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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 5, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> the fighting is forcing a surprise move by hillary clinton. she plans to go to turkey next weekend for talks on the escalating crisis in neighboring syria. in oklahoma now firefighters are renewing efforts to stop a wildfire and save homes. it's led people to do whatever they can to try and save all they own. >> our water wouldn't come on. the electricity is off. and i took my shirt off and just started hitting the flames around my house where the grass is short. >> the fire is being fueled by the ongoing drought. the lack of rain and soaring temperatures have caused a perfect storm for the fires. there was a little rain yesterday, but not enough to really help out those firefighters. in legal news, reports that jared lee loughner may plead guilty in the shooting of gabby
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giffords. he was originally ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial but has been receiving treatment. loughner is blamed in the attack in arizona last year that killed six and wounded 13 others in a tucson, arizona, parking lot. people had gathered for a meet and greet with congresswoman giffords. giffords is recovering but retired from congress earlier this year. the u.s. attorney's office tells cnn they can't confirm or deny reports on a possible plea. to politics now. and the question on everyone's lips, hey, mitt, who's it going to be? who are you picking as vice president? so is he finally ready to reveal the name? here is cnn political editor paul steinhauser. >> all eyes will be on mitt romney this week for insight on who he'll choose as his running mate. >> i will absolutely decide and announce my running mate before the third day of the republican convention in august. but other than that, i have
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nothing for you. >> the republican presidential challenger campaigning in iowa tuesday and wednesday. friday, he kicks off a four-day bus tour through three other battleground states, virginia, north carolina, and florida. it's also a busy campaign week for president obama. he fund raises tomorrow in connecticut and reaches out to voters in the crucial swing state of colorado later in the week. randi? >> paul, thank you very much. president obama is getting some hollywood help on the campaign trail. actress eva longoria attended an obama for women rally in miami. she was also sporting an hispanics for obama pin. she talked with local reporters about why she's chosen to back president obama. >> i don't like the direction in which it would turn if mitt romney was president. he does not represent what i value as american values. you know, president obama just reflects the america that i want to see. >> but don't feel badly for mitt
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romney. he added his own celebrity endorser this weekend. academy award winner clint eastwood, who said he was backing governor romney because the country needs a, quote, boost. now to the olympics and all the action in london today. for women boxers, it is a day that's been several years in the making and now they will take their place among the greatest athletes in the world in london. alex, good morning. this is a milestone. how did it come about, and what do you think we can expect to see over the next few days? >> reporter: it came about simply because quality is as much a watch word in sports as any other area.
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people pointed out four years ago in beijing, hey, the men get to box. the women don't. and actually women's boxing was not in the original program for london 2012 but it was included in a landmark decision in 2009. so women have had three years to train for this. and it's a five-day tournament. and 36 fighters have come to london in 2012 from 23 different countries to contest three different weight divisions, flyweight, middleweight, and lightweight. and it is an historic occasion. >> let's talk track and field. today, oscar pistorius will continue his historic run in the games. >> yes. oscar pistorius known as the blade runner, the fastest man with no legs. the first amputee to compete at the olympic games. and we celebrated yesterday when he got through to the semifinals. and that's what we'll be racing
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on later on today. he'll have to run a lifetime best to get through to the final. we had huge storms in the area recently. if that happens again, rain tonight, that could be a problem for oscar because his blades touch the surface in a very small surface area. it's one of the disadvantages to having blades. controversy that some might argue he has an advantage. but we all wish oscar well as he is also making olympic history. and a lot of people waiting for the rematch today between andy murray of course and roger federer. he is getting his second chance at federer. so what do you think? how is he looking? >> absolutely. well, i forgot to mention the men's 100 meters final as well later. fastest man on the planet, usain bolt, looking forward to that as we are the tennis, which starts in less than an hour's time. roger federer against andy murray, the same two who contested the wimbledon championships last month. they are back at wimbledon again. going for men's gold. federer might be the most
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success tfl player in men's tennis, but he's never won an individual men's gold. he won the doubles four years ago. murray is not only going for that title to try and beat federer to the gold medal. he is also going for the gold in the mixed doubles with british teammate robson. so an exciting day. >> wouldn't it be something for andy murray to take it there in london? alex, thanks so much. nice to see you. looking for life on mars. nasa is closer to getting answers as the curiosity of rover closes in on the red planet. we'll check out how they're pulling off this incredible mission. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers.
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is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons.
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the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. ♪ ( whirring and crackling sounds ) man: assembly lines that fix themselves. the most innovative companies are doing things they never could before, by building on the cisco intelligent network. good morning to our viewers in atlanta. thanks for starting your day with cnn's "sunday morning." it is an exciting time for nasa
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scientists. or really anyone who's ever looked into the sky and wondered if there is life on other planets. that's because the curiosity rover is close to reaching mars, where it will search for signs of life. and chad meyers is with us this morning to talk more about this. let me get this straight. eight months in space. 354 million miles travelled. >> right. >> and $2.5 billion spent on this thing. this has to go right. >> and it's not the first mars rover that may not get it right there. have been others that have bounced around and not really landed correctly. but this is a major milestone in history here for us. we will -- i am convinced -- it's not if we find some type of life on mars. we will find not maybe living, maybe it lived a billion years ago. you know, that idea. but with this rover we are going to find something. but it's not without their terror, their seven minutes or 14 minutes of terror depending on how you want to add it all up. there's the rover. it's as big as a small car.
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it has cameras. it has lasers. it has sensors to sense the atmosphere. it's going to be looking for methane, which is caused by living things putting off that gas. this is going to be a vehicle that we will see land here. you're going to hear a lot about gail crater. no, it's not a lady with a talk show. gail crater. there it is right there. and mt. sharp there in the middle. it's half as tall as mt. everest. the crater, way deep down into this mars surface. it's been hit by something, an asteroid, whatever it was, about 300 million years ago. so this has been a big hole in the surface for a long time. so if there's water, where will it go? go the hole. that's why they want to be there. what's all this fuss about how hard it is to land on mars? we have landed on the earth so many times. how hard can it be? the atmosphere in mars is 100 times less dependence than the
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atmosphere of the earth. so when they deploy this parachute that will slow it down to 300 or so miles per hour, it doesn't going to do very much because it doesn't have a lot of air to catch. so now all of a sudden we have on do this sky crane maneuver with all of the jets going back and forth. and this is the nasa video here. and we'll show you how it all works. there's the unit up there on top dropping by cables the rover down. so why don't you just land it with jets all the way to the surface? they thought about that, but they thought if we put this thing all the way down to the surface, it's going to kick up a bunch of dust and cover our rover with dust, and maybe our camera lenses won't be able to see anymore. they said we can't take this all the way down to the surface. we have to lower it by sky crane. and here it is. it's going to drill into the mars surface, and it has lasers to break up rocks. and it can tell us what's in that rock. will there be any fossils or bacteria?
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what possibly else could we be seeing on the martian surface? this is such an exciting time. the seven minutes of terror happens because at the speed of light, the signal from this rover back to earth takes 14 minutes to get there. so it takes 14 minutes to get that signal back. we won't even know if this thing landed safely until well after it landed and it's already moving or it's crashed. >> it is so exciting. >> that's why you just won't know. >> but fingers crossed it lands safe lee aly and it finds signs life. >> right. they think they see layers of strata, kind of like at the grand canyon. and if that happened, that happened only because -- let me go back to a graphic i had, because of erosion. if there's erosion -- this is an image of another thing flying around. it looks like there's a little erosion right through here.
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if that truly is erosion, it has to be water. and if there's water, there certainly can be life. that's why they're going here. and maybe we'll find dinosaurs on mars that have lived four billion years ago. i don't know. it's going to be this intense with this new rover. the atmosphere, sensors, being able to drill, explode these rocks with lasers, it's never been done before. i know it's $2.5 billion, but it's very exciting. >> i guess we'll get the images pretty soon, a few hours or so after it lands? >> well, they'll tell us whether it was safely down. it has a bunch of unfolding to do. rather than the old rovers like we had which relied on the sunshine this is actually a nuke powered rover. there's a nuke reactor inside this thing that will last for many, many years. so we don't have to worry about the sun going dim in the winter and bright in the summer. >> i'm setting my alarm clock.
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the end ♪ ♪ but square cut or pear shaped ♪ ♪ >> that may be one of the most iconic images ever, marilyn monroe singing "diamonds are a girl's best friend." she was found dead 50 years ago. her home was filled with foster homes and an often absent mother. bleaching her hair blonde and perfecting her walk, she skyrocketed to fame in hollywood, becoming an international sex symbol. decades later her films are still remembered including "some like it hot" and "bus stop." marilyn would be 86 years old today. we want to hear from you today. what do you think marilyn monroe's lasting legacy is 50 years after her death? you can tweet me and i'll read some of your responses later this hour. checking stories across
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country now, nascar wants to bring attention to the case of two little girls who went missing in iowa. 9-year-old elizabeth collins and her 10-year-old cousin lyric cook were riding their books near a lake when they vanished two weeks ago. today, two cars in the nascar sprint cup race will sport a special decal bearing the girls' images. it will also show the telephone number for the national center for missing and exploited children. we all know texting and driving is dangerous. this next story in texas drives home that point. a man was driving and when he tried texting he drove off a cliff. his truck had major damage, and the man almost died. >> just need to understand, don't do it. don't do it. it's not worth losing your life. >> doctors in texas say they are seeing more injuries from driving while texting accidents. a frightening crash and a nile biting rescue to tell you about. a pregnant woman was driving
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with her two young children when her vehicle tumbled into a ravine. the children were just 3 and 5 years old. fire crews managed to get the children's mother out as well. and take a look at the newest resident of the north carolina zoo. the baby gorilla was born yesterday at approximately 8:00 a.m. he is a boy. and the zoo says that he is healthy, strong, and active. now he is about 24 hours old. and the zoo is getting ready for another gorilla birth in november. a california man lost his job around the same time that president obama took office. four years later, has he found work? and does he think the president deserves to be re-elected?
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24 minutes past the hour. mitt romney is hammering the president over the new jobs report. it was really a mixed bag. 163,000 new jobs added, but the unemployment rate still rose to 8.3%. president obama says it's evidence that the recovery is working. while romney says it's a failure by the white house. he spoke with our chief political analyst gloria borger about what he thinks needs to happen next. >> now is the time for something dramatic. and it is not the time to grow government. it's the time to create the incentives and the opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses big and small to hire more people. and that's going to happen. you're going to see that happen in this country but not under this president. >> you can see more of that
8:23 am
exclusive interview coming up on cnn's "state of the union" at 9:00 a.m. right here on cnn this morning. and for the man mitt romney hopes to replace, president obama, a second term in office could hinge on whether american voters think he is doing enough to create jobs. that includes one california man, who has been out of work for all of the president's first term. all of it. he spoke with cnn about his experience and whether he thinks the president should be re-elected. >> reporter: the start of the day, and a new fulltime job for ernie casillas. these first steps on the los angeles airport tarmac have been nearly four years in the making. how long were you unemployed? >> i'm going on four years november 6. >> reporter: four years? >> yes. >> reporter: barack obama started his new job as president a short time after casillas lost his job making big bucks as a mortgage broker. cnn met him as a subprime mortgage crisis wreaked havoc on
8:24 am
the economy and his own career. >> driving an expensive car. expensive suits. now i'm broke just like everybody else that's out of work. it humbles you. >> reporter: he not only lost his job, but his home and his marriage. he moved in with his mother. casillas went to job fairs and networks sending out hundreds of resumes. he started his own computer consulting company, but it never took off. increasingly desperate, he put this ad on craigslist stating bluntly, i need a job. last year, still unemployed, he hit downtown los angeles carrying a sign. >> but i am so tired of collecting unemployment. >> i just think there's a lot of us who know we're not that far away from where you are. >> yes. >> reporter: last week, he was at rock bottom. >> i had something to eat.
8:25 am
but i didn't have money for gas. i looked under my car seat, and i had $1.65. >> reporter: that paid for the gas that took him to meet anna rosales, who gave him a job as a supervisor for her cleaning company newly contracted at l.a.x. >> he deserves it. everyone deserves to work. have you ever been unemployed, not able to pay a bill? there's a whole lot of ernies out there. >> reporter: as the next presidential election looms with the economy as a defining issue, casillas' political intentions may surprise you. who are you going to vote for? >> obama. >> reporter: why not vote for mitt romney? >> he -- i don't think that he's with the people. he is the person we work for. >> reporter: he says that obama deserves more time. he says his long jobless ordeal showed him there's no easy path out of employment and no quick fix for this country's sluggish
8:26 am
economy. the latest job data does show slight improvement. >> the labor department says 160,000 people are no longer considered long-term employed. but millions more have been out of work for six months or longer. >> he still wears the tattooed symbols of hate on his body, but he's trying to change that. hear from a former white supremacist who now embraces christianity. wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback signup for 5% cashback at gas stations through september. it pays to discover. like the elephant on my chest... he thought he was having a heart attack. she said, "take an aspirin, we need to go to the hospital." i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm very grateful to be alive. aspirin really made a difference.
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welcome back to cnn sunday morning. i'm randi kaye. here are some of the stories we're watching this hour. we start in oklahoma where destructive wildfires are quickly moving through neighborhoods. already 100 homes have been burned. hundreds of people were evacuated ahead of the fires. oklahoma's governor toured the damage yesterday. rains from tropical storm ernesto are hitting jamaica right now. the storm has weakened a good bit with winds down to about 50 miles per hour. ernesto is still expected to strengthen into a hurricane later this week, but tracking models have it mostly missing the u.s. and the mars rover curiosity is nearing its final destination. it is supposed to land at about 1:30 in the morning. the mission is to see if there is any evidence that life once existed on mars. nasa is expecting to see the
8:31 am
first pictures from curiosity just a few hours after it lands. serena is looking to compete the olympic double in london. she captured the singles gold yesterday, and is playing along with her sister venus for doubles gold right now. in "faces of faith" this morning, we bring you the story of one man who's learned to let go of hate and is now embracing christiansonity. chris simpson lived as a white supremacist for years. it was just a few months ago that the former marine began to believe his involvement with hate groups would lead him down the wrong path. chris is joining me now to talk about that journey. chris, good morning. >> good morning, randi. how are you? >> well, thank you. tell me, what was that moment,
8:32 am
your aha moment, if you will, that made you turn away from hate and embrace christianity? >> it was something that i already knew, that i just needed an outside perspective to tell me. a friend of mine, ronnie, who works across the street, that is of arabic descent, told me, he says, all that hate that you're carrying around, it's doing nothing more than killing you. you know, he said, yeah, you may make someone mad or angry early in the day. but at the end of the evening, they will have shrugged it off and let it go and you're still carrying it around. and that was the defining moment. that was what i needed to hear. >> it sounds like it. he sent you back down the other path. but what made you become a white supremacist in the first place? >> it was an abundance of emotions. when i was 11 years old, i lost my grandfather to leukemia.
8:33 am
in april of 2000, i lost my daughter to open spina biff da. and that was also what took me away from christianity. but i was filled with anger and hatred and jealousy and envy and confusion. and i just started listening to everything around me. and i could relate to other people. and it started building, the anger and the hatred just started building, and i wanted others to feel as angry and as full of hate as i felt. >> what did you think that movement offered you, though? >> acceptance. i could identify with a lot of different people because of things they had gone through in their life related to things that i was going through in my life. it was a family oriented
8:34 am
lifestyle. i mean, you were brought together. and you bonded together as a family. >> and so now you have this change and you're embracing christianity. how is your family taking this? >> my family loves it. i love it so much. i don't have anywhere near as much stress. i have five children. all under the age of 10. and with five children, that young, there's -- there's enough amount of stress there as it is. but my son, my 9-year-old, he is going to be our pastor. he does foot washings that he has seen in the gospel of john. he's done baptisms. repeating the words that my pastor asked me when i had my baptism done april 15. >> and do your kids see the change in you?
8:35 am
have they noticed? have you spoken to them about maybe some of the wrong decisions that you think you made? >> yes. yes, they have noticed it. i am noticing more of a change in them than i believe that they notice in me. when they were born, we were already in the white supremacist movement. so all they had been taught was hatred. >> right. >> that's all they knew. and the flip from hatred to peace and understanding has been so dramatic. and just -- i can't believe how far they've come in just a short amount of time. >> chris simpson, what a story. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> and for more stories on faith, be sure to check out our widely popular belief blog at a war of words breaks out in washington over taxes.
8:36 am
why those five little letters are looming large both in congress and on the campaign trail. and we're remembering marilyn monroe this morning on the 50th anniversary of her being found dead in her los angeles home. we want to know what you think her lasting legacy is. you've been tweeting me all morning. and i'll read some of your thoughts. e story of a girl named annie who dreamed she could fly. like others who braved the sky before her, it took a mighty machine, and plain old ingenuity to go where no fifth grader had gone before. ♪ and she flew and she flew, into the sky and beyond. my name is annie and i'm the girl who dreamed she could fly. powered by intel core processors. ♪ there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away !
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living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? good morning, washington, d.c. so glad you're starting your day with cnn. we'll be right back in 60 seconds.
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we have been talking about this all morning. in 1962, half a century ago today, the iconic marilyn monroe was found dead in her l.a. home. and the fascination with the hollywood star has not faded. performers from madonna to lady gaga have emulated her pin-up style, and she even has 3 million twitter followers and more than 4 million facebook as well. so i've asked you what her legacy is all these years later. meg wrote in, i think her legacy was about being real, to be happy with yourself because imperfections are beautiful. and jack tweeted, ms. monroe was today's kim darr yash think. do you the math. and then finally, marilyn mon e
8:41 am
monroe's movies are still amazing to watch. i watch them all the time with my grandmother. so what do you think monroe's legacy is? keep tweeting me at randi kaye cnn. put up or shut up. that was the word to harry reid who made the unsubstantiated claim that mitt romney didn't pay taxes for years. but reid says romney may want to take his own advice and open up the books. so now to join me with a preview of "state of the union" is candy crowley. will reid give up his source or will the romney team release more tax records to put this issue behind him? >> yeah, no, neither one, i don't think. harry reid, i covered for some time, and i don't see him backing down. do i see one day that this particular line of attack goes away and something else comes up? perhaps. but he's not going to give up his sources.
8:42 am
and he's not going to give up his attack. they like this. in the reid camp. they like this in chicago at the re-elect headquarters. because what does it keep on the front pages? mitt romney's taxes or lack thereof, his returns in the public. so i don't see harry reid thinks what he's doing is working. so he's not about to stop. and i -- from what i can tell, in camp romney, there is absolutely no movement toward thinking, hey, why don't we just put these things out? i think he's going to put out one more set of tax returns. that's this year's once they are complete. he's been on an extension. and that will be it. i don't see either one of them backing off. but perhaps it will quiet down with something else starts up. >> yeah. absolutely. the next issue. you're going to have more of romney's exclusive interview with gloria borger on the show today. we played a few clips of that. that will be an interesting one. >> absolutely. it's always interesting to know
8:43 am
what he thinks. gloria asked him a lot of questions about the current economy off the new jobs report, which obviously you know mitt romney and barack obama read entirely differently. so we will be playing part of that. and getting some response from robert gibbs, who is a senior advisor to the obama campaign. we'll also talk to lindsey graham. a >> all right, candy. we'll be watching. thanks so much. >> thanks. and keep it here for state of the union with candy crowley starting in about 15 minutes at 9:00 a.m. eastern, 6:00 a.m. pacific, right here on cnn. there have been 47 vice presidents to serve the u.s. since 1789. three won the nobel peace prize. and i'll tell you why one former vp says the job isn't, quote, worth a pitcher of warm spit. don't go anywhere. k.
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in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management welcome back. now a look at some of the big stories in the week ahead. first thing on monday morning, of course, or later tonight depending on where you live, nasa's rover will touch down on mars after its eight-month journey. the $3.6 billion vehicle will be looking for life on our neighboring red planet. and also on monday, later in the day, the third annual department of education bullying
8:48 am
prevention summit begins in washington. one of the focuses will be to understand the connection between bullying and suicide. now taking a look at tuesday, tucson's safeway shooting suspect jared loughner will be back in court for a competency hearing. the "wall street journal" is reporting that loughner will plead guilty to some or all of the charges against him. taking a look here at thursday, that is the next hearing for ft. hood shooting suspect nadal hassan, who has made news for contempt of court by showing up with a beard. if he doesn't shave by the jury selection, he will be forcibly shaved in fact. and on friday, mitt romney kicks off four-day bus tour targeting media markets from virginia through north carolina. and there's your look at the week ahead. john adams famously called the vice presidency, quote, the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination
8:49 am
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politicians, journalists, and millions of americans are waiting for republican candidate mitt romney to name his running mate. and the decision sure to steal headlines when it happens. but others, well, just don't think the announcement will be such a big deal in the long run. just last thursday, texas governor rick perry said it won't do much to change the dynamic of the presidential race unless of course the pick makes a huge gaffe. and some former vice presidents
8:53 am
think it was a big joke. john adams called it the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or conceived. and john nance garner said the vice presidency isn't worth a pitcher of warm pitch. dean, good morning. these former vice presidents say it's useless. but in your new cnn op-ed, you say it's one of the greatest jobs in america, even better than being president. why is that? >> absolutely. it's a great job. you get paid $230,000 a year. you get a plane. you get your own house. you get a staff. it's like being a kardashian, and you have less responsibilities than a kardashian to be honest. no one knows what the vice president does on a daily basis. he hangs out, gets paid great, treated like a celebrity. secondly, honestly, the vice president is safe. the president, sadly, some in our history have been shot. remember dick cheney shot his friend in the face a couple of
8:54 am
years ago. and aaron burr had a duel and killed alexander hamilton. and we think our climate of politics is tough. i think it's a great job, honestly. it's a job i would like. >> i believe that dick cheney apologized. it wasn't on purpose. >> i'm not saying it was on purpose. sure. >> but they do have some -- the vice president does have some duties here and constitutionally man dated responsibilities. so it's not just, you know, number two hanging around. >> well, you know, he does. and absolutely true. he has three constitutionally mandated duties. and one, he is the president of the senate, which is ceremonial. if there's a tie in the senate, he casts the tie-breaking vote. zero times in four years. and he has to read the result of the electoral college. there are assistant managers at mcdonald's that have more daily responsibilities than our vice president. there's a reason why it was open for 16 times throughout years. for years at a time, and nobody filled it because nobody cared. i mean, i think it's really an appealing job for a lot of people to think about.
8:55 am
>> you know, they have to be ready, you know, at a moment's notice. >> sure. >> it's a pretty important job, be ready to take over. they have to be qualified and ready to jump in. >> you have to be. i mean, that's the the big thing. i think if you're vice president, one of your biggest jobs is to make sure the president feels healthy and good. how are you feeling? good. all right. i don't want to do this job. i just like hanging out, doing wh what i'm doing. number two, be a beta male. that's what i aspire to myself. >> who do you think romney will pick? do you think this person can change the race or maybe just grab the headlines? >> a little bit. everybody is talking about rubio or ryan. i think portman from ohio has some tangibles. he has the foreign policy experience. he was budget director of the senate. also, he is actually more boring than romney and makes romney look exciting. romney, if you want a game changer, pick me. i am ready.
8:56 am
>> oh, boy. >> i have a campaign poster made for myself. >> are you really campaigning right here? >> i swear to you, i have a vision, integrity and great hair. or if obama wants to get rid of joe biden, this is not partisan. i will serve either party as vice president. >> i'm just not comfortable having you as the number two -- >> what? >> i'm sorry. i know we're not supposed to take sides here, but -- >> i have come on the show. i can still do this. what else would i have to do? i could come on the show every day. >> if you do become vice president, dean, they certainly have given a lot of comedians a lot of material over the years. do you have some favorites? >> our current vice president joe biden is amazing. everyone knows that the health care passed he goes this is a big f'ing deal. but also he was speaking with the prime minister of ireland at a public event and offered his condolences for the prime minister's mother dying when in
8:57 am
fact she is still alive. but i think the king, or the president, shall we say, of gaffes is jay danforth quayle. people might think remembered him. he was george bush before george bush. dan quayle said stuff like the republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and a child. so i don't know if bondage was the right term. but dan quayle also offered advice for potential vice presidents saying one word sums up your job when you're going to be a vice president. and that one word is to be ready. which is more than one word. >> just quickly, do you think that vice presidents go on, you know, to -- i mean, presidents go on to get their libraries and things like that. what happens to the vice president? >> i think they end up growing a beard and teaching at columbia university like al gore. or run an mtv network. fun stuff. >> lefall right, dean. thank you for your campaign.
8:58 am
washington minutes out for august, but there's no holiday in politics. today, taxes, the debt, and a five-week summer recess. >> we would like to have the votes before we leave here, but just can't do it. >> can anything break the gridlock? a conversation with republican senator lindsey graham. then the democrats offensive against mitt romney with obama campaign senior adviser robert gibbs. plus, adding up a muddled july jobs report. >> we've now created 4.5 million new jobs over the last 29 months. >> it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families in america. >> what the numbers say about business with bet founder bob johnson and former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. i'm candy crowley, and this is "state of the union." first today, mitt romney. gloria borger caught up with the nominee yesterday in indiana and he hit back on president obama's proposal to raise tax rates for
8:59 am
people making over $250,000 a year. >> i think it would be an enormous mistake for us to raise taxes on anyone right now with the economy in the trouble it's in. i also hope people understand that when they talk about raising taxes on the wealthy, as the president does, he's also talking about the same tax rate that applies to small business. >> more of that romney interview in just a few minutes. but i wanted to bring in republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina. thank you for joining us, senator. >> glad to be with you. >> let me ask you first about the president's plan or his wish to raise taxes essentially on those making $250,000 and above. we now have some democrats saying, you know what? if republicans are going to dig in, let all these taxes expire on the middle class, on everybody. are you willing to go that far? >> well, i think you've got a lot of the democrats saying it would be a bad idea to raise taxes on a million small businesses. here's the point. two years ago, president obama said now is not the time to


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