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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 23, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in "the situation room." and a woman lies in the hospital brutally beaten, police suspect her husband the prominent scientist and he says he was out of town at the time. she doesn't remember. we're digging deeper. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >> he's faced a barrage of attacks on his business record with democrats portraying him as a job-cutting corporate raider, but mitt romney is opening up about his time at bain capital and vowing to cut the jobless rate. let's go to our national political correspondent jim acosta and he has the latest. >> the way the day started it seemed that mitt romney was going to stay away from the subject of bain capital, but as it turned out he is taking the
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issue head-on. >> reporter: it was a day when mitt romney's campaign event, this one being a speech to a latino business group took a backseat to responding to campaign attacks on the democrats' favorite subject bain capital. >> the american people are interested in not so much the history of where i was at bain capital or that i have understanding of the private sector, but instead, as president, make things better for the american people. are they better off than they were four years ago. >> reporter: the gop contender defended his tenure at his private investment firm, saying that experience of taking over companies that succeeded or failed has better prepared him for the presidency and the man he replaced. >> the fact is i spent time in the private sector and that teaches you something that you don't learn if you haven't spent time in the private sector. he spent time in politics and as community organizer.
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>> reporter: he boldly predicts he will dramatically lower the nation's 8% unemployment rate if he wins. >> i can tell you over a period of four years we'll get the unemployment rate down to 6%, perhaps a little lower. >> reporter: ever since the obama campaign started hammering the bain issue, romney has been reluctant to talk about it publicly, avoiding the subject on his campaign plane. but romney can take comfort in this nbc/"wall street journal" poll showing it is largely about bain. >> so the campaign has released a web video accusing the president of trying to use bain to distract voters from the economy. >> it's personal and to a president -- >> after seeing the surrogates object to the bain attack, the president may be ready to move on, directing attention to two new ads featuring campaign promises to protect medicare and
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veterans. still the campaign likes to throw a punch, so it shows a video lecturing romney on foreign policy. >> the russian federation is the number one geostrategic threat. come on, think, that isn't the case. >> reporter: as for romney's talk of a 6% unemployment rate it turns out the congressional budget office has beaten him to that. the jobless rate will drop to around 6% over the next few years and something the president may want to take credit for, and wolf, as for the unemployment rate i want to point out just a few weeks ago that romney said at a campaign event that anything above 4% would be a disappointment so a 6% benchmark would be below that. >> we'll take 6%, but 4% would be better. a lot of unemployed people out there. thanks very much for that. is mitt romney going out on a
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limb? let's dig deeper with gloria borger and tim stengel. "time" magazine has an in-depth interview with mitt romney. you saw jim acosta say that he was getting more specific with the 6% unemployment. is he going out on a limb? is he goibeing risky? >> he i don't think he's going out on a limb. i don't think it's a dramatic reduction to go from 6% to 4%, and i think in some ways he's deflecting talk about bain by talking about the economy and accusing obama of being somebody who is so inexperienced on the economy that he won't actually have an effect. so i'm not trying to step on our own story, but i don't think the 6% is big news here. >> let's move on then.
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i want to play a clip, gloria. this is the exchange that mitt romney had with mark halpern of "time" magazine. >> you welcome the business records, right? >> mark, what i can tell you is this, the fact is that i spent 25 years in the private sector and that obviously teaches you something that you don't learn if you haven't spent any time in the private sector. if you were to say to me tell me what you learned from your schooling that would help you be a president, it's, like, how do i begin going through a list like that? you learn through life's experience. the president's experience has been exclusively in politics and as a community organizer. both of those are fine areas to endeavor, but right now we have an economy in trouble and someone who has spent their career in the economy is more suited to help fix the economy than someone who spent his time in politics and as a community organizer. >> so, gloria, you have a terrific column you just posted
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on about whether or not the president's attacks on romney and bain capital could potentially backfire. what do you say about this? >> at this point, half the public doesn't have much of an idea. what the campaign is trying to do is to say we want to disqualify him on the business issue because, in fact, his experience has been bad and they're turning into a values issue by saying that mitt romney given his experience at bain capital does not have the proper values to run the country. i would argue that there is a danger here for the obama campaign and that is that the president is really well liked. one of the reasons over half the public likes him is because they see him as a generally genial person and sometimes above the fray. sometimes the adult in the room and when you get down to the nitty-gritty of campaigning, you know, the likability issue could
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potentially suffer. >> you know, someone, rick, that i thought i knew a lot about, i learned something in the new cover story that we have in "time" magazine. i want to put the cover up on the screen. there you see a 23-year-old mitt romney with his mom. a lot of folks don't know that she once ran for the u.s. senate. she had a huge impact on his life. talk about what you guys at "time" magazine have now learned. >> it's a great story and a lot of people know that mitt's father george was a three-time governor of michigan, a hard-driving guy who never liked to be told no. in 1970 after his father left his last term, lennor had been a hollywood actress in her youth and she was not cut out for the arena of politics and unlike her husband, she deflected attacks and she was very gracious and very quiet and yet she was
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obliterated on the campaign trail and one of the things that mitt learned according to our story is to avoid error. to not get into circumstances where a single remark or an untrue remark would get him in trouble like it did with his mother and once upon a time with his father, as well. >> he learned that from his father because when his father ran for the presidency within a nano second it evaporated after his father said we were brain washed in vietnam and that was the end of his father's presidential run. so the candor hurt his father. that's something that romney clearly keeps in mind every day on the campaign trail. >> terrific interview in "time" magazine. our friend tom halpern did the interview in "time" magazine. take a look at last week's issue, as well, the cover story on benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel.
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rick, you spent a lot of time with prime minister netanyahu there and you've written a very terrific piece on him. read this week's issue and last week's issue as well. i thought i knew a lot about that subject, but i learned some stuff in the course of reading that article. thanks very, very much. >> thank you. >> president obama reminds air force academy grads that they have one less enemy to face. >> osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. >> president obama gets a chance to tout his own global leadership to the next generation of leaders and mitt romney said the main geo-political foe right now is russia, but colin powell thinks he's dead wrong on that. my interview with colin powell is coming up in the next hour. and a well-known scientist is accused of beating his wife. he denies involvement and she
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doesn't remember. we're digging deeper. ♪
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>> jack cavery is here with "the cafferty file." >> joe biden's recent gay marriage gaffe, we love it when he does that. some are beginning to wonder if biden is the best running mate for obama in what's shaping up to be a close contest against mitt romney. republicans have made a strategy out of targeting biden, they're following him along the campaign trail hoping he'll slip up. they've told politico, biden say ticking time bomb, who knows what he'll say. they describe the veep as the chink in the armor. his remarks are legendary. remember when he called obama care a big f-ing deal on microphone? when he described then-candidate obama as clean and articulate in an interview, lovely. democrats insist romney is the best surrogate for the
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president. he connects with working class voters in a way that the sometimes aloof candidate just can't. the attack dog who goes after obama in a way they might not want to. >> romney's time in private equity didn't call him for the white house any more than being a plumber would. meanwhile, if you listen carefully, the calls for a vice president hillary clinton, they're out there. you can hear them. clinton's approval numbers are through the roof and some suggest that with romney possibly closing the gender gap and gaining among women, president obama should dump biden for the ticket. it probably won't happen, but stranger things have happened and it's politics. >> here's the question. joe biden, asset or viability for president obama. go to and post a comment on my blog or go to the situation room's facebook page. i love biden, but i can see
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where he makes the president's people nervous. >> even the president was ahead of the skis on the whole issue of gay marriage and had to force the president to accelerate. i think the president was going to endorse gay marriage at some point, but he obviously accelerated the timeline. in the recent interview he gave the vice president, he made it clear he is definitely on the ticket. he's not going anywhere. you know what else is possible out there? at least i hear it from sources at the white house is and elsewhere. he isn't even thinking potentially in 2016, running for president again. that would not necessarily be out of the question, jeff. >> you know what? he might even be electable and on the political landscape. the guy speaks in plain english and you ask him a question and he doesn't couch it in positions or political speak and to quote a phrase he's the guy i'd like to have a beer with.
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>> i've known him for a long time and he's a great guy and he'll be around for a while. >> oh, thanks very much. >> they're still talking in baghdad. lisa sylvester is monitoring that and other stories in "the situation room." what do you have? >> iran, including the u.s., are hoping to come to terms over the islamic republic's nuclear program. tuesday the head of the iaea said he would sign a path with iran soon, signaling to iran's possible openness of its nuclear facilities and officials tell cnn the talks will continue into thursday and iran's economy will be crippled by western sanctions and israel wants it to end all uranium enrichment and iran says its program is for peaceful purposes and the pakistani tribal court has handed down a 33-year sentence to this man. a doctor accused of helping the cia track down osama bin laden.
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shakil al fredi, was there and a bipartisan group of senators called today's sentence shocking and outrageous. >> and it still has no formal constitution, but egypt has taken a step toward democracy that's thousands of years in the making. for the first time in their history, egyptians are voting in a presidential election in which the results are not preordained. there are 13 candidates on the ballot and the voting takes place today and tomorrow, and if no winner there will be a second round in mid-june and they're only reporting minor violations and a historic moment in egypt, wolf. >> thanks very much. >> we're watching what else is going on and the next hour, my full interview with general colin powell. we'll be right back. up with a solid plan. wa-- wa-- wait a minute; bobby? bobby! what are you doing man?
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good chance to focus in on one part of his record that gets good grades on voters. his leadership on national security and foreign policy. that came in his address in the united states air force academy. let's go live to dan lothian in colorado springs. dan, how did it go over there today? >> reporter: the president's address was a mix of pride and politics. he was talking about the u.s. global leadership and going through some of his campaign themes and he was seemingly countering some of the criticism from his likely opponent, mitt romney. >> a dramatic flyover capped president obama's commencement salute to more than 1,000 cadets in the u.s. air force academy where he touted their accomplishments and challenged them to become great leaders. >> you are dismissed! >> and celebrated the end. >> this is the day you finally become officers in the finest air force in the world. >> he spent most of the
4:22 pm
commencement address painting a picture of the landscape since the cadets arrived four years ago. the war in iraq over, the fight in afghanistan winding down, the killing of osama bin laden. >> osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. we've put al qaeda on the path to defeat. >> reporter: and when this iconic photo was snapped during the raid to get bin laden it was an academy graduate, the president pointed out, who was at his side, general brad webb, but big challenges remain each as the president spoke about the spread of democracy and the push to secure nuclear weapons. >> mobilizing dozens of weapons to secure nuclear materials so they never fall into the hands of terrorists, rallying the world to put the strongest sanctions ever on iran and north korea. >> reporter: the president enjoys strong support among americans for his handeling of foreign policy.
4:23 pm
in this recent poll, 51%, 42% disapprove, but his likely republican opponent mitt romney gives the president a much different score, accusing mr. obama of trying to make friends with some of the world's worst actors and criticizing defense cuts. >> i happen to believe that america's strength is the best ally peace has ever known, that america must have a military so strong no one would ever think of testing it. >> reporter: as predator tones were put on display behind the cadets, president obama acknowledged they would be leaner and no less capable of handling conventional and unconventional threats. >> cadets, as i look into your eyes, as you join that long blue line, i know you will carry us even farther and even higher. >> reporter: while the president was addressing the cadets here, he was also speaking to a much broader audience, military veterans. this is an important group that the campaign has been targeting. you heard the president talking
4:24 pm
about how his administration has been offering help and offering benefits. they believe this group will be important in the upcoming election, wolf. >> thanks very much, dan lothian in colorado for us. here's a question. who do women voters like more? recent polls offer contradictory results on female voters' choice for president, stand by. and a conservative super pac comes out with a kinder, gentler attack ad. will that lure voters away from president obama? our strategy session is coming up next. we're america's natural gas and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter
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i'm wolf blitzer in washington. here are some of the stories we're working on for the next hour. a mountain of hype and then a mighty wall street fall. what happened to put facebook and its key players in a world of trouble right now? also what colin powell thinks. the former secretary of state opens up about same-sex marriage, the upcoming presidential race and the staying power of al qaeda and a lot more. my interview with him coming up in the hks hour. >> moviemakers delve behind the scene s to tell the story about osama bin laden. some critics complain they were able to dig too deep. stand by. you're in "the situation room." let's get to our strategy session right now. joining us are two cnn contributors and the former bush
4:29 pm
white house speechwriter david frum. i love polls, all of us love polls who are news junkies and sometimes they're not precise. >> we like them because they can mean whatever we want them to mean. you remember on may 11th, cbs had a poll, romney, obama and women voters. 46% for romney, 44 for president obama. everybody, at least most people in the white house came out saying there were flaws in that poll and our own pollster on cnn said there was a basic flaw there and it was not real. let's wait for the next major poll to come out and see where it really spins and out in next major poll is out, the nbc news/wall street journal poll, obama, 53% and romney 38% and not a two-point lead for romney, a 15-point lead for president obama. what do you make of all of this
4:30 pm
as a political strategist who has been studying polls for a long time. what should the viewers take from this episode? >> you should take that there is a 15-point gender gap because this accurately reflects what both democrats and republicans have been seeing in their polls for the last six or eight months and there's all sort of good reasons for it, but essentially, you know, we have a president who has been speaking to women, not just on what people dismi dismissively call women's issues like reproductive health and other thing, but also women in the economy and other thing, and you know, it's showing his strong support which he had in 2008, as well. >> here's the way i always think, my test for these polls that we split women into two halves, married and unmarried. they're 50/50, half are married and half not. among married women, republicans run a little ahead.
4:31 pm
if republicans run ahead of women like they did in 1996 that is a red alarm, you're in a lot of trouble. among married women, democrats have a lead that are 10 to 15 and more points. the concern for republicans is that over time the proportion of women who are not married is growing partly on the aged end as our population ages and the men die older and people are finding marriage more difficult. that is a core strategic problem and it's driven by more than any one week news cycle. >> it's really an approach. we saw this in the republican primaries and we see it in mitt romney's rhetoric which is are we talking about all kinds of families? are we talking about single women and the fact that one in four children are being raised in a single parent head of household. those are the things that republicans haven't been good at
4:32 pm
that the democrats have not paid attention to. >> women are critically important in this race. the pro-republican super pac crossroads gps, they have a new ad that has a softer touch to it, and the women voters are the key object i have here. let me play a little bit of that. >> i always loved watching the kids play basketball. i still do, even though things have changed. it's funny, they can't find jobs to get their career started and i can't afford to retire and now we're all living together again. i supported president obama because he spoke so beautifully. he promised change and things changed for the worse. obama started spending like our credit cards have no limit. his health care law made health insurance even more expensive. >> that's a softer touch there. it's not a brutal attack ad. what's the object i have here. >> notice that that woman is single and single in all kinds
4:33 pm
of ways and a single mother with two children now at home and that is a suggestion that she may be latino and that is the element in the electorate that has to move if the republicans are going to break through. my question is i don't know if the debt is the issue to lead with, i don't know if that's the issue most on their minds and republicans are talking about what matters to republicans and what matters to the woman in the ad. >> i liked the tone, and i thought it was right on to start focusing on this kind of tone and start with the attack. president obama's first ad that they spent real money on was the intro ad about president obama's record. it had the same kind of tone. people just are -- they don't want this kind of anger and that played into it. the key is maybe the debt is also the wrong issue, but it's just kind of quiet complaining. it doesn't talk about what mitt
4:34 pm
romney will have or what future she has if she will support republicans and telling people what he's going to be doing and i don't think the gop complaining about obama in a big tone, in a quiet tone will be effective. >> when complaining is this bad, people have to remind people again and again, things are bad, things are better than they were four years ago, but not enough. and that transition of the young woman to the older woman looked phony to me, but that was just me. cinematography. guys, thanks very much. we want to hear straight from you, the voters on the issues that matter to you in the coming election. join the i report debate by going to and rank which issue the community should discuss in depth and we'll bring them directly to the
4:35 pm
candidates themselves. good idea. more than a hundred girls poisoned. the idea of girls attending school is so offensive to the taliban rid now in afghanistan that they'll do anything to prevent it. a shocking act of brutality in afghanistan. we have full details and we are on the growth fund. you need and you need to see his visit as secretary of state. did general colin powell ever think they would still be there more than a decade later? my one-on-one interview with colin powell. that's coming up at the top of the hour.
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dozens of school girls and three of their teachers came under attack today in northern afghanistan presumably for simply going to class. officials say they were poisoned. cnn correspondent nick paton walsh is joining us from kabul.
4:39 pm
was this another attack by the taliban? what's going on, nick? >> it seems to be, afghan officials are blaming the taliban and they can't be sure who did it because nobody is claiming responsibility, but you can imagine the terror this morning when the school girls went into class, sat down and noticed a strange smell in the air and all began feeling sick. here are rare pictures of the aftermath of that attack. to afghanistan's most extreme conservatives like the taliban girls going to school is so offensive they'll do anything to stop it, including poison school girls. this morning students went into class at the girls school in northern takhar province, and they began to fall ill. 120 girls began to rush ill, and dizziness set in forcing the girls to require longer treatment. >> translator: the number of girls age 15 to 18 were brought
4:40 pm
to the hospital today. generally, they're not in critical condition. we are looking after them, but let's see what happens later. we understand so far from the situation that they are mostly traumatized. >> reporter: amid the distress here, a growing fear that even in the once peaceful north hardliners can strike at will. police have sent blood samples from the poisoned girls to kabul to work out what the poison is, but they already know who to blame. >> >> translator: the afghan people know the terrorists and the taliban are doing this to girls to stop them from going to school. that's something we and the people believe. now we are implementing democracy in afghanistan. do we want girls to be educated. but the government's enemies don't want this. >> reporter: this has happened elsewhere before, and they fear a powerful weapon, but not powerful enough yet to stop these girls from wanting to learn. >> reporter: whoever is behind
4:41 pm
this attack and there are plenty of extremist girls offended by girls learning and it paints an even bleaker, more uncertain picture about the kind of afghan society that will be left behind as nato troops start to withdraw, wolf. >> one more question. what's the reaction in afghanistan to hamid karzai's visit to chicago for the nato summit? >> reporter: it was quite well televised. i think many afghans, to be honest, have begun to consider nato's days as numbered wondering where they sit in the insurgency and in this decade-long campaign. and there was a siech commitment and at the end of the day it's wondering how safe they'll be as these nato troops start to increase their numbers. >> thank you. i have an in-depth and
4:42 pm
candid conversation with the secretary of state colin powell. we get his take on the comments about the taliban and what general is calling those commen comments. i'll give you a hint, he said it was disappointing. >> who in their right mind would jump out of a plane without a parachute? he does it on purpose. we'll have the video. we'll tell you what analysts say the reclusive country is building. and families traveling with children are losing another perk gl just in time for the coming memorial day weekend.
4:43 pm
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the first woman at an elite drill sergeant school said she was suspended just because she was a woman and it turns out she may have been right. cnn's jason carroll has her story. >> reporter: we first met sergeant teresa king in colombia south carolina. >> what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for attention to detail. >> reporter: the first woman to lead the elite drill sergeant school, a symbol of physical and emotional strength. that was then. >> i'm going through this devastating situation. it's important for me to set the example. that's where i'm at. >> reporter: now king faces the toughest battle of her 32-year military career. she charged a formal complaint charging her superiors mistreated her because she's a woman. >> i'm not in a position to say what should happen to my superiors, but i will say they
4:47 pm
need to be held accountable. >> reporter: kick was suspended following complaints of micromanaging and toxic leadership, things that would not be questioned if she were a man. some question her lack of combat experience and king can't go to the front lines, king who earned top scores for physical fitness said she was punished for rejecting unfit candidates. >> i think drill sergeants should be some of the highest in the army and that's the only way to make soldiers. king submitted a 19-page rebuttal charging her as disgruntled because she received disciplinary actions, major general richard luongo oversaw a six-month investigation and during that time king was not allowed to have contact with students and staff, cut off, she says, from her military family. >> think i lost touch with
4:48 pm
consciousness because it was so painful. >> king sought help from one of her former soldiers. smith said he believed in her then and now. >> her suspension is and was unwarranted. now the point is and what we're asking is for a review of how and why all of this took place. >> reporter: earlier this month the army found king's suspension was not warranted. informing her your suspension is lifted. smith said not good enough. neither cal pena nor luongo could comment. it cams with a change of responsibility ceremony, a commanda commandant's final act, the administration of power. >> there were some days that i didn't feel like i wanted to live, but i believe in hope against all hope. >> supporters surrounded king who says despite everything she'd serve the army again. >> i want to make sure that this does not happen to another
4:49 pm
person. >> jason carroll, cnn, columbia, south carolina. >> thanks very much. jack cavery is back with "the cafferty file" jack? >> joe biden, asset or liability for president obama? >> dan writes, all things considered i believe biden is a plus for booobama, he has a gre sense of humor and he can be self-deprecating and has believability that reaches and resonates with middle america. he works behind the scenes on val various issues. he's an honest man who cares about working people. he's had real tragedy in his life and has compassion for others. what some call gaffes i call speaking his mind and speaking the truth. biden is a total liability and he was used by obama to trick the blue-collar whites into voting democratic. >> he's a great asset in terms
4:50 pm
of knowledge and experience, but he doesn't always think before he speaks. charles in san antonio, however, the democrats are missing a huge opportunity if biden stepped aside and hillary was put on the ticket, obama would win in a landslide and hillary would be a sure thing in 2016. brad in portland, oregon said joe biden is a good man with an honest heart. i can see how that would trouble the republicans. you never know what he'll say, and people give him a pass because people think he's nuts and pretty much harmless. if you want to read more on this, go to the blog at or to this post on the facebook page. i like joe biden. >> everybody likes joe biden. if the president's advisers think it's not looking good, dump biden and put hillary clinton on the ticket and do you
4:51 pm
think the president would do that in order to become a two-term democratic president? >> i don't think he'd do it. i don't think he'd be comfortable doing it himself because it doesn't seem to me that that's the kind of person he is, but more than that it would be seen for exactly what it would be, an act of political desperation and a bit unloyal and unfaithful to the guy who has been alongside him during the first term. i don't think he'll do that. >> the only way it would happen is if biden decides it's time for me to move on. you've got a shot, mr. president, we don't want you to be a one-term democratic president and hillary clinton could help you. if he were to make that decision. >> maybe they'll make him an offer he can't refuse. >> become secretary of state? >> who knows? >> thanks very much. who would jump from 2,000 feet in the air without a parachute? a former paratrooper does it for a reason. wait until you see how he did it
4:52 pm
and some alarming new satellite images from north korea. what analysts say the reclusive regime may be up to. and just in time for this memorial day weekend, families flying with kids are losing another perk. a route map shows you where we go. but not how we get there. because in this business, there are no straight lines. only the twists and turns of an unpredictable industry. so the eighty-thousand employees at delta... must anticipate the unexpected. and never let the rules overrule common sense.
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4:56 pm
hotshots. pictures coming in from around the world. lisa sylvester is monitoring some of the other top stories in "the situation room" including the prospect of big layoffs. what's going on? >> hewlett-packard has announced plans to slash thousands of jobs. the tech giant announced a few minutes ago that its new wave of layoffs will be 27,000 workers. the company says the restructuring is expected to save up to $3.5 billion by fiscal 2014. there are new satellite images showing north korea is building a rocket launchpad and assembly center. that's according to analysis by jes james who calls the construction similar. it's the images of the new construction were taken by geo-eye within the past month. just in time for memorial day week end, no more special
4:57 pm
privileges for families flying coach for little ones. united airlines is no longer offering early boarding for families with small children. a company spokesman said they felt it would simplify the boarding process. customers would still get to board early. >> some will be disappointed by that, i'm sure. thanks very much. what do you get when you put a british stuntman into a helicopter without a parachute? you get a death-defying feat that might take your breath away. here's cnn's aysa saseh. >> reporter: on wednesday, gary connery makes his final preparations before jumping from a helicopter 700 meters in the sky wearing a special wing suit. the 42-year-old plans to glide in for a landing with a massive
4:58 pm
pile of more than 10,000 boxes to brake his fall. he's made hundreds of jumps before, but even he admits this leap has him a little scared. >> paranoia, i think for something like this it's a great state of mind and keeps me focused and keeps me aware of what i'm doing. >> reporter: he appears as just a speck in the sky with another jumper filming him from above. he's in free fall fwhith seconds before he begins to glide. soaring at 128 kilometers per hour, his flight lasts less than a minute. his wing suit slows him down to 96 kilometers per hour before he lands on the makeshift runway of cardboard. >> reporter: connery's ground crew and wife quickly move in and after a few tense moments,
4:59 pm
the stuntman emerges from the piefl boxes unscathed. >> it's been an amazing experience and it was so comfortable, by my calculations it worked out and i'm glad they did. >> where is your wife? how is she? >> there she is. >> how are you feeling? >> oh, relieved it's all over. >> we have to take the boxes down. >> now it's relief and champagne all around, and of course, the cleanup. cnn, atlanta. >> and you're in "the situation room." happening now, the former secretary of state colin powell reveals his support for same-sex marriage and his feels about al qaeda's staying power. stay tuned for my in-depth interview. allegations that the obama administration may have disclosed secret information of osama bin laden to hollywood filmmak
5:00 pm
filmmakers. the troubled debut of the stock. this hour, allegations that secrets about the company were hidden by some people and improperly revealed to others. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- up first this hour, a cnn exclusive. officials in the region opening up about the terror threat and how it could spread. i'll speak about that with the former secretary of state colin powell. we'll talk in just a few moments, but right now here's our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. she's reporting from jordan. >> this is the latest jihadist video from syria.
5:01 pm
it has all of the hallmarks of al qaeda and includes bomb attacks and a nighttime raid against military outposts. a senior jordanian official tells cnn that there are nearly 1500 al qaeda members and sympathizers now in syria. many have entered the country from iraq and lebanon over the past five months and are part of a growing campaign of bombings and ambushes against syrian intelligence and military targets. in the jordanian capital there is growing worry. >> jordan is very stable. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with cnn while visiting jordan, the secretary of homeland security says she finds the whole region concerned. >> we work with a lot of these countries on border-related issues and aviation issues. it's because we want to have as early a warning sign as possible that someone affiliated with al
5:02 pm
qaeda or any al qaeda-type group is traveling towards the west. >> reporter: while some u.s. officials say the jordanian estimate of 1500 al qaeda operatives is high, one u.s. expert on jihadists in syria agrees with jordan's view. >> from foundation -- >> reporter: cnn is the first news organization to bring a camera here. the underground command center of jordan's national center for security and crisis management. the general in charge says this is where jordan will connect the dots if there is an al qaeda attack here. >> all government departments have representation within the center. >> reporter: still, the biggest al qaedanapolitano. >> the most direct concern is the al qaeda group in yemen. >> secretary napolitano believes u.s. security would have detected the non-metallic bomb
5:03 pm
al qaeda in yemen made a few weeks ago, but she doesn't say whether she thinks foreign airports would have detected such a device. >> we think in all likelihood we would have detected it and would have picked it up before it got to a gate. >> reporter: of course, that device was safely brought to u.s. authority, but listen to secretary napolitano's words very carefully. in all likelihood, the device would have been detected. she says when it comes to al qaeda, there are no guarantees. wolf? >> barbara starr, thank you. colin powell is warning the world must say on the guard against al qaeda. i spoke to him at lengths about the wars, terror and the presidential race here in the united states and much more including his brand new book called "it worked for me in life and leadership." i began asking general powell by asking about al qaeda's presence
5:04 pm
in syria and around the world. >> all these years after 9/11, are you surprised that al qaeda even after the death of bin laden is still out there? >> you know, this is an organization that franchised itself out a number of years ago. it wasn't just osama bin laden leading a single organization. these are people who have a belief in terrorism, who have some connection to osama bin laden but it's a franchised operation and you can expect in the pop-up wherever they find fertile ground whether it's in yemen or syria or in other places in the world. so i think its to us, be on the alert and they'll come after you again if you let them. keep up the good work and keep working with our friends and allies to make sure they're doing everything they can in order to make sure this threat does not grow. >> in syria, you agree that the u.s. should not go in militarily either with a no-fly zone or no
5:05 pm
drive zone at least for the time being. i'm not sure it will be effective. we should not be surprised that assad is reacting so violently to the protests against them and the attacks against them. he's defending the regime and defending his tribe. we still don't know who we'll be supporting on the other side. there's some confusion within the anti-assad forces. so i think this is the time watch very carefully and make sure that we know what we're getting into, if we decide to get into anything. >> would you imagine after 9/11 that you were secretary of state. u.s. troops would still be in afghanistan and not 90,000 u.s. troops are there as we speak, ten years later, almost 12 years later. i wouldn't have expected that. i would have hoped that we would have been able to stabilize the
5:06 pm
situation and remove any al qaeda influence. we've done that, and maybe they can find other places to work out of, and i think they underestimate the ability of the taliban to remain a force in being and a continuing threat to the country of afghanistan. so we have to do what we can in the next year or two, but ultimately that taliban problem will have to be solved by the people of afghanistan and the leadership of afghanistan and the many, many afghan soldiers and police officers that we've been training for years will continue to train. so they'll continue to take on the burden and as we've seen in recent weeks more and more of them will be in charge of your country, but at the same time we have to be prepared even after 2014 to continue to provide them support, to do intelligence work and to keep our drones flying, but these are judgments for my replacements to get an answer
5:07 pm
to, but it isn't going to go away any time soon, but i would have thought we would still be there. >> the u.s. will be there at least through the end of 2014 and another two and a half years, and i ask this question because among other things you're a vietnam war veteran. what are you telling the family members of the troops who will be killed between now and the end of 2014 about why they were there? >> i think we tell them we are so proud of your service men and service women. they're volunteers and they understood the dangers associated with their volunteering. we'll do everything they can to support them and make sure they come home safely, but war is a dangerous thing and there are people that are trying to get at them and if you lose your loved one, we will mourn and do everything we can to make sure that loss was not in vain, but at the end of the day, if that country stabilizes itself and rids of itself of corruption and
5:08 pm
can become a functioning society at peace with others in the region, then you can say to the parents your loss was not in vain. listen to this exchange that i had with hamid karzai, the president of afghanistan on mullah mohammed omar who was the leader of the taliban who was totally aligned with al qaeda before 9/11 that gave him sanctuary in afghanistan. listen to this exchange. >> mullah mohammed omar who was in total alliance with al qaeda beforen in, if he were to pop up some place and your troops were to find him, let's say, would they arrest snim would they kill him or would you negotiate a deal with him? >> we're talking of peace and we're not talking about arrests and killing. >> even mohammed omar. >> we are talking about a peaceful afghanistan and talking stability for afghanistan and wield give all those afghans,
5:09 pm
let me repeat, you will those afghans, whether taliban or other groups who are not part of al qaeda, who are not part of any terrorist network, who are not an enemy to their own country or people their welcome. >> do you have a problem with welcoming mullah mohammed omar potentially welcoming afghanistan. i mufrt say that i'm disappointed in the president's remarks. look at all test trouble he has created and look at the lives that he's lost for his actions, ask we welcome him back in. i think he has to be brought to account for the tragedy that has taken place over the last ten years, but ultimately that's a matter that the afghan people would have to deal with. i don't think they want to see the day of the taliban return and certainly not with mullah omar in charge. >> we asked about colin powell
5:10 pm
about mitt romney and the race for the white house. we disagree about the presidential candidate about the foreign policy issue. more of my interview coming up later this hour. stand by for that. you didn't hear about it, but hollywood producers reportedly did. why the pentagon allegedly gave them details about the bin laden raid that the public didn't know about. big trouble for facebook, trouble that goes far beyond its stock price.
5:11 pm
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jack cafferty is here with "the cafferty file." jack? >> the catholic church is suing president obama for violating the freedom of religion guaranteed under the u.s. constitution. in what's being called the largest legal action of its kind, 43 separate catholic institutions filed lawsuits in courts this week. they're challenging the federal mandate in president obama's health care law that requires employers to cover contraception
5:14 pm
in their employee's health plans. these catholic groups include the university of notre dame, the archdiocese of both new york and washington as well as those serving dallas, pittsburgh and st. louis. the obama administration tried to smooth things over with the church when the issue first bubbled over a while back. as a compromise, insurance companies would have to provide contraception to employees who wanted it, but it wasn't good enough for the church and they're going to court. so far the white house isn't commenting on these lawsuits although one official told "the wall street journal" that they're still trying to work things out with catholic leaders. lawsuits or no lawsuits, our doors remain open, unquote. experts are split over whether the lawsuits will succeed, but either way it cannot be healthy in an election year. president obama has managed to
5:15 pm
anger both the black churches over his support of gay marriage and the catholic church over the issue of birth control. here's the question. how damaging is the catholic church's obama care lawsuit for the president? go to caffertyfile or go to my post on the situation room's facebook page. other headlines we're following in "the situation room." the florida a&m drum major killed of a hazing dried of blunt force trauma. it was part of the court documents released today. comments who claim champion wanted to be hazed for respect. 13 people were found guilty. some could face up to six years in prison. parts of southern florida under water after being drenched of heavy rainfall. they issued a flood watch for
5:16 pm
the day and miami has set a record getting nearly half a foot of rain or most, it's seen since 1901, some college classes in the area have been canceled. the former first lady of the united states nancy reagan is recovering from broken ribs she suffered during a fall in march. a spokesperson says the 90-year-old mrs. reagan is slowly adding appointments back to her schedule slowly, but has been advised against attending major events including a speech at the reagan presidential library given by paul ryan. you know him as prince charles, but now you can also call him dj prince charles. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:17 pm
>> prince charles the dee jay. his royal highness tried his hand on the turntable during work shops in toronto. prince charles and his wife camilla kicked off a four-day canadian tour this week. >> still ahead here in "the situation room." he endorsed president obama four years ago, but colin powell says this time around he's in no hurry to get behind anyone. you'll find out why and much more of my interview with with general colin powell. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
5:18 pm
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days after facebook's disappointing public debut of its stock, the social network's problems appear to be mounting right now. the u.s. senate banking
5:21 pm
committee is reviewing facebook's initial public offering of what went wrong. three investors filed a lawsuit today accusing facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and others of withholding negative information about the ipo. at the same time regulators are trying to determine if information about the stock offering was improperly shared with major clients of the firm morgan stanley. mary snow is joining us from new york and has more on facebook's troubles. mary, what is the latest? >> reporter: wolf, this was a stock that held am prois for ordinary investors who wanted a slight of facebook's fortunes and the stock today is still about 15% below its ipo price, and investors feel cheated. . when facebook went public it had cause to celebrated. the most anticipated ipo in recent years. it's facing scrutiny from regulators and now a lawsuit. >> to go public in this way, to
5:22 pm
botch it like this and to taint it is just really disappointing and people just feel cheated and outraged. >> reporter: attorney samuel ruddman filed a class action suit not only against facebook, but also its ceo mark zuckerberg and its underwriters. in response, facebook says we believe the lawsuit is without merit and we will defend ourselves vigorously. it was first raised by reuters over whether a morgan stanley analyst shared with clients that he was cutting revenue projects before the ipo, but didn't disemanate that information to anyone else. morgan stanley, the lead underwrit underwrite suggesting it doesn't didn't do anything improper. one former sec chairman says there may not be anything improper because there are restrictions on what analysts can share, but he says the whole handling of facebook's ipo,
5:23 pm
including trading glitches at the nasdaq is a blow to investor confidence, especially on the heels of j.p. morgan's $2 billion loss. >> clearly, it's a black eye for the industry and all the participants. this was a company that was supposed to be a show piece for american capitalism. instead of that, it's become a laughing stock. that's going to pass, but it's a fact. we don't look good and somebody should be done about it. >> reporter: and one thing former sec chairman arthur levitt wants done is to see security laws changed. for one thing he wants analyst information to be published on the web, to be open to everyone, which is currently restricted under the law. >> it sounds like a good idea. thanks, mary. stand by for more of my interview with the former secretary of state colin powell and he tells me president obama
5:24 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? the former secretary of state colin powell making news right here in "the situation room" revealing apparently, for the first time that he now supports same-sex marriage. more now of my interview with the former secretary of state. we spoke about domestic politics and the presidential race. >> i interviewed mitt romney, the republican presidential candidate not long ago and he told me this about russia. listen to this. these are very unfortunate
5:28 pm
developments and if he's planning on doing more and suggests to russia that he has things he's willing to do with them, and he's not willing to tell the american people and this is to russia that this is without question our number one geo-political foe. they fight every cause for the world's worst actors, it is very, very troubling indeed. >> he says russia is america's number one geo-political foe, and i pressed him on that and he stuck by it. do you agree with romney that russia is the number one ge geo-political foe. >> no, and i said on several occasions that i don't think that's the case. >> russia has cooperated with us in some areas. they were with us when we did the first gulf war. you'll recall those first days, my good friend wolf, when we were doing that and the geo-strategic foe. foe means enemy.
5:29 pm
do we have differences of opinion with the russians? yes. will they get mad at us from time to time? yes, will we get mad at them? it's part, of it, and they're trying to bring wealth to its people and so there are areas of cooperation more so than areas of tension and when governor romney said that it was right after the president had a conversation with the leadership of the russian federation and he said, you know, after the election i'll have more room to maneuver. i don't find that all that shocking and mr. romney i think, took it to an extreme painting them as a foe. i don't think they're a foe and i don't think they've been a foe sense the end of the cold war. >> what do you think of the foreign policy advisers who surround mitt romney right now? >> ultimately it's mr. romney who has responsibility for what he says, and i know most of the people around me, some of them
5:30 pm
are more extreme than i am on certain issues and i'm of the moderate view, and i think what mr. romney has to do is be careful with these kinds of statements and make sure he's thought it through and not just on a talking point for someone and you need to take him at his word. >> even though you're a republican and endorsed obama four years ago, you haven't endorsed him and you're neutral. why is that? >> i don't have any obligation to endorse anybody at this point. i'm on a book tour. i am in no hurry. i'm not a political figure. i'm someone who sometimes people pay attention to what i say, and so i don't see there's any urgency in my making a statement. i'm a voter and what i'm doing is examining want only the two candidates that are emerging and what kind of government they're liable to have and what their
5:31 pm
implications and their policies might be say with respect to the supreme court or taxes or how we fix our fiscal problem. i don't feel that i'm under any obligation to make a statement at this time. >> what's the biggest disappointment that you've had over the last three and a half years? i wish that president obama had been able to close guantanamo right away and not asked the congress' permission. we're still caught up with the trials in guantanamo that i think would have been handled in sillian courts and for those individuals who could not be tried then have the congress tell us how we can handle these in a long-term basis, so i think that's a disappointment and as much a disa moment with the congress as with the president. i wish the economy was growing more than it is now, and that's not just solely the responsibility of the president, it's the responsibility of the
5:32 pm
congress that passes these bills that spend money and it's also the responsibility of the business, and it's the business community that creates jobs and they put in place policies that keep it honest and keep it straight and don't restrain the community and i don't think it's the right relationship between the legislators and the business community. so i think the president has to work more on that and, frankly, i think that's what he'll be judged on. >> i remember you were chairman of the joint chiefs when you installed the don't ask, don't tell policy that prevented gays from serving openly. i know you have changed in recent years, but what about gay marriage? are you in support of gay marriage? >> and i have no problem with it. it was certainly my position and recommendation to get us out of a worse outcome that could have come out as you'll recall. i know a lot of friends who are gay and are in partnerships with loved ones and they are stable a
5:33 pm
family as my family is and they raise children, and so i don't see any reason not to say that they shouldn't be able to get married under the laws of their state and the laws of the country however it turns out. it seems to be the laws of the state. there may be religious objections and i agree that different denominations hold a different view, and they can not lessen them, and a contract between two people called marriage and allowing them to live together under the protection of law is the way we should be moving in this country. i support the president's decision, and i think most americans increasingly understand that times have changed just like they change between gays in the military and while i was able to support that barrier to service. so i hope everybody will just carefully look at this, and i
5:34 pm
understand religious objections to it, but at the same time, it's diversity and change and my experience with many of my gay and lesbian friends is that they form unions as strong as any other unions i've seen and raise children who are good, strong children and are either heterosexual or homosexual and not because their parents happen to be. >> you wrote a powerful book, and i frommed last night "it works for me," the stories you tell are powerful, but one section jump the out at me, page 217 when you write there this, general powell. you write this, february 5, 2003, the day of the speech is as bushed into my memory as my own birthday. the event will earn a prominent paragraph in my obituary. you are referring to the day you
5:35 pm
testified before the united nations security council saying there were weapons of mass destruction as you remember. here is what you told the world on that day, listen. >> my colleagues, every statement i make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. these are not assertions. what we are giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. >> and in the book you go through an explanation of how you got it wrong. how the u.s. intelligence community got it wrong. was that the biggest intelligence blunder of your professional career? >> of my professional career. one of the biggest, if not the biggest, and the reason i wrote that couple of sentences is because i get asked about this every single day, and i get accused almost every single day of having invented the intelligence. that intelligence information, you saw the cia director sitting right behind me while i made this pressendation.
5:36 pm
that intelligence information was a national intelligence estimate that was given to the congress four months before my speech and caused the congress to vote overwhelmingly for the president to go to war. the allies believed it and when it started to unravel, it was troubling to me because my presentation was the most vivid one, the most dramatic one and the one that's most remembered, but it wasn't anything that was made up by me. it was what the intelligence community believed and months later the intelligence community still stood behind the judgments they made at that time. should they have known that some of those judgments were incorrect? that's the rhetorical question i ask in the book. >> i love your 13 lessons that you live by, that you've learned over these years and i'm not going to list all 13. people need to buy the book, but give us the most important of
5:37 pm
those 13. >> the last one, the perpetual optimism is a force multiplier and you'll see it's also related to the first one which says things will look better in the morning. always go to bed thinking that whatever problems you have will look better in the morning. whether they do or not doesn't matter, then you can jump to number 13, perpetual optimism, always believing that things will get better. nobody wants to be around a pessimistec leader and i think those two bookend the -- my -- my book, and the important thing is that i've tried to write it in a way that appeals to a broad audience. i think teenagers will like it and we're putting it out in time for father's day and father's day gifts and graduation gifts and business leaders will see things in there that relate to them even though they can draw
5:38 pm
from my military experience. most of all, i wanted to leave thoughts with my fellow americans and others who might buy the book is optimism, and remember. remember, people is what it is all about, the people you lead, and the people you work with and the people you're responsible for. all 44 chapters stand alone, and the other thing i did which is very unusual for a political memoir, there's no index, you can't look yourself up. >> i, of course, went to the index and i didn't see myself. that is the way washingtonians read first. they go to the index. >> thanks so much for joining us and thanks for all of the work that you've done over the years. >> thanks so much, wolf. and we're being looking into a new complaint that secret information about the raid on osama bin laden's compound may have been revealed to hollywood
5:39 pm
fill km fillkmmakers. and the secret service prostitution skabdzal and our own john king talks to joe lieberman. that's ahead for our viewers in north america. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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did the obama administration grant hollywood access about the killing of osama bin laden that was held from the american public? the question is stirring new
5:43 pm
backlash in washington after the release of some dramatic new information. let's bring in our own brian todd. he's at the pentagon and has new details. >> reporter: newly released documents show pentagon officials show inside access to hollywood officials and it is not clear if the filmmakers ever got access that they were promised, but one key republican lawmaker calls this a potentially dangerous collaboration between washington and hollywood. it's just weeks after the raid that killed osama bin laden. two hollywood film makers are in washington to get details on the operation for the upcoming movie. according to a newly released document, a movie between the filmmakers and top pentagon officials bring promises of great access that critics can compromise national security. it quotes michael vickers, undersecretary of defense talking to katherine bigelow, a
5:44 pm
screenwriter. they'll make a guy involved in the beginning as a planner. a s.e.a.l. team 6 operator and commander. it is redacted in the documents. the screenwriter's response, that's dynamite. >> and we can basically give you anything you would want from that admiral. >> reporter: tom fiton heads the conservative watchdog group judicial watch. they demanded the -- that promise wasn't all that vickers got. >> this access is unusual and into the vault at the cia which is the room. peter king, calls it a potentially dangerous collaboration between the filmmakers and the cia and the pentagon and the white house. >> this is too sensitive for the average person to even know
5:45 pm
about. does katherine bigelow have a security clearance? >> reporter: they got no clearance on the bin laden raid. white house officials say they didn't give bigelow or the screenwriter any operation that journalists didn't get. >> the cia says national security is always paramount whenever it engages with hollywood and the vault in question was empty at the time of the fillk maker's visit. cnn national contributor fran townsend says it is always difficult to balance it with american citizens. >> it is not just american citizens that you're trying to be transparent with, but your enemies are also watching. >> reporter: we contacted representatives for katherine bigelow and the screenwriter. they would not comment specifically on the information they got from officials in washington, but a spokesman for sony said the film is about the
5:46 pm
decade-long pursuit of bin laden, that the movie has been years in the making and it integrates the efforts not only of the obama administration and also the bush and clinton administrations. it is not clear whether the filmmakers ever met with the special ops commander. >> there's been complaints that the release of the movie was tied to help president obama in the re-election campaign, is that right? >> reporter: that's right. congressman king had complained earlier that the movie was going to come out right before the november election. the movie is now scheduled to be released in december of this year and the defense source with knowledge of it says the work in title is called "zero dark 30." these things can change in hollywood. >> they can. jack cafferty is asking how damaging is the catholic church's lawsuit against the president's health care reform law? your, mail coming up. and a unique look at an election 5,000 years in the making. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning
5:47 pm
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. . >> a look at this hour's hot
5:50 pm
shot, egypt, women wait to vote. in another city, a woman drops her ballot in the box. 13 candidates are on the ballot. in cairo, a man shows his finger after voting. also in the egyptian capital. former president, jimmy carter waves as i tours polling stations. the carter center is help monitoring the elections. cnn is there getting a first-hand look at the voting now underwear. >> reporter: at this polling station, people told me they hope this will be a free and fair election. perhaps it won't be as free. this is an area that saw violent clashes and protests against military rule. it is fresh what can go wrong. if protests get out of hands and officials and leaders do not
5:51 pm
keep their promises. whoever is elected, this is a historic day for this country. you can see it on people's faces, smiling, telling you they are excited. campaign poster absolutely everywhere. behind me is the men's voting room, one of them. if you turn around with me here, one of the female voting rooms. there are fewer among the females. one of the men told me, he had to wait in line four hours before he got within a few yards of the door. >> if no candidate gets a majority, a second roubd round of elections will be held in june. >> at least they are letting women vote in egypt even though they have to go into separate rooms but at least they can vote. >> the big question is whether
5:52 pm
the military will agree to relinquish power to the winner of the election. if they don't do that, that will be an empty exercise. the question is, how damaging is the catholic church's obama care lawsuit for the pr ez? >> chris says very damaging. there is nothing more sea cred than our religious freedom. imposing social values through religious institutions is wrong. i am telling my parishioners all over the country that this needs to be stopped at the voting booth. kathy in illinois, not much of a liability when a vast majority of catholics don't agree with the church's doctrine. i think the church is grasping at straws for some type of control. ernie in vermont writes, i think many of the bishops ought to be in jail for covering up the crimes of pedophile priests. for them to xhan because president obama won't let them impose their 12th century dogma on the rest of us is ridiculous.
5:53 pm
rick writes, good one for the catholic church. religious persecution is rampant. it is nim to not turn the other cheek. duke says, how damaging is the catholic church to the progress of women's rights. tom writes, more damaging than the mainstream media will ever honestly report. wait and see. cliff writes, it would be damaging to the president only if the rest of the world remains as bitterly enconssconced in th 14th century as the catholic church. if you want to read about this, go to the blog or our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. >> two people put a toddler in a washington machine and can't get him out.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a typical day at the laundromat turned to who are roar for one child. >> it is scary enough to watch this surveillance tape where a guy played with a 1-year-old by putting him in the washer. the man and woman babysitting the child panic. imagine you are the mother. >> is this the baby? he is adorable. >> zaki aechlt david is the 22-year-old mother that watched the video for the first time on the news. >> i said, you can't tell me that's my baby and that is her. >> her being the child's babysitter who never told the mother what happened almost two weeks ago at this camden, new jersey laundromat. the babysitter and an unidentified friend brought 1-year-old samir bush along to do the laundry while his mom was at work. after he got stuck in a machine,
5:58 pm
the pair franticly ran for help. a laundromat employee came to the rescue, heaving aside tables and turning aside the machine. the babysitter was banging the table. >> i feel good because i saw the baby has still the life. >> still alive and basically unharmed, the pair took the boy to the hospital. then, returned him to mom who noticed nothing amiss. >> after the video went viral, police got in touch with the mother. the camden county prosecutor's office said, this was not an intelligent choice to put the baby in the washington machine but it was not a crime. how does the mother feel? >> i'm pissed? i was mad. you shouldn't put a kid in a washer. at the same time, he was just playing around. >> as for the babysitter, mom says, she won't be babysitting anymore. meanwhile back at washington machine number 15, the owner of the laundromat says she knows it
5:59 pm
is ridiculous but she is actually thinking of putting up signs to protect herself from liability. do not put kids in washers. >> this is one story you can't spin as anything but dumb. jeanne moos, cnn. >> do you feel like a hero? >> yeah. >> new york. he is a hero. thank god for him. thanks, very much for joining us. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn good evening. i'm john king. tonight, mitt romney defends his job-creating credentials. he says president obama is a nice guy but is in over his head. secret service talks for the first time about the sex scandal. did top facebook officials and their banks hide vital information to catch


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