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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 3, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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employers picked up the pace of hiring in july. so, that is causing some encouragement overall. politically why it's so interesting because if the president can add 316,000 jobs between now and election day, he'll be able to rightfully say all the jobs lost on his watch have come back. that will take another 105,000 or so jobs each month between now and then and we'll get a few jobs before election day. manufacturing, always talk about a slight resurgeance in the american manufacturing sector and even with europe, 25,000 jobs created in manufacturing. kyra? >> let's talk about making up those jobs, though, in the recession. >> yeah, okay, let's go back. here are all of the jobs that have been lost. look at that. really something. hundreds of thousands of jobs lost. and many complain that the jobs recovered since then have been cautious. the jobs recovery has been tepid at best. you want to see something more robust. when we tell you about a jobs market that is slowly getting
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better, you hear from people who say, we're not quite feeling it yet. the big question on election day, kyra, whether people feel they have gotten everything back or still uncertain about the economy. >> all right, christine, thanks so much. nobody is happier about a sharp uptick in hiring than the guy who works in the oval office. we do expect to hear from him later this hour, but right now, let's go ahead and bring in athena jones. a lot of smiles over there today at the white house. >> good morning, kyra. well, you know, this month's job number, last month's job number is certainly an improvement over the number of jobs added in may and june but as much as christine romans just notied we shouldn't focus on more than one month's job report but we should be looking at the trends. the trends are good. this report shows while there is still work to be done, the economy is continuing to recover. they also highlight those 29 consecutive months of private sector job growth and the 500,000 jobs that have been added in manufacturing since january of 2010.
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they're certainly pleased. this number could have been a lot worse, kyra. >> let's talk about the romney camp, what exactly are you hearing from that side? >> well, as you can imagine on the republican side, they have pretty much the opposite reaction. mitt romney released a statement. i'll read part of it. "today's increase in the unemployment rate is a ham aer blow to struggling middle-class families. my plan will turn things around and bring the economy roaring back with 12 million new jobs created by the end of my first term." a big promise there from mitt romney and, of course, in the congress, house republican speaker john boehner has pointed, instead, to the 42 consecutive months of unemployment rate over 8%. sk so, we get kind of the reaction you would predict from the republican side. >> athena, thanks so much. don't forget the president speaks at 11:45 eastern.
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well as the usa dream team our olympic athletes breaking records left, right and center and there is plenty or opportunities ahead. the most decorated olympian michael phelps hitting the pool, again, in the last individual race of his career. and, always a crowd favorite, track and field begins today. we're watching the sprinters, especially the jamaicans. usain bolt and johan blake who can expect stiff competition. she is america's new golden girl. gymnast gabby douglas making history in london. the 16-year-old is the first african-american to win gold in the women's individual all-around gymnastics. becky anderson joining us from london. just a couple of months ago her coaches actually described her as average. isn't that unbelievable, becky? >> well, let me tell you, she did it in style thursday night. it is unbelievable her coach said that. perhaps this sort of getting her going. sort of to build her up.
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what we saw last night was really almost, on the uneven bars, the reason they call her the flying squirrel. the most remarkable aerobic exercises. taking the gold along with her team gold. she has really put u.s. gymna gymnastics back on the map. they're dominant. the men not doing quite as well, taking away a bronze in the all-around individuals, of course. but the women have done absolutely remarkable here. so, the u.s. back on the map. and watch this young lady, 16 years old. she has a long way to go from here. >> and you know what's incredible, becky, her coaches actually said she lacked the concentration and confidence to be an olympic medalist. i mean, they've got to be eating their words today, becky. >> if she lacks confidence and concentration, i don't know what i lack. i haven't got any of it. >> it is so true.
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>> it is remarkable, isn't it? today they swallowed their words to a certain extent. they are incredibly proud of her. a record-breaking route for these olympics and the u.s. really doing extremely well. >> well, let's talk about the judo winner, kayla harrison. boy, does she have an interesting back story. >> yeah, this was the first gold medal in judo for a u.s. female here. and, really remarkable story. she's 22 years old. it's been a long journey. nine years ago her coach pled guilty to sexually assaulting her. now, this is not something that she has kept a secret. she talked about it in the past and in the post-match press conference after she got her medal and people are asking questions, she was asked about the struggle on the mat and how it compared to the struggle in her life and she simply said and i quote here, "it's no secret i
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was sexually abused and that was definitely the hardest thing that i ever overcome." she beat out the brazilian who is the world number one and beat out a team judo athlete who was getting an awful lot of home advantage here. that is one of the medals that will go down in my history books as one of the best ever. >> totally agree with you. talk about the u.s. men's basketball team now. boy, did they wipe the competition right off the court. >> listen, it's the group stages, of course. this is the first time, let's set some context for this. nigeria have ever qualified. but, i think the nigerians enjoyed it as much as the team u.s. did. the score 156-73. i will just read off my notes here because so many records that the u.s. team broke last night. i'll have to go through them sequentially here. an olympic record for the most
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points scored. carmelo anthony scored a record 37 points. and what was the other one? i think that's the record for three-point shots. that's right. 29 of those, as well. the records just kept falling in that game last night. i know that lebron james and kobe bryant talked before these games about comparing this team to the 1992 dream team and we all remember that team and they think they can beat that team if they were to play them today. well, with this sort of result, people just sat back and applauded that u.s. team last night. they may not have as easy a run as they get into the knockout stages, but, boy, what a result. >> well, so far it's been pretty amazing for we americans here. so, we appreciate, becky, all the updates. >> we're doing all right. >> you're not doing so bad
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a lot of kissing going on, so we hear. chic-fil-a restaurants have been a symbol in the gay marriage fights since the president expressed opposition to it. supporters flocked to the chain on wednesday for what was dubbed chic-fil-a appreciation day and chic-fil-a reported record sales. now it's friday, tgif, and same-sex couples are being encouraged to go to a chic-fil-a and kiss in protest. george howell has been following the protests and the kisses and everything in between. so, what do we expect today? there has been some discrepancy on the time, it was supposed to start this morning, this afternoon, this evening. >> the times are all over the map. here in atlanta, there is an event in decatur, georgia, around noon. some events in central and on the west coast. so, the times are happening
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throughout the day, but the goal is this, kyra. they want to see as many people go to chic-fil-as and kiss in front of the signs. some to go inside the building to kiss. and, also, pay with dollar bills with the words written on it, gay money. also just to make the statement, we know when you look at the facebook page, they have more than 13,000 people who signed on to be part of this. that pales in comparison to the more than 600,000 plus that took part in the event on wednesday. the chic-fil-a appreciation day. but they say the goal is to make just as big of an impact and this company does not appreciate the stance that it's taken. >> we even saw, what was it, 20 minutes ago coming into cnn some graffiti that has already taken place. some hate messages on one of the chic-fil-as out in california. >> isolated incident, but in torrance, california, we see that video of this graffiti written on the wall and, you know, obviously, that is not the
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message that many people today are hoping to send. obviously, they want to send a different message, i want to read a statement, though, from chic-fil-a. >> are they ready for this? >> they said this, "we understand from news reports that friday may present yet another opportunity for us to serve with genuine hospitality, superior service and great food." they know this is expected to happen today and they support all their customers regardless of race, sexual orientation. they respect all their customers, but we heard from carly mcgee, carly set up this kiss-in day, she in dallas. and she explained why she has such a problem with this company. take a listen. >> so, it's okay if someone doesn't agree with us or doesn't believe in gay rights or gay marriage, but when you spend money to discrimination, that's what we have a problem with. >> that's what she wants to make
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sure that people who spend money at chic-fil-a to know that their dollars could go to different organizations that do not support same-sex marriage. >> all right, we'll be following everything today. that's for sure. george, thanks so much. organizers also ask people to donate the approximate cost of a chic-fil-a meal, 6 .50 to gay and lesbian groups. paris has it all and alina cho gives us a scoop of all the things the city has to offer. >> reporter: i lived in paris during college, so going back always brings back memories. one of my favorite things to do, then and now, sit outside and sip espresso or a glass of wine at a cafe. the french invented the concept. cafe de flore is my pick and across the street is great.
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well, another reported massacre in sera. opposition forces say that bashar al assad killed 69 people in hama. we can't confirm the report, but we can show you this. a 10-year-old boy reportedly among the victims there in an all-out battle expected in aleppo. the most populous city has been in fighting and the u.n. and general assembly meets today to vote just one day after u.n. envoy to syria, kofi annan, called it quits. an update on the bizarre story of the kidnapping of baseball hall of famer cal ripken jr. she told police that she was bli blindfolded and driven around in her own car at gunpoint, but found unharmed later. ripken says that his mom is doing okay. >> a lot of people are concerned
11:23 am
and asking questions about mom. you know, she's doing okay. it's been a traumatic experience, one that i think none of us know how we would have handled and i'm just thankful that she is home. but she's doing okay. she's a strong woman, after all. she raised four kids with my dad away doing his baseball thing. so, i think she's doing as well as we can expect. >> police have released video of the suspect and offering award in the hope of getting some leads. ripken says that his mother is still a bit shaken and has not returned home yet. well, 95 days until the elections and president obama and mitt romney are butting heads big time. they're both going to speak at the same time. we'll bring it to you live as soon as they begin. well, congress has started its august recess without passing help for the drought stricken ranchers and farmers. the senate passed a house bill that they didn't like and at the
11:24 am
last second the house passed a short-term relief drought bill and the senate didn't like that. current programs are going to begin running out next month. help for livestock producers has run out already. now, for most americans, you know, that drought has not been good news at all. one area that is suffering is the south where a lot of farmers are feeling the brunt of the bone dry conditions. but, believe it or not, some people are actually cashing in on the drought. we go in depth now with martin savidge in ft. valley, georgia. >> in peach county, georgia, they are plucking the last peaches off of the trees. the trees have been in the family for nearly 1 00 years. he grows 300 acres selling to the like of publix, walmart. the beaches them speaches m
11:25 am
but wholesale prices are up over 50% from last year and they taste better. >> when these peaches arrive, we don't have the rain coming to take the sugar away, that's a plus. being able to have this fruit, its highest amount of sugar, which is a good thing. >> reporter: so, if i understand you, the less rain means a peach like this could be smaller but sweeter and tastier. >> that's right. >> reporter: peach fans aren't the only ones smiling about the drought. in nearby marshalville, georgia, there is something else growing in this farmer's field. >> going good for you? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: a massive collection of pipes, spigots and sprayers that when finished will be a crop-size sprinkling system. they rotate ever sos slowly tie
11:26 am
into the underground. selling pivots since the '70s and thanks to the drought, business has doubled. >> we have put in a lot of pivots in the last five years for people that never did have it before. >> reporter: systems like these can easily cost more than $100,000 each. even so, jim reid says these days farmers would have a better chance gambling in las vegas than betting on nature. >> the cost of production has gone up and the risk of the amount of money you had invested in an acre of land has increased, then the necessity of irrigation became greater. >> reporter: which is why reid has crews working close to six days a week just to keep up with demand. thanks to the worst drought in half a century, whether it's peaches or pivots, both are finding business pretty sweet. all right, joining us from ft. valley.
11:27 am
double-edge sword. the drought hurts farmers, yet some people are benefiting from the drought, as you just pointed out. do we have any idea how many farmers irrigate in the u.s.? >> well, it never fails. you do a drought story and you guarantee you're going to end up in a situation like this. however, this is not quite what it seems. look, let me step out of this. this is actually one of those giant pivots we were talking about. an irrigation system and to get to your question, only about maybe 27% of the farmers around here and in the united states have a system like this, at least the farmland. not as many as you might expect. but the reasons for it, of course, part of it huge expense. the other part, access to water. georgia, they're lucky, a lot of water underground. you go out west, not the case. these systems are fairly rare. but more and more banks are demanding if farmers grow a crop, they want to see something
11:28 am
like this, otherwise they might not get the loan. >> leave it to you to fool all of us. leave it to marty it is impacting so many of us, not only the farmers but the food we eat and the livestock. marty, thanks so much. let's talk about how bad the situation is. the department of agriculture says more than half of all u.s. counties have been designated drought disaster zones. another indication of how severe the drought is, the mississippi river was closed at two locations yesterday after a barge ran aground near gre greeneville. apparently the closure is back open now but affecting a ten-mile stretch of that river. a year ago it was flooding that was the problem and now the river is 50 feet lower than at peak levels last year. we brought you numerous stories about the daily struggles women face in
11:29 am
male-dominated afghanistan and a situation that is violence sometimes ends in death for a wife, mother or daughter. but today's cnn hero is a woman who has made it her life's mission to change that. >> in afghanistan, most of the girls have no voice. they are used as property of a family. the picture is very grim. my name is razia jan and i'm the founder of a girls' school in afghanistan. when we opened the school in 2008, 90% of them could not write their name. today, 100% of them are educa d educated, they can read, they can write. i lived for 38 years, but i was really affected by 9/11. i really wanted to prove that
11:30 am
muslims are not terrorists. i came back here in 2002. girls had been the most oppressed and i thought i have to do something. it was a struggle in the beginning. i would sit with these men and i would tell them, don't marry them when they're 14 years old, they want to learn. how do you write your father's name? after five years now, the men, they're proud of the girls when they, themself, can write their name. we have to take precautions. some people are so against girls getting educated. we provide free education to over 350 girls. i think it's like a fire. it will grow. every year my hope becomes more, i think, i can see the future. what is that? it's you!
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together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself. it's law that just makes sense. the report out this morning shows hiring is up with 163,000 new jobs added in july. better than expected, but unemployment inched higher to 8.3% and that's about 330,000 so-called discouraged workers, not counted because they quit looking for a job in the last four weeks. stocks are rallying, though, dow industrial is now up 240 points so far this morning. president obama's first term in office has some significance
11:35 am
for ernie, it's actually the same length of time that he's been unemployed. cnn first met him in 2009 in the midst of his struggle. caught up with him recently and found a pretty different story. >> reporter: the start of the day and a new full-time job forerny casillas. these first steps on the los angeles airport tarmac have been nearly four years in the making. how long were you unemployed? >> going on four years november 6th. >> four years? >> yes. >> reporter: barack obama started his new job as president, a short time after casillas lost his job making big bucks as a mortgage broker. cnn met him as it wreaked havoc on the economy and his own career. >> drive an expensive car, having an expensive suit. just like everyone else looking for work.
11:36 am
it humbles you. >> reporter: he not only lost his job, but his home and his marriage. he moved in with his mother. casillas went to job fairs and networks sending out hundreds of resumes and he started his own consultant company but it never took off. he put this ad on craigslist stating bluntly "i need a job." last year, still unemployed, he hit downtown los angeles carrying a sign. >> i'm so tired of collecting unemployment. >> i think if there are a lot of us walking know we're not that far away. >> reporter: last week, he was at rock bottom. >> i had something to eat, didn't have money for gas. i look under my car seat and i had $1.65. >> reporter: that paid for the gas that took him to meet anna
11:37 am
rosales and she gave him a job for her cleaning company newly contracted at lax. >> he deserves it. everyone deserves to work. have you ever been unemployed? have you ever not been able to pay a bill? >> reporter: as the next presidential election looms with the economy as a defining issue, casillas political intentions may surprise you. who are you going to vote for? >> obama. >> reporter: why are you not going to vote for romney? he says his long jobless ordeal showed him there's no easy path out of unemployment and no quick fix for this country's sluggish economy. >> joining me now. so, after four years of being out of work, my guess is he has learned a lot from this. >> oh, yeah, a lot is an understatement, kyra. he says if anything he learned
11:38 am
to make sure that you don't look at your previous life and your post-job life. with any sort of discriminatory eye. for example, he's a supervisor of a cleaning company and he's making more money doing that as a mortgage broker. he also said you have to learn how to save. he was living on 110% of his income and now he's going to try to live on half, kyra. >> he's one of millions of people with a very similar story. >> you're right. you heard his boss say that there are a lot oferny casillas out there. 5.2 million of them according to today's jobs' figures. that's 40.7% of the unemployed. but something we should point out is that is an improvement from the month before, just like ernie has gotten that job, the numbers are suggesting for the long-term unemployed people have been unemployed for 27 weeks, they are starting to see some improvements, as well. >> the checks will run out for 1
11:39 am
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chatter, it turns out the president and his gop challenger may not be sharing a time slot today after all. after scheduling their speeches for exactly the same time, 11:45 a.m. eastern, president obama is now due to speak at noon straight up. he'll be in the eisenhower executive building right next door to the white house pushing to extend the bush era tax cuts for all but the wealthiest households. mitt romney is continuing a western swing that will take him to reno and sun valley, idaho. candy crowley watching it all from washington. okay, what happened here? there was a lot of talk about this duelling time slot and now all of a sudden it's shifting by 15 minutes. what's the behind, what's the scoop, candy? >> listen, it is no surprise that the jobs numbers for every month come out at the time they do every month. so, what these two folks have done is take advantage of some
11:43 am
pre-existing situations and, that is, mitt romney was always going to be at this trucking equipment place and the president now is trying to get some traction off this new tax policy study that looks at mitt romney's tax proposals, and also push for continuing tax breaks for the middle class. so, what they're going to do is use these events and drop in their comments on the jobless rate and i can, let me just predict to you that the president will say it is a movement in the right direction and that we need to keep going and mitt romney will say it's too slow and proof that we need to change folks in the oval office. >> they're even showing a little respect towards each other, rather. shifting the time slot here by 15 minutes. that could be a good sign, candy, that it's not -- >> or maybe he's just busy. >> maybe he's just got his hands full and he wishes he could still have that 11:45 time slot
11:44 am
so they would be duelling out. we are on track for net gain, politically significant or a footno footnote? what do you think? >> this month or overall? >> over. >> what we are looking at is a glass half full/glass half empty situation. if you look at this past month, what have we had? unemployment ticking up and ticking is the right word here to 8.3%. and this is mitt romney saying it's been over 8% for more than two years. this is unacceptable. but you also see that the economy created 160,000 some jobs last month. and that's good, particularly when most economists thought it would be around 100,000. it is not great and the president will not claim it is great, but it is better. they will take it this close to the election. in the end, when voters go into the voting booth, they, it is a
11:45 am
gut check. do you think the economy will -- is getting better and will continue to get better under president obama or do you believe that he is going in the wrong direction and the economy will get worse and he's spending too much money and the debt is going up? in the end, no one number is going to do it, but the totality of how american consumers and american voters feel and these numbers are part of it. certainly, the administration can say we've created jobs, you know, for more than two years and that is true. >> and romney's coming forward saying, hey, i promised 12 million jobs in four years. if i'm elected. i don't know, it's sort of like newt gingrich, remember when he promised, what, $2.50 gas. everyone says, it sounds great, but, come on, reality check. >> i think most voters, in fact, listen to those things and they understand them and who knows. i mean, because the fact of the matter is when you talk to
11:46 am
people about the economy they say, well, we can create this many jobs if the following 12 things happen. all these things are so caveated that they are awfully hard to kind of hold them to task, but a lot of people have looked that number of jobs that mitt romney says he can create and say, well, we sure haven't seen the goods that would make that a reliable number. but there's lots of fungable numbers that float around campaigns on both sides. the pisone being picked apart pretty readily and also pretty substantially. >> so, will you hang with us here until -- >> i will. >> until we see somebody in one of these time slots, whether it's the same time or different. candy, great, thank you so much. >> sure. the president speaks just moments from now. we'll bring you that live as soon as we see him. also, mitt romney going to be speaking in vegas. we'll bring them both to you.
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spacecraft curiosity expected to touch down on the red planet monday. here is the deal, nasa is calling the landing seven minutes of terror. chad myers, what's going on? >> well, it takes seven minutes from when it hits the top of the atmosphere at mars to actually land. the problem is the signal from the spacecraft takes 14 minutes to get to earth. you know how it takes a while for the lights and the sun to get here. going at the speed of light, but the signal, will take 14 minutes, this thing will be on the ground seven minutes before we get a signal stays hit the top of the atmosphere. so did it land or did it crash? we will have no idea. you will hear about that. this right here is gail crater this is where the martian space xraft going to land, a very deep part of mars, a big crater been there for 3 point something billion years. if that there is the lowest spot, that is where you want to go. here is former naught charles
11:51 am
bolden talk about where they are going right here. >> imagine going into the grand canyon where we can look at the history of earth really in that area as we look at various strata that is what landing in the crater allows us to and do actually the mountain. so it will look across the geological history of the planet mars in the two years in it is there it is a harrowing experience. as they say, seven minutes of terror, but that's why we are nasa because we like to do things like that we love risky things, but we are confident. >> they are terrorizing themselves. rhett let me show you what it looks like, hits the atmosphere 13,000 miles an hour, hits the heat shield, throws to 1,000 miles an hour, this is on fire, burning up, like you see remember the old apollo astronauts were dom coming down, this thing on fire, couldn't talk to the apollo astronauts, the martian service is small hearten earth, the atmosphere is less dense, 100 times less dense, then me put out the
11:52 am
parachute, slow it is down to 1,000 miles an hour, take the thing called a sky crane and land it on mars, can't use the jets to land on mars, they think all they are get is a bunch of dust. they take this sky crane and take it and land it on mars a lot of moving parts, we hope it lands safely because stu not going to be if we find life on mars, it is when we will find life on mars with curiosity. it is going to be that cool. >> yeah. it is cool stuff. chad, thanks so much. >> welcome. >> if all goes according to planned, "curiosity" will be the sixth nasa spacecraft to reach mars. for more information on the mission, visit and watch us, of course. and the first trade route to the west. we built the tallest skyscrapers, the greatest empires. we pushed the country forward. then, some said, we lost our edge. we couldn't match the pace of the new business world.
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mitt romney campaigning and fund-raising. let get straight to him in las vegas, nevada. >> really struggling and of course, today we just got a new number from the unemployment report and it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america, because the president has not had policies that put american families back to work. i do i will put them in place and get america working again.
11:56 am
[ applause ] there are -- you know this, these numbers are not just statistics. these are real people, really suffering, having hard times. 23 million americans out of work or stop looking for work or under employed, the official unemployment number, 8.3%, the longest period of time, 42 months, the longest period of time we have had unemployment above 8% in american history, since this has been recorded. this is an extraordinary record of failure. the president's policies are not worked because he thinks government makes america work. he is wrong. it is people like john that make america work. [ applause ] i hope the president understands but mccannless trucking and sierra here, mccannless truck, all the businesses that the
11:57 am
mccannless family have organized, they were not built by government, they were built by the mccannless family and the people that work for that family. they were built by people, not by government. [ applause [ applause ] and so the time has come for a plan that will actually get america's workers back to work, create more jobs and more take home pay and i know how to do that. this is not a mystery for me. this is not theory. this is practice. and i've got five things i have got to do. hope to get the middle class working again with more jobs and more take home pay, five things, putting them in place get the economy going again, create jobs again, get higher incomes again, tell you what they are, number one, we will take advantage of energy in this country, oil, gas, coal, renewable, play the
11:58 am
goal, by the end of my second term, by the end of my second term. you got that, did ya? by the end of my second term, north america will be energy independent. we will not need to buy any oil from the middle east or from venezuela. [ applause ] number two, we are going to make sure the american workers of today and tomorrow have the skills to succeed in america. that means better schools, better job training programs, but we cannot continue to allow hur schools to perform at the bottom of the world. with to have bring our schools to be the best in the world. i did it. we can do it in my state. we can give our kids the competitive future they need with great schools.
11:59 am
[ applause ] number three, we have got to have trade that works for america that means that people cheat like china has cheated we don't let them keep doing that and we also open up new markets to sell our products to new places -- >> listening to mitt romney in las vegas talking about how he would be a better steward in dealing with the economy. want to listen in to president obama now speaking at the same time from the white house. >> thank you so much. thank you. everybody please have a seat. have a seat. well, it is great to see all of you. and i hope you guys are having a wonderful summer. i am joined here today by moms and dads, husbands and wives, middle class americans who work hard every single day to provide for their families. and like most americans, you know, they work hard and they don't ask for much. they do


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