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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  August 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out of our office. sending resources and helicopter requests and that sort of thing to assist with. there four main fires that we are keeping an eye on and we require additional assistance. >> was this from dry weather from heat or arson. >> absolutely the dry weather and heat. it played a huge in this. i know that cylinder investigation, but the drought that we have been experiencing here played a very big roll. >> you are looking into the possibility of arson or have you ruled that out? >> that would be the other agencies involve and from what i heard, they are investigating still. >> how many homes are being threatened or lost? we are trying to get an idea of what fires are burning.
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>> we know hundreds of homes have been threatened. i don't have a total yet on how many have been destroyed. as you can imagine, any number of homes have been destroyed are devastating for those people that are impacted. our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who has been impacted by the fires. >> appreciate the update calling in from the oklahoma department of emergency management. thank you very much. >> wildfires have a lot of fuel thanks to the drought. take a look at the drought map. the darker areas show where it is worse. right there in the middle of the country, we have the loss of crops and mississippi river getting dangerously low and doesn't seem like relief is on the way. to medical news, a new strain of swine flu to tell you about. 16 people have been infected over the past few weeks. most in ohio. though no one was hospitalized, all are linked to contact with
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pigs usually at places like the county fair. a spike in west nile virus. health officials say it is the biggest rise since 2004. 241 cases across the country with four deaths. one was in houston. it can be harmful to young children or the elderly. in colorado, the university hired an independent investigator to probe the school's handling of the theater shooting suspect, james holmes. he was being seen by lynn fenton you see in the photo. kmgh reports that she had a concern he might be a danger to others and told her colleague about it, but he dropped out of school before further evaluations were done. >> to news about the economy, the jobs report is a mixed bag. more jobs were added, but the unemployment rate still went up.
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karen has the details and the reactions. >> july's jobs report brought mixed news about the state of economic recovery. more jobs, but more americans unable to find work. according to the labor department, the nation's businesses created 163,000 jobs in july. beating economist expectations of 95,000. the unemployment rate tikd up slightly to 8.3% to 8.2% in june. three jobs reports remain and with mixed numbers came mixed reviews. republican mitt romney said president obama's plans are not works. >> it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america. the president has not had policies that put american families back to work. i do. i will put them in place and get america working again. >> acknowledging there too many out of work, the president noted
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1.1 million jobs created this year and said the economy is headed in the right direction, all be it slowly. >> we are not going to get there. we are not going to get to where we need to be if we go back to the policies that helped to create this mess in the first place. >> 12.8 million americans remain out of work. over 40% unemployed for six months or more. in washington. >> how did the rate go up when we added more jobs than expected? there was a drop in the size of the labor force and drop in the household employment. turning now to the 2012 olympics. a quick check of the standings shows a tight race for the
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coveted gold medals. the u.s. has 21 gold and edging out china by just one. south korea, great britain and france and germany with strong showings. the u.s. leads all nation with 43. leading the way is swimmer michael phelps who scored his third gold and the 17th of his career. we want to hear from you. who do you think is the real star of this year's olympics? you can sweet me as randi kaye and i will read your responses. we are dominating at the olympics, but why are we ranked so low when it comes to educating our children? we are putting education in america in focus. do you see it ?
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next week, many school districts will be reopening their doors and welcoming students back to the classroom. for some it will be their first time and others will be wrapping up their schooling career. the future of education is grim. right now the u.s. ranks 31 in k-12 education, reading and math proficiency are low and budget cuts are forcing teacher lay offs and school closures as well. we will be putting education in focus and start with a look at the facts. team usa enjoyed a lot of success in the summer's olympics. number one in the world in a variety of events and swimming to rowing to judo. the u.s. is number 31, below ireland, saudi arabia, and uzbekistan. >> education is a crisis right now in this country. i wish our politicians would get more serious about it. we are leaving children behind
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every day. >> the 2012 kids count report by the casey foundation fount that two out of three fourth graders were not reading proficiently, an improvement from 2005. the report noted that in most states, the rate of eighth graders not proficient is 60%. in washington, d.c. as high as 83%. numbers like these prompted president obama to call for reform. >> as a nation we have a responsibility to give students the resources they need from the highest quality of schools to the latest text books to science labs that actually work. in return, we should demand better performance. >> in nevada ranked last by the support in education, the situation is so grim that some families are choosing to leave the state all together. >> we want our kids to be exposed to the most and have the
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most opportunities in life and if the schools are not going to help out with that, we have to look elsewhere. >> school districts around the country are facing budget crisis and teacher layoffs. in los angeles, they let go more than 8500 teachers in the last four years as student enrollment dropped by 56,000. in columbus, ohio between 2005 and 2010, enrollment dropped 10%. in cleveland down 20%. the good news? the high school dropout rate declined to 7% from 1990 to 2010. that doesn't mean incomes are rising. the general income for a man with a high school diploma plummeted from $44,000 to below $33,000 in 2009 according to the department of education. >> this is where we have to get
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our act together. we are struggling and if there is one issue that folks can unite behind, i can't think of a better one. education and economy. >> education is the silver bullet. we heard that before. in michigan the gun is misfiring. that led to a lawsuit over a failure to teach. that is our focus next hour. are kids prepared? we will find out. as kids head back to school, it will be a great weekend to hit the back to school sales. many are helping out with tax-free holidays. 17 states and most of them are this weekend. of course it's a big help for parents and grandparents looking it get back to school items for the kids. from the u.s. to london and the making of an olympian. she is the golden girl of gymnastics after winning the women's all around title. a look at what it took for gabby douglas to get that gold. but first a very good morning to
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. >> gabby douglas. if you didn't know her name last week, you do now. the 16-year-old gymnast is america's new golden girl, winning the most coveted title in women's gymnastics.
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she has the distinction of being the first african-american woman to win the gold in the all-around competition. she didn't make olympic history without years of sacrifice. her mom told us what it took for gaby to get to the top. >> the competition started a long time ago. who could run the fastest. who could jump the farthest. who could jump higher on the couch. when she started really expressing an interest to do gymnastics, her sister ariel kept saying she is really good, mom. she wants to try it. you have to put her in. after years of perswuading me, took her to a trial class. she never wanted to come out of the gym. she would practice all the time. i realized when i got into this sport how expensive it was. the commitment over the years.
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sometimes it felt crushing. i didn't think i would be able to keep her in the sport. then i would think about it and say you have to fight. if i had to sell, i sold almost all my jewelry. if i had to pick up extra shifts at work. whatever it takes. when she began competing, it's hard. you are nervous and excited. even when she was 4. we would be on the edge of our seats. probably in about 2008 we were watching the olympics at a friend's house. she said i think i can do that. >> only three other americans have ever won the women's gymnastics all-around title. mary lou retton in 1984 and 20 years later carly patterson in
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athens followed by nastia liukin in 2008 and now the fabulous gabby douglas. the first week of the olympics is in the history books for some of the world's greatest athletes. the u.s. women's soccer team is on to the semi finals after defeating new zealand 2-0. missy franklin set a new world record after winning gold in the 200 meter back stroke and michael phelps took home his third gold that brings his career high to 17 gold. it's all about super saturday. we go to olympic park in london and that's where we find alex thomas. good morning. michael phelps returns to the pool today. what do you think we can expect? >> michael phelps is competing in the four by 100 relay. the last time we see him compete as an olympian. we have to get used to describing the greatest olympian
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of all time as a former swimmer. many forget he made his debut as a 15-year-old at the sydney games in 2000. for a dozen years, michael phelps thrilled with us his achievements at different olympic games. athens and the eight golds and here in london. it's seen as something of a failure at first, but came out with three golds and two silver and probably one later on taking his tal to 22. 18 golds he will end up with if the usa can win. extraordinary achievements and we tip our caps and say farewell to one of the greatest olympians of all time. >> that are will be tough for a lot of folks. let's talk about what's happening on dry land. the track and field events heating up as we get our first
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look at the world's fastest main, usain bolt. >> the running, the jumping and the throwing. it's all about the track and field. day two in the main stadium was there yesterday when it started. the first action that stadium had seen since last friday's opening ceremony. the atmosphere was electric and jam packed and huge cheers for the brits, but if you are look outside, the home nations. the defending olympic champion for four years. the man with the famous celebration did it again the next year. now seems to be coming back to his best at a time when he never had more rivals. hearns tyson gay and justin ghatler who missed beijing. it's a mouth watering clash in the men's 100 meter final. they are running the heats today
6:19 am
later on this saturday night. super saturday as you described it. it will be the women's 1 hundred helped meter final. the jamaicans swept the podium and the mellow runners don't want to see it happen again. >> they mark the debut of oscar pistorius who overcame amazing obstacles. tell us about his story. >> you are right. oscar pistorius lost his legs at a young age and has no chip on his shoulder running with the cheater legs. people have described him as springs, but that would be wrong. in the court of arbitration, he gets no unfair advantage hence why he is allowed to be the first both here at the olympics and go on to compete in the paraolympics. a moment of history to see him competing in track and field as
6:20 am
an able-bodied games. not in a fast time, but he was in the top two. he eased down and has plenty in the tank. not expected to reach the final. slightly controversial for some, but mainly for most it's a triumph and a question of exclusivity and a moment of history. >> for may be controversial, but it's inspiring. thank you so much. nice to see you. back in the u.s., a member of the nudist club fears a road project will expose them to, yes, you get the picture. a jumping goat? what else do you need to know? we have a jumping goat. no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers.
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. >> welcome back. 26 minutes past the hour. checking stories. cross-country we begin in hawaii where this fighter jet was forced to make an emergency landing in the northwest hawaiian islands. a camera captured the landing. it was one on of four flying to japan. they believe the jet was having fuel problems. check out this video out of garden grove, california. the robber suspects pointed their guns and then watch. suddenly, they are running away. what you can't see is a 65-year-old woman who stood her ground and shot at the robbers.
6:25 am
clearly these guys messed with the wrong woman. keep watching here. look closely. on the lower right, you see that dog on the counter? he is growling and standing his ground too. police are looking for the suspects. no one was hurt and nothing taken from the skotore. >> members of a nudist camp are worried that a project to expand a major highway will expose them to noise and traffic. >> people come through the gate, they come in to relax. they don't want to hear tractor-trailers and cars and things flying up the highway. >> the project would bring the interstate along the private nudist resort founded more than 60 years ago. the state rejected the request to put up a 20-foot wall. both sides considering natural
6:26 am
barriers like trees and shrubs. in maine they are not paying attention to olympic gymnasticses because they have their own jumping goat who has been the darling of the internet. we get the story from matt thomas in maine. >> katherine and rob moved to their farm ten years ago. one of the animals is a goat named butter milk. she is six years old and a new you tube sensation after a video of her jumps over other goats made it on you tube on wednesday. >> they said i think i saw your goat on the today show. i said yeah, right. another colleague in houston said your goats are on the "today" show. i better go figure this out. i look and sure enough, there they were talking about our goats from london. >> she said at the time that if the video got 1,000 hits she and rob would make a $25 donation.
6:27 am
now that the goat has been seen by millions? >> we made the donation for the first 1,000 views of the video and we are talking about how we might be able to work together to help benefit the work they do. >> butter milk has been jumping around pretty much since she was born. what they captured on video was a first. >> when we brought her out to run in the yard, that was the first time we had seen the real sort of karate kid moves. >> the kicking and knocking over. that's the first time she had done that. it was sort offer issen dipity that we caught it. >> they can't believe what they have seen and they don't think it will change butter milk that much. >> did you see her knocking down the other goats?
6:28 am
adorable. that was matt thomas and so far, butter milk you tube video has been viewed 2.9 million times. at $25 for every 1,000 hits they would be on the hook for $72,000. it's a good thing they didn't make that promise after all. >> what are does it take to compete at the olympic level? we will pull up a chair to the olympic training table and let you know what keeps the athletes performing at their peak. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network. a living, breathing intelligence helping business, do more business. in here, opportunities are created and protected. gonna need more wool! demand is instantly recognized and securely acted on across the company. around the world. turning a new trend, into a global phenomenon.
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and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. . it is the bottom of the hour. i'm randi kaye, thank you for starring your day with us. hillary clinton continues her african visit with a stop in kenya. on friday, mrs. clinton stopped to visit a school. she is in the region to discuss security with kenyan authorities and somalia's outgoing transitional government. a twist in the ebolla outbreak receiving treatment escaped overnight from the hospital at the center of the outbreak that began in western uganda with 53 confirmed cases. 16 have die and 312 people are suspected of being infected.
6:33 am
police in peru tearing through massive feels of marijuana. they have destroyed 55 tons of the plants. they were found growing in a remote part of the country. peru was the top cocaine producer in the world and now this. the battle continues to rage in syria the day after the general a gem blee slammed the government for actions against its own people. we have reports of fighting for control of the state-run radio and tv studios. joining me from northern syria is senior international correspondent ben wiedeman. what is the latest we are hearing? do we know who has control of the building that houses the and radio studio? >> we know there were intense battles overnight around the broadcasting building in the central area. eventually the army forces were able to take control of the
6:34 am
building. however early hours of the morning we are told that the building came under bombardment of syrian aircraft and they apparently have abandoned the building because it was too much of an easy target for the government forces. we are told that they did leave the flag of the army flying over the building and it does represent something of a symbolic hit for the syrian regime. that is a broadcasting building and no longer able to put out a signal to the northern part of the country. the battle still rages for control of this critical city. in northern syria we get report of large columns of military vehicles heading from the syrian coast towards the city to
6:35 am
reinforce in and around the area. >> secretary clinton is saying it's only a matter of time for the regime. based on what you are seeing and hearing, is she right? >> she may be right, but that's the fairly vague statement. clearly it's not a matter of days or weeks before this regime falls. certainly if you look at the international isolation which they are subject to, if you look at what appears to be the gradually slowly growing and fighting capability of the opposition, it does seem that it is only a matter of time. that could be many months before this regime falls. it clearly has not lost the will despite an increasing number of deflec deflections by army officers and they are loyal to the regime and ready to fight and die for it.
6:36 am
>> kofi annan stepped down under pressure. does that have any impact on the unrest there? >> most of the people you speak to don't seem to think it will make a difference. his admission does didn't make much difference before he resigned. it was very much diplomatic window dressing, the fighting since the beginning of the un arab league only intensified and the fact that he resigned doesn't seem to have had any real impact on the fighting on the ground. randi? >> thank you very much for your reporting there. stay safe. they spent countless hours training to get to where they are, but what are the athletes eating? we hope you are hungry. what it takes to fuel a world class athlete. [ female announcer ] great taste is always in style
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ah, it's terrible, terrible! driver, driver! cut across, cut across, we'll never make it downtown this way. i like you siri, you're going places. [siri] i'll try to remember that. welcome back. acid attacks and poisoned water and the daily fear of violence keeps school girls and teachers in afghanistan fearing for their lives, but this week's cnn hero is fearlessly giving them one. opening minds in the process for free. >> in afghanistan, most of the girls have no voice. they are used as property of a family.
6:40 am
the picture is very grim. my name is rozzia john and i'm a mounder of a girl's school in afghanistan. when we opened the school in 2008, 90% of them could not write their name. today 100% of them are educated. they can read and write. i lived in the u.s. for over 38 years, but i was really affected by 9-11. i really wanted to prove that muslims are not terrorists. i came back here in 2002. girls have been most oppressed. i thought i have to do something. it was a struggle in the beginning. i would sit with these men and i would sele them don't marry them when they are 14 years old. they want to learn. >> how do you write your father's name?
6:41 am
>> after five years, the men are proud of their girls. they themselves can write their name. still you have to take this with caution. some people are so much against girls getting educated. we provide free education to over 350 girls. i think it's like a fire. it will grow. every year my hope becomes more. i think i can see the future. >> john was nominated by a viewer like you. if you know someone who is making a difference in your community, visit cnn heros to dominate them. your contribution can help them help others.
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6:43 am
. you are what you eat. that well-known phrase probably hit the american mainstream when victor lanlar wrote a book by that name about 70 year ago. what are you if you consume 10,000 calories a day? you should be training like olympic swimming legend michael phelps. phelps poked fun at his diet when he hosted "saturday night live" a few years ago. >> tired of suffering through a salad at lunch? >> then get a pound of pasta, three cuban sandwiches, a fried turkey, a barrel of halloween understand candy and to watch it down, a pitcher of hol an daze sauce. >> now that's lunch. >> joining me now is paige love.
6:44 am
good morning to you. we have a table hereof food. not everybody can eat like phelps, right? some people need to eat like gabby douglas. what would her diet look like? >> we are looking at a 200 pound athlete versus a 100 pound athlete. he needs twice if not more. she needs the same types of food, but the portions would be scaled down. for example, we might be looking at her meat portion being the deck of cards or the palm of a woman's hand. michael phelps's meat would be like this eight-ounce steak. >> that's the size to go by even for the rest of us. >> the petite athlete would need close to the palm of their hand. that's a good frame of reference. for pasta, for example, for fueling their exercise, she may not cup where as he may need three cups.
6:45 am
>> the grains and the fruit and the vegetables? >> the new government model for healthy eating. 3/4 of the plate is carbohydrates and 1/4 is protein. may may have half or 2/3 in protein. a lot of women may need to scale that back. >> not so heavy on carbs. >> yes. >> what about an average person trying to stay fit. what is the right balance? i have seen and read a lot about this where people overeat because they are training so much they look at it as an excuse to keep eating. >> i talk about it every day. a nutritionist of carbs and protein. skim milk and cereal or whole grain wraps or breads. lean ground meat. that combination is key for any
6:46 am
active person to stabilize their blood sugar and keep them fuelled. eating frequently and small meals, carving up a little bit for activity and using proteins in the recovery. >> you mention a lot of protein with a protein powder and a lot of protein sources. how much protein do you need. >> it is based on your body size. half of your pounds in grams is a representative example of what you need. some athletes like michael phelps may need a whey protein, but gabby would want a chocolate milk. this is something that we recommend for the normal athlete to get to within the first half hour. it's a nice balance. not too high of a protein supplement. >> what are if there is an aspiring michael phelps or gabby douglas. it's never too early to get them started eating the right way. >> definitely not too early. you can train your body to store
6:47 am
more fuel. that is so key. 60% coming from all these good things we have been talking about. we want to start eating that way and you train your to store more fuel. eating frequently that we talked about. hydrating well until your urine is a pale clear color. that may be like a lemonade color. maybe recording your food intake and using a program that allows them to look at how well they are fuelling to make sure they are meetings their energy needs. online applications are popular as they travel and need something convenient. increasing the colorful foods. we have the broccoli and the greens. a lot of teen athletes are not big on vegetables. they are missing the boat on this. the nutrients that help them stay healthy and fight infection and compete.
6:48 am
thank you. appreciate that. great advice. >> so that is what an olympic athlete eats. similar diets cause problems for the military and say there is a problem fighting fit recruits because america is just too fat. what are they doing about it? we will tell you. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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you all heard that america is just getting too fat. obesity is an epidemic among children, but now it's becoming a problem for the military. . >> this is not how mercedes looked a decade ago when she tried to enlist in the national
6:52 am
guard and was rejected, told she was too fat. >> i am happy they didn't let me in at 220 pounds. i probably would have died out there. >> according to a report from a group called mission readiness, 25% of all potential recruits are turned away because of their weight. the problem is potentially so serious, commanders of all rank who is spearheaded the study describe it as a potential threat to national security. >> a statistic that blows me away on that is one in four americans is too obese. young americans are too obese to join the military. >> admiral jamie barnett and admirals warned of the problem two years ago in a new follow-up report, still too fat to fight, they contend the military is working harder than ever to find eligible recruits. >> more and more we are seeing that those folks showing up at the recruiting centers are not really fit to come into the military. >> hundreds of recruits wound up
6:53 am
dischanged early because of weight-related issues. >> recruit who is have not done as well don't do as well in boot camp and more likely to not complete the first term of enlistment. >> the cost? $60 million a year invest and lot in recruits and finding replacements. the problem is reversible. they are targeting school lunch programs and vending machines. pointing to the success of new york city schools and regulating unhealthy food and lowering average student weight. as for mercedes, she reapplied after dropping 80 pounds. >> if you are going into a com bad zone, you want to be safe and able to maneuver and protect yourself and protect your fellow soldiers. overweight, how are goug run and get away? >> they target young generations so when the time comes, they will be ready. the nation's leaders, hoping to
6:54 am
stem the child obesity crisis so it doesn't become what they believe could be a national security crisis. cnn, new york. >> tropical storm ernesto is moving west. we will have more on the storm's latest track at the top of the hour. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car, and your good driving can save you up to 30%.
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>> welcome back. earlier we asked who you thought was the star of this year's olympics. uba tweeted gabby douglas. what an inspiration. if not missy franklin, then gabby douglas. rosemary had a smart peek. the people keeping the place clean.
6:58 am
who do you think is the star of this year's olympics? keep the tweets coming. tweet me at randi kaye cnn. thanks for starting your morning with us. we have more on this saturday morning that starts right now. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta a this is cnn saturday morning. job numbers are up and so is unemployme unemployment. each puts his spin on the new report, we will give you the faxes and what it means for the econo economy. we are number one here, but nowhere close here. all morning we put education in focus. why in the world is our system ranked lower than ireland, saudi arabia, and uzbekistan. did you see this? the happiest olympic worker has
6:59 am
an interesting approach to rousing the crowd. we decided to see if the same trick in london would work in new york. happy saturday, everyone. i'm randi kaye and it's 7:00 on the east coast and 4:00 out west. extreme weather and wildfires and at least four major fires burning. we talked to the official at the department of emergency management and said the drought played a big part in all of this and said hundreds of homes are being threatened by these fires. they are preparing to send more resources to fight the fires today. other extreme weather, tropical storm ernesto is moving west right now. the storm hit the windward islands with heavy rain and 60 mile per hour winds. right now it's around 300 miles south of puerto rico. ernesto is


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