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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

8:00 am what began as a sell bragsz ended as a strategy. dozens of fans are hospitalized after a massive burst of wind ripped this tent off the ground in st. louis. also the word was watching a year ago today. a real life royal fairy tale. how the duke and duchess of cambridge have changed the world of weddings. plus he was discharged under "don't ask, don't tell." now a former marine proposes to his current marine boyfriend. making history on a u.s. military base. and there was a little bit of hollywood, a little bit of politics, and a whole lot of fun. >> mr. president, do you remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. good morning, even. i'm randi kaye. it is 8:00 on the east coast, 5:00 on the west. lots to tell you about, so let's
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get straight to the news. we begin in st. louis where as many as five people were hurt during a postgame party. one person was killed. as many as 150 were packed celebrating the cardinals win over the milwaukee brewers. the tent was supposed to be able to withstand 110-mile-an-hour winds. the winds were 50 miles an hour. the coast guard and the mexican navy are searching for a crew member from a racing yacht. three were found missing after a race from california to mexico. other boats saw debris in the water but there's no word on what happened to the yacht. a federal judge is reviewing the evidence in the assassination of robert kennedy. that evidence comes from nina rhodes hughes. take a look at the picture. that's her on the left. she was there at the ambassador
8:02 am
hotel the night kennedy was shot. she said there's part of the story the fbi has ignored all these years. listen to what she said. >> what had to come out was there was another shooter to my right and robert keepdy was also to my right where sirhan sirhan was to my right standing on some steel -- you know, raised platform and there were two shooters. >> as you know, sirhan sirhan was sentenced to life as the lone shooter in the 1968 shootings but his attorneys were hoping for a new trial. nina rhodes hughes was never called as a witness in the original trial. the former speaker of the house says he'll withdraw wednesday. they call it the washington prom. it's the white house
8:03 am
correspondents dinner. pretty much nothing was off limits. czech out this crack from host for the night, jimmy kimmel. >> you know, there's a term for guys like president obama. probably not two terms, but there is. >> the president had quite a few zingers as well and you can see them all at a quiet day with friends. that's how prince william and katharine are spending their first anniversary. remember, it was very different one year ago. that's when the world tuned in to watch the royal wedding. it was a fairy tale moment. we'll have more on how their first year has gone. meteorologist reynolds wolf is traching all of that for us. good morning, reynolds. >> good morning, randi. unfortunately you're absolutely right. it looks like the southern and central plains and the mid-mississippi valley might be
8:04 am
dealing with a slow risk of storms. all the factors are there. we've got the warm mass coming in from the gulf of mexico, the dividing line, the cold air to the north, mild air to the moutmout south. yes, certainly a chance of stro strong storms. you see the scattered showers right around kansas city. check out the lightning. quite a bit of electricity with this particular storm. in fact, as we put this into motion, you'll notice we can expect the warm air as we were talking about falling into the southern plains. colder air in the north. you've got all the factors. plus, any flights you might have, taking you to dallas or memphis right near the dividing lines, things could be bumpy. to the west, plenty of sunshine for much of the west. for much of the southeast, mix of sup and clouds, very muggy. the northeast is going to be very fantastic for you. won't be fantastic in terms of
8:05 am
your travel especially in st. louis. thunderstorms are a possibility. kansas city, same deal. right now we're expecting delays to be under an hour. should the storms expect to intense fie, well you can expect the rains. san diego and san francisco, you have some fog. speaking of fog as we wrap things up, take a look at this great shot that we have in atlanta here. you can barely see the tops of the buildings due to the low clouds and fog we have in the area. we expect that to stick around through mid morning and things should burn off. should be a fairly nice but muggy day. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. the vatican's cracking down on american nuns. it's trying to rein them in. my northwest guest, we'll be talking with him. >> look at this picture. the sup is up, no fog there, that's for sure. we'll be right back. on and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue...
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the vatican's blasting one of the most influential group of nuns in the united states and my next guest says the battle between the two, his money is on the sisters. he writes the papers "on the ground" blog. good morning, nick. >> good morning, randi. >> i never heard anyone say nuns rock but that's the first line of your column. but tell us why you think nuns rock. >> i travel around the world great deal and i kept noticing in the most remote places with the greatest need time and time again i would run into these extraordinary nuns. i think the first time this really blew me away was in eastern congo in a town that was notorious for killings, for mass rape and all the aide groups had left. and there was this little nun, western nun who was
8:10 am
single-handedly running an infant center, feeding center and keeping the warlords away. it just blew me away they're the best part of that church. >> you certainly have a soft spot for nuns. you've coved everything from the church scandals to the kony campaign. there's a history there, right? >> yes. i think over the years the bishops have done a good job at showing the scandal, while at the same time it has been the nuns who i think have single-handedly redeemed the church. the bishops come across about the power and the nuns about the powerless. >> the vatican had complaints against them saying that the u.s. nuns have a, quote, prevalence of certain radical
8:11 am
themes incompatible with catholic church and that prthe catholic chur each's biblical view of family life. and occasional public statements that disagree with or challenge positions taken by the bishops are not compatible with its purpose. what's your take? i mean rrntd the nuns out of line or are they in keeping with their traditional role? >> i think one can argue, randi, that they are out of line to some degree with the vatican today, but think it's hard to say that they're out of line with the gospels. if you look through the document that came out of the vatican, really the underlying text is that these women religious are spending too much time fighting poverty, working on social justi justice, and not enough time battling homosexuality or
8:12 am
battling abortion. and, of course, in the gospels there isn't a word about homosexuality, there isn't a word about abortion. and in contrast it is full of themes of poverty, social justice, and working with the marginalized. to me, boy, those nuns are at the forefront of what the gospels are all about. >> what has some of the responses been to the vatican's comments? what have you heard? >> it's been sort of fascinating to watch. there's been this outpouring of support. from a lot of people i meet who just see them as the heart and soul and the best side of the hecht nick church. there are four petitions right now being circumstance laled to support them. one on -- well, as of last night it had 16,000 signatures. i bet it's a lot more now. there's also an effort or discuss of a campaign that would reallocate some donations that currently go to one's own
8:13 am
parrish to support the nuns. >> and so this bishop has been appointed to oversee this group that we're talking about. do nuns really need reining in? >> well, it is true, i think, that they haven't been as active fighting abortion, for example, as the bishops would like. on the other hand, you know, i think the bishops see the way to fight abortion is passing laws and making speeches right and left, and i think that many of the nuns indeed are in the life can't but they see the way to do this as to work with the poor, to get them through school, to support them when they need it the most. and it's a kind of grassroots initiative. so i don't actually think that the nuns by and large are radical feminists at all. but i think they have a fundamentally different view of the world and how to bring about change.
8:14 am
>> well, nick, it's been another fascinating conversation. we love having you on on sunday mornings with us. i have tweeted out and posted your columns. all nuns. really great stuff. thank you very much. one year ago kate middleton became katharine, the duchess of cambridge. we'll show you who's profiting from katharine's success. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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so i brought it to mike at meineke. we gave her car a free road handling check. i like free. free is good. my money. my choice. my meineke. there's a report now aboutan attack on church services at a university in nigeria. they're reporting at least 20 people were killed in the gun and bomb attack. we'll continue to follow this. and as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. well, it was a fairy tale wedding. one year ago the world watched britain's prince william and kate middleton tie the knot. there's been style fashion all around the world. every time i pick up "people"
8:17 am
magazine, there's another photo of kate in another new dress. i guess people really like what she's wearing. >> they really like what she's wearing. it's called the kate effect of the duchess of cambridge effect. that's the impact it's had. just this week she came out wearing a rebecca taylor tweed blue suit and the jacket. >> sounds really nice. >> really nice. i hope the picture will come up have shortly of the rebecca taylor tweed suit. but the jacket -- there indicate is, in fact, in completely other fashion. there she is wearing her beautiful hats. so we get to rebecca tailor, let's talk about the hats for the moment. the hat industry has bloomed and bloz onlied. >> it's great for the had business and she wears them well. >> she well does. i spoke to vivian sheriff recently. she said she went from this
8:18 am
little business in wilshire in ruralend and now has a multi-national hat business. it's not only the brimmed hats but the brimless. >> she's never really without a hat. very rarely. >> hats are so good for the hair because your hair doesn't get messy under a hat. >> she's also popularized one new york designer. >> yes, rebecca taylor. i started to tell you about the famous blue tweed suit. it's amazing. rebecca is a new zealander. she wore it on thursday and within literally minutes the jacket sold out. that's the impact on the fashion world. >> that's not surprising, it really isn't. her fashion has become so popular that we've often seen happened there are knock-offs and copy cats out there trying to make it. >> very much so.
8:19 am
one company based in the u.s., js designs has sold so many copies. i mean they sold -- just off the wedding dress itself, around 3,000 units. pippa's dress around 10,000. the lacy cocktail dress she wore around 5,000 units. and this is just one company making copes off knock-offs. you can imagine throughout the world how many there are. i want to talk about the lk bennett purposes. this is as close as i've come to the nude pump. she's brought about the nude pump and she's brought stockings back. >> not for me. but you wear them well. very nice. >> lk bennett has named a shoe after her. they call it the kate. >> i want a shoe named after me.
8:20 am
>> ah, randi. >> appreciate that. he was found stuck in a cactus, and now thanks to a little help from the strangers, cactus jack, that little guy right there, he's out of that stick ya situation. an update on this courageous little pup next.
8:21 am
hard in l.a. this morning. maybe they're sleeping. but even better yet, maybe they're watching "cnn sunday morning." glad you're with us, everybody. time to check out the favorite stories this week. reynolds is here with me for
8:22 am
that. we have a few. >> the first is cool and disturbing at the same time. >> it's kind of cute. watch this. >> became a symbol for organ donation and is celebrating h her 21st birthday. >> you bring your dog to work. you don't expect him to show up. >> he's supposed to stay underneath the desk but obviously he did not behave orders. >> apparently he belongs to the weather man. what do you think? >> collars work well. thank heavens it was a dog. not an otter, a chinchilla. the dog is the least harmless. >> or a lion or a bear. >> that's true. >> we're going to stick with dogs because we like them ourn show. check out this little guy. he stole our hearts this week. his name is cactus jack.
8:23 am
he was found this week stuck in a contact was covered in spines. turns out someone rescued him. he was an 8-week-old yorkshire terri terrier. they had to auction him off because everybody wanted him. how cute is he? >> he's cute. he's covered with these giant thorns in his head and he's being auctioned off. why cactus jack? why not pinhead? look at him. it's a face only a mother could love. not a good moment there but certainly a happy result. >> my dog got into a roll of sticky stamps and i came home and hi had stamps all over him. kind of like cactus jack. >> you didn't want to auction him off. >> no way. kept him for 14 year after that incident. one more, we have this pizza that's now come out. it's pizza hut's royal masterpiece, and guess what is
8:24 am
in the crust? it's actually made of mini cheeseburgers. are you drooling? >> a little bit. some are thinking i'm trying to get my appetite back after seeing the puppy with the thorns in its head but after seeing this incredible crust of this pizza -- >> i think it looks really good. they had done this once before. they put hot dogs in the crust. cheeseburgers or hot dogs? >> why not both. skpabld the horizon. the earth curves a little bit. do hot dogs and burgers, maybe ribs. >> all right. you're over the top. vechlk therrien. >> you're a smart lady. >> that was fun. we'll get you pizza next week. >> you bet. why some groups thrive on mixing religion and politics. just ahead i'm going to talk
8:25 am
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so i brought it to mike at meineke. we gave her car a free road handling check. i like free. free is good. my money. my choice. my meineke. welcome back. you've heard of groups like the moral majority and ta christian coalition, two groups that embrace a conservative view on politics be u my next guest is not just challenging the view from the right but the left as well. he's author of "a faith of our own." and he's joining our "face of
8:29 am
the faith" segment. good morning. >> good morning. >> you write about this new generation of evangelicals. what's created the shift to create this new generation? >> i think it's probably two things. first of all, they've seen the way that the last 30 years of christian engagement has influenced public perceptions about christianity. young acults seem relicious as judge mental and antipolitical and anti-gay. they don't see themselves that way. i think the second thing which is probably the most important is the reliejs rite strategy has shown largely to be a failure. 30 years ago the religious rite formed in the public square to make abortion illegal and turn back the tide of same-sex marriage and to reduce the size of government and all of those -- we're still having those debates today. in some ways we've spent millions and millions of dollars as a movement in order to make -- affect very little change in
8:30 am
the public square. >> has this been a slow shift would you say or pretty rap ud? >> i think it's a slow shift. you're having a generation now that's coming of age. i would say you're seeing it really mature in probably the last 10 or 15 years. in 20 years you're seeing it rise jup religion and politics go hand in hand. we've seen quite a bit of it certainly in this year's primaries. what's your solution? >> my solution is to let this generation be who they want to be. there are really shifts that are going on. they're shifting from being partisan to being largely independent. i was at gathering of young ivan jell kals who say they don't go with the right or left. i think there's a shift between divisive dialogue. we want to have conversations
8:31 am
with those we disagree with and then there's a shift from a narrow agenda to a broader agenda. in the last 20 or 30 years the conservative christian movement was almost exclusively focused on one or two issues, abortion, gay marek, religion thrown in for good measure. now you have those about waging peace, caring for the environment, caring for the poor, advocating for the immigrant and, yes, caring for those not yet born. >> you also talk about embracing this broader agenda of christianity instead of focusing on just a few issues. where have you witnessed this in your own life? >> i tell you. i became an environmentalist at a southern baptist seminary, so i have a really unique journey. but, you know, i've worked with the largest adoption agency in the u.s., i've got overseas to serve on mission trips and i've about seen the needs in this world that christians have largely beenilent on in the last 20, 30 years so there's a
8:32 am
discrepancy between the issues that would invigorate jesus if he were still alive on planet earth right now and those that we find them completely obsessed with. >> i'm glad you brought jesus up. if jesus was a member of the political party -- just work with me here, do you think he would be democrat, independent, republican? >> you're not the first person that's asked that. the easy answer is i don't know. i don't know what party. my gut tells me jesus would probably eskew affiliating with either party. he would be the ultimate values voter. he would advocate for the things that were right, whether the liberals, democrats, republicans claimed the moral high ground on the issues and i think that's the lesson for us as followers of the it. we would bjt the hand-maden. >> do you have a blanket message for the candidates who are
8:33 am
looking to get into the white house again? >> i would say this. the american evangelical community can no longer be treated as a monocytic voting block. we're a cheap date in america. they come to us, pander to us aet a community like they would a teachers' union or senior citizens and then they spend four years for apologizing to us for why they didn't keep any of their propss. so it's time to quit allowing us to be reduced to this, instead vote our morals, vote our convictions but do it in a way that's nonpartisan, nondeviationive. >> we'd love to have you back as we get closer to electionings. >> would love to do it. thank you. >> enjoy your sunday. for more stories check out the blog on a judge may decide any day now whether to let andrea yates
8:34 am
go to church but it's outside the mental hospital she's lived in for the last five-plus years. it's place she calls home, put there because she killed her five children. >> reporter: she's a woman in search of redemption. nearly 11 years after filling a bathtub at her hewn area home and methodically drowning her five children. >> she's a very spiritual per n personing, reads the bible constantly. >> for more than five years she's been locked up inside a mental hospital but now her doctors say she's made such progress they'd like to grant her request to attend church outside the facility once a week. her defense lawyer george parnham says the congregation has agreed to let her come. long before that day andrea appeared to be a healthy, happy mother. she home schooled her children. but in the years leading up to the murders, andrea became
8:35 am
delusional. with each birth it got worse. she hardly made sense when talking with a psychologist before her trial. >> the cartoon characters were talking to us. >> the cartoon characters? >> saying, hey, kids, stop eating so much candy. >> before the murder andrea had been hospitalized for times, attempted suicide twice and was on and off antianxiety medications. she thought she was a bad mother and her children were doomed to serve eternity in hello. the only way to save them, she thought, was to kill them. >> what loving mother would want their children to burn in hello? >> on june 20 20urks 1, andrea waiting for her husband rusty yats to leave for work, then filled the bathtub, holding each child one by one under the
8:36 am
water. the oldest, noah, was seven. the youngest, mary, just 6 months. when she was done, she calmly called 911. >> are you disturbing or ill. >> ill. >> do you need an balan. >> what was your intent? what were you about to do? >> drown my children. >> raise your right hand, please. >> at her 2002 trial, she was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison but after it was discovered a key prosecution witness had lied on the stand, andrea got a new trial. at her 2006 retrial, a jury found her not guilty by reason of insanity. she and rusty divorced in 2005. as part of her devoice settlement she was given permission to be buried next to her children in a cemetery outside of houston.
8:37 am
in all these years she's befr been able to visit their graves and even if she's allow to attend church, she still won't be able to come here. but her attorney says he comes here every year on her children's birthdays because their mother can't. she still takes medication to treat her for her bipolar disorder. >> this is a woman who drowned five of her children. >> i understand that. >> why on earth would she be allowed to do anything, let alone attend church. >> my belief is if you're not mental mentally culpable, then you're not criminally responsible for those acts. >> but andrea has a dark history with religion. her defense team says it got worse when they befriended a traveling priest. he convinced them to give away their possessions and move the
8:38 am
children into a 340-square-another bus. >> are you at all concerned she might be negatively influenced by the scripture sitting in church? >> no, because andrea was ill at the time of the parameters of her delusion, which happen god in the images that warnicky and his group voiced upon her ill mind. she's not that way now. >> george parnham says awe all she wants is a stable church where god and christianity can have a role in her life. >> i'm just curious. does she feel any guilt? >> she mourns and she feels great deal of remorse. and perhaps she can equate that in the guilt. >> try as she may, all the prayers in the world may not be enough to assuage the guilt of such a horrific crime. >> and a decision by the judge could come at any day now. we will, of course, keep you posted on what is decided on
8:39 am
andrea yates' future. president obama getting some fund-raising help from former president bill clinton ahead. just ahead, how much are paying to have dinner with the two of them today. but first, a lovely shot there of columbus circle in new york city just off central park south there. the fountains are going. good morning, new york. we'll be right back. does aspirin even work on my headache? aspirin for pain? aspirin is just old school.
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welcome back to "cnn sunday morning." later today bill clinton is going to appear with president obama for a campaign fundraiser. it's going to be at the former dnc chi kr dnc. more than 500 supporters will attend the reception. obama and clinton will be doing two more fund raise erps together in the future. let's kuo to washington now. cnn's state of the union candy crowley is coming up at the top of the hour.
8:43 am
candy, good morning do you. i understand you have an exclusive interview with house speaker john boehner this morning. >> we do indeed. it's been a while since we talked with him. we want to get a lay of the land. as you know, the speaker said earlier this year he didn't see anyway that democrats would become the majority in the house and then more recently he said, well, maybe there's a one in three chance we might. so we want to go back and take a look at the house because as we know everybody there is up for re-election as well as a third of the senate, and, of course, just get his lay of the land now that republicans have a nominee, what he thinks of the nominee, how they'll work together, that kind of thing. >> do you think he's going give you any thoughts on a possible short list for a vice-presidential candidate for mitt romney, the likely nominee. >> well truth in advertising, we've already done the interview, so i will tell you we did, indeed, talk about that, and so, you know, i think you'll just have to stick around next hour. >> oh. such a tease there, okay. i'm sure you also then talked
8:44 am
about whether mitt romney's wealth, which a lot of people are talking about, could hurt his chances with blue collar voters. what do you think? >> i'll tell you this. john boehner and mitt romney could not be more different. john boehner came from a very modest, to put it mildly, background. he talked about sweeping and mopping the floor in his father's bar, he was a bartender, put himself through college. and up against mitt romney, that certainly is a very different background. as you know, mitt romney's father had a privileged background and also wept on to make multimillions of dollars. and i did ask him about whether he thought that would be a problem for mitt romney as he moved forward. the short answer is no, he didn't think that romney's wealth would get in the way of people's voting for him. his explanation for that is pretty interesting. >> i also want to talk to you about osama bin laden. it's hard to believe but it's
8:45 am
been nearly one year since he's been killed. is the white house still worried about al qaeda? i know you're going to be talking about the president's top counterterrorism adviser on the show today. >> yes, john brennan is with us today, the president's adviser and top security adviser on homeland security. yes, the administration knows there are still al qaeda elements out there that certainly even if they have weakened them and have proof that they have, they know what aspirational plots they would still like to attack the u.s. and in particular, right now, they really feel that they have weakened al qaeda in afghanistan, if there are any al qaeda left there and pakistan. their attention is on al qaeda in the arabian peninsula particularly in yemen. >> thank you very much. keep it here for state of the
8:46 am
union with candy crowley. it starts right here on cnn. just ahead, we'll run dom some of the big events happening, including an announcement from one of the presidential candidates. ♪ ♪ ♪ wow... ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, all you need is the smooth, creamy taste
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french fondue tex-mex fro-yo tapas puck chinese takeout taco truck free range chicken pancake stack baked alaska 5% cash back. right now, get 5% cash back at restaurants. it pays to discover. let's take a look at our week ahead calendar. it's going to be a somber week. actually on the first week of may, a memorial is going to be held for mike wallace. as you recall, he died earlier this month. also a couple of times as we mentioned on c"cnn sunday morning," newt gingrich is going to officially end his bid. on friday we'll get the jobs report. we'll see what this means. that's coming up on friday morning, so keep it tuned here.
8:50 am
and on saturday -- there we go. come on. saturday, let the celebrations begin because it is cinco de mayo commemorating mexico's arm's victory over france. on saturday, may 5th, we have the kentucky derby. i don't know about you. i checked it out. i don't know about horses but i checked out daddy long legs because i thought it was pretty cool. >> this follows "don't ask, don't tell." a gay soldier proposed to his boyfriend on the military base. the new le engaged couple joins us in just a moment. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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this is likely the first. a gay navy soldier proposed to his boyfriend. he was discharged under "don't ask, don't tell." now that the policy banning gays in the military has been repealed, he decided that he would pop the question without fear of anyone else seeing. you can tell by the look on his face, he was pretty darn shocked and, yes, he said yes. the newly engaged couple joins
8:54 am
us now from san diego. good morning to the two of you. >> good morning. >> so less than a year ago, mine look at the history here. you could have been court marshalled for this. how does it feel knowing that you're breaking through barriers, cory? >> it feets good, especially being someone that was discharged under don't "don't a don't tell". and right before he got deployed he was outed to his command and that was right before the repeal of don't ask don't tellst so it was all kind of -- we were worried about everything that was going to happen then. and then when he came home, you know, i wanted to have one of those romantic kisses that everyone cease between the service member and their partner, you know, when they come home, all the statues they have pictures of and stuff. i wanted to do it and i was planning on proposiing everything. you realize if you can make it through this, you can make it through anything. so i decided to pop the question and his answer was, are you serious? >> and then he said yes.
8:55 am
>> yeah, eventually. >> how did you feel? i mean here you are on the military base and cory drops down to one knee. >> it's kind of hard to explain because before that he had originally asked me to take off my promise ring, and i literally started freaking out because i thought he was breaking up with me, and once he got down to one knee, i literally started thinking is he serious? is he really going to ask me to marry him out of everything we've been through? >> and cory, you were discharged in 2006 and you met him in may last year. was it hard dating a man in the military and keeping the relationship a secret because, of course, before "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed. >> right. it was hard at first but i knew how it was for me, you know, being in the -- when i was in the military and i was discharged i was active duty
8:56 am
dating an active duty person and it was understandable. i told him, i said, i know how it is in the military and it's going to be difficult but i'm not going to not date you because you're in the military. >> and how did it feel? were there people around? what kind of reaction did you get then and even now? >> i was so into the moment when he proposed to me i kind of blocked everything out, but apparently from what he tells me, they kind of gave him some stares. they didn't give no comments. so whatever. >> is there a wedding plan, cory? >> i guess the question is where because there's no same-sex marriage in california. what's the plan? >> i want to wait until i finch my bachelor. i used to be a corpsman. i'm working on my nursing degree right now. in the next year or so, we want to get everything ready. i don't think we're going to do it in california because
8:57 am
hopefully he's getting reassigned somewhere. i'd like to have a new york wedding or vermont. >> and were you -- i mean i know this was about love, but was this also about sending a message here, cory? >> originally, no. you know, originally i just wanted to pop the question and, you know, have -- locally in san diego, people are like, oh, that's cool. i thought it was going to be on facebook and local. but then once -- now that the -- i mean now it's been picked up by so many media sites and sharing sites. it's been on facebook like a thousand times. i talked to him last night. i said it's important to us because we got engaged but it's also important because there's young gay people coming out of boot camp who, you know, even though it's okay to be guy in the military, there's still a stigma, and i want -- and i want, you know, them to be like, okay, well, other people have
8:58 am
done it so i don't have to be ashamed of who i am. i spent too many years being ashamed of who i was and trying to be somebody i wasn't. so in a way we are trying to send a message saying that it's okay. >> well, i'm sure that this was a life-exchanging experience for the two of you and for many others in the future. it's so nice to chat with you both. congratulations on your engagement. >> thank you so much. let's share some more of your top stories. in st. louis as many as people peeve are in serious condition. they were hurt at busch stadium when strong winds tore up a tent at a sports bar. one was killed. as many as 150 were packed under the tent as they celebrated the cardinal win over the milwaukee brewers. the tent was supposed to withstand 15-mile-an-hour winds. the winds were about 50. washington police say the man who killed his wife and teenage daughter was found dead.
8:59 am
police say he shot himself and may have been dead for some time. a s.w.a.t. team found his body yesterday after using explosives to blow the underground bunker's roof right off. a quiet day with friends is how prince william and catherine are suspecting their anniversary. it was a very different day a year ago. it was a fairy tale moment. we'll have much more on the anniversary and how things have gone in their one wedding year throughout the day on cnn. thanks for watching today. you can also continue the conversation with me on twitter @randikaye pcnn. candy crowley's exclusive interview with speaker john boehner begins right now. we'll begin in just a moment. thank you. listen. if the election were today, i'd be very optimistic. >> you're looking at


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