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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 5, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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we have news just into cnn. new court documents filed by attorneys for jerry sandusky suggest there are now at least 17 accusers in the child sexual abuse case. there were ten alleged victims cited in the criminal charges. the former penn state assistant football coach faces more than 50 counts of sexual acts with ten boys. he has pleaded not guilty. the escort at the center of the secret service prostitution scandal says the agents involved were, quote, idiots. talking to a colombian radio station. juarez says she could have gotten sensitive information compromising president obama's security. >> translator: of course, at that moment if i had been a member of one of those terrorist gangs, it's obvious that i would have been able to get everything just like the newspapers say, they're a bunch of fools. they're responsible for obama
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security and they still let this happen. i told them i'm going to call the police. so that they would pay me my money. they didn't care. they didn't see the magnitude of the problem. even when being responsible for obama security. i could have done 1,000 other things. >> suarez says her reputation is shattered. she adds that she's open to other opportunities like posing nude for magazine for the right price. in an unusual move, the beijing news appears to be backing off its criticism of blind activist chen guangcheng after negative editorials prompted read are backlash. many feel the newspaper is a mouthpiece for the local communist party branch. earlier this week chen had sought rev few in the u.s. embassy in beijing saying he had been mistreated by chinese officials for years. on friday, the u.s. and china came to an agreement that chen would apply for passport to further getis education in the u.s. five accused 9/11 terrorists go before a judge in guantanamo bay and things get real dramatic
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real fast. one of the defendants blurted out they're going to kill us. another claims mistreatment. and the mastermind, khalid shaikh mohammed, hasn't said a word. chris lawrence has more. describe the goings on in the courtroom. >> reporter: well, the biggest one was obviously the outbursts when he gestured and said that this may be the last time you see us. he said something to the effect of we have a moammar gadhafi here, apparently perhaps comparing one of the camp commanders to the did dead libyan leader. the judge cut him off and said you're out of turn, this is not the place or the time for that. and then he basically said they may kill us and make it look like some sort of suicide. what made this stand out more than anything was the fact that
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the defendants had not responded to any of the judge's questions whatsoever. in fact many times ignoring them, looking down, reading the koran. but in lighter moments when say the camera wasn't on, when the court wasn't this session during recession, it was very different the interaction between them because they were laughing, they were talking amongst each other. they even had a koeccopy of the economist magazine that they were passing back and forth. >> and now what about control of the courtroom. do the attorneys, do those asib they have trofhave control of t courtroom and the next wave forward? >> reporter: a great question. one i'll sure we'll be asking when some of the attorneys come out. this was in stark contrast to
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khalid shake kn khalid shaikh mohammed's previous appearance. this seems to be a group sefear to simply ignore the proceedings. one of the defense attorneys says khalid shaikh mohammed feels these hearings are unfather and they have real questions about how they're been detained. so this seems to be almost a sigh relent protest in court. >> and what potentially could be next? >> reporter: well, at some points you figure they'll get through the day, but this is just the beginning of a very long process. forary what no matter what happens today, there are sure to be many more motions. some of the victims families are in the courtroom. they're sort of partitioned off from the rest of the court. but they've been taable to see d hear everything and when the court is over, we expect some of
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them to come out and share some of their feelings about what they've seen today. >> chris lawrence, thanks so much. back here in the united states, president barack obama holding his first official campaign rally in columbus, ohio today. obama made the case for second erm in the white house. he also told the crowd at ohio state university that if mitt romney were elected, he would rubber stamp the republican congressional agenda. paul steinhauser was at the rally. and, paul, the president really laid out his vision today saying we want to look forward, we don't want to turn the clock back. i don't know why that's so hard for me to say. >> reporter: exactly. forward is the slogan of his re-election bid. and as you said, he used this first kickoff rally to make the case for a second term and to tout the accomplishments of the first term in office. president obama talked about how dire the situation was when he first came to office, millions of jobs that had been lost and
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he talked about what he's done over the last 3 1/2 years to get more jobs back and to turn the country around. he talked about foreign policy as well as some of the achievements, there osama bin laden to iraq to afghanistan. he also talked about what would map if his republican challenger you can mitt romney, were to take office. take a listen. >> this time they want even bigger tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. this time they want even deeper cuts to things like education and medicaid and research and technology. this time they want to give banks and insurance companies even more power to do as they please. and now after a long and spirited primary, republicans in congress have found a nominee for president who has promised to rubber stamp this edagenda i
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he gets the chance. >> reporter: the whole story line, it seems the president's strategy is to tie mitt romney to the republicans in congress and say that if he's elected, him and the republicans in congress would take us back to the policies are george w. bush that he says got the u.s. in the problems it's in right how. as for romney, he wants to make this election all about president obama, a referendum on the job president obama has done on creating jobs. one other note, the arena holds about 20,000 people. looked like it was about two-thirds to three-quarters pull. but i have to say, a lot larger than any crowd mitt romney has had so far in any of his events this campaign season. >> and what about ohio and it being such an important pivotal state for either candidate, but why the president would spend so much in the state really since even elected to office. >> reporter: such an important state. remember, back eight years ago, this was the state that put george bush over the top. the president has been to ohio including today 21 times since
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taking office back in january 2009. it's an important battleground state. mitt romney is coming back here monday and that will be three times over the past three weeks. take a look at this, the most recent poll in ohio from quinnipiac university, 44% for the president, 42% for romney. basically a dead heat. the president is heading for virginia, he has another rally later today in virginia. another battle grounds state. >> paul, thanks so much from columbus, ohio. so how is mitt romney's campaign reacting to the president's speech? i talked to barbara comstock who is the vo virginia state co-chair for the campaign and his message of forward isn't coming through. >> this president really had very little message, i was surprised really about how lackluster it was. he's very much back ward looking. doesn't have a message. he's blaming, trying tos distract and divide. but not really wanting to face the reality of his record.
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which is this huge debt, the taxes that he wants to increase on us, so i think when he's going to be in a state like virginia telling us how he wants to raise our taxes, telling us how he doesn't like our right to work laws which he attacked this it week, that is not going to be a selling point in virginia because in virginia over the past three year, we've rejected his increased debt. in the state, we're not running up the debt and raising taxes. we've been doing the opposite. we've been cutting back and making wise investments. and we've been not increasing taxes because we know in this tough economy we cannot add anymore to the burden of working families. >> but we heard from the president during that speech saying i'm not looking back, we're not moving the clock backward, but instead we're moving forward. we'll be -- >> there was no forward message. >> he said the nation would be doubling down on the debt by use of money that was dedicated to the iraq war and soon the end of the afghanistan war in 2014. he also made a promise there
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about making colleges, whether it's four year or community colleges more affordable for people. is that not looking forward? >> no, i don't think he was looking forward at all because he was not dealing with unemployment, you never heard him talk about high unemployment. those young kids he was talking to, 50% of them aren't getting jobs when get out of work. there's not an economy there because he's been crushing small businesses. >> barbara comstock there. so don't go to bed tonight before you look up at the sky. tonight you'll see a super moon. much bigger and brighter than this one from last year. so what makes it super? see a po. at aviva, we do things differently. our wellness for life program rewards you with savings just for getting a check-up, and it's only from aviva.
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it's called a super full moon. and jacqui jeras is here to explain why. >> we haven't done this in a while. >> i know. nice to see you. >> good to see you, too. so the super moon, we all marvel at a full moon. >> beautiful, right? the earth urks s, unis and moon all be lined up together and the moon will also be at its closest point near the earth about about so that that mean as full moon tonight is going to be the closest ever -- well, closest this year anyway, 14% bigger, that's how much bigger it will look in the sky, and 30% brighter compared to other full moons. so you're going to be able to see the differences here. when we say that permanent pair gnlg and ap-poe gi, ap-poe gi is when the moon is farthest way. is it a perfect circle some no, it's not. it's an elliptical pattern. so eventually it will be at the farthest point answer eventually at the closest point. so tonight at 11:30 is when the
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official full moon happens and 11:35 is when perigee happens. so the technical term for the super man is that the full moon is out there, it's within 90% of its closest approach. so we're like almost 100%. and that's what makes will one so cool. and by the way, who 1 s. goiis see it? west coast has the best chance with beautiful clear skies. might have trouble in the upper midwest. might have a little trouble down towards the gulf coast. and also by the way even though will all sings up at 11:30 eastern time, something to keep in mind, as the moon is is when biggest. >> it will be gorgeous. a little past my bedtime, but -- >> it will look better earlier, though. >> then i'll be there front and center.
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we'll talk about it more tomorrow. thanks. debt problems are front and center in europe. what can u.s. lawmakers learn from the economic crisis there? in this week's fortune brainstorm, ali velshi talks with christina romer. >> what we're seeing in europe now is it's a uniquely painful time to be trying to do austerity. we have two things here are going on. one is a lot of these countries are part of a currency union and so they don't have one of the main tools that a country usually has to try to mitigate some of the impact of the austeri austerity, which is lowering their exand i think rate. >> for fewers that have difficulty with the chicks whi f this, what is the danger here? they put -- trying to get their economic houses in order by cutting government spending, cutting public spending.
3:16 pm
and in xank, people should be more willing to lend money at more reasonable rates. >> so that is certainly how it's supposed to work. and i think that as i mentioned, there's a problem with that right now. one is that sort of they started this whole process, a lot of these countries like spain, like ireland, like greece, started this process already in a recession. so that again sort of makes it even that much more painful. and then i think there is also the part that the bond markets are also very worried about what's going on with growth. i think the important point here is you're not going to get me to say, no, you shouldn't do austerity or certainly you'll never get me to do you shouldn't do austerity eventually. what i've been pushing for is a reasonable alternative. and i think the alternative is to take all that effort, all that passion that's currently going if to immediate austerity
3:17 pm
and say use to legislate the best plan possible for getting spending down, getting tax revenues up if you need to, over time, get those legislated, but don't do the cuts immediately when the economy really can't take it. phase them in gradually, say what your time table is. tie those actual measures to when the economies are healthier and more able to withstand them. >> it is called the greatest two minutes in sports. it, of course, is the kentucky derby. and we're taking you track side where weather just might determine who win this is evening's run for the roses. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost.
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some of the best horses in the world will run in the kentucky kerr bijust over three hours from now. but the winner could, well, be determined by which horse runs best in mud. joe carter of hln sports is track side this in louisville. and it's louisville, right, is the right way to pronounce it there. some of the horses parading around now. how does the track look, in the horse's favor? >> reporter: i think so, yeah. earlier this morning, overnight it rained about about an inch, was really muddy and sloppy. but skies have cleared, the sun has come out, it's now hot and humid and the track is how what's considered a fast track. it's dry and ready to go. so certainly favors the horses especially some of the fast horses. as we stand, the favorite to win the kentucky derby is union
3:20 pm
rags. union rags trainer is mike at matz. you may remember that name. he was the trainer to barbero, he won the kentucky derby back in 2006, captured the hearts of many. and then you also have bodemeister. his trainer just a few weeks ago suffered a heart attack at a race in you today bye. he's won three kentucky betterdyes and trying to win his first. so do want to save you a little money for those looking for bet on my suggestions. the favorite doesn't win very often. 52 times in 137 races has the favorite won. so that the point, union rags the tafrt. not smart money to put on union rags. but other names being throw thrown out, hanson, it's beautiful, white, almost looks like a unicorn. creative cause, alpha as well as geem ol xw
3:21 pm
gemologists. definitely a buzz around the track. so things look good. about 165,000 people here for today's race. >> that's dragreat. it's sunny and the min mint jul flowing, as well. >> oh, yes. so a lot of smiles. >> and i love the hats, too. oh, my goodness. it really is a show. >> reporter: you know, what the hats are almost as much of a tradition as the race itself. the hats are -- whether they're on a woman's head or man's head, thir see fashionable. they say a woman goes through picking her hat first and then builds the outfit after that and they can be anywhere from $500 to $10,000 for a hat. so we've seen all kinds of creative hats. >> that is incredible. >> reporter: i learned a lot about hats in the lasts 24 hours. >> the pressure is so, so next time when in louisville or at the kentucky derby, you have to pull out quite the rim there.
3:22 pm
joe carter, thanks so much. and so you know who i'm probably talking about, the super humans who have to save the world from total deconstruction in the avengers, of course. hitting the theaters this weekend. but does it live up to the hype?
3:23 pm
whether you're in the mood for something light hearted, comedy, or intense action, there's a movie out there for you this weekend. our movie critic is here on give us her grades for avengers. good to see you. i like the color. >> thank you. it's spring. >> i like it.
3:24 pm
okay.avengers. the marvel comic book series. but what's the actual movie about? >> will is literally six times the super hero movie that we've ever seen before. nick pufury, my favorite land pirate, has decided that it's a good idea to assemble a bunch of extraordinary human beings that can help save the planet if we need it, right? wel well, thor's younger brother gives us a need to be safe. and when nick fury finally gets the avengers together, they realize that working together is probably a little harder than they thought. >> so let's take a look.
3:25 pm
>> ready for on the bout? >> are you getting sleepy? >> okay. so you mentioned samuel jackson, scarlett johansson is in it, as well, robert downey jr. did you give it a good grade, do you like it? >> basically i'll give it my pin number so she can empty my bank account. that's how many times i'm going to see this movie. >> oh, my goodness. >> just take it all. because this movie is so good. now, in that clip, you saw a little example of the enormous amounts of action. but what's so great in this film is the characters relate to one another with great dialogue that's super funny, as well. it actually is so good it makes me furious at hollywood because we've gone so long without having that stuff in an action picture.
3:26 pm
other countries are titling this film i'm going to make you sorry you divorced me. >> and i like the lightning bolt ear rings that you're fashioning there. kind of goes with the vibe here on the avengers. so the next movie, the best exotic marigold hotel. what is it about? >> there's so many extraordinary actorses in this picture. it makes it basically like avengers for the retirement set. a whole bunch of people in the uk decide they're tired of being disenfranchised and feeling lonely, so she fthey fly to indd go to a retirement home where they can eat, pray, love their way in to spiritual awareness. >> the best exotic marigold hotel for the elderly and beautiful. yes, i use these words most
3:27 pm
deliberately. for you have all heard the chimes at midnight. would knows how many days you have left. but we are most honored that you have chosen to spend that time with us. >> i remember him from slum dog. so you have maggie smith in there. your grade? >> this movie gets a b in me. because although the performers are magnificent and they really capture the essence of india, it started to feel a little bit as long as these characters are old. a little bit too many story lines. i gave it a b and for anybody out there who is wondering how to get their groove back, fly to india, don't stop saying you're sorry and wear a sachlt ar icri. >> all right. thanks so much. always good to see you. and remember, you can get all of her movie grades at a woman throws away a million dollar lottery ticket. another woman finds it in the
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came lead shake mohammed and the other four accused of the 9/11 attacks are arraigned before a military court in began tea know. mohammed said nothing, but one defendant blurted out they're going to kill us. another who was shackled claims he was mistreated. president barack obama holds miss first official campaign rally in columbus, ohio. in a speech obama made the case for second term in the white house. he also told the crowd at ohio state university that if mitt romney were elected, he would rubber stamp the republican congressional agenda. lenny mcalister said the president has no choice 2000 have voters look ahead. >> he doesn't want you to look behind you and look at what the reagan recovery looked like versus the obama quote/unquote recovery. i would definitely have folks looking forward versus looking back at the last four years. president obama doesn't want folks to look back at his own words where he said if the economy doesn't improve over
3:32 pm
these four years, this is going to be a one term proposition. well, now we're talking about let's not look back at my words, let's look forward and hopefully you'll forget about what you're going through over these past four years. >> democratic strategist maria car c cardona said the president knows it's about the middle class. >> he's laid out a clear vision of where he wants to continue to at that time country and his slogan forward with his speech today i think really lays out the differences between what he is going continue to do to help the middle class with their struggles in this recession versus what mitt romney wants to do. and just a couple of examples. so small business, president has given small businesses 17 tax cuts to help them grow, to help them hire people. >> the president is holding another rally tonight in virginia. and you knee expression finder's keepers? well, it's at the heart of a legal battle between two women fighting over a million dollar
3:33 pm
lottery ticket. most people would think if it they find a lottery ticket or anything else in the trash can, this that it is finder's keepers especially if it becomes a $1 million lottery winning ticket. this did happen in the case of an arkansas lady, but now she's having to return it because the judge has rule that had there is a rightful owner, the original owner who bought that ticket rightfully should have those winnings. this is very unusual. isn't it? >> it's unbelievable, fred. if you throw something away, you divest yourself of that ownership. then if someone else goes in the quarter badge a garbage and takes it, it should be theirs. what the judge is saying, when the original purchaser of the ticket ran the ticket, the machine said she was not a win, so she threw it away.
3:34 pm
then it turned out that the machine was wrong, and she was a winner. so the judge is saying, she didn't then rightfully -- the woman did not sustain her burden of proof to show that the original owner divested herself of ownership because she was deceived by the machine. >> do you like that? >> i don't know. >> i'm fascinated. usually when you buy a ticket, will isn't anything on there that you needily state your name or most people don't write their name on it, et cetera. and it seems as though when you dispose of it, you throw it away, it's mard to be able to recover it and say that's the one that i bought. how in the word weorld were the able to establish that in court? >> i agree, in-the evidence is very difficult and one of the arguments by sharon jones, who is the dumpster diver, that's what she does, she makes a living going around behind convenience stores and picking up old lottery tickets, she's saying it was thrown out. i think it's an interesting
3:35 pm
argument. it was the lottery commission that screwed up says sharon duncan who bought the ticket. that's why i threw it out. and the judge exercised what are called equity powers saying million dollars, sharon jones, you've got the $200,000, she it actually blew 200 grand in one year, and she's not going to be able to blow the rest. the case is on appeal. i think the court of appeals is going to agree with the lower court and say the original tick account buyer gets the $800,000. >> that hurt wills. ouch. thanks so much. and you can catch our legal guys every saturday noon eastern time. are you planning to send flowers on mother's day? before you call the florist, listen up, flowers aren't the number one gift moms want. find out what is. hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat!
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so what do moms really want for mother's day according to
3:39 pm
and online survey? moms really want spa treatments. flowers came in second followed by jewelry and then a smart phone or tablet. so if you're look to go get your mother a little something different this holiday, or maybe that tablet, our technology expert has unique high tag gift ideas to her. cea he's joining us via skype. first of all, you've got a compact digital camera with a rather interesting twist. >> that's right. this is the samsung nv 800. one of those point and shoot models that's small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, but i didn't just pick this because it's pink. it does have a very cool twist. check this out. the lcd screen on the back, a 3 inch screen, can flip up 180 degrees. so this makes it ideal for things like self portraits or maybe mom is a video blogger.
3:40 pm
you can put it on a tripod and record your video blog. and also other angels. kids are crawling around, you can adjust it so that you are looking at the lcd screen, but the camera is at eye level with the kids. it's a 16 mega pixel camera with five times zoom. >> they have to put a new spin on it because people have forgotten what it is to even have a camera. what about something for new moms. >> how about this. this is the world's first power stroller. it's from a company called for moms and it's called the or are a origami. to fold it up, you simply press a button. and, yes, there are sensors on it so if a child is still in the seat and mom is half asleep, it won't fold up on their child.
3:41 pm
but such a clever kidea. and you don't need batteries. it generates poutdwer with the r wheels. it generates its own power and it charges up a little light, it can charge up your cell phone, so it's a very smart yet not inexpensive stroller at about $850 bu $850. but a cool high tech way to walk your baby. >> that's some stroller. so what mom wouldn't like a gift that can help reduce work around the home. >> absolutely. and in 2012, a robot can help. specifically the irobot rumba 708 is one of those floor vacuum robots that looks like a disk and you put it on the floor and you set it and forget it, if you will. mom can put her feet up and it does the dirty work for you. it goes around the home, it can get in areas that you can't get under like a couch or sofa or a
3:42 pm
bed. it can do hard wood floor, carpets, tiles, so a high tech accessory for the home that can reduce the amount of work. and they've been around for a couple of year, but the new version has a hepa air filter, a pet filter and a stronger vacuum. so cool technology to help mom around the home. >> drives everybody's pets crazy, but helpful. and finally for the active moms out there. >> you can really do better than the white ear buds that came with your smart phone or ipod. these are great for sporty types. these are from monster. it's called the isport emersion head phones. these are the yellow branded ones that are really great sounding ear buds. they fit perfectly in your ears. you get a number of different tips and sizes to secure a perfect fit. so it's comfortable and safe. and it's for active types
3:43 pm
because it clips in to your ear, it has passive notices canceling on it will block out ambient noise around you. if mom likes to exercise, a great sounding and comfortable pair of ear buds. >> neat stuff. all super ideas. thanks so much. i've taken my list and i'll share, too. for more high tech ideas and review go to wars have torn appart their country, but these kids are getting help from a hero using the soccer game.
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[ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ since 2007, more than 10,000 refugees have settled in the san diego area, many there iraq. they come for a better life, but achieving their own american dream isn't always easy. one man is helping them adjust and stay motivated with soccer. meet this week's cnn hero. >> living in iraq, the war was pretty hard, explosions, kidnappings. we wanted to come to the u.s.
3:47 pm
it was like a dream, you know? >> the united states has the most rev few dwees in the world, many from iraq. and they're being resettled in san diego in large numbers. when they get here, they're learning a new language, they have to find employment, really in a lot of ways the struggle is just beginning. when my family came from beirut, i was nine years old. working as a re few gee case manager, i saw a lot of kids idle, alienated. having a normal childhood is something they really deserve. i use soccer to motivate refugees to succeed in the united states. everybody will be on your toes. we have 200 youth in our program. these kids come from all over africa, asia, and the middle east. the families have endured the same struggles. when they realize it, they become like brothers and sisters. soccer is an escape. it's confidence.
3:48 pm
it's making them feel like they belong. and it's just fun. it really uses soccer as a hook and then we have them in our education program. try to get them on to college. >> they find friend and speak me how to speak english. it's a fun life. >> their families have sacrificed everything for their kids to have a better life. if we can do anything to help them, it's my honor. >> and you can nominate someone you think can going above and beyond to help out their community at
3:49 pm
in the near future, buying a
3:50 pm
prosthetic arm may be as easy as buying a pair of shoes. you might be able to pick one unin small, medium, or large. brooke baldwin gives us the details in techno innovation. >> it's about putting a back pack on. it's very simple and very fast. >> bill taylor has a new type of prosthetic arm that could give hope to people all around the world. creating by a group of engineeric students from the university of illinois, the arm doesn't have to be custom made. >> it's designed to be able to be taken out of the box or off the shelf and fit in 20 minutes. >> it makes it effective and affordable, and the device will cost less than $300. >> the socket is really the part where we have done our innovation. it uses both rigid plastic pieces and flexible cloth pieces to enable it to be easily adjustable. >> the students founded a nonprofit in their senior year
3:51 pm
in 2010 to help people who can't afford prosthetics. >> the vast majority of people who are in need of prosthetic care are living in developing countries. the key for us would be partnering with aid organizations to get it into hands that need it. >> they're working with amputees in guatemala. >> they have the right to prauththetic care. by creating the technology, we can help people regain the independence they may have lost by losing a limb. >> one man helped bring together some of the biggest names in music. bruce springsteen, florence in and mushiachimachine, and tom p. >> it's the most fun you can have in your life with your clothes on. >> we'll get a tour of the new orleans jazz fest. ♪ ♪ i can do anything
3:52 pm
♪ i can do anything today ♪ i can go anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la la la la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. solutionism. the new optimism. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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it's the second and fine elweek of innew orleans jazz and heritage fest. how do they do this. 130,000 fans daily and hundreds of artists on a dozen stages. i talk face-to-face with the ceo of jazz fest. he took me on his signature golf cart with his view of the fest. >> this really is kind of quintessenti quintessential clint because you have been doing this for more than 40 years. >> every stage. >> so what keeps you coming back every year? why has it been decades you have been so involved with the vestful? >> it's really a blessing, to -- i have the best job in new orleans, if not the best job in the world. i am three generations south
3:54 pm
louisiana swamp dna person. love the music, the culture, the food, and have become part of this big amalgamation of it has been a blessing. just fantastic. the way it's grown since katrina, because katrina, of course, everything went back to zero. the whole festival mirrors the city. we have 900 restaurants, the city has 1200 after katrina. we have 12 cities, the city has about 80 music clubs. so just as the city has grown back from katrina, and strong in the culture and music and the food, so has the festival. so i mean, this is, i guess, six years, and this may be one of the biggest ever. ♪
3:55 pm
>> there is no hesitation among so many of these big headliners to say i want to be a part of the jazzfest. what is it about the experience from the musician's point of view, from the fan's point of view, what happens that makes people want to come and come back? >> magic, magic. you know, it sounds like a cliche, but this is the greatest behavior modification machine in the world. woo l we look for the perfect vibe. its new orleans, music is not nrlt tainment. it's a force that drives something in your soul. now, when people come here from outside, they get that. and you get all these happy people out here who are great music fans and have great energy for the music. ♪ >> the food is a big deal here. i mean, quite the competition to have your restaurant, to have
3:56 pm
your food showcased here. and expectation is very high. >> it's one of the miracles of the festival. we put 5,000 new orleans musicians on 12 stages on time, a lot of people think that's a great miracle. we're serving some hundred thousand servings of gourmet food in a field for under $10 in a paper plate. quail on gumbo, strudel, is killing me. white chocolate red pudding is killing me. and sweet potato that has defied all categorization. even they can't tell you what kind of food stuff it is. >> sweet potato pone. edbradley used to take trays of it on the plane. ♪
3:57 pm
>> oh, my goodness. the jazzfest was way too much fun. while at the fest, i also got a chance to talk face-to-face with soul legend al grown. you'll here what he had to say about president obama's version of one of his songs. >> a man screams out in court proceedings today. we're taking you to guantanamo bay for details.
3:58 pm
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