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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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we're continuing to learn the names of those that were lost and the survivors still question why they were the lucky ones to get out alive. we'll continue to follow this. we'll be live here from aurora, colorado, once again tomorrow morning on "cnn sunday morning." thanks for watching. cnn newsroom continues now. >> all right. thanks so much. great reporting there. of course, the rest of our team still in place there in aurora. we'll be checking in with a number of our colleagues there. hello, everyone. so right now let's bring you up to speed on all that's taking place. live images right now. bomb squads in colorado are surrounding that booby trapped apartment belonging to the suspect in that deadly shooting rampage at the movie theater in aurora. a live report from the scene is it just moments away. ground images now as well as they continue to put up tape around that cordoned off area. police are revealing more disturbing details about the attack in and of itself. and suspected gunman james holmes. people who knew him are also speaking out now and a new photo
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posted on a sex website may be that of hole am with red hair there. we'll tell you how that could impact this investigation. the community gathers in prayer to remember the 12 lives lost in the tragedy and 38 in all injured. all right. that's where we begin. we're learning more about the victims. cnn's nick valencia is here with some of their stories. we understand the police department will be revealing a long list of all the victims. they haven't done that thus far. we're expecting that momentarily. but what can you tell us about the victims that we're learning more about? >> the list of those wounded and deceased will be released later on today at 2:00 p.m. press conference. we hope to get those names sooner. but cnn's been able to confirm half of those deceased. we'll start with the latest information we have. staff sergeant jesse chilledldr of california. his family notified late this morning at 1:00 a.m. of his passing. he was an active duty air force
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member. he was among four actually u.s. service members that were wounded in this shooting on friday in aurora, colorado by suspect james holmes. now john larimer, i believe we have pictures of him. he's a 27-year-old u.s. navy, less than a year, had not seen active combat just yet. his first posting, in fact, near aurora. his family saying they were notified about his death last night around midnight. they gave us a statement. i spoke to his father in crystal lake, illinois. we send thoughts and prayers out to the families of the other victims. we love you, john, and we'll miss you also. matt mcquinn is also listed among the deceased. mcquinn's family waited agonizing hours before they were notified of his passing. the girlfriend that he was with along with her brother, he was shot shielding her according to witnesses as he was protecting his girlfriend. he was shot there. and then to make matters worse for his girlfriend, since she's
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not a relative, you know the laws are strict. she was unable to find the condition of her boyfriend until hours later. just very sad situation there. alex sullivan is also being described as one of those that perished that day, one of the 12 killed by this shooter and suspect james holmes. alex sullivan a gentle giant. he planned to celebrate his 27th birthday there at the theater with his special screening, this midnight theater screening. his dad there canvassing, you see there locally in aurora friday before he found out that his son had died. he was expected to celebrate, alex sullivan expected to celebrate his one-year anniversary there. he was enjoying the movie. a very sad situation. smart, loving guy described as having a big heart. ood one of the six people we've been able to confirm here, mikela medic. a 23-year-old woman. we confirm that with her
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father's cousin. we had an emotional interview. she is very spirit you'll independent girl. it took her family 19 hours before they found out she died. a lot of the families saying they wish they would have heard about this sooner. they're a little upset about the lack of time and sort of communication that happened there. but, of course, i'm sure police wanting to confirm before they said anything or confirm the details. >> i guess a lot of cases, too, many victims were running. they weren't necessary wli belongings and id. it's been very difficult for authorities to figure out who, you know, the identity of these bodies. >> that's been an motional day for everybody involved. calling the families and it's also very difficult on our end. we have to be respectful of their very sensitive of their situation. one person i want to point out is jessica ghawi. she was an aspiring sportscaster. she is the quintessential face in these shootings.
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her brother is very active on social media. he is creating that trending show. she was first shot in the leg according to witness report and then later in the head. she moved from texas to denver to become an aspiring sports broadcaster. her dream cut tragically short there in aurora, colorado, early friday morning. >> oh, my goodness. so terribly sad. so you just listed seven people? >> yes. seven people. >> still we have yet to learn of the many others that were killed in this tragedy. we'll get that list coming from the aurora police department. thanks so much. appreciate that. so right now the fire department, atf and bomb disposal experts are on the scene of the suspect james holmes' apartment. poppy harlow is there as well. poppy, give us an idea. you've been -- you and other reporters -- are at a perimeter point there while they continue to look into this apartment and painstakingly try to figure out how to get in there because it is so heavily booby trapped.
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>> reporter: they are. here's what i can tell you. according to a law enforcement source i spoke with indepth today, they think there are at least a dozen explosive devices, frankly, ieds within this apartment that have been booby trapped, rigged so that basically they would be set off by someone entering the apartment. they sent a robot in yesterday to take video to survey. they're doing the same thing again today. i want to go step-by-step through what we know. there was a police presser here an hour and a half ago. the first step for them is going to be to try to dismid atlantic what will they're calling a trip wire. basically, the booby trap part of this. and that may be done with a robot. that may also, they said, the first step include a controlled detonation that could cause a bit of a fire that would be again in that apartment building right behind me. the next step would be to take the devices, the incendiary devices to another location, a
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safe location to detonate them. there has been a lot of concern because this morning the law enforcement source told me they believe that there are liquid accelerants also jars with black powder in them, things connected, ammunition, things connected to these devices so when they -- if they were to blow up, then it would really fuel the fire, if you will. that's a big concern here. that's why they say this is so unique, so unusual, so sophisticated, frankly, not really a crude setup. i wanted to ask the police sergeant giving the presser more about what they know about those details. take a listen. >> what the unknowns. i was told by a law enforcement official they believe there are liquid accelerants and black powder in jars thought to fuel the fire. you are doing detonation, how do you know how contained they can be? >> we are aware of some jars that may contain some
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accelerants. the mutual aid and the work that is happening with the partnerships with everybody involved, you have the bomb guys. right next to them is the fire guys. the communication there, the incident command is amazing. so all of those things are being taken into consideration before any move is made, before a bomb guy makes a decision, he consults a fire guy. >> and there are chemists there as well to sort of decipher what some of these accelerants may or may not be? >> yes. we have national experts here to handle all that. >> reporter: also want to point you to some live pictures from our affiliate kmgh. what you're looking at is a group of officials in front of this apartment building on paris street in aurora, colorado, just about four miles away from that movie theater where this massacre took place. those officials include everyone from fbi to local aurora police and fire officials to atf to
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bomb experts flown in from across the country to chemists that are obviously surveying what could be in that apartment before they do any detonation. so again those live pictures that you're looking at in front of the apartment building. its not clear whether or not anyone has entered the apartment this morning. they are planning to send a robot in to assess the situation further. that may be under way right now. i just point out that, you know, they also told us in a police presser, they have to be very careful in any detonation obviously for safety reasons. this is a busy area and also not to destroy any evidence. the third and final step of this is an investigation. and they need all the evidence they can get. >> in fact, you know, back to the robotics that they might be using while they believe that the robotics can safely get in there where humans may not be able to and at the same time not in any way contaminate what will be a treasure-trove of evidence, will it be by the use of one? we saw yesterday they were able to, you know, some of the
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investigators by use of crane were looking through the windows and breaking throughout glass and able to see. en that gives them some sort of surveillance or per view of what the robotic can get to without destroying evidence, right? >> yeah. and it's a good point that obviously the robot is the safest way for them to get n it's not clear whether we're talking about one or multiple here. and the time line is also not clear. you know, the police sergeant said there is no time line. we hope to get in within the next hour which could mean they be in right now. no idea of how long it might take. they did say a law enforcement official told me they don't believe that any timers are tied to these devices which is good news. but i also want to point something out that is very strange and is really stuck with me through reporting on this. james holmes left music very, very loud tech know music playing in this apartment that started when he left to go to the movie theater. one of the neighbors complained about the music and wanted it turned off.
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you have to wonder here why he left that playing and rigged this apartment like a booby trap. you would think possibly to attract people to go in there, whether it was neighbors or first responders. but then in the parking lot after the shooting telling police that the apartment was rigged and that there were explosives. you wonder did he have a moment of clarity? what happened there? and that's what we don't know. >> yeah. very interesting, too, the tenant who lived underneath that apartment and heard that music going off wanting to go upstairs and actually went upstairs and noticed the door was unlocked. for a second almost opened the door and then had second thoughts about that. as we know now, it is being booby trapped. thank goodness that tenant did not open the door. she talked about having the second thoughts. maybe it wouldn't be right for me to enter. strange the door is unlocked. all right. poppy harlow, thanks so much. we'll check back with you as we hope to learn more about when they might enter that apartment or how they would enter that apartment. thanks so much. meantime, police are scheduled
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to hold a news conference at 4:00 eastern time today to give the latest on the overall investigation, of course, cnn will be bringing that you to live. cnn's don lemon hosts a special coverage of the colorado theater shooting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you don't want to miss that. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. at e-trade, our free online tools
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all right, now to the crime scene of the massacre. suspect james holmes opened fire at that screening of the new batman movie, "the dark knight rises." what more are people saying about how the attack unfolded? t in and set his plan of attack? >> reporter: well, we hear from police here as well as multiple witnesses is that this man allegedly, james holmes, bought a ticket to this midnight showing of the latest "batman" movie. then a few minutes after the movie began, after the previews, he left through a door right out of the theater, propped it open and re-emerged a short time later clad head to toe in tactical gear including a gas mask, a tactical helmet, net
12:16 pm
protection and crotch protection and black gloves and armed with an ar-15 assault rifle, shotgun and two handguns. he began shooting at will. the people describe that he just went bang, bang, bang from person to person. one person described it as almost like a lawn sprinkler just going down the row. 12 people we know at this point dead. dozens more injured. we hear from law enforcement officials here that he purchased the weapons legally just in the last couple of months along with thousands of rounds of ammunition and some high capacity magazines for the assault rifle. fred? >> and now what about the reaction there within the community? clearly people very shaken, very upset. we heard from the operators of the stheater yesterday saying h was feeling the pain of the community. >> reporter: oh, yeah. everyone here is rattled. we saw a make shift memorial
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pop-up right near here with candles that burned all night. someone made a big sign that said gone, not forgotten. i think people are really trying to focus here on the victims. interestingly, just here within the last 20 minutes or so, the maltha is adjacent to the movie theater has reopened. we're starting to see people come back into the mall and, you know do, some shopping and sort of get back to normal. i think a really key thing for this community is tomorrow night, sunday night. they're planning a big vigil to hohn yo to honor the people and to get a sense of community and show resilience. this community really came together after columbine and tried to turn that into a positive. and try to focus on what a great community they have here. i think you're going to see that same thing tomorrow night, fred. >> thanks so much. we're talking later on to colorado state representative about that very vigil and all else that's being planned to help keep that community together. thanks so much. all right. now disturbing details about how
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that shooting rampage was planned far in advance and now the overall concerns about security at movie theaters and why so many movie theaters are beefing up security across the u.s.
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. four guns, many rounds of ammunition and full tactical gear, police say that's what james holmes had when he walked into that crowded movie theater and opened fire. 12 people killed and many others, 38 injured. hln law enforcement analyst mike brooks joining me now. what are people saying -- or police rather, saying about the
12:20 pm
firearms involved here? we just heard from jim spellman who talked about this ar-15. first it was an ak-47. now it's an ar-15 shotgun. two handguns that he was equipped with when he walked into the theater. >> right. he had three of the weapons with him. the shotgun, the 12 gauge shotgun and the ar-15 and o one .40 caliber glock. one gun was found in the theater. he used three of those while inside. and just the way he was dressed. all that ballistic gear as jim spellman was describe, the helmet, he either had ballistic leg protectors. he was better equipped than some s.w.a.t. teams i've seen here in the united states. it says to me that he was expecting a con frnecticut fro- confrontation with law enforcement. they caught him at his car outside the door of that theater in the rear.
12:21 pm
so was he planning on a confrontation down the road with them? and some of the things i've been talking to my former colleagues, why would he booby trap his apartment if he was planning on going back there? >> yeah. >> see, that says to me -- >> do we know he was planning on going back there and then why would he reveal to police that i have explosives in my apartment? >> was it an ego thing of his or did he finally say, well, okay, you got me? i still think he was expecting a confrontation with law enforcement along the way. why would he have all those rounds of ammunition also with him in the drums? he had on that ar-15, he had a drum of ammunition. it held 100 cartridges, 100 rounds. >> and perhaps he spla anticipated that confrontation would have taken place right there at the theater, not necessarily after the crime but apparently at that movie theater they were accustomed to having security. that night happened to be the night they didn't have at least two security guards present as
12:22 pm
they usually do. so perhaps he had already cased the place before, expected there would be that layer to go through. >> there is usually an off duty police officer working there part time. but there aren't that night. was that just a coincidence? or is this something he noticed on certain nights? you would think a night of a big movie opening like that that they would have had extra security. it just happens that they didn't. >> of course, this is guesswork. knowing or the details that we're hearing about how this apartment was booby trapped, seeing the equipment that he purchased these things legally at various stores and even online, what does this tell you about the amount of time it took to plan and execute something like this? we're talking something you can do in a matter of days? weeks? months? >> sounds like he was doing this over a number of months. he did buy the guns within a month or two. how long did it take him to buy that ammunition and this tactical gear? it would take probably a while
12:23 pm
to acquire everything that he has inside that apartment. we're hearing from chief oates that there are jars of which i think are flammable liquid, jars of rounds, black powder and what the chief was calling mortars which are actually commercial fireworks that they would use at a commercial fireworks display. it would take him a while to acquire all of this. but it's going to be tough. i think they'll be able to render that apartment safe probably by today. >> really? >> all this while we're looking at live pictures. those are live pictures from our affiliate from kcnc. he had the third floor -- a third floor unit there. can you see the windows have been busted out. they did that early on in the investigation. >> they did that yesterday. >> we'll talk you to again throughout the day. thank you for that. as we hear more information about whether and how they'll be able to enter that booby trapped apartment. mike brooks, thanks so much. the suspect in that mass
12:24 pm
shooting at a colorado movie theater, what is ahead for him legally? our legal guys are ahead to talk about murder charges, attempted murder but there are likely a host of other charges that will be coming the way of james holmes. ( whirring and crackling sounds ) man: assembly lines that fix themselves. the most innovative companies are doing things they never could before, by building on the cisco intelligent network. you'll inevitably find yourself on a desolate highway in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts your speed when approaching slower traffic. and for the blind spot monitoring
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that helps remind you that the highway might not be as desolate... you thought. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. . james holmes, the 24-year-old suspect that colorado movie theater is scheduled to go to court monday morning. so what potentially is ahead for
12:26 pm
him? let's bring in our legal guys. they are always best to ask. >> hello. >> good to see you. >> hi, fred. >> gentlemen, avery, you first. obviously we can expect murder charges, attempted murder. but especially as investigators try to make their way into that apartment and as they learn more about just what kind of planning may have gone into this shooting, what other potential charges are we looking at? >> you'll have a multiple of potential charges, not just aggravated murder, murder, attempted murder, you actually have arson charges, aggravated arson, domestic terrorism. if you multiply the number of potential charges just in the 71 alone, over 500 charges, that excludes the booby trap charges that will be, i think, rendered by a grand jury here. so we are dealing with hundreds
12:27 pm
of potential charges against holmes and i think in this case there is still much to be known and could be even more than that. >> wow. extraordinary. up to 500 or maybe even more so. richard, we're talking about james holmes, the suspect making his way into court the first time come monday. he'll be looking at or facing local, you know, charges. but we have federal authorities on the ground as well. what do you see in term of the potential of the legal avenue that he's going to be going down? >> well, first of all, what a somber day and a day for reflection, fred. cnn is just doing a wonderful job of coverage on this case. when this man walks into court monday, i don't know if he knows where he's going to be or where his stage is in life. this man is facing the end of his life. now whether or not they're going to be able to come up with any sort of mental defect or incapacity or mental illness, i don't know. but as you just touched on with my buddy mike brooks earlier,
12:28 pm
there was a lot of time and effort and planning that went into this. and that's really going to take him out of the realm of any sort of insanity deal. so this man looks like he's going to go to trial eventually on this case and he'll die in prison. that's what's going to happen here. >> apparently he has already obtained an attorney, we understand, gentlemen. given what we've learned thus far in less than 24 hours time of where the purchases of these fire firearms took place and to get a permit and the time it spla taken to actually plan this, might there be separate charge that's would come even if he legally purchased the firearms, avery, would there be separate charge that's would involve the permitting or licensing or the obtaining of these firearms? >> i don't think so. in colorado, you spend $152.50 to get a permit per arm. he has at least, as we know in this case, four.
12:29 pm
one might argue that somehow the shop that sold the arms would be legally responsible. i can't even come up with any potential legal theory because, frankly, when they do a background check and do the other obligations that gun sellers have to do, they didn't do anything wrong as far as we know right now. so in terms of liability of the gun sellers, those people that supply it, i don't see anything. not a thing. >> given the precedence of columbine and there were other things that followed after columbine, the da is known to be one who would advocate or pursue do you see it being inevitable? >> well, if you're going to have the death penalty, if you believe in it and it's legal, isn't this the case for it? i mean come on. what a tragedy. what just an utter disgrace and horrific conduct here. i think avery is right, fred, in the state of colorado, all there
12:30 pm
is a requirement for the gun dealers to reflect the sale on the books, keep records of the sales of these types of guns. there's no registration requirement in the state of colorado. and, therefore, he legally obtained these rifles and these glocks that he had. all the equipment he had was legally obtained. having that been the state of the law in colorado, we're looking at actually what happened. i think that's where all the liability is going to fall. >> you know, there's -- >> real quick. i have a host of other questions for you. right now we need to go to aurora. this is the sergeant outside that booby trapped apartment. let's listen in. >> i'll take your questions. the governor, aurora mayor have r. on scene. once they leave this scene, they're going and visiting victims at area hospitals. for the update at the apartment,
12:31 pm
we have been successful in defeating the first threat. as you may recall, described that threat as a trip wire and also included a defeating the first incendiary device. can you repeat that? >> yes. we have been successful in defeating the first threat which includes defeating the trip wire and the first inceiary device. what you need to understand is that this trip wire was set up to clearly detonate when somebody entered that apartment and set up to kill that person and that could have been a police officer executing a search warrant or anything. so this is some serious stuff that our team is dealing with. so what's happening now with the team is dealing with now they're reassessing the scene. now that the first threat is taken care of. this provided them a chance to rest and reassess.
12:32 pm
there are other devices inside. i'm not going into detail about what those devices are. let's keep in mind the integrity of this investigation. reference this mass tragedy that occurred yesterday. now in the second phase, this may include the controlled detonation of another triggering mechanism. i spoke you to about that this morning. if that is to occur, keeping public safety in mind, we'll be shutting down peoria street behind me and doing a reverse 911 call. you all will be notified. if -- shall this controlled detonation occur, there will be a loud -- a boom associated with that. but we'll give you a heads up if this will happen. that's what's being assessed as
12:33 pm
we speak. that's all i have for the update. just as a reminder to you guys, please stay on the east side of peoria street for your safety. thank you. >> you've been listening to sergeant cassidy carlson outside that apartment complex that is booby trapped. we're going to talk a little bit more on the other side of the break about the first and second phase she speaks of. we have security analyst mike brooks with us. we'll be right back. state agent. they can save you up to 30% more by bundling your policies. well his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are you in good hands?
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. we were talking about the legal road ahead for james holmes. we're going to resume our conference with them in a moment and talk about the intent to hurt first responders and how that might impact the legal road ahead. first, we have a press conference just moments ago that interrupted our conversation. giving us the update about that booby trapped apartment belonging to james holmes. we heard from the sergeant from the aurora police department talking about successes in two phases of their detonation process and getting a better understanding of exactly what is inside. that's when we're going to bring in our security analyst mike
12:37 pm
brooks. let's talk about that first phase that she talked about. successfully they eliminated or defeated in her words the first threat which was a trip wire right there in the apartment. clearly that is for first responders or anyone who were to enter that apartment aside from james holmes' himself. >> that is the first stage of that booby trap is that trip wire. if the door would open, it would trip the current and set off maybe an incendiary device or something else inside that apartment. to me, that says the bomb teches inside, they're rolling right along here. they're doing well. they have the first trip wire and insinned ad incendiary devi. they're going to go and see what else is in the apartment. we heard there are jars of bullets, of ammo and also the mortars that are basically commercial fireworks that would be used for commercial fireworks display. they're going to take a look at. this they're going to see if there is any kind of detonator that would be used to set that
12:38 pm
off and you also have to have some sort of electrical source. they'll go in and you heard her say there might be a detonation. they will notify people. that may not happen. they will go in with a disruptor. they will see if they can disrupt that current which would render safe that particular device. sometimes you'll hear a bang. but then sometimes you can have what they call a sympathetic detonation that would be a little bit larger. that may not happen. hopefully it won't. but also if they think it's safe enough to take those devices outside, they would take them to another disposal area away from all the apartments and render it safe there. you would basically almost have like a post blast scene so you wouldn't lose any of that evidence. >> wow! >> that is important part. when i was the fbi and assigned to the bomb response team, we would go out and do these thing onz a regular basis if we dpind a suspicious packagement we would take it out and shoot it or shoot it in place. >> we did hear from the sergeant
12:39 pm
she would caution if they had that controlled detonation, they will need to close off the perimeter, close off some of the streets, try to keep reporters back, residence, anyone milling about as far as possible. they don't know the potential. >> you don't. you have special agent bomb teches wshging with the local bomb techs and chemists and as ha hazardous materials. >> mike brooks, fantastic. we're going to take a short break and then hear from our legal guys and what all this means to the legal road ahead for james holmes.
12:40 pm
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james holmes in court for the first time on monday. just a few days after opening fire killing 12 and injuring 38 at a movie theater in aurora, colorado. let's bring back our legal guys. gentlemen, we just heard from the sergeant from the aurora police department about this booby trapped apartment, what their up against. dismantling a trip wire, that is the first phase of trying to take control of this booby trapped apartment. but then there are other things. they have to do a controlled detonation. this brings us to the legal road ahead for james holmes. richard, you first on this as we find out now about the potential intent to harm maybe first responders or anyone who were to enter his apartment building after this crime unfolding at the movie theater. what does this tell you about the road ahead for his defense, especially when you're also hearing now that the suspect told authorities that my apartment is loaded with
12:44 pm
explosives? if there was intent to harm first responders, then why in the world give a warning? might you have had second thoughts? how does that impact his case? >> and, fred, not only that, he gave himself up peacefully to police despite the fact he was in full armor ready to engage. so obviously this is a conflicted soul here. as he gave himself up peacefully from the movie theater, if the da takes off the death penalty off the table here, fred, i'm hoping that this individual is just going to plead out, not put the families through the hell of having to go through trial on this. there is no defense to this particular case. there is nowhere for him to go here. this is a brutal, savage event. and the fact that he set up those booby traps, he got the gear, he purchased all that fire equipment and ammo, it shows he thought about this reflected, planned, intended it. it goes against every sort of defense you possibly could come up with, fred. >> avery, your sounds, i'm
12:45 pm
deciphering that means you're in disagreement? >> well, i mean, look, you're not going to take capital murder off the plate here. the prosecutors have to charge the guy. you know what? mike brooks said something really interesting. he talked about leading up to what was going on. you know what? i don't know that anyone said this but to me james holmes was looking at a personal armaged n armageddon. after he sprayed the bullets hitting 71 people, he goes out, gives up basically standing by his white hyundai. what does he do? he tells the cops about the booby trap which again would have resulted in the deaths, maiming of many others particularly first responders. so i think no matter what capital murder is on the table. i don't think they're taking it off. >> while you're talking, we're looking at live new pictures coming from our affiliate kcnc and authorities in the bucket as they are ascending now on the outside of that apartment
12:46 pm
complex. inside a third floor unit. that is what is believed to be booby trapped by the suspect, james holmes. you see how they're delicately now trying to move about and try to detonate in a controlled manner in any way they can. our kcnc with these live images. we'll continue to keep a close watch and all that is taking place at this scene. this is an active scene here. they try to figure out best way in which to get into this booby trapped apartment. at the same time not compromise any potential physical or intellectual evidence that they may be able to glean from this. all right. much more of our continued coverage. avery freeman and richard herman, thank you for your expertise.
12:47 pm
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. back to our coverage of the colorado movie massacre in a moment. first in politics, mitt romney is taking his campaign overseas next week. he'll be meeting with world leaders and going to the olympics opening ceremony in london. cnn national correspondent has a preview. >> reporter: mitt romney will be busy when he goes overseas. he is scheduled to leave for his foreign trip on tuesday and arrive in great brittage on wednesday. aides to the gop contender says this is an opportunity for him
12:53 pm
to listen and learn and make a resolute stand for nation that's share american values. in the uk, he is expected to meet with david cameron and tony blair. of course, the timing of this trip is no accident. romney is set to attend the opening hair moceremonies in lo. a story i had aids say the public hasn't heard enough of. romney is said to het to israel for meetings with benjamin netanyahu and perez. the republican contender will make a concerted effort to lock arms with israeli leaders. that, of course, is to draw contrast in tense relationship between netanyahu and president obama. now after israel, romney heads to poland where he'll sit down with some of the nation's other current leaders. romney will have, of course, a lot on his plate when he returns from his foreign trip. there's the matter of picking a vice-presidential running mate and getting ready for the republican convention in august.
12:54 pm
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. live pictures from aurora, colorado. this is where a movie masst tma suspect james holmes lived. bomb experts are in the bucket. they're trying to figure out the best twi do a controlled detonation perhaps of any mechanisms inside that unit. they are happy to have been able to defeat what they call the first threat which was a trip wire in that unit. later ton day, we're going to be actually be joined by retired fbi agent and bomb expert to give us step-by-step of all the things taking place there and all of that is in jeopardy as well which includes crucial evidence that might be in that aptment. so they want to detonate this
12:58 pm
explosive material or any kind of continued wires. but at the same time, they want to be able to secure evidence. and we're also going to be getting reaction from a colorado state representative who will be part of a sunday vigil for the victims. she's going to be joining us at 4:00. and then the aurora police department will also have an update at 4:00. we'll be bringing that to you live as well. much more straight ahead. right now, time for "your money." i have been warning you of a coming economic storm, possibly another recession in the united states. now some of you don't believe me. but now you will. this is "your money." the economic storm i've been warning you about has now moved beyond what others can do to us. the danger now, it is a real danger, is what we're doing to ourselves. the scorched earth partisan politics in washington could push america over a fiscal cliff and quite possibly into a
12:59 pm
recession if congress doesn't act. economists now say that the so-called fiscal cliff has now overtaken europe as the biggest threat to the u.s. economy. in other words, our homegrown storm has a bigger chance of causing a hurricane here than the actual hurricane that's blowing our way from europe. now i've been bee rat berating on this show to head off a series of tax increases and spending cuts mandated to take effect on january 1st. congress couldn't come up with a better deal to raise the nation's debt limit last year. i am not alone in my calls. the federal reserve chairman and the international monetary fund are warning congress to act before it's too late. if you get hit by another recession, you'll join me in pointing my finger directly at the political partisanship that is poisoned your path to economic stability and prosperity. now if i were a politician, i would not want to be party to anng


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