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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 28, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> being the voice of the voiceless. that one that sort of tries to let everybody be aware socially and politically of what's going on in that environment, and that's what we've been focusing on of since we started out. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> thank you so much, fredricka. god bless. and coming up next hour, fredricka tours jazz fest with producer quint davis. in washington state, an arms standoff is over. the suspect's body found inside a fortified underground bunker. police think peter keller killed his wife and daughter almost a week ago and holed himself up in a bunker he spent eight years building. i talked with agent cyndi west how the standoff finally ended. >> about 9:15 our s.w.a.t. team used and explosive to breach the roof of the bunker enabling them to get enough of a view where
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they could see him. they tell us they saw a body, were able to get in there and find this person that appears, we believe it's keller, it appears as though he's been dead for some time. >> what did it look like inside that bunker? what was in there? >> well, we haven't actually been able to go in and do a thorough search at this point. we still believe that there's possibly boobytraps, maybe explosives. because his mentality, and we want it to be safe to enter. our bomb disposal unit will slowly take their time to go in and clear the bunker before we'll be actually going in to do a good search. >> are you aware of any exits built into this bunker? >> from what i understand, a main entrance and an escape or back door. >> can you, maybe, talk about, maybe, the dimensions of it? how large is this thing? how deep does it jun >> i'm told it's about 20 feet in length and possibly three tiered. looks like there's a main level a couple other levels that go out into the mountain side.
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so it's pretty elaborate. he's been working on it, to our knowledge, since 2004. we have photographs from 2004 to present date showing various stages of construction, and as you probably know from yesterday, we attempted to breach it many times using tear gas and different items, and had difficulty. it was fortified heavily. >> there was a handgun found next to keller the body, but police don't know what his motives were. a florida judge is considering what to do about $200,000 in donation s collecte by george zimmerman. zimmerman is facing a second-degree murder trial for the killing of teenager trayvon martin. the prosecution wants the judge to raise the bond. originally set at $150,000. zimmerman paid $15,000 in cash to get out this week. $5,000 of that came from the website donations. the secret service now has a new code of conduct coming in
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the wake of the prostitution scandal in colombia. the new rules saying ats on assignments in other countries have to act like they are still in the united states. also, they're forbidden from having anyone else in their room. they will now have, also have a list of places they have to stay away from and they aren't allowed to drink alcohol within ten hours of reporting for duty. meantime, sources with knowledge of the colombia investigation say arthur huntington is the agent at the 70s the scant many. the o scandal. huntington we are told has left the agency. defense secretary leon panetta says there's no question the u.s. is safer with osama bin laden dead. but he insists there's no silver bullet to completely eliminate al qaeda's threat. panetta was cia director when bin laden was killed almost one year ago today by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s. he wasn't whip the president and other top officials who nervously watched the raid play out from the white house. panetta was at the cia operations center and says there were several nerve-racking
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moments before he found out the mation was a success. >> they said they had kia withdrawn and confirmed in fact it had happened. and so that was the moment when we knew that all of the work that had been done was -- was paying off. i think the one thing all of us feel pretty good about that were involved in this operation is that as a result of what we did, america is safer. republican senator john mccain is blasting president obama for a new election ad that questions whether mitt romney would have ordered the raid on bin laden's compound. in a written statement issued by the republican national committee, mccain said obama should be ashamed of himself for turning bin laden's killing into a "cheap political attack ad." mccain says the president is performing a shameless end zone dance to help himself get re-elected.
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the presidential race is entering a whole new phase now that mitt romney has assumed the role of presumptive republican nominee. he now goes head-to-head with president obama a much different computation than he's of faced before. cnn political national correspondent jim acosta. >> reporter: hours before mitt romney met with college students in ohio for an event on financial aid -- >> as an english major your options are you better go graduate school. all right? >> reporter: democratic operatives with e-mails to reporters this link, website showing the choice had received $8,00,000 i stimulus money for what else? financial aid. another reminder of the difficult task ahead for romney and taking on an incumbent president with a whip-smart political team. mr. obama's campaign-style stops to hammer the republicans on student loans earlier this week not only got the jump on romney
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but seemed to be getting under the skin of house speaker john boehner. >> people want to politicize this, because it's an election year. but, my god, do we have to fight about everything? >> reporter: former white house adviser and cnn political contributor david gergen says romney is in for a whole new ball game. >> listen, playing under the aaa league against some opponents on the republican side. now moved up to the major leagues. because he's got to learn to hit major league pitching now. surprising how rapidly they've come out and want to keep him on the defensive and especially on the bin laden stuff. >> one thing george bush said was right. the president is the decider in chief. >> reporter: the killing of osama bin laden in the new obama re-election ad. >> he took the harder and the more honorable path. and the one that produced, in my opinion, the best result. >> reporter: it was a continuation of the carpet
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bombing from vice president joe biden. >> we can't say for certain what governor romney would have done. >> reporter: all of a sudden, it's as if mr. obama is turning around hillary clinton's old 3:00 a.m. question and aiming it at romney. >> what makes barack obama happy? newt gingrich's baggage. newt hat more baggage than the airlines. >> reporter: presumptive gop nominee and allies at the pro-romney super pac aren't dealing with baggage. as the new ad from karl rove's super pac puts it, the republican mission this year is taking down a celebrity president. there was also a sense of frustration in a memo released by matt rhodes comparing the president's re-election team to a lawn sprinkler, "spewing out attacks in seemingly ran didn't directions hoping to get somebody wet." bite looks of it, the obama campaign is nowhere near running
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out of water. jim acosta, cnn, washington. many call it the nerd prom, but don't expect to see people with pocket protectors and calculators here at the annual white house correspondents' dinner, strictly a-list, players from washington and hollywood. jimmy kimmel will host the event. he says you can expect to hear jokes about the scandal that's rocked the secret service. >> obviously, the secret service is something i'm going to talk about but not necessarily going to do 30 jokes about it. probably stop at about 22. we're in the white house. never been in the white house before. probably will never be asked back either, but it's really very cool, actually. and tune into cnn tonight. we're going to have live coverage of the dinner beginning at 9:30 eastern time. a dark day in u.s. history. the rodney king riots. witnesses have a hard time still believing this happened in l.a. and a brazilian woman suing
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or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. new stories from around the globe. more than 30 people killed in fighting across syria according to opposition activists saying 12 died in suburbs around damascus. most of them were syrian military members. other news -- a chinese human rights activist who escaped house arrest is reportedly under american protection today. he was convicted several years ago of leading protests against the chinese government and went missing last weekend. a fellow activist says chen is
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safer at the u.s. embassy in beijing. no comment from american diplomats or chinese officials. a u.s. presence on okinawa is about to be cut in half. the 9,000 marines and families therefore off the japanese island. most of them to guam or hawaii. a drawdown plan agreed on by both the u.s. and japanese militaries. and an active volcano throwing ash and rocks into the sky of mexico city. no evacuations yet but emergency officials are closely monitoring activity in and around the volcano. a former brazilian prostitute is suing the u.s. embassy. she claims that members of its security team threw her from a van and ran over her. she and her lawyer sat down with cnn in brazil to tell their side of the story. >> reporter: the photos slow a broken collarbone and what appeared to be tire mark ace
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cross her abdomen. she uses these pictures to tell her story. she says she worked three years as a call girl and stripper at the nightclub apples in brasilia. she and three co-workers left the club with a group of americans from the security team. we had drinks, chatted and then each set a price, she says. in brazil, prostitution is legal. the police report says the men, three marines and one embassy employee, called for an embassy van and driver to pick them up, but the lengthy police report has contradictory accounts about what happened next. after they left the strip club in the van, she said she was violently thrown out of the car by one of the marines after she argued with the brazilian driver. other witnesses say she was rudely forced out. now, the marine says she simply stepped out of the car and injured herself trying to get back in.
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everyone agrees the van took off while she was holding on to the door handle. that's when it dragged me and ripped the skin all my leg, she says. i let go and then the back tire drove over me. literally right over me. according to the police report, the van stopped and the other women got out. then with the embassy staffers inside, the van drove off. leavinger in the road. this week in brasilia, u.s. defense secretary leon panetta said the men were disciplined. >> they are no longer in this country. they were reduced in rank, and they were severely punished for that behavior. i have no tolerance for that kind of conduct. not here or anyplace in the world. >> reporter: questions about prostitution made for awkward moments at the u.s. state department briefing. >> members of the foreign service are prohibited from engaging in notoriously disgraceful conduct which includes frequenting prostitutes and engaging in public or
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promiscuous sexual relations or ensgamping in sexual active they could open the employee up to the on the of blackmail, coercion or improper influence. so the degree to which any employee requires investigation, that's the standard that they're held to, and what a subject to be talking about on bringing your kid to work day. >> she says she's no longer working at a prostitute. she says she turned down an offer of $2,000 from the embassy for medical expenses, because it wasn't enough for a broken collarbone, three broken ribs and a punctured lung. meanwhile, her attorney is preparing a civil suit. it's not a question of money. it's a question of honor and reputation, he says. if money will make them suffer and recognize how much pain they've caused, then let it be money. he says brazilian prosecutors are considering criminal charges against the americans including assault. since the men are no longer in the country, it's not clear
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whether they would of face trial in brazil. shasta darlington, cnn, brasilia. the new orleans jazz festival not only survived katrina but is thriving. we'll take to you meet the creator of one of the country's best parties, just ahead.
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a stray pup called cactus jack, covered in spines. someone rescued the yorky terrier after hearing him cry. the good samaritan tupulled out bucket of spines.
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the humane society held a lottery to pick his new family. the lucker winner, sarah messerschmi messerschmidt, touched by the story. >> heart wrenching, heartbreaking. the thing that drew my heart to it he kept wag his tail. >> his new owner is debating whether or not to change his name. a dolphin stuck in shallow water is still stuck. take a look at huntington beach, california. animal experts are hoping this full-grown common dolphin will eventually find its own way back to open water. it swam through a local in a tidal gate yesterday into a narrow channel and couldn't find a way out. it stayed there through the night. we just spoke to a marine biologist on the phone and he told us they're not planning to intervene and just wait and see what happens. this biologist expects the dolphin will eventually figure out how to get back out through the gate and back into deep water. jacqui jeras, i know you've been
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on phone with somebody. high tide will help the dolphin get out? >> yeah. my understanding. you want a little more depth to that water to help guide him out there and find the even deeper waters eventually and lie tide, just about 5:30 pacific time. this is the area we're talking about near huntington beach, california. just to put it in perspective. here's los angeles, and here's huntington beach. tough to follow really cute dogs and dolphins. >> in terms of thunderstorms. a big issue heading into late afternoon and early evening hours. a thunderstorm watch into missouri and central illinois including the st. louis metro area. we've got nasty thunderstorms just off to your west there. severe thunderstorm warning for warr warren, montgomery and lincoln counties. to see two to three inches and crossing the i-70 corridor.
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st. louis, be aware. this is just off to your west and we'll be watching more active weather and be moving in. if you have dinner plans, evening plans, lightning, you don't want to stay outside with that. the northeast. we're seeing what we call virgo. what you're seeing is actually not hitting the ground. it's evaporating before it every reaches the ground. the chances of rain increasing tonight. if you have dinner plans in d.c., baltimore up towards philadelphia, you want to bring the umbrella with you, seeing scattered showers. nothing severe expected there. man a cold, wet rain. look at the temperatures in the northeast. by contrast, look at those warm 80s on down to the south. really the haves and have knots when it comes to temperatures in the east this weekend. tonight, you know, a snuggle night. down into the 20s and low 30s around the freezing mark. freeze and frost advisories in effect. lows down there of 32 in ballny. wa -- albany. that's the story. front stalled. the same area seeing storms. same areas getting the cold.
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>> winter's not over yet. thanks, jacqui. fredricka whitfield son assignment, i mentioned. what an assignment she has. at the new orleans jazz festi l festivals. an institution that did not stumble after katrina. her conversation with the creator. >> the best job in new orleans if not the best job in the world, but i am, you know, three generations, south louisiana, a small dna person and to be able to love all of this music and love the actual chculture and t and become part of this big amulgamation is just a dream. >> you come back year after year. almost as if nothing has of happened. what's the ingredients? from the people? the musicians? >> it wasn't as if nothing
3:22 pm
happened. we in a situation here with no sewage, no running water, no electricity, no phones, and every roof was blown off. and we had -- people were so dedicated to making -- one of the first things that happened. against all odds. and i asked the lieutenant governor, now the mayor, what if we can't do this? he said, not having jazz fest is not an option. >> not an option. so what is it? no hesitation among the big headliners to say i want to be a part of the jazz fest. what is it about the experience, from the musicians point of view, the fans' point of view? what makes people want to come and then come back? >> magic. we look for the perfect vibe. in new orleans, music's not entertainment. it's a force that drives something in your soul. not something to sit back and listen to and it's inside of you. now, when people come here from outside, they get that, and you get all of these happy people out here who are great music fans and have great energy for
3:23 pm
the music. well, live music, there's nothing like it, because you're experiencing the creation of art. from the artist, firsthand, and then your exchange with the artist becomes part of the artist. and fredricka whitfield has more from the new orleans jazz festival on sunday. she's talking to the soul queen of new orleans, irma thomas and piano player chuck lavell who's toured with the rolling stones and is an avid environmentalist. up all night? more to worry about than the dark circles under your eyes. i'll tell you about it coming up.
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apnea, increased risk for a stroke. the doctor is a physician at premiere care for women in atlanta. welcome. tell us more about sleep apnea. >> yes. sleep apnea, an interesting position, common. where i see it, women come in, waking up at nice, not sleeping well. i ask, does your husband snore? a common symptom of sleep apnea. usually the spouse let's us know. other symptoms, loud snoring, almost people had like a choking or gurgling sound. often they'll wake themselves up because their brain literally senses they're not getting enough oxygen and have to wake up and wake up feeling tired, possibly have a headache. what actually is happening in obstructive leap apnea, the partition in the back 6 our
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throat relaxes, falls backwards blockingairwaves. your brain senses that and literally wakes you up. you never get a deep sleep but makes you take a breath. >> what about a risk of stroke? very disturbing. >> it is. we've known didn't a while. the research gave us reasons why. sleep apnea can increase risk for heart disease, stroke, obesity and even diabetes. they discovered, showed actual sleep apnea, not enough oxygen makes blood vessels in the brain it wasn't nice, not work properly and not enough blood is getting to the brain thereby probably the reason for increasing your risk of stroke. >> the treatment for sleep apnea? >> some of the treatments of simple. losing weight. being overweight is a risk factor. quitting smoking. smoking is a risk factor. a lot of people know this. roll your partner on their side, sometimes they stop snoring because the tissues come off the back of their throat.
3:27 pm
those tissues move away and they get enough oxygen. exciting for me. i'm a robotics surgeon. they're using the da vinci robot in the abdomen, surgery's come a long way as well. the main thing, get diagnosed. make sure if you have a partner or feel it's a problem get tested. once you do, there's a breathing machine you can try called a cpac machine. that may protect you. >> how do you know if it's just snoring verse something more serious like sleep apnea? i mean, some people just snore? >> correct. likely loud snoring, significant snoring, also a choking and gurgling sound that's more significant. the best way, get tested. have a sleep study. >> doctor, thanks so much. >> thank you. the rodney king rightots, 2 years ago tomorrow. the memories still haunts those who were there. producers remember the day south l.a. burned. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot
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opposition activists say at least 31 people died. many of them in damascus where street fighting is rare. a suicide bomber killed nine people near a damascus mosque yesterday. a police standoff near seattle is over. investigators found a body inside an underground bunker and believe the body is that of this man, peter keller, and that he been dead for some time. he's suspected of killing his wife and daughter. and an outfielder for the detroit tigers is charged with a hate crime after reportedly getting into a fight with a man outside a new york hotel. cnn's affiliate wabc says dellman young say accused of yelling anti-semitic remarks during an altercation. young released a statement apologizing to the tigers and his fans. this weekend we mark a dark chapter in u.s. race relations. 20 years ago tomorrow, much of south los angeles erupted into fire, violence and mayhem after four white police officer was acquitted in the rodney king videotaped beating. here's an account of the day from cnn photographers and
3:32 pm
producers who were there. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant not guilty of the crime of officer unnecessarily assaulting or beating any person. >> i think most of this us in the news media thought there was going to about guilty verdict and certainly did not occur to me widespread violence. [ sirens ] >> that first night was fury. it was a community rising up and going -- we're pissed, and yu you're not going to get away with it. l no justice, no peace. >> i can sort of understand the rage and anger that caused that to explode, but what i couldn't understand was how it kept going day after day after day. >> fires on every side. >> as you're driving through south central, it was -- it was
3:33 pm
unreal. it was surreal. >> warning people. >> extremely dangerous. >> in a war zone you're more prepared. you go over, you have the gear you need, bullet-proof vests and you're prepared. this happened so quickly. >> shoot-out. can't talk. middle of a shoot-out. >> as unprepared as we were, it seems that the lapd was even more unprepared. >> i understand that. >> the first thing we encountered people lining the streets all over the area bouncing coke cans off the car. anything they could get their hands on. >> then you would hear gunshots and there was one video that -- that they just entered my mind. and auto shop, and you just hear this barrage of gunfire. >> go, go, go! >> [ bleep ]. >> the crowd was really hot and really angry. >> the los angeles police department had come out in full
3:34 pm
riot gear, and set up a line, and somebody got an american flag and instantly the crowd, everybody grabbed a piece of that american flag and started tugging on it. as they tipped over the kiosk and threw a piece of burning flag, i think, into it, one of the people in the crowd happened to be wearing a t-shirt with a huge peace sign on it and he threw his arms up in victory as the kiosk was knocked over. >> we headed off it -- through out of four corners eof the intersection were on fire. i put my tripod up in the middle of the street and started shooting images of the burning buildings all around. while i did that one little kid started doing figure-eights on a bicycle in front of the flames like nothing was around him. >> we shot the firemen a little. when he looked around for the kid he was gone.
3:35 pm
i've always wondered, who was that kid? what was his story? where is he now? >> kind of a standoff, if you will. this electronics store, and the owners and i think some of his friends were trying to stave off all of the looters. we hear this pop, pop, pop. and i mean, at first you're not quite sure. then i'm thinking, this is gunshots. we dropped down behind the cement wall in the parking lot, and my heart was racing. it was terrifying. >> a liquor store was being looted, and i'm leaning out the van window, and i'm shooting, and the one guy sees us. and he says to me -- he does this -- because the window's open, the cameras out and the i'm like, oh, god [ bleep ] i know what's coming, and i roll up the window and all freaking hell breaks loose. >> i interviewed a police officer who had his shield on and said is was just like
3:36 pm
remembers vietnam and there were tears in his eyes. i still remember the image of just the smoke-filled sky. you know, with the palm trees in the foreground. >> yeah. it just made me feel like there was something really seriously changing. >> for so many people, that was just an enormous tragedy. so many shop owners and store owners lost everything. you know, their place was burned down. their merchandise was looted. some people were killed. i mean, it was not a good situation. [ sirens ] pretty dramatic testimony in the john edwards corruption trial. edwards' former aide andrew young says he feared for his life. our legal guys weigh in on this case later. and if you're an i foeripho user, have you gotten frustrated with the voice activated series?
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up next, tips to get the most out of the new iphone feature. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaids, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes.
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tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer.
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apple shares shot up more than 9% this week and sales 69 iphone has a lot to do with that. apple announced it sold 35 million new i phones in the last quarter. one of the features a lot of people are talking about is the voice dk activated virtual assistant calmed serie. the new book, seriey for dummies that came out this week to master it. he joins us live via skype from toronto with tips. hi. >> hi, alison. good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you. start with the smart way siri can help remind us what we might forget. >> sure. a lot of iphone users now can you set a reminder using siri. remind meep to pick up the kids
3:41 pm
from school add 10:00 a.m. sure enough, tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. you see a reminder saying, pick up the kids from school. you might not know you can not only asset reminder by time, but by location. you can say something like this -- remind me to call mom when i leave here. and so when you leave the area you're in, siri will say, hey, don't forget to to call mom. it knows you're leaving this little area you're in, because your iphone is -- it says here, which phone number do you want to call mom? it knows its location aware. say, remind me to call mom when i get home. and because it knows where home is because of your address book, you will not get reminded until you pull into your driveway. that's how smart siri is. >> so most -- pretty much everybody uses siri to find local businesses, but go ahead and give us a refresher course. an example. >> running out of gas, for example, ask siri, find me a gas station. without specifying the city, she, in north america, siri's
3:42 pm
voice is a female she will find you a nearby gas station based on your location. but you cass, if you're traveling somewhere, also you can say, find me a new japanese restaurant in miami. what siri will do is pull up restaurants in the miami area, and show them based on ratings. here. >> chinese restaurants. 15 in miami. united states -- >> you get the idea. do that for multiple cities. it's a great trick. >> siri can also dictate e-mails and text messages. really, how accurate is very ac. the technology from nuance, the dragon naturally speaking folks. when you don't know, dictating an e-mail, specify the person, the subject line and the body of the e-mail all in one fell swoop. for example, e-mail my wife about the party and say, don't fwergt to pick up a bottle of wine. thanks. so it's going to know that my wife is kelly. it's going to put in the subject line, party. and then in the body of it.
3:43 pm
so, here -- it shows you what it says. don't forget to pick up the bottle of wine for this evening. smart you can do that in one voicemail, if you will. >> even though siri wasn't designed to work with facebook or twitter, you found a way to do it. didn't you? >> this is one of my favorite tricks. all you need to do is set up the text messaging option for facebook and twitter, both offer it. you want to tweet a moefg essag update your status, text for facebook. text hello to 32665. for twitter, text the word "start," to 40404. in canada, 2112. once you do that, add it to the address book, call it facebook, call it twitter. tweet something on your mind without you having to type it out manually. >> i like that. i like to tweet. one final question. you can still have fun with siri. a few examples? >> a lot of our viewers are probably aware you can ask siri
3:44 pm
to give you, tell you the meaning of life. flirt with siri. can you ask her -- >> flirt? flirt with her? see what happens. >> this is a funny one. say -- hi, siry. guess what? and she'll have a number of different answers for you. right out in she's going to say -- what's she's going to say here. >> hi. >> okay. she just said hi. she could say -- you've won the lottery, or she could say, you must have just got a new iphone. let me guess, you just became the president of the united states. ask siri, confeguess what? a different answer every time. >> maybe you'll convince knee get an iphone. i'm stuck with my blackberry. marc saltzman, thanks for your time. >> thanks. for more high-tech ideas, look for gaming and gadgets tab on the website or follow marc saltsman on facebook, twitter and linkedin. a brave woman puts her life on the line. taking you to haiti and
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3:48 pm
for trying to stop the brutal rapes of women, children, even babies. >> two years after the earthquake the situation is still the same. the people are still under the tents. they don't have electricity. there is no security where they sleep. they are getting raped. in haiti, things are very difficult. before the earthquake, there were rapes happening. now, i can say it is total disorder. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> adults are not spared. mothers are not spared, even babies are not spared. my name is malia vila apalap i
3:49 pm
am a victim of sexual violence. i am an a mission to eradicate this issue so that other haitian women do not fall victim. [ speaking in foreign languag ] language ]. we do awareness in the camps. we were working in 22 camps after the earthquake. now we are trying to work in others. we tell people to come out of silence. do not be afraid to say that you have been victimized. we offer psychological and legal support. we have a call center. we accompany the victim to the hospital. and we have a safe house, the first thing is justice that i want. i was a victim, and i did not find justice. but i know i will get it for other women that are victims. we have to fight so we can say what was said in the past, this
3:50 pm
is a great nation. there will be a change. >> and remember, all cnn hereoes are picked frau eed from your suggestions. >> just ahead on the cnn political ticker, john mccain and sarah palin might have shared a presidential ticket once, but now they're finding themselves on opposite sides of a political fights. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter jobs on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ helping you do what you do... even better. high schools in six states enrolled in the national math and science initiative... ...which helped students and teachers
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hot off the political ticker, president obama is p promoting his nigh plan to
3:53 pm
protect military against schools. they said some for-profit colleges take advantage of this by pressuring them to enroll. they provide information about the educational aupshs and how to play for them. for. >> the republicans focus their weekly address on the budget. paul ryan criticized president obama and democrats in the senate for not passing a budget in several years. and senator john mccain and sarah palin shared the presidential ticket in 2008, but today, they're divided on indiana's republican senate race. mccain is backing richard lugar and palin is supporting john murdoch. >> john edwards' former aide said he was scared for his life. we weigh in coming up next.
3:54 pm
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some really compelling testimony in the john edwards corruption trial from the prosecution's star witness, edwards' former aide, andrew young. he testified he felt threatened by edwards and feared for his life. let's bring in our legal guys, avery friedman in washington, and richard herman, a new york criminal defense attorney and law professor joins us from miami. what do you think of the latest revelation about being up against a billionaire and millionaires and he felt threatened? >> well, i think the truth is
3:57 pm
that abbey lowell, who has been representing john edwards, handled it perfectly. we're looking at andy young, andy young as a person, who is cold hearted, he is untruthful. believe it or not, i think at this juncture, you have a guy more unlikable than john edwards himself. so i think the prosecution's key witness right now is trying to make a point, but i don't think the jury likes him. i think the prosecution is going to have a very, very difficult time making his case, proving campaign violations. i think this is simply a personal matter of john edwards trying to hide what was going on from a much smarter wife, elizabeth edwards. >> does that mean the prosecution's star witness is fizzling out fast and there goes the case? >> i really don't think so. as we say in new york, with all due respect, avery, when the
3:58 pm
government stands up in their summation and says, listen, andrew young, this was the man, john edwards went to bat for in the campaign. this is man who would tell you the truth about john edwards, and the issue of whether this was used to influence the election or used to cover up the affair and the pregnancy, doesn't covering up the affair and pregnancy, wouldn't that have an impact on the election had it been disclosed? i think john edwards is in big trouble. i think that this witness made his point, and i think that the prosecution is still standing very strong in a case against a man who cheated on his wife with a mistress while his wife was dying of cancer, and tried to withhold it from her and the public. >> that's personal. richard, that's personal. that has nothing to do with
3:59 pm
campaign financing. >> it has every to do with it. >> avery, let me jump in here, avery, and ask you this, do you think that edwards is doing to take the stand. i think everyone wants to hear from him. do you feel confident that he's going to take the stand? >> not in a million years. he has way too much -- richard is going to agree with me. there's not a chance you're going to see john edwards on the stand. he's going to have fond, supporting witnesses. i think it comes down to the question or whether or not the jury says he was trying to hide this from a much smarter wife, elizabeth. this has nothing to do with campaign finance. this is an untested theory. i think the prosecution at this point is going to have problems. >> and you can catch our legal guys every saturday at noon eastern. >> you're in the cnn newsroom on this saturday, april 28th. i'm i


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