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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 22, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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street. i never thought about it beyond that. as i think about it now, maybe they were trying to say we need help or we're hungry or you know, we do have a brother that's in the home. who knows. i'm not sure. and it was unusual, they didn't go to school. i just assumed they were home schooled because we knew for certain they didn't go to school. they never participated in any activities. and just, i don't know, just very different. there was something, you couldn't quite pinpoint, but there was something that was different. and had i known their ages were 37 and 11 and 13, i would have been more suspicious because they looked like they were 7 and 9 or 7 and 8. >> police searched the home and said they found evidence that corroborates parts of mitch's story. his mom and stepdad are charged with child cruelty and false imprisonment. welcome back to the cnn
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newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. we start in libya where new fighting in benghazi has left the city in chaos. it's not the libyans who support the u.s. who are under siege. it's the radical islamic group that is tied to the atang that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others ten days ago. hundreds of pro u.s. libyans ma marched and took over the extremist headquarters. arwa damon is on the ground in benghazi and shows us how these citizen militias have gone on the offense and have the radicals on the run. but the battle isn't over yet. >> there was an initial sense of euphoria, people saying that this is the real libya. cleansed of extremists by its own people. but the situation quickly turned sinister. >> boom, boom, boom.
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>> be careful. >> wait. >> there's gunfire. >> just on the other side of this wall is the second location that we're told is being struck tonight. but contrary to what we witnessed at the first place, here, there seems to be something of a gun battle going ob. we are hearing sporadic gun fire as well as other small explosions. the location, it would turn out, is actually the headquarters of a battalion backed by the government. >> arwa damon now joining us live from benghazi. arwa, guv us an idea, how powerful are these demonstrations now that are kind of more pro u.s. and trying to push extremists out?
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>> well, the very essence of these demonstrations, these pro democracy demonstrations, is to demand that the government bring about an end to these extremist militias and also to other militias that exist outside of the government's umbrella, outside of the government's authority in and of itself. what we saw last night was these pro democracy demonstrators taking over the headquarters. they still had it under their control. the group itself saying it has withdrawn from the city, but then somehow the situation becoming manipulated and then these very same individuals going and attacking the headquarters of one of these battalions that are yes, a militia, but at the same time, endorsed by the government, and there in lies one of the challenges for the nation at this point in time. because their security forces, the police and army, are effectively nonexistent, and security is still in the hands
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of these various militias that are the by-product of the revolution. many of them formed during the revolution, and at times they do have competing agendas. >> so might this be kind of a turning point? >> well, this most certainly is libya at a cross roads. that's what the prime minister was telling us during interviews we did with him a few days ago. on the one hand, you have the vast majority of the population as far as we can tell, demanding an end to these extremists, demanding an end to the impunity, wanting to see the government taking a firmer stance. establishing a nationalistic army and police force, but at the same time, when it comes to the extremist entities, the government is approaching it very softly and very carefully because they want to first take the plit kg track because they say if they try to confront them mill tearally, it's going to create bloodshed and more chaos.
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>> thanks so much for that update. in just the last hour, president barack obama arrived in wisconsin taking his campaign to paul ryan's home state. it's the first time in the state for the president since february. and with only a month to go before early voting starts, it's a state that could play a role in deciding this election. athena jones is with us now. she's traveling with the president. so the president there, likely to have two fund-raisers. is he feeling like he has the advantage given that he won that state back in 2008 and still seems to be in the lead with recent polls? >> well, you know, the campaign would say the only poll that matters is the poll on election day, but it's got to be heartening that the three recent polls have the president up. one with a 14-point advantage. cnn averages those polls for our poll of polls and that poll of polls shows that the president
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is leading romney 52% to 43%. but you know, wisconsin has been a traditionally blue state. it last voted for a republican in a presidential election nearly 30 years ago for ronald reagan. and the president won here in 2008 by 14 points, but of course, mitt romney chose paul ryan, a wisconsinite as his running mate. that changed the game a little bit, and of course a couple years ago, we began to see a republican surge here. you'll remember those efforts to recall governor scott survived. that involved a lot of money from republican groups inside and outside of the state to put it in play. right now, the president seems to be leading and they want to make sure they can keep the state's ten electoral votes in the blue column. >> and here, this is paul ryan's home state, wisconsin, but the republicans have a strategy, how to kind of counter obama's advantage there? >> well, it's interesting. part of it seems to be certainly
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today they're trying to call attention to the fact this is the president's first campaign event in this state. that earlier than february, an official event. the rnc is saying the president has ignored wisconsin for 220 days. they put out a web video hitting him and talking about what the republicans have been doing in terms of door knocking and voter contact here in the state. and the romney campaign says the fact that the president is here raising money and here talking, holding this rally shows he has a, quote, wisconsin problem. they're trying to play on this idea that this has been a reliably blue state and now the president is being forced to defend it. that's a little bit of their tactic today, fred. >> okay, and some potentially big money at stake at the fund-raiser this evening. particularly talking about the one that will involve hall of famer hank aaron, right? >> that's right. so he's arrived, we know, at that location, that theater, and so these events should be getting under way soon. one of the lower, i should say, dollar fund-raiser, about 550
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people expected who are donating $250. the other is much, much smaller, about 20 people expected at a cost of $25,000 a ticket. so if you add up all the numbers, he's likely to raise more than $600,000 today. that, of course, is going to be very important as we head into these last 45 days, fred. >> all right, in milwaukee, wisconsin, thanks so much. athena jones traveling with the president. >> paul ryan brings his campaign to florida today. he's already made a stop in miami's little havana neighborhood. ryan attacked obama's policy toward cuban leader fidel castro and promised tougher action. >> in a mitt romney administration, we will not keep practicing this policy of apiecement. we will be tough on this brutal dictator. all it has done is rewarded more despotism. we'll help the pro democracy group. we'll be tough on castro, tough on chavez. it's because we know that's the
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right policy for our country. >> all right, that was in miami earlier today. right now, paul ryan in orlando, florida, making his rounds in that swing state. ryan is there this afternoon for a town hall at the university of central florida. while paul ryan is in florida, mitt romney is focusing on fund-raising, but it's his personal finances that are creating the buzz this weekend. yesterday, the republican presidential candidate released some of his tax documents including his full 2011 tax return. it shows he made $13.7 million last year. paid nearly $2 million in federal income taxes. because romney's income came largely from investments, he's taxed at a lower rate, 14.1%. we'll have more on the debate surrounding romney's taxes later on in the hour. mitt romney may not think his presidential campaign needs a turnaround, but sarah palin sure thinks he does.
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she's the latest conservative to voice her frustration with the direction of the romney campaign. the former vice presidential nominee told the "weekly standard" quote, with so much at stake in this election, both mitt romney and paul ryan should go rogue and not hold back from telling the american people the true state of our economy and national security, end quote. she went on to say, there's more, quote, america desperately needs to have a come to jesus moment in discussing our big dysfunctional, disconnected, and debt-ridden federal government, end quote. that from former alaska governor sarah palin. all right, guns pointed at mothers and young children as police search for a bank robbery suspect. they arrested their suspect, but will the aggressive manhunt end up jeopardizing that case?
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erupt overseas. in a rare sight, hundreds of women and children take part in peaceful protests in islamabad, chanting we love our holy process. the demonstrations are over the independently produced film mocking the praufophet muhammad but demonstrations over the same film in bangladesh's capital city turned violent today. several protesters were arrested. protests are planned in at least four other countries today. on to canada now, the parents of a 2-year-old girl are mourning her death. canada's highest court overruled her parents and pulled the child off life support at an edmonton hospital. the baby who was brain dead died thursday. the parents had applied for an emergency stay after doctors recommended ending the girl's life. jonathan mann with us now, so john, how unusual was it for the court to have this ruling that really defied the parents'
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wishes? >> it's a precedent setting case in canada. it would be here in the united states states. it would be practically anywhere because the care of the child is the responsibility of the child's parent. in this case, the doctors treating baby m decided she was so sick that damage to her brain was so profound and permanent that there was no point taking extensive and invasive measures to prolong her life. the parents said that it was a matter of love. it was a matter of faith, as you mentioned, that the child should be kept alive. they went to court. they went to court in edmonton, alberta. to the supreme court of canada, and the court decided the child's interest was not in having her life artificially prolonged. the judges heard the case and decided against the parents. it is a strange case. all the stranger because the reason that baby was so sick was because of the parents themselves. >> and so these parents, 34 years old, they are charged with
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assault and negligence for failing to provide the necessities of life. might there be other charges that are going to be more severe that are down the line? >> that is what this case really turns on. the child was not sick because of natural causes. paramedics arrived at the home back in may and found this baby girl and her twin sister, 2 1/2 years old, one weighing in at 13 pounds, the other 16. the smaller of the two was unconscious. both children were badly beaten about the face and their older brother was malnourished and unwell. the parents are charged with leaving the children in that kind of state. they told the paramedics, oh, the girls had fallen down the stairs when they were playing. essentially what we're seeing is a terrible case of child abuse. the parents have been charged with child abuse, neglect, endangering the life of a child. so much so that the courts say they can no longer speak for their children. and so baby m is now dead and the expectation is even though
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she died while outside of the parents' care. even though she died as a result of the authorities' decision, they may be charged with second degree murder. >> oh, my goodness. sad, very tragic. all right, thanks so much. john mann, appreciate that. all right, police pull over 19 cars looking for a bank robbery suspect, all the adults are handcuffed and some children have guns pointed at them. did law enforcement go too far to nab their guy? hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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a bank robbery case in colorado is raising serious questions about how far police can go to catch the bad guy. in the process, finding and arresting an alleged bank robbery, police also held innocent civilians at gunpoint, handcuffing teenagers and then pointing rifles at moms. ted rowands reports. >> marcie stopped at a light on her way home from shopping near denver, colorado. the next thing she knew, police had her at gunpoint. >> i said i have kids in my car. they had rifles pointed right at
3:21 pm
me. >> 19 cars were held at this intersection that saturday afternoon. everyone was ordered out of their cars at gunpoint, including children. the boy in the green shirt is 16-year-old michael hamps. >> they had rifles, guns and everything pointed everywhere. shields and canine dogs. >> a robbery just occurred with a gun at wells fargo. >> police were looking for this bank robber seen here wearing a beekeeper's mask and armed with an air horn and loaded gun. he had just made off with $25,000 from a wells fargo a few miles away. >> seen wearing a beehive mask. >> police thought the bank robber was at this intersection because there was a gps tracking device hidden in with the money. the problem was they had no idea what car he could be in and because of the beekeeper's mask, they didn't know what he looked like. everyone was treated as an armed and dangerous suspect. >> we all had to have our arms showing and we had to keep our arms like that. >> one by one, police approached
3:22 pm
each car with guns and shields. nearly everyone was handcuffed, marcie's 4-year-old daughter was asleep for most of the ordeal. her 8-year-old son, however, was awake. >> my son was crying and i kept telling him to keep his head down between his legs because i didn't know if open fire was going to happen. >> that's crystal de guzman in handscuffs moments after she watched police take her 16-year-old son away at gunpoint. >> i think any mom would be upset, not knowing what is going to happen to your kid. >> police eventually searched this white expedition. inside, they found two loaded guns, the money, and the beekeeper's mask. >> they have the suspect in custody. >> 45-year-old christian taesh, a school teacher with no record was arrested and charged with armed robbery. was this a case of good police work or did they go too far? federal law gives police some leeway to detain citizens for a
3:23 pm
reasonable amount of time as part of a criminal investigation. >> a little bit of inconvenience, getting cuffed for a minute to see if you're armed. getting deatained, you have to put up with that. but twou hours at rifle point, i think that's excessive. >> no question we inconvenienced citizens. we feel badly about that. we apologize to them, but we made a tough choice here and arrested a very dangerous armed bank robber. >> what police did may have put the entire case in jeopardy. the accused robber's attorney said there was no prauzable cause to search the vehicle and police violated his client's rights by pressuring him into a search after he initially reviewed. if the judge agreed, all of the evidence could be thrown out because of the way it was collected. and as crazy as that sounds, some legal experts say they have an argument. tim olson, who was among those handcuffed at the intersection, says that would send a message to police.
3:24 pm
>> the inbank robber gets away with it, that says you didn't do your job properly. >> the judge's ruling in the case should indicate whether police were doing their job or if they crossed the line. ted rowlands, cnn, aurora, colorado. after months of criticism, presidential nominee mitt romney releases some tax records. and they reveal that he actually paid more in taxes than he had to. what's that all about? copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms
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looks like there won't be a government shut down in a 62-30 vote in a session that stretched past midnight, senators approved money necessary for the government to function for the next six months and they asserted a tough stance over iran's nuclear program. president barack obama is in milwaukee at this hour. it's his first trip to wisconsin since february. he's got a fund-raiser just over an hour from now, and then he moves on to a campaign rally at
3:28 pm
a downtown park. the president is leading his opponent, mitt romney, in state polls there. mitt romney is fund-raising himself, but on the west coast this weekend. but it's his own money that's getting all of the attention. the republican presidential nominee released some tax records, but critics say it's still not enough. cnn's national political correspondent jim acosta has that. >> mitt romney came to las vegas and rolled the dice. releasing new tax information in the hopes of putting a lingering campaign issue to rest. according to romney's 2011 return released by the campaign, the gop nominee paid nearly $2 million in taxes on almost $14 million in income. an effective rate of 14%. but romney had to make some adjustments to get to that figure. according to that 2011 return, romney donated $4 million to charity but only claimed a deduction of $2.25 million. he reduced his deduction and in
3:29 pm
essence paid more in taxes, the campaign said, to conform to the earlier estimate that he paid a 13% rate in 2011. that's despite what he told abc news earlier this summer on whether he had ever paid less than 13% in taxes. >> i don't pay more than are legally due. frankly, if i had paid more than are legally due, i don't think i would be qualified to become president. >> the campaign also posted this letter from romney's tax preparer stating the republican candidate had indeed paid federal and state income taxes for more than 20 years. that appeared to be a direct response to senate majority leader harry reid who claimed without any evidence that romney had paid no income taxes for a decade. >> the word's out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't. >> despite the flood of new information, romney is still refusing to release more than two years of tax returns.
3:30 pm
standing by what he told cnn. >> those are the two years that people are going to have, and that's all that's necessary for people to understand something about my finances. >> the document dump comes after a week of attacks over the candidate's perceived gaffes. president obama on the hidden video of romney talking about the 47% of americans who he said all dependent on the government. >> i don't see a lot of victims in this crowd today. >> and romney on the president's statement this week on changing washington. >> the president today threw in the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from the inside. he can only change it from outside. >> also released were letters from the physicians of both mitt romney and paul ryan declaring both candidates in good health and ready for the rigors of the rest of this campaign. jim acosta, cnn, las vegas. so what impact if any might those tax records have on mitt romney's campaign? here's a.b. stoddard, associate
3:31 pm
editor of the hill. >> it is really puzzling to people that it happened at all. this is something that the press had asked for, democrats had taunted the romney campaign over for a long time, even republicans have said just get it out so it's not a subject anymore. no longer a distraction. so it comes so close to the debate, so close to the election, and actually continues to withhold, the campaign is continuing to withhold information so the release of the 2011 summary and the summarization of the tax rates from the last ten or so years just raises more questions about what is in those returns and what the details actually are. as you pointed out, it's great that he gives so much money to charity, but it is true that he had to forego deductions in order to stay true to the rate of 13% or more that he had previously said he paid. if he had taken advantage of the deductions, he would have paid less. it continues to remind people he makes a lot of money. he doesn't want to provide
3:32 pm
information about too many years going back. it's puzzling to even republicans about why it even came out now? >> romney released the tax records on friday. stoddard told me it's typical for a campaign to release information on friday that they really dont want to talk about, she says. >> we could ditch our credit cards for our phones soon. we'll show you mobile payment technology. it may make our wallet seem useless. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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the days of carrying credit cards or money may soon be over. our cnn money tech reporter goes shopping in new york city with no purse, cash, or credit cards. just her phone in hand. >> many people are saying one day your smartphone could completely replace your wallet. well, how close are we to that actually happening? today, i'm officially ditching my wallet and using my smartphone to pay. so we're starting our day out with dwayne reed. if i want to pay with my mobile done, i can use google wallet. let's test it out. so selected my card here. and i just hold it against -- >> slide it backwards. >> oh. no card enabled. i'm enabling it. now i can hold it against here. >> it took. >> all right. thank you very much. >> google wallet only works on sprint, virgin mobile devices
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and the nexus seven tablet. >> next up, morning coffee. here's a service called level up that's going to allow me to pay with my smartphone. >> you put your phone right here and level up will scan the bar code. >> i just bought a coffee. >> yep. >> great, thank you. it's projected to be $171 billion business this year and it's on the rise. so what does the future look like? we asked one of the major players. >> if you're paying with your name, you don't need your phone or wallet at all. >> i should be able to pay using square just by telling you my name? >> yeah. >> i would like to get a scone, please. and my name is laurie. >> okay. your name is laurie. >> okay, i see you right there. >> my picture just shows up? >> yeah. you're all set. >> i learned ahead of time you have to have a tab already open on the square app, so it's not totally phone free tech just yet. last stop of the day, home depot. the store recently launched a
3:37 pm
partnership with paypal. all i need is my mobile phone number. i don't actually need my physical phone to pay for the plan. >> you're going to be paying for this with your paypal? >> yep, this is a pin i set up beforehand. i paid and i didn't have a smartphone, didn't have a wallet. all i had was my number and a pin. >> okay, so let's find out if laurie really likes this. she's joining us from the time warner center there in new york. did you like this? and then also let me know what were the apps you thought were the best to work with. >> yeah, look, this is all new technology. it took me a little bit to set up. it's not like i can walk into any store around new york city and pay with my phone. i would be very hungry if i tried to do that for lunch. ia know, fredricka, the one that stuck out to me was square. so you know, it's the idea that maybe one day i don't even need my phone. you have your phone in your back pocket. you can walk into a place and it will know you're there using
3:38 pm
gps. i walk eed up to the barista, h said, hi, laurie. and i paid. this is the one that was like, this is the future. this could be cool. it could be creepy if there are a lot of pictures popping up and they're not sure if i'm laurie or not. that's the one that stuck out to me. >> okay, so what about that kind of feeling of being very vulnerable when you're using your phone? being a little concerned about whether there are some huge security risks? >> think about this, fredricka. let's say you have your phone and you're putting all your credit card information into your mobile phone. what if someone walks off with it? you have to think to yourself, this could pose some security risks, but a lot of these apps have safeguards so one of them, you have to enter in a pin. i would say if you're going to do this, always password protect your phone. that's really important. google wallet which was the
3:39 pm
first one you saw, you have the opportunity to go online and wipe out your account without your smartphone in case you lose it. with any new technology, i say be careful. know where you're putting your information and don't lose your smartphone. >> for now, a little limiting because you can't really be spontaneous about your shopping and purchasing with urphone. you have to know that certain stores correspondent with those apps you have, right? >> yep. people say your phone is going to become your wallet, but we're not there yet. i learned that, but we are on our way there. >> maybe on the flip side to that, you're going to spend less money because not everybody is going to take your phone. cost cutting measure. all right, laurie. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> for more in depth looks at all other ways this kind of technology is changing our world, check out >> all right, a police dash cam captures some pretty frightening moments. take a look at this.
3:40 pm
oh, boy. close call there. we'll have details on exactly how that all unfolded.
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a police officer in lubbock, texas, is being called a hero. his name is philip standafor. they were assisting a woman at an accident scene when right there he noticed the van barreling toward them. he then grabbed the woman and moved her out of harm's way just
3:44 pm
in the nick of time, as you see. the impact of the van sent the police car crashing into the woman's vehicle. the driver of the van was arrested and charged with intoxication assault. and we've just announced the top ten cnn heroes of 2012. each of them will receive $50,000 and a shot at the top honor, cnn's hero of the year. the winner will receive an additional $250,000. and you get to help decide who will be that person. here's anderson cooper. >> we have announced the top ten cnn heroes of 2012, i want to show you how you can vote for cnn hero of the year. it's easy. this is the main page of cnnheroes.c you'll see all of our top heroes. each one will receive $50,000 plus a shot of becoming the hero of the year. here is how you can vote for your favorite hero.
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3:50 pm
pank on a 747 as it made its way to the west coast. it landed at los angeles international airport this afternoon. it will go on display at the california science center. >> it's the first day of fall, and mark the occasion. a challenge for you. go outside, use your smartphone to take a picture and upload it to cnn ireport by by using one mobile apps, the only requirement? that the photo be horizonal and unfiltered. we'll check back to see if yours is chosen. dirt bikes are dangerous enough, but when you add a muddy track and 40 other riders going at top speeds it can be quite scary. now imagine being on that track and not being able to hear a thing. dr. sanjay gupta has this week's human factor. >> reporter: motocross racing is in her blood.
3:51 pm
>> well, my dad brought me to race, and i fell in love. >> reporter: but there was something different about ashley, she can't hear a thing. ashley was born completely deaf and speaks to us through a translator, and her friend, natalie. >> i grew up, and i was born deaf. >> reporter: in a sport that pri prides itself on making noise and hearing the opponents coming, can be the difference between winning and losing, ashley stands alone. >> she really has ahold of my lines when i'm riding, because it is hard to see when somebody is coming up behind me. >> reporter: she uses the vibrations in the engine to hear, and she is the only deaf rider to ever compete in motocross, was fighting for the fourth championship title. >> i felt really good in the big double, i hope you can win. >> reporter: and she achieved
3:52 pm
just that. beating out her closest rival with a national championship. but for ashley, it is about more than just winning. >> i think it is really cool to be a role model to the deaf community. and it is a cool feeling to have people look up to you. >> reporter: and for natalie, her friend's impact is important, as well. >> she is an idol for motocross, and for others, whether she is deaf or not she is smaller than i am and can ride a dirt bike like that. it is crazy. >> reporter: proof that anything is possible. dr. sanjay gupta. >> wow, that takes incredible courage. be sure to watch dr. sanjay gupta today, at 430, and 7:30 sunday, eastern time. and an unforgettable encounter, next. and you can also watch cnn
3:53 pm
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three time people wounded in the colorado theater say they are suing, they say they didn't have proper alarm systems and want to be compensated for their injuries, 12 people were killed, more than 50 injured. and beach boys splitting up after reuniting earlier this year, mike love and bruce johnston say that it will not include the other members. but brian wilson responded saying he was disappointed and had hoped to keep making music with the whole group. and a 25-year-old man who jumped into a tiger pit at the bronx zoo is now in stable condition. he was riding the mono rail when he jumped out of it into the
3:57 pm
pit. the tiger bit him a few times. the rescue crews had to help scare the tiger away. the tiger will not be put down, because it did nothing wrong, the zookeeper said. and safari is a chance to look at african wildlife, but one tourist got to see more. >> reporter: it was just another safari when this person decided to hitch a ride. or at least a seat, and thus began 45 minutes of eye to eye contact, only a foot or two from a creature one person called? >> rita. >> reporter: her husband was shooting the video. >> how are you feeling there? >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: although not known for being vicious, they easily kill their prey. >> i am not sure, i was breathing, and my knees were buckling, my whole body.
3:58 pm
she was stunning. >> reporter: when the cheetah leaped up, the guide told the tourist what not to do. >> don't move, don't talk. >> reporter: the expression made famous by the lion king. >> and these worries ♪ ♪ ♪ >> she was not interested in us, at all. >> reporter: for her, the vehicle was just a perch with a view so she could scan for prey, later, they started the engine. and seconds later, rita, the cheetah stood up. soon she presented a new threat. >> don't spray us now. >> reporter: not at all far-fetched in which the animal planet video shows the animal answering the call of nature. >> no. >> reporter: through the sun roof into the napkin of an expert trapped below. but rita behaved.
3:59 pm
the tourists realized later that the license plate on their vehicle began with the letters kat, finally? >> yes, thank goodness, oh, man. >> i can breathe. >> oh, good-bye! >> it was elation and relief. >> oh, oh. >> reporter: they had but one request of their guide. >> edward, if we could get a line out there, mate. >> reporter: actually, cheetahs parking themselves on cars and sun roofs are pretty common on youtube. it is almost as if it is raining cats. jean jeanne moos, cnn, new york. all right, welcome back to the news room, i'm


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