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tv   Your Bottom Line  CNN  July 21, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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officials have also set up a grief counseling for folks here for anyone who needs help, who just needs to talk about what happened in their community. we also have a new image to show you this morning. take a look at this with me. it comes from the adult sex website, adultfriendfinder. police believe that this is james holmes, the suspect in the shooting. but investigators haven't been able to confirm that yet. sources did say that holmes had died his hair red before the attack. police and federal investigators are gathered at james holmes' apartment right now. they've been there for a couple of days. inside, they have been able to see booby traps. this place is rigged. a sophisticated and potentially deadly setup. and so far they have just been able to get a peek inside, but our poppy harlow has been bringing us some new details this morning. she's been speaking with law enforcement. poppy, how sophisticated do they say this setup is? >> reporter: very sophisticateed, relatively speaking, for someone who is not believed to be an expert this at
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this. they told me, a law enforcement official just told me this morning, randi, this is a unique situation. not something that they typically see. that he showed some expertise in setting this up. this was certainly not, quote, crude. what they also told me that was very disturbing is that the explosive devices found in holmes' apartment are victim-initiated devices, ie, booby traps, that they would be set off by people going into the apartment, so likely first responders. they do not believe that these, basically, ieds, pbombs, are tid to any timers. that is good news for people in this area. but they also say a big concern would be an ensuing fire from any detonation. and here's why. those robots they sent in yesterday captured video of jars with black powder, what law enforcement officials believe to be liquid accelerant. that would just fuel the flame, if you will, of any detonated device. it would just make it worse.
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and that's a huge, huge concern. what they also told me is that they really haven't seen anything, typically, like this, in a situation like this before, and that is very unique and much more sophisticated than they would have expected, randi. >> and how many people are there and who are they? who has been brought in terms of the experts and the expertise they're looking for to help with this investigation? >> reporter: so i would say, just from what i've been seeing, you've maybe got 40 officials over there now, but they are expecting about 100 officials. and we're talking everyone, local aurora pd, fire department, chemists, interestingly, were flown in from d.c. obviously, you're dealing with chemicals here. weapons. they also have brought in atf, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. they flew in bomb techs from atf from out of state.
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they also brought in some eod officials, that means explosive ordinance and disposal officials. they do expect these officials at some point to get suited up in full bomb suits when they go in the apartment. so you've got a host of experts here. >> poppy harlow, that place is certainly the focus today. that is for sure. we want to check in now with mike brooks, because we're talking about the suspect and he has been identified, by the way, as james holmes. he's a 24-year-old doctoral student at the university of colorado. and he had allegedly bought as many as 6,000 rounds with the ability to shoot up to 50 a minute. yes, 50 a minute. so we've got our law enforcement from hln expert analyst with us, mike brooks. mike, when can we expect the charges to be laid out and what happens next in terms of this investigation? >> well, the focus today is going to be on that apartment and what's inside there. you know, specialized bomb techs
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from the fbi, the local law enforcement bomb techs will make entry, to go in there, to render safe that situation. and then there may be other charges coming from inside that apartment. there's also other potential evidence that could be inside that apartment, randi, that we're going to be taking a look at. and what charges? well, you know, we know that there are going to be local charges. possibly first-degree murder, if they can say for sure, you know, this was totally premeditated, which to me as a former investigators looks like it was. you could have those charges, but you could also have a number of federal charges. but we'll wait to see what's inside that apartment to say exactly what they're going to charge him with. but one of the other things, you talked about all the ammo that he bought and these weapons. where was he getting his money, randi? this is one of the questions that i have. because if you look at those glock handguns, those .40-caliber glocks, those aren't cheap. that's about $450 a piece.
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talk about the ar-15, the assault rifle he had, that rifle. those start anywhere from $1,000 to $1,300. then you have the remmington shotgun, those aren't that expensive. but to buy all that ammo and to buy all the ballistic gear, which apparently he bought online at the cost of $300. that adds up. where is that money coming from? we don't know. >> that's a good question, because we don't really know a lot about him. we don't know where he was working, if he had a job or much more about him. he's sort of a recluse. i guess we're learning more about him this morning and certainly in the days ahead. mike brooks, thank you very much for that. all morning, we have been learning the names of those killed in this shooting. just moments ago, we learned one of the victims was in the navy. he's identified as 27-year-old john larimer. our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, is joining us by telephone. what can you tell us about this latest victim? >> good morning, randi.
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this young man, john larimer, had only been in the navy less than a year, we are told. 27 years old. his specialty, he was attached to a cryptology unit. you know, this is the new era of warfare, cyberwar, information operations, crypttology. that's what he was doing, stationed in colorado. apparently, by all accounts, went to the movies that night with some of his buddies. very, very sad business. the navy this morning is preparing, with the permission of his family, to render full military honors to this young man. he may have served in the military for less than a year, but the navy considers him, obviously, one of their own. they can also tell us that this young man came from a military navy family, that both his father and his grandfather served. a navy arrived at his parent's home in chicago last night to give them the news.
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we are told there are assistance officers with the family, helping them get through this really tragic business. because what this is, is the same kind of procedure the u.s. military goes through when they lose someone in the combat zone, and then they move to assist the family. the procedures are no different when someone falls, the military really does move in and try to do everything it can to help the family. the navy expects to, randi, issue some more public information about this young man later today. but, of course, the family is asking for privacy. randi? >> barbara starr, thank you very much for that. we appreciate it. 23-year-old micayla medek was another one of the victims, we've learned. her family didn't find out for 19 hours after the shooting that she had died. earlier, cnn's gary tuchman talked with her aunt, jenny
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zakovich, on the telephone. >> we're just taking it minute by minute. we just wish we could be out there with my brother right now. we're trying to arrange -- sorry. we're trying to put some stuff together to get my family, micayla's 81-year-old grandma is here in the milwaukee area and we want to get us all together and maybe try to rent a van or something, and get out there to be with my brother. it's -- she was a great kid. she was just finding herself. she would never harm anybody. she didn't deserve to die this the way. >> and then she also had something to say to the family of the shooter. >> i feel for the family of the shooter. i can't imagine what they're going through at this time. just let them know, we don't blame them for his actions. and my heart goes out to the mom
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and dad of that family, too. >> of course, the family of the suspect, james holmes, is still trying to make sense of everything, and everything that's happened here. and they've asked for privacy while they cooperate with investigators. we don't know much about the mental health or emotional state of the accused colorado shooting suspect, but our clinical psychologist says there are signs to look for and he'll join us next for that conversation. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals
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welcome back. i'm randi kaye. it wasn't just police who were the first to respond to the massacre here in aurora, colorado. doctors were called in, in the middle of the night, to treat the dozens of injured who began showing up in hospitals in and around aurora. with us now, dr. gary guy upshah who was one of those called in on the night of this tragic shooting. thank you so much for joining us this morning, dr. upshaw. you were there as victims started pouring in to your hospital. can you give us a sense of what that was like in the early hours of friday morning? >> well, at first we had a private vehicle drive in a couple, and the wife drove her husband in, who had been hit by
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probably shotgun pellets or buckshot, and that was the first word that we had gotten, that a shooting occurred at a theater. so immediately, we started thinking that we were probably going to receive other patients, and soon thaereafter, we did. >> and at this stage, can you tell us how many people are injured and do you know how many of the patients at your hospital are still critical? >> yes. fortunately, at our hospital, the one patient who was listed in critical condition yesterday has now been improved to serious condition. we have two other patients in the hospital, and i believe their conditions are fare. and fortunately, we released two patients home yesterday, patients that i took care of in the emergency department, and unfortunately, we had one deceased patient in the hospital yesterday.
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>> well, when you think about the weapons that were used, dr. upshaw, we have an assault rifle, two glock handguns, a shotgun, what type of wounds do these weapons inflict? what did you see? >> well, fortunately it appeared the patients who were hit by these shotgun pellets were probably a good distance away from the shooter, because the pattern was that these pellets were fairly widely spaced. a lot of the pellets had just gone beneath the skin or into muscle. so the patients with were fortunate in that regard. one patient that i took care of did receive a wound from probably a high-velocity rifle, which shattered one of the bones in her lower leg. >> in your experience, i mean, this isn't the first time that you've dealt with such emergencies, how do patients
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cope? especially the children? you know, there is such an emotional trauma associated with something like this. i mean, do they understand what's going on? and how do you sort of talk them through it? >> no. and you know, it's such a horrible situation, even the adults initially don't seem to understand sometimes what's going on. it's so out of the realm of our ordinary experience, you know, most of us can't imagine going through such a horror. and so the children in particular need support. you know, we need to remember that they are people, talk to them, calm them down. they're more scared than anyone. we also want to enlist the aid of their parents and keep their parents close at hand if they are available to help console their child. because, obviously, they're going to be the best at reassuring their child. >> dr. guy upshaw, thank you very much, and thank you for all
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you've done to try to save so many of these victims. for many of the surviving victims and their families, this nightmare will continue over the coming months and for many, many years to come. mark kelly, the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords, a shooting survivor herself as you probably recall, spoke with anderson cooper about the massacre here in colorado. >> well, i think, you know, i think everybody handles it differently. you know, and i think there's those stages of grief. you know, for me, the first thing was disbelief and shock, and i very quickly got to anger. you know, even a year and a half later, you know, this is a process that takes a long time. i mean, for me, a year and a half later, you know, i think about this every single day. >> well, we may never really understand why people snap, but we'll always wonder if there were signing. we always ask those questions, when something horrible like this happens. joining me now is clinical psychologist, jeff gardere.
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jeff, good morning. are there signs of social isolation or behavioral problems that we can look at? i mean, neighbors told us that james holmes was a bityou? >> well, we see the patterns from all of these mass shootings. the fbi has put a profile together. and this individual, holmes, is starting to fit that profile, and there were warning signs that we do know of for this individual and for other individuals. as you talked about, the seclusion, the isolation, the rage, the anger. and what we see most often is this slow decompensation into mental instability. the problem here, randi, is that many young people who are having these issues, because they may not have hallucinations, therefore, they're not admitted into psychiatric hospitals, they're not a danger to others at the time, and the parents literally are pulling their hair out because they don't know how to get those kids to get the help that they need.
9:49 am
the kids don't want to get on the psychotropic medications because they have such side effects, and of course, they don't want other kids or other young people to know that they're having these mental health issues. >> yeah, and in this case, the colorado suspect's own mother said that she knew he did it. she wasn't at all surprised. i mean, but he hasn't been charged yet, and his own mother is basically convicting him. is that something that surprises you at all? i mean, are there usually family problems when you see something like this develop? >> it doesn't surprise me at all. when we go back and we do the psychological autopsies on these cases, we find out that the parents themselves have been tortured because they see that their kids are having these schezoid kind of issues, and by that, i'm talking about someone who may be delusional or getting to be delusional, and we're seeing that in this individual. the reason that he may have chosen this particular movie, identifying with one of the arch
9:50 am
villains, and the parents just don't know what to do, and it's their biggest nightmare that their kid might end up doing something so massively destructive, and that nightmare came to fruition for these parents. so, you have to feel for them, too. of course, we feel for the victims. >> let me ask you just very quickly, in the past we've seen well-thought-out plans for methodically shooting crowds. is there sort of a slow-burning anger or mental issue that you find eating away at suspects like james holmes? >> that's right. when we look at a suspect like holmes, what we're seeing is that there has been anger building up for years, part of it because of the delusional thinking, part of it because of a personality disorder. they see people as coming against them. they're very paranoid. they don't feel valued. they feel that people isolate them, but they really isolate themselves. so, that rage builds to the point of where they begin to plan this massive destruction,
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as we've seen in this particular case. >> jeff guardarderegardere, alw appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thank you. >> james holmes had been stock-piling a deadly arsenal of guns, which were all apparently legal for him to possess. the details from aurora, colorado, next. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity... to experience the ultimate expression of power -- control. ♪ during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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we're looking for answers in the colorado movie theater shooting this morning, and we
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want to know more about the suspect, james holmes. our casey wian has done some digging. >> behind me is the home where colorado shooting suspect james holmes lived with his family when he was in high school. this is a suburb of san diego called rancho penasquitos, very nice neighborhood where people say people move because the schools are so good. his mother remains inside the house, his father earlier today taken off by escort by san diego police escort on his way to colorado. in speaking with neighbors, including the next-door neighbor, a gentleman named tom mai, said when he knew him as a kid, he was shy with no friends. >> nice guy, no violence. i didn't hear any very noisy, very loud music from his family, you know, room at all, yeah. so, no loud friends. >> reporter: we spoke with another neighbor, a woman named
9:56 am
julie adams, whose son actually played on the same soccer team in high school with james holmes. here's what she had to say. >> the helicopters were circling the neighborhood, and so i pulled out the annual and i showed it to him. and i just showed it to him real quickly, and then he headed off to work, and that's when he came back to me and said, oh, my gosh, i played soccer with him. >> reporter: no one from the family is speaking at this point. neighbors and friends have been coming and going throughout the day, bringing food and cards, well wishes to the family here. also, there's been a very active law enforcement presence. san diego police officers have been coming and going, keeping the media away from the property. also, plain-clothed investigators spent a couple hours inside. they would not say where they are from. family releasing a statement, saying their hearts go out to all of those impacted by this shooting, saying they are cooperating with law enforcement, both here in the san diego area and in colorado. casey wian reporting from san diego.
9:57 am
>> and thank you, casey, for that. at the heart of friday's massacre is this, the suspect's gun arsenal, multiple handguns, shotguns, an assault rifle and more. earlier this morning, i asked attorney general paul calen how much of this stockpile was legal in the state of colorado for james holmes to possess. >> every weapon that he had appears to be totally legal, not only under colorado law, but under federal law. he had two glock semiautomatic pistols. he purchased them legally in local gun stores. he had an a-15 assault rifle, totally legal for sale in colorado and under federal law. he had high-capacity ammunition that he purchased online, totally legal under both federal and state law. and he was also equipped with this somewhat bizarre equipment that normally you'd see soldiers or police officers wearing,
9:58 am
armored equipment to protect him from being shot himself. online purchase, total legal under existing law. >> it is morning in aurora, colorado, and this small town and the entire country are united in shock and grief. joyful, excited fans had packed a movie theater here for what they thought was going to be a night of fun. we want to show you some of their faces. this is matt mcquinn. he covered his girlfriend when the gunman stormed in. she survived. matt did not. 23-year-old micayla medek was also in the audience on what would be the last night of her life. her aunt tells cnn she was a free spirit and just a great kid. john larimer was in the navy. his father says he was serving at his first post. at midnight saturday, his family found out he had been killed from a navy notification team. alex sullivan's friends called him a gentle giant.
9:59 am
the young husband loved to cook. he was celebrating his 27th birthday at the theater where he also worked. he would have celebrated his first wedding anniversary tomorrow. also in the audience, jessica ghawi, the aspiring sports reporter narrowly escaped a mall shooting in canada just last month. now the country is grieving the loss of their lives and the deaths of seven others whose dreams were cut short. >> somebody shooting in the auditorium. >> 315 and 314, there is at least one person that's been shot, but they're saying there's hundreds of people just running around. >> as soon as we heard the first shots, my sister immediately grabbed my arm and wanted to leave as quick as possible. it was terrifying. >> i just remember thinking, i'm not going to die in here. me and my kids, we are not going to die in here, i need to get them out. >> everyone was kind of in an ethereal state, just puzzled,


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