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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 16, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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right. >> thanks for starting your morning with us. we've got much more ahead on ""cnn sunday morning"" which starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- from cnn in atlanta, this is "cnn sunday morning." putting google under the microscope. was the company right to censor the film or was it an assault on free speech. more green-on-blue attacks that leaves four dead. a day after a deadly strike kills two marines. and terror in chicago as the fbi arrest a man accused of plotting an attack. we'll tell you exactly what he was planning. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it's 7:00 a.m. on the east coast and 4:00 a.m. on the west coast. we start with four men who were killed by men believed to be
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afghan police. it happened in southern afghanistan though officials aren't saying exactly where. joining me on the latest attack is anna coren. she's in kabul, afghanistan. an anna, good morning. what can you tell us about the attacks. >> the latest happened the morning, four coalition troops gunned down by an afghan police officer. we believe he was working with the coalition forces. this has been a trend now for some time. it's taken the number of deaths to 51 so far this year. these green-on-blue attacks. afghan soldiers turning on their coalition partners who are fundamentally training them so that they can take over control, take over security of their country come the final exist in 2014. to put that into context, 51 deaths so far this year and we're only in the middle of september. last year was 35. back in 2007, 2008, there were a
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total of only four coalition deaths, so we're really seeing an uptick but the u.s. forces believe the insurgency is only responsible for 25% of the attacks there, randi. >> weren't the troops given word some time teague be armed at all times to hopefully prevent something like this? >> reporter: for sure. they have definitely put in these new measures to try to combat these attacks, try to get ahead of them before they happen, preventive measures such as these guardian angels which is coalition forces armed and watching over as the training is conducted. the other thing that the u.s. forces did was to suspend training of recruits. this affected thousands which was of concern for the afghan government but they felt this was necessary to revet them and make sure they're being correctly filtered.
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obviously randi, it's just not working. >> no, it's not unfortunately. thank you very much, anna coren in kabul. to libya, they're delaying their arrival until they find it safe. they're supposed to investigating the deaths of the four americans including ambassador chris stevens. this is video of the gutted consulate. it's believed the attack was planned by al qaeda operatives. in california a controversial anti-muslim filcmaker has gone into hiding. nakoula basseley nakoula talked to investigators yesterday. part of the questioning was believed to be centered on his probation for a previous bank fraud conviction. his so-called video is blamed for sparking the protests in the middle east. afterward he disappeared. now let's move to egypt where things are getting back to normal after several days of anti-american protests but now we're learning that some of
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those protesters may have actually been paid to go there and protest. our senior international correspondent ben wedeman joining me live from cairo. ben, this kind of claim isn't new, is it? >> reporter: no, it is coming from a fairly senior source, the egyptian prime minister who said some of those who participated in the demonstrations and the clashes were paid. he didn't specify by whom. although the other day i did speak with another senior official of the muslim brotherhood who seemed to indicate that possibly people affiliated with the mubarak regime, the old mubarak regime were behind that, were paying some of the young men who were in the street. now, one bit of news that's come out this morning is that even though cairo is peaceful, there are know protests or clashes in the sinai peninsula, there was apparently an attack by militants on a security headquarters there. this was an attack with machine
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guns, rocket-propelled grenades, and we're told several egyptian policemen have been killed in that attack. ran randi? >> unemployment, ben, has played a major part. how much of a problem or how much of a part of the problem do you thaink that is? >> reporter: well, obviously there are a lot of young men who don't have -- who are out of work, who may have never actually worked, and for them oftentimes these clashes with the police which come after protests are in a sense a source of excitement, a source of adrenali adrenaline. and when you speak to them, they don't seem to be really aware of broad political issues, but they certainly seem to enjoy getting gassed and throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at the police. randi? >> and also, sunday, of course, the beginning of the workweek in
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egypt. what is the situation there in the streets in terms of the protesters? >> reporter: the protesters essentially disappeared early yesterday morning. i was up at about 5:30 and watched as a large sort of fall lynx of egyptian police entered on the road down below me into tahrir square. and since then we have not seen or heard of anyone trying to approach the american embassy, of any sizeable, any significant protest. of course, the egyptian security forces early friday morning did put up a concrete barrier on the main road leading to the american embassy which really made it very difficult for anybody to get near it. now, of course, yes, today's the beginning of the egyptian workweek and most people are back at work. the school year began yesterday. universities opened this morning for the first time after the summer break.
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so most people are going about their normal business today in cairo. randi? >> ben wedeman in cairo. ben, thank you very much. back here at home federal investigators say a chicago teen who wanted to kill americans in a terrorist attack is behind bars this morn. they say the 18-year-old unsuccess employ tried to detonate a car bomb in front of a downtown chicago bar friday night. his arrest followed an undercover investigation spanning several months. a preliminary hearing now set for tomorrow. also in chicago, today could bring an end to the week-long teachers strike. they're set to vote today whether to end the walkout that's crippled the nation's third largest school district. the union has reached a tentative agreement with the school board. both sides are optimistic that the students will get back to class tomorrow but they stress a final deal is still in the works. google has refused to remove the video that has fueled protests around the world despite a request from the white house. so we're taking a look at free
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu told our candy crowley that stopping iran isn't about politics. >> this is not an electoral issue. it is not based on any electoral consideration. i think that there's a common interest of all americans, of all political persuasions to stop iran. this is a regime that is giving vent to the worst impulses that you see right now in the middle east. >> you can see more of that interview on state of the onuni with candy crowley at 9:00 a.m. eastern, 6:00 a.m. pacific. >> there is a war going on ore free speech and free speech is losing and that's the reason, frankly, i would not yield if i was youtube to these types of actions. there are some things you cannot yield to. free speech is one of those. it's a bright line and you have to protect it and once you start to compromise, it slips through
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your fingers like water, and when you look in your hands, you have nothing left of what free speech was. here in the u.s. many americans are shock thad a youtube video prompted worldwide protest and such violence, after all, blasphemy is illegal in many country bus is protected in the u.s. but just look at "south park." it mocks catholics, jews, and everyone else. but this is different. it's the insindhary. the white house pressured youtube to remove it if it violated their guidelines. google which owns youtube refused to remove it. but many people wonder where does free speech cross the line. leslie harris joins us from washington. she's the president and ceo for the center of democracy and
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technology and helped create google and decide as what comes down and what doesn't good morning. >> good morning. >> so under what circumstances is youtube required to remove a video? how does that work? >> well, youtube's operating under united states law, and there are very few situations where they are required to take down content. we don't have hate speech laws. the only kind of hate speech that is illegal in the united states is when it insights imminent lawlessness, and i think google was correct that the video in question did not meet that standard, so they made a decision globally to leave that content up. that's the right decision. it's very, very difficult. we have -- youtube gets 72 hours of video uploaded a minute.
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we have thousands of tweets coming in a second. we can't expect these companies to be screening on the front end, and our law doesn't require them to do so. in fact, it protects them from liability. >> i know it doesn't require them and you sate's the right thing to leave it up but it did insight violence and the deaths of four americans. >> well, i don't know that we know it incited violence. we know that those videos were used at least pretexturally. it's a decision that every company has to make for themselves. that's how we've made our laws in the united states. we protect them -- we protect the intermediaries in order to encourage free speech and then we give them broad discretion to take it down. so certainly they could have made a decision that this video violated their own terms of service. they looked at the video and they made a decision that it did
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not violate their terms of service. >> but isn't it more than just a legal question. mine isn't there an ethicalopoly dpags in some ways to remove the video? >> well, there's an ethical question about what your terms of service are and whether you're enforcing it. our law sort of has two sides. we give them broad discretion and they exercise that discretion. at the time they were looking at the video, it certainly did not violate u.s. law or their own ethical standards. they left it up for the world. they took it down in indonesia and india under their guidelines because they got specific legal requests to do so. they did not get those requests in egypt. they did not get that request in libya. but having said that, they did make a decision on balance to take it down for those two countries. and now they're being criticized for doing that.
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they're known for their style. fans of fashion come in every shape, size, and gender. cnn's alina cho spends a day at the fashion shows with internet sensation p'trique. >> oh, my god, chic, chic. >> chic. >> reporter: whether they'll
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admit it or not -- >> i'm not eating till fashion week. >> reporter: these youtube videos. >> do you have that in a size 2? >> who's wearing this one, moo. >> reporter: has everyone in fashion talking. they're called stuff fashion girls say. well, close. >> my intern was cheating on me. >> what i love is he's the full package. he says ridiculous things. the video is ridiculous. >> reporter: more than 3 million combined views so far. the star is patrick pope, and l.a.-based web producer who moonlights as p'trique. >> we're here. >> oh, my god, alina. >> you look so chic. >> you look amazing. turn around. >> reporter: we spend a day with p'trique at new york fashion
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week. >> can i say something? i'm just chotally into you now. >> reporter: inside, it becomes totally clear p'trique has a fan club and plenty of fans in fashion. after all, who could resist someone who looks so good. how long does it take you to get ready? >> most of the time about two hours and a team of about four, makeup, hair. >> reporter: we're headed to the runway show of designer carlos. >> one thing i love about carlos is he's from brazil, so you know he has taken into consideration the backside of a lady because brazilian women have got that donkey donkey. >> reporter: front row p'trique strikes a pose. then it's show time. >> wow. she's like a butterfly. >> reporter: and p'trique is at the ready with commentary.
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>> i feel like this whole collection is land and sea kind of meeting under a night sky. i see those pants and i think sexpot. >> reporter: in a flash, it's over. >> yay. oh, my god. it's beautiful. turn, turn. over here. i always kind of like to try and distract them. carlos. >> reporter: speaking of carlos me ellie. backstage. >> carlos mieli. >> reporter: it's been great day at new york fashion week, and now it's time for good-bye. >> it was so great to see you. >> let's do this again. i'll see you in the future. >> reporter: bye. >> oh. p p'trique, i love that guy or gal, whichever. in chicago teachers want a three-year contract and raises go with it according to the union's website. if they reach a deal today, a vote could end the strike. e one. whoa, check it out. hey baby goat... no that's not yours...
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the past 24 hours. we'll have a live report from afghanistan at the top of the hour. in chicago, this is the home of a chicago teen federal investigators say wanted to kill americans in a terrorist attack. 18-year-old adele daoud tried to unsuccessfully detonate a bomb in a car in front of a chicago bar. a preliminary hearing is set for tomorrow. also tomorrow could bring an end to the teachers strike. it's crippled the nation's third largest school district. the union has reached a tentative agreement with the school board. both sides are pretty optimistic the students will get back to school tomorrow, but they stress a final deal is still in the works. all right. let's take a look at the week ahead, get you ready for the week ahead. on monday -- actually it is the one-year anniversary of occupy wall street. that is when everybody gathered
7:29 am
in their tents to protest wall street, of course. there are events planned in new york at ducady park where most of it took place. on tuesday ann romney will attend a fundraiser hosted by laura bush in dallas. this is a critical time. we're coming down to the wire, less than two months left before the election. there's going to be a fundraiser in new york city hosted by beyonce and jay-z for president obama. and on thursday there'll be a hearing for james holmes, addressing a notebook he sent to his psychiatrist apparently at his school. the iphone 5, there's a long wait. i guess you can get it in stores coming up on friday. more headlines at the top of the hour when "cnn sunday morning" continues. "sanjay gupta m.d." begins right now.


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