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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 5, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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especially for officer's safe. they're going to secure the scene first, then get officers in there to start searching. they're going to go through that with a fine tooth comb and one thing i'm sure of, going straight for his computer. doesn't seem like anyone goes to the public library anymore to make bombs. they search it on google and youtube. they're checking for explosive devices and looking out for officer's safety. my heart goes out to those officers. makes me miss being a police officer. i've lost so many friends in the line of duty that my haert goes heart goes out to the families. >> stick by, also with raj, when is who is a sikh and will be adding his perspective and we've gotten great information from him, but deb, what are you hearing? >> so, don, rob, what we're hearing is that clearly, the
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fact they've got a search warrant on this home, the fbi, law enforcement, they know the identity of the shooter. they are not releasing the identity. they are on their way to figuring out who this was. they're going to be looking at the computers, looking for any kind of forensic evidence they can. we are told that the shooter was not somebody known to the community when he burst in. it appears he targeted a small prayer room where prayers were just ending after celebration reading of the holy book, which they had been doing for three days. right now, families are still going to hospitals. still trying to figure out the status of those hurt, injured, killed. we know two police officers, this gunman tried to shoot and kill two police officers. both listed, one i should say listed in critical condition. he's been in surgery.
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they're not releasing the name of that police officer either. but according to police, that officer was ambushed by the gunman as he ran from the temple. another police officer tried to open fire after he himself was fired upon. so the seriousness in this is significant, obviously. also, we are told that in fact, several witnesses are being questioned and one of those who was shot and killed according to a community member, that was a priest. somebody who had just finished the celebration reading the holy book, so the community right now, they are in considerable shock. they have not gathered. they're just trying to figure out exactly what happened and why. but now we do know law enforcement getting a lot closer to understanding who this person is. >> we're really starting to hear the stories of heroism coming out on the police force's part
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afternoon, we've been hearing from witnesses, family members of some of the victims, some of whom were shot inside that temple just south of milwaukee. take a listen to some of the stories we've heard. all right. apparently, there's an issue with that. we'll get to it. again, it's breaking coverage here and of course, that happens, right? and we have ted rollins. >> on the ground, who's also been talking, following the police activity and also talking with survivors and family of some of the victims that were inside there. what can you share with us right now? >> reporter: well, rob and don, this is obviously a fluid investigation that continues with the execution of that search warrant at this hour. we have seen s.w.a.t. team members searching a field
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adjacent about a quarter mile away from the temple as well with dogs and drawn guns. obviously, traversing in a very methodical manner, an area behind the temple, searching for evidence. whether they're doing that on information they've received from possibly the suspect's family or something else, we don't know, but we know this. that there are a lot of officers scouring the grounds around this temperatu temple searching for any information they can get. getting information from inside the temple has been very difficult. we were fortunate enough however to talk to conwardy kalifi a. he was on his way to the shooting when it took place and is being used as an interpreter. take a listen to what he say about the shooter and what happened inside the temple. >> my get is there's probably
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just one. there are some conflicting accounts that maybe there's two in terms of hearing multiple gun shots. hear gun shots in the immediate vicinity, there's a caution of whether it's an echo, policemen or another gunman. >> you did hear witness testimony on the actual shooter. you're saying according to witnesses, he had a 9/11 tattoo. he was caucasian male. what else can you tell us about this witness that you heard from witnesses, the shooter? >> basically, he was fairly tall. around six foot. he was wear iing a white t-shir and black pants. and in terms of actual dwipgs, supposing he might have been driving a red car. didn't get a license plate on it. yeah, that's pretty much what we understand up to this point. >> at the scene, tell us about the lay out of the temple and what witnesses have told you.
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this was about an hour before most of the people hoar arriving for the 11:30 service. tell us what you can in terms of what you heard on what happened. >> so, essentially, the temple is located just off the street. when the gunman opened fire, killing at least one, if not two people there, the gunman proceeded to enter and i'm not sure where the shots were fired that the point. it might have been in this area just outside what we call the religious room, where we keep our holy book and where people pray and people from the kitchen had heard it and they fled and i guess he went into the holy room and opened fire on some individuals there. >> reporter: he was closest to an eyewitness than we've heard from so far, don and rob, telling us exactly what those witnesses have told police. a number of people are still in
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an adjacent bowling alley from the pem principle. they're being debriefed, seven plus hours from when the shooting took place. there's a language issues, so that's why they are bringing in interpreters from the temple to help with this investigation. looks like one suspect, however, investigation continues. >> ted rollins live for us on the ground there in oak creek, wisconsin. thanks, ted. >> we're having a fascinating conversation about sikhism with someone who is an expert. many say they want to hear more about this. i have heard you. you're going to hear more and we're going to have the conversation. where ever that leads, that's where we will go because i think it's a time for all of us to learn more about each other. on the other side of the break. i was a kid. n i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day, and that's what happened with university of phoenix.
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deb fayerick, want to get right to her. she's been working her sources and has some new information she wants to share with us. >> one of the things you have to keep in mind is this temple is is now an active crime scene.
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when the shooting ended it is this right now. what happened in this kind of situation is the fbi is going bring in its emergency response team. they're going to be photographers and have to take pictures of everything that is there. sketch everything as it is. the medical examiner will have to come in and look. the coroner will have to examine the bodies before they are removed. the bodies have not been removed from that temple because again, they've got to map this whole thing out. make sure that nothing is overlooked and it's one of those things where you have to remember, this man walked in and went directly to really what is the holy room of this sikh temple. whether he had been inside the temple, perhaps the direction he moved in, that would be indicative based on some of the evidence they find. how he entered and where the
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victims were sitting. we are told that a priest is among the dead and the president of the sikh temple actually tried to tackle the gunman. he was shot in the back. he was one of those listed in critical condition. so you still have people who are at the hospital who are being treated. families are going there because they're still trying to find out the condition of their loved ones. those who have not come home yet. so it's just a very, very scary time for the community. they haven't even come together yet because they themselves are trying to piece together what happened this morning, really. so right now, just a great deal of shock. but as we are told, law enforcement will come in. it will be quite some time before they're able to release the bodies to the coroner. all of that's going to have to be photographed first. the mobile crime scene coming in to do the work. >> i want to bounce in something you said there and bring in alex manning, a former police
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investigator. does that all jive with protocal call? what stands out to you? >> absolutely. they're going to go in slowly. you've got to understand, when you go into a crime scene, you take things in and when you leave, you take things out! alex, hold that thought. we have time cues. for a minute, the producers have been saying just so you guys know, go to our break. this conversation's going to continue right after the break. we're going to again have a conversation, bring in our sikh expert and talk more about law enforcement. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream.
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watching breaking news here on cnn, we want to welcome our viewers from around the world. we are following this shooting at a temple in wisconsin where seven people are dead including one gunman. we have team coverage here. we have deborah fayerick following the investigation r for us in new york.
7:20 pm
we have alex manning joining us on the set in atlanta, who's a law enforcement expert. also, eric, the co editor of our belief blog. of course, my partner here today is rob marciano and someone who is giving us great perspective, the chairman of the sikh counsel on religion and education. before i i want you to fin ush your thought. i so rudely interrupted you on the break. >> that's okay. when you go into a crime scene. you take things in and bring things out, so all the investigators have taken things in on their feet, their clothing and so has, i hate to call him suspect, right now, he's the bad guy. the evil guy. the evil guy has taken things in and brought things out with him. there are fibers and hairs on his clothing. they're going to show whether or not he ran through this field, so they're having to be extremely careful.
7:21 pm
>> they're going to go through the computer to find out more. raja, you spoke to the white house. you, the president has released a statement. one of the most important things he said is that we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by sikhs. this is a great time for us to have a conversation and learn more about each other and let's talk about that word, that gets so many people so riled up. what are your thoughts on this and terrorism and jumping to conclusions and terrorism, domestic terrorism, whatever? >> i think it's you know, i agree with it. it's really jumping to conclusion and secondly, the word terrorism is very misle misleading in this tragedy because terrorism is there by
7:22 pm
committed by somebody with resentment or there's some anger or ibs here. what we need to understand is the basic problem that has faced our community for last 11 years and also facing this country is that there is so much ignorance. people do not have much perspective outside of america. unfortunately, india has a role to play in that and many of the political commentary, which we saw with secretary clinton's secretary. so any way, the point is there is so much ignorance and there's a hysteria. there's a hype created against the muslims that are somehow the victims and they are somehow working against america. so we are the side victim of this back and forth dialogue which is taking place in the country. there is -- because of our appearance, now, if you want to go out and see a muslim, you will not find, how would you
7:23 pm
identify a muslim in the crowd? you will identify a sikh and we look like a muslim. that's a problem where this whole thing boils down to. >> mistaken identity and misplaced hatred. i've been in awe somewhat in the way the community there has reacted to this. we talk to families o the victims. we talk to some eyewitnesses and the remarkable amount of calm they've portrayed is stunning to me. is that something you would expect is this. >> absolutely. you know, there is a concept in our faith. we call it -- which means to remain in high spirits in the face of any tragedy, any challenge or any value in life. so it is a very, very tragic moment, but you know, the sikh community has gone through many, many years of persecution since its formation last 500 years, so
7:24 pm
it is a very immense tragic time for us, but at the same time, our faith gives us the guidance how to handle a crisis like this. and still be able to stand up on your feet and be a helping hand in the society. so, i would like to say that in coming sundays, please, all americans, come to the sikh temple and taste the male. that's what we like to share with all americans. >> thank you. don't go anywhere. rob, that was a great question and in the face of this tragedy, to hear someone invite someone into their particular faith and temples around the country, i think it's amazing. the people not upset, we don't know why this happened, we are not upset, but are worried about the people affected by this. our conversation continues on the other side of the break.
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back now with breaking news. seven people killeded in a shooting in wisconsin at temple. one of those dead is a gunman. i'm joined by rob marciano. three of those people, three still in the hospital in critical condition. one of those including an officer on the scene who exchanged gunfire with that suspect. again, this is breaking news. alex manning also joining us to give her expertise as a veteran law enforcement person. and also in new york, deborah fayerick is following the investigation for us.
7:29 pm
rajai is chairman of the counsel on education and eric, the co editor of the cnn belief blog. eric, just before the break, you heard rajai talking about invite people into the temple on sunday. come in, understand us, let's talk about this. get to know us. >> yeah, for sikhs, this is a very important part of their faith, sharing of this meal. that kings and paupers would come together to celebrate this meal. you're really going to see an outpouring of the sikh committee trying to bring folks together of all different faiths. in particular in this country, when you're a religious minor y minority, it's important to have those doors open. i think there will be a temptation for a will the of those faith groups to lock doors, but saying no, we want to
7:30 pm
invite people to come in. that's an encouraging step and something i think we'll see a lot more of kind of moving forward here in the weeks as sikhs wrestle with how to respond to this and how the faith communities will have to try to come together to respond as one. >> getting back to you and your community, how do you think the the sikh community is going to respond as a faithful whole? >> well, we are going to call for a candle light vigil in all the sikh guawaras across the nation and across the board. secondly, on sunday, we will open the doors for all of neighbors and people of all faith to come and see who we are. just a great mystery about our faith and who we are. so that needs to be lifted and we are normal human beings and normal americans going about you
7:31 pm
know, doing our business and you know, one thing i just want to tell you, that be aware, we are very fun loving people. that's somebody we want people to see. in the face of every tragedy, the sikhism has been strengthened by every tragedy. we are praying that we embrace the entire community. >> i think it's great in this you know, with all of this going on, this incredible tragedy with people dead, to have a sentiment of refuge and opening up your heart and getting to know rather than what we see so many times, people going my goodness, this shouldn't happen. this caused this. this is the reason why, at least in the coming days, will be to understand each other and try to figure out what happened. we don't know what caused this person to go into this temple
7:32 pm
and do this, but the best way to do it is to do what we're doing now. that's sit down, look at each other in the eye. we know you are by satellite and had these conversations and we're going to continue this conversation. let's take a quick break so that we can talk more. more developing news here on the temple shooting in wisconsin. our conversation continues on the other side of the break. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein.
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just plug this into your car, and your good driving can save you up to 30%. you could even try it without switching your insurance. why not give it a shot? carry on. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. welcome back. we continue our coverage of the breaking news inside the sikh temple. on going throughout the day, first 911 calls came in around 10:15 local time a.m. and since then, it's been a developing story. we've heard from witnesses, families of the victims. seven deceased victims in total. one being the shooter and then three still in the hospital. want to get to deb fayerick who's been covering the story from new york and going through her sources. you have some information, deb?
7:36 pm
>> yeah, and rob and don, one of the things is whether in fact this was deomestic terrorism ora random criminal act. so that's going to take a lot of time, effort, to piece this all together. authorities are right now searching what they believe to be the gunman's home. they are not releasing his identity. whether in fact he had been inside the temple earlier. the way he moved through the temple. when he exited, he was confronted by a police officer, he ambusheded one of them. another, he fired at and that officer fired back and killed him. right now, the evidence response team, the fbi's evidence response team is making its way back to the temple. they've got to get on scene. the bodies are still where they fell. they've got to photograph those
7:37 pm
bodies. they've got to plot the gunman's path. they're going to be bringing in equipment to map out the entire area and recover whatever evidence they can. forensic evidence they can get before the coroner is even allowed to come in and get those bodies. everything is still very active, ongoing. authorities searching the home. evidence response team going to the temple and families at the hospitals desperately trying to find out what is going on. rob, don? >> thank you very much and deb, you don't have to wait for us to call on you. if you have any information, just jump in, also, if you have any questions of alex or me. back to rajai. again, chairman of sikh counsel on religion and education and he's been offering us great perspecti perspective. it's tough to hear i'm sure as a sikh to hear about the bodies, the investigation and what's going on in the face of this tragedy. what are you thinking about when
7:38 pm
you hear deborah talk about the insight and the investigation? >> it is an immense tragedy. what we call -- sometimes ref referred as a priest. these people are so humble people. they are so helpful and the service which was taken place was to celebrate some child's birth and we read scriptures, which are written in a musical form. it's all in poetry, so people recite the sikh scriptures. so to have somebody come there and kill these people who are trying to praise god and singing god's praises, it's just unthinkab unthinkable. it's an american tragedy. not a sikh tragedy. america is a place for every person to feel the freedom of their religion and to have that erupted, it's a great tragedy
7:39 pm
and i feel sorry for the person and many other young people who may not have the full understanding of all the faith communities which are enriched by american dream and yet they have prejudices. it's, and i feel it's a great service that you are doing. i can't even tell you how many lives you are saving by having me to come and give some understanding to fellow brothers and sisters about sikhism. >> as you said, there's a lot of misinformation. a lot of ignorance about sikhism and really about any faith group. any other religion that is what we deem as the norm here in america that's you know, being a baptist or whatever it is. but as you said, mr. singh, we
7:40 pm
are all americans and made up of different types of religion. we're all different here. we were looking at the pictures and you were talking. saying these words of peace and calm and these insightful words, yet we're looking at a crime scene or scene where police are looking at the suspect's home. instead of this rattling on and on and repeating information that we don't, that we just found out about and saying it over and over, we're trying to educate people. what i want to speak to you about is the misinformation about the information about sikhism and other eastern religions after 9/11 and what you have had to deal with. we'll talk about that. we're going to take a quick break and have rajwant and the rest of our team coverage in just a moment. s remove over ten years of stains and whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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don lemon here along with rob marciano continuing coverage now of the temple shooting in wisconsin. let's get back to rajwant singh. what's your number one frustration, especially after 9/11? >> well, one of the main issues that we faced as a community was that not too many people know
7:44 pm
about our faith and because of our appearance, turban and beard, which was mistaken and there was so much media attention and so many pictures shown of bin laden, and i remember those days when we sent out an advisory to all the guawaras that all the priests should not go out and they should be very careful. we went through that. i would say, an hour of terror and we were so surprised that we would have to face this kind of situation in america. and so, we, there are many new organizations came into existence and they've done tremendous work and they're trying to educate the police departments. the homeland security and the
7:45 pm
elect ee eed officials, but the is so immense. and we all believe in sound bites. we want to get the small story and move away. we don't understand how many people are victimized by tragedies and yet the face of their stories never show up in the media. >> absolutely and this is a tragedy and we can show a video from the scene now where they're looking for that suspect's home. they've executed a search warrant as we're speaking here and learning more information about sikhism. that's from our affiliate, wtmj. it's live from the house, from the suspect's home that they are looking for and as alex manning said, the first thing they're going to do is look at that computer. deborah fayerick in new york, she's following the investigation. deb, the reality of all this is that they're going to have to lay six people to rest. >> yeah, absolutely and that was
7:46 pm
a question i had for mr. singh because i know there are some religions for example, where the bodies have to be buried within 24 hours. autopsies are not permitted. i'm curious, obviously, the sikh community now has the responsibility of burying six members of the community includiinclude ing one priest. how do you balance that with the needs of the criminal investigation for example? >> we don't have that kind of restrictions in our faith. there are very few restrictions. we are founder of our faith. one thing which he taught us, never to believe in all kinds of rituals or dogmas or superstitions. there no superstition about the body. if something needs to be investigated, then it will be fine. and we committed our bodies and they will be a prayer, there will be a three-day prayer of the sikh scriptures and we will
7:47 pm
be in touch with the wisconsin community to find out when this is going to take place. but otherwise, it's just basically a -- simple ceremony of reading the prayers and singing god's praises and blessing the soul, the departed soul. >> okay. thank you, mr. singh. >> again, we have team coverage and we are just talking here. no more words up on the screen and just talk to the co editor of our belief blog. he's going to weigh in in just moments as well. obviously, rajwant singh, rob marciano, deb fayerick in new york. we continue our coverage of a s. we're back in a moment. th deepl] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try
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but kate still looks like...kate. [ female announcer ] nice'n easy with colorblend technology is proven to give more blends of tones. for color that's true to you. i don't know how she does it. [ female announcer ] with nice'n easy, all they see is you. recapping the latest on the deadly shooting in southern wisconsin, a police officer shot, a man dead who had opened fire on a sikh temple just outside of milwaukee, across the southern part of that state. the gunman, however, had already killed six people there, and we're still waiting to see who that gunman is. the police have not released that information. they're searching his home or will be shortly. the investigation is under way throughout that temple, a long
7:51 pm
dro drawnout process. we'll talk more about that as we go through. the police are calling this domestic terrorism, the fbi involved. we'll continue our conversation after this short commercial break.
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7:53 pm
continuing our coverage now, let's get some live pictures from wisconsin where they are executing a search warrant on that suspect's home. our affiliate following, wtmj on the scene. they're doing a live report now. there they go. they are executing a search warrant now. we want to continue to talk with rajwant singh and eric and debra feyerick. >> sorry. didn't mean to be waving to all of you. i do want to bring you some additional information we are getting, is that when they execute that search warrant, they're going there in and also looking for guns and explosives. one thing they are doing, just
7:54 pm
as a precautionary measure, they are knocking on neighbor's doors and asking neighbors to leave the homes. they want to make sure that area is safe, a precautionary measure. they have to talk to the neighbors to find out what is going on, whether they knew this person or made any kind of statements. we are being told they are evacuating some of the homes in that area. >> thank you, deb. >> alex manning, law enforcement expert. you had a question for raj? >> she brought up an interesting point, are these temples or guy wires the same across the structure? >> i believe the holy room he was referring to, i don't believe they're all sim larn this temples as did this man go directly to this room? did you have to go through several corridors to get through it or simply walking through the
7:55 pm
front door, would he have seen this room and went straight to this room or been familiar with the lawout of this building. >> intent. go ahead, mr. singh. >> basically it will have similar structure as we in tent the facility, we take off our shoes so there will be a shoe on either side and then we go into the lobby. that's where usually we give donations to any charity or anything. then we directly walk into the prayer room, the central room, where the holy scriptures are placed in an area. on the side of either on the left or the right, you will have a small stage, which will have three or four people singing the prayers and singing the hymns of the sikh scriptures. either on the backside of where
7:56 pm
the six scriptures are placed, you will have a resting place of the scriptures. they are treated like a royal king. it's very much similar to the way torah is treated in the jewish tradition. >> to get to this room, would you have to be familiar with it? i think that's what she's asking. in order to get here, would you have to be familiar with the layout of this simple or is it pretty much the same across the board everywhere? >> pretty much the same. the most prominent. as you walk into the building, you find the prayer room is there. some people may not have a door to enter into this central room. >> so -- >> enand if -- i am suspectin suspecting -- assuming there was an activity taking place as he saw people. most of the time, the people, where they're preparing the food
7:57 pm
for the community meal either it's in this basement or adjacent room. as you enter the sikh facility, you will automatically go into the central prayer room. >> we are looking at live pictures outside that temple in wisconsin. someone is getting obviously some news about the information. you can see the american red cross, always on the scene when we have these tragedies. eric, thank you for joining us. debra feyerick, with the investigation, we really appreciate it. we're on top of this. alex manning in atlanta, law enforcement expert helping gui us through this. i really want to say thank you to rajwant singh. you have added priceless information and context. we appreciate you and we will join more -- we'll have more with you a little bit later on with cnn. in the meantime, i'm don lemon. >> i'm rob marciano. you've been watching thank you newsroom. don will be back at 9:00 eastern
7:58 pm
time for more special coverage. . >> tonight on cnn presents, is mississippi still burning? a shocking crime. accusations of a sinister motive. >> there's no doubt they were looking for a black victim to assault and even kill in this instance. >> twisted justice? >> i just saw him up with the bat and he started to swing. that's when i reached for the gun. >> this new york city cop says he fired to save his father's life. >> i was convicted of second degree murder. >> but he would walk free after that conviction was overturned. how did he end up back in prison? >> you must have been crushed, crushed when they told you you had to go back. prescription for cheating. they read our x-rays but a cnn investigation over the certification of many radiologists. >> isn't it cheating? >> revealing investigation,
7:59 pm
fascinating characters and impact. tonight's hosts, randi kaye and drew griffin. >> tonight, hard hitting investigations into racism, cheating and injustice. we begin with a murder in mississippi, a brutal killing fueled by race and ranl. we broke the story of a young white teenager accused of killing a black man just because of the color of his skin. >> over our four month investigation we found even more disturbing details uncovering how the teenager and some of his friends had a history of violent and racist incidents and questioning whether authorities turned a blind eye. i've been following this story from the very beginning. ♪ ♪ >> june 26th in mississippi would bring temperatures into the 90s. a breeze out of the southwest would barely move


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