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tv   Newsroom International  CNN  July 25, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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volcanoes erupted yesterday as you see there in accelerated video. it caused road closures and train delays, but no evacuations were ordered. japan's meteorological agency said that the volcano has erupted more than 600 times this years, and it is expected to continue its intermittent eruptions. all right. it is the first stop overseas as candidate for a u.s. president mitt romney in london. he will meet with british political leaders. romney arrived in london earlier today and the trip is an attempt to build his foreign policy credentials ahead of the november election. a romney aide says it is about locking arms with the allies. from london, romney travels to israel and then on to poland. busiest destination of the day today, well, that would be london. about 100,000 people a day are arriving at heathrow airport. olympic athletes and fans from practically every country on earth, and the olympic flame has not even been lit yet.
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they are calling today, day minus two, with some events already beginning. the first women's soccer match kicked off today in wales, and this is the rough part for the drivers in london, the traffic lanes reserved just for the olympic athletes and officials get caught in one of those lanes, and it is a $200 fine. so the london olympic venue is an ocean away from the bronx, a long way to go for one american teenager who has spent his life preparing for the olympic stage. jason carroll has his story. >> reporter: john orozco's goal of going for the gold started long before he made the u.s. olympic team. his dream began when he was just 7 years old. >> i never said quit, because a lot of stuff has happened in my life, and that has made me just
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want to quit and give up my dream, but i didn't let it happen. my parents definitely did not let it happen. >> reporter: orozco grew up here in the bronx and things were tough and not just the challenges of the streets, but his family struggled financially, and just being a gymnast here in the bronx present presented problems for orozco as well. >> a lot of the guys in school were giving me slack and saying, okay, gymnasts, so like you are going to be a woman in tights. they can throw all of the negativity at me. i won't let it break me. >> reporter: it became a family commitment. his mother would take him to gym practices a two to four-hour commute each day. >> he could not join clubs, and he had to run to practice. >> reporter: orozco trained harder, four hours a day, five days week, and his coach knew that there was something special about him. >> people asked me if he is a once in a lifetime gymnast and i joke around and say, he is a
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once in a hundred lifetimes gymnast. >> reporter: and now he is poised to compete on the biggest stage in his lifetime. >> the thaert that he has and the dreams that the has, he is a gold winner all right. so anything on top of that is gravy. >> reporter: his coaches say he has a shot at gold, and already an endorsement and photo shoots and even so, he says no pressure. you don't feel any pressure at all going into the olympics? none, zero? >> nope. i kind of feel like there is more pressure at the olympic trials to make the team. >> reporter: okay. >> and now it is kind of like a sigh of relief now i can just go to do my gymnastics. >> reporter: although orozco might make a great coach, he does not see a future in coaching. his next future is acting or
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singing. ♪ i had to live ♪ i had to live >> reporter: he says he will work on the voice hoping that practice does indeed make perfect. >> wow. jason carroll, live now from new york. jason, you know, john looks very versatile, and he is very charismatic, too, and he has got incredible personality along with the tremendous talent, so what are the odds or is anyone talking about that medals and all of that stuff, or hey, enjoy the olympics. >> well, it is a tough competition for him no doubt, the chinese team and the japanese team are favored to win, but orozco is determined, and he excels at the horizontal bar and great at the parallel par. you can see him on the pommel horse, and he is a u.s. national all-around champion, and so he goes in favored in some ways, but you never know what is going to han when you are on that big stage. >> my goodness, and he gave you a few pointers on the mat, on
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the rings and the pommel horse, what? >> well, we were on the parallel bars there, and i have to tell you it is tough. i have more respect for these gymnasts now more than ever doing that l-sit or whatever he called it there. i mean, you have to make sure you know what you are doing there. much more respect for the gymnasts now than i ever had. >> thou that you have tried it and see that, oh, my gosh, the bar is set high, and this is hard. >> tougher than it looks. >> well, it is beautiful to watch those athletes no doubt. we wish him of course the best and thank you so much for bringing that story to us. thank you, jason. okay. let's bring in our report there in london and it is happy day minus two, alex, and the women's soccer matches are today while most of other events like gymnastic events will start after the opening ceremony friday and what is going on with the americans and the french playing now? >> yes, fredricka, and officially the london olympics begin friday with the opening
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ceremony in the stadium behind me, and jump the gun because the action is started, and not literally in the capital of uk, but several hours west of here in wales and where team gb kicked off against new zealand, but all eyes on team usa, because they are the most successful team in the history of women's soccer and they are up against france. usa will be favorites. france is ranked six th in the world, so it is not a complete walkover i'm sure. >> and the weather is a factor in london and it has been rainy summer in much of the uk and what about for wales for the soccer or football match i should say. >> well a horrible summer, and then a week ago we were struck with a heat weave and i have been sticky throughout the entire day. i went down to see the u.s. swimming a little bit and it was embarrassing with the sweat dripping down may head in the interviews, but that heat wave is not going to last.
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it is the uk afterall and could be a rainy opening ceremony, but wales is not far away from london and equally sunny there with blue clouds and perfect conditions there. and some of the experts have been warning against health and breathing problems for some, and hopefully not affecting the soccer players. >> well, let's hope it means for a great, fast, successful olympics if the weather would cooperate and even if it is hot, a lot of the athletes have trained for that. meantime, talk about one athlete before things could even get under way, an olympian representing greece is in so much trouble, she is not h on the team, is she? >> no, normally, you hear about the failed doping tests that rule out the athletes before the main events get under way, but this is a slightly different story. we are talking about vula known to her friends and she is a 23-year-old triple jumper who tweeted that so many africans in
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greece at least west nile mosquitos will eat homemade food. i don't get the tweet, myself, but it is deemed racist and she has apologized profusely, and the greek team sponsor said it was a joke and a mistake, but it was serious. it was unforgivable, and her games are over before they have begun. she did not leave greece and she has not arrived in london and the olympic dream is over. >> my goodness. any other events that will take place before the ceremonies by the way? >> no, it is only the women's soccer who have the honor to kick it off today and some of the mens soccer will play here thursday before the opening ceremonies friday. and that is because the football tournament has so many teams and unlike a rugby world cup is so condensed with two weeks of track and field and rowing and sailing and you take your pick, and cycling and the lot, so a lot to get in, and it is the soccer with the privilege of
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getting underway first, but it is great for everyone, because like all major sporting events, we are all impatient for it to start. >> and so much going on with the heat and the greek olympian who will now not enjoy the games and opening ceremony in a couple of days and we cannot overlook the biggest issue of all, security, and how confident does the uk feel or the oic feel about how things are unfolding? >> they are ultra confident that everyone will be safe and secure, fans, athletes, the officials, the media as well. but they have had to draft in over 18,000 military personnel to bolster the private security force, the g4s who failed to deliver on the contract and get enough security guards trained up in time. there are concerns over logistics and transport, and the teething problems you get everywhere. i remember the vancouver winter olympics a couple of years ago, and the same stories there, and it is the privilege of having a free media to report on the bad
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things, but you have bad stories, but everyone is confident that it will get under way with a $40 million movie production with director danny ball overseeing it, and i would say that we can see strains of the james bond tune coming out. that is a little hint. >> and yes, that is going to be part of the opening ceremony that is going to be incredible. we are all looking forward to that, alex. thank you so much. you know, alex, a lot of the olympians of today have been inspired by the olympians of yesteryear, and one of those is the olympian who won his first two gold medals in the 1948 olympic games who is my father. and he is 87 now, but he is a little bit fragile these days and you see him there at the 100 days to the countdown to olympic games in new york, and nothing is going to stand in the way from him heading to london this weekend, 64 years after winning
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the 800 meters, 4x4 relay and winning bronze in the 400 meters. he will not be alone, of course, because my brother, lonnie, and i will accompany him who is excited to reunite with the other 48 ers as we call them. and dad with the follow olympians from the historic games are featured by the way this week in the new york times in a beautiful photo gallery and you don't want to miss it. you can hear them in their own words as well at new york and, and what an inspiration to keep the olympic flame burning bright in their 80s and 90s. we will keep you posted over the next couple of weeks, beginning this weekend. and she is a mystery lady nomore. north korea's young leader announces he is actually married to this woman seen at his side for many months now, a shg.
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and a rise in shark attacks have scientists seeking answers and why they are collecting shark's saliva. and now we go to largest city to go behind the scenes to meet the young men fighting the syrian government.
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the syrian regime is desperately fighting to retake the rebel-held city of aleppo at any cost and by any means. the free syrian army says it is poised to intercept 2,000 army troops en route to reen force government units in the city. we are told that there was random shelling in eastern portion of aleppo which is hitting civilian homes. it is 220 miles north of damascus with a border near turkey, and as a commercial hub, it is a crucial city in the country's 16-month conflict. we are joined by cnn anchor hala gorani, and you can give us a better idea of how significant it would be to take control of a
12:16 pm
aleppo? >> well, it is extremely significant and probably as significant as damascus, which is the administrative capital of syria, but aleppo is the economic beating heart of the country. it is diverse and has more christians than damascus does. the rebels are in much closer to the center than they have ever been and that is what is important and interesting of what is going on and significant. you showed a google map with the citadel which is the 13th century medieval fort, and the rebels have reached the center of the old city which is one neighborhood there, and whether or not they keep the territory is another question, because now what everyone is bracing for is for the regular syrian army to come in, and we have heard of reports of fighter jets pounding the rebel strongholds, and now we might hear street to street battlesles betwethe regular syr
12:17 pm
army, and it will be bloody. >> it is functioning at this point or not, and of course, there is commerce there and people living there? >> well, this is millions of residents and not a small town. this is more populous than damascus by some measures so what people are doing is essentially in the neighborhoods not affected, hunkering down and hoping that it is not going reach them. in the neighborhoods where there is fighting, you are seeing a familiar pattern of civilians, the women and the kids and the children, and those who don't want to take part in the fighting are fleeing. you are seeing the streets desolate of syrians and they are waiting for the next on slausla of the syrian army. >> is there any sign that the bashar administration is being compromise or weakened? >> well, weakened. if you had told me a few weeks ago that free syrian rebels would be controlling the streets of the center of aleppo, i would
12:18 pm
have said, i don't think that is going to happen, but it has happened now and this is only weakening the regime. the fact that they are using fighter jets, and fighter jets and not attack helicopters, but fighter jet planes to bomb according to so many reports that we have received from aleppo these rebel strongholds mean they are frightened and some say desperate, and frightened because if you lose control of aleppo, you will lose control of a very important strategic part of syria. >> fascinating stuff. keep us posted on this. appreciate it. good to see you. all right. there are also reports that al qaeda may be taking on a new role in that conflict in syria. in a video posted on youtube, a group of armed men pose in front of two flags of al qaeda. in it one militant explains they will fight the assad regime and the military and u.s. intelligence officials believe that al qaeda was probably responsible for the suicide bombings inside of syria. rebel forces are outgunned and underequipped, but it is not stopping them as ivan watson
12:19 pm
shows us that even as the free syrian army loses friends and family in the battles, it is vowing to fight on. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: a father stained with the blood of his son. this is the blood of a martyr, he yells, a hero, a lion. his blood is pure. mad grief and pride from a man who just learned that his son died in battle. he was only 22 years old and a defector from the syrian military, and he died as a rebel of the free syrian army. he was from this small hilltop village and the fourth to be killed in the battle. and a fellow man brought him home to be buried. he says that rashid was shot in the syrian city of aleppo. a helicopter killed your friend today? >> yes. >> reporter: on a rooftop?
12:20 pm
on top of a building? >> yes. >> reporter: what began 17 months ago as a peaceful protest movement has morphfed into a full-forced armed insurgency and composed of students and shopkeepers and real estate agencies and even bashar al assad's ruling baath party. you were in the baath party before? >> yes. >> reporter: for a long time? >> about ten years. >> reporter: and the commander of a rebel group who calls itself the syrian falcons says he is fighting to free syria from more than 40 years of dictatorship of the assad family and new recruits are coming everyday. do you want to fight? >> yes. >> reporter: against the government? >> yes. >> reporter: that is why you came back to syria? >> of course. because he has killed everyone. he has killed my cousin, he's destroyed my village, my home.
12:21 pm
>> reporter: 23-year-old man came home from a job in dubai to start his own brigade of rebels. he brought a bag of radios and cameras and sniper scopes he bought with his own money. >> reporter: this is for war. you are going to fight with them? >> yes shgs, i know. but i go to war for my family, my country. >> reporter: brave talk from a young man who has yet to step foot on the battlefield. this rebel chokes back tears while he talks about his friend ki killed in aleppo a few hours ago. >> we must fight bashar al assad. >> reporter: after burying his friend, it is back to the battle. you will go back to fight? >> tonight. tonight. >> reporter: tonight to aleppo? >> tonight. >> reporter: ivan watson, cnn, reporting from northern syria. and people have been wondering, who is that woman there in north korea? this mystery lady.
12:22 pm
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welcome back, i'm fredricka whitfield. this just in, and we understand two days now before the opening ceremony in in olympics in london, nine olympians have been suspended for doping according to the olympic federation. those are three russians and two ukranians and one bulgarian and one moroccan and one greek and one turkish national and apparently the tests conducted measured changes of the blood profile which intimates that sophisticated doping may have been used, including human growth hormones and all of this taking place on the same day just moments after we learned that one greek olympian has been removed from the team because of offensive remarks she made on twitter about african athletes. so all of of the athletes just two days shy of the opening s
12:26 pm
ceremonies in london. all right. meantime, the mystery lady is a mystery no more. turns out the woman who has been beside north korea's new leader at public events is his wife. that is according to reports from the neighboring south korea based on an announcement heard on north korean state television. paula hancocks joins us from seoul, and paula, we know that north korea is a very secretive nation, and what have we learned about the country's new first lady and now that we are finally hearing about her? >> well, fredricka, we now know that north korea does officially have a first lady. it was on north korean television on this early wednesday evening when it was announced and a low-key and subtle announcement and if you blinked, you would have missed it. it was a news reader saying that kim jong-un had just opened an amusement park accompanied by his wife and she has been named
12:27 pm
ri sol ju and those are the hard facts that we have and everything else is heavily choreographed out of north korea, and giving this information now for a reason. they know the kind of reaction around the world. there is going to be continued speculation on who exactly she is. the south korean media speculating on whether or not she is a singer as they had speculated before, but what it does do is to show a sharp departure from what we have seen from the previous north korean leaders. the father and the grandfather, and you didn't hear very much about their wives and you barely saw them on camera. and so this is really showing that kim jong-un has his own leadership style, and he is very different and the fact that she is so high profile, and so visible over the past few weeks is quite significant. and some experts say that maybe he is trying to build a persona of being more approachable. >> do we know, paula, when they may have married? >> we haven't gotten that
12:28 pm
information at all. literally all we know is that he is married and this is the name of the lady. it is unlikely that we will get much more information from the official state media anyway. >> fascinating stuff. paula hancock, thank you for bringing that to us from seoul. all right in the mexican town of tequila, the drink is the lifeblood, but a fierce battle is raging over the marketing right over the central ingredient the agave plant. >> the consumer is mistaken, he says, because instead of buying a bottle for $15, they buy it for $8, but in reality, it is not tequila, but based on the image it has.
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all right. this hour we want to let you hear some of the music that people aretening to around the world. in italy the number one song on itunes is from gustava lima.
12:32 pm
♪ >> this is his hit song, the balada boa which means a good party in english. and it is considered brazilian country music. the song is a hit all across europe. in the mexican state of helisco, a town is raging over its life blood, the plant agave which gave the town its life blood. here is nick parker. >> reporter: mexico's tequila industry generates sales of $1.6 billion annually. its biggest export market is the united states which guzzles more
12:33 pm
than 120 million liters every ye year. this is the heart of tequila country, and feels like this in the state of helisco and the spirit has been grown here for over 400 years, but now a battle is being waged over this, the agave plant. in the traditional process of making tequila, the agave is cut down, and uprooted and carried to a distillery and there roo roasted, and the juices drained. this man has been makeing tequia for 40 years and he says that the explosion of popularity is down to one thing, it is a plant exclusive to the region, blue agave and this is why the international consumers opt for the products. tequila consumption is changing and once popular as an ingredient in margaritas, the spirit is increasingly sipped neat. like champagne, tequila is a
12:34 pm
trademark brand related to a geographic region originating in this case from a town called tequila and now the town is trying to lobby the trademark to include the word agave to head off a challenge from the other competitors who distill agave outside of the official zone. >> we have demonstrated to the government with studies of market research that when people know or hears agave, think think in tequila that there is a strong link between these two terms. >> reporter: but critics say that the industry is trying to undermine the traditional role of the distillers around the country who outside of the regions of tequila and mescal, another trademark. >> it is the rights of the people that are full, and need for the possibility to survive and have a great potential in the future for the national
12:35 pm
market and the international market. >> reporter: tequila makerers say that the move is to provide better regulation for the consumers. the move is needed because instead of buying a bottle for $15, they buy a bottle for $8, but it is not tequila, but based on the image it has. control of the image is critical as the industry tries to rebrand tequila as a luxury product to extend the market east to russia and china. the government ruling when it comes will have an impact well beyond the agave fields of this city. nick parker, cnn, tequila, mexico. and a case of wanderlust for an 11-year-old boy who did not let not having a passport or ticket stop him from flying from england to rome. we will tell you how he did it. t advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients,
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all right. welcome back to "newsroom
12:39 pm
international" where we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes. no passport, no ticket, no boarding pass, but an 11-year-old managed to get from england to rome. he had been shopping with his mother at a mall close to manchester airport when he ran away. he was not detected until the cabin crew noticed him mid-air. the airline insists it was not a security breach. the west african nation of ghana has a new leader. the vice president was worn in as president last night just hours after the sudden death of the country's former leader. it was a peaceful change of power in a regionb where political transitions are often violen violent. now to argentina where six police officers are under arrest and accused of torture. it is a sensitive issue in the south american country where from 1976 to 1993, a military dictatorship killed thousands often in secret jails. our rafael romo reports. >> reporter: the video posted
12:40 pm
anonymous anonymously online shows two young male suspects completely wet and wearing only their underwear, and several interrogators surround the suspects. i swear to you i don't know anything about it says one s suspect several times in a fearful voice, and his interrow gator ties a plastic bag around his neck and grabs the suspect by the head. the suspect starts yelling and shaking and finally drops to the floor. the officer takes the bag off of his head, and the suspect is seen gasppi inin ining for air. it allegedly happened last fall in a town located in the northwest province of salva. they say that they were freed a short time after and the video prompted swipt action as six police officers were arrested
12:41 pm
and the president opened up a swift investigation. >> we did it because we are stro strongly convinced that the police officers are not representative of who we truly are, and we are not going to tolerate under any circumstances that officers commit this kind of crime. >> reporter: the officers face trial and the victims are expected to testify against them. an organization that monitors police brutality in argentina says that such incidents are a common occurrence at police stations and jails in the south american country. >> translator: torture is a common tool conducted in jail cells, and we have been able to prove it in multiple times in open court through victims. >> reporter: and a person from the province who asked not to be named denied the brutality as a common occurrence, but he said, open quote, i cannot deny it happens either.
12:42 pm
and argentinians have been sensitive because crackdowns have left dissidents in the dirty war under the country's military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983. it is estimated up to 30,000 people were kidnapped and killed or simply disappeared often after torture in secret jails. arnlg ti ar jen tines have been especially sensitive to the crackdown of police brutality since the dirty war. it is estimated up to 30,000 people were kidnapped and killed or simply disappeared often after torture in secret jails. rafael romo, cnn, atlanta. south africa's coast is known for the great surfing, but lately the surfers have had too many close encounters with sharks. we will show you what is being done about that. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
12:43 pm
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put in a cage, lowered into shark-infested waters and then covered in fish guts and blood, and believe it or not, thrill-seeking tourists actually pay to do this. in the tourism hot space off of the cape of south africa, shark attacks are on the rise and some believe that cage diving could be to blame. we are brought this story of a team of shark wrangellers and speaks to the survivors of at a tack of a great white. >> you ski the mathere.
12:46 pm
>> reporter: two weeks ago, he came face to face with the ocean's most feared predator. he was 15 feet from the sharkline in the cape when something happened. >> well, i thought it was a dolphin that swam past me and then i saw the tail and it was different from a shark and it was not a dolphin. i went quickly to get between me and the shark, and as i pulled the board quickly toward me, something started that something was shaking me and i realized i was in a shark attack. >> reporter: from the marks on the board, experts say that the shark tried to attack him twice. >> did you feel you would die? >> yes, for me, it has shaken me, and theizati realization ca that nobody was going to come help me so as a christian, i prayed and said, god, if this is the way i need to go, i will go.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: and shark safety as many worried about the safety of the seas in the africa's top tourist destinations. this is one of the cape's top tourist spots called the caves and it is less than an hour's drive from capetown. in april a man was killed be agreat white shark in these very waters. according to the official statistic statistics more than 130 people have been attacked since the 1990s, a long south african's 200-mile coastline and practically all of the 22 fatalities were in the cape area. that's the minuscule number of deaths given that millions take to the waters, but the fear is very real among those venturing out for fishing or water sports. among the big attractions here, cage diving which some believe may be contributing to the increased attacks, although there is no conclusive proof. >> this is put on the bigger sharks -- >> reporter: a nonprofit organization has been track iin
12:48 pm
the cape's white sharks to come up with answers. a documentary film makers is funding the research. >> i am trying to help the thought leaders a tornado world, and researchers around the world to solve the great white shark puzzles. >> reporter: the expedition is hoping to save sharks and humans. >> we are collecting the bacteria off of the teeth and tongues so that the scientists can develop an antibiotic for secondary infection of shark victims. >> reporter: more may be known by the end of the year, and by then, mostat may be able to go back into the water. >> well, it will take time to deal with the whole situation and getting through it. >> reporter: a situation that has once again highlighted an ongoing battle pitting man against nature.
12:49 pm
cnn, south africa. just in week, a shark killed a surfer off of the coast of east south africa, and the 22-year-old man died after the shark bit off of his leg, and it is the sixth shark attack in this area in the past year. all right. a name trending in india right now, and we will show you who this person is, and why tweeters in india are all abuzz. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announcer ] dosing and application sites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or, signs in a woman
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all right. let's take a look at what is trending globally right now. in india, the name prenab is trending and why? because prenab is the name of the new leader of india. he was sworn in, in an elaborate ceremony at the historic hall in new delhi. he was brought in by a horse-drawn carriage, and in the
12:53 pm
speech to the country, he vowed to preserve and protect the country's constitution. and now after the heaviest rainfall in 60 years, the beijing is trying to cleanup. they submerged the drainage system, and 37 people died in the city and more than 100 across the country and now people trying to recover said that much of the destruction could have been avoided. eunice yun reports. >> reporter: tensions are high here in beijing, because it is the worst part hit of the city and it took 18 inches of rain and 18,000 people in this district alone were affected by the fldwaters and the economic damage is racking up, and reached $1 billion again just for this area. the villagers have told us that they have lost everything. they said that they have been very upset because there was no warning from the government, so they said that the wa ters rushd in, and rose about a meter and destroyed everything in the
12:54 pm
path. they said they lost clothes, electronics and furniture, and the government officials had been coming in here during our visit, and government officials did hand out some relief like water as well as blankets, but the people here say that the authorities are really should be doing more. they say that this is not only a natural di ssaster, but also caused bay manmade problem. they said that the other cause is rethe poorly made infrastructure, and the cleanup effort is already well under way and it is going the take a lot more for the government to rebuild the credibility with the people here. eunice yoon, cnn, beijing. in hong kong, amazing moment, this kid, right there, doing a limbo on roller skates inches as you see off of the ground. we will tell you why he is doing this stunt. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families
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12:57 pm
all right. several stories caught our attention today and photos as well. take a look. olympians going for gold in london, but before the games start, these german swimmers
12:58 pm
steal a kiss poolside at a training session at the olympic park. if they win they could become germany's golden couple. this 11-year-old is already in the guinness book of world records for limbo skating. here he is. encouraging the elderly in hong kong to actually exercise. he is on roller skates, and he has managed to flatten the bot to less than seven inches off of the ground. pretty amazing. >> all right. now to kuwait, and a man checks out prayer beads to be used in ramadan, and the muslims count the beads as they offer praise to allah. -- captions by vitac -- sgli 'm fredricka whitfield this for suzanne malveaux. we are focusing on protests in california, politics and the economy right here at home. straight to it.
12:59 pm
the mother of baseball hall of famer cal ripken has been found unharmed. ripken seen here with ex-administration, bush administration officials condoleezza rice and karen hughes gained fame as a shortstop with the baltimore orioles. well, the aberdeen police department says that his mother was abducted yesterday after a man with a gun forced her into a car. earlier this morning, ms. ripken was located in her car close to the home, and she was examined by paramedics, and she is not injured. she is resting now with family members. we will get more on this crime from joe johns in d.c. very bizarre. how did this happen? >> for sure, fred. a strange story developing here. vai ripken is the mother of one of the most famous baseball players ever. police confirming that she was abducted from her home at gunpoint early yesterday morning and police say re


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