaries. they say he would unleash cyberterror on anyone who accused him or did something wrong to him, like bosses who fired him. police officers who arrested
5:19 am
him. he would make malicious allegations, accusing people of rape to prostitution, getting the enemies wrong. mistaken enemies and going after them like this online. allegedly costing a family their business and threatening their kids. this guy is in serious trouble. i said hollywood drama i wasn't kidding. >> he has issues. >> he accused a police officer of molesting a half dozen underage children. these are the officers charged with investigating him. >> don't cross mr. lu. an adorable 80-year-old grandmother from staten island, josephine lamberti, she is better known as j dimples. all she wants for her birthday is 80,000 twitter followers. i will follow her now.
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she said she has old lady swag, says i'm school, stylish, i don't act my age. maybe 21. she has 64,000 followers now. she wants to get to 80. getting twitter love from chloe kardashian, courteney cox, and missy elliott, hey, dimps, i love you. shake it. go get your freak on. >> man, oh, man. here is one for the moms out there. nutella. the daily mail has a good story about sweet victory. the san diego mom who took on nutella and the makers of that sweet, yummy spread. the company will be having to pay out 4 bucks for everyone in the u.s. who bought nutella from
5:21 am
2008 to 2012. nutella said it was a balanced part of your nutritious breakfast. but in the complaint she said this is not nutritious at all. this stuff is like pure fat. actually really dangerous. now the company has had to agree in court to reimburse people. >> two tablespoons, 200 calories, half those calories from fat. it's like a candy bar. >> you hit the nail on the head. not just a candy bar. like heating a three musketeers for breakfast. >> i almost would rather have a three musket teeers. >> the soaring costs of student loans. the one thing you can do about student loan debt. you're watching "early start."
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25 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. president obama is going to be talking student loans today back on the campaign trail. he will be a busy guy traveling to georgia to talk with troops, veterans, families warning about the risks of taking on student loans from predatory educational institutions. >> yeah. we'll keep watching that. and a vote in the house today about whether to raise interest rates on student loans. you heard a lot about this. governor romney and the president both agree student loan interest rates on federally subsidized loans shouldn't be raised to 6.8%, but should stay at 3.4%. there will be a vote today on that. a lot of talk about education, higher education in this country and whether we're doing it right and whether america is falling behind and the middle class is shrinking. yesterday the chairman of the
5:26 am
white house council of economic advisers was talking about the importance of really getting an education so america can out-innovate. listen. >> in an increasingly high-tech knowledge-based economy, we simply can't afford to fall behind other countries in education. yet that is what has happened in the u.s. >> question is what will we do about it? keeping interest rates low is what they're talking about, but a lot of work to be done. kruger said the u.s. has the best educated 60-year-olds in the world, but we're in the middle of the pack in developed nations for 30-year-olds, because a lot of people are dropping out. when you're dropping out of college, you're dropping out with a boatload of loans, and that good debt becomes bad debt. how student loans effect borrowers, 48% say it's harder to pay your bills, make ends meet, harder to buy a house. impacts what kind of career choices you can make. you delay getting married.
5:27 am
7% say they're not getting married or having a family because of student debt. all of this student debt effecting other parts of the economy and our ability to get into the middle class and stay in the middle class. >> you had a busy week financially speaking. "the bottom line" tomorrow morning 8:30 eastern. what are you covering? >> covering student loans. i want you to listen what kind of choices are limited with student debt. >> you are still going to be paying back your own student loans when your children are enrolling in college. you won't have saved for their college education. you will be less willing to borrow for their college education because you will still be up to your eyebrows in debt. >> that's what everyone is complaining about. >> the president said two or three days ago that he and michelle had student debts until about eight years ago. >> which also raises the question, the whole movement to forgive student debt is crazy. if you get a job, the whole point is you get a job, you can
5:28 am
pay off $25,000 in student loan debt if you manage it correctly. >> everybody does it with a car. >> that's right. >> we have this new cool thing we'll do every day. it's the one thing you need to know. what's our one thing? >> the one thing today is don't believe the politicians about student loan debt. don't belief the far left that says we will forgive all student loans, and don't believe the far right who say it's your fault that you're in debt. the only thing you can do is control how much you take on the front end and how you pay it off on the back end. and get a degree that will match to a part of the economy that's growing. >> and your children one day will know how lucky they are to have you as a mom. >> and then they'll be liberal arts majors and i'll be crying. the greatest player in nba history is the proudest owner of the most dreadful team of all time. i love this guy, but, man, his
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31 minutes past the hour. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans in for zoraida sambolin. the man accused of killing trayvon martin has raised more than $200,000 online but that
5:32 am
could land him right back in jail after his attorney told the court that his client was hard-pressed to pay his legal bills. the defense hammering away at the key witness in the edwards trial. andrew young admitted he spent nearly $1 million in campaign cash to bill his own dream house, not to buy the silence of one of the candidate's pregnant mistress. and the secret service scandal is growing this morning after a report that agents took strippers to a back room and escorts back to a hotel in el salvador. cnn has not independently confirmed that report. ashleigh? all right. first round of the nfl draft in new york city, now one for the record books, history books, whatever book you want to talk about. most of what people are talking about is a dark cloud surrounding the new orleans saints. the team's general manager, mickey loomis finally responding to an espn report that he had the superdome wired to eavesdrop on opposing teams. >> i have never listened to an
5:33 am
opposing team's communications. i have never asked for the capability to listen to an opposing team's communications. i have never inquired as to the possibility of listening in on an opposing team's communications. i wehave never been aware of an capability of listening in on an opposing team's communications at the superdome or any nfl stadium. >> this follows the release of tapes showing coaches paying bounties for hits on injured players. larry holder covers new orleans saints and co-hosts a talk radio show called the sports hangover. he joins me live. that was quite a strident claim and news conference that loomis held. did he do enough to offset the damage already done?
5:34 am
>> was one of the questions asked. he doesn't know how he can clear his name. it's drastically different their approach as far as the new orleans saints and mickey loom yis specifically about how they were denying this eavesdropping thing. the bounty scandal, they sat back and didn't deny it they went out and apologized. this this came full force. i don't know how you clear your name. either way, as far as this goes, the evidence one way or the other is still sketchy as far as how to clear your name and actually how to prove that this actually even happened. >> i want to do a bit of a segue and take us to the nfl draft. the saints traded away their first round pick and lost their second round pick because of this scandal. but, you know, it's all the talk, the draft. what's the biggest headline? any surprises? was it thrilling? >> first two picks were
5:35 am
no-brainers. andrew luck to the colts. robert griffin iii to the redsk redskins. the jacksonvil villville jaguar leapfrogged the rams, and they got justin blackmon. that was a surprise. the real surprise is that the dallas cowboys, they needed help at corner back and they got morris claiborne. morris talking to reporters after the pick said the cowboys did not even talk to him. and other reports say he was their number two guy on the draft board. obviously dallas wanted him. morris was surprised. just after watching morris claiborne in college, he is legit and certainly the top corner back in the draft. you can't blame the cowboys for going after him. another segue, since i have you, you're great at all sports. let's switch to the nhl. this is disappointing,
5:36 am
especially for a canadian who appreciates hockey and appreciates the talents of joel ward. bruins playing the capitols. ward scoring the game-winning goal and some bruins fans sending out some tweets that were, how shall we say, less than acceptable to just about anyone. let me read some of them. i have to omit some words here. the first one, the n word scores again. we riot. there were more than just that. we lost to a hockey playing "n" word. an "n" word beat us in o.t. are you kidding me? it was unconscionable, but not everyone who ended up being outed with these tweets because it became big news, not everybody deleted their tweets, and the league has had to respond to this.
5:37 am
>> it's disgusting, it's despicable. sometimes it's the world of social media. people think they can hide behind an avatar and spew ridiculousness. i can localize it in new orleans, when jonathan vilma was front and center of the bounty scandal. the nfl p.a. were monitoring who was doing that same thing. the nhl has to do the same thing. like you said, it's irr irreprehensib irreprehensible. it's disgusting. you would think by this time we would be past this. obviously not. it makes you sick. it really does. >> i should correct myself. i works for all night. my last night is wednesday night. it was actually wednesday night as opposed to the real last night. one more last thing before i let you go the number 23 has particular significance in sports today that would be the
5:38 am
number of the greatest basketball player of all time, and also the number of consecutive losses his team just suffered. it is such a big story, the bobcats. what on earth happened? what is the story here? where is this story going to go with the bobcats? >> well, they did their best to try to get kentucky's anthony davis for the first overall pick in the draft, but they only have a 25% chance of getting him in the nba lottery. as far as where they are as a franchise, larry brown who is now hall of fame coach, he was fired and now will be the coach at smu. he said earlier this week that michael jordan had surrounded himself by basically people who were incompetent and have no idea what they're doing. so for one of the nba greats to have that said about him, it's a bit surprising. but the record speaks for itself. they are one of the worst -- maybe the worst nba team in a
5:39 am
single season in league history. and it's hard to see where they go. their roster is not exactly full of any sort of superstar or even any sort of borderline star. that's certainly a black eye for michael jordan going forward. >> it's so sad, because he's such a superhero in that world. this is a bummer for him. let's hope for the best. good to see you, larry. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> christine, back to you. she may have looked like an easy target but 83-year-old zita staples is not a woman you want to mess with. she was out walking her daughter's dog when a man approached her, rip a chain off her neck, stole her diamond ring, knocked her to the ground. staples got up, cornered him and started ramming him with her walker. >> i just wanted to get my jewelry back. that's all. and i don't like to be taken advantage of. i would have felt a hell of a lot better if i was ten years
5:40 am
younge younger. >> she might have killed him if she was ten years younger. police arrested the suspect, charged him with robbery and assault. staples suffered cuts and bruises on her fingers and neck. she said she's not brave, just stubborn. it's been one year since tuscaloosa, alabama was ravaged by a deadly tornado and the city is still picking up the pieces. coming up, how tuscaloosa is recovering and remembering the victims of that storm. erthat yor even after you take it off. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics. mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment knows where it is,
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sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office.
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i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. it was one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in our country's history, violent twisters tearing through the south. now one year later victims are still picking up the pieces. tuscaloo tuscaloosa, alabama, rebuilding from that tornado that hit this very day last year. more than 50 people were killed. more than 7,000 homes destroyed.
5:44 am
a year later the city is trying to rebuild. george howell live in tuscaloosa with more. good morning, george. good morning. woe are along the path this tornado took through the city of tuscaloosa. keep in mind this was a wide tornado that destroyed buildings, destroyed this home currently being rebuilt. as you'll see in the report, even wiped entire neighborhoods off the map. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: it's been one year since this ef-4 monster left its mark on tuscaloosa. a year since we last spoke to the owner of this krispy kreme doughnuts. >> is all this a total loss? >> a total loss. >> reporter: today evan smith is still working to rebuild. we're talking a year after this tornado came through here, we're still waiting for the concrete to be poured here. >> it's amazing. in once sense you want to be upset and think how could it take 12 months, but a lot went on in those 12 months. >> reporter: first came the
5:45 am
massive effort to remove debris, according to city officials. 1.5 million cubic yards of it. overall 12.6% of the city was destroyed. >> most tornadoes hit a house, skip a house, hit a house this thing was taking everything out. >> there were trees all through here. >> reporter: gary survived by taking shelter in his basement. his home had to be demolished. now he's starting over. >> it takes a while to figure out how do you want to build back? do you want to come back? a lot of people are across the lake are trying to decide. some decided they couldn't take it. they couldn't be here in the constant reminder every day of seeing it. >> reporter: you can see the difference best from satellite imagery. this is the corner of 15th and mcfarland boulevard before the tornado hit. here's an image of the corner just after the storm came through, there's debris everywhere. this is what that same neighborhood looks like today. we're left with an empty field where these homes once stood.
5:46 am
the tornado was on the ground for less than six minutes, overall 53 people were killed in tuscaloosa alone. this will be the safe room. this is poured in place concrete walls. >> reporter: residents are rebuilding to be better prepared. you worried this could happen again? >> yes. i mean, i think it's obvious that tuscaloosa is on the path now. >> reporter: and though there are signs of progress -- >> as far as me and this business, i'm not better off until i get the doors open again. >> reporter: we are back her in tuscaloosa with a live view of the hospital. obviously we are limited in showing you the full scope of this, but the tornado took this path and becauarely missed the hospital. that's the silver lining that many people talk about on that day, april 27th. again, 53 people killed here in tuscaloosa alone. 253 people killed in the state of alabama. >> unbelievable. all right.
5:47 am
thanks, george. it's 47 minutes past the hour. it's a good time to check the stories making top billing. a shocking development in the trayvon martin case this morning. the shooter, george zimmerman's lawyer says his client has raised over $200,000 in online donations for his defense. the trouble is the judge in the case did not know that when the judge set the bail. legal experts say when the judge is told about the cash at a hearing today, it could effect the bail and it could be revoke. a new government report says 70% of guns found at crime scenes in mexico originated in the united states. gun control advocates say those stats show for a stricter need for gun laws in the u.s. but governor grassley says most of the guns cannot be traced to u.s. gun dealers. passengers on a delta flight were kwan quarantined on the
5:48 am
tarmac. a woman was returning to uganda, and family were concerned that the rash she had might have been monkeypox. it was all a misunderstanding. that's the good news. the bad news for the passenger, she was suffering from bed bug bites. >> if you were on that flight, leave your bags in the garage. two high school studented busted on forgery charges for printing counterfeit $20 bills to buy their school lunches. lunch room workers turned them in. one of the suspects was selling them to other students. this woman had a nagging cough and trouble breathing for 28 years. at one point she was diagnosed with cancer. she didn't have cancer. turned out it might have been a fruit pit lodged in her lung. >> what.
5:49 am
>> look at the x-ray. she is 62 and got the news from doctors after they spotted a mass on her lung five months ago. then her daughter remembered a story from three decades ago when the woman accidentally swallowed the seed of a fruit. a few weeks later, in a violent coughing spell it fell out. she has been breathing much easier. >> amazing. coming up, air bear. the story behind this ridiculous photo. that's one relaxed looking bear. t the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that?
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5:53 am
okay. so at 5:53 on the east coast, this is the time we like to do the interweb trending thing. this first one -- >> adorable. >> a heart melter. a little puppy named cactus jack -- look at him -- he has a brand new home. why is he called cactus jack? look at this. not too long ago he nearly died because he was rescued after he was found sulk to a cactus. poor thing. 70 people who heard the story threw their names into an arizona humane society lottery. they all wanted to win. we want to introduce to you cactus jack's new mommy. >> this story just was heart wrenching, heartbreaking. but the thing that just drew my heart to it was the fact that he just kept waging his tail. >> little cactus jack. good luck, sweet thing. >> no tail wagging in colorado. a bear goes to college,
5:54 am
experiments with drugs and then this happens. >> check out this awesome photo after police hit a bear in a tree with a tranquilizer dart. it spent about two hours hanging around the boulder campus, before they decided it was time for him to go. he was 150 pounds to 200 pounds. police say he landed safely. he has been taken to the mountains but has quite a hangover. is that a trampoline they set up? >> it came from the wreck center it was the mats from rec center. they went there and pulled out these mats. and he came down. whoa. like many people, they're waking up saying how did i get here? just kidding. love colorado, love boulder, not making fun of you. >> i can't even see anything, my eyes are tearing up. >> i'll keep going. it is called the holy grail of hacks. a few wizards at m.i.t. hacked
5:55 am
the building and turned it into tetris board. they turned it into the biggest video game ever. >> that is fabulous but nothing like the bear picture. that is a fantastic prank. i know the school was okay with it. but the bear is better. you got the better trending story. can we see the bear again? can we please see the bear again? >> i love it. later this morning, new york yorkers will turn their eyes to the sky to witness the final voyage of the space shuttle "enterprise". >> as it comes out of the hangar, it will be over an iconic scene you cannot miss. we'll show it to you. and look at this. >> yes. thank you, control room. [ slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums.
5:56 am
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5:59 am
good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm christine romans. it's 6:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started. our top story, new exclusive details in the trayvon martin case. did george zimmerman's legal team mislead the court about his finances. a thief targeting two elderly women. find out what he was after and what happenedup. and underground philadelphia transit workers just hit a jack pot. zimmerman's attorney mark
6:00 am
o'mara telling anderson cooper he found out his client raised more than $200,000 in online donations. >> i asked him what he was talking about with his paypal accounts, the accounts that had the money from the website he had, there was about $204,000 that had come in to date. i don't think judge lester is going to believe i misled them. i told them what i knew at the time. >> martin savidge live in atlanta. there's a hearing scheduled this morning. some say the judge could send him back to jail. >> that's a possibility, christine. this was a surprise to many people because it was just a week ago that mark o'mara was arguing his client had no money and not only did george zimmerman have no money, his
6:01 am
wife wasn't working and that's why the bond was set low. it was $150,000, but it could have been higher. the state was asking for $1 million and now it comes out there was $200,000 apparently sitting in paypal account that was opened to george zimmerman, that may get the judge upset. we heard about that from mark geragos last night on "anderson cooper." listen. well, i guess we won't listen to mark geragos but anyway the argument is the judge could say how come we didn't know all of this money that was available? who did know? that was the question. was george zimmerman aware? maybe he was in the dark as to how much money was raised on his behalf or family members that should have been questioned. the prosecution was asking his mother, his father and his wife about was there any funds in any kind of account raised online. they all said they didn't know. >> wow, all right the judge
6:02 am
ordered the criminal complaint to be unsealed. how significant is that and what do we expect the criminal complaint will tell us? >> this is again sort of looking into the past of george zimmerman, we expect that there will be information pertaining to the 2005 arrest, when he was arrested for assaulting a law enforcement officer, were there other charges against him, other potential crimes? we don't know. we're going to look. how much information is didacted, not released? you can expect it will be dominated by the bond hearing now. the government's center witness facing relentless attack on the stand from john edwards' defense aide, andrew young testified for the fourth straight day and admitting he used much of the nearly $1 million in campaign supporters' money to build his dream house in north carolina and in fact
6:03 am
not to cover up an affair edwards was having with his videographer, rielle hunter. still edwards is facing up to three years behind bars if convicted. boston bruins fans ugliness after the team was eliminated from the playoffs. the series clincher was scored by joel ward by the washington capitals. born in toronto to parents who migrat migrated from barbados. joel has never experienced racist remarks in his four seasons in nhl and wasn't planning to let a few hateful twitter posts ruin the biggest goal of his career which should be the focus, the biggest goal of his career. >> great sportsmanship and a classy guy. also in the news, the investigation into the secret
6:04 am
service that started with alleged prostitutes in colombia expanding else where after a report that agencies also paid for certain favors from strippers before president obama visited el salvador in march of last year. affiliate kiro in seattle broke the story and spoke with an alleged eyewitness who says the agents told him, "happens all the time." >> conversations i heard, they bragged about it, how good was the night, i heard that more than once. >> the secret service responded to the report saying they are ofollowing following up on the reports. a classmate is suing two
6:05 am
other for libel saying they are bullying her. they created a phony facebook page, doctors a photo to make her appear bloated, posted derogatory payments suggesting she smoked marijuana. she's starting a jury trial and seeking damages. later they'll tell their story. if the buses and trains in philadelphia are running a little slow this morning, here's why. 48 city transit workers hit it back, scored the jackpot powerball lottery worth $172 million. they are employees of septa and range from janitors to accountants to managers, all pooling their money for quite some time now and that jackpot win is creating a heck of a buzz in that building. >> about 1:00 this afternoon,
6:06 am
this buzz went through this 20 story office building. did you hear? did you hear? is it a rumor, and then people started fessing up. >> everybody's like excited. everybody's like, they can't believe it. you know, it hit right on the 11th floor. >> yeah, they're excited but the 11th floor has decided that they'd like to remain anonymous for now. >> good for them. it's always better if you remain anonymous. >> all christine romans, she has great advice for lottery winners. >> rich people grow their money, they don't spend it. don't spend it, grow it. >> the statistics on lottery winners who lose it all in five years is off the rails. ahead on "early start" the space shuttle and skyscrapers, shuttle enterprise a loop around the big apple, we're live from d.c. and maybe michael jordan might not want to talk a whole lot right now because he owns the worst team ever. i hate to even say it, folks. you're watching "early start."
6:07 am
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6:10 am
a beautiful shot of new york city, and not just any shot of new york city. that is the intrepid, and you know why that's so significant? because after today, all eyes are going to be watching the intrepid for when the space shuttle "enterprise" arrives and gets parked on top of that museum. it will be a fabulous thing for to you visit. sunny in new york, 56 degrees and the intrepid looks beautiful. >> ten minutes after the hour. time to check news making stories. shooter george zimmerman has raised more than $200,000 in online donations for his defense, but the judge didn't know that when he set bail. the judge thought he was indigent, didn't have any money. legal experts say when the judge was told about the cash he could revoke zimmerman's bail. osama bin laden's three
6:11 am
widows and two daughters are out of pakistan and now deported to saudi arabia this morning. they've been under house arrest for being in the country illegally. bin laden was called in a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. raid on his pakistani hideout almost one years ago. 9,000 u.s. marines are shipping out of japan, part of a deal the u.s. made with japanese officials, they were stationed at a base in okinawa. residents were angry over criminal activity, including the rape of a 12-year-old japanese girl from three marines. this one from the are you kidding me file. take a look, two elderly sisters thrown to the ground after he snatched one of their purses. an 84-year-old woman was helping her 96-year-old sister onto the wheelchair ramp of a bus in boca raton, florida, when this happened. both of the women were indeed hurt from the fall.
6:12 am
the 96-year-old broke two ribs. the purse itself was filled with more than $1,200 in cash and $6,000 in jewelry, but here might be the bright spot. that 19-year-old suspect was caught. he was arrested. he's facing charges of robbery and aggravated battery and all of this, police say, because his own father turned him in on his birthday. so there's that. bernie fine has a new overseas job. he's an assistant conduct for an israeli basketball team, he'll be advising on personnel issues but won't be traveling abroad. he was fired from his job at syracuse after 36 years and still being investigated for alleged child abuse. a 13-year-old boy kicked off his field hockey team because he's too good. yes, you heard it right. he's too good. southampton high school on long
6:13 am
island told helin cularo he could no longer play with the girz because we advanced skills he learned in ireland where the sport is bigger and that apparently gave him an unfair advantage. the school ruled the 4'8" kid is a physical threat, even though he's in eighth grade and already plays on varsity. >> it means everything. i play a lot of sports but none of them compare to how i like field hockey. it's so much fun. >> the school took potential bullying into consideration since it's an all girls sport. keeling was the only male high school field hockey player in all of long island. his parents are appealing the ruling. >> i don't get the bullying. the greatest player in nba history the proud owner of the worst team of all-time. the charlotte bobcats ended with a 104-84 loss to the new york knicks and finished the lockout shortened season with the worst
6:14 am
percentage in history. the bobcats won only nine games and lost 73. for a guy everything he touched turned to gold, it's been tough in the office. >> people say because a lot of people won't tell him no or won't disagree and give him better advice than his own, because he's paying the bills. you hear that a lot in other things other than sports. for an expanded look of our top stories head to our blog a florida mom dying of breast cancer now has approval to use a new drug not approved by the fda and expected to get we first dose today. 45-year-old darlene gant posted a youtube video pleading for access to this drug. the fda is in the process of approving it but gant feared she would die before the approval happened. >> the fact that there are drugs
6:15 am
being held up in trial is for women with my particular cancer, that trial has been going on for years. one of my best friends, annie, died, waiting to get in the trial. >> the fda is expected to officially approve the drug in early june and she is going to get a dose as early as today. a 6-year-old boy has been arrested and facing criminal charges, 6 years old. the allegation? he kicked his school principal. the 6-year-old has also been charged with battery. police say he threatened to hurt the principal and another staff member last wednesday at hendricks elementary school in shelbyville, indiana. police claim the child told him the devil made him do it. they say this is not an isolated incident for the boy. >> in the big picture i have to look at learning environment, i have to look at school safety. i don't get into elementary education because i want to see bad things happening to small
6:16 am
children. you know, i love all the kids and this student is a good student, just having some difficulties. >> that student has been suspended from school, that happened recently because apparently biting incident and an alleged hitting of a staff member as well. election year politics, the story of student loans, both parties are talking about it today. coming up, the one thing you can do about it. you're watching "early start." ♪
6:17 am
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6:20 am
city. the shuttle will fly over several of new york city's spectacular landmarks before it touches down. it's set to take you have from call's airport close to d.c. at 9:30 eastern this morning from athena jones is standing by. i'm going to hype this up because it's awesome sight to see the piggyback with the backdrop of manhattan is awesome. >> reporter: i know you guys are lucky. i'm jealous here. the good thing is now that it's brightened up i believe you can see behind me the shuttle "enterprise" mounted to the jumbo jet, the 747 that will carry it up to new york, the same jet that took the "discovery" here from florida a few weeks ago. we're not going to get to see the spectacular sights we saw in d.c. in terms of flying by the monuments but you'll see a lot when it gets up there.
6:21 am
i should mention the enterprise was the first shuttle but never flew in space. instead it was used for a whole bunch of flights, test flights, other kinds of tests, landing tests, over the course of the two years after 1976. it will head off to new york, pass the statue of liberty, up the hudson river, past the intrepid, its future home, it will circle around, passing yankee stadium, brooklyn bridge and landing at jfk, where over the next few weeks it will be demated, put on a barge and carried over where they'll build apavilion around it. you'll get to see great sights along the west side. >> listening to the air traffic in the backdrop as you're giving the live report and for anybody who is watching who has a flight out of jfk this morning, you have a first class ticket. athena, they are actually being very specific about who's allowed to be in certain viewing
6:22 am
areas from your location down in washington and then also up at jfk, except for actual flying passengers. >> reporter: well, sure. i imagine being about to take off we've already seen flights take off, heard flights take off and land, this is a busy airport, we're looking at the terminal, you see people coming to take off. they're going to be closing down the air space when the flight does happen but until then people coming in and departing are going to see quite a site. i don't know if anything compares to what you guys get to see up there in new york. it doesn't happen often and certainly to see this giant 150,000 pound shuttle attached to this huge jumbo jet flying pretty low up the hudson river, so it's going to be pretty spectacular clater on. >> anybody thinking great i'll book my trip to new york so i'll get to see the aircraft, they
6:23 am
have to wait a few months. >> reporter: it will take a few weeks. there is going to be a private ceremony at jfk. you'll get to see it pass by but once it gets to jfk there will be a private ceremony, they'll demate it from the jumbo jet using special cranes, put it on a barge, carry it over to the intrepid and the whole pavilion. right now the museum says maybe mid-july is when all of that will be ready for public viewing in terms of the new pavilion. certainly sometime this summer. we know the intrepid, this aircraft airier was used in world war ii and gotten over 10 million visitors over the last several decades, probably a lot more once this enterprise is there and ready to go. >> i know a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old and a mommy who works on tv who will be one of the first visitors. athena, thanks, have fun as you do this assignment. >> reporter: thanks. >> it's 24 minutes past 6:00. we're minding your business as
6:24 am
well with the expert. president barack obama back on the campaign trail talking about something christine has been talking about, student loans. on his way to georgia to talk with troops and veterans with dire warnings about the risks of taking on student loans especially from predatory educational institutions. plus there's a vote in the house about whether to raise interest rates on student loans and agreement between govern mitt romney and the president that those interest rates for subsidized loans should not be raised. the core here is this concern the u.s. is falling behind in education innovation, the middle class is shrinking and the president's chairman of the white house council of economic advisers yesterday, alan krueger talked about the morning of out-educate so long we can out-innovate and stay on top. >> and increasingly high-tech knowledge-based economy we simply can't afford to fall behind other countries in education, yet that is what has happened in the u.s. >> bottom line so you don't fall
6:25 am
behind in education, take out a boatload of loans and there aren't jobs on the other end so that's the squeeze a lot of middle class families are in right now and pew has an interesting study how student debt is affecting families. it's harder to pay the bills, harder to buy a home. people are saying they have delayed marriage and starting a family because of student loans. this is is what an expert says how it limits your choices. >> you're still going to be paying back your own student loans when your children are enrolling in college. you won't have saved for their college education, you'll be less willing to borrow for their college education because you'll be up to your eyebrows still in debt. >> even with low interest rates if government decides to lower the interest rates, you still could be up to your eyebrows in debt so be careful of the debt you're taking on in the front end. >> busy with your show for tomorrow "your bottom line" 9:30 eastern cnn in the morning. you're talking about kids of a different age and the financial
6:26 am
issues related to kids especially special needs kids. >> we have a woman on, both a mother of a special needs child and represents families to make sure you're getting what you need for your kids in the public schools, how to be an advocate, trust but verify. that's what she says. >> heard that one, that was reaganesque. we have this awesome new thing because she's see smart and has such great advice we want to leave you with the one thing you need to know today and we're kicking it off today. >> going back to student loans i want to be clear the left says you should, we should forgive all student loans. the right says it's your fault you're in the student loan debt. i tell you now it's an investment. don't mess up the investment by taking out too much debt in the front end and make sure that you're choosing a career that will help you pay off that debt. >> that's the one thing you need to know today and you'll get one of those every day because we love her. 26 minutes past qualify. spy gate ii is casting a shadow over this year's nfl draft, the saints general
6:27 am
manager responding try dentally report he had the superdome bugged so cogahe could gain an . ♪ [ piano chords ] [ man announcing ] what we created here. what we achieved here. what we learned here. and what we pioneered here. all goes here. the one. the accord. smarter thinking from honda.
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6:30 am
it is now 30 minutes past the hour. welcome back to "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield and it is time to check stories making news headline this is morning. the man accused of killing trayvon martin has raised more than $200,000 online. but that could land him right back in jail, ironically, after his attorney told the court that
6:31 am
his client was hard-pressed to pay his legal bills. the united states military is announcing it is removing half of its forces from okinawa. defense secretary leanne panetta says roughly 9,000 marine also move to guam in a deal with japan as part of a move to reduce the military footprint and ease tension with the locals. the u.s. military's had an almost continuous presence on okinawa since 1945. much of the u.s.'s assistance from the japanese earthquake and tsunami was launched from that base. the rape of a 12-year-old girl by three u.s. service members in 1995 still has people angry. the first space shuttle prototype will make its final flight over new york city. feast your eyes on the sun on the live pictures out of washington's dulles airport, getting ready for takeoff, the 747 doing the biggy back today.
6:32 am
it is going to be a flyover of the big apple before it ends up at kennedy airport. anybody flying this morning you'll get a firsthand view of this, ultimately in a couple of months it will not land but it will be put on the deck of the "uss intrepid" the museum flowed flo floating on the hudson. round one of the nfl draft is in the books but the clouds surrounding the new orleans saints is also making news this morning. the team's general manager mickey loomis responding to an espn report he had the superdome wired to eavesdrop on opposing teams. >> i have never listened to an opposing team's communications. i have never asked for the capability to listen to an opposing team's communications. i have never inquired as to the possibility of listening in on an opposing team's communications. and i have never been aware of
6:33 am
any capability to listen in on an opposing team's communications at the superdome or at any nfl stadium. >> a former lineback we are the atlanta falcons good morning, nice to see you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> do you think loomis' denial will be believed, they'll put this whole thing behind them or are we going to see the repercussions and continuing questions from the whole bounty scandal? >> you know i think you have to take the guy at his word. i really don't see the benefit to, it wouldn't behoove him to listen to an opposing team's side line. he's not the one making decisions, plaguing play calls that would affect the game anyways so i think that you have to believe him that he didn't do the things that he is allegedly done. >> we're waiting for the players to be punished for the bounty scandal. you said when you were on the buffalo bills you pooled money
6:34 am
to reward teams for big hits. tell us about this. >> pay for play is normal, guys who reward each other, happens on the golf course, make this on the green, you have a nice shot we'll give you $20. it happens in sports. i think where the line went too far in the case in new orleans there were set bounty amounts for certain players and names. there were a list of people that were targeted and they were going to be rewarded for big injuries and all that we know now concussions and the long-term adverse effects of playing the game, we just can't allow that type of behavior to go on anymore. >> talking about the nfl draft, andrew luck, fellow stanford alum, was the first pick. i spoke in december with robert griffin iii, great guy, he might be a better long-term bet. what do you think? >> well you know, it's tough to say. they're both so talented but they're talented in different ways. i have to stand behind my stanford alum fellow, andrew
6:35 am
luck. is he an incredible, phenomenal athlete. he has all the physical abilities but his intangibles are absolutely incredible and he's going to be a great addition, if anyone can fill the big shoes of peyton manning it will be andrew luck. >> what tea like to be a college senior and hear your name called in the draft. it must be amazing? >> christine i'm getting goosebumps remembering draft day. it literally is a dream come true. these guys have worked so hard, so long, put in a lot of hours, so dedicated and to have that dream come true is truly a surreal experience, happiness for the guys. >> you have become a board member of make-a-wish. how has the nfl experience been important for you as you're going forward here? >> the nfl does a great job of teaching the importance of philanthropy, especially here in atlanta with my experiences here and the buffalo bills, it was
6:36 am
phenomenal, the difference that, the impact you can make on the life of a child i think now the players are really starting to understand that and they're taking seriously the role they play in the lives of our youth so it's very empowering and it's fulfilling when you have a group of guys who know the importance they have in the life of a child. >> that's the best of sports and this week we saw the worst of sports, too, the nhl, joel ward's amazing, amazing game-winning move and then the racist tweets that he got and i do not want to digify those tweets by reading them but joel ward said it didn't even faze him. there's no lying about it obviously but "i'm definitely the one black guy in a room with 20 white guys. there are definitely some cultural differences such as taste in music but i've never heard anything derogatory" and he's not going to let a few jerks on twitter take away his
6:37 am
night. >> i'm glad you brought that up. he handled this with such dignity. i can think of a lot of other professional sports players who wouldn't have handled it the way he did. i was so impressed with his remarks and he kept those ignorant people in the very tiny box that they belong in, going to keep moving forward in a positive direction and congratulations to him and his team and the good things that are going on in their city. >> i feel bad for real bruins fans who are embarrassed by whoever these crazy people are who are sending the tweets. real fans who love their team don't promote things that are unsportsman like. that's my view. >> joel ward is the guy of the week. joe biden is in full attack mode and channeling teddy roosevelt to do so in bashing mitt romney. the vice president delivered a campaign speech on foreign policy at nyu yesterday and you go the to listen to him framing the debate for the six month
6:38 am
battle ahead. >> speak softly, and carry a big stick. i promise you, the president has a big stick. osama bin laden is dead, and general motors is alive. we can't say for certain what governor romney would have done. >> well, the obama re-election machine certainly kicking into high gear. you're looking at presidethe president's new campaign narrative, there's bill clinton talking about the president being cool under fire on the mission to kill osama bin laden. >> he had to decide and that's what we charge our president to do. you hire the president to make the calls when no one else can do it. >> and the web video debuted online just this morning, so there's your fresh look at it. in the meantime mitt romney
6:39 am
apparently considering a cameo appearance on "saturday night live," a show that has consistently been skewering him, among others. take a look. >> how do you feel about the michigan win? >> michigan was just another case of voters taking a look at mitt romney and saying, eh, i guess. >> romney's wife, ann, is telling "entertainment tonight" as well at this time her husband finds the "snl" skits about them very funny, even if they're not very accurate, she also says she is in favor of her husband doing the cameo. >> i think he should. i'll weigh in on that one, who knows when he'll do it or how but at some point it would be fun for him to do that. >> ann romney says if her husband agrees to appear on "snl" she says she will do the show as well. >> you really have to. this is a real way to get to young voters. it's part of, i mean you got to do it. >> you know what they say, well who are they?
6:40 am
>> "they." >> president obama's secret weapon is michelle and mitt romney's secret weapon is ann. a trial in the disgraced form former aide of john edwards. reynolds wolf, what does the weather look like? >> in the extreme northeast a chance of scattered showers. breezy in the northeast and rain through the carolinas. in the central and northern plains you have a chance of storms. strongest storms through parts of oklahoma, kansas and back into missouri, especially later afternoon, large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. your highs for the day in seattle 56, san francisco 63. 82 in memphis, 51 in chicago and new york with 56. see you in a little bit. first take a look at the live shot of the shuttle. should be fun today. cuban
6:41 am
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oh, pretty sunrise shot over raleigh, north carolina, 60 degrees right now but you're expecting more sunrise to warm things up to 74 today. good morning, raleigh, nice to have you here with us this morning. hi, everybody. 44 minutes past 6:00. the prosecution's star witness in the john edwards trial really taking a hammering by the defense on the stand. andrew young is his name. he was edwards' former aide and he had his credibility smashed and his motives for testifying against the former presidential candidate questioned pretty try
6:45 am
dentally in the courtroom. young admitted that he used campaign donation money for his own gain and here's what he did with the money. he added a brand new pool, and a theater to his home. edwards, for his part, is facing 30 years behind bars if he is convicted on all counts of campaign finance violations. our joe johns has been in this courtroom for every day of this, he's live in greensboro, north carolina. sometimes i'm having trouble realizing the story when i talk about this story, because it feels like andrew young should also be facing charges but he is not. he is a witness and got immunity and yet some of the things he's admitting are awful. >> reporter: yes. you're absolutely right. he is admitting a lot of stuff. he does have immunity and i got to tell you, talking about the testimony just yesterday, what was it like? the word "excruciating" comes to mind. it's very sort of painstaking. he was a good witness. he went to law school in north
6:46 am
carolina and a very good witness. abby lowell is a very sharp cross-examiner so they've been going it cross-purposes throughout this testimony but i think a lot of people have said abby lower has scored some points particularly when they talk about the money that came in that was supposed to go to rielle hunter, actually went into the dream home of andrew young that he was building here in north carolina. so they also released some exhibits, exhibits that the prosecution has already put into evidence, a lot of pictures, transcripts, that kind of thing, including pictures of some of the houses where rielle hunter, the mistress, actually stayed while she was on the run. she stayed really in several different places, from new jersey to north carolina, all the way out to the west coast, sb santa barbara area. she was all over the place, gives you some feel for what's
6:47 am
been going on this week. >> while so many details are sordid and excruciating for many are we any closer with testimony or evidence to an actual crime being committed? that's what's critical here, actual crime. >> you're absolutely right, and it's a very novel case. fascinating how many people from law schools come in to just watch but the real question is whether john edwards had criminal intent, intent to receive illegal campaign dee nations and it's not clear just how far they've gone. andrew young knew it was coming in to preserve for the presidency of the united states. i think the prosecution has a ways to go to make their case, ashleigh. >> if there's one thing proven
6:48 am
through admissions is is that there is serious breaches with moral code. joe, we look forward to your reporting later on. >> reporter: thanks. soledad is back and joins with us a look at what's ahead. >> i'm back. >> you sound great. >> dayquley is your friend. coming up on "starting point" the "360" figure shocker in the trayvon martin case, george zimmerman raising nearly a quarter of a million dollars online and guess what? it's a number the judge apparently didn't know about. he'll find out today at a hearing. what will that mean for zimmerman? we'll talk to a reporter who has been digging into george zimmerman's background. also a 14-year-old girl from georgia bullied on facebook. the school says our hands are tied so she takes the matter into her own hands and decides to file a lawsuit against her classmates. we'll tell you what she's looking for there. plus his fans know him simply as gsp, he's a guy you don't want to get mad, a mixed
6:49 am
martial artist champion, george st. pierre, talks about becoming a ufc fighter and pitching something for athletes to try to keep them healthy in the summer heat and after, a new hit show called "beat" stars julia louise dreyfuss as the vice president and her body man. she is hilarious, everything she does, does really well. of course he was on "arrested development." we'll chat about that as well, all that ahead on "starting point." see you at the start of the hour. [ male announcer ] nature valley sweet & salty nut bars.
6:50 am
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we're really close to the top of the hour. potential bombshell in the trayvon martin case, the shooter, george zimmerman, his lawyer is telling the news and later court that his client has raised over $200,000 in online donations for his defense. the trouble is the judge did not know that when he set bail for zimmerman and a lot of legal experts are saying when the judge is told about that, and all that cash, a little later on
6:53 am
in a hearing, it could actually end up as a revocation of zimmerman's bail. live pictures of space shuttle "enterprise" at dulles airport, the first space shuttle begins its final flight in a few hours a flight on the back of a 747 from washington and new york, kept at the intrepid air and space museum. special flyover of the big apple before it lands at jfk. watch it live here on cnn later this morning. this was not a cool flight, a delta flight quarantined after a medical scare. minnesota woman triggered this concern after returning home from uganda. family member reported she might have monkey pox because of a rash she had. it is a contagious disease, and could be deadly. it wasn't monkey pox. it was bed bud bites. scary enough to look at images on board the plane.
6:54 am
air bear, the story behind this ridiculous, come on, show it to us. yes! >> we love that guy. the young little bear, 200 pounds, watching "early start." . so at&t showed corporate caterers how to better collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with our drivers to make a better experience for our customers. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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57 minutes after the hour. an adorable puppy named cactus jack has a brand new home. somebody rescued this sweet looking little puppy after it got stuck to a cactus and the pictures tell the story. 70 people who saw the pictures and heard the story threw their names into the arizona humane society's lottery, all hoping to take little cactus jack home and here is the lucky winner, cac cuss jack's new mom. >> this story was heartwrenching, heartbreaking but the thing that drew my heart to it was the fact he kept wagging his tail. >> sweet cac cuss jack.
6:58 am
good luck in your new home, cutie pie. >> this photo taken after police hit a bear in a tree with a tranquillizer dart. it wandered on the university of colorado, boulder campus. this little guy weighs almost 200 pounds. campus police say he landed safely on some mats they pulled from the rec center. he's been taken into the higher mountain altitudes. the classic from 2003, the bear fell out of a tree after getting his own tranquillizer dart. looks like a hard fall. we promise he was find. it looks horrible. >> so relaxed, wouldn't you be with a tranquillizer dart. >> the headache later, you wouldn't believe it. >> i wouldn't know. christine romans, happy friday to you all. that's "early start" the news from a to z. >> i'm christine romans. "starting point" starts right
6:59 am
now. >> thank you, welcome, everybody. our "starting point" this rng mo, some nmorning some new exclusive details in the trayvon martin shooting case. george zimmerman has raised more than $200,000 online. also a barrage of hate unleashed on a black hockey player who knocked the boston bruins out of the playoffs. the tweets and reaction is just ahead. the first space shuttle is about to make a flight over the new york city sky line. and champion on the comeback trail, uimate fighting star george st. pierre is with us this morning, tell us how he went from being bullied to being a black belt. it's friday, april 27th and "starting point" begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- ♪ r >>p>> it's the bea>> will b w


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