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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 16, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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visiting uganda and he held a little baby boy in the arms and the parents named him bill clinton in honor of the american president. i remember this moment well, because i was covering president clinton on that trip to central africa and fast forward 14 years, and to a few days ago. bill clinton and a old friend bill clinton met and had lunch together in uganda. young bill clinton told the former president that he wants to be a doctor and the two promised to stay in touch. promised to stay in touch. how sweet. -- captions by vitac -- i'm suzanne malveaux and this hour in the "cnn newsroom," we are focusing on american troops killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan stand focusing on the renewed immigration showdown between the arizona governor and the president, and we are look at the fight to stop the fight of west nile virus which has killed more than two dozen americans.
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straight to it. a nato black hawk helicopter crashed today earlier, killing seven people and they are u.s. service members in afghanistan, and northeast of kandahar. i want to bring in chris thomas to talk about this. >> well, there are forces claiming they shot down the blackhawk helicopter in the kandahar province, and nato will not confirm that just yet, but it was about this time last year when the taliban did take down a chin noa chinook, a larger transport craft, and embedded with navy s.e.a.l.s. i have been embedded there, and it is a taliban hot bed and they have been attacked by roadside bombs and checkpoints, and they have used the helicopters so much to avoid the bombs on the ground. this incident is the latest in a
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very deadly week for american troops. earlier in the week, three marines were shot dead on their own base by an afghan worker. right before that, three special operations forces were killed by an afghan policeman who they were going to meet. these kinds of crimes were so-called allies are killing americans have caught the attention of the white house. >> whenever there is a so-called green on blue incident, it is concerning and the fact that there have been the number of incidents that you mentioned is deeply concerning. it is also important to put it in perspective and then more broadly, the president's policy in afghanistan was after his review predicated on the principle that our goal, our principle goal for being there is to go after al qaeda, to eliminate al qaeda and those who threatening the united states from the region. >> this has been an es pepecial
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violent month for the american men and women serving in afghanistan. 19 americans had already been killed this month, and that was before the seven who died on the blackhawk crash. suzanne? >> chris, any concern from the pentagon in light that you will have more u.s. troops leaving within a relatively short peertd of time and that is this is going to escalate? >> well, if you listen to the president's strategy and the military strategy to train more afghan troops, you would say that while the troops that are going to be left will be working even closer with the afghan count counterparts doing more training missions, so i i think that the idea of this green on blue attack and americans being vulnerable being next to people they are trying to help and train is concerning, and even the military commanders have admitted it has a really devastating effect on morale in some cases. >> absolutely. that is the mission for them to train the afghans to get up to speed to protect their own
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country and now that is a challenge. thank you, chris. the battle over immigration rights got hotter. we are talking about arizona governor jan brewer once again taking on the obama administration. she is pushing back hard on the president's executive order that gives children of legal immigrants the chance to work in the united states for two years without having to worry about being deported. well, hours after that went into effect, governor brewer issued her own executive order telling the state agencies to deny benefits to applicants. she says that it is too much of a financial burden. and that has promised the protesters to hit the streets. this is how one woman summed up brewer's decision. >> what jan brewer did today, it's bullying. she's bullying the voiceless. she's bullying children that they cannot defend themselves. and she is bullying ining immi youth who don't have a voice. >> miguel marquez is joining us outside of the offices of an
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organization advocating for immigration rights in los angeles. first of all, miguel, the president's new policy is does not guarantee public benefits to these applicants, so what is at stake here? >> well, at stake here in california, i don't think that they will have the same problem as arizona. it is not entirely clear what is at stake in arizona at the moment. the deferred action actually does give the federal status to many of the individuals who will be eventually granted deferred action so they may quality just like anyone who has a work visaer oany other type of visas to get the driver's license or benefits and it is not clear whether or not the arizona action taken by the governor there will have an effect. it has not deterred things here in los angeles. we are out in front of the largest immigrant community organization in the state, ch chirla, and there is a massive line around the corner and several hundred people in it. they have the bull horn out here to give information and starting to get this more organized in
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giving out tickets and cards and dates that people can come back in order to get into the workshops here and fill out the application, and the entire process is just getting going, and the applications are being filled out. they are going to be submitted to dhs or to the citizenship and immigration services in the weeks ahead, and then it is going to be months before those applications are actually acted on. so even in the arizona situation, there are several months, and i have talked to the aclu in arizona, and they are concerning legal action, but they are not sure if someone has to wait to get the ifl driver's license -- driver's license and then denied or wait to get jan brewer's order reversed or whether it has any real meaning in this. i can tell you that the school system in arizona, the board of regents there did say that immigrants in the status would
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not be eligible for in-state tuition. they are not eligible now, and they are though trying to figure out whether, whether if they get the federal status if they would actually have to grant them in-state tuition, and that is the sort of situation we are deal dealing with so far. >> and miguel, we have not heard from other governors around the country saying they would do the same, but this soonly for arizo, is that right? or are others following suit? >> well, right now, this is only for arizona, but i can see how it comes into play in other states and people will be watch ing in arizona and where it goes. governor brewer believes it is backdoor amnesty, and she has said it from the very beginning and she wants to make a strong public statement about it, and it will be interesting in the hours and the days ahead whether she through local law enforcement tries to stop the people from signing up for these deferred action. suzanne. >> miguel, thank you. appreciate it. so it about preventing voter fraud or suppressing the voting rights which is the central
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fight in pennsylvania's new voter i.d. law. today that fight moves to the supreme court, and the groups challenging the law say they will appeal a rule forcing it to go into effect. it is a part of the larger fight playing out across the country. that story from joe johns. >> reporter: the pennsylvania court ruling is another skirmish in the battle over voting right s this election year. more than a dozen states have passed new voter law including the one in the swing state of pennsylvania which is requiring people to show photo i.d. to vote. opponents went to court to try to block the law saying it could disenfranchise 100,000 people and especially minorities and older or sick voters who are more likely not to have acceptable photo identification. and people like 93-year-old vivette applewhite, who is one of the lead plaintiffs in the case. >> it is terrible, because so many people who don't have i.d. and they won't be able to vote.
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>> reporter: the judge robert simpson say said that the opponents trying to keep the law from being enforced did not rule that the disenfranchisement of voters was immediate or inevitable. and the commonwealth court said that it is not going to d disenfranchise people. >> it is only those who are trying to perpetrate election fraud. >> reporter: but the commonwealth of pennsylvania says it would not prove a lot of voter fraud in court even if it tried. pennsylvania is also the state where a top gop legislator recently seemed to suggest that the voter law would help the republicans win back the white house this law. >> voter i.d., which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> opponents say it just shows that something other than fraud motivated the legislation. >> in the past decade, that they have found only about 10 instances of in person voter fraud and those were instances where the people were confused
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and didn't know what the rules were in their area. >> reporter: this is about voter suppression in your view? >> in my view and the view of the brennan center, this is about keeping certain voters from the polls. >> reporter: and now they are studying the law that representative metcalf, the author of the law, says is a waste of time. >> it is a fishing expedition, where they are overreaching. they have demanded documents that from us through our department of transportation, and the demanded information that many pennsylvanians would object to. >> reporter: lawyers for the opponents of the pennsylvania law will be asking for an expedited appeal. they say that the lower court should have applied a strict standard of review to the government action in the case, but the court didn't do that. joe johns, cnn, washington. here is what we are working on for this hour. the government says that the u.s. is going through the worst outbreak of west nile virus in 13 years. hundreds overpeople have been infected and more than two dozen killed.
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now that's personal pricing. a pair of twin engine planes are going to be flying over parts of dallas tonight spraying pesticides to kill mosquitos carrying west nile virus. the mayor declare at state of emergency after the virus killed more than 12 people. now there are more cases of west nile reported this year than any year since the disease was first detected. half of the cases have been in texas. it is unusually warm winter that might be to blame. i want to bring in elizabeth cohen here. the cdc reports almost 700 or so cases of west nile so far, and why so much worse this go around? >> well, you mentioned the warm winter we had and the summer has been so hot and dry. apparently, this is a great combination for breeding mosqui mosquitos, and so i want to show you a number that is incredible.
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if you look at the number of cases this year, you mentioned 693, and compare that to the average for the previous ten years at this point in the summer, and 277. that is a lot more cases this year than last. and previous years. >> that is a s is a huge, huge difference and how would you know if you have symptoms experiencing the disease? >> well, most people don't know it and they don't get sick and it is not a big deal and 80% of the people who get infected don't know it and for the other 20%, you get the flu-like symptoms or a rash as well, and it is only for 1 of 150 people that it really gets dangerous where it actually can enter the brain and the spinal cord. it is mostly older people and the very young and the people with immune problems. >> how would you prevent there if you are one of the folks walking around and saying, god, could i be in danger here? >> well, no one wants to be sick. simple things to do. four ds. and the first is bug repellent with deet, and looking in the ingredients.
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and the second is dress in long sleeves and long pants and be most weary at dusk and dawn, pause that is when the mos key thoughs want tom can out to party. and drain any standing party. you know the kiddie pool, drain it afterwards, because that water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. >> and the aerial spraying that we tauged about and we are hearing about the planes going overhead and people think about their pets and dogs or cats. are they in danger? any kind of health risk to this spraying that is taking place? >> well, you don't want to spray if you don't have to, but when you talk about 26 deaths, that is the reason for spray iing. the spraying has the spray been approved by the epa for residential areas and using a low dose, and the spraying is r relatively common. we are talking about it a lot now, but really, it is done quite often. >> all right. elizabeth, i want to be careful now that i'm outside. >> yes, cover the arms and the legs when you go out sooside. >> thank you, elizabeth. >> all right. stid did you know that the
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romney/r romney/ryan presidential tag ticket is making history. no protestant and catholic on the ticket, so we will talk about why it matters up next. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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new poll suggests that mitt romney didn't get much of an immediate bounce from naming paul ryan as the running mate. gallup poll tracked after he announced that the ryan would be the vp choice and the numbers were almost the same. 46% of registered voters said they supported romney compared to 45% for president obama. but some say that romney could get a delayed bounce from picking ryan. whether or not they win or not, the romney "ryan ticket is making history for religious reasons. and we are joined here by what is the first time that there is no protestant on the ticket, and why is that significant?
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>> on any major ticket, and that is significant, because it reflects a huge change of the entire country. if you go back to the founding of america, and the protestant tradition was fundamental tol what american politics was about and to the founding. if you think back to kennedy and not all that long ago and a handful of decades ago and it was a huge deal for him to be catholic and people thought he would take orders from the pope and he had to get past the skepticism, but now we have had a realigning of the religious and political intersection in america, and that is what we are seeing in the race more than ever having no protestant there. what has happened in a lot of way ways the conservative catholics and conservative protestants found each other and built new al lints liances while the libe catholics and protestants have found each other. so the liberal and the protestant are gone, and now what is taking its place are the divisions of the conservatives and the liberals in the country and they have allowed the religious views to go away, and whole new world for politics.
1:22 pm
>> does it mean that the faith has not mattered with politics? >> well, it matters a lot. and there are people who are skeptical of a mormon, but not that many. we have a figure here from pugh forum who did a study a few weeks ago and what they found is that among those who know that mitt romney is mormon, 60% of them are comfortable with him being mormon. but here's the even more striking statist thak y titistil find interesting, and this is about president obama. half of the people in the country identified president obama as christian and 17% of the voters in the country say that president obama is muslim. that is about 1 in 6. >> why is that? why does that persist, josh? because the president has tried to make it clear and he certainly did in the campaign in 2008 and folks still believe that? >> and there is a lot of people who say that are there is nothing more than the president
1:23 pm
can do to say he is christian, and he goes the church, and there are a lot of people who are aware that he talks about being christian and aware about the tradition of going to church, and still remain convinced that he is on his own a muslim. this is something that the president is up against, because those numbers of people who believe he is a muslim by far those people are not comfortable with him. and there is a splitting of hairs here that we could talk about, because this is the first major party ticket without a protestant on it, but there are a couple off thing s s in histo that might sort of lay the ground work for this. >> okay. >> one goes back to lincoln's time. >> oh, boy. >> because nobody knows what lincoln's beliefs are, and some will say, yes, i knew it. so lincoln ran with andrew johnson and nobody knows what their beliefs were and neither was officially a member of a church at that time. and more recently richard nixon was the vice presidential candidate for dwight eisenhower who at this time was jehovah's witness and nixon was quaker and
1:24 pm
there are people out there who are jehovah's witness and quaker say that one counts, and eisenhower became a presbyterian after he was president. so a few quirks, but it shows how things have changed in the country. >> absolutely fascinating. >> whole new world for us. >> i love the blog. thank you, josh. >> you got it. and the suspect accused of shooting a guard at the head quarter s quarters of the group of the family research council is being charged in the crime. there are signs that the motive might have been political. don't forget that you can watch cnn live on your computer at work. go to you've been busy for a dead man. after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & cars? you still have it. i'll always have it. so this is it? we'll see where the waves take me.
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president obama's coming under fire for some former special ops officer over the raid that killed osama bin laden. in a video, they slam the president for taking too much
1:28 pm
credit over the operation. and brian todd is reporting about the accusations and the people behind them. >> susan, this is a controversial new video put online put out by op-sec, and it is operational security, and this is made oupf military operational officials who is taking the obama administration for leaks on top intelligence matters to become public. that controversy raged earlier in the year, but that video slam s the president also for taking credit for the bin laden raid. he has mentioned the raid on the campaign trail and taken out a ad with bill clinton praising his courage for the operation. and here is former navy s.e.a.l. ben smith talking about the president. >> mr. president, you did not kill osama bin laden, ameri did. the work that the american
1:29 pm
military has done killed osama bin laden and you have not. >> the obama campaign is pushing back saying that the republicans are resorting back to swift boat ta tactics which is a reference to john kerry's military service in 2004, and the charge that the president is taking too much credit for the bin laden raid, the campaign points out that the commander of the raid told cnn's wolf blitzer a short time ago that the president did deserve credit. quote, at the end of the day, mcrae vm mcraven said, make no mistake about it, it was the president of the united states that shouldered the burden of this operation, and made the hard decision decisions. so he was commenting on taking credit for the operation. and they say this is nonpartisan and we have dug into that, but there is implication that they are tied to the republicans. the president of the group scott taylor who is a former navy s.e.a.l. once ran unsuccessfully as a congressman in virginia and
1:30 pm
the spokesman worked in a similar capacity for the bush administration and we found out that this group shares office space in alexandria, virginia, with two republican consulting firms so there is the implication here that the group may be partisan. suzanne. >> thank you. if you live in michigan and you bought a powerball lottery ticket, it might be your lucky day, because the winning estimate jackpot of $300,000 was sold in the sunoco gas station, and this is the town of laperriere. and here are the winning numbers. five other ticket numbers did win. my number did not come in. and the air force trying to fly at supersonic speeds and this happened yesterday. tests did not go well at all. this is experimental aircraft called the x-51a showing taking
1:31 pm
off for what they hoped would be a 4,000 miles per hour, but that did not happen. a bad tail fin caused the high-tech aircraft to spin out of control, and into the pacific. nobody was on board, and the air force have been trying to perfect hypersonic flight for about 50 years with not much success. and the trial of the man accused of going on a deadly rampage in fort hood in texas is now on hold. a military appeals court stopped major nidal hasan's trial from going ahead, because the judge threatened to have his beard forcibly shaved. they are against army regulations, but hasan wears one for religious reasons. this is a point of contention when a judge ordered him to get rid of it. hasan has six days to respond to the appeals court. and a man is accused of shooting a security guard at a family council office.
1:32 pm
police say that the man walked into the headquarters and told the security guard, i don't like your politics and then shot him in the arm. the charges ranged from bep -- weapons violations to intent to kill. that happened about seven blocks from the white house. >> the president was informed about it from the homeland security adviser john brennan, and you know, he was very concerned about the victim that, the person who was shot, and made clear to me, and i conveyed this to the pool that he had firmly believes that violence of that kind has no place in our society, and this goes to the greater discussion we have had about violence in america, and the need to tackle it on multiple fronts. >>. >> i want to bring in san da endoin d.c. covering all of this. what do we know about the suspect? >> well, we know that suzanne, the 28-year-old suspect floyd
1:33 pm
lee corkins is going to be appear within the hour. he is facing criminal charges which you said include a federal guns violation and as well as assault with intent to kill. according to the criminal complaint, it outlines exactly what the suspect allegedly did. he allegedly bought a 0.9 millimeter handgun from a gun shop in virginia within the past week. purchased it legally and parked the car at the metro station in virginia and took the metro into downtown d.c. and walked into the family resource council building and that is when according to the security guard he shot without warning. of course, the security guard suffered a gunshot wound to the arm, but he is in stable condition, and going to be okay. so clearly, the investigation continues, but also interesting to note, suzanne, there were 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches found in the suspect's backpack which is something that the investigators are looking into. >> what does that signify to
1:34 pm
anybody? >> well, when you piece this all together, and the authorities have not declared a motive yet for the suspect, but 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches and chick-fil-a has been in the news recently with the controversy over the leader of chick-fil-a, the head of the company staunchly and publicly denouncing same-sex marriage, and we know that he was a volunteer for the lgbt-dc community, and the parents describe the son as having strong opinions with respect to those he believes do not treat homosexuals in a fair manner. again, police not saying the motive, but you could piece together his mindset as he targeted perhaps the frc, because they do share a similar stance to chick-fil-a. >> when he said he didn't agree with the politics or like the politics, did the police, or do investigators have any information about specifically
1:35 pm
what he is talking about? >> they are not sure as of now. and they are not releasing any information. we could only go by what the criminal complaint has outlined and according to those facts that the shooter allegedly announced that he does not like the politics of this council, the frc and again a christian policy organization again, backing the chick-fil-a stance on same-sex marriage, and you have a suspect who is v volunteering with the lgbt center here in washington, d.c., and they are trying to piece it together, suzanne, but according to the police, those are the facts they have filed in the criminal complaint. >> sandra, thank you very much. tune into cnn 2:00 p.m. eastern to see how one artist is taking the peaceful sounds of the ukelele to a whole new level. >> to me, the ukelele is truly the instrument of peace, because you can't possibly be angry when
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this is cnn breaking news. tensions in south africa mine have exploded now into gun fire. i want you to listen and see what the kind of video that is coming in right now. [ gun fire ]
1:40 pm
>> this is from our affiliate etv reporting that at least 18 people were shot. this is a firefight between the south african police and miners who were on strike. you can actually see that it is disturbing as some of the people are on the ground there, and reports are saying that the miners opened fire as the armed police in riot gear tried to break up the protest. i want to bring in our correspondent who is live in johannesburg to give us a sense of what we are watching here. this seems extraordinary, and you have got people who are there and they look like they have been killed in this firefight. what do we know? >> look, suzanne, i can safely say that we haven't seen this kind of response to a protest, a labor dispute since the apartheid days and it does
1:41 pm
really appear that excessive force was used here. but i mustt put it on the record that the police have not released their version of the events. they are not even releasing official death toll at this stage. local media as you said reporting that 18 people have been killed, and i'm hearing from my sources, you know, numbers ranging from 18 to 30. and you must remember, suzanne, that ten people had already been killed since this violent wage dispute began last weekend. so a really, really worrying situation here in south africa, and one that the police continue to watch very closely as that area still very tense, suzanne. >> do we know how this happened? how this was set off like this and who started shooting first? how did it get to this point? >> well, my understanding, suzanne, is that the police had been negotiating with these striking miners who have been for a couple of days now, and
1:42 pm
hours, just yesterday, congregating near a hilltop and wielding machetes and traditional weapons and police believe guns as well. so the police have been negotiating with the miners who ref refuse to go back to work, to lay down the arms and disperse. of course, the negotiations failed yesterday and today and my understanding is the police started firing tear gas at these miners trying to force them to disperse. water cannons and according to the reporters the miners retaliated with the live ammunition, and that started the clash that you see this dramatic clash that you have just witnessed suzanne. >> what were the miners protesting in the first place. how did this come about? >> well, the bottom line is that it is about wages, okay. these miners are demanding a more than double their salaries and they are op erators who are
1:43 pm
making between $300 and $600 and they want $1,500 u.s. dollars, and the mine management believes that the rivalry between two labor unions also is playing a role here. the dominant labor union and the national union of mine workers who negotiated the current salaries they are getting and new union which is 12 years old is promising the miners more that we can get you more. and this union is very radical. many people believe they are using the tactics to force the mine to pay these wages that they demanding, and the union saying we cannot negotiate with a two of-year agreement, and we can't negotiate the salaries right now. that is what you are witnessing here in south africa, and it is a country where the violence is pervasive and i must point that out. >> you are saying that you have not seen the reaction from the police since the days of
1:44 pm
apartheid and what is behind the tension here and why do you think that we are seeing the level of violence that erupted here today, because we are looking at the pictures and it is really an extraordinary standoff here, and they are looking completely outgunned. they have dozenbes and dozens of police standing there opening fire. >> look, suzanne, the police view these miners as very, very violent id haindividuals. they started this protest last weekend and ten people were killed and i'm talking about people hacked to death with machetes and two security officers burned alive. two police officers on monday also killed very violently with machetes so that the police look at these men as very, very aggressive human beings. when i was there yesterday, the police made us stand very, very far from the miners saying that this crowd is unpredictable. they are heavily armed, and we
1:45 pm
believe believe that the two police officers that they killed were disarm and they have those pistols with them, so that the violent reaction has a lot to do with the way that the police feel about the miners themselves that they are dangerous human beings and also because of the fear of the two killed earlier in the week of their own. >> and thank you so much. live from johannesburg, i want to take a quick break. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%.
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according to a new "usa today"/suffolk university poll, 40% of people who are registered but not likely to vote favor president obama compared to 20% who favor mitt romney. that means that president obama has to work harder to get the supporters to the polls and among the reasons that people say they probably won't vote. they say that they are too busy. they are not excited about the candidates and nothing ever gets done or their vote does not count. mitt romney's bringing out the whiteboard literally and magic markers to try to explain in the battle with president obama his plan for medicare. this is a stop in south carolina, and this happened last hour, and romney trying to draw distinctions between medicare propose als that he's proposing and the president's. >> with regards to seniors and those are people who are today 55 years of age and older,
1:49 pm
today's seener yos, if you will, my plan presents no change. the plan stays the same. no adjustments. no changes. no savings. the president's plan cuts medicare, excuse me, well, let's see, i have to look at that, by $716 billion. cut. >> all right. i want to bring in cnn political editor paul steinhauser and when you see somebody whipping out the whiteboard at the airport, it is kind of like a last-minute impromptu presentation, what does that say about the importance of medicare or changing the subject here? >> well, it is showing you how important the battle of medicare is, and that is why they called this last-minute impromptu
1:50 pm
whiteboard speech. this number that romney is using over and over $716 million is saying that the obama administration is taking the money from medicare and program, and putting it in obama care. that's the nickname for the national health care law. americans are divided on that. the politics of what romney is doing is actually pretty smart, but the obama campaign says it's just not true. and the president himself says, i'm the one protecting medicare. mitt romney and paul ryan aren't. take a listen to the president yesterday on the campaign trail in iowa. >> they want to turn medicare into a voucher program. that means seniors would no longer have the guarantee of medicare. they'd get a voucher to buy private insurance. and because the voucher wouldn't keep up with costs, the plan authored by governor romney's running mate, congressman ryan, would force seniors to pay an extra $6,400 a year. and i assume they don't have it. >> the romney campaign points
1:51 pm
out, though, suzanne, that their plan doesn't affect anybody above 55, and they said for people below 55, you get a choice between classic, traditional medicare and these new vouchers. suzanne? >> paul, we can't help ourselves on this one, because we love this topic. the hillary buzz, heating up again. we were talking about it before, whether or not she'd be thrown on to the ticket. now you have sarah palin weighing in on this, for the suggestion being to dump vice president biden on the ticket in favor of hillary clinton. here's what she said. >> the strategists there in the obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing joe biden on the ticket with hillary. and i don't want to throw out that suggestion and have them actually accept the suggestion, because then a obama/hillary clinton ticket would have a darned good chance of winning. but really, joe biden really drags down that ticket. >> a darned good chance here. and paul, this is what "the new york times," former editor of "the new york times" said about clinton in a recent interview.
1:52 pm
he said, "obviously it would be exciting to have the first woman vice president and the first woman president, but the thing about hillary is she's actually qualified to be president, leaving aside the firstness of it all." we're not seriously thinking any of this is actually going to happen here. but interesting, far right and far left both still talking about it. >> yeah, john mccain also basically echoing sarah palin's comments, saying pretty much the same thing. a lot of this has happened since vice president biden's controversial comments the other day. but the obama campaign, the white house says this is not going to happen. joe biden remains number two on the ticket, that is not going to change. it's good to talk about, fun to talk about, i guess, but it's not going to happen. >> not going to happen. you're putting your money on it. thanks, paul. a new study finds that eating egg yolks can accelerate the risk of heart disease almost as much as smoking. a more fuel-t turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements.
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2:00 pm
appearance. "cnn newsroom" continues with brooke baldwin. hey, brooke. >> hey, suzanne. thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin and welcome to you. we are just now learning the united nations observer mission in syria will soon come to an end. we're hearing this from a fringe ambassador as the bloodshed continues to get worse. we'll take you live to syria to share the heartbreaking realities on the ground. so stay tuned for that. but i want to begin with another heartbreaking story. we have now learned the the names of two deputies ambushed, shot and killed today in louisiana. 34-year-old brandon nielson and 28-year-old jeremy trish were killed. two other deputies were wounded. louisiana authorities say the first shoot-out happened in a remote parking lot near a refinery in a town called laplace, louisiana. a sheriff says officers were ambushed, and then in a second shoot-out when they went to a trailer park to question the suspect, the sheriff struggled to contain his emotions.
2:01 pm
here he was. >> as we were interviewing the two persons, the two subjects, another person exited that trailer with an assault weapon and ambush ed -- excuse me. ambushed my two officers. the investigation is ongoing. >> five suspects are in custody. two of them are hospitalized with bullet wounds themselves. still, it's unclear why, what prompted these attacks. authorities are still trying to figure out whether the same weapon was used in both shoot-outs here. the wounded officers are still in surgery. and we have with us on the phone mike hoss. he's a reporter from affiliate w wwl. he joins me live. and do me a favor, mike, and just tell me what you know right now. >> reporter: well, certainly, it's very, very difficult to get the very latest situation from
2:02 pm
the officers, injury standpoints. what we have kind of heard through sources is one was in surgery and that one might not even need surgery. that is kind of what we've heard through sources. that is not officially from either st. john parish or the state police. so we're still waiting on that. the next update for us will come at 4:00 eastern, 3:00 central, because there are a number of unanswered questions about what -- we know kind of what went down, but what we're really trying to figure out is kind of how it all went down. two officers dead, and again, two officers fighting for their lives. >> can you just do me a favor, mike. i want to ask you, a lot of the questions are really unanswered. tell me a little bit more about where anesthesthese shoot-outs , the refinery, and what these officers were doing at the time. >> the refinery is west of new orleans, about 15 miles west of new orleans and it's a refinery in one parish, st. charles'
2:03 pm
parish, but it's a big parking lot in another parish, about a couple of miles down the road in st. john parish. and so people at the refinery were parked there, on buses, and would be bused down to the refinery. so that's where it all started. somewhere prior to 5:00 this morning, typically there are off-duty st. john parish deputies there to help with patrols. because, i mean, it's a lot of cars in, a lot of cars out. this is where we don't know what happened. all we know is that the sheriff, mike tregre, says one of his officers, michael scott buoyington had made some type of stop, and during that stop was fired upon, multiple times. he is believed to be okay, according to the sheriff. be but he's alive enough to give what we believe is some description of the vehicle. that vehicle was then seen later by an eyewitness who calls in
2:04 pm
and said, i've got this car going 80 miles an hour down the road. that leads deputies to a trailer park, basically on the mississippi river, a levee, again, about two miles, max, from where the initial shooting took place. they go up to the door, to a trailer where they believe the suspects are. in fact, they've got one suspect with them. they knock on the door, the guy comes to the door, there's a dog there. they can see inside the trailer and inside the trailer is a skblaurnd beneath, fuman, fully clothed, but underneath a blanket. as they call him to the front door, another man exits the rear of the trailer with a semiautomatic assault rifle, opens fire, and to the best knowledge of our sheriff, kills two of his officers and wounds a third. that's what gives us the two officers wounded, two officers slain. >> awful about these officers, mike hoss. we appreciate it. as you mentioned, there's going
2:05 pm
to be a news conference a little later. we will be watching that right along with you all at wwl. thank you for hopping on the phone with me. appreciate it. another huge story we're watching today, arizona. arizona's governor giving a harsh reality check to thousands of young, undocumented immigrants in her state. president obama's new rules allow them and others to really -- really across the nation, really avoid deportation, take those fears away, at least for two years, but it doesn't give them legal status. so governor jan stressed in this executive order that her state will not give them any public benefits. she says she is following state law, proposition 200, which arizonians passed back in 2004. >> again, i will repeat, it's no different than what already is being enacted here in the state of arizona. no driver's licenses and no public benefits. >> the reaction was swift. the same day brewer issued that order, immigrants who came here illegally as kids were lining up to protest, straight to the
2:06 pm
state capitol. now, the program that keeps them from getting deported, we've been reporting on this, this is called the consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals. and for young immigrants who follow the law, they meet other criteria, it does provide a work authorization card. governor brewer says arizona will grant the card, which obviously was not enough for protesters. >> what jan brewer did today, it's bully. she's bullying the voiceless. she's bullying children that they can't defend themselves. and she's bullying immigrant youth that don't have a voice. >> i want to bring in our senior legal analyst, jeff toobin. he's on the phone with me. jeff, first things first. can governor brewer even legally do this? >> you know, brooke, i wish i could give you a categorical answer to that, but this is an extremely complicated area of the law.
2:07 pm
as you know, there was a supreme court case on this very subject of arizona's right to restrict immigration, and the supreme court split in many different directions, including over which policies were permissible and which weren't. so i think this case is destined to wind up in court. federal law always trumps state law on matters relating to immigration, but that is not an easy term to define, what is specifically related to immigration. arizona has some powers too, and this, too, will probably have to be sorted out by the courts. >> we talked about it when it came down from the supreme court and there was one major provision that very much so still stood. but i want to take you back to this executive order, because as you mentioned, it's complicated. you're the legal eagle here. so help me understand this. if we're talking about how arizonians can, in fact, get a work authorization card, i want you to explain to me here, then, jeff, what services these young folk who is do get the green
2:08 pm
light from this deferral program, what they will not be getting in arizona compared to, say, massachusetts. >> well, for example, one area with a great deal of controversy is, are they eligible for in-state tuition at state colleges and universities? one local college, at first said, yes, they will be eligible. then the same day said, no. that is obviously a point of contention. i don't think the matter is settled for good. driver's licenses is another area of contention. the governor seems to say, no, the federal government may say yes. if there's any message from the supreme court decision, it's that each of these policies, driver's licenses, in-state tuition, will have to be evaluated separately and determined whether state or federal law trumps. >> so, then, with regard to the in-state tuition, with regard to the licenses, does it sound like
2:09 pm
arizona, itself, is a tad confused? and if so, how does this get cleared up? >> well, i don't think arizona or the governor is confused at all. they are trying to deny these newly semi-legal citizens -- these individuals, these young people who were born outside the united states, brought here illegally, but raised in the united states, law-abiding people. the government of arizona is not at all confused in wanting to deny them all benefits. >> but, jeff, when you bring up -- jeff, when you bring up -- >> -- president obama's action, can arizona do that? and i'm afraid the answer to that question is, we're going to have to wait for the courts ss sort it out. >> i guess when you bring up, i know maricopa county community colleges, they thought, okay, yes, once this order came down, they could give these undocumented immigrants, which typically get the more expensive out-of-state tuition, they could get in-state, now it's like,
2:10 pm
hang on, we don't know what the deal is because of this executive order. bottom line, yes or no, this is going to be a lawsuit? >> there's -- you finally asked an easy question, brooke. absolutely. >> absolutely. jeff toobin, i try not to be too tough on you most of the time. we appreciate you calling in. thank you very much. we'll get to the bottom of what exactly is happening in arizona and elsewhere, because there's a lot more happening on this thursday. roll it. seven more american troops won't be coming home after a crash today in afghanistan. this as america's defense chief says, don't forget, there is still a war going on. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. heartbreaking images of the reality inside syria. plus, top-secret no more. navy s.e.a.l.s says the world knows more about the osama bin laden raid than it should. and now they are slamming
2:11 pm
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now that's personal pricing. shocking though it is, it is becoming abundantly clear that the assad regime in syria is launching attacks against civilians. i'll give you two examples. this is a residential block north of aleppo, leveled by bashar al assad's air force. this attack happened cred. we do not yet have an accurate figure as to how many people were killed there. example two. aleppo. government shelling killed eight people, wounded 50 today, as they stood outside a bakery. they're trying to get bread. at least what's we're told by the rebel group known as the free syrian army. more and more, it is the noncombatants dying, not the guys with the gun. ben wedeman is in aleppo, and
2:15 pm
this astonishing report begins inside of a hospital, repeatedly hit by government air strikes. >> help me! >> reporter: 12-year-old mohammad screams out in fear and pain. shrapnel ripped through his right leg in an air raid on the hospital in aleppo's district. three passers by, including mohammad, were wounded in the attack. the task of treating the wounded here, harder by the day, the nurse tells me. half of our equipment no longer works, he says. for almost an hour, syrian government jet bombed and strafed the area. twice striking the clearly marked hospital. out of view, rebels fired back fruitlessly at the plane. in an entrance way across the street from the hospital, the blood is still wet where
2:16 pm
mohammad, wounded, took cover. nerves still on edge at the possibility the plane will strike yet again. >> i think he went in the next entrance. >> momohammad's brother, abdul, fled the emergency ward in panic after the second attack on the hospital and is afraid to go back in. the shelling and air raids have no rhyme or reason. the rounds smash into crowded neighborhoods, far from the front lines. mohammad was in a back room when his apartment was hit. he had sent his family away just a few days before. thank god they weren't here, he says, but what am i going to do? where am oy going to live? his neighbors clear away the
2:17 pm
rubble with exhausted resignation. the random nature of the shelling and the air raids on the rebel-controlled parts of aleppo means that any building, anywhere in this part of the city could be hit at any time. in fact, this building was hit just 20 minutes ago. for many of the residents of aleppo, it's simply time to leave. some go by foot, most by car or pickup, taking the bare minimum. the shelling, answers this man, when i ask why he and his family are leaving. we don't know where it's coming from. their destination is what they hope is a safer part of town. but here, no place is truly safe. >> wow. just seeing children in your reporting, ben wedeman, stunning, stunning images and stories out of northern syria. i want to ask you more about your report here, but it will
2:18 pm
have to speak for yourself for now, because we have to get to this. we're getting word that the united nations mission to syria will not be extended. it expires this weekend. so, ben, does this mean that the united nations is throwing in the towel? and if that's the case, does that create some kind of vacuum? and what does that mean? >> reporter: well, it really doesn't make any difference for most people here. the united nations' mission, which has been running since the beginning of the year, has had very little impact on the fighting. if anything, if you look at the daily death toll, and today, according to opposition groups, as many as 179 people were killed in syria today. the death toll has been rising steadily. and in the last few months, dramatically, the united nationses and the arab league, it's a joint mission between the two, has had very little, if any impact at all on the fighting. so the fact that they're closing up shop, they're just going to leave a small office in damascus, really won't make any difference at all. both sides seem set on their
2:19 pm
current course and whether the united nations, frankly, was meaningless in the whole affair. brooke? >> let me show just our viewers something else that's alarming. i know we've talked about the nightmare prospect, potentially, of the bloodshed in syria spilling. let me show our viewers, lebanon, right here, next-door neighbor. we're talking specifically about the violence spilling over, because we have this large-scale kidnapping there linked to the conflict in syria. this is -- this means, you know, several persian gulf states, including saudi arabia. they're telling their people in lebanon to get out. how serious a threat, ben, is this to lebanon, specifically? >> reporter: it's a very serious threat. the possibility that the conflict spills into lebanon is very high. let's not forget, in lebanon, there are a variety of different groups, some pro-regime, syrian regime, some anti. there's already been bloodshed in parts of lebanon, between these two groups.
2:20 pm
lebanon, of course, went through a bloody civil war, from 1975 to 1990, and many of the causes for that war are still there. so it's very much a powder keg, right next door to this, syria, a country already on fire. >> ben wedeman for us live in syria. we appreciate it. thank you. meantime, officials warning some folks in one louisiana town, your drinking water might be tasting salty. the severe drought we've been reporting on, it's caused the mississippi river to drop to shockingly low levels. so low, in fact, that saltwater from the gulf is creeping up the river. we'll explain that, next. meant for special occasions. well who said breakfast. on a tuesday. can't be special.
2:21 pm
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2:23 pm
now to a pretty surprising consequence of the ongoing severe drought in the central part of our country. in plaquemines parish, louisiana, which is right there, you see it? on the mouth of the mighty mississippi river, officials are warning folks that their drinking water might be tasting a tad salty. chad myers, used to going into this neck of the woods and things being a little spicy. but salty? why? >> you have to think about it. salt water is heavier than fresh water. it's why you float better in the ocean than in the pool. so this saltwater, coming from
2:24 pm
the gulf of mexico, coming from the salty area down here is always on the bottom of the mississippi river. and the fresh water flows over the top of it. sall saltwater going this way, fresh water going this way, typically it mixes enough that it mixes that saltwater and shoves it back into the gulf of mexico. but when there's not water coming down the mississippi or at least not very much, that saltwater ends up going up the river rather than the fresh water going down the river. so they're going to have to build, literally, an earthen dam under the water before the salt -- to stop the saltwater from coming up the mississippi. here's what it looks like. here's what the levee is going to look like. this saltwater here is coming up the mississippi river. they are going to make this berm called a sill, basically, it's just a levee, underwater. it won't go to the top, because you still have to get ships in and out of here, but then that saltwater won't go any farther up the river, it will stop here, the fresh water will come through here, mix that water, and send it down the gulf of
2:25 pm
mexico. this has happened before. they did it in '88 and did it in '99. both of those years, very droughty, if you want. very, very low water levels in mississippi. >> is it okay to drink? >> say again? >> okay to drink? >> that saltwater? not really. you never want to drink the ocean water in the first place. even if you're stranded on a boat, don't drink the ocean water, you'll dehydrate from it. but because this water is creeping up the mississippi, it's mixing with the intake from plaquemines parish, so now some of this saltwater is getting into the fresh water. you can't take salt out very well unless you heat it up and distill it. this will take six weeks to build this bump. >> some folks may not have a choice, so they may have to. >> they are filling barges with fresh water and taking them downriver and parking them there in plaquemines parish to have that fresh water. >> excellent. chad, thank you. >> you bet. critics say the presidential
2:26 pm
candidates appear to have put the war in afghanistan on the back burner. but my next guest says a helicopter crash today should be a stark reminder of the continued dangers our troops are facing. we're going to focus on that next, next. with the spark miles card from capital one, thor's couture gets the most rewards of any small business credit card. your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics, put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? [ cheers and applause ]
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2:29 pm
seven u.s. service members were killed today when their helicopter crashed. you see the map here. this happened in the kandahar province. this is southern afghanistan. the crash also killed three afghan soldiers and an afghan civilian interpreter. the kandahar governor's office says the blackhawk uh60 helicopter, like this one, was on patrol in a northern district when it went down. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. and today's deadly crash, it comes two days after defense secretary leon panetta basically pointed out to the american people, hang on a second, we're still at war. at a tuesday briefing, panetta ticked off this list of events. he mentioned the olympics, the presidential campaign, the
2:30 pm
drought, the mass shootings in colorado and wisconsin, all occupying the american public, and then he delivered a stark reminder. take a look. >> but i thought it was important to remind the american people that there is a war going on in afghanistan. and that young men and women are dying in order to try to protect this country. one of my toughest jobs is to write condolence letters to the families of our fallen heroes, and frankly i seem to be writing more lately. i just want the american people to take the time and reflect on these sacrifices. >> tom tarantino, deputy policy director of iraq and afghanistan veterans of america, also served in combat in iraq, tom, welcome back here. you look at the numbers, it's 84,000 u.s. service members, still in afghanistan, yet we've been covering the trail on both
2:31 pm
sides, the campaign trail. not a lot said here when it comes to afghanistan. why do we need reminding? why the silence? >> well, first of all, you know, our hearts go out to the young men, the men and women who died today. you know, we just -- we just had this stark reminder that there are men and women in harm's way and it's a shame that we shouldn't have to have a tragedy like the helicopter crash today or the secretary of defense publicly reminding us that we are a nation at war. and that's largely because we are a very small population. iraq and afghanistan veterans are less than 1% of the american population. and we have born the brunt of the war in the last ten years. and i think it's important that not just on the campaign trail, but also in our homes that we understand that men and women are fighting for us. they're fighting for us overseas and they're continuing to the fight when they come home. and we have to make sure that as a country, we don't ignore these issues. and we have to make sure that they know that we have their backs while they're overseas and when they come home.
2:32 pm
>> tom, let me show our viewers how americans feel. to be clear, this is the poll, the last one we took, back in march. question posed, do you oppose or support the war in afghanistan? a huge percent oppose. and the best foreign policy rates in the middle tier of issues. how do you convince, tom, folks in this country, out of work, having a tough time feeding their family, that the war in afghanistan should be top of mind? >> one of the things we have seen is that support for the war or support against the war does not mean support for or against the troops. what we have found is that the american people overwhelmingly want to support the troops. the problem is that so few have ever spent time inside a military uniform. so they don't understand the community. what we have found through our work at iava with our civilian supporters is that they are looking, they are hungry for ways to figure out how to get involved, how to support men and women who have served in iraq and afghanistan, and how to make sure that the va and the government and everyone is
2:33 pm
accountable for taking care of these men and women when they come home. men and women come home from war today to record-high unemployment rates, to a gi bill that is not meeting all of its needs, to record-high disability backlog rates. we have to make sure that even when we bring troops home from afghanistan, that we still have taking care of these men and women as they transition from being a warrior back to being a civilian. >> part of that, though, tom, is americans hearing it. they need to be hearing it, according to you, you know, on the campaign trail, they're not really hearing a lot about this. from obama, biden, romney, ryan. have you all, as a group, iava, reached out to these campaigns? what would you demand that they say? >> well, you know, it's difficult. we are a non-partisan organization. so we reach out to everybody. whether they're running for office, not running for office. if you're in the public eye, you need to understand that issues that affect military men and women, that affect veterans, affect all of our lives. we might be a very small
2:34 pm
population, but the issues that affect us come to your hometown. if you have veterans that don't have access to adequate health care, that's a problem. if you have veterans that are trying to use their gi bill, but they find out that the school they're going to is actually siphoning their benefits and not giving them an employable degree, that's a huge problem. ultimately this comes back to paying back that moral responsibility we have to the men and women who signed up to serve our country, and making sure we do it responsibly and that we are all aware and have a stake in the fact that we have 84,000 americans still currently fighti ining for our country. >> and not only that, there will still be 68,000 service members in afghanistan after the drawdown next month. we need to keep that in mind. i want you to take the time right now, tom, tell americans what needs to be done to make sure these brave men and women are not forgotten. >> first of all, we need to give veterans jobs. they've got to come home to an unemployment community that understands their services valued and they immediate to make sure their services are protected. you can go to, join the movement, join the community,
2:35 pm
and we can give you all the information you need to be active and support our men and women. >> tom tarantino with the iava, tom, thank you. >> thanks, brooke. they consider themselves one of the most hated bands in the world. >> the jugalos are a bunch of high schoooliga hooligans. >> cnn sits down with the group that wants to sue the fbi for labeling their fans gang members. and what they reveal is pretty candid. a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. we discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way purina one is making the world a better place... one pet at a time. discover vibrant maturity and more at
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the insane clown posse. do you know these guys? the clown makeup, the thattoota the expletive-laced lyrics. well, they know they're a rock band that a lot of you love to hate, but for the life of them, they don't understand why. and they don't understand why the fbi labeled them and their loyal fans a hybrid gang.
2:39 pm
they plan on suing the fbi. they just don't get why they're so misunderstood. watch this. >> people see the paint, and they're just like, what the [ bleep ]? is this some kind of gimmick? a lot of people that aren't jugalos listen to our music, and all they hear is [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. all that stuff. and that scares them away. >> okay. so, why are these jugalos on the fbi's national gang threat assessment list? who are these folks? we'll let them tell you. >> let me tell you something about jugalos. they're human beings, man. they're not neanderthals. you don't have to tell them that. they know that. you know, they know they're not going to go out and murder somebody because of our music. we're [ bleep ] human beings, man. >> that is what band members violent j. and shaggy 2 dope want you to know. no hatred here. they say the music has only been to uplift people who they call their family. >> we've got a subtle message underneath, which are very good morals and a message, you know
2:40 pm
what i'm saying? and it's, it's wonderful. ♪ how the [ bleep ] could this be ♪ ♪ up in the sky ♪ there is a rainbow >> i'm sorry, it's hard to keep a straight face when i'm talking about this. jared with, hello. you're the one who did this, what we call the red chair interviews, we find fascinating people and throw a bunch of questions at them. and let me first just begin with why? >> i was sitting down on my couch one day and i went to the wormhole of the internet and came across one of their interviews, one of their videos, and i was like, you know what, i'm going to go talk to these guys. so me and a writer for dot-com, we went up to detroit and sat down with them. >> so i watched this video, and the one snippet that really jumped out at me, when they're talking about how they've never done drugs, these guys have kids and they're going to teach sound values to their little ones. let me just roll this part. >> let me tell you why you need to wear a condom. let me tell you why, you know,
2:41 pm
you don't need to pick on that kid, you know? at school. let me tell you why you, um, called somebody a racial slur, i will stick my foot all the way to my hip into your [ bleep ], you know what i'm saying? >> okay. so they're teaching nonviolence through that. what was your impression? did you -- just, you tell me. >> i didn't know what to expect. i had only heard of these guys and seen some of the clips on, you know, youtube. but i've got to say, they were really nice guys. they were very earnest -- >> come on! >> no, they were. they sat down with us, gave us a lot of their time. they were super friendly. i'm not saying they were necessarily two guys i would hang out with in my normal everyday life, but they were friendly. i didn't feel threatened by them. >> so you were surprised? >> you know, i guess i was, a little surprised. but not -- not really. because what do you expect them to do? you know, i'm supposed to walk
2:42 pm
in the room and they're going to attack me? you know, it's not like that. >> well, since you bring that up, jared bellini, let's talk violence. in the fbi's 2011 national gang threat assessment, they say open source reporting suggests that a small number of these jugalos are performing more organized subsets, engaging in more gang-like felony activities such as felony assaults, thefts, robberies, and drug sales. >> you can question their followers a lot. there's a lot said about the juggalos, and there are some documented crimes where you can say that juggalos committed the crime. but i have a hard time painting something with too broad of a brush. i'm kind of a deadhead, and go to a lot of festivals that a lot of people would call hippie festival, and if you took a snapshot of those individuals that i'm hanging out with at those festivals, you would paint a picture that's very different than what people would see if
2:43 pm
they met me. >> can i ask quickly, did they come to the interview with the makeup on? >> they did. they totally came to the interview with makeup on. i really wanted to see them put it on. >> they didn't lift the veil for you. where can we see this? >> it's on there's a written piece and the video that we put together and you can kind of decide for yourself. you can look at the juggalos and make your own decision there. >> make your own decision, tweet @jaredbellini and let him know what you think. jared, thank you. it's interesting. i'll give you that. there is a story out of south africa that is developing as i speak. minors go on strike. and suddenly gunfire erupts. the shocking scene all caught on video. we'll take you there live, next. they can bundle all your policies together. lot of paperwork. [ doug's voice ] actually... [ dennis' voice ] an allstate agent can help do the switching and paperwork for you. well, it probably costs a lot. [ dennis' voice ] allstate can save you up to 30% more when you bundle. well, his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds.
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just into us here, the strike by platinum miners. this is in south africa, turns into this total bloodbath. police were trying to break up a protest by these striking miners, some of whom were carrying machetes when suddenly gunfire erupted. when the shooting finally stopped, three full minutes later, e tv reports 18 bodies were lying on the ground, 18. so what we're going to show you here in just a moment is incredibly, incredibly violent stuff. the gunfire was captured on video by a photographer for the reuters news agency. before we show that to you, i want to bring in our reporter
2:47 pm
live in johannesburg. give us a backstory, what was happening when police come upon these striking miners. >> reporter: this is such a shocking story. and brooke, what's even more shocking, we're not hearing anything from the police. they're not confirming official -- an official death toll. they are not confirming exactly what happened. so what i'm about to tell you is what we've been able to piece together from our sources, from eyewitnesss, from reporters who were there and saw what transpired. now, from my understanding, i was there just yesterday. and this has been happening over a couple of days now. these miners are on strike. they want their wages increased by more than double what they're earning right now. the miners are saying, look, we are stuck in a two-year-long wage negotiation. negotiations cannot happen right now. these miners congregate every single day on top of a hill. they are armed with machetes and with traditional weapons and police believe with guns as well.
2:48 pm
and my understanding, from eyewitnesss, is guns were retrieved after the shoot-out. now, the police tried to negotiate with the miners. they've been doing this for a couple of days, for them to lay down their arms and to go back to work and disperse. negotiations have failed time and again. today, we understand from reports, that the police then reacted by firing tear gas and water cannons and that the miners then retaliated with live ammunition. and what you're about to see, these shocking visuals, is what happened next. >> okay, so once again, just to give our viewers a warning, and if you have small children in the room, this is the moment. please get them away from the tv. this is incredibly violent video that we're about to show you, but it paints the picture of precisely what happened. go ahead and roll it. [ continuous gunfire ] >> cease-fire!
2:49 pm
cease-fire! cease fire! cease fire! >> we see the bodies on the ground, the police there, all lined up. and when you say the police wanted to negotiate, this does not look like negotiating. i mean, it appears that they have mowed down, we mentioned 18 people shot and killed. and again, the answer to the question, why, we still don't know. zblirt does appear that excessive force was used here, brooke. but, you know, the police are not telling us anything. they're not telling us their side of the story. and as i said, we have to rely on what eyewitnesss have told us about what happened. and many of them say, you know what, i cannot say who started the shooting.
2:50 pm
nobody has been able to tell me tonight that the police started shooting or the protesters started shooting. but that looks like really something wrong, terribly wrong, happened. i must just add, brooke, that earlier in the week, you know, up until now, ten people had been killed in this violent wage dispute. people hacked to death, people set alive, burnt to death. and now this death toll, of course, we don't know how many. i've heard figures between 18 and 30. and among the dead, on monday, were two police officers. and there is a strong feeling here in south africa that police were angry at these miners, police saw them as killers, and that some policeman really do believe that these miners got what they deserved. but as i said, the police not saying anything. they say they're going to have a press conference tomorrow, but may release the death toll later tonight, brooke. >> horrendous. absolutely horrendous. we'll check back in tomorrow and see what police say.
2:51 pm
thank you. we're back in a moment. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind. they wait for this all year long. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back, but only for a limited time, for just $14.99. try as much as you like any way you like, like new teriyaki grilled shrimp or new parmesan crusted shrimp, for just $14.99. [ angela ] creating an experience instead of just a meal that's endless shrimp. my name is angela trapp. i'm a server at red lobster and i sea food differently. what? it's a brand-new camry. i just bought this. really? i just thought i'd take a looka. sure, you can. this malibu eco features e-assist. it offers an epa estimated 37 miles per gallon highway. this cannot be a brand-new car. what are you doing? i was looking for a cassette deck. [ male announcer ] visit your local chevy dealer today. now get a 2013 malibu eco for around $219 per month.
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since they were born, a young brother and sister have dealt with hearing loss, and now they're teaming up to tell others how to overcome, we'll call them difficulties the life. dr. sanjay gupta introduces us to these truly remarkable kids in this week's "human factor." >> my book is mostly about my hearing aid, what i do in life. >> reporter: samantha brownlee is 8 years old and she's already a published author. >> i have a hearing aid. i wear it in my left ear. >> reporter: her book, which she wrote at the ripe age of 6, is about how she copes with hearing loss. >> some people have it, a problem, a different problem that they have in life, but they don't really want to share it, soy like to share it. >> reporter: samantha and her 11-year-old brother, sean, both were born with damage to the nerve in the inner ear,
2:55 pm
permanent damage. but at an age when taunting from their peers could shatter their self-image, samantha and sean are undaunted. >> we never saw it as a disability. it's just a factor. i mean, i wear glasses. i don't have a sight disability, i just need help with my vision. >> reporter: without the word "disability" weighing her down, samantha found it in her to write and illustrate this book. >> it helps me hear better, because it makes the sounds louder. >> reporter: it's called "samantha's fun fm book." >> i thought it was a wonderful project at first, and then it took on a life of its own. >> reporter: a life of its own, including sales of samantha's book on >> 50 million people in the country have hearing loss. >> reporter: and this psa for the hearing health foundation. and though she has many years ahead of her, samantha has advice for children and adults about how to overcome. >> no matter what happens, i just try, try, try. you can help someone else with it. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> try, try, try.
2:56 pm
i love that. well, police say in his bag, he had 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches and a gun with ammunition. that is before he opened fire. any minute, the conservative group he may have been targeting will address reporters. plus, just into us here at cnn, a warning to all baby boom boomers, the government now recommending that everyone get a certain type of test. that's next. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ [ male announcer ] its lightweight construction makes it nimble... ♪ its road gripping performance
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the international standoff over julian assange ratcheting up a notch today. assange founded the website wikileaks, put thousands of leaked u.s. cables and war documents online for all the world to see. today assange is saying a great-big thank you for ecuador for granting him political asylum.


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