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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 7, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> is there a standard length of time that he was deemed incompetent to stand trial? is there a time he would be locked up before they would make that determination again about going to trial? >> because he has criminal charges, he can remain locked up indefinitely as long as he's found not competent to stand trial. at some point if prosecutors decide to drop the charges, he then is just treated as a normal mental patient and could be harmful to himself or others remain in a facility but psychiatrist could decide to release him. that's why prosecutors will want to leave the charges hanging for a number of years if he's incompetent to stand trial. >> thank you for breaking it down for us. great to see you. stay with us.
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we'll go live to the courthouse for any new developments on this case. mars madness has taken over this planet. the world is talking about nasa's historic mission. the space agency is trying to find out if life ever existed on mars. today, it released some incredible new images. look at this. you have to look closely. the very first color pictures of the mission. you can see the crater in which the rover landed if you look closely. the photos are a little murky because the lens cover is dusty from the landing. the cover will be open later to take clearer shots of mars. that is is also releasing this animation. it shows the surface of mars. close up pictures that nasa is calling crime scene photos because it shows details about the landing site. look at this. low resolution photos were captured by a camera underneath the rover curiosity.
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some 300 pictures have been taken and beamed back more than 150 million miles to earth. nasa compiled th e ed them into. they show the last two and a half minutes of what nasa said was an exciting ride. 13,000 miles. last hour, a nasa engineer showed a full scale model of the rover curiosity that's causing so much excitement. >> this is a model that we've been showing everybody. you can see how big this thing is. look down here, this is the soldier in a rover. 1997 it was flown. look how far nasa has come from the time they sent this rover to mars to this car sized rover. rob manning is here, chief engineer. you and i were here. >> a long time ago.
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>> that is one of your babies. >> this one is too. if it looks ten times harder, it's more like 100 times harder. it took us longer. we were able to get it. this was the most complex beast we've put into outer space. >> i know you said to me that the one wheel is more complex pretty much than the rover. >> the control of the stuff has been monumentally challenging. >> we're seeing a lot of images come down. tell us where we're getting some of these pictures from. >> the very first images we saw came from one of these cameras. these are the front hazard cameras. this is the front of the vehicle. there's two pairs. this is the right and the left. we have another pair right here attached to the second computer. we're just using these two right now. we saw some fantastic pictures. it was from this camera with the
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protective lid cover removed that allows us to see. this is a mountain that's higher than mt. ranier. we're right at the foot of it. >> pretty exciting sufficient. he is called the hip ster phd. he likes elvis but left the rock and roll scene to become ana is a engineer. you're going to meet one of the men working on the mars curiosity mission, next. what?! you've got to be kidding me. [ derek ] i've never seen a road like this. there's jagged rock all the way around. this is really gonna test the ats on all levels. [ derek ] this road is the most uneven surface, and it gets very narrow. magnetic ride control is going to be working hard. the shock absorbers react to the road 1,000 times a second. it keeps you firmly in control. whoa! [ male announcer ] the all-new cadillac ats.
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. ncht mars madness has taken over the planet. it seems people everywhere are talking about nasa's in addition. the space agency is trying to find out if life ever existed on mars. adam joins us from pasadena, california. he's the lead for the team. joining me is our friend chad meyers. thank you. adam, thanks for joining us. i want to get to how you switched from rocking out like
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elvis to over to nasa. first i want to talk about the mission. i don't think we can really overstate the importance of this. this literally is ushering in a new era of exploration, isn't it? >> yes, it is. it was make ore bre break missir nasa. it allowed us to show what the great power of this nation can achieve. >> you've seen some of the images including one of the first color images that came in today. >> yeah. >> of the red planet. to us it looks sort of blurry. you are the experts. is there anything you can glean from the pictures that you've seen? >> yeah. we've seen a lot. especially the pictures from on orbit that looked down upon where we landed and seen all the places where our various pieces of equipment landed. it was such a perfect landing
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sunday night. i can't even imagine it because those images of our equipment laid out on the surface of mars are exactly as we thought they would be. >> adam, it's chad meyers. people have been asking me what exactly is this they're ca. they're calling it a laboratory in a box. what kind of experiments with this man do? >> we're taking much more science than we ever had on the surface of mars. that includes an instrument of s.a.m. it's a chemistry lab that we can take powdered rock samples into s.a.m. and do a whole sweep between s.a.m. and the other instrument. they can do x-ray experiments. they can bake the material and see how it bakes out.
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we've got a laser on top of the mast that can zap rocks and vaporize the surface of the rock and look at the vapor for the composition of the rock to. >> we're kind of looking -- what are the things that this thing is really going to drill down to? >> all right. we're looking for the signatures of a habitat that could have been habital for life. we're looking at the signatures in the rocks. when they were made and what state the water was in. we would love to find organic carbon, if we can. that's quite a hard thing to find. we're looking for signatures of life or the habitat. >> i'm looking far fossils and bones. just so you know where my threshold is. >> for me, i would love it.
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the home run would be a micro fossil. i'm not going to wish for that. i'm not going to expect that. i'm going to expect an ability to range in on the chemistry. >> i think america has really been watching this. millions of people have flooded to to get the latest details on what's happening with curiosity. i think what people connect with too is the emotion, the motion that we saw inside that room when curiosity landed. you call it a make or break mission. if many months morale has been down at nasa. the shuttle missions are gone. there's been many, many layoffs. is that why we have this kind of success so much emotion? >> well, certainly that's true. the personal investment of each
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of the folks on the team. a very, very talented of people worked a better part of a decade to make this happen and a lot of long days. a lot of weekends working. a lot of personal sacrifices and personal choices. we were very, very invested and to have that all come out the way it did with such a resounding, clean success was tremendous. >> it's pretty incredible. >> the biggest thing in my life. it's the biggest thing i ever get in my life, it will be enough. >> that's a big statement. one final thing is that can't let you go without taking about what my producer calls your elvis hair and your former career. you used to be a musician. how did that happen? when did that happen and why did you make the switch? >> well, as a young man after leaving high school sort of not on the best terms, i played rock and roll around the bay area for
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a few years. i got bored. i noticed that different set of stars were in the sky when i'm come home from playing the gig than when i went to the gig. that made me curious about why that happened. i went to a community college. i took an astronomy course and a physics course and that blew my mind. a few years later and a few degree later, here i am. >> i love how you say you left high school on not the best of terms. that's a kind way of putting it but look at you now. great to talk to you. >> thank you. it's a controversial movie that depicts what went down that night that navy seals came face-to-face with bin laden. now we're getting our very first look at it. plus, it's a $90 billion industry, video games. many people have become such big addicts they can't tell the difference between the games and the real life. wait until you see the report.
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video games are a $90 billion business. americans alone spend more than a billion hours each year playing them. addiction has become a major problem. some can't tell the difference between the games and real life.
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>> about 15 or 20 years ago the most significant juvenile delinquency issue was sleniffin what is that? glue. i think internet addiction is the most significant compared to other countries. >> it is important to note that the south korean government has
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reported a drop in the number of young addicts in the past few years. for more go to we're getting our first look at the controversial movie depicted what happened during the raid on bin laden. the movie is at the center of a political fire storm has critics question whether film makers got classify information from the obama administration. judge for yourself. here is the teaser. >> no birth scertificate, no cel phone. the guy is a ghost. >> he's right in the inner circle. >> the whole world is going to want to know this. >> i want targets. >> when was the last time you saw bin laden. >> is that what i think it is? >> producers changed the movie's release date from october to december so there wouldn't be any fuss before the election.
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we're getting some breaking news just into cnn. jared lee loughner, the man who shot, was the shooter in the tucson shooting last year that killed six people and injured 13 others, including congresswoman gab rrielle giffords has been declared competent to stand trial. his guilty plea will be forthcoming. of buttons on your tablet. isn't it time the automobile advanced? introducing cue in the all-new cadillac xts. the simplicity of a tablet has come to your car. ♪ the all-new cadillac xts has arrived. and it's bringing the future forward.
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we have this just into our newsroom, jared lee loughner, the shooter in tucson, arizona that killed six people and wounded 13 women has just been deemed competent to stand trial. to break down what happened
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inside the courtroom and what this means going forward, we have a cnn legal contributor, sunny hostin on the line. are you surprised by this? tell me what you think happens next. >> i'm not surprised by this. we know that he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been medicated. we understood a plea deal was in place. what the judge needed to determine is whether or not he's competent to not only stand trial but enter a guilty plea. >> what this does is, this clears the way for loughner to enter that plea and avoid a trial? >> that's right. my understanding is he's going to plead guilty to 19 charges. >> some of the victims, most
3:25 pm
notably gabrielle giffords is happy a trial will be avoided. her husband released a statement. gabby and i are satisfied with this plea agreement. the pain and loss caused by the events of january 8, 2011 are incalculable. avoiding a trial will allow us and the whole southern arizona community to continue with our recovery and move forward with our lives. sunny, and correct me if i'm wrong, what this does is it avoids loughner of having to face the possibility of the death penalty? >> i think that's right. my understanding of the plea he will be entered into is he will be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. this is a good outcome for the government and also for the victims of the terrible crimes. they don't have to with stand a
3:26 pm
trial. they don't have to get on the witness stand and testify. really the only question in this case was why he committed these crimes. whether or not he was competent or whether or not he did suffer from schizophrenia and whether or not he would be sentenced without the possibility of parole. >> sunny hostin getting on the line pretty quickly. thank you. >> we're back after this. ere can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. we discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way purina one is making the world a better place... one pet at a time. discover vibrant maturity and more at
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mitt romney went to the president's home state and unveil a new attack. he said the president is quietly undoing the welfare reform that got pmillions of families off welfare. the obama campaign says nonsense. >> reporter: the romney campaign
3:30 pm
doesn't believe they will win the state but they say he's not going to pass up the opportunity to deliver his message of the day. they did that just outside of chicago enroute to fund raising event. it was there he held a moment of silence for the victims of the shootings. he went right into his attacks on his message of the day. they are accusing the president of trying to loosen the work requirements in welfare reform that was passed by president clinton, signed by president clinton during the mid-1990s. here is what he had to say about that earlier today. >> i hope you understand that president obama in just the last few days has tried to reverse that accomplishment by taking the work requirement out of welfare. that is wrong. if i'm president aisi'll put wo back in welfare. >> reporter: the white house
3:31 pm
denies they are trying to weaken the work requirements in welfare reform. democratic operatives are e-mailing a letter that mitt romney signed back in 2005 when he was governor of massachusetts along with over gop governors. it was a letter to congress asking congress for some flexibility in waivers in implementing welfare reform in their own states. the obama campaign has pointed to that letter and accusing mitt romney of hypocrisy on that issue. he's on his way to iowa for another campaign event where he will go after the president in a crucial battleground state. >> jim, thank you very much. police in florida want to know what a man was doing with dozens of fake i.d.s and uniforms. he was arrested this month for a parole violation. investigators found phony military, law enforcement and medical i.d.s and uniforms even
3:32 pm
a full nasa flight suit and helmet. go figure. surveillance cameras were rolling as two masked men tried to rob a convenience store. that's right, i said tried. they hasn't counted on the store owner picking up a stick and fighting back. the owner was ready because he are had been robbed at gunpoint just last week. neighbors ran to his aid holding one of the suspects until the police arrived. from hollywood to broadway, the sting to a chorus line. just about everyone knows the music of marvin hamlisch. the 68-year-old composer died in his los angeles home monday. his agent would only say the death was unexpected. he's compositions graced movies like the way we were, three men and a baby and sophie's choice.
3:33 pm
he won emmys, oscars and a tony. we should mention that broadway will be dimming its lights tomorrow for a full minute to remember him. just in, the new york police department announcing a major move involving twitter and a threat against broadway. the nypd says it will is the social giant. we're gathering the facts and we'll have that for you, next. [ annie ] this is the story of a girl named annie who dreamed she could fly. like others who braved the sky before her, it took a mighty machine, and plain old ingenuity to go where no fifth grader had gone before. ♪
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all right. we are on the case now. we have this case just into cnn. the new york police department says it now plans to subpoena twitter, the social networking site, to reveal the identity of a user who claimed on twitter to be planning an attack on a broadway theater. let's bring in our legal person to talk a bit more about this. ann, this is a bit similar to what we talked about yesterday with respect to the actress ellen page and her receiving some death threats. someone posted a threat claiming that it could, this person would attack a theater on broadway where mike tyson is performing his one man show. they tried to get more information from twitter and
3:37 pm
were turned down. that's why they have issued this subpoena. what do you make of it? >> obviously, a threat to kill, s out there. with these kinds of threats, they should be giving the information but obviously there has to be subpoenas issued or search warrants. police always get their man, or their woman. they'll get the information. be careful anyone that is making threaten on twitter that they can be prosecuted. their identity will be found out in very short order. >> to me, to the normal person, it would seem like if the police department goes to twitter, asks for the information, it would be logical to say there's a possible threat. give up the information and they would just give it up, but they refuse to do so. you're saying they got to go through the legal channels and the subpoenas before they can move forward?
3:38 pm
>> it's right. like we talked about yesterday, there's a real change that we see this whole right to privacy in america. my records, my information shouldn't be given out even though i'm public on twitter. i'm public on facebook. i'm public in newspapers or the visual media. the fact of the matter is you have to get search warrants. that could shift because it's a death threat. right now, privacy trumps the rights of the police or the public. we always have to balance rights against rights. rights protected from things. it's a really tough balance. >> thank you very much for your insight as always. good to see you. >> thank you. as tuition skyrockets, more students are trading the dorm for home to save money. that doesn't use the burden of getting student loans paying them off. they're asking cnn's helpdesk for answers.
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>> here on the helpdesk we're talking about student loans. doug, this question is for you. >> with my student loan debt, is it better to pay the minimum balance and spread it out over ten years or is it more beneficial to pay off as much as possible as soon as possible? >> a lot of us can relate to. what do you think? >> the big important issue is whether or not you have a good cash reserve in place, three to six months. i would go with six months. if you do, you want to pay down debt as quickly as you can. if it's a lower interest rate and you don't have enough cash saved up, the last thing you want to have happen is you lose your job and now you don't have anything to fall back on and you can't make any student loan payments. it depends on the situation. if you have a good cash reserve, pay it down. >> what's considered a good cash reserve? >> different points in life that can change.
3:40 pm
when you're starting out, after you meet your monthly expenses, you want to put a little something away each month. if you can achieve three months, that's a great starting point for a young adult as we just heard from. >> trying to pay down everything at once when you're at that age, you shouldn't try to do that? it's a big burden. >> it is. if the interest rate is low and you have other goals. save for a house or car. you don't want to put everything down when you can be saving and investing for other goals. it's a good idea to pay down debt but not at the expense of not being able to do anything else. >> good advice. if you have an issue you want our experts to tackle upload a 30-second video. >> thank you. gunfire, missiles and all out civil war in syria and people are streaming out of the country's largest city of aleppo. those staying, waiting in long lines just to get a loaf of bread. the reporting only cnn can bring
3:41 pm
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smiling bashar al-assad was shown on syrian television. we want to show you the pictures. it's the first time we've seen him in nearly three weeks since the assassination of four of his top aids in a woman attacbomb a. i want to bring in hala. ga great to see you. interesting that the meeting happened between the iran envoy and assad. a, were you surprised by that and what do you think he's doing there? >> i think they're saying we're standing by you. they are making it public. they were some reports, rumors in the case of syria, many
3:45 pm
rumors have been flying around that he was injured and he left syria. these are state syrian television images showing he's in damascus. they say any solution that comes from syria cannot come from the outside. it has to come from the inside, which is ironic considering the external influence iran has on syria and how much of a close ally it is. they said it will now allow the access of resistance to be broken in any way. this was quoted by syrian state television. syria and the group hezbollah in leb bo lebanon. >> i want to talk about the growing humanitarian crisis in alep aleppo. we talk with ben wedeman yesterday and this morning. let's listen.
3:46 pm
>> most people say they run out of cooking gas. some say they are cooking their meals over fire. some have moved from more dangerous areas that's controlled by the free syrian army to areas that are still under the control of the rebels but are not being shelled quite as much. others are moving to those parts of the city that are still under government control. others still moving from country side. i'm seeing even more going over the border into turkey. there definitely is a move away from those areas where there's an expectation of fighting. many of the civilians here are exhausted. they are worried. the children are clearly traumatized by weeks of intense fighting. >> hala, so interesting we hear about that side of it because as important as it is to report on
3:47 pm
the fighting, i think people forget about the humanitarian crisis and what's going on. people are trying to go about therapy lives, but it's increasingly difficult. what are you hearing about the situation in aleppo? >> i've spoken to people who are not in the areas where the active fighting is ongoing. most of the civilians have fled the neighborhoods of salahuddin and others that are being shelled. they have nowhere else to go. they are homeless. you have tens of thousands of aleppo residents sleeping out of doors, in public parks. i'm hearing for the first time that bread is running short. just ordinary every day bread. . ordinary everyday bread. bakeries are running out of flour. the longer this goes on, the bigger and dramatic the situation will become. for ordinary civilians who don't want any part in the fighting. so you have a situation also
3:48 pm
where people are afraid for their own security because there are no police in the streets anymore. so they're concerned that, you know, they're in their homes hunkered down, but what about all these people who don't have bread, who have nothing to feed their children? at some point law and order is going to start breaking down in aleppo. it's not just the fighting. it's just everyday security that's a problem. so it's a disaster on so many levels. >> something we obviously need to monitor in addition to everything else that's going on in syria. we have to watch that, too, the growing humanitarian crisis. hala gorani, thank you for that great reporting. appreciate it. a place of worship burned to the ground. >> i mean, this incident should not stop us from worshipping our god. >> the feds are in missouri right now investigating this fire. we will get a live update on this possible arson from our gary tuchman next. teaching datae for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it
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from the top of the hour. that means my friend wolf blitzer in "the situation room." wolf is here with a preview. hey, wolf, what have you got? >> we've got a lot coming up including all the latest coming in from wisconsin on the sikh killings. we're going to speak to the police chief of oak creek. we'll speak with him live. we're also speaking with mark potok of the southern poverty law center. he's been tracking white supremacist and hate groups for a long time. latest on that front. certainly we're not going to ignore politics. and the latest name-calling that's been going on between president obama and mitt romney a romney hood versus obamalony. representatives from both cams will join us together for a serious debate. that's coming up in our 6:00 p.m. eastern hour as well. we're not going to ignore syria by the way. we'll go there. ben on the ground for us in a very dangerous situation
3:53 pm
happening right now in aleppo. we'll cover that story as well. so as usual, all the important news coming up right here in "the situation room." >> as usual. a packed show, wolf. i'll be watching. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> shock and loss this afternoon for members of a missouri mosque. this is the image that followers had of their mosque in joplin over the weekend. but come monday this is what they saw. a fire destroyed the building turning it into ashes, soot and charred rubble. our gary tuchman is in joplin this afternoon. he joins me now by phone. gary, now twice this mosque has been hit. what are you finding out? >> reporter: well, i can tell you a day and a half after this mosque burned to the ground it was so hot it's still smoldering. we still see some flames. but the people in the muslim community here in joplin, missouri, are devastated. all these people in joplin 15 months ago survived this horrible, horrible outbreak of tornadoes. 158 people killed, 1,000 hurt. these were the survivors.
3:54 pm
now you look at this rubble and it reminds me of being here last year seeing the tornado rubble. but it's a person we think that started this fire. they don't have the proof, but as you were saying last year on july 4th there was surveillance video and you see the man's face who clearly tried to burn down the mosque. he tossed a lighted bottle on top of the roof. they haven't found this man yet. the suspicion is arson. and the community here is without their one and only mosque. >> have police said whether or not they believe the same person is responsible in both cases, gary? >> reporter: that's certainly something they're looking into. there's a reward for the man who did this for this past july. the suspicious that caused this at 3:00 a.m. in the morning and happened after the attack in wisconsin, it's suspicion. with all the years i put in covering these jobs, my guess it
3:55 pm
is arson. we know definitively last month a man tried to set fire to this building. what i should tell you and, this was the good feeling in my heart, members of the christian community, jewish community and mormon community have come here and said you can use our church, we'll help in any way, shape or form. the muslim community here is very grateful for the outreach from other religions in town. >> gary, i know you have a report coming up on "ac 360" tonight, give us a preview. >> we talked to two dozen people who are members of this mosque including small children. we're getting the feelings of children and teenagers who are going through something that, you know, they were -- most of their parents were born elsewhere but they were born here and they've never experienced something like this before. all of a sudden they're fearful. they don't know if they want to come back to the new mosque when
3:56 pm
it's built. >> gary tuchman, thank you so much for joining us. as always, we will be watching tonight for your report on "ac 360" at 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you. a scene we never get tired of showing. a teenager gets the surprise of her life when her dad who was stationed in afghanistan shows up unexpectedly during a big moment in here life. watch. >> her dad just got in today -- >> i only get to test once and he was here to see it. he's just been gone for so long. . i missed him so much. >> how cute is she? 14-year-old jena evans receiving the top honor in black belt. dad crashed the party much totd delight of his family and everybody else. he was at sea for nine months. welcome home, dad.
3:57 pm
what a great scene. surveillance cameras rolling as two masked men wielding knives tried to rob a convenience store in massachusetts. that's right. i said tried. apparently those would-be robbers hadn't counted on the store owner picking up a stick and fighting back. the owner was ready for the man after being robbed at gunpoint just last week. that's why he had the stick ready. neighbors ran to his aid holding one of the suspects until police arri arrived. good for him. before we go, huge fire in a refinery in california has been extinguished. firefighters were able to put the blaze out at the chevron facility in richmond overnight. the fire started after a diesel week last evening forcing the plant to shut down all operations. but now that fire has been shut down. i'll see you again tomorrow. wolf blitzer and "the situation room" starts now.
3:58 pm
we're seeking the gun used in the sikh temple slaughter. and the shooter's apparent links to the white supremacist movement. were there any warning signs? and mitt romney's been taking heat from the obama campaign. now he's coming up with some insults of his own. we've got romney hood versus obamalony. are they just getting started with the name calling? and the mars rover is already hard at work sending back what scientists call awesome new images from the red planet. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're learning much more about the shooter and the victims in the sikh temple slaughter in wisconsin. i'll speak with oak creek police
3:59 pm
chief coming up live. we'll hear exclusively from two men who lost their mother in the killings. first, we're getting new details on the weapon. our own brian todd is joining us now live. he's in oak creek, wisconsin. brian, you've been tracing the gun. what are you finding out? >> reporter: spoke to the gun store manager, wolf. new details on that weapon that authorities believe was used in this shooting. that information comes from the gun store manager who is still shaken by the experience. >> subject down! officers down! i need ambulance. >> we have one officer shot. >> 7512 subject with a gun, balding, white t-shirt. officer down. >> reporter: it was less than a week before this carnage that suspect wade michael page stopped here and picked up the


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