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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 24, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield in atlanta, and we are following breaking news out of new york where gunmen opened fire near the empire state building. two people are dead including the suspect and nine others wounded. a police commissioner ray kelly says that the gunman had been fired are the the job a year ago, and he opened fire on a former coworker kill iing that person. police shot and killed the gunman. poppy harlow is joining us live from the scene. poppy, what more are we learning about the suspect? we heard extensive press conference coming from mayor mike bloomberg earlier talking about this man, identified as jeffrey johnson being from manhattan, but they don't know much more about him. >> hi, fredricka. a few updates for you. we had previously been told that the suspected shooter jeffrey johnson was 53 years old, and
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nypd and police commissioner ray kelly said they were mistaken, he is 56 years old from manhattan and some interesting details that i was just given by the new york city police commissioner is one that the suspected shooter was wearing a suit. he was wearing a business suit, carrying a brief kais when the shooting occurred. what also we know now that we can report is that there was a dispute going on for a year between jeffrey johnson, the suspected shooter, and the victim. the 41-year-old man who he shot and killed. some sort of dispute was happening between them at their workplace. hasan imports where they made jewelry and women's apparel. they say there were legal complaints between the two of them going on for the last year. so that may have been a motive in this, and that is what we know. we do also know that one of the other victims that was shot but not killed, and again, the nine others shot are expected to make a full recovery and one of them
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was from north carolina. police do not know yet where the rest of them were from, and the police believe that the suspected shooter only had one gun. a .45 caliber handgun with a magazine that could hold eight bullets. now the reason why police believe that some of the other victims that were shot and injured possibly were shot by police fire is because they looked at the capacity of the handgun of the suspected shooter which could only hold eight bullet bullets and they say that more were shot, and all in 14 rounds were fired by police officers. we asked if police knew if the that gun was obtained legally or illeg illegally by jeffrey johnson and they do not know that yet. what else we can tell you is that the two officers that fired after a gun, the gun was pulled on them that the two police officers who fired and killed the suspected shooter are at the
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hospital right now, and they are fine, but they are just going, undergoing some observation at this point in time, but a really interesting that we know that there was sort of ongoing legal complaints between suspected shooter and his victim, the one man that he did kill, and that he was wearing a business suit and a briefcase which i can tell you, fredricka, here in central manhattan at the empire state building in rush hour at 9:00 a.m., he is going to blend in with everyone else. >> sure. blended in, and poppy, help us for those who are just joining us, go through the sequence of eventbes that were spelled out by mayor bloomberg and commissioner kelly about how this unfolded. you talked about jeffrey johnson heading to the location of the former ploememployer and openine and from that point on after he left that scene, a construction worker apparently followed him and that helped to lead to the confrontation between he and police, and give us other details on that. >> that's right. what we are being told is that a
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construction worker on duty here by the empire state building saw what was happening and unfolding and notified two police officers that were on duty here, and then some here are calling him a hero that he is the one who notified the police officers on duty who subsequently found the suspected shooter who pulled, you know, his gun on those officers and they started firing. so we don't know the name, the i identity, the age or the employer of the construction worker, but he is really the one who raised his hand and alerted authorities and as commissioner ray kelly said, he saw something and did something, and he did what he was supposed to do. just to rehash for the viewers just joining us, 9:00 a.m. this morning in one of the busiest pa parts of manhattan right outside of the empire state building a disgruntled worker aged 56, jeffrey johnson, pulled a .45 caliber handgun with a magazine that can hold eight bullets on a former coworker a 41-year-old whom he shot and killed. he shot that person three tims,s
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and we do not have the identity of that man who was shot and killed. police are withholding that until the family is notified and nine others were shot. either by the suspected shooter or by nypd as collateral damage in all of this. we do not know that yet. we do know that the suspected shooter jeffrey johnson was wearing a business suit, carrying a briefcase. we know, fredricka, he had an additional magazine in the briefcase. so he had more bullets that he could use. he did not. and that is what we know at this point in time, and all of the other nine victims are expected to make a full recovery, but again, this is a busiest time of the morning here, rush hour,mor and part of the city that is frequented by tourists, and 4 million tourists come here every year to go to the observation deck of the empire state building and busy and chaotic scene, and we know that wearing a suit, the suspected shooter would have looked just like a
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lot of other people here. >> that is right, just blending in. thank you, poppy harlow and keep us posted on the ongoing investigation. meanwhile, many streets there are closed because of the investigation that continues. and we are hearing accounts from eyewitnesses and people as poppy underscored heading to work or in some cases waiting in line right outside of the empire state building to e be gbegin t tour. among the eyewitnesses or someone who heard all that was unfolding is annika who was on a city bus that stopped right in front of the empire state building,ed a at th and at thatu heard the gun fire and what did you see and hear? >> we heard a bunch of rounds go off. i'm not sure, because the stories are unfolding if it was also police fire. we saw a bunch of gunshots and heard them go off and then
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people fall to the ground. did not see the gunman, himself. and it was just explaining to others that it was just absolute mass chaos, and then the street just went completely still and quiet for a hot second. and then people started fleeing to the scene. >> what happened on the bus there? you and others with once you heard the gun fire, did you hit the deck and what was taking place and conversation or fall silent or what? >> it was silence. you know, in manhattan, things like this, they, it is the scariest thing and it really rockous to the core especially when things are happening and first thing in the morning and you are on the way to work. especially outside of the empire state building. you just dishtbrings you back do reality after all of the things that happened in manhattan, but people on the bus, it was silence. i don't think that a lot of us
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knew what was it really was a gunshot or not, and then we saw the victims on the ground, and we knew exactly what happened. i was on the other side of the bus but i had full view of it and at a low range, so i felt safe, but it is absolute ly scay to see it happening right in front of your eyes. >> and this is a route that you take all of the time, and on your way to work, this is a bus that is fairly familiar to you? >> yes. i take the bus to work, you know, because it just across town bus that drives by the empire state building every morning. you know, normally every morning you kind of look up at the empire state building and say, wow, that is pretty awesome, but today it is different. it is very scary that it can happen, you know, it could happen anywhere, but it is scary when it happens to you on your morning, in the morning on the
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way to work. >> yes, frightening moments just after 9:00 a.m. this morning and the height of rush hour. thank you, anika basu, for your eyewitness account. and on the phone is suze who is a tourist from egypt and happened to be in new york city, and happened to be here when this transpired, and what do you remember happened this morning? >> well, a friend of mine is from egypt, and -- i'm from the u.s., and so i was entering the empire state building and we -- we heard the gunshots and we d didn't know or believe it was gunshots, but people ran out to the side of the building and that is when we ran out and we saw a dead body falling on the
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ground. a guy falling on the ground like young. and people running around saying call the police. we ran this way and then we heard more gunshots, and we tried to take shelter so, again, go inside of the building -- >> okay. suze, thank you so much, but the connection is too fuzzy there to understand all you are saying, but i get the point. utter chaos, and then there was a real sense of calm just as the shots were being fired and people were witnessing this incredible melee that led to the deaths of two people, including the gunman, and we will have much more coverage of this shooting takinging place near the empire state building in midtown man hhattan right after this. valley protein bars. capella university understands rough economic times
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i'm fredricka whitfield in atlanta, and updating you on the breaking news. a man shot another man outside of the empire state building which started when a disgruntled employee of hasan imports killed another former coworker. mayor michael bloomberg spoke about the shooting moments ago. >> a little after 9:00 a.m., a man who had been fired from his job about a year eor so ago begn shooting near the empire state building but out on the street. he killed one person and at least nine other people were shot, and some may have been shot accidentally by police officers who responded immediately and while confronting the suspect and fatally shooting him. unfortunately, there may have been other victims as well, and they are not seriously wounded, and no expectation that they will do anything other than
12:15 pm
recover quickly. i ask everybody to keep the victims in their thoughts and prayers. this is a terrible tragedy, and there is no doubt that the situation would have been even more tragic, but for some extraordinary acts of heroism. everyday as you know, our police officers put their lives on the line to protect us. they did so again today. responding immediately. they were joined by a number of civilian whosz brave citizens whose bravery also saved lives. >> and police were there within minutes and able to take down the suspect. joining me is lou palumbo who is a former new york city police officer. lou, i understand that based on what the mayor said, because of the counter terrorism, patrols, the young man or the man who was a construction worker who followed this suspect after witnessing that first shooting was able to come across other nypd, anti-terrorism on patrol,
12:16 pm
and notified them before they were able to actually take down this suspect. >> that's correct. what maybe you are not aware of is that the empire state building receives particularly close scrutiny from the police department as well as the federal agencies, and that is prima primarily been drif ben fi fact that it has been at times been identified by the intelligence community as a target. the police officers as indicated by the mayor and police commissioner kelly were assigned to actually the fifth avenue entrance to the empire state building as part of a counterterrorism unit. >> and with the cooperation, and people have been on heightened concern for a long time there in new york city, but this is evidence of how general citizens and authorities working together can ultimately bring some
12:17 pm
closure to a crime that is taking place, as it is under way. >> i have often said that, without the help of the public, the amount of crimes that the police are able to solve or come to some type of resolution would never take place. the public is invaluable asset to the police department. the thing that is interesting here is through witnesses, and we are learning here that people see sometimes what they want to see or think they see and it is identified or conveyed to law enforce enforcement that a long arm had been used which is the notion that a shotgun might have been used as a tool here by the shooter johnson. >> and now, lou, there are an awful lot of agencies involved here and the fbi has been on the scene, and atf, and nypd -- how are all of the agencies working together with this investigation? still a lot of, you know, unanswered questions and
12:18 pm
question questions that may perhaps never be answered because the suspect is dead, but what kind of cooperation from this point forward between the agencieagen? >> i think that the cooperation in particular as a result of the police commissioner kelly has been very good. there's always a bump and grind between the local law enforcement and federal agencies and the bump even gets a little bit more intense as you deal with agencies like the cia, but because of the nature of our city, and the acknowledged need that we need to cooperate, cooperation has always been very good. the fbi has a good relationship with the police department, and the secret service has an exceptional relationship with the police department, and as a rule, we don't encounter a lot of problems that maybe other cities encounter when it comes to cooperation with the federal agencies. >> this is clearly a targeted attack and just so happened that the place of business where this disgruntled former employee returned to and near the empire state building, but because it is one of the top tourist
12:19 pm
attractions of new york city, do you think that in any way this event is going to precipitate any heightened security around any of the other location around new york city that is enjoyed by a number of tourists, and particularly this time of year as we head into a big holiday weekend of labor day weekend. >> well, i'm going to have to say that we have to seriously entertain that possibility, because if you observe the pattern of the police department and the mayor's office, when the mumbai attacks occurred in india, we had uniformed police officers outside of all of the hotels, and when the shooting occurred in aurora, kcolorado, with the batman premier, we suddenly had police officers outside of the front of every movie theater, so we could anticipate for a short window or period of time a more heightened visual presence, to deter possibly, you know, some of them might be a copycat, although this is not the type of copycat
12:20 pm
occurrence that would conventionally exist, but you might just sort of say to the public, making them feel better and have a little bit more visual presence some more of the more populated tourist attractions. the thing that is interesting about the empire state building is that i had helped to coordinate after bin laden had bombed the tanzania embassies, we had screened people going up to the 86th floor observation deck as well as all of the points of ingress and egress on the street level of that particular facility, and the empire state building has one of the most comprehensive camera systems with rockefeller center where they know everything that is going on at every point of ingress or egress even across the street from the sfwranss. >> and we know that will be instrument instrumental in the investigation as it moves forward. and lou palumbo formerly of the nypd and thank you for the perspective. again, live picture s of the
12:21 pm
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hello, again. the investigation will intensify today after a shooting taking place outside of the empire state building there in midtown man h manhattan and you are looking at live pictures. many streets are remaining closed as the investigators try to figure out the sequence of events. we understand that two people are dead, including the againman and nine others are wounded. the suspect, the suspected againman agai gunman is identified as 56-year-old jeffrey johnson. it is the police understanding that he went to the former em p employer after having an exchange after having been laid off approximately a year ago and having fired on a 41-year-old employee there, and then a construction worker in the area followed the suspect to the location and then identified to police officers working in the area, and that led to another gun fire exchange between the suspect and police.
12:25 pm
and that's where that gunman was killed. so we continue to watch the developments there taking place in midtown manhattan as they continue to piece together all that took place, and why. meantime, the other thing that we continue to watch, a pretty big thing, tropical storm isaac which is now on the move and haiti and cuba are the first targets. isaac is expected to hit haiti in a few hours with torrential rains and fierce winds and then it barrels toward cuba. it is a serious storm with potential for major devastation. meteorologist chad myers is here in the cnn severe weather center keeping a close watch on this storm. potentially, it could do so much. >> it could. it could. it is a little bit farther to the south of haiti than yesterd yesterday, and that is good news, but right now the big story is puerto rico getting hammered with rain and then santo domingo and then the dominican republic and then haiti, so we have all of the things lining up. it is going to be a very brutal
12:26 pm
day and night for the people that live in these areas. let me get right to where the radar is for puerto rico. this is good, good. and i get on this side and the cameraman does not know where to go. here is the rain coming off of the storm right now, and the storm is way down to the south, and 200 miles away, and we talk about how the arms can swing around, and the arms of the hurricane, and now one getting very close to ponce and up toward san juan and it is not raining in san juan, but today, when it rains, it is going to be really, really heavy. then the rain comes into the d.r. and there is santo domingo and haiti and port-au-prince there and some of the spots in white will pick up 10 inches of rainfall before it stops. this is the real threat, does the rain get to port-au-prince? do we get rain sideways at 50 miles per hour, and 5 inches of rainfall in a tent city and 400,000 people still without a place to live. they live in tents and canvas and plastic and then a run at key west.
12:27 pm
i don't want you to take the eye off of the ball, miami-dade, because you are to watch the storm. there is not a model out there that could not turn it to the right late bit and only talking about one degree. so miami, don't take your eye off of it as we go to weekend, but the forecast does take into account panama city and orange beach and the like. there is the storm. i want to show you some of the things happening right now. you see the whispy things flying off of the storm at the last? that els the us that the storm is truly getting the act together. that is outflow. outflow is important to a hurricane, because at the surface there's inflow, and it all wants to be sucked into the eye, and then it all has to go up. well, it can't be going up and keep going up, but eventually out. when the out works and the outflow and the moving away from the hurricane aloft begins to work, the engine of the hurricane really gets going, and we have been running on 2 of 8 cylinders this entire time, the
12:28 pm
tropical storm, and the two cylinders turning into a four cylinder, and you see the outflow happening, it is running on all cylinders and it is becoming a real force and real force and real event that is tr truly going going to be bigger as it comes in, and comes across the point of haiti and very close to guantanamo bay and torn up along cuba and running into the gulf of mexico. this could go to new orleans, because it is a have big storm. >> the storms are known to wiggle and sway and change direction just on the dime. so that map that you are showing us where, you know, we can see that it could potentially brush by the keys and just as you were showing the map earlier, we got a note from the florida governor rick scott briefing local media there about this tropical storm, saying, quote, we don't see the need right now to evacuate the keys. however, the, you know, the florida governor, is going to be making his way, and chad, where are you? >> over here. >> and making the way to tampa
12:29 pm
for the convention, and we also know that the florida emergency management has handed out information at hotels letting the people know what to do in case this storm comes, but does this, you know, does it rest well with you that -- >> no. >> that the governor is saying not the evacuate at least not now in the keys? >> well, what is today? >> well, today is friday and what do people do on friday? they drive to the keys and go across and go to the stretch and make the turn to key largo and make the drive, and the problem with tourists is they stay and they don't want to leave, because they pay the money, but the homeowners in the guest houses and the hotels can't leave, because there are people who are tourists in their rooms. you have to get the tourists out of there first and i'd rather stop it today than not friday because i don't want to move you all back out saturday, but that is how it goes, and it is about the tourist dollar at some point in time and think have to turn the people around to send them home. but the problem with the keys,
12:30 pm
one road in, and one road out. even if you have the flow, and essentially they will, and it will go one way and eventually if it truly happens, but it is one road, and everybody gets jammed on that road, and it -- it's slow. >> oh, it is a headache. people just need to stay informed as best they can which is the key, because as you underscored anything can happen with this storm. i e know that you will keep us posted. >> i know the keys very well. i spent a lot of time there. >> me and you both, and i know what you mean. okay, chad. we will continue to watch isaac and po ten is shatentially what happen, and also back to manhattan about the shooting that happened this morning outside of the empire state building at the height of rush hour today. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. up to speed on the hour's breaking news from new york. a man pulled out a gun today on the sidewalk near the empire state building. he shot a man dead, and tried to get away and then was shot dead by new york city police who happened to be in the area, and nine other people are hurt, and the police commissioner ray kelly named the shooter today as jeffrey johnson, 56 years old,
12:34 pm
and the commissioner told reporters what happened to that suspect when he tried to get away. >> as the two officers approached johnson, he pulled the .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol from the bag and fired on the officers who returned fire, killing him. and an additional nine individuals were either wounded or grazed during the exchange. six of whom were removed to bellevue hospital and three to new york presbyterian cornell medical center, and all are not likely to die. >> all right. let's get a better idea of the investigation now and how all of this transpired. mike brooks, law enforcement analysis for hln's "in session" our sister network, trutv, joining us now, and before we talk about the scope of the investigati investigation, talk about the fact that commissioner kelly said they are evaluating whether some of the shooting victims may have been shot by police officers accidentally and
12:35 pm
innocent bystanders and is this bound to happen or avoidable? >> well, there is a possible, because two women, seven men, and they were shot after the two officers who were on duty there in front of the empire state building as part of the anti-terrorism detail, because it is one of the eicons, and construction worker says, hey, there's the guy over there who shot the guy around the corner on 33rd street, and they approached him and he pulled the weapon, and then they pulled their weapons to defend themselves and shot him dead. as they said, there were people who were slightly wounded, but when you are in a compressed area like that, and especially the midtown man hhattan right i front of the empire state building, and lot of tourists and this kind of thing, yes, it could happen, and people say they shouldn't -- look, i have been in situations like this, and it is not easy. you know, you try to -- >> it is difficult. >> and you are in a small, small area, and they are doing the best they can to get some cover for themselves while shooting at them, but it is all caught on tape. because of the surveillance
12:36 pm
cameras at the empire state building in and around that area and we heard the commissioner and mayor bloomberg say it was all caught on tape and he pulled the weapon on the officers as they approached him so he was the first one to make a move with the .45 caliber handgun before they shot him dead. >> and all caught on dead and they can evaluate that quickly as they did and in addition to evaluating the handgun and seeing how many, you know, bullets would be accommodated in that gun, and given that, they were able to do a quick counting of some of the shots fired, and that is when they concluded or came close to the conclusion i suppose using that kind of word loosely. >> welsh you are right, somebody has been asking them, what is the capacity of rounds in that .45 caliber and he said that the magazine capacity was eight and then you can have one in the chamber which is a maximum for that handgun nine rounds. so there's a possibility that somebody could have been nicked or a ricochet, and there's all kinds of things, but where it was a total of 11, and two women and seven men wounded, and then you have the perpetrator and the
12:37 pm
person that the perp was going after the 41-year-old victim from hasan imports shot and killed. >> now what? the suspect is killed. >> right. >> you didn't hear neither the mayor nor the police commi commissioner say, they were looking at whether there was anyone else involved so if this is the one suspect and that person is dead, where does the investigation need to go and why do they need to collect physical evidence? >> well, he was downsized from the company a year ago, fred, so was hebrewing and stewing for a year and had he come back there to the business between 33rd and 5th and 6 th or contacted the person before? this is part of the investigation to find out what is going on in his mind, and had he given inindications this could happen again, a nd he livd in west manhattan so they will go to the apartment and get a search warrant and see what else is in the apartment to lead them, what made this happen today at 9:03 there at the
12:38 pm
compa company? >> maybe he conveyed the plan to someone -- >> there is a possibility. >> that is another arm of the investigation. >> and why now? was it because maybe the unemployment benefits were running out about a year, you know, so as i said, it has been about a year, and is this the reason why? this is all of the things that the investigators will look at as we move forward today, because it is early on in the investigation, but you want to speak to the friends, relatives, associates, anyone who knew him and what was the state of mind from the time he got fired up until today. >> and fascinating that we heard from our poppy harlow reporting also details from commissioner kelly that he was wearing a suit as if he were going to work and briefcase and really blended into an area that is crowded because of people going to work and blended into an area that is crowded because you have a lot of tourists lining up outside of the empire state building. >> yes, you could be dressed in a suit or shorts and a t-shirt and still blend in, in that area, because it is friday and beautiful day up there in manhattan and people going to
12:39 pm
empire state building, and, you know, tourists and business people going about the business, because this does not happen. i was talking to somebody from new york, and this does not happen. you don't hear of things like this happening in new york. you heard an incident a couple of weeks ago where an emotionally disturbed person with a knife was chasing people through times square and nypd had to kill him in the middle of the street, but for the most part shootings like this do not happen in new york city. >> and law enforcement analyst, mike brooks, we appreciate that and we will keep tabs on the investigation, because still a lot of whichquestions to be ans. and investigators are working on that. meantime, we are keeping an eye on tropical storm isaac and how it might disrupt the republican national convention, and you are looking at live pictures right now in michigan where mitt romney is on the campaign trail stumping before making his trip to tampa. we will bring that to you next.
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56-year-old shooting suspect jeffrey johnson is dead after opening fire at his former employer's address right near the empire state building. killing one and then making his way just down the street before nypd encountered him in an exchange of fire and he was shot dead and nine other people were wounded in this investigation. police say that the suspect was laid off a year ago and had been disgruntled and many exchanges with that former employer over the last year. all right. we will continue to watch the investigation in midtown manhattan. meantime, on the campaign trail as happened after the shooting in aurora, colorado, where you heard many challenging the presidency of the united states, mitt romney and obama to talk about the issue of gun control, well, today, mitt romney is.
12:44 pm
>> our hearts are touched by people who are suffering and you heard that there was a shooting in new york city at the empire state building and one person killed there and others injured and our hearts go out to those who are affected by that and the first responders there, we appreciate their service and the dedication. that is true all over to the country, and wherever the first responders are needed, they are there. we love and appreciate their sacrifice and the willingness to help our fellow americans. >> the president of the united states was notified of the shooting shortly after 9:00 a.m. this morning by the homeland security adviser john brennan and continued to get updates throughout the morning. and new york, 34th street and 5th avenue is one of the busiest intersection intersections in america. hundreds of tourists and workers in that area this morning. our carol costello spoke to a woman at the scene. rebecca fox was on her way to
12:45 pm
work across the street at the empire state building, and she heard that the gunman had been chased down, and this is what else she had to say. >> i saw people running. and i didn't know what happened, and i thought that there was a celebrity sighting, but far from it. i continued to walk down, and i did not actually hear any gunshots today, because i had headphone headphones in, but somebody said that there was a shooting and there were several shots fired. i walked across the street before they blocked off the crime scene and i saw that a woman had been shot on the corner next to the heartland brew brewery, and she seemed in shock of course that she had been shot. then i looked in the middle of the street right across, right at the empire state building in front of the doors where you enter, and there was a man lying on the ground and police all around like they had shot him down. and a lot of this, i heard this just from the aftermath that this man had been in pursuit of another man running down the street, and he had shot the
12:46 pm
other man next to the starbucks on 33rd street towards 6th avenue and shot him in the head, and someone had shown me a picture of him and it was very grewsome. my parents said i was crazy to move up here after 9/11, but i worked across the street from the empire state building for about five years now, and nothing like this has ever happened. it is mayhem and detectives everywhere and trying to map out the crime scene. i saw blood on the sidewalk and very surreal scene. normally people are standing in line every morning and i am cursing the tourists trying to get up to the top of the empire state building. i mean, i have never actually been to the top, myself, but, you know, i will never forget it. >> so do you know that ten people in all were shot? >> no. wow. i only saw the woman who had been shot on the ground, and then i saw another woman getting carted away in an ambulance, but i actually had no idea that
12:47 pm
there were ten people. wow. >> that was eyewitness rebecca fox talking to our carol costello earlier today. all right. bombings, gun fire and destruction is what life is like right now in syria's largest city. we will take you inside of the battle for aleppo. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. is that your phone bill? sure is. let's see if we can go inside and save you some money on your plan.
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to syria now where least 146 people were killed today and fighting all over the country according to an opposition group tracking casualties in syria. for people in aleppo, the biggest city in syria, images exclusive to cnn inside of a hospital after a bomb went off in a supermarket, and scenes like this are no longer unusual in syria, and the people living there are dealing with this everyday. here is cnn's jim clancy.
12:51 pm
>> reporter: screams of pain, pleas for help and prayers inundate an emergency room in aleppo, syria. a bomb exploded as these civilian civilians waited in line to buy bread. now, sprawled on the floor, they wait for someone to treat their wounds, to save their lives. >> they will bring more. there are many wounded people. >> reporter: in the heart of this chaos, the doctors and staff are beacons of calm, and take note of that as you watch these images, because if any of them are arrested, they know they will be executed almost immediately by the regime. it is going be another record day for the al sharra hospital, and men and women of every age suffering from every kind of wound imaginable come here for help. >> 150. >> reporter: they are keeping score here.
12:52 pm
each patient treated is another small victory and in a war where innocent civilians are the targets. some will be quickly patched up and sent home. others will undergo major surgery that will mean the difference of life and death. spanish journalist ricardo garcia spent 20 days documenting the real life drama as the medical staff fighting to keep this hospital open. people are depending on them. >> translator: why all of this? aren't we bad people? >> reporter: on top of homes people denounce bashar al assad. residents say they sleep in shelters, wait for the next bombing, in this their living nightmare. others stand and fight, but there are times when even the hospital cannot save them. near the hospital entrance three syrian army fighters bid
12:53 pm
farewell to a comrade in arms. he's gone the paradise, the fighter shouts, he's gone to paradise. there's nothing here. these doctors and the assistants face risks every bit as dangerous as fighting on the front lines. if captured, execution, and they know well the regime is out to get them. doctors recount how military intelligence agents came to the hospital to kill them, and the free syrian army this warted that assassination, but nothing stops falling bombs and a near miss with a 500-pounder shattered the windows. jets later scored multiple rocket hits on the third and the fourth floors. but they are all here at work in aleppo's al hashar hospital and preparing to treat the next victims of syria's bloody civil war. jim clancy, cnn.
12:54 pm
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