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tv   Early Start  CNN  July 11, 2012 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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police say possibly sulfur. a local media report saying four or five of these are burning, raging here. in fact, it is so intense the flames, they're trying to get a look aboveground, trying to bring in air support to see exactly what's happening before they send in the hazmat crews. they have been sent to the scene. these are live pictures you can see from wbns. live right now you can see the scene. evacuations have been ordered for anyone within one mile. this is the wineland park area. again, this is columbus, ohio. no word what caused the derailment. we know it was 100 cars on this train. roughly four or five of them derailed. no injuries reported. you can see from our shot here it looks as though there are homes there. this is a populated area. a little bit industrial around there. explosion could be felt and, again, seen for miles. folks have said there is a one-mile radius evacuation of this zone. this happened right around, i think, just before 2:00 a.m. you've got a couple hours, three hours here of these raging
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flames as they try to get this chemical, looks like chemical fire, under control outside of columbus. >> wow. obviously, good thing that we've at least got a few hours before any kind of rush hour commute if they're shutting down that much of a radius. they're certain they know what those kem cchemicals are yet? >> they know there are kchemicas on some of these cars. could be sulfur. there are exhaustive records. >> first reports came in gasoline. that might have been a guess based on what was on fire. >> they're bringing in air support. they've got such a jumbled scene there and such high flames. hundreds of feet into the air. they're trying to get a real sense of which cars are off. what those cars look like. what could be burning. what kind of reaction could be happening. and then they're sending in the hazmat teams to make sure they can try to contain it. >> if it's fluid, where is it going, what do they need to do in terms of protecting water supply. >> we have these heat waves going through the midwest as well. who knows what the fire conditions are like in the
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surrounding area at this point. looks like they've got it really localized into that one spot. >> we've had a break in the heat the last couple of days, too. that's actually good for fire crews who will be in here. >> we'll keep on top of that, christine. thanks very much. another dog and pony show about to unfold on capitol hill. the republican controlled house preparing to vote this afternoon to repeal president obama's health care overhaul. this is mostly symbolic and meaningless. purely politics. because in an election year it's about the talking points. >> it's time for washington to see its job as encouraging small business, not crushing it. and so i look at obamacare, for instance, i'd get rid of it. turn back to a setting where the states are able to care for their own people in the way they think best. >> athena jones is live from washington. good morning, athena. what on earth are republicans hoping to accomplish with this vote that has no chance of passing? >> good morning, ali. of course, as you mentioned, it is all about talking points. republicans want to fire up their base. there are a lot of republican voters who don't like this
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health care law. despite what the supreme court has said. you might remember that right after the ruling, within hours of the ruling, they already had scheduled today as a day to take this vote. it's going to be the 33rd vote to try to take some sort of action to defund or dismantle all or part of this health care law. this is really a way to keep -- keep the democrats having to publicly support this and to drive up public opposition to a law that isn't really polling well. it's likely to pass the house, but it's not going to get anywhere in the senate, ali. >> what happens after this vote fails? >> well, it's likely to pass the house. i mean, republicans control the house. they may even get a few democrats to support it. people who are under pressure in their districts to come over to the republican side. but, you know, the senate as you know is controlled by democrats. it's not going to go anywhere there. even if by some miracle it were to somehow pass the senate, the
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president certainly will not sign it. he would veto it. so this is really an attempt to get everyone revved up to keep this as a hot topic. it's been a hot topic, as you know, since the whole debate over the law and since the law was signed. you know, the tea party and the death panels and all those events of that summer. they're keeping it on the front burner for their republican base. >> i hope voters get smart to this nonsense of keeping things on the front burner by holding votes that are supposed to fail versus engaging in partisan discussion to actually solve problems. i hope that people take note of the people who hold these votes and hold them to account during the election. you know what else, athena? i hope i grow hair. i think the likelihood of both of those things happening is extremely small. good to see you. athena jones in washington. such a waste of time. such a waste of time. it's the very stuff that angers people about politics. >> yeah. frustration, energy. >> put your energies towards getting something done. >> i hear you. > sing it, ali. >> i'm late to the game voicing
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what americans have been voicing. they'll take it to the polls with them. >> why are they at 79% disapproval rating in congress these days? this may be one of the reasons. dog and pony show. at 6:30 we're going to continue this. >> another conversation about health care with republican congresswoman nan hayworth of new york. she is, by the way, the only female physician in congress. i think she's going to have some particular insight into health care. for continuing coverage of the health care debate keep it on cnn. monitor throughout the day. >> i'll get ali off the ledge and switch gears. banned for life. this does not bode well for lance armstrong. three of lance armstrong's closest cycling advisers, two doctors and a trainer have received what's really considered to be the death penalty in sports from the u.s. anti-doping agency. they were all associated with lance armstrong's former u.s. postal service cycling team. the agency says they were trafficking in performance enhancing drugs during all or part of lance armstrong's seven
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tour de france victories. armstrong himself is not part of that. but he is fighting charges as well that he used banned drugs. he filed a lawsuit. it was dismissed. he went ahead and refiled that lawsuit in a flash, really. all within a matter of days. a lawsuit against the anti-doping agency to try to help keep their case from going forward. stay tuned to this space. it may be dismissed again. it may go forward. >> there's been anti-doping agency news almost every day. one might start to wonder whether they are on a performance enhancing drug. >> good point. listen, the controversy is raging. this guy has gone through hundreds of tests. he's cleared hundreds of tests. he wants people to know, this could also just be really bad press. >> yeah. he's refiled it. we'll follow it closely. trucks aren't meant to fly. doesn't mean they can't. after leading police on a high-speed chase check this out. kip arnold, an l.a. unified schoolteacher launched his truck in a suspected suicide attempt. he was accused of unlawful
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sexually activity with a minor. he's been under surveillance by authorities. around was taken int custody and transported to the hospital for evaluation. the district attorney will review the case to determine what charges, if any, are going to be filed. >> let me guess. a defense attorney is looking into the competency issue at this very moment. the world health organization may now actually have the answer. they say they know what caused that mysterious illness that killed more than 60 children in cambodia. their conclusion is this. it's a combination of pathogens, including that much discussed enterovirus 71. there's this part of the equation. steroids. doctors who used steroids which can suppress the immune system, that apparently worsened the illness in the majority of these patients, hastening their deaths. those deaths triggered a lot of fears among travelers and just people worldwide concerned about this collection of deaths. in the next hour of "early start" our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta,
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who has gone to cambodia to investigate this, is going to join us live with some of his findings. >> he's there, right? >> live for a couple days. he's been in what he's called 24 hours of hell where these kids have died within 24 hour of contracting the disease. >> really something. developing this morning, a mystery odor is sickening a flight crew. it forced an emergency landing. us airways flight from charlotte, north carolina, to rome was diverted to philadelphia last night after the flight attendants told the captain they were feeling sick and smelled something strange. an airline spokesperson says five crew members were hospitalized and released. passengers were evacuated and put on another flight. no passengers fell ill. just the flight attendants. very, very interesting. we still don't have any word on what caused the odor or what it smelled like. we'll stay on top of that. >> the champagne hot air balloon trip you keep promising to take me on? >> yes, indeed. >> we're not going. >> why? >> look at this video. >> oh! >> yeah, yeah. >> it feels a lot less worse with a lot of champagne in you.
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>> that's a dry heat. you can see. this video is of the hard landing in arizona that these passengers in a hot air balloon took. it was a news chopper on its way home just spotted this. like lucky breaking news for them. they watched this as it fell in an indian reservation field not too far from scottsdale, arizona. the reporter says the high winds were dragging this basket through a field about 900 feet. so obviously the reporter thinking, gosh, this could be a tragedy we're covering. found out, no, not so. five people who were in that balloon basket walked away. no injuries. >> dusty as hell. >> very dirty. and having to do some splaining to the guy who owns the balloon, i suppose. don't know what caused it. apparently they're okay. apparently the corn got seriously messed up. >> glad everybody's safe in that one. hot in some places in the country. excessive heat warnings in effect all day today in southern california after the mercury hit, are you sitting down?
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119 degrees. 115 on that thermometer there. it got up to 119 yesterday in palm springs. highs today could hit 121. the low in the 90s. rob marciano is back. what's going on? >> morning, guys. it's simple. the heat that was across the eastern third of the country the last two weeks has shifted to the west. enjoy the reprieve for those who live east of the mississippi. you've got it. the folks in the at the scene ert southwest and quite frankly the northwest as well enduring some heat. in some cases record breaking. believe it or not the 119 in palm spring z was not a record. we don't have it on the list. thermal, california, appropriately named, 117. vegas to 114. yeah. it's a dry heat sort of, kind of. we actually get a little bit of humidity in july and august. for the most part it's nothing like what we see out east. still, you're talking actual temperatures of 110, 115, 120. that's what it feels like when we have the humidity and temperatures around 95, 100,
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which is what we had the eastern third of the country last week. 112 expected in vegas. pacific northwest toasty in medford. meanwhile a cool 87 degrees, my goodness, three piece suit or down jacket in new york city. 83 degrees today. enjoy that. >> a down jacket? dude, you've been gone a long time. >> a shock to the system after the 100s. >> i do think there was a little bit of dig involved in that three piece suit thing. whatever. >> no, no. >> nice to have you back, too, rob. >> good to see you, ali. >> nice tie. >> excellent tie. invisible kind. by the way, we started this program with breaking news. we're continuing to follow the breaking news. it's in ohio. these are live pictures this morning. that is not a good sight when you're talking about a train, tracks and also a commute that's only a few hours away. we are watching this because there are chemicals onboard that train. the latest from the authorities in ohio, just how dangerous this could be, and whether they got a handle on it, coming up.
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breaking news we are following out of columbus, ohio. hazmat crews at the scene of a trail derailment and fire you can see burning now. police say a train pulling several tankers possibly containing chemicals, maybe fuel, jumped the tracks just before 2:00 a.m. eastern time. about three hours ago. the accident happened in the north end of columbus, ohio. anyone living within a mile of the accident has been ordered to evacuate. there are air crews now taking a look at what they think is going on and how best to tackle it. police say some of the tankers were hauling chemicals. about 100 cars on that train. a few of them have derailed. one of the -- some of the speculation is that there may be sulfur on that train. residents reported seeing and feeling an explosion from miles away. we'll keep an eye on that very closely. the fight to keep mississippi's only abortion clinic open could come to a real head today. because a judge is expected to
5:16 am
rule on a challenge to a new state law that requires the clinic's doctors who perform there be board certified as ob/gyns but then also have hospital admitting privileges. that's a key. hospital admitting privileges. a lot of the doctors travel in to actually work at that clinic so they don't have those privileges. the sponsors of the law say this is just a safety issue, plain and simple. need to make sure anybody going in there is going to be okay and the doctor can go with them to the hospital if need be. but the opponents say not about safety at all. it's about making sure that through technicalities they can shut down that clinic. cnn's david mattingly is live outside the federal courthouse in jackson, mississippi. david, the arguments could be heard as well today. possibly a decision. but what's critical here is that this affects a massive area. because it is the only clinic in that state. >> reporter: that's right. the stakes couldn't be higher right now for what is the last remaining abortion clinic in the state of mississippi. if it closes, then the thousands
5:17 am
of patients it sees every year could have to go out of state, over a couple of hundred miles to other clinics outside the state lines. indeed, there is a lot of people watching today even here and around the country to see how this federal court steps into this issue. but right now, there are three doctors performing abortions at that clinic. two of them it sha-- two of the not have admitting privileges at local hospitals. the clinic says if this law is allowed to stand, they will have to close down. others are saying that this is about patient health. they're looking after the health and safety of the women who go there for abortions. but at the same time, there's a very clear political agenda. the politicians here have made the court -- given the court reason to believe that might be going on. the governor himself, governor phil bryant has campaigned saying his goal is an abortion-free mississippi. when he signed this law into
5:18 am
effect earlier this year, he said it was the first step toward that goal of an abortion-free mississippi. so a clear political agenda here. you know the court's going to be looking at all of that. but regardless of what happens today, you don't have to be a legal scholar to know that this is just the first step in the federal court system. there will be obviously inevitable appeals to whatever happens today. opponents to abortion are looking at this as another opportunity, perhaps, to ov overturn roev. wade. 20 minutes after the hour. let's get you up to date on what's going on in the news. christine romans is here with this morning's top stories. >> good morning. house republicans planning a mostly symbolic and meaningless vote this afternoon to repeal the president's health care reforms. this measure has virtually no chance of getting through the senate or past the president. the white house criticizing republican leaders for refighting old political
5:19 am
battles. penn state university's former president says he was never informed of any ins tent involving jerry sandusky that described sexual abuse or criminal behavior. that's according to graham spanier's lawyers. spanier met last friday with investigators for former fbi director louis free. free was hired by the university and is expected to release the findings of his investigation tomorrow. egyptians returning to tahrir square in force to protest a ruling by the country's supreme court to dissolve parliament. massive crowds reminiscent of the people's revolution last year. the muslim brotherhood has called for a million man march to support the decision by newly elected president mohamed morsi to recall the assembly in defiance of egypt's military and judiciary. >> the good part about that story, it's unfolding in a legal sense. there was a peaceful protest in tahrir square last night. there's no battles in the streets. that's the good part. >> bumpy early days of
5:20 am
democracy. >> that is exactly right. >> imagine going to work as a parliamentarian and having to cross through s.w.a.t. teams. a bit weird. as more american jobs are being outsourced to other countries, both candidates for president are trying to paint the other as the outsourcer in chief. christine takes a look at those claims coming up. 22 minutes after the hour. you are watching "early start" on cnn. re. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. the lines, the cost, the hassle. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. add your flavor, you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank
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morning. u.s. stock futures are trading higher, actually. european markets, however, are down. a lot of concern about slowing growth in the world and what is weighing down these corporate earnings. we're in earnings period. >> christine romans, who's the expert -- so is ali. both of them have been talking through the commercial break. i can't get a word in edgewise. i'll be honest with you. outsourcer in chief. that seems to be a real common campaign refrain. they're both saying it. >> you know what, they're both trying to paint the other one as the outsourcer in chief. it's really fabulously interesting. for me having covered outsourcing for all these years i don't see much difference between the policies of these two men on outsourcing. both of them over the years have sort of towed the wall street corporate america line that jobs going overseas is just the way it goes and new jobs will come in their place. better jobs. except guess what? new better jobs, we had a big recession, didn't come. i want you to listen to what mitt romney said about the president yesterday. >> if there's an outsourcer in chief, it's the president of the united states. not the guy who's running to
5:24 am
replace him. >> of course, the rnc laid out or unveiled a big website yesterday trying to say the stimulus money has gone to outsourcing jobs to overseas markets. look, let's be clear. both of these men have worked in -- i mean, the first -- the president, it was the biggest recipient of wall street cash ever, you know. then, not now. romney back in 2005 made some comments about -- and since then made comments about, look, this is the way things go. you want to get rid of some of these jobs and other, better jobs will come in their place. >> natural cycle. >> i want you to listen to something. the president is saying -- he unveiled an ad yesterday saying i'm the insourcer, he's the outsourcer. i want you to listen to a piece of sound from the president in 2009 when he was asked point-blank by a woman at a town hall, when are you bringing these jobs home? these out sourced jobs home? listen to what he said. >> not all of these jobs are going to come back. and it probably wouldn't be good for our economy for a bunch of
5:25 am
these jobs to come back because, frankly, there's no way that people could be getting paid a living wage on some of these jobs. at least in order to be competitive in an international setting. so what we've got to do is create new jobs that can't be outsourced. >> so, you see that nuance position about outsourcing just a couple of years ago. that's sort of the corporate america position right there you're hearing, right, ali? >> yep. >> the jobs, the low hanging fruit is going overseas. although people who used to make a living from that, quote, unquote, low hanging fruit are saying bring my jobs back. on the political campaign trail you're hearing both of them saying i'm the one who's going to bring your jobs back. i would say both of them have had similar positions over the years. >> you're going to do a lot of this on "your bottom line" this weekend? >> a lot of this. i'm going to hold both of these guys accountable for what they have done or not done to bring jobs home. >> both of their parties have also done this. this has happened under both republicans and democrats. >> absolutely.
5:26 am
>> saturday 9:30 eastern. can't get enough of her. six days a week. seven days. >> making a hit on sundays as well. 27 minutes past 5:00. we're watching that breaking news in ohio. live pictures we've been showing you. it is still burning, folks. doesn't look like it's going down any time soon. pan off to the left and right back again. see at least that fire is contained. we'll get you the update as to what they know about the chemicals onboard that derailed train. neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®. for full strength sun protection. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world.
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all right. if you're just waking up, we've got breaking news. take a look at an inferno after a freight train crash and derailment in a columbus, ohio,
5:30 am
neighborhood. house republicans fiery as well. they're voting to repeal president obama's health care law today. here's the catch. they know full well there's not a whole lot of a legislative point to doing this. >> boy, it's an important thing to do today, isn't it? a florida teen talks about his fight to survive after being attacked by an alligator. welcome back to "early start." i'm ali velshi in for zoraida sambolin. >> i'm ashleigh banfield. it's 31 minutes now past the hour. this is cnn breaking news. >> that breaking news we've been covering since the beginning of the show, hazmat crews are at the scene of a spectacular fire in ohio where a train pulling several tankers derailed just before 2:00 a.m. these are live pictures from our affiliate wbns. the accident happened in the north end of columbus. the flames can be seen for miles. christine romans has been monitoring this fire. what are the latest developments, christine? >> the latest is it's still burning. four or five different cars here derailed out of a train of nearly 100 cars.
5:31 am
there was some sort of an explosion. an explosion that was seen and felt quite far away. and we know that these tankers were hauling chemicals. police say possibly sulfur. there was some early reports it was gasoline. we're going to find out exactly what kind of chemicals. clearly an explosion. fire officials have called for air support to figure out what's burning and where exactly the intensity of the fire is concentrated. and the hazmat teams have been called to the scene here. but, again, they're getting air support to figure out exactly how to most safely attack the flames here. an evacuation has been ordered for anyone within a mile of this. this is the wineland park area. fw again, this is columbus, ohio. a very early morning tanker car derailment. an explosion. a huge fire. you've got flames hundred of feet in the air. no word yet on what caused this derailment. i can tell you this morning at this hour no injuries have been reported. but, again, hazmat teams, fire officials, air support trying to
5:32 am
as safely as possible contain this blaze and then figure out exactly how to clean it up and what it was, guys. we're watching this, again, outside of columbus. >> good those flames are contained, though. they haven't spread. especially with all the hot, dry weather we've been having lately in the midwest. >> 3 1/2 hours into this thing, it's still quite a fire. >> chemical fires are very tricky. especially when you've got a train of some 100 different chemica chemicals. they have very, very detailed records on cargo trains like this. hazmat teams, once they figure out how the different cars are situated -- >> how it's configured. what's next to the one. this might be gasoline. might be sulfur in the next one. >> they've got to be very careful about how they proceed here. watching these flames trying to figure out how to get in there, the hazmat teams. other news developing as well. millions of americans who are desperate for jobs and that end to the bush era tax cuts is close to expiring. what's the house going to be working on today? >> not that. >> not that, no.
5:33 am
ali's got it down. instead they're going to be looking to repeal the president's health care reforms. the one the supreme court just ruled were law. legal. law of the land. this really is pure politics. you might say a meaningless exercise. because ain't no way it's going to pass anything but the house once it gets to the senate, dead in the water. they don't have the votes there. don't tell the republicans that. they say this is an effort to get a message out and that this is a message that americans need to hear if you ask the republicans. everybody has an opinion about this one. athena jones has been covering this story for us. all right, athena. i ran out of fingers a long time ago counting how many times this has come to a vote. i think today is number 31. for americans it's very frustrating. but for those who put this forward, they do have a point. >> certainly. they're trying to rev up their base. we got an e-mail from the gop whip in the house yesterday that said today's vote would be the 33rd floor vote to do something to dismantle or defund or
5:34 am
somehow affect this law that they call obamacare. the one that the supreme court just upheld. you know, this has been a point of contention since the very beginning. republicans and democrats have been fighting over this since the very beginning. and they continued that yesterday. let's listen to a little bit of what they had to say in the house. >> having now had 30 different debates on this floor over repeal of the health care bill that hou the house republicans have finally hit their boil the funny moment. enough is enough. >> today life imitates art. we now have another boss in our midst. i call this boss obamacare. >> repeal obamacare. let's get rid of the boss once and for all. >> there you have it. some of the heated language back and forth. we can certainly expect to see more of that. as you mentioned, whatever happens in the house, this is not going anywhere past the house. but it is a way to keep this
5:35 am
issue in the spotlight, ashleigh. >> you call it heated. i call it histrionics when you see boss hog on a big stand-up placard. a top republican consultant who wanted to remain anonymous said any time the republicans are talking about jobs or the economy, we're winning. any time the democrats are talking about health care, they're winning. with that in mind, the conversation on the floor of the house today, how do you think the republicans are going to be able to switch that from all about health to all about money? >> well, i think that they do try to combine the two. i mean, they think of this law -- they've talked a lot about this idea that the mandate is a tax now that the supreme court upheld the law as constitutional, using the idea that the mandate is a tax, this penalty that people would have to pay for not getting insurance. so they're trying to tie them both together. certainly the republicans feel this is a winning issue for them. and they're going to have to force democrats to come out and
5:36 am
continue to publicly defend it, even though the law as a whole still doesn't poll all that strongly. parts of it do. they clearly think this is a winner for them certainly in terms of riling up their base, ashleigh. >> athena jones in washington for us, thank you so much for that. in the next hour, i should remind our viewers we're going to discover -- we're going to also continue to cover the health care vote with republican congressman nan hayworth of new york. the only female physician in congress. interesting to have her take for continuing coverage of health care debate. keep it here on and cnn, too. >> there's an economic storm brewing. it's coming upon us. we could go either way. every day we get economic reports that say things are better or worse. there are a couple things congress can do to fix this. there's across the board budget cuts that have to be dealt with. a budget we have to deal with. there's the tax cuts that are coming at the end of the year. there's a debt ceiling problem. >> you think any of this is going to happen before november? >> we're talking about this? >> four months to election.
5:37 am
you can't possibly do something that would tick off constituents. >> there is something wrong with the economy. congress can help avoid this recession from becoming a reality. it's all over europe. it's slowing down asia. make your own choices. we'll talk about it later, i guess. >> might be a bigger issue that we're constantly in a state of campaign in this country. for this young man we're going to talk about, there's one bigger issue than the failing economy. a florida teenager who lost an arm, but he did not lose his life in a vicious alligator attack. 17-year-old kaleb langdale was swimming with his friends on monday on a river in morehaven, florida, when he suddenly came face to snout with a ten-foot gator. >> well, he started pulling me down. i knew it's either it sha-- i'v to lose this arm or i'm going to die. >> quick thinking there. i'm going to lose this arm or i'm going to die. wildlife officials were able to track down the gator, kill it and retrieve kaleb's arm.
5:38 am
unfortunately it was too severely damaged to be saved and reattach. this is one that will shock you. this story so distressing. a woman who left her mentally disabled daughter on the side of the road and then just simply took off. this is a story coming to us from tennessee this morning. police say the mother simply didn't want to care for her 19-year-old special needs daughter anymore and left her outside of a bar, a bar, and then went home to illinois. police say they didn't know her age. they didn't know her address. they didn't know her phone number. she didn't even know her own name. our affiliate wvlt spoke with the mother who says it was all just a big misunderstanding and that she really had the best intentions. >> when i didn't get the help i needed from illinois, somebody at the church said why don't you go down to tennessee. they have a good health care system. then her id card got lost. and then she became a jane doe. it wasn't supposed to happen
5:39 am
that way. >> yeah. it's not usually supposed to happen outside of a bar, either. police say as terrible as this story is, there is really just very little that they can do. the woman is not going to be charged with this. the reporter who interviewed the mother, john treanor of wvlt, will be here live at 8:30 this morning on "starting point" to tell us more about this story. 19 years old. it's a bit hard to make the case of child endangerment. certainly you can't. neglect, again, not a child. this is an adult. but a special needs adult. >> i did not know the same sort of protections don't extend to special needs adults. >> depends on the state. defends pen depends on the level of care. a tricky situation legally. hillary clinton's travel schedule may be catching up to her. the secretary of state has visited france, afghanistan, mongolia and vietnam in the last five days. during the speech to the american chamber of commerce in hanoi yesterday the secretary was forced to cut things short because she had a coughing fit.
5:40 am
>> so we've come a long way in a short period of time. [ coughing ] and that is -- excuse me -- what economic state -- is all about. so we want to hear from all of you about what more we can do together. and at the risk of coughing any longer, i just want to say thank you and let's get to work. [ coughing ] >> that happens to me, too. you get on planes a lot. dry. >> nothing worse than you're right in front of a bunch of people. on television. cameras rolling. >> she doesn't have a co-anchor. >> there's that. >> the state department says she's just fine. she heads to laos, cambodia, egypt and israel all in the next week. things aren't slowing down for her all that much in the next few days. >> i hope there's a cot onboard that flight she's on. all right. first the cdc released the
5:41 am
zombie apocalypse survival guide. now health officials are making sure that bridezillas don't kill you. i'm not kidding. the center for disease control and prevention has put up a tongue in cheek blog this week with a wedding season survival guide. joking that planning for a wedding isn't that much different than planning for disaster. the center's tips include keeping a kit stocked with safety pins and sedatives and being supportive of stressed out brides. it also says keep an eye on the sky. because, quote, just like you know the risks of putting feuding family members in one room, you should also know to check the weather report. >> this one got by me. you know what's funnier than this? all this video we were just running. did you see that? everyone's faces were blurred out. is our only video of weddings about weddings of felons? >> you think we're going to run a bridezilla story and show --
5:42 am
>> oh, that's it. >> do you think your wife would appreciate that? >> i thought they were all felons. one of team usa's biggest soccer stars tests positive for a banned substance. coming up, hope solo's explanations and what officials plan to do about it. you're watching "early start," 44 minutes after the hour right here on cnn. [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ♪ this olympian's mom has been doing it for years. she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. let the spills begin.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
there's some breaking news for you out of ohio. hazmat crews are on the scene of this derailment and fire not far from columbus, ohio. in fact, it happened just before 2:00 in the morning eastern time. several tankers in a train with about 100 cars, about four to five of them derailed. but they were carrying chemicals. at this point they think it might be sulfur. but the explosion was loud. and it was high. these are live pictures. you can see the camera scanning around just to see what is in the vicinity. the good thing you're not seeing is any other flames. clearly these flames haven't been able to hopscotch and jump anywhere in these hot, dry conditions in the midwest after the heat wave. but this is a dangerous situation. there's been a very large radius that's been cordoned off while hazmat crews and air support try to get a handle on how bad this is. this has been burning pretty significantly for a couple of hours. it is thought sulfur.
5:46 am
there are the issues of other cars and tankers in that very large train and what's inside those other tankers in that train. we'll continue to watch this for you. hazmat crews on the scene at this point. we'll bring you developments. a plea deal has been reached in the case of a massachusetts man bho who allegedly plotted to fly remote control model airplanes packed with explosives into the u.s. capitol and the pentagon. attorneys for the man say he'll plead guilty to two charges of attempting to provide material support to terrorists and attempts to damage and destroy federal buildings by means of an explosive. how much of a threat did he really pose? >> intent is always something that's tough to determine. but he had actually launched his violent jihad against the u.s. back in early 2010. in terms of the actual threat, law enforcement officials say they kept in pretty close contact with him. they had a clue as to who this guy was and what he was planning pretty early on. therefore they weren't too concerned about the threat.
5:47 am
it's pretty interesting when you look at the creativity and the ways he was looking to attack. using a remote controlled model aircraft loaded with c-4 is pretty ingenious, if you think about it. he was already assembling the materials he needed to launch this attack, ali. they said no real threat, though, simply because they had him under their thumb for quite a while. >> we're always looking at these things to see if these guys are loan wolves or affiliated with other terrorist organizations that have some resources to have pulled off an attack of this sort. what do we think about him? >> law enforcement officials on this guy say that they think he was one of these lone wolves. these are in a way almost more dangerous. because it's tougher for law enforcement to follow communication trails and things. it's easier, really, with al qaeda when they communicate with each other and there's money going back and forth and they have a trail to follow, if you will. but with these lone wohllvewolv they're getting radicalized on the internet. taking matters into their own
5:48 am
hands. those are the people that are tougher to find. once they do find them they tend to like to see where they take things and if they do bring others into it. they tend to let them take the time they need to assemble things as long as they're keeping in close contact and law enforcement doesn't believe there's a real threat. they'll usually let that go for a while. >> thanks, suzanne kelly in washington for us. 49 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast which is a perfect time to get you caught up on the top stories of the day. christine romans has been following them all morning. joins us live. >> house republicans planning a mostly symbolic vote this afternoon to repeal the president's health care reforms. the measure has virtually no chance of getting through the senate or past the president. the white house is criticizing republican leaders for wasting time, they say, by refighting old political battles. a public warning, but no suspension for u.s. olympic soccer star hope solo after she tested positive for a banned substance. the 30-year-old goalkeeper says she had no idea a prescription drug she took for a premenstrual
5:49 am
condition contained a diuretic on the prohibited list. solo says she made an honest mistake. she looks forward to representing the u.s. later this month at the london games. millions of directv customers are waking up this morning saying i want my mtv. directv and viacom were unable to settle a dispute by the midnight deadline. more than two dozen viacom channels are now blacked out. the two companies have been at odds for months over carriage fees. katie holmes' leap of faith. she's rejoined the kath ricatho church on the heels of her divorce. she's registered as a parishioner at the church of st. francis xavier in new york city. >> i cannot believe how fast these developments happen in this story. >> seriously. i've not even digested the fact they're divorcing. this hope solo thing, christine. this is reason i'm here today and not an olympic athlete.
5:50 am
i'm always confused about what medication to take. cnn doesn't do -- >> drug testing? >> drug testing. i'm sure they do. what i mean is -- >> oh, lord. >> what i mean is performance enhancing drug testing. >> i thought you were going to talk about the drugs we take for pms. >> as i say in the morning, it's a good thing this is a taped show. >> cut that part out in edit, please. >> one thing ali and i were talking about, we sometimes talk while you're doing your stories, it's always a surprise when an olympian has to say i didn't know what was in the drug i took for the sinus condition. it's a couple of weeks from the olympics. >> check everything. >> you're putting something in your mouth. and you're a professional athlete who knows, you know, this can happen. it just surprises me, i have to say. not you? >> it does. i think they have a lot of doctors around them, team doctors, and that's their job. >> you're right. absolutely right. >> i'm staying out of professional sports. >> there you go. >> that's my solution. >> that's the only reason. the medications.
5:51 am
does it pay to brag online? it turns out especially when the stuff you're bragging about is against the law. we're going to show you exactly what we mean about that coming up. >> good tease. i want to know what that story is. >> i bet you do. moisturizing the natural oatmeal formula improves skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] only from aveeno. did you know honey nut cheerios is america's favorite cereal? oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereal is... honey nut cheerios ok then off to iceland! [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out! [ dealer ] he can bunt! whatever. but we're good with 0% apr for 60 months? oh, yeah, totally. thank you so much. that must've been brutal. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen
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5:53 am
it's now 55 minutes past the hour which means it's time to take a look at what's trending on the interwebs. which i know you love. >> i do love the interwebs. i do. >> this is a weird one. we may have actually just found the next michael vick. i'm not kidding.
5:54 am
the social news size read it is exposing this viral video online. it's all about a detroit rapper by the name of young calico bragging about his roles in cock fighting and dog fighting operations. he's shown olding an alligator in one of the clips online. cameras go through his house mtv cribs style showing lots of these kinds of kennels in the backyard. detroit police have now gotten ahold of the video and say they are looking into these issues to see if there's something that may be criminal afoot. this is not the sort of thing that you should be doing, nor should you be shooting it and putting it online. >> right. how far will people go for free crackers? >> end of the earth for me. >> apparently they'll humiliate themselves. people at fantastic delites wanted to find out. they built a machine, put it on
5:55 am
the streets. hi hilarity ensued. the magic cracker machine asked people to bow down to the almighty one, hop on one leg, dance like no one's watching for their fantastic free fix of fantastic delites. >> that's pretty cute. >> free crackers, please? >> like no one's watching. >> dancing like no one's watching for free crackers. >> you know what it is? it's the code zero. >> a lot f it this morning. we're working hard at collecting up a lot of news for you. break z news as well. also there's this really strange story that came across our wis today. the wife of one of the richest men in the world has been found dead. and there's an arrest in connection with the case. but you will not believe who's been arrested. we're going to tell you in a moment. we're following breaking news. a train derailment and fire in columbus, ohio. still burning. it's been burning for hours. we'll give you the latesten that coming up on "early start." 57 minutes after the hour. i see. you know, i have done something worthwhile.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
breaking news, fire raging right now after a freight train crashes in columbus, ohio, carrying chemicals. revealing health care, the house votes in a matter of
5:59 am
hours, won't make much of a difference. the wife of one of the richest men in the world found dead. who's been arrested in connection with it. good morning, i'm ashleigh banfield, nice to have you with us. >> it is 6:00 a.m. in the east. >> we begin with this breaking news, take a look at your screen, hazmat crews are on the scene at this spectacular fire in ohio that's been burning after a train that was carrying several tanker cars derailed before 2:00 in the morning at the north end of columbus. that explosion was big and loud as well. it could be seen and heard for miles. kareen that nova just filed this report from the helicopter above this fire. take a look. >> reporter: we are over the
6:00 am
scene now in chopper 10. let me tell you exactly where this is happening. this is near our ohio state fairgrounds and a few miles from the ohio state university. this is a populated area with businesses here. this happened just after 2:00 a.m. this morning. we are told this train was -- had about 97 train cars, 11 of them are derailed here in this mess. let me get you a closer look here. you can see there are several tanks burning right now, flames shooting 100 to 150 feet in the air. those tanks we're told are carried denatured alcohol and styrene. you can tell it's a fairly big scene. they have evacuated people here within a one mile radius. no one is able to get through. fire crews can't even get close
6:01 am
to this because it's still so dangerous. you can see the surrounding woods are on fire as well. it's a very large fire that they are going to have to put out here soon. we continue to monitor the situation. we don't know why this happened. we still have not confirmed that information. we do know it is involving norfolk southern railroad. we'll keep you posted and get back to you as soon as we find out more information. >> karina nova reporting to us. that fire was close to the ohio state fairgrounds and not far from ohio state university and 11 cars reported to be derailed. we thought earlier it was 4 to five cars, denatured alcohol and styrene. it's hazardous, ingestion, skin
6:02 am
contact, eye contact and expected to be toxic to your kidney and respiratory system. >> they originally thought it was sulphur. she also reported something interesting, we were expecting this could be a potential for danger, that some of the surrounding woods had caught on fire as well. we've had these extraordinarily hot temperatures, the heat wave through the midwest. >> so it's dry. >> dry and dangerous. we'll keep an eye on that. that was a great report from our affiliate reporter there. we do appreciate that. let me move on to this. we have other big news today and it comes from capitol hill, your elected officials about to earmark a real exercise in futility, in other words, politics as usual. republican-controlled congress expecteded to hold a vote to repeal the health care overhaul.
6:03 am
this is really symbolic. this can't pass anywhere, other than the house because they don't have enough votes in the democratic senate for it to get through. this is election year and so a lot of these messages for both of these parties are very important. have a listen. >> it's time for washington to see its job as encouraging small business, not crushing it. and so i look at obamacare, for instance, i'd get rid of it, turn back to a setting where the states can care for their own people in a way they think best. >> athena jones is live from washington, d.c. we say it's an exercise in futility, technically yes. if you talk to republicans, they say it's critically important to echo that they do not agree with this policy, with this law. if all they can do is shout it from rooftop, they are going to shout it from the rooftop. >> yes, they are going to shout it from the rooftops, they've been fighting about this for several years now. and within hours of the supreme
6:04 am
court making its ruling upholding the law, you already had house republicans scheduling this vote for this day. democrats of course say the highest court in the land has spoken, it's time to move on. republicans say not so fast. let's listen to what they debated yesterday on the floor. >> the majority of americans still do not like this bill. so i don't think that we just give up on the american people. i think we continue to fight for them. >> let's put an end to this pointless political theater. the supreme court has spoken and has spoken loudly. it is time to focus on insuring that the law is implemented effectively and efficiently. >> so there you have it. as you mentioned this is likely to pass the house but won't go anywhere after that. this is very important that they do this and they are still working to get this law, which still doesn't poll that well as taken as a whole to get that to
6:05 am
be repealed and to force democrats to keep defending it. >> when you say defending, funny enough, a lot of democrats are saying they need to go into this policy hearing today on the offense, truly that this isn't going to be a defensive act, they are going to work hard to be very forceful about this message. >> well, certainly that as well. democrats on the hill and the folks in the white house are doing what they can to try to show that there's support for this. and the support for it will grow the more people learn about some of the provisions. and admittedly some of those provisions are popular and even republicans will admit that. taken as a whole, it's not doing so well so they have to keep staying on the offense as well as the defense as they go forward over the next several months as we head to november. >> with the affordable care act numbers in the thousands of pages, the numbers are where it really matters and it's heavy reading for the summer on the
6:06 am
beach. in our next half hour, we'll discuss the health care vote with nan hayworth of new york, the only female physician in congress. our continuing coverage of the health care debate, keep it here on cnn and monitor throughout the day. >> a lot of that opposition is from liberals who didn't think it didn't go far enough. some thing there should be no bill and others think it should be stronger. >> it's important to point that out. if republicans are pointing out they have more support from conservatives who don't like the bill, that's not true. people don't like the bill because they think it should have had a further mandate, that type of thing. >> we were telling you about this earlier, the son of one of the world's richest men arrested after the richest man's wife was found dead in their london home. hans christian rausing was
6:07 am
picked up by police on suspicion of drug possession, being held in connection with his wife's death. new this morning, the family is now speaking out -- christine is joining us on the story. whose wife? >> this is the wife of that man, that man is being held, that is his wife. his grandfather founded the tet tra pack fortune, revolutionized out we ship things and store things. this is the son of one of the world aets wealthiest man. the son's name is hans christian rausing. he was arrested monday on drug charges. when police searched the home they found the body of his 48-year-old wife eva. she is mother of four and american. an autopsy failed to determine her cause of death. this is really a huge mystery surrounding one of the richest families in the world. certainly one of the richest
6:08 am
families in britain. eva's family from hilton head, south carolina has released this statement. she was a devoted wife and mother of four much loved and wonderful children. she made a huge philanthropic impact, not only financially but using her own personal experiences. she bravely fought her health issues for many years. we know the forbes reported that the couple was picked up on suspicion of cocaine and heroin possession, nothing came of that criminally but it's a couple who has been in the headlines because of those such matters. now after a drug arrest, police search their london home and found his wife dead. >> when a weird story. >> it is. i have to tell you, this is one of those families, it's like the walmart empire where the grandfather had a brilliant idea, changed the world and there's a lot of money that has flowed from that, a lot of money -- literally changed the
6:09 am
world. the cartons of milk that almost every carton you can think of and all kinds of products, eased shipping, an awful lot of money tied to this. money doesn't always buy stability and happiness. >> take the last statement as critical, the health issues she suffered. >> he's being held now. he was originally being held on drug charges now being held in connection with her death as they try to figure out exactly what happened. >> that's his wife and he had happens to be the son of the billionaire. >> yes. >> just to get the chain correct. >> he stands to inher it a lot, a boatload of money. >> we have this strange mystery developing mystery this morning, a sickening odor, a flight crew forced to take an emergency landing because of the odor on board a u.s. airways flight from charlotte to rome. it was diverted to philadelphia last night. the flight attendant told the captain we were starting to feel sick and smelled something very
6:10 am
odd, sort of strange in the cabin. an airline spokesperson said five crew members were hospitalized because of this. they were eventually released. the passengers were evacuated. they were put on another flight. no passengers fell ill. it's sort of an odd story where you have five crew members who fell ill and passengers all okay. but these crew members hospitalized and there's still no word on what's behind the odor and what actually happened on board that flight. very strange. >> also, let's get you live pictures out of columbus, ohio, where we've been following this breaking news of a train derail. that the fire is still burning and it's been burning now for about -- >> three hours. >> almost four hours. these are pictures of one of the 11 cars that derailed. and now we know what it is that's burning. and here's the story. it's not good. hazmat crews are there. these are chemicals and not the kind of chemicals you want burning in your neighborhood.
6:11 am
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6:13 am
if you're just waking up, we've been following breaking news. this fire near columbus, ohio has been burning now for four
6:14 am
years near the ohio state fair grounds and ohio state university. this was the result of a train derailment, 97 cars barreling through columbus, and all of a sudden 11 of them derailed. and filled with chemicals. this now has been ruled to be a chemical fire of denatured alcohol and styrene. hazmat crews had to call in air support as well. the flames don't seem to have abated much in the last hour and a half. at one point when the explosion went off it could be felt and seen for miles. our reporter in the vicinity from wbns reports that those flames were leaping 150 feet in the air. they were hop scotching into the neighboring woodlands and causing fires. don't forget, there's been a tremendous heat wave that's gone through the area. it is hot and dry. the air support called in and hazmat teams hopefully getting this under control.
6:15 am
they did put a perimeter of little over a mile -- do you remember? >> it was a mile originally that people were ordered to evacuate. now that they have a better sense of what it is, i don't know much about this, but styrene is not a fun chemical, so if they can't seem to get this further under control and as we heard from karina, might be catching onto the woods, you might see it expanded. >> as the daylight breaks in columbus, ohio, they'll see more of this and helicopters will get a better image as well. >> as you know, while it doesn't look like it's getting bigger, we are worried whether it gets into the woods. the more important issue is the smoke -- this keeps on burning and might be burning chemicals that aren't good for you. these derailments wheres had carrying a chemical that continues to burn. while it looks like it's burning off, that may be the bigger problem. >> this is the kind of story where you would like the winds to blow to dissipate the smoke
6:16 am
but at the same time winds blowing fire in a dry, hot area with woodlands ash around something you don't want. we have all of the developments coming out of our affiliate reporters there as well. a judge in mississippi is expected to rule on a challenge to a new law that could force the state's only abortion clinic to close. it requires doctors to be board certified ob-gyn. david mattingly is live in jackson shs, mississippi. what are you hearing? >> reporter: when you hear state legislators passing a law like this requiring that doctors who provide abortions to have ob ob-gyns and have operating privileges, they say they are doing it for patient safety. we looked to see if there was any problem with patient health and safety for women seeking
6:17 am
abortions in this state from the one abortion clinic that is still operating here in the state of mississippi. we talked to the owners of that clinic who have been in charge for the last two years. they tell ugs in the two-year time period they performed between four and 5,000 abortions and they say there has been zero patients they've had to transport from the clinic to the hospital. from there we went to the state health department, which is in charge of regulating this clinic. they inspected it up to five times a year. they tell us that they've been able to find only one patient who had minor complications after receiving an abortion at that clinic. that's one patient out of 4,000 to 5,000 who have gone through there. we're not seeing a big problem that the state might be responding to there. we did find there is a very clear political agenda behind this law. in fact, it was articulated by governor phil bryant when he
6:18 am
signed the bill into law earlier this year. he said that all along his goal has been an abortion free mississippi. and he believed that this law going into effect was the first step towards that goal. ali. >> we'll follow the story closely. david mattingly for us there. why are farmers in iowa upset over the loss in futures industry. christine is back with that story. some of these things strike us as high finance, they actually hit the price of your food.
6:19 am
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u.s. stock futures are continuing to trade higher despite the fact european markets are down. a lot of concern about slowing global growth and that's the thing weighing down corporate earnings. we're in earnings season right now. >> christine romans is here to talk about this. but also the mysterious death of someone in financial business. >> it was actually a suicide attempt by a founder kind of like preeminent guy in the futures industry. there he is, told he's in a coma, he runs pfg best. and $200 million brokerage scam in iowa and chicago that is freaking out farmers and people in the futures industry who can't withdraw their money and can't make any trades and have to wait what happens. that big mf global drama, they were looking into the brokerage
6:23 am
firms and uncovered problems here. >> let's remind our viewers, we're thinking what does this have to do with me? this is highly specific. these are farmers, regular farmers in many cases who are just hedging their own bets. there's a drought in the midwest. they hedge against the fact the crops may not work. >> and work with a brokerage firm and do currency trading. this is a drama we have been following here and it comes on the heels of the global thing and following the money on the romney taxes. this is the big talking point about romney's blind trust and tax returns, why doesn't he release more of them. it's really providing -- his wealth is providing a gold mine to democrats who want to hammer him on transparency of his money. we've seen an estimate for his 2011 tax returns, but it's interesting, they have dug up this 1994 debate between ted kennedy and mitt romney where mitt romney is criticizing ted kennedy about his blind trust.
6:24 am
listen. >> the blind trust is an age old ruse, if you will, this is to say, you can always tell the blind trust what it can and cannot do. you give a blind trust rules. >> pretty interesting. i want you to listen to what joe biden said yesterday. he is hammering -- the sound bite machine -- hammering on the issue of romney's money and tax returns, why can't we see more about his accounts and tax returns and where he's doing business around the world? >> he wants you to show your papers but he won't show us his. >> and he said even mitt romney's father showed more tax returns than this. but jason chaffetz said this is almost class envy, taking the focus off the fact that the president is not creating jobs. >> most people, they don't care
6:25 am
about this. governor romney has been very successful. get over it. >> governor romney has been very successful get over it. the democrats are not getting over it. people who want to see more of his tax returns are not getting over it. >> it does but you have to admit that really does give a lot of people the impression that apparently the american dream is something that you can get beat up over and if you do well and he is a self-made man -- >> there's no question that he is fabulously wealthy and the tax code favors people who are fabulously wealthy. >> tax code, main issue. >> i think the republicans' argument, having offshore accounts, somehow amounts him to being less than -- >> if nobody has done anything wrong, what's there to hide? i don't need to know yours or yours. >> i think it should because
6:26 am
it's becoming an issue. i don't care about where his money is i care about what he wants to do about jobs and the budget. >> thanks, christine. we continue to following this breaking news out of ohio. at fire has been burning for four hours, these are live pictures as the sun comes up outside of columbus, ohio, we think there's denatured alcohol and styrene burning. a lot of smoke. that stuff is not safe. >> look at the path of that smoke. the chopper shot just showed that that path of smoke is going right over what looks like a freeway, which would be a heavily compuhe heavily commuted freeway at 6:30 in the morning.
6:27 am
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join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet the house is considering a bill to close thousands of offices, slash service and layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. house bill 2309 is not the answer.
6:29 am
if you're just waking up, we have breaking news, take a look at an intern no in a columbus,
6:30 am
ohio neighborhood. house republicans set to vote on a repeal of president obama's health care law knowing it doesn't show the chance of going anywhere. the world health organization knows what killed more than 60 children in cambodia. >> i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm ali velshi. this morning we've got brand-new battle over obamacare, the house is voting whether to repeal the health care law that sparked a fierce war of words yesterday between republicans and democrats. >> this is your new health care system. more than 150 new government agencies and programs. >> here we are debating for the 31st time to repeal health care reform, but begin, repeal would be a tragedy for america.
6:31 am
>> you can contort and distort and torture statistics long enough and eventually they'll confess. that's what happened here. in reality -- i have no doubt that this will be a budget buster. >> this is baloney, the arguments are baloney, so baloney, baloney, baloney. >> joining me now is republican congresswoman nanf hayworth. republicans like to point that out and rightly so, you have sequestration and debt ceiling and tax reform and all sorts of things that are important to deal with but you're spending time on a law that is passed by a majority of in congress and upheld by the supreme court. i have to tell you, a lot of people think you're wasting their time. >> ali, i was just on the ground in the hudson valley in new york
6:32 am
where i am privileged to serve. and people everywhere i went one of the most frequent comments i heard is you are going to get rid of that law, right? >> you hit a soft spot. you know i like the hudson valley, but we have polls to go across the country, where a majority of people do not support the health care bill because a whole bunch of them actually think it doesn't go far enough. you can't tell me it matters what people in the hudson valley say in the absence of what americans say. you don't have it on your side. >> ali, we have seen different ways of asking the question and different ways of running the numbers and a pluralty to a majority of americans clearly reject this law. certainly the comments i hear -- i've heard positives too, no question. but most of what i've heard are negatives because of the impact
6:33 am
it's had thus far for most of them, especially small businesses and individuals trying to buy insurance in the state of new york where it's very expensive to begin with, their insurance premiums have skyrocketed. they are not hiring because they are -- i talk with men and women in business, they are not hiring because they are very concerned about the fiscal cliff that's coming -- >> you and i are on the same point. i don't believe they are not hiring because of fiscal cliff. i believe if you have more customers and you're able to serve and produce goods for, you have to hire and buy machinery. >> and it contributes. >> the fiscal cliff is the expiration of the tax cuts and take 10% across the board, like trimming a steak for fat but not taking the fat off, taking 10% of the steak off. that's not health care. it's not part of fiscal cliff. >> whatever the federal government takes does not go into the active economy. the more the federal government takes in penalties and taxes and
6:34 am
more it costs us in regulation. we know that this law is going to run. the 2010 health care law will run into thousands and thousands of pieces of regulation, not all of which have been promulgated. it's a net 2 trillion plus dead weight cost on the american economy. i said it yesterday, it's economic malpractice. >> i know you said that, that was good, i liked that. the cost, it's a $210 billion reduction of the deficit over ten years. are you disputing that number? >> i am disputing that particular number because the last numbers that i heard from cbo -- as you know, cbo will work with whatever figures they are given when they are assessing a law as we all know. but the latest figures from cbo indicated that they were predicting, they were projecting that the law was going to cost roughly twice what they had said
6:35 am
it would. somewhere around $1.76 trillion. the initial estimates had been somewhere around $900 billion. it is a very costly law. and the point is this, ali, not that the goals are bad, they are great goals, i endorse the goals as a physician and republican. but the problem is, there are better and more cost effective and consumer responsive ways to do it. this is a terrible way -- >> that's not what you're putting forward. that's not going to happen on the floor today. you're not going to have republicans saying, let's pass this law. you're going to vote down a law that's been passedpy a majority of the members of the house of representatives and upheld by the supreme court of the united states. is that what we elect congress people to do? it seems like a waste of time. >> number one, that law was passed on a party line vote -- >> everything is passed on a party line vote. that's the problem with politics today. there's still more democrats in the house than republicans. i mean, you guys pass things on
6:36 am
party line votes -- >> occasionally we do, ali, but we endeavor -- bring in our democratic colleagues far more, rightly so, than was the case in the previous two congresses. when the supreme court, when chief justice roberts wrote the opinion that upheld the law, he also commented subsequently that it was not -- and i agree with him -- it is not his job to overturn laws because they are unwise. it is his job to overturn laws if they are unconstitutional. so there is no supreme court endorsement of the law. all they are saying is it's constitutional. >> you're right. it's not their job to endorse. just if it's legal or not. always a pleasure to talk with you. let's continue the conversation in the hudson valley because we both enjoy spending time there. >> come up and visit. >> i'll do that with pleasure. >> we're coming for lunch. >> okay. >> i can take you to the best
6:37 am
places. >> good to see you, as always. >> great interview, ali. if you're just waking up, we've been watching this for the last four hours or so, a fire in columbus ohio. it may be that the fire is shrinking in size but the fire may not be the problem, it's the smoke. the sun has come up. we have live pictures from our affiliate wbns. 97 cars barreling through this community at 2:00 this morning eastern time and 11 of them, 11 of them derailing, many of them tankers and carrying hazardous material. particularly denatured alcohol and styrene. nothing that you want to see burning uncontrolled in your neighborhood and speaking of the neighborhood, this is the area where the ohio state fairgrounds are located. also ohio state university is located and look to the top left of your screen, you can see woodlands apparently the fire
6:38 am
hopscotching and causing a few fires in the woods and surrou surrounding areas. man, was that an explosion, 150 feet in the air. >> still burning but that smoke -- until we know what it is and now dangerous it is, you have no choice except to get out of the way of the smoke. find out later whether it was harmful or not. something has been killing dozens of children in cambodia. it is a medical mystery until now. sanjay gupta is there. 40 minutes after the hour. there he is, we'll be right back on "early start." one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future
6:39 am
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6:41 am
cnn has learned that the world health organization plans to announce they know what killed more than 60 kids in cambodia and it's a combination of things. patho gens including the enterovirus 71. and also the inappropriate use of steroids. apparently that worsened the illness in many of these victims and sped up their death. cnn chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta traveled upon hearing about the story to cambodia. he's live in phnom penh.
6:42 am
know we know what caused this and there is more to it, outline that if you would and then go further. what does that mean in terms of preventing this and curing this? >> reporter: in context, first of all, they have samples as many children as they could get but it wasn't all of them. they are trying to extrapolate if you will. they found as you mentioned the enterovirus 71 in a majority of patients but there were a few with other organisms, danghi and strept coke us stew us, and these could be problematic pathogens, these seem so aggressive and killing these children so quickly and causing some destruction of the lungs and exactly what you said. they were figuring out, why are things behaving differently here? they landed on this idea that most of the children who died also had received steroids.
6:43 am
steroids can be a great medication and good anti-inflammatory. the problem is they can also suppress one's own immune system and they can't fight it on their own and it let's that infection run wild. that seems to be the problem and that's exactly right, the world health organization is going to mention that and tell folks to refrain from using steroids to try to slow this down. >> sanjay, if they do get the word out and doctors stop using steroids when they see these conditions, does that guarantee that these little kids, some of them dying as young as three months old actually have a fighting chance? >> reporter: i think it helps a lot. you know, but certainly you keep in mind here, ashleigh, this part of the world, there's been 11 cases of danghi fever and a lot of children have died from
6:44 am
that. with regard to the pathogens that we're discussing, they often times don't kill, they can cause hand, foot and mouth disease as you know. that's something that can be easily treated. the strep toe coke can you sus antibiotic. steroids don't typically cause death. i think you reduce the likelihood of death. may not reduce the likelihood of infections, but the aggressive awful deaths can be stopped if not -- slowed down if not completely stopped. >> it's really frightening for anybody traveling, not only to cambodia but the neighboring areas like thailand and burma. if anybody is going to that area, do travelers have to worry about this? >> it didn't seem to be that contagious. it was always something that the doctors here were trying to figure out because you would expect these infections to be
6:45 am
contagious. what i think they think is happening is that people are getting these infections but mild cases, so mild they may not even know they have it or certainly not seek treatment for it. so the advice is the same probably after all of this, the same advice applies, this is transmitted by hand to mouth sort of route. washing your hands as frequently as possible is still probably your best bet in terms of staving off this infection. steroids, if you have an infection like this, is not the answer. so it's obviously ask questions if you're being prescribed medications. >> it's great information and thank god they've come up with some answer to this mystery. sanjay gupta, excellent work and it's nice to see you. we look forward to you coming home safely. >> soledad o'brien joins us with a look at what's coming up on "starting point." >> we're talking about the
6:46 am
republicans voting to repeal the health care law. democrats say the focus should be on the economy, little battle over that. we'll talk to chris van hollen from the state of maryland and jeb hen sar ling and jim demint will be joining us. also, you can be sure that the raging cajun himself will have something to say, james carville, it's the middle class stupid. we'll have him explain that. danny glover will join us all morning. >> danny glover on the panel? >> yes. >> talking about his new project, an amazing documentary. he'll be with us for the whole two hours. >> a jam packed couple of hours. >> 12 minutes or so. >> thanks, soledad. nice to see you back. all eyes on mitt romney as soledad was talking about, but for other reasons too, he's
6:47 am
going to speak at the naacp's annual convention. what can he say to try to court the african-american vote? we'll get into that with roland martin coming right up. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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6:50 am
we're following breaking news arks train derailment and fire has been burning for four hours near ohio state university. these are live pictures from our affiliate wbns from their chopper. police say some of the tankers were hauling chemicals, we think there might be denatured alcohol, not the worse thing in the world but styrene, which is dangerous. anyone living, a mile of the zept has been ordered to evacuate. but that smoke is burning and hazmat crews are on the scene. there were 97 cars and 11 of which derailed and that's been burning for a while. it is now 52 minutes past 6:00 on the east coast as we continue to watch that breaking news we're watching this as well. mitt romney is expected to make his biggest push yet to court the african-american vote because he's going to be speaking at the naacp's 103rd annual convention going on in houston, texas. this event has become something
6:51 am
of a rite of passage for presidential candidates. here's the strange part. guess who's not going to be there? president obama. instead he's going to be sending joe biden, his vice president. biden will speak in his place and that will happen tomorrow. today mitt romney, tomorrow mr. biden. cnn contributor roland martin will cover this event all weekend. a couple blocks from the convention in houston. the first thing i thought, well, probably because the president thinks he's got the african-american vote sewn up so that would be sort of doubling efforts where they are not needed. but is that such a wise choice to make? >> i would never say one has any vote locked up because turnout is going to be a key especially when you look at some of the critical states. in 2008, then senator obama only won north carolina by 14,000 votes. that is still a state in play. you look at ohio and pennsylvania and florida, those votes are going to be critical.
6:52 am
so i certainly believe he should have spoken to the naacp. the obama campaign says they have a very aggressive outreach effort to reach african-americans. >> at last count he had 95% of the vote sewn up among african-americans, at least in north carolina. we pulled the 2008 numbers, 23% of north carolina vote was african-american. and he had 95% of that vote. and he beat mccain by just 14,000 votes there, .3%. that was a bit of a squeaker, even with the solid african-american base. here's the deal. this ain't 2008 anymore and we got 14.4% unemployment among african-americans when among white folk and folk overall it's only 8.2%. that has to resonate among african-americans and black americans. >> president obama still enjoys significant support in the black community. in terms of extremely high numbers. when you look at what mitt
6:53 am
romney is trying to do, back to 1998 when newt gingrich was speaker of the house, the gop was perceived to be extremely combative when it came to minority groups and paid for it with white suburban women. in 2000 when then governor george w bush offered up conservatism, that was perceived as being amenable to minority groups if you will. one of the things mitt romney will talk about today is going to be the issue the economy. he'll talk about the fact that 53% of black wealth has been wiped out because of the home crisis. the real number in some places is somewhere 28, 30% among black youth, when you talk about the importance of small businesses, black women, one of the fastest growing groups when it comes to small businesses in in country, the problem now of course is
6:54 am
they likely started the businesses with home equity loans. so those are going to be some of the issues romney will focus on. >> it will be interesting to see if governor romney decides to touch on voting rights act and text challenge being you're in texas. >> he has to say something about it. >> make the last statement quick. >> i think he's going to have to touch on that. >> huge touch for african-american -- issue for african-americans. >> sometimes you realize too late the best advice would be advice you didn't follow. >> roland can rock everything. we'll be right back. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance,
6:55 am
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starting point is less than a minute away. >> we wraps it up as always, with the best advice, which i always get from christine. >> we get this from jack abramoff. make sure you abide by them and make sure you don't do anything you don't want to see on cnn that evening. i didn't always follow the advice. >> no, he didn't and found himself in the slammer. >> you know what i like -- >> for corruption. >> that's serious contrition, there's one thing i've seen from interviews and his book, it's been that he seems to me to have shown a lot of contrition since his crime. >> there you go. >> nice to know. >> that is "early start," the news from a to z but today a to a. >> "starting point" with soledad o'brien starts right now. >> have a good one. welcome, everybody, our
6:58 am
"starting point" this morning, breaking news, fire is raging after a freight train crashes and derails in columbus, ohio. we'll show you the latest pictures and tell you what's happening there. is the 33rd time the charm? congress is set to vote on the health care law. but is it leading to a dead end? the fight to save the only abortion clinic left in the state of mississippi. a court decision coming up that could test the limits of roe v wade. no snooki or jon stewart for the adults, a battle is blocking out many of your favorite channels this morning. we're talking to chris van hollen from maryland and jeb hensarling and jim demint and james carville and co-author stan greenburg, their book "it's the middle class stupid."
6:59 am
"starting point" begins right now. ♪ >> you know what, we have never had richie havens starting off this morning. this is danny glover's playlist, thanks for being with us. >> he is an oscar nominated actor and producer of a new documentary shenandoah. >> i spent time there doing a documentary as well. ryan lizza, the washington correspondent from the new yorker and will cain from the i missed you terribly. >> it's been 12 hours since we've seen each other. >> i get to meet one of my favorite


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