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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 28, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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romney, quote, mitt the twit. and romney shambles into a viral twitter hashtag in the uk. romney is stirring up the twitter verse for another reason, because of tweets sent out by beth myers, the woman in charge of his running mate's church. meyer tweeted a list of names believed to be vp picks including condoleezza rice and ohio senator rob portman. up to this point, the romney camp has been quiet about possible running mates. the campaign has only admitted to vetting florida senator marco rubio. the man accused of killing 12 people in aurora last week was seeing a psychiatrist. defense attorneys are requesting that the contents of the package be handed over to them. what's still in question is the time frame surrounding the
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records. legal medical experts say it's still unclear of whether doctors would uphold an assertion of doctor-client privilege in this case. president obama and his foreign policy have been compared. the ralph meade foundation, which owns the billboard, says it wants to draw attention to military men and women dying overseas. the military spokesman says everyone has a right to their own opinion, but others say this certainly crosses the line. ♪ back to london now where there is a total of 12 medals up for grabs today. a 23-year-old chinese woman nick named shooting beauty competing in the 10 meter air rifle competition has won the first gold medal this year. while tonight, the highly anticipated showdown between american swimmers michael fell hes and ryan lochte compete for gold in the men's 400 meter.
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let's take you over to london's olympic park where amanda davies has the seat. how close was fell.eps' heat race this morning? how did he do? >> very close, i can tell you you. .07 seconds away from falling at the first hurdle. i must just tell you one of the highlights of this morning here at the olympic park was the visit of the queen. she obviously got a bit of a love of the helicopter with james bond yesterday. she's been visiting the orbit which you might be able to see just behind me, that helter skelter platform across the park. she's been there resplen did it in royal blue having a look across the skyline. but the main focus today, as you said, is just next door. the aquatic center with that battle between michael phelps and ryan lochte. going for history, the 14-time
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olympic gold medalist going against usa teammate ryan lochte with just the mere three golds to his name. but it has been lochte who has dominated in recent times. phelps said that gave him a little kick up the back side and made him realize what he needs to do if he wants to achieve his dreams, which are here in his final olympics before retirement. but, yeah, lochte won his heat, easily made it through to the finals, the men's 400 individual medically. phelps was in a much, much slower heat. he did win, but only scraped through as the eighth fastest qualifier. there has been one bit of other news from the pool we can tell you about. a quite interesting one. a beijing gold medalist, par tai-hun has been disqualified. we haven't had official
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confirmation as to yet. but it looks like he was disqualified in the heat because of a false start. not the best start for the olympic games for one gold medalist. and china winning the first gold medal, as we said. probably a pretty great feeling for shooting beauty. >> yeah. we were expecting the first medal to come in the women's shooting. that's the tradition. and it was the favorite who claimed that gold medal, as you said. china's yi si lingh, the world number one at the artillery barracks. the british are all focusing on mark cavendish in the road race. they say to have a truly successful olympics, you need a truly successful home team. fingers crossed for mark cavendish in that one. this just into cnn, we have our first athlete kicked out of the games for drugs. the ioc says the albanian weight
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that's predominantly african-american that attend this event to say hello [ bleep ]. what kind of welcome is that? >> neither the hotel or its corporate offices are commenting on the incident, but told the customer it's investigating and will get back to him. now to upstate new york where a bus monitor who was relentlessly bullied by middle schoolers says she is now going to retire. we brought you her story a while back. people donated more than $7 had us,000 to 68-year-old karen klein. she says she's not leaving because of the incident and that she did enjoy working with kids. in fairfield county, ohio, a puppy was found on the side of the road. it turned out she wasn't hit by a car. somebody shot her in the face with gaun. the vet took her in. >> she has an entry wound on her
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cheek so that suggests that whoever was shot her, she was loot them when they shot her. she is expected to make a full recovery. that is good news. if jacksons, a family feud has them making headlines for all the wrong ropes, a missing grandmother, scuffles on the street and drama making its way into their twitter post. michelle turner has the very latest. >> ran did i, we are starting to get some clarification in the ongoing jackson family drama. cnn has learned katherine jackson will now share guardianship with t.j. jacks won, the 34-year-old son of tito jackson. katherine jackson's attorney says t.j. will take day-to-day responsibility for certain things including the day-to-day
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security. what does that mean? it means t.j. will be in charge of the children's day-to-day logistics and this will allow katherine to focus on being a grandmother to them. t.j. has been close to the children much of their lives. isn't michael's death, he's assisted in making decisions for them. this comes days after a las vegas judge overseeing the probate of michael jackson's estate named t.j. as temporary guardian because katherine jackson might have been prevented from being the guardian because of the acts of third parties. t.j.'s petition to be permanent guardian will be amended next week. they will ask the judge to make katherine and t.j. coguardians. after being gone for several days and her grandchildren saying they were worried, they hadn't heard from her, a missing person's report was filed.
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she was later found at an arizona spa. she was with several of her sons and daughters. but this missing person's report triggered a media storm with paris jackson tweeting for people to help find her grandmother. this led to a week of fallout culminating in what attorneys have described as a scuffle outside of the home involving family members. and we saw a tense confrontation on video between paris and janet jackson. so it looks like even though part of this saga seems to be coming to an end, there is still this big issue of michael's germane regiand randy seem to t the will is a fraud. but other siblings are backing off that story. keeping everyone safe at the olympics is one of the busiest cities in the world. thousands of british troops are deployed after a private security team admitted, you know
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welcome back, everyone. the olympic games under way in london. while the thousands of athletes are going for gold on the track or in the pool, there are even more people there watching their backs. i'm talking about security. that is our focus this morning. among the security detail are nearly 20,000 british troops. they were called up to protect the high profile event that's being watched by billions. many of those troops were being called up because of a problem with a private security company that failed to live up to its promise. joining me now on the phone to talk about the security challenges is andy redhead. he's a 20 year veteran of scotland area and now operations director of sectek uk. london is an accurate and relatively tightly packed city. talk to me about the chals because of that. >> good morning. yes, i'm sure millions of your viewers watching the opening ceremony last night. it is geographical london
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because it's a tight city. it's a bustling vibrant capital. about 6 million, 7 million people in and around it. plus people traveling in and around it every day. for the next fort night, we've got people searching the underground system and our buses and our olympic roots so that you can enjoy london 2012. so it is a challenge, most definitely. and the metropolitan police and other agencies have worked very hard to make sure it goes off as smoothly as possible. >> here in the u.s., we're still seeing the fallout from the aurora colorado shootings. how does that impact security planning? >> it's certainly a factor. you can't be ignored. in the united kingdom, only 6% give or take of police officers are authorized to carrie firearms in their duty.
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the vast majority do not and are relying on those firearms officers and specialists to look after them and obviously the public. that's their role. and we do not have legislation. we had a couple of incidents over 20 years ago where lives were taken by the individuals who chose to use firearms to commit murder. and as a consequence of that, the british government acted quite swiftly at the time and there are still firearms clubs, but anything less than 22 are illegal. it's illegal to carry mu initialans of the firearms in the uk. so there are tight laelgzs in the uk about firearms. >> the father of this private security firm that we mentioned several left a gaping hole in the security force there. how concerned are you about that
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if you think it's been adequately filled. >> the eyes of the world are on us and it's up to us to make a good job and deliver a safe and security olympic. that's the paramount activity. consingsies had been in place to cover shortfalls. so it has to be said to announce publicly that they were short of resource. contingencies were already in place in terms of if there was a shortfall by a private contractor and as usual, the british police service have filled the gap.
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i have no concerns. they are the british police service, in my eyes, the finest police service in the world and supported by all military and they will more than adequately cover the shortfall and deliver a quality service to look after those people that are attending. >> thank you very much. coming up next hour, mark zuckerberg's fortune is going the way of facebook shares. he's lost $7 billion in two months as his company's stock plunges. did zuckerberg make a multi million dollar mistake taking facebook public? we're at the exclusive el chorro lodge in paradise valley, arizona, where tonight we switched their steaks with walmart's choice premium steak. it's a steakover!
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investors aren't liking facebook too much these days. the company stock hit a new low yesterday, down nearly 40% from its initial public offering price. some are questioning whether the kch is worth it and even whether ceo mark zuckerberg is up for the job. joining me now is jason kelly. good morning. >> good morning, ran did i. >> you are the author of the new tyco tycoons, inside the trillion dollar industry. facebook's plunge was around 32%. what's behind the plunge?
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>> everybody was so excited about this ipo. this is going to be the greatest thing. everybody knew facebook and they were disappointed with the ipo. the stock went down, people were disappointed. they were technical glitches. the first report coming up and everybody gets excited again. the issue, you said they beat revenue estimates. the issue is slowing profits and growth. they're looking at facebook as a company, but the valuation that's been placed on facebook thus far. it started out at $100 billion and now it's around $65 billion, $70 billion. >> but the users, when you look at facebook, they are still going up. they're on the rise. does that not translate into dollars and into profit? >> it does translate into profit. the problem is, they're having to spent more to get those people and they're having to spend more, really, to get more out of them. the profit margins are shrinking. it's costing a lot more for them to get people on facebook.
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there are questions around facebook fatigue. we all feel it to some extent. and so people are just wondering, is this the high growth stock that people thought it was going to be? you know, as we talked about people really thought this was the banner ipo of 2012. and in some ways, this was a sign that tech was back. this was the golden boy of the tech world and the stock world. >> yeah. meanwhile, some now calling for a new ceo. is this the beginning of the end for zuckerberg or is it too early? >> it seems pretty premature. we're one quarter into facebook as a public company. any ceo out there would probably look at 32% revenue growth and say, so that's a bad job? i'm a little bit confused. but as we've discussed, this is no ordinary company and this is no ordinary ceo. very few ceos have had a movie made about them before they're 30 years old.
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>> right. let's switch gears here. i want to talk about the election. you have an expert on private equity and you have followed bain capital for years. it seems that romney's camp thought that his selling point in the economy and in the election, really, is that he comes from this private secret with a private equity background. so why has that bitten him, really, in the rear it seems like and why do we care so much about bain? >> well, it's been really interesting to watch. probably interesting is not the word that bain and room flee would use. to your point, this is the economy election and here we have a guy who has been by all measures very successful in business, you know, over a 20-year career. started one of the bulge bracket private equity firms bain capital. they own the likes of dunkin donuts and toys r us and they've invested on behalf of pensionerses and college endowments and colleges around the world. this should have been a great critical to run for president.
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a couple of issues. the economy obviously has not totally cratered. you know, we've been in something of a recovery. and there are also big questions, sort of existentially around wealth in this country. we had occupy wall street and private equity for a long time, to your point, was private. it was very secretive and both in the primary race and also now in the general election, the opponents of romney have really sort of driven in on that. they've driven in on the wealth question. they've driven in on what does private equity actually do? and is it about cutting jobs, is it about outsourcing? and he hasn't really come up with a good answer to any of that yet. >> we'll see if he does. jason kelly, thank you very much. >> absolutely. new details about the aurora shooting suspect. we've now learned that he has been seeing a psychiatrist. what his defense team is now requesting. and the battle ramps up for syria's largest city. many of its residents have fled,
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