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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 9, 2012 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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argument. now i want to hear from you. who made the better case to be elected? who do you hold responsible for our struggling economy. find me on facebook and tweet me. miay anhandle is@ali velshi. > . hello. i'm fredricka whitfield. chicago teachers are threatening to go on strike in the morning if the school system doesn't agree to better pay and improved work conditions. the walk out would effect 400,000 students at 700 schools and involves 29,000 unionized teachers. let's go to ted rowlands.
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how are negotiations going? are parents optimistic their kids will be in classes tomorrow? >> reporter: i think everybody is cautiously optimistic or keeping their fingers crossed. however everybody has to come up with a plan b because there isn't an agreement as of yet. they are negotiating into this hour. parents have been put on notice. there have been calls made to parents and also e-mails to parents informing them of the schools that will be open so they can drop their kids are. 144 schools will be open. teachers will not be there. inside will be nonunion staff members from the district just basically baby sitting the kids. they have cray ones and stuff like that for them. that is one of the big concerns a lot of people have is the fact that the kids will be out on the streets and some of the streets in chicago aren't that safe. there has been a horrible summer
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with the homicide rate up 30%. one parent is absolutely concerned about kids on the street when they should be in school. >> if the kids are not in school they are out getting into some kind of trouble or getting into something other than being in school when they should be in school learning other than being out being destructive. >> reporter: and again, fred, they are at it at this hour and they are hoping to come to an agreement. if they don't by midnight the strike will be on. >> and so what are the sticking points? what needs to be nailed down at a minimum in order to make both sides sort of happy? >> reporter: well, the issues that are still outstanding include salary, as you might imagine. the district was offering a 2% raise for the next four years and the teachers wanted more. we do know that the district has come up with another offer.
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however they haven't made that public. another issue is for teachers to retain their jobs, veteran teachers to retain their jobs in the event of a school closurer or consolidation. one thing on the table is a merit based system of pay that the district wanted to institute and the teachers were dead set against that. >> ted rowlands in chicago. keep us posted. thanks so much. florida is a big political prize in the race for the white house with 29 lectoral votes up for grabs. this weekend president obama is going on the offensive to widen his lead. he is speaking in west palm beach and cnn's chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is traveling with the president. the president spoke to voters earlier today with a message directly aimed at senior voters. what did he say exactly?
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>> reporter: he made the case that the romney/ryan budget would significantly increase the cost of medicare for current and future seniors if it is enacted. he made the new case today on that front. here is some of what he said. listen to him. >> we use part of those savings to help lower the cost of prescription drugs and offer free preventive care to seniors. i thought that was a good idea. for some reason my opponents think it is a bad idea so they want to give the money back to the insurance companies and then put them in charge of medicare. >> reporter: in that byte he was defending why his own program, obama care, cuts cost of medicare and redirects the money which has been an attack lodged
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against him by the romney/ryan campaign. he said his opponents are going to increase the cost of medicare for current and future seniors citing a study by a harvard professor and sent out a lot of information about it. you are going to be hearing a lot about it. this is a story that was conducted by a guy who is a harvard professor and used to be an obama campaign official himself. >> everyone knows florida is a very important pivotal state. it is a very tight race between candidates now. how tight is it? does the president feel any confidence by having a few points lead? >> reporter: well, the most current polls show them essentially tied because there is a statistical dead heat. campaign oofficials consider
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this is a neck and neck race. the lectoral votes would be a boom to either candidate. if the president wins here it would almost put the white house out of reach for mitt romney. it would make it a very, very hard win for him, not impossible but difficult. the president will be spending a ton of time in this state trying to nab it. mitt romney will be here a ton, as well. they will be going after seniors, latinos. >> keep us posted. when the president talks later we will be taking his comments live. mitt romney is spending today off the campaign trail at his home in massachusetts. during an interview on today's
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nbc "meet the press" he talked about plans to balance the budget. >> i will balance the budget by the end of my first term. doing it during the first term would be too dramatic on the budget. i put a plan in place. >> romney returns to the campaign trail tomorrow with a rally in the battleground state of ohio. you can get an up close and personal look at the two vying for the white house. romney revealed, faith family and the road to power and then obama revealed, the man, the president all tonight right here on cnn. iraq is reeling under a series of violent attacks today. several car bombs rocked cities. gun men attacked check points. at least 64 people are dead and
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200 others wounded. many of those killed were iraqi soldiers. the u.n. special representative for iraq is condemning the attacks. one of the bombs went off near the french consulate. >> these attacks happen at least once a month now. it's just a coordinated attack on various cities once a month. this is certainly not the worst attack this year. death tolls of more than 100 in one day. no one has claimed responsibility but even after the u.s. troops have left iraq is still fighting various groups including local wing of al qaeda and former member on the party. certainly a dark day for iraq but not the bloodiest we have seen this year. >> violence have been on the rise in iraq. 325 people were killed in july.
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right now to sir i where there is no end to the deadly violence there. according to the opposition government forces are dropping barrel bombs filled in tnt, nails and fuel. at least 117 people have been killed across the country today. back in the u.s. senator john mccain is blasting president obama for not doing enough to help syrians. >> this administration has proudly said they lead from behind. the president of the united states has not said a word on behalf of these people being slaughtered. >> what kind of leadership -- >> the turks, everybody in the region are crying out for american leadership. voice your moral support the way
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that ronald reagan did. this president won't do that. get them the weapons so it is a fair fight. establish a free zone to organize. everything we worried about if we intervened has now happened because we didn't. there is rise of al qaeda and extremism and greater threat of use of chemical weapons. this president announced that if bashar al assad uses chemical weapons that would cross the red line. isn't he telling bashar al assad he can do anything up to that? >> international envoy is meeting in cairo tomorrow with officials to discuss the crisis. tuesday in this country america will honor 9/11.
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front brought down a lot of trees and tree limbs. a couple of tornadoes hit new york city. thunderstorms whipped through the washington, d.c. area knocking out power for dozens of customers. on tuesday america will mark the attacks on 9/11. lots of people will go to the national september 11th memorial. one thing they won't see in a list honoring first responders is the name of one muslim american. his family says his faith is the reason why. >> reporter: when 9/11 terrorists attacked the world trade center fire men and police were iquick to respond. he skipped his job at a university research lab and rushed to the site. >> he was a prime example of what it is to be a human being.
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>> reporter: sacrificed his own life in the process. his family posted his photo among thousands of others on the wall of the missing. a pakistani american who grew up in new york and dreamed of becoming a doctor. the following march his remains were found in 34 parts. >> they gave us his jeans and belt which has been identified that it was his clothes. >> reporter: a police funeral followed with full honors. >> who responded that day. >> it was a very healing moment. that was given in honor to me on the first anniversary honoring him as a cadet.
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>> reporter: a badge that reads cadet. with all the accolades and honors for them the most important one is missing. when the 9/11 memorial was unveiled the family wanted to see his name here among first responders who like him lost their lives trying to save others. instead his name is positioned over here in the section among those considered loosely connected to the world trade center. his mother is convinced his muslim religion has set him apart. >> they are discriminating because of his faith and that is not right. >> reporter: she points to this flyer that circulated days after 9/11. it has his police cadet photo and reads has i.d. wanted. the nypd says he is a hero. the 9/11 memorial foundation and police deny discrimination
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saying he was no longer an active cadet and had not received a presidential medal for valor and therefore did not meet the memorial's criteria of first responder. >> this is about my son. he is not here to speak for himself. i have to speak for him and i will until the day i die. >> reporter: she doesn't understand why no one will help. >> i want to see it in my lifetime. it's a very -- so intense pain that is undescribable. >> reporter: too painful to visit the memorial where her son's name remains apart from others who tried to save lives. a solar flare causes this, an incredible view of the sky. we'll tell you where this is and why it happened.
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so imagine looking up in the sky and seeing this, for real. it happened just the other day. it is the result of something being called mind-boggingly gorgeous. our josh is here with the story behind this never before seen photo. it is pretty amazing. it almost looks fake. >> woo we are going to lead to the new video that nasa gave.
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it begins with the sun. so let's go to the sun. it all begins with a solar flare. so basically what we have here from nasa, this is so unusual to have a shot like that. the sun basically pushed out this mass of plasma that is huge. i want everyone to understand how massive it is. it is an ejection. 30 times the width of earth. the sun is shooting it out there. let's go to the next picture which has a scale. it all leads to this. you go from that to this. why is it that the sun creates this? after that solar ejection goes flying through the sky what happens is it can take a few different paths. sometimes it can take a few days. in this case it took three days before it got to the area earth is. our earth can push it back.
4:23 pm
when the earth mixes with the solar flare you get those amazing colors. our magnetic field matches it. this right here, nasa sent this to me. brand new no one has seen these before. what we are seeing here is four different views of the sun having that moment when the solar flare happens. and the reason it is so important is people want to know, our scientists want to understand it because these can have a huge impact on earth. it is the register in britain that call it mind boggingly gorgeous. here is a clip. >> this is billions of tons of material moving at millions of miles an hour. when those events are directed towards us they can impact the earth and cause aurora and technological disturbances. we have this really amazing never before seen imagery that allows us to study these events
4:24 pm
in great detail. >> thanks to alex young from that. these pictures are from a photographer in canada. he tells me each shot is about five to ten seconds worth of what he saw. it really did look like this to me. >> it is not that the result of his film or his digital imagery. >> i was wondering did you do something. he said the exposure was five to ten seconds. nasa tells me this happens. it is so unusual to get to witness it. the solar flares can cause real problems. this one kind of grazed earth. in the process you get beautiful light and color all of which ends up right here. it's absolutely stunning. and more information on social media and our light year's blog. >> excellent. very good.
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that is a nice mural on a wall. something else today is grandparents' day. we all need reminders on that. for all you grand kids who might have trouble remembering to call your grandparents the advocacy group for people over 50, aarp has put out this reminder. ♪ it's hard to look right at you baby ♪ ♪ here's my number so call me maybe ♪ ♪ i just met you and this is crazy ♪ ♪ but here's my number so call me maybe ♪ >> everyone had to do this song. for grandparents' day who better than these guys. >> have your kids call their grandparents. >> i'm going to go home after
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members of congress are getting back to work tomorrow after a five-week recess. they have a big to-do list. will they be able to get any of it done? here is athena jones. >> reporter: as election season enters the home stretch lawmakers return to capitol hill this week. given their recent record of accomplishment or lack thereof the question is whether any of it will get done. >> voters want to know when congress will stop kicking the down the road. >> reporter: the only item is a short term item to keep the government running. it's expected to pass. congress could also pass measures to help people hit hard by the drought and by hurricane isaac. perhaps the biggest challenge the so-called fiscal cliff, a series of tax increases and
4:30 pm
spending cuts that experts warn taken together could plunge the economy back into recession. >> they will have about four weeks after election to deal with some of the largest tax increases and spending cuts seen at one time. >> reporter: $110 billion in cuts from defense to education to food inspections last year aalone will take effect in january. one problem, republicans and democrats disagree on the bush tax cuts due to expire at the end of this year. >> americans know what works, low taxes, reasonable regulations and leaving within our means. >> reporter: democrats led by president obama support them for just people making more than 200,000 a year. uncertainty about just what congress will do is already weighing on the economy. >> it will just be a bumpy ride.
4:31 pm
businesses are slower to hire. government agencies are slower to give out contracts. it is sort of creeping into the economy now and that will just get worse the longer congress works to deal with this. >> reporter: wait is what congress is almost certain to do. >> athena jones joining us live from washington. in addition to this perspective, a highly anticipated book that showcases the relationship or lack thereof between the president and congress is out this week. you got a copy of the new book a bit early "the price of politics" taking center stage we understand in the book and the talk leading up to it being available is really what happened or didn't happen between john boehner and the president. tell us more. >> there is a lot of details in here. i have it right here especially around the negotiations. the end of july of 2011 when the
4:32 pm
white house, president obama and his staffers were working with congressional leadership to try to get this debt ceiling raised. i want to show you a quote from treasury secretary timothy geithner on the night of july 29th when a proposal was passed in the house, the republican controlled house. it was john boehner's proposal to raise the debt ceiling but do so in two steps. the quote from timothy geithner is you can't veto and cannot be responsible for default. this is what he told president obama. woodward went on to write that anything had to be done to prevent what would have been a catastrophic default. he also writes that david pluf said if he caves, if the president caves to republicans on this issue it would have long lasting political repercussions and give republicans the upper
4:33 pm
hand going forward and they would be able to come back to this over and over again and force the president to go along with them. really interested behind the scenes stuff. the president never did have to worry about having to veto that because republicans dropped the demand that the debt ceiling be raised. what the president was trying to avoid was having to have the debt ceiling fight in the middle of this election year. >> a lot of these accounts, some of these were eyewitnessed by bob woodward when he had an opportunity to see some of the dialogue taking place or are a lot of his sources based on an nemity? >> he did interview on the record the president, john boehner and mitch mcconnell and also talked to more than 100 other people and writes at the beginning of the book that it was hundreds of hours of recorded interviews, thousands
4:34 pm
of pages that he was able to compile this through. some of these people had taken notes in this meeting. he wasn't there. wouldn't it be nice to be in the room. he cobbled this together after the fact. what is interesting to the people who live outside of the washington bubble is the conclusions he draws. he gives both speaker john boehner and president obama pretty tough marks on how they handled all of this saying they basically kicked the can down the road as we know because now we are dealing with the fiscal cliff. he was tough saying presidents worked their will and that president obama has not done that. >> athena jones thanks so much for that peek inside those pages from washington. less than two months to go until election day and in a very tight race barack obama and mitt romney are making their cases to the american voters.
4:35 pm
susan page is which chief for "usa today." this weekend both candidates crisscrossing swing states in particular florida and virginia. but this morning on "meet the press" republican nominee mitt romney was talking about health care and no longer using the language he would repeal the president's plan but instead replace it. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform. there are a number of things that i like in health care reform that i will put in place. one is to make sure that those with preexisting conditions can get cover and assure that the market place has policies to cover their family to whatever age they might like. i want individuals to be able to buy health insurance on their own as opposed to only being able to get it through their company. >> is romney confusing his supporters? he was emphatic about repealing
4:36 pm
obama care. >> the tone is different and even during the primaries he talked about repeal and replace. now his convention is over and is talk toog not to the core republican voters but independent votes who liked provisions of the affordable care act like the one with kids up to age 26 to stay on therapy parents' policies. as you head into the last stretch we are talking to different kinds of voters. >> i wonder wouldn't the obama campaign seize on this and kind of run with it? >> i think that the obama campaign is likely to seize on this as another example of oin their words mitt romney trying to change positions, not being steadfast in the positions. that is a theme they struck from
4:37 pm
the start with him. >> post conventions you write in "usa today" that the president did enjoy a bit of a bump post democratic convention while mitt romney did not get much of a bump at all. now the test is for both candidates to crystallize a path for american voters. does it seem as though both hit the ground running? >> there is nothing we hear more from voters than they want more details about what the candidates would do if they were elected. everybody agrees that job creation is the top issue of the campaign. i'm not sure that either campaign is doing very much to flush it out. even in the conventions they talked generally about their different approach and different view of the role of government. in terms of very specific plans i don't think we are hearing from either side this time. >> you mentioned independents. they are listening. they are watching. they are still undecided in many
4:38 pm
ca cases. once those presidential debates come around it will be difficult for either candidate to dance around. they will have to be very specific about their stance on certain issues. is this the make or break for either of them on their way tood white house? >> the debates are the last big things to happen to reshape opinions. we know from history the next two weeks may be most critical. in the last 15 elections the candidates leading two weeks after the conventions ended won the white house. that is why they are looking at the idea that president obama has gotten a little bump coming out of the democratic convention. >> the next two weeks are pivotal regardless of their positioning at the debates. >> the debates can be important if you make a gaff that can haunt you or make a really good impression the way ronald reagan
4:39 pm
did in 1980. we are in the crux of the most critical time of the campaign. that is why nobody is taking a day off these days. >> susan page of "usa today." the president still in florida crisscrossing that state. he is in west palm. you can see right there a large crowd turning out for him. he has yet to turn to the podium. when he does we will be carrying that live. brenda warner is stepping out of the shadow of her husband former former former nfl star. we will talk to both of them about her role as a popular christian speaker and author. ♪ ♪
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live pictures west palm beach still awaiting president obama's arrival there where he is stumping for more support in the swing state of florida. when he does we will be carrying
4:43 pm
his comments live. kurt warner you know his name mostly by football. before that he stocked groceries after he was passed over in the nfl draft and then managed to turn an opportunity in the arena football league into a super bowl championship and a place in the nfl hall of fame. along the way kurt relied on his faith and his wife, brenda. now brenda is emerging as a dynamic christian speaker and author in her own rite. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> how did this come to be? you were very comfortable with being on the main stage, but then somewhere along the way brenda said or was convinced that it is my turn? >> you know, we felt like this was going to happen for a long time. i think it was put on hold because of my career and moving around and jumping from place to
4:44 pm
place like we did. she has an amazing testimony. she has been through a lot. we knew she would have an opportunity to share that and be able to impact people and really was until i retired where she felt now i have the time and the opportunity with kurt having more time at home to step out. >> brenda, what did you feel that you were called to do that you weren't? >> i always knew after i had been through so many trials and tough times in my life that i had a story to tell. as i told it to people and the crowds got bigger i realized women resonated with my story and wanted to learn what brought me to it. what was my strength and how did i do it? tough times happen to everybody no matter what you really believe in. when i got the opportunity to share it the crowds got bigger. the feedback that i get it helps
4:45 pm
people to think i'm going to try a different way because my way is not working and i want to learn more about this god that she tells me about that gives her the strength. >> what were those tough times that you needed to project and share with people as opposed to keeping it private? >> before i met kurt i had already had a life. i served in the united states marine corps and i loved it. life took a different road for me. my son was injured. it was a horrible accident that all of a sudden i needed to get a discharge from the marine corps and take care of him. we went down a different path that nobody would ask for. as he fought for his life and i did all i could to be his mama we struggled through things. i also went through a divorce. then i found myself being a divorced mother of two on food stamps. it is just not what i dreamed of
4:46 pm
when i was a young girl. i finally met this man that loved my children more than i have ever dreamed of a man coming in my life and loving them like that. i received another call that my parents were both killed in a tornado. i received calls that changed my life forever. >> along the way both of you have made this very much about your family experiences together. you have also helped to build homes for habitat for humanity. one project has been inspired or was really inspired by your son, zachary. kurt, explain that. >> due to zack's injury and disabilities we have constantly struggled with what life was going to look like for him as he graduated from high school and moved on with the rest of his life. as we got to that point in our lives we started to see that there was so much more he had to offer. in that process we began looking
4:47 pm
around to see what opportunities there were for him. right now he is in an assisted living home. he is not close enough to us. we found a great place for him but not close enough. we came to realize there are lots of parents like us wondering what the next step is. we are in the process of building one home with the hopes of building more around the country to unlock the pressure of these young individuals with disabilities but to have so much to offer. we are excited about the project. god has really stepped up along the way and a lot of things are happening quickly. we are excited about where the future could be and the penalty of building treasure houses. >> it seems as though this has been far more gratifying than any of you have ever anticipated. >> you have that so right. i never dreamed my life would look like this and now i am so grateful that it does. >> i know you guys are involved
4:48 pm
in a lot of philanthropy and reaching out. i want to take the opportunity with the news going on with the new orleans saints and one maybe playing today. is your reaction that you have about the suspensions being lifted, about the whole bounty plan, do you have any overall feelings about how that has been handled overall about the nfl? >> i think the unfortunate thing is not many of us know all the details. we get to hear bits and pieces and you hear about the suspension and you automatically assume there is certain evidence. to hear that things are overturned which from what i understand it is not because a lack of evidence. there are lots of different things going on. for me i just wanted to play football. i don't really think about those things very often and allow the commissioner to do his job. hopefully in the end justice
4:49 pm
will be served whatever that lookz like. i think we are all ready for that to move on. the season is starting today and get back to football. >> thanks for your time and all the best. thanks for continuing to inspire so many people who are moved by your life stories and your commitments to help others. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> you can read so much more about kurt and brenda's story on our belief blog at families had to get out of their way of a volcano erupting. well, legalzoom came up with a better way. we took the best of the old and combined it with modern technology. together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself. it's law that just makes sense.
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in france authorities are still looking for answers in an execution style killing of four people in the french alps. the seven-year-old survivor is out of a coma and her four-year-old sister and at her suburban london home. prosecutors say the girls' parents plus a woman believed to be their grandmother and a female cyclist were shot twice in the head. in western nicaragua people had to evacuate their homes today when a volcano erupted. officials say it shot gas and ash. a government website said as many as 20,000 people may be effected. a retired couple had their
4:53 pm
housefo house foreclosed by a bank and their possessions removed. the problem is they owned the house outright and never had a mortgage. we'll explain how it happened. [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move
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from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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still campaigning, president obama campaigning through florida. the president will be emerging there. this is west palm beach, florida. he spent two days on a bus tour of florida. he is hoping to clench more votes there in the all important swing states and really try to secure some of those independent
4:56 pm
undecided voters, as well. we will take his comments live as they happen. imagine this happening to you. your home has been cleared of its possessions and locked down by a bank because you are in foreclosure but you own the house outright. you don't have a mortgage. this happened to a retired california couple not once but twice. nick valencia has been looking into the story. >> the bank sends a company out to secure the property which means clean out the belongings. wells fargo bank sent in a group to clear out the house. they mistook the neighbors house and cleared out three generations of memories. the couple had built the home in 19 50s. >> they were out of the house at the time all of their possessions and everything taken? >> this is the second home so it
4:57 pm
is not like this family is out on the streets. this is a late father's house. it is about 200 miles from where they live. to make matters worse. one time it happens and they realize the mistake. second group comes in to change the locks and end up clearing out more of the belongings. >> so now what? family is outraged. an offer is being made, a settlement? >> the settlement offer is being made but the family is debating whether or not they want to take the offer. if this happened to you or i we would be furious. the family is furious. earlier this week the family spoke to our local affiliate. this is what they have to say. >> you put your heart into something it's like -- it makes me real sad. i'm glad i have my sweetheart.
4:58 pm
we have been together a long time. >> the family is very upset about this. they don't think wells fargo is being sincere about their compensation. we spoke to wells fargo earlier and they say we are deeply sorry for the very personal losses the family suffered as a result of their home being mistakenly secured. we are going to work to resolve that. obviously we would never want this to happen. >> that is so frightening. i'm sure everyone is worrying if this can happen to them. thanks so much. we continue to watch west palm beach, florida for the president's arrival there as he is stuching through that swing state. when he does emerge we will take his comments live. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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