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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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career. this is a live look at her funeral service there. just a short time ago. that's, of course, in san antonio, texas. just a short time ago one of her broadcast colleagues remembering sort of embarrassing story about when jessica first started saying she forgot to put her microphone on one of the first times she's on air. some of the things we all forget to do from time to time. but you see her just an aspiring sports broadcaster whose life was cut short way too soon at 24 years old. and last, matt mcquinn's funeral will be held today. he dove on his girlfriend to take the bullet for her. his family trying to make sense of his heroic deed there on july 20th in aurora, colorado. his uncle spoke to a local affiliate and said that he's just glad that his son -- his nephew died in this heroic way but just a big tragedy for the family. >> all right. . >> you can't think. all can you do is react.
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and for matt to immediately react to protect the one that he loved showed us what a great -- what great character he had and made us proud that he was a part of our family. >> and it's that character there, several of these men that died in the shooting of the 12 killed did protect girlfriends from the bullets. and matt mcquinn is one of them. a hero in the last legs of his life. >> our thoughts go out to all of them. thank you very much. appreciate it. meantime, fresh evidence is surfacing that the suspected shooter was seeking psychological help and sent possibly damming evidence to a university professor. that evidence is now the subject of a legal battle. cnn's jim spellman is following the development from arapahoe county, colorado. tell us more on this. >> reporter: yeah. hello. last monday this notebook from james holmes arrived at the university of colorado there in the mail room. addressed to this psychiatrist he was seeing there at the
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school. so we know that the police came and they took that. now there's this gag order in effect. so law enforcement are not supposed to be talking to the media. but there was apparently what other media outlets called leaks that reported these were writings from holmes saying he was going to hurt people with drawings of people with guns and violent imagery, things like that. so the defense from holmes says, look, there's been the leaks. this is privileged material between a patient and a doctor. we want this material. the da's office says these leaks are inaccurate. they're not right. they don't have accurate sourcing. we don't want to give it to you. the judge said we're going to have a hearing about this monday. we'll decide. what it does tell us though is that, one, he was seeking psychiatric care. and, two, that he did make these writings and send them to this doctor. what we don't know is how long he was seeing this doctor, why he was seeing this doctor, or if he ever told this doctor about any inclinations towards doing any kind of violence, fred. >> okay. and that is key, the how long he
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may have been seeking attention and whether it's just this doctor or was this doctor someone that he was getting attention from or advice from after any other medical device being dispensed. >> reporter: right. we just don't know much of this stuff. there's a lot of laws that pertain to this. there is the privacy act. but there is also an obligation for health providers to report if they think that there is a risk of danger. we just don't know enough yet to know what kind of obligations anybody may have had in this scenario. now on that front, with these gag orders and so many of the documents in this case being sealed, it's really hard to know what's going on. media organizations on monday including cnn are going to petition the court to unseal some of the documents so we have k. have greater insight. we'll know a lot more after the hearing on monday, fred. >> jim spellman, thank you. tonight at 8:00 eastern time, cnn hosts a special report
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"madness at midnight." the search for answers in aroar yachlt our don lemon will be bringing that special this evening tonight at 8:00 eastern time. a maryland man could face federal charges as early as today for threatening a copycat shooting attack. the suspect was in the process of being fired when police say he told a supervisor "i'm a joker and i'm going to load my guns and blow everyone up." as you may know, the suspect in the colorado theater shooting identified himself as the joker. maryland police say a search of the man's apartment, he owned 25 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. he was a federal contractor. and now to syria and what has become a day to day reality for people in the country's largest commercial center of
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aleppo. folks are searing the fiercest flashest yet in the 16-month crisis. there was nonstop shelling this morning. residence are fleeing the city. forces are preventing fuel and food from entering neighborhoods controlled by rebel fighters. at least 100 people have been killed around the country today alone. all right. the olympic games are in full swing today after a glitzy opening ceremony last night. the athletes begin their quest for gold. we'll take you to london live. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk,
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. . all right in london, it's the first full day of the 2012 olympic games. yesterday britain showed its history in a glitzy ceremony featuring pastoral scenes and flying cyclists. the party was highlighted by a brilliant fireworks display as well as royalty dignitaries and celebrities looked on. our pedro pinto is live at olympic park in london. this is the first full day of athletic events. are people still talking about the opening ceremonies? are they just focusing on the
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here and now, particularly like the cycling event today and then swimming qualifications? >> reporter: fred, all the english newspapers focused attention on a spectacular opening ceremony. today it's been about the medals. 12 gold medals are being handed out on the first official day of the london games. and there's been so much excitement. you can imagine the city has been waiting seven years for this. so the buzz in london is just something special. and i can tell you the highlights so far for the british fans here was the cycling race. they were expecting mark cavinish to win. the rider from kazakhstan, he broke the home fan's hearts. he wouldn't gold in the cycling. 250 k trek around the city. so the english will have to wait a little longer to celebrate their first gold medal on home soil of these games. >> so what happened with him? he was out in front almost the
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whole time. was it an issue of losing steam or did something else happen more technical? >> well, you know, the tour de france just ended a couple weeks ago. and what we're thinking is that he's just didn't have enough left in the tank, quite frankly. he's known as the fastest man on a bicycle worldwide. he won a few stages of the tour de france. he's a pure sprinter. i don't think he had enough energy even though the team helped him and protected him in the main group. he just couldn't come out on top. alexander is a veteran and he's very wiley, very experienced. he proved that here today. historic medal for kazakhstan as well. they haven't won too many golds. >> congratulations. let's talk about swimming. they had prelims with phelps and lochte. >> yeah, swimming is really
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capturing the attention of a lot of people here. every time you put ryan lochte and michael phelps in a race it really makes the headlines. the headline with michael phelps today, curiously, is how slow he was and how much he struggled to make it into the final. he just made it by .07. he was the slowest out of the swimmers. ryan lochte was third overall. it was a teenager who clocked the best time in the heat. is it a case of michael fill pz taking it too easy being too relaxed or just slower than lochte? we'll find out at 2:30 eastern time today when the final takes place at the aquatic center here in london. >> all right. pedro pinto, keep us posted. thanks so much. between twitter and facebook, it's easy todigital d.
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fnchts you're like me, you're already glued to the olympic action and facebook and twitter are more valuable than ever. karen kaifa has tips for making your mobile device your ticket to london. >> reporter: hear your smart phone? that's london calling. forget being a casual spectator on the couch. this year summer olympics offer more social interaction than ever. >> they're going to have a second, third, and fourth screen with them. they're going to have so many ways they can interact, watch and view things happening at the london olympics beyond television that they've ever had before. >> reporter: between facebook, twitter, web sites and apps,
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it's easy to get driven to digital distraction. he says choose just a few. >> identify who he want to get your information from will help you better understand which tools to use and not overwhelm you at the same time. >> reporter: he recommends a dashboard app like bank yoe that puts material from mult em social networking tools in one place. the best part of some olympic apps is live extra extreming video. the worst part that, can eat up data quickly. so run the apps on wi-fi. that way you're off the data charges and you're going to get a better connection to view the video and content. and you'll keep that bill way, way down. so wi-fi. connect over wi-fi. >> believe it or not, the u.s. swim team found some spare time for fun in between all those practice laps. they actually filmed their own parody of that hit song "call me maybe." and it even stars michael fell
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ps and ryan lochte. ♪ i just met you and this is crazy ♪ ♪ here's my number ♪ call me maybe ♪ and all the other boys try to chase me ♪ ♪ here's my number >> the women's team spear headed the production there. it may not be considered too patriotic. carly ray jepson is canadian. but the song is popular universally. >> chick-fil-a was the center of the same sex marriage debate. an alderman is taking a stand against the restaurant. is he overstepping his bounds. our legal guys will be joining us just minutes away to weigh in. . if you have to go out today, you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. you can also watch cnn live from your laptop. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen.
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. one of the victims of the mass shooting in colorado is suing. torrence brown was not hurt but his best friend was one of the 12 people who died at the movie theater in aurora. but according to tmz, brown claims to be suffering from extreme trauma. let's bring in our legal guys. avery freeman joining us from cleveland g to see you. and richd ard her mrichard her las vegas. this is the first lawsuit we understand to have been filed. again, you know, this young man was not injured but he was
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alongside his friend who did die. he says he is suffering from, you know, extreme trauma. but he is suing three entities. we're talking about the theater. he's suing the doctors of the suspected gunman and warner brothers, richard. is this just the beginning of what is likely to be kind of a litany of criminal and civil cases? >> no, fred. it's three strikes and you're out. those three are out. they will be dismissed. this lawsuit is ridiculous. i can't believe he even brought this. you know, in the spirit of the olympic games, if you bring a litigation in the united kingdom and you lose, you have to pay all the legal fees in a civil litigation. that's how it should be here to prevent frivolous litigations. suing warner brothers for making this movie is just plain stupid. suing the theater because the door did not lock when the door did lock and the issue really is foreseeability with respect to
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the theater is just ridiculous. and lastly, suing the gunman because he didn't take care of himself and take his medicine -- >> or his doctors, rather. >> yeah. i think he missed law the day he went to law school. this whole lawsuit is absolutely ridiculous. >> so avery, what would be behind this type of lawsuit? >> well, it may very well be jackpot justice. you know, there are going to be a torrent of cases. but torrence brown who brought this case is thinking because i feel terrible that i lost my friend that somehow that converts into legal liability. i hate to do this, but richard's right on this. the fact is there are no claims of a friend or an quaintance against doctors or warner brothers or the theater because there has to be a connection. there has to be some level of connection. and there is no basis. i can't come up with any legal
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theory that would warrant as much as this man hurts. and i don't doubt that. there is no basis in the law for any claim whatsoever. you know what? i think he will be taxed legal fees. the case is so utterly frivolous. the court has the discretion to penalize someone for doing that. >> do you suppose that torrence brown had a better chance had it been part of a class action if, there were others who joined in, waited a little bit? is that issue? so he's not an individual trying to take on these three entities? richard? >> i don't see it. >> you have to have good -- >> whether it's individual or class. >> fred, you have to have grounds for liability. here they just don't have these grounds for this person. they may be in a zone of danger. there is some theories of law. but they don't fall in this particular case. there is no theory of liability. therefore, they can't recover. >> okay. all right. let's move on. >> that's the issue, right. >> let's move on now to chicago. it's really reaching out to other cities, too.
12:21 pm
this involving chick-fil-a after the president of chick li-fil-a made comments against same sex marriages. now we have the issue of mile an hour and yoe saying the company is carrying out discriminatory practices. but then one might argue is he likely -- if he were able to block this restaurant or this building permit, isn't he discriminating against a business? >> i cannot wait to hear what my colleague avery has to say about this one. let me just say, it's not only the alderman, it is also the mayor who threatens he's not going to alaw chick-fil-a in chicago. that's ridiculous. if the president of the company states his opinion, that is my personal opinion although when we conduct our business, we treat everybody with respect. we invite everybody to our stores. we don't discriminate against
12:22 pm
anybody. why can't someone state their own opinion, fred? this is really ridiculous. i don't know what's going on here. this is really, truly ridiculous. >> all right. how about if we hear dan kathy and what he had to say on the radio. listen. >> i think we're inviting god's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, you know, we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage." >> so avery, are we two for two that you're in agreement with richard? or do you see this alderman does have a pretty stable case by denying a permit if it comes to that? >> well, you know, i've been fighting discrimination for over 40 years. and i appreciate that if a restaurant denies service to an individual because of where they're from or what color they are, orientation, that's where government steps in. that's where mirano steps in or rahm emanuel or officials in
12:23 pm
philly or boston. but this is alarmingly ignorant when it comes to -- >> on who's part? >> when it comes to politicians and their understanding of the first amendment. believe it or not, it should be very clear to them this is protected speech under the first amendment. mr. kathy can say anything he wants as long as he doesn't deny service. and if these politicians are not alarmingly ignorant, then they're clearly flouting what their obligation is under the constitution by swearing to uphold it. frankly, it's really offensive that they're doing this. you want to fight discrimination? do it right. but speech is protected under the constitution. if that building permit is denied, watch out, chicago. you're going to get hit with big damages and that per submit going to be ordered by a federal judge to be granted to chick-fil-a. >> and one boston official is chiming in with agreement with what chicago is doing. but then new york mayor chimed in and said exactly what you said. this is the first amendment right issue. it would be wrong for chicago or
12:24 pm
boston or any other city to deny a permit based on such comments. all right. we're not done with you guys, of course. we'll see you again in 20 minutes. we'll talk about another case, a ruling as it pertains to disneyland's policy on what is legal use of a vehicle by way of assistance for any kind of patron to the park? and this case involves the segue. all right. in several parts of the country, they're burning up in the heat. it will take a toll on your pocketbook as well soon. we'll tell you exactly what we mean. male spirit present.trong it's the priceline negotiator. >>what?
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. memorial services are happening today for three people killed in the mass movie theater shooting in colorado. the victims are john larimer from crystal lake, illinois, jessica ghawi from san antonio, texas, an matthew mcquinn from springfield, ohio. they were among 12 people killed in last friday's terrifying massacre. overseas in syria, parts of the city of aleppo are seeing the fiercest clashes yet. there is nonstop shelling this morning. residence are fleeing the city and activists say at least 100 people have been killed around the country today alone. an albanian weightlifter was booted out of the olympics for
12:28 pm
doping. international olympic committee said he tested positive for a banned steroid. several medals were won today including kazakhstan taking the gold in men's cycling. back in the u.s. the country is sweltering under extreme heat and drought conditions and it will soon take its toll on our wallets as well. with corn and other crops withering and dying in the heat, food prices are expected to shoot up. emily schmitt is live in a farmer's market in maryland. how competencive is produce today? >> reporter: hi. we are beginning to see the first ripple effects of this drought. here's why. the federal government says 62% of the nation's farms right now are in an area that's impacted by the drought. you can tell how the corn and bean farmers are already beginning to pay the price. here is how consumers are at this farmer's market. take a look at this box of beans. it's the last box they have. they've been through almost all of them. these spots are a sign of how
12:29 pm
the beans have really suffered under the heat. the person who sold these beans had to get a lower price because the quality wasn't there because of the heat. this is something that is going to cost consumers more as they try to get these. in fact, the next box of these are going to come from new york as opposed to pennsylvania. it's the only place they can get the beans. this is just the beginning of the ripple effect that's going to impact people's pocketbooks. this week the u.s. government did some looking. estimating how much the drought is going to cost people. they say you can expect because of the higher corn prices we're seeing, beef and veal will go up 3.5% to 4.5%. cheese and mill am up 1% to 2%. fats and oils which had soy beans as the main ingredients could go up 4% to 5%. that's in 2012. expected to go up the same amount in 2013. farmers market, we've been talking to people who know about these projected increases. they are concerned about how they're going to get less food
12:30 pm
for their dollar. >> you just have to adjust. the economy is going up. the spay going down. we just have to do the best we can to get through the hard times. most of all, as my mother would always say, put something away for a rainy day. >> yeah, because that's where we have to sit down and figure it out. again, it's a concern. >> the usda says the weather that caused so many problems for corn and beef actually is causing one small bright spot. that is because in the produce section they have had great weather in states like california and down into mexico that creates a lot of the fruit aej v and vegetables. also at the meat counter, right now you may be seeing lower prices on beef. so many cattle producers have been selling off their cattle because they can't pay for these higher grain prices. the problem is that that supply is going to go away and you're going to look at much higher beef prices around the corner. >> thanks so much for upper
12:31 pm
marlboro, maryland. palm reading, tarot cards and fortune telling fraud or a right of free speech? our legal guys will share their predictions about fortune telling banned in one louisiana city. lashblast 24hr with anti smudge power will last through all your drama. who knew lashes this big could last this long. lashblast 24hr from covergirl. [ male announcer ] if you want play in the same sandbox as luxury s.u.v.s, it helps to have an interior full of hand-selected wood trim and soft premium leather... and it doesn't hurt to have a selec-terrain dial that truly performs. ♪
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. a woman who has a form of muscular dystrophy was not ho happy when her request to use her segue was denied by the park. so she sued under the americans with disabilities act. our legal guys are back. avery, this woman says she needed that segue in order to kind of get around more comfortably.
12:35 pm
but disneyland said, no, we have policies. and two wheels vehicles are not allowed. but apparently an appellate court sided with her. explain more, avery. >> well, it was a fascinating opinion. it was written by the chief judge alex kaczynski. he cited walt disney saying as long as there is imagination, disneyland essentially has to evolve to that. under title three of the a.d.a., what disneyland is doing is taking disabled people out of their segues and other two wheelers and dumping them in wheelchairs. at least that's what the allegation was. and the three judge panel said, you know what? because of the evolution in technology and disney should certainly know that, it's time to treat disabled people as closely as we can to nondisabled people. so using a two wheel segue is no less appropriate. and now it goes back to the
12:36 pm
trial court to evaluate whether it's possible. i think it's a great victory for disabled people. >> richard, it's as simple as being outdated or at least that's the challenge. is disneyland outdated even though they say they with do have wheelchairs being made available. we do have scooters being made available. but as avery just said, you know, they have to evolve. >> fred, i can testify to the scooters at disney. i'm not ashamed to say, i took a scooter when i was there. i could see my ankles at the end of the day. i took the scooter. >> how you are disabled? >> i'm not. they're all over the place. you can rent the scooters and wheelchairs all over disney. can you take them in the hotels and the elevators, up to the rides. they make arrangements for everyone, any disabled people are taken care of at disney. these segues are very dangerous, fred. >> you're saying that tina is asking for too much? >> i think she's asking for too much. i don't think she can ride a segue.
12:37 pm
there's a balancing issue there. there's a lot of down time trying to learn how to ride those things. this woman with partial muscular dystrophy, i think she's better november a xeert, not a segue for the safety of everyone around here. there are a lot of crowds there. come on. the scooters, that's the way to go with the scooters right now. these segues are never going to get approved. >> all right. let's move on. let's look into the crystal ball and move on to another case out of alexandria, louisiana. this one, you know, involving fortune tellers and one young lady in particular, rachael adams says she doesn't charge people a fee. her business is based on donations made. but apparently the city came up with an ordinance and said, you know, we are outlawing fortune tellers to do work here because we think this is fraudulent business. but this case is far from over. in fact, she got a about it of a reprieve, didn't she, avery? >> she got more than a reprieve. she got a resounding
12:38 pm
constitutional victory. it shut down alexandria, louisiana's, $500 a day fine if you fortune tell. and to me this is one of the great opinions. listen to this language. if there's ever to be progress for man kind, men or women must be allowed to dream, imagine, and be vision did thearies for future. the government is engaged in oppression by shutting her down. what a wonderful victory for the first amendment. now can you go back and read the hor yoe scope or anything else. i think it's a terrific, terrific decision. >> and so, richard, this really does speak to government can only go but so far. this almost makes you think about the whole chick-fil-a case. the government can only go so far to dictate what is a legitimate business. what is a sound business. you know, what should be legal, what should be right? >> that was a perfect segue, fred, right into the chick-fil-a
12:39 pm
case. >> and the disneyland segue. >> we're all over it. >> right. >> other worldly -- the ordnance was a violation of other worldly communications. that was how they structured it. it was turned down first amendment protection fortune telling. if you want to have your fortune told in louisiana and you want to invest all your money in those fortunes, by all means, good luck. good luck to you. you know, i think it's for a person to decide if they think it's the right thing to do or not. certainly louisiana is not going to get involved in tigation over this. it is constitutionally protected speech, fred. >> interesting stuff. all right. thanks so much. richard and avery, great to see you guys per usual. >> wonderful to see you, fred. >> all right. thanks so much. have a great weekend. all right, the legal guys are here every saturday at this time to give us their take on the most intriguing legal cases of the day. you got a sam sample of.
12:40 pm
that. >> it was a trip that was supposed to boost his foreign policy skills. but after stumbling in britain k. mitt romney rebound while in israel? the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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. mitt romney is heading to israel today. he is hoping to redeem himself after some embarrassing moments in london. as jim acosta reports, the gaffes have mr. romney walking on eggshells. >> reporter: mitt romney hit the resetbutton.
12:44 pm
he was asked why he had to walk to the embassy. his response -- he is walking on eggshells and eager to please after he was blasted by british leaders for appearing to question london's readiness to host the olympic games. dubbed, the party pooper in the daily mail, nowhere man and mitt the twit in the sun. he side stepped the controversy in an interview with piers morgan. >> you've been slightly kr criticized for knocking the british enthusiasm. you are feeling it now? >> well, i'm delighted to see the kind of support that has been around the torch, for instance. >> the uproar reached the crescendo when the city's mayor taunted romney in front of 60,000 people at a pregame celebration. >> there is a guy called mitt romney who wants to know whether we're ready. he wants to know whether we're ready. are we ready?
12:45 pm
>> reporter: romney is taking heat for disclosing he met with the mi-6, a meeting normally kept secret. >> i appreciated the insights and perspectives of the leaders of the government here, opposition here as well as the head of mi-6 and as we discussed syria. >> reporter: but the tom surrogates are brushing off the controversy seeing openings in the next two legs of the foreign trip israel and poland. >> the governor will be in poland. poland had the rug pulled out from under them on the missile defense. >> reporter: president obama tried to post queen elizabeth as he tried to toast the queen. >> this earth, this realm, this england. to the queen. ♪
12:46 pm
>> as for that morning headline hangover, we found londoners willing to cut romney some royal slack. >> anything should be taken with a bit of salt. >> reporter: mitt romney will go to israel where he has a full slate of meetings scheduled. then major foreign policy address in jerusalem. jim acosta, cnn, london. president obama is making his own appeal for the jewish vote. yesterday the he signed a pledge to israel. the white house says it underlines the president's commitment to an important american ally. a new poll shows registered jewish voters prefer obama 68% to 25% for romney. the death toll from flooding across china and north korea keeps rising. 88 people have been killed and tens of thousands have been left homeless. organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organic kale...
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. 88 deaths were in north korea. the area was hitter by torrential rains monday and tuesday. in china, flooding began ten days ago after the heaviest down pour in 60 years. yesterday rain caused highways to flood. thousands of people in both countries are now homeless. veteran latina actress lupe ontiveros has died of liver cancer. she played a maid a total of 150 times. her best known role was a nosey mother-in-law on "desperate housewives." she was a -- she had a guest spot. but she was still nominated for an emmy award. she died in california at a hospital there at the age of 69. up next, the inspiring story of a woman who is leading a crusade against domestic violence. we'll show you how she already helped more than 1,000 women.
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. today cnn heroes find a woman with domestic violence in her own family and now she is asking others to share their dreams. joan crawford gives them the resources to take the first step toward achieving that dream. >> whether ways 13, my dad was very violent. and attempted to murder my mom. it wasn't until i was 55 that i
12:53 pm
came to work in a shelter and met a woman who had fled chicago with two young children. she had no documentation. she did not legally exist. she said can you help me? i need $40 to get all the documentation. it is totally forbidden. i gave her the two $20. i'm thinking i just changed three lives with $40. i had no idea i fully changed my life as well. my name is jo crawford, i ask women survivors of domestic violence to dream their best life and i give them the means to accomplish the first step. this is what you want. this is what you deserve. the women are all out of a relationship for at least six months. they have to be free of alcohol and drugs. and they have got to have a dream. >> i want to go back to school to be a social worker. >> it's not a gift. she agrees to pay it to other
12:54 pm
survivors. >> i'm helping three ladies get their ged. >> you're so good. >> thank you. >> these women need to know that they deserve their dream and have the power to create it. i got so much help which enabled me to buy a sewing machine. i realized i should be a person that receives help but also gives help. >> i am so proud of you. >> you, too. >> one woman can make a difference. but women working together can change the world. >> and remember all of our heroes come from your nominations. so if you have someone you'd like to tell us about, go to [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. . all right. checking our top stories. the navy is holding a ceremony for the u.s. s s.s. somerset. it is named in honor of those killed in pennsylvania on 9/11. the president of the flight the 3 family's organization is speaking at today's ceremony. the mystery about jesse jackson jr.'s whereabouts has been solved. the chicago congressman has released a statement saying he is at the mayo clinic rochester, minnesota. he's undergoing an extensive inpatient evaluation for depression and gastrointestinal issues. jackson, the son of jesse
12:57 pm
jackson sr. has not been on capitol hill since late may. one of upstate new york's most recognizable buildings was reduced to rubble this morning. the 19 story building outside rochester was built in 1973 and has been used as a nursing facility. the small elevators made it too difficult for nursing staff to care for over 200 residence. they decided to bring it down and then start again. all right, coming up at 2:00 eastern hour today, a study has some encouraging news about reducing your chances of getting pank kree attic cancer. also at 2:00, you may be paying thounds of dplaollars in 401(k) fees. more on a law that will disclose the numbers and save you money. coming up, new travel apps that can make your vacations a lot easier and affordable.
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"your money" starts right now. the storm i've been warning you about is upon us. the recovery is stalling. the u.s. economy is growing at a snail's pace. this is "your money." gross domestic product, it is the broadest measure of economic activity. it grew by only 1.5% in the second quarter. to really grow the economy and create jobs, the u.s. needs to grow twice as fast. but you already knew that. because gdp measures what you live through. two-thirds of the economy depends on spending decisions directed by you, the consumer. but because this weak recovery feels like a recession to some of you, you're pulling back on spending and that's because trat decisional path to prosperity is still strewn with debris from the last storm. the big one, the recession. your job and the wage you bring home is the single most important way to build wealth. but despite net job growth for
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