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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 15, 2013 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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that's brooke baldwin. tomorrow on "starting point," we're talking with nick lachey and new music and fatherhood. meanwhile, newsrooms right now. happening now, flowers and pa rasd amidst the threat of a nuclear war. north korea rejecting an offer from the south to ease tensions calling it a crafty trick. and who killed a texas district attorney and his wife? police now zeroing in on a former justice of the peace. >> can it mclelland tell you he believed eric williams was responsible for that murder? >> yes. >> he did. >> but eric williams says he didn't do it. he's capitali incooperating wit. plus moving at speeds of more than 50 miles an hour, two
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deadly avalanches sweep over hikers. >> i thought i'm dying because the snows continuously covering my body and my face. and i couldn't see anything. >> now the search is on to find one man still missing. also, adam scott takes home the coveted green jacket, but it's the text message that has everyone talking. you're live in the cnn newsroom. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. in north korea, a reason to celebrate. for the rest of the world, a reason to watch. it's a holiday, a time to recognize the birthday of its fou founder. and we've seen his grandson, the
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current leader, kim jong-un. he did not mark the day by firing firing a ballistic might go still. >> to make it clear to hopefully reasonable somebody who is reasonable in north korea as well as to the chinese who have an impact at north korea that we are deadly serious about our obligations and about our desire, our intent to stand up to these provocative and reckless actions. >> anna coren has the latest. john kerry is urging talks but emphasizing there are conditions attached. tell us more about that. what does that mean? >> reporter: most definitely, carol. and that has been his message for the entire time that he's been here in asia. obviously his trip started here in seoul, south korea where he
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met with leaders and urged north korea not to fire its missile and that the u.s. would never recognize it as a nuclear state, but he also opened the door to diplomacy and that's what we heard again in tokyo. basically america's top dip will he matt saying if north korea wants to behave responsibly, if they are willing to talk about due nuclearizing, then they have something to discuss with the united states. but otherwise the conversation is not to be had. so john kerry made that very clear. now the ball is in north korea's court. >> and there was no rhetoric coming out of north korea today, is that a coincidence? >> reporter: yeah, well, today is the most important day on the north korean calendar, the anniversary of the birth of the founder who is kim jong-un's grandfather. he would have been 101 today if he was alive.
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he died 18 years ago. and this is a very important day for north koreans. there were festivities, but certainly no missiles. because firstly they wouldn't want to upstage the celebrations nor would they want any room for error. now let's shift our attention to texas where there is a feverish new buzz around that man, a former justice of the peace in cause of maun county, texas. this morning he's in jail accused of making a terroristic threat. his bail a staggering $3 million. and that's only one reason why his name is surfacing in the investigation of two prosecutors who were murdered. mark hasse and mike mclelland prosecuted williams for theft by a public servant. police are not calling williams a suspect, but clearly he is under blistering skruts any. here is more from ed lavendera.
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>> reporter: this house belongs to eric wril yilliams. so friday, they combed through the house and so saturday, they investigate this had storage unit. several local media outlets report investigators found 20 weapons inside the storage unit that was rented for eric williams and investigators also discover this had crown victoria, a police style vehicle, local media also reports this type of car was seen in the neighborhood the night the mek legal land l l mc murdered. over the weekend, williams was arrested and charmed with making a terroristic threat. williams and his lawyer have vigorously denied any involvement in the kaufman county murders and insist they have cooperated voluntarily with investigators. >> my heartfelt condolences go out to both the mclelland family and the hasse family because they were in public office doing
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the right thing and for some reason that we're not a waiver paid the ultimate price. >> reporter: williams' connection to hasse and mclelland dates back to last year. he was convicted on two felony counts. this video shows him stealing computers from a county building and here he is during a police interrogation. >> so basically just took the monitors and the memory. >> that's what i can remember. >> reporter: it was a big scandal in a little town. prosecutors mark hasse and mike mclelland were front and center on that case. this is a picture of both men from the courtroom during that trial. denise bell covered the trial for the newspaper. >> it was a mega trial for a little community. >> reporter: mclelland told reporters that williams' conviction was a sign the good ole boy network was gone. hasse ripped into williams
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calling the disgraced justice f the peace a dishonorable liar and he was using kaufman county as his own piggybank. williams was sentenced to two years probation. denise bell says she spoke with mike mcreallyland in the weeks before his death and after mark has city's in your january, mclelland was worried about eric williams. >> did mhe believe williams was responsible for that murder? >> yes. >> what exactly and in what context did he tell you this? >> in a context of be careful, denise. >> why would he tell you to be careful? >> because i sat in the front row and covered this story for ten days. >> despite williams now getting so much attention, investigators have still not officially named him as a suspect or filed charges against him. and along with everything that has gone on this weekend and the searches related to eric williams, remember the night that the mclellands were found
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murdered in their home, we were told just hours later investigators met with eric williams at a parking lot of a denny's restaurant in kaufman and took gun residue samples. so according to his attorney, he has been cooperating with investigators for some time. even since mark hasse's murder. >> ed wlaclavendera reporting l for us. a search is expected to resume for a missing hiker buried in an avalanche. mitch hungat eflt w tchlhungate friends when the avalanche happened. a woman out walking with her dog later died. miguel marquez is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. snow is once again forecast for us, but searchers are hoping as the sunrises, they can get their search started again.
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an agonizing search for a hiker swept away by snow. the clues, eerie. a ski pole buried. crews painstakingly searched an area a quarter mile long and eight feet deep. rescue dogs digging furiously. the late spring storm creating perfect avalanche conditions. catching snowshoers by surprise in two nearly simultaneous avalanches. >> i thought that i'm dying. the snows continuously cuffing covering my body and my face. >> reporter: he was in a group of 12 swept away by a river of body and my face. >> reporter: he was in a group of 12 swept away by a river of snow. he was buried and could only wait as his friends dug him out. >> very scary. >> reporter: all 12 survived but
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then a dog alerted them to another buried nearby. they dug her out five feet alive. >> after two members, my members stayed on the mountain. they found her. >> reporter: but with conditions so harsh, the group so remote, search and rescue couldn't get her out fast enough. she died before reaching the command center. the same concern for the snowshoer still missing from the first avalanche. the three men in that group were swept far and fast. a gps device recorded their harrowing slide. >> and they literally went 1279 feet in that avalanche at speeds of up to 53 miles an hour. >> reporter: none of the men was wearing an avalanche beacon. two of them managed to save themselves. a hard week for avalanches in utah, 34-year-old craig patterson, a highly experienced avalanche forecaster, was killed when he was caught in a small avalanche on a very steep slope.
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late heavy snow packed on to icier older stuff, perfect and unforgiving avalanche conditions. now, the hope is that mitch hungate, the 60-year-old still missing, that he will be found. it is still a search and rescue mission say authorities, even though there are very, very harsh conditions, snow again is forecast for that area. but hopefully it will be light enough that they can get in there and try to get him out. >> we hope so. miguel marquez reporting live. interstate 94 just south of barnesville, minnesota open this morning after a brutal spring snow storm and several wrecks shut down part of the highway on sunday. several pigs got loose after a tractor trailer they were being transported in overturned. the pigs didn't seem to mind. they were soon rounded up. a fired florida police officer defends his use of a shooting target resembling
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trayvon martin. ron king says it was a training aid and meant to be an example of a no shoot situation. >> i refuse to sit by while others use the martin family and myself as a way to further their own political and career agendas. >> the target shows the outline of a faceless person in a blood hoodie holding a can which looks to be a can of soda, and carrying a bag of candy. maybe skittles. king has apologized to the martin family. their attorney calls the targets absolutely reprehensible. if you're planning to visit the national 911 memorial anytime soon, you will have to pay $2 to reserve a pass online or by phone. that cost is wavived for victim families. still many are upset about the charge say nothing one should be charged any money at all to pay their respects. for the first time in
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history, an australian wears the green jacket after winning the masters. adam scott won on the second hole of a sudden death playoff against angel cabrera, the first major win for a golfer who has seen major titles slip away before. >> i kind of had to compose myself after getting a little excited on 18 hole the first time around. but going back out there, it was all or nothing really. at that point, it's just two of us and it's head to head. and shot for shot. so i just went for it. >> last year's british open, you had a four stroke lead with four to play and you blew it. what's different about you now that you were able to win? >> well, i think in the big picture golf is a game that can humble you very quickly. and certainly did at the british open. but i've won tournaments before and i've lost tournaments before. and that will keep on happening for the rest of my life as much
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as i don't want to lose tournaments, it's inevitable when you're up there. but i think the open gave me more belief than anything. no doubt it just gave me more belief that i'm good enough to win a major championship. >> the tournament favorite tiger woods ended up tied for fourth. four shots behind. controversial penalty on saturday morning did not help. shane owe donahue joins us from augusta. let's talk about that penalty and the text message that pointed it out for officials. >> that's right. it was a text message. augusta national themselves have admitted that they get up to 50 calls per day during the masters as they do at other events on the pga tour and in europe all around the world because of television, a lot of people are very much into the rules of golf. and if they not something, they're more than entitled to call the organizers or the clubhouse and get in touch with
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those who are running the tournament. will is whs whis this is what h here. lady who texted in, she helped tiger woods out because the message was passed on to the rules committee at augusta national. they looked at the drop that tiger woods has taken on the 15th hole. and they had deemed it to be perfectly okay. it was only later after woods had signed his scorecard that woods himself admitted there was a certain intent with regard to the way he dropped the ball. he wanted to drop it two yards behind the divot where he originally played the shot to try to land it two yards short of the flag. shows you the genius of tiger woods. but he was admitting he had in order drnot dropped correctly. so this is what led augusta to contact woods because they needed to speak about this. effectively tiger woods have been disqualified because of the illegal drop, but they brought
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him in ht follthe following mor. woods was open and frank about it. and it was deemed that a two stroke penalty would apply which would have applied in the case had the augusta national committee spoken to him right after the round and before he had signed his scorecard. so there was room to maneuver there because of a new rule 33-7. >> shane, thanks so much. can you imagine if that were to happen in baseball or football? hey, i thought that was strike, let's review it. actually, i like that. just ahead, several fortune 500 companies offering their own classes good for college credit. why are they going back to school, though? oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes!
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time to check our top stories. the wreckage of a plane that went into the ocean on saturday will be moved today. the jet missed the run way in bali on saturday. everyone survivored. the plane had only been in service a month before the crash. george w. bush and laura bush are first time grand parents. their daughter jenna bush hager
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has begin birth. margaret laura was born saturday night. mom and baby and dad are doing pine. former president says he's fired up about becoming a granddaddy, but not planning on changing any diapers. additidish is ready to link with sprint nextel for $25.5 billion. that's $5 billion more than than an offer by a japanese telecommunications company. if the deal goes through, dish would be able to package tv and wireless services. >> good news out of citigroup. the company's earnings increased 30% in the first quarter earning them nearly 4 billion which is far better than what many analysts expected. starbucks and walmart are offering online classes to anyone who wants to take them. and they're good for college credit. alison kosik is live in new york. so can anyone go to the university of starbucks?
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>> not anyone can. right nows's mostly employees who are able to at that time courses. so what these companies are doing is they're taking matters in to their own hands. the companies are tired of waiting for colleges to churn out skilled workers that they need, so what the companies are doing is offering their own classes instead. it's what experts are calling just in time learning which means it's more specific learning, the students can use the learning immediately versus what students learn in traditional college classrooms. it's more generalized and takes years to use those skills. this is more localized learning is happening in a growing number of big named companies. starbucks offer barista basics. there is also a jiffy lube university. walmar walmarthas online classes and mcdonald's has its famous mcdonald's u. it's up to the individual schools to decide whether to accept the credits, but 2 thourk colleges did last year.
9:22 am
workers will often put the credit toward business administration or education degrees. so it's a win/win for everybody involved. >> i hope it increases the student's wages if they choose to at that time classes. >> i don't know about that. not sure about that. what's good is that these people are able to really become specialized in areas. so at varying levels. at starbucks they have these basic classes like barista basics. these are mainly for newer employees abou. but the focus at hamburger u is focused on management level. so that is good new there is. the goal is to teach leadership skills and the possibility of putting it towards something bigger. people don't necessarily plan to make a career out of mcdonald's or walmart, but this helps the companies keep good employees and teaches them skills that they can use at other jobs in the future.
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>> all good. alison kosik reporting live for us this morning. talk back question for you this morning, do scare tactics prevent teenaged pregnancy? or tweet me. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go.
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now is your chance to talk back. the question for you this morning, do scare tactics prevent teenage pregnancy? if you believe the answer to that question is yes, then maybe your kid out to meet pam. >> i would have girls in my office every day saying, pam, i didn't know. and if somebody would have told me that this was going to be the result of the choice i was making, i'd have made a different choice. no one told me. >> she travels the world talking to high school students about abstinence. have sex outside of marriage she says and you will pay with deadly astds. here is her message for mothers who that give their daughters the pill.
9:27 am
what does it protect you from? pregnancy. that hormone that this girl is taking is has just made her ten times more likely to contract a disease than if she were not taking that drug. this girl will end up sterile or dead. thanks, mom. glad you cared. >> she was invited by a religious group to speak at a west virginia public high school last week sparking anger and some tears according to the charleston daily mail. one student saying, quote, it was slut-shaming. she picked on girls who were sexually active. there were several who left the assembly crying. if you think scare tactics only come from conservatives, think again. in new york, the city that hands out condoms to high schoolers, they have come p with their own scare tactics. take a look at these ads with cute little kids saying things like dad, you'll be pay to go support me for the next 20 years and honestly, mom, chances are he won't stay with you. and what happens to me? planned parenthood blasted the ads saying they shame and
9:28 am
stigmatize teens instead of helping them. so the question for you this morning, do scare tactics prevent teenaged pregnancy? @carolcnn.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for being with me. stories we're watching right now in the newsroom, the opening bell ringing a new week in on washington street. stocks expected to slip on news of a slowing economic growth in china. ringing the bell today, an executive with the independent petroleum association of america. and ceos of energy sector companies. today is april 15th. you know what that means. it's tax day. it is the deadline to pay uncle sam if you owe for 2012.
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if you need more time, be sure to file an extension today. more than 27,000 runners are running in today's boston marath marathon. the race is just getting under way. more than a half million people are expected to line the course. good news, this year's weather will be much cooler for runners with temperatures in the 50s. college students rejoice. graduation is right around the corner. question now, do you have a commencement speaker? at last check, two prestigious commencement speakers are out before ever addressing graduates. the famous neurologist dr. carson pulled out of duties at johns hopkins after students protested his stand against same-sex marriage. and former world bank president pulled out of swathe more's xheshsme commencement after support of the iraq war.
9:33 am
playing today, will and lz, welcome to you both. i guess we should first determine what the purpose of a commencement address is. what is the purpose? have we forgotten, lz? >> i think it's to inspire the students to reach higher heights. at least that's what i kind of remember it being for me. you know, when it comes to these two individuals who have come under protest, i just say welcome to the party. you know, you'll always find a group of students who will be upset about who the commencement speaker was or has been selected. right here in michigan, governor rick snider has been protested at every speech he's given temperature so as i said, welcome to the party. >> will, this is what mitch albom wrote, freedom of speech?
9:34 am
not for commencement. speakers must not appeal to every single student. he suggests questions for potential commencement speakers like have you ever owned a gun, fired a gun, asked someone else to fire a gun or taken away a gun, have you ever told anyone at a cocktail party that guns should be outlawed or that everyone should have at least eight guns in their kitchen. and if so, what are the chances it was a tape recorder at a cocktail party. if you answered no, great, the deal is on. what he's saying is unless you appeal to every single student, maybe there is not a chance that you'll be the speaker. >> every single student is the on that it difference phraperat. wi frafz. you can't run the risk of offending any single group or individual. we should be precise in our criticism, though. it's not really an shove freedom of speech. that's restraint by the government over the content of your speech.
9:35 am
you really don't have a right to be a commencement speaker. but what it is is it's an indictment on higher education. when these colleges force speakers to adapt to every single student in every single sensitivity and every single inclusivity, you are going to wipe yourself of any depth of thought, any provocativeness, any challenge to rigorous thought and get yourself exactly what you're asking for. just a boring old speech. >> well, there are two avenues of thought from my perspective at least. one is if you cancel a commencement speaker because supposedly he is verse shald to a small number of students, isn't that saying you've educated these people, right, they should be able to sit in an audience and listen and think for themselves and accept it because that's just life. on the other hand, for the students graduating it should be a fabulous time.
9:36 am
you really shouldn't have to worry or be thinking about controversial subjects on your graduation day. what say you, lz? >> well, i think it's stilly to avoid talking about controversial issues just because it's your graduation day. that's like trying to control the weather because it's your wedding day. if you really want to know how the real world works, this is it. things aren't going to be perfect all the tilme. you won't always get your way. but freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences of your speech. and the fact is that it wasn't just the fact that dr. carson said something against marriage equality. it was the fact that he equated being gay with bestiality. so you have the freedom to say whatever you want. but just because your wife comes up to you and asks if this dress makes me look fat, if you say yes, you're still subject to
9:37 am
those consequences. you don't get to say freedom of speech. >> so that's interesting. what we're talking about is not regulating what might be said in the speech, but we're regulating the speaker on anything they might have said in the past. and the point in these two individuals is carson's offensive statements about homosexuality and zellic's support or part of an administration a that assumed the iraq war. it's not like he planned that war. so then we get into the politics of this. what i'm talking about colleges adjusting who their speakers can be, then we start talking about the actual decisions of the college administrators and important figures in the college. and then we realize there are statistics like this. 72% of college professors according to a 2005 study self identify as liberal. 15% as conservative. now we look at who they're excluding from the speeches for things they said in the past. we got some pretty interesting indictments of higher education. >> well, i have a good idea.
9:38 am
just have like the student with the best grade point average give the commencement peach. why have the universities pay all that money just to take the abuse. >> they do that, too. >> but why not only do that. just a suggestion. >> why don't we just all be quiet and we'll never offend anybody. >> no. >> i say hiring snooki as your commencement speaker is all the indictment of higher he heducat you need. >> i agree. the anne frank museum had a superstar tourist and not too many people are pleased. you know what i'm talking about. the biebs and mihis comments. we'll tell you how they went over. an, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment
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justin bieber just can't catch a break these days. this time the pop star ticked off some people for a comment he left in the guest book at the anne frank house in amsterdam. for more are let's head to new york and talk with a.j. hammer. so what did he write? >> well, the headlines just keep on coming for justin. and by the way, this particular bit of drama really did start off in such an innocent pay. bieber is on his european tour. he took time to stop and visit the anne frank house. and after he got a firsthand look at the house where they hidden in from the nazis for two
9:42 am
years, he wrote a blurb and i think the anne frank house just look to go publicize the visit posted the blurb and that's where it took off. here is what he wrote. truly inspiring to be able to come here. anne was a great girl. and he should have stopped there, but he continued with hopefully she would have been a belieber. well, thousands of people have been weighing in as you might expect slamming bieber for being so vain that he had to have a note about anne frank focus on him. for their part, the anne frank house doesn't seem to think that there is anything wrong with what justin bieber wrote. they posted another message saying they were pleased with the visit and that bieber was very interested in anne's story. he spent more than an hour at the museum. and they added they hoped the publicity would inspire more to learn about anne frank and read her diary. but it's easy to understand why people are upset. it seems completely egotistical
9:43 am
to leave a note about yourself. but i was thinking about it, the year books of the world are full of self indulgent lines from kids bieber's age who think they're being perfectly appropriate. then again, they're not international superstars. >> it's easy to forget he's 19 years old, right? i don't know, though. it just would have been so much more natural had he said, boy, she would have been a great friend. >> exactly. >> a.j. hammer, thanks so much. next in the newsroom, a claim we used to see in store shelves a generation ago. now we're seeing a big made in the usa comeback. we'll take a closer look at the resurgence of american manufacturing. acceler-rental. at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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we have just learned the supreme court has upheld new york state's strict gun control law which bans possession of a firearm in public openly or concealed unless someone can show, quote, proper cause to secure a carry permit and proper cause has to be more than self-defense. we'll have much more on this on cnn in the hours to come. also, the search for a missing hiker is expected to resume today after a series of weekend avalanches. on saturday, mitch hungate was out with two friends when an avalanche carried them 1200 feet at speeds reaching more than 50
9:47 am
miles an hour. that same day, a woman walking her dog was caught in a slide on another mountain. she later died from her injuries. another sign this morning the housing market is recovering. "usa today" reporting more lenders are offering conventional loans with a down payment of 10% or less. lenders have been required at least 20% down trying to reduce the risk of default after the housing bust. for years we heard of american companies moving their jobs overseas. but that trend of offshoring seems to be reversing. "time" magazine goes from the board room to the factory floor in its cover article made in the usa, and say we can expect to see made in the usa stamped on more and more products. according to the magazine, a half million manufacturing jobs have been created in the united states over the last three years. ronna is the author of that
9:48 am
article and an assistant managing editor at "time". she joins us from new york. good morning. so it sounds like good news, but 500,000 jobs over three years didn't really sound like a whole lot. >> well, it's the most that have been created in a decade in manufacturing. manufacturing has been on a down swing as we all know since the '70s because of outsourcing to china and other cheaper labor countries. so the fact that we have seen jobs being created, that's the first time in ten years that that's happened. and so there is this sort of sea change and some of the economists i spoke to feel that the outsourcing trend is actually at an end for a couple of reasons. one, american labor is becoming more cost effective. american laborers still are more productive than other countries. but they're also cheaper relative to other countries because chinese workers are demanding more money and getting it. so that sort of ratio is
9:49 am
changing in our favor. there is also the shale gas boom in this country which has brought a lot of cheap energy to factories. and factories that are extremely energy intensive want to stay here now to take advantage of that. and there is a third trend which is the idea that having these very complicated far flung outsourcing sort of ecosystems can be very dangerous. if you remember a couple of years ago when the japanese tsunami hit, the entire auto industry was put on hold for about six months because manufacturing was spread around to all these defendant areas of the world. and so a lot of factories are thinking let's keep production closer to home, let's be where the customers are, we can move quickly, we can reduce risk. so a lot of factors contributing to the boom. >> is another reason because america simply makes better products? >> that's a great question. i think that, yes, i think that you look at, say, things like the tainted milk scandal in china, which actually led to a boom in u.s. consumer products
9:50 am
in az kra because customers were very worried about what they were getting in a chinese product versus an american one. so our regulatory system and the fact that we do have high quality standards is a competitive advantage increasingly in the global economy as you've got this rising middle class around the world that wants better quality products. >> and just a final question. i mean, is this just a passing trend? is it a trend here to stay and what might it mean for our economy? >> well, i think it will mean very good things for the economy. i do think the trend is here to stay. but what it means for jobs is a different question. because the truth is that a lot of this great manufacturing that's coming back to this country is driven by technology. so for example i visited a ge factory in upstate new york, state-of-the-art factory doing green batteries for export all around the world. they were only a few hundred people on that factory floor. 20 years ago, there might have been thousands. so a lot of the work is being done by robotics, by very complex sensor, by high tech
9:51 am
equipment. so there is a lot of higher end jobs being created, but not so much in the middle. so we still have the middle being hollowed out problem. >> understood. the article in "time" magazine, you can find it online. thanks so much for joining us. talk black question, do scare tactics prevent teenage pregnancy?
9:52 am
. . . . . .
9:53 am
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9:58 am
adam scott made his home country proud by becoming the first australian to win the masters. jerry greenberg is sheer with today's bleeter report. >> a bridesmaid no longer. the australians are calling adam scott's moment the greatest moment in the history of australian sports. four shots off the lead on sunday, scott was brilliant. he takes the lead here and a storied victory appeared to all be in the books. that is until the '09 masters champ said hello, friends. angel cabrera, calm, cool, collected, an amazing shot, the argentine birdies, sending scott out into the rain. took a second playoff hole to determine a champ. scott for the win, you betcha!
9:59 am
his first major victory welcome to the green jacket club. tiger woods made a push, three birdies on a five-hole stretch but a couple of bogeys early on. ablgd and of course that two-shot penalty from friday's round everybody is talking about really hurt tiger's cause. he finished tied for fourth, the drought continues. nine years since tiger's last masters championship. while the mission wasn't accomplished, tiger said he still felt love from the patrons. >> they were fantastic. i had so much encouragement out there. they were absolutely incredible. especially yesterday, starting out the day, i was -- i couldn't believe the amount of support i had. everyone just trying to get me to shoot a low one. i was very thankful for that. >> kobe bryant is expected to be out six to nine months but the lakers playoff hopes remain very much alive. sunday night in the first game since kobe's injury, dwight
10:00 am
howard stepped up. if the jazz lose tonight or the lakers lose wednesday, l.a. will earn the final playoff spot in the western conference. at the top of the hour, carlos diaz will break down what's next for kobe and the lakers. a dream come true at a baseball game. this is what everybody wishes for. a foul ball comes your way. dad snags it. gives the son the pearly white. but dad, check out my arm. he fires it back out onto the field, possibly yu once-in-a-lifetime experience is gone. hitz brother can't believe it. there's no crying in baseball. at least everyone thinks you have a fantastic arm and to top it off you did it on national television. carol, all was not lost. usher came to the rescue and gave a kid the ball. if i'm a brother sitting next to him, this is coming back at the wedding. best man speech. >> he'll be tortured the rest of his life.
10:01 am
thanks, jared. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," an ominous holiday in north korea. is the day the day it launches a missile? >> we are deadly serious about our obligations and about our desire, our intent to stand up to these provocative and reckless actions. also, who owns your dna? the supreme court looks at whether your genes can be patented. also, a big test in schools this week. a growing number of parents are telling their kids, do not study for it, and do not even take that standardized test. and sex ed. . >> principals, every monday morning at your school right after the pledge of allegiance we're going to do this, the following students contracted an std over the weekend, they are -- >> scaring high school kids away
10:02 am
from premarital sex. appropriate for your child? you'll meet one student who said no. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. thanks so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we begin this hour in texas where there's a feverish new buzz in a case that put one small town on edge. it revolves around this man eric williams, a former justice of the peace in kaufman county, texas. this morning he's in jail accused of making a terroristic threat, his bail a staggering $3 million. that's only one reason why his name is stur fasing in the investigation of two prosecutors who were murdered. will mark hasse and mike mclelland prosecuted williams for theft by a public servant. williams is not a suspect but clearly under blistering scrutiny. ed lavandera is in dallas. good morning, ed.
10:03 am
>> good morning, carol. we first told you about eric williams several weeks ago after we had learned that the night the mclellands' bodies were found in their home murdered, just a few hours later we were told that investigators called eric williams and met with him in the parking lot of a denny's restaurant and took gun residue samples from his hand. since then over the last couple of days we've seen the intensity and the look at him intensify quite a bit. on friday afternoon, investigators searched his home. on saturday morning he was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat. as you mentioned, being held on a $3 million bond. and then saturday night investigators descended on a storage facility about 15 miles away from his home in kaufman where local media outlets here in dallas-ft. worth are reporting that some 20 firearms were found, including also a crown victoria police car style car in that storage shed. so a lot of focus and media
10:04 am
outlets reporting that this storage locker is connected to eric williams. a great deal of intensity focusing on williams. but the official line so far, investigators haven't said anything, especially that eric williams is a suspect in this case. >> let's go back to williams' theft, this theft that he was convicted of and prosecuted by these prosecutors. i mean, tell us about that. was it scandalous in the small town? how aggressively did mr. hasse prosecute him? >> well, this is the connection here, carol. so eric williams was prosecuted and convicted last year of theft of county property there in kaufman county. he was sentenced to two years probation. mark hasse, the assistant district attorney gunned down at the end of january, was the man who prosecuted that case. we've been told by many people there in cough mant county that he was very aggressive if this case against him. in fact, at the end of the trial, court transcripts show that eric williams said, my life
10:05 am
has been changed drastically because of this, that he had lost his job as justice of the peace there in kaufman county and that he also lost his law license. so we were told that this was a very dramatic case in that small town. >> ed lavandera reporting live for us this morning. in north korea, a reason to celebrate for the rest of the world a reason to watch. it's a holiday in the communist nation, a time to recognize the birthday of its founder kim il-sung. for the first time in days we've seen his grandson, the current leader kim jong-un. he did not mark the day by firing a missile and defying the world, but for weeks this regime has threatened nuclear strikes on neighboring south korea and on the united states. today in japan, secretary of state john kerry sat down with cnn and urged north korea to dehad behave responsibly. >> to make it clear to hopefully reasonable, somebody who's reasonable in north korea, as well as to the chinese who have an impact on north korea, that
10:06 am
we are deadly serious about our obligations and about our desire -- our intent to stand up to these provocative and reckless actions. >> today there was no fiery rhetoric from north korea, given the belligerent tone of the last couple of weeks, that alone is noteworthy. and while that may be a nod to the importance of the holiday, passions still run high across the peninsula. key yong law has the view from south korea. >> reporter: screaming "stop the dictatorship," these right wing protesters rip through the north korean flag in downtown seoul. made clear their feelings about kim jong-un and burned effigies of the young leader, his father and grandfather. the rhetoric may be cooling, but passions on the korean peninsula are not. what makes this protest particularly potent is the day that it's happening, the most
10:07 am
important day for north korea. april 15th is a national holiday, the day kim il-sung was born, the founder of north korea, the grandfather of kim jong-un. the now-leader reverently paid his respects to his ancestors. on north korean state-run television holiday viewing includes bizarre exercises displayed before a coquettish and popular girl band. concerts where singers proclaimed their love for kim il-sung, a deettety in the nation. all of this displayed with absolute blind devotion. why is that devotion so important? >> it's all north korea has. if it doesn't have devotion, political support from this leader, it can crumble within. >> reporter: jasper kim says that's why, when you compare the all-powerful kim il-sung to kim
10:08 am
jong-un, you can't help but see a resemblance. >> he's the youngest leader in the history. how can you mitigate the risk of third generation leader? i think one tactic is basically to make the third generation kim jong-un look like the first generation leader kim il-sung. >> reporter: but on the day of celebration of its founder, kim jong-un has already proven he's not his grandfather. >> he's younger, more audacious. we know so far every move he make is in bold strokes, high risk, high reward. >> is there a sense inside korea that this crisis is over? >> it's not over. it's just the beginning and it will be continuous. this is not one of those things in the 20th century where a crisis starts,s gets really hot and cool off and ends. there's no end to this story. >> reporter: cnn, seoul. 8 minutes past the hour, time to look at other top
10:09 am
stories. the search for a missing hiker is expected to resume today after a series of weekend avalanches. on saturday, mitch huntgate was out with two friends when an avalanche carried them 1200 feet at speeds reaching more than 50 miles per hour. that same day, a woman walking her dog was also caught in an avalanche on another mountain. she later died of her injuries. the faa has ordered inspections of the tails of more than 1,000 boeing 737 jets to check for pins that attach to stabilizers to the fuselage. the faa says a failure of the pins to cause pilots to lose control of the plane. the investigation will focus on 737s that entered into service in 1998 or later. today part of a pipeline that ruptured and flooded an arkansas neighborhood with oil will be removed. exxon announcing it will send a 52-foot chunk of that pipeline to a third-party lab for testing. an estimated 5,000 barrels of oil were released during the spill which forced an
10:10 am
evacuation. the cause is still under investigation. dish network is ready to link up with sprint next tell. it's making a bid to buy america's number three wireless carrier for $25.55 billion, 5 billion more than an offer by a japanese company. if the deal goes through, dish would be able to package tv and wireless services. six, nine, maybe 12 months? that's how long we'll have to wait to see if kobe bryant can return to the basketball court. he's sidelined recovering from surgery to repair the achilles tendon he tore in friday's game. the star is using social media to walk fans through his recovery, and he's also using it to vent with a post on saturday that read, in part, this is such bs! all the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that i've done millions of times. the frustration is unbearable. the anger is rage.
10:11 am
carlos diaz joins us now. i kind of like this because it gave you an inside look at how athletes handle these injuries in real live. of course you'd vent. >> especially heavily medicated allegedly when they do that. he's in a lot of pain. your achilles is a very, very tough injury. you're talking about six, nine, 12 months come being back. that's the tough thing here. kobe has to look at not only the end of this season, but what if it takes nine months. that's into the beginning of the next season. what if it's 12 months. is next season gone? you're 35 years old. you've been playing half your life in the nba, but he later said, put in a post, now i'm supposed to come back from this and be the same player or better at 35? how in the world am i supposed to do that? i have no clue. but he later said, one day the beginning of a new career journey will commence. today is not that day. that post received more than
10:12 am
156,000 likes. so basically you have here a guy who is basically saying, i'm not done. but this is not an easy injury to come back from. personally i think that kobe does need to come back and show more of a gracious side because this year a lot of complaining, a lot of expectations that were not met from the lakers. hopefully not only does he come back a better player but dare i say a better person because this year was a lot of postgame interviews featuring curse words and things like that. he was obviously frustrated. let's hope he comes back next year maybe a little more mellow and more of a focus on basketball rather than the postgame interviews that got a little out of hand. >> maybe soxt bu. but your body is your instrument if you're an athlete. >> good point. >> if your instrument is damaged, a lot of players never come back from this jurisdictin >> and of course laker haters are blaming the coach. he was played too many minutes, ran him too hard. the tough part is not getting
10:13 am
kobe to play minutes. the tough part is getting him out of the game. he's one of the leaders in minutes because he loves to get in there and mix it up. but say what you want about kobe. he brought it every game. he would get the guys on the team, but every game he was out there. only missed two games all season. he was out there for the most part putting in major minutes, near the top of the league in minutes. at his age, unbelievable. you can say what you want about him, but he did bring it and maybe that's the reason, the mileage, the reason the achilles tear happened. >> we'll keep an eye on it. carlos diaz, many thanks. we'll be right back. a new ride comes along and changes everything. the 2013 lexus gs. this is the pursuit of perfection. the 2013 lexus gs. license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right?
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16 minutes past the hour, time to check our top stories. spring snowstorms causing problems in the west, interstate 94 just south of farnzville, minnesota, opened this morning after the highway was shurt
10:17 am
down. denver expecting snow which could set a record for april. good news coming from citigroup, the company's earnings increased 30% in the first quarter, earning them nearly $4 billion, which is far better than analysts expected. today, as you know, is april 15th, and of course that means it's tax day, the deadline to pay uncle sam if you owe for 2012. if you need more time, be sure to file an extension today. and if you want to see how the government spent your tax dollars this year, check out the white house web site for a breakdown. that's the boston marathon is now under way, more than 27,000 runners taking part coming from every state in the nation and more than 90 countries. those runners are getting a ton of support, officials estimate more than 500,000 people are lining the course. it's a growing national movement, parents choosing to opt their children out of taking standardized tests. just days ago, some of them
10:18 am
protesting outside the department of education in washington. they argue schools are becoming test prep factories where the joy of learning has decreased as stress increases over taking these tests. elizabeth laidlaw is a parent who's flipping back over standardized tests. she joins us this morning, good morning. >> good morning. >> for those of us who don't have children, kids are required to take a test every year from third through eighth grade just to see how they're doing, am i right? >> that's the case if new york state, yes. >> and why do you think this is a harmful practice? >> so the test itself is a one-time snapshot of the kids' performance. so i liken it to a beauty contest being measured by the contestants' driver's license photograph. it's just not a good measure. that's one reason why i have a problem with the test. the other reason is how it's used. in new york state it's used to
10:19 am
measure building performance. it's used to measure teacher performance. but its scores are not reported on the child's report card. the classroom teacher is not given the score of the test in a way that she or he could actually use it to help a child learn. so it's the manner in which the test is used. and that i also have a problem with. this year with the common core being rolled out it's the case in my area of new york that teachers in september didn't have the curriculum that the children will be tested on tomorrow. they introduced the curriculum at my daughter's school last month. they introduced it to teachers and they'll be -- the kids are going to be tested on it starting tomorrow morning, three days this week, three days next week. >> i've read so many horror stories about this, that third graders are sent home over spring break to study for the stntdized tests. so they're convict stabtly studying for a test that doesn't
10:20 am
mean much to them. >> right. and it's not a part of the learning process. it's my understanding that superintendents of districts are requiring buildings to implement these tests because the superintendents are getting pressure from the state. they're sort of financially bullied into doing the test. the state is getting pressure from the federal government to implement the common core, and part of the common core are these standardized tests. so, you know, there's a cycle of bullying which has nothing to do with the classroom, nothing to do with teachers, nothing to do with children. they're pawns. but the beautiful thing is that children have the power to stop this cycle, and i see it as my duty as a parent to help my child, to help my child's teacher understand. >> your child opted out of the test, your child's in ninth grade now, right? so she opted out. >> she did.
10:21 am
>> so were there any ramifications? did she pay any penalty? what happened? >> she didn't. we started in september of her eighth grade year at teachers conferences talking with her teachers about this, and we got so much support. teachers support the idea of getting standardized tests out of the classroom. so by the time test day came there was one administrator in the building who was charged with making sure all kids took the test, and she gave us a little pushback, but we had already built a great relationship with her so it was not really a big deal for my daughter. she had no adverse effects on her report card or on placement for the next year. so it actually empowered her, empowered my daughter, which was great. >> i know many parents feel the same way. e-liz beth laidlaw, thanks for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. just ahead in the "newsroom," eight senators have now reached an agreement that could affect roughly 11 million undocumented residents.
10:22 am
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to politics in washington, marco rubio leading the charge for immigration reform but not, he says, amnesty. so what could a potential deal look like? we'll learn tomorrow. here's athena jones. >> reporter: republican senator marco rubio blanketed the sunday talk shows, appearing on seven networks to begin selling what would be the biggest immigration overhaul in a generation. rubio defended a portion of the plan that would allow the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants to apply for legal status. >> they're going to have to be in the system at least ten years plus, plus all these enforcement things happen before we give you access to apply for the legal immigration system. in essence, we're not awarding anything anyone. we're just giving people the opportunity to eventually earn access to our new improved, modernized legal immigration system. >> reporter: rubio outlined three so-called triggers he says have to be in place before people here illegally can get legal status.
10:26 am
a university e-verify system to help companies check workers' legal status, a tracking system to make sure immigrants who enter the country legally don't overstay their visas and what he called real border security, including fencing. president obama has previously opposed tying a pathway to citizenship to border security. >> i think a bipartisan group of senators believe that's a trigger and the president disagrees. hopefully we can pass a bill that has that in there. if we do, you can make a decision about whether to sign it. it has to be a part of it. >> reporter: rubio insists the plan is not amnesty, but some republicans like alabama senator jeff sessions aren't buying that. >> i think it's incumbent on republicans, democrats and every one of us to ask what is going to happen to working americans whose wages have been falling since 2000, who are unemployed at a very high rate. it will impact them adversely. >> reporter: fixing the nation's immigration system is one of
10:27 am
president obama's top priorities. as david axelrod said recently, immigration is a legacy item for the president, something he wants very much to see get done. officials here say their pleased with the progress made so far and are looking forward to reviewing the bill. carol? >> athena jones live from the white house this morning. still ahead -- "talk back" question for you this morning, do scare tactics prevent teenage pregnancy? facebook or tweet me. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you very much for being with us. checking our top stories at 30 minutes past the hour, this is the pageantry of a national holiday in north korea. the communist nation did not, however, mark the day by test-firing a missile.
10:31 am
secretary of state john kerry urging pyongyang to end its threats to the united states and south korea and show it's serious about ditching its nuclear program. the supreme court hears arguments today to determine if companies can own a part of you. at issue is whether a company can patent a human gene. the decision could have a major impact on research. many of the known human genes are patented by universities and pharmaceutical companies, but the american civil liberties union argues gene patents are unconstitutional and actually hinder research and first amendment rights. a nascar race turns tragic when a man shoots himself to death during the nra 500 in texas this weekend. police say the man's body was found in the back seat of a pickup truck. no other information is immediately available. if you're planning to visit the national 9/11 memorial in new york city anytime soon, you will now have to pay $2 to reserve a pass online or by
10:32 am
phone. the cost is waived for victims' families or those showing up for same-day passes. still, many are upset about this, saying no one should be charged to pay their respects. gun control versus gun rights. whether it's images of newtown families and gabby giffords or a surge in gun sales on fears the second amendment will somehow be overturned, the sides remain sharply drawn in the debate. but as the senate prepares to take up a bipartisan bill, the committee and bill maher says the discussion up until this point has been very one-sided. >> after the tragedy at newtown, there was talk about banning assault weapons. that's completely dead. and then the other thing they wanted to do was limit the number of clips in a gun. that's completely dead. so now we're down to background checks. this is the problem with the gun debate, is that it's a constant center-right debate. there's no left in the debate. everyone on the left is so afraid to say which is what to
10:33 am
say is that the second amendment is [ bleep ]. >> oh, the second amendment is bs. bill maher also talking about the man chin/toomey compromise on background check, legislation president obama said was progress even though it doesn't have the proposed assault weapons ban. liberals aren't happy, conservatives don't like it, but comedians like the ones on "saturday night live" love it. >> if our bill passes, no individual can purchase a handgun from private dealer without being asked, are you a good person? >> we're also hoping to limit the amount of ammunition you can carry in magazines. we did not do that, though. is this bill what we wanted? no, no. is it what the nra wanted? no. but does it at least help in some small way. >> no. probably not. we are confident that this bill will pass the senate and it will then go to the house of representatives where it will immediately get shot down. >> pretty funny, you have to
10:34 am
knit. joining me, maria cardona cnn contributor and democrat strategist and will king cnn contributor and analyst for "the blaze." good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> let's start with bill maher's premise. is it time we talked about the second amendment and whether it should still be part of our constitution? >> i actually do think so, carol. i brought this up right after newtown when we first started talking about this. for this reason -- when the second amendment was ratified by our founding fathers it was when this nation was a frontier land, it was when the citizenry was i think rightly scared of perhaps a government that could come and topple them. and so what did they have, they had public arsenals. what was it meant for? to make sure every person had the same access and the same right to be armed in the same manner as the government. that is completely impossible today, carol, unless those that are supporting the second amendment believe that every person should be armed with a nuclear arsenal.
10:35 am
so the reasoning doesn't exist anymore, but it has given way to a gun culture that has made it so difficult to even have this conversation. >> okay. so, will, i can only imagine if indeed the u.s. supreme court was debating the second amendment. can you imagine? >> i can imagine the left taking up bill maher and maria's point of view and i can promise you what will happen if you do. bill maher thinks that he's losing the debate because his point of view is not being represented. the left is lugz the debate on gun control because it fails upon the merits. you lose the assault weapon debate, the magazine debate, even the background debate because you lose on the merits. now, i'll give bill maher one piece of credit here. that is he's being honest. maria is as well. i think the left would like to approach the premise of the second amendment, not the side measures but rather the existence of the second amendme amendment. i can promise you this, bill and maria, if you want to take up
10:36 am
that mantle, you will get a bigger ass kicking than you have in the past. just a quick historical correction on the second amendment. the idea that the second amendment is passe seems so myopic and absurd. ask the people in syria in dealing with their government if they'd like access to personal arms. that's syria, this is the united states, you'll say. that's an absurd comparison. do we only have to go back to tyrannies in the republican. this is not passe. we have not reached the point of civilization that we don't have to worry about this. >> it is passe, will. i will give you there's no question that the reason this debate is where it is and we're not getting where we need to be to make sure we fix gun violence in this country is because people are afraid to have that conversation. to your point, yes, liberals are afraid because they know this has become such an ingrained gun culture. but at what point do we face the reality, will, that in this
10:37 am
country over 3,000 americans -- and i think it's actually a lot more than that -- are killed a year because of guns versus other civilized countries where they have more sensible gun violence measures in places? those numbers do not exist. so at what point do we have that conversation? i think we need to have it now, regardless of ass kicking politically or not. >> two responses to that. first of awful, it ignores the statistics that both gun violence, violence overall and mass shootings are down. they are down over macrostatistical periods since the 1990s. they're going down. we can't pretend like we're reaching some apex of violence because everyone in the united states owns a gun. it's simply false. secondly, i just think you're treading a very, very dangerous path when you're attempting to convince the american people, you have nothing to worry about, you no longer have to worry about the concept of force, the concept of tyranny. >> nobody's saying that. >> that's the point of --
10:38 am
>> nobody's saying that, will. >> that's the point of the second amendment. you are saying that. >> no. >> you question the need for the second amendment. >> no. what i'm saying is the reason the second amendment existed 200-plus years ago does not exist anymore today. we cannot be armed with nuclear arsenals, will. the same way that our government is. >> no one's arguing that we should. >> let's figure out reality. >> sadly, i have to end it here and be thankful that neither of you are armed. just kidding about that. maria cardona -- >> i don't know. >> that's terrible. maria cardona, will cain, thanks so much. still ahead, another contentious question for you this morning -- do scare tactics prevent teenage pregnancy? or tweet me. you have the potential to do more in business.
10:39 am
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now to "talk back" on a story of the day. one of the questions, do scare tactics prevent pregnancy? if you believe that, maybe your kid ought to meet pam stenzelle. >> i would have girls in my office every day saying, pam, i didn't know. and if somebody would have told me that this was going to be the result of the choice i was making, i'd have made a different choice. no one told me. >> stanzelle travels the world talking to high school students about absentinence. have sex outside of marriage and you will pay with deadly stds. here's her marriage to mothers who give their daughters birth control pills. >> birth control protects you from? pregnancy. that drug, that hormone this girl is taking has made her ten times more likely to contract a disease than if she were not. this girl will end up sterile or
10:43 am
dead. thanks, mom. glad you cared. >> stenzelle was invited by a religious group to speak at a west virginia high school last week, sparking anger and some tears according to the charleston daily mail. one student said, quote, it was slut-shaming. she picked on girls who were sexually active. there were several girls who left the assembly crying. if you think scare tactics only come from conservatives, think aga again. in new york, the city who hands out condoms to high schoolers, have come up with their own scare tag ticks. take a look at these ads with cute little kids saying things like, dad, you'll be paying to support me for the next 20 years and honestly, mom, chances are he won't stay with you and what happens to me? planned parenthood blasted the ads saying they shame and stigmatize teenagers instead of helping them. the question for you this morning -- do scare tactics prevent teenage pregnancy, or tweet me.
10:44 am
we wanted to hear from those at that high school in west virginia, george washington high school, where stenzelle recently spoke. caitlin campbell is the student body vice president. she skipped the speech in protest, but she did watch it online. good morning, and thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> why did you decide to skip stenzel's speech? >> well, the night before the assembly, a teacher called me who was really concerned. she said, you know, i was instructed not to tell anyone about the assembly, but this is the nature. and she read to me a bit of the flyer that stated that the purpose of stenzel's speech was to explain god's plan for sexual purity. i began to spread the worded that this was going to occur so if they wanted to they could opt out. i'm personally offended by what pam stenzel said to the student body on the basis i believe as a
10:45 am
woman it's my choice whether i want to have sex. i believe in a public school setting we should be informed as to how best to protect ourselves if we make the choice to have sex. >> she did say in her speech she wasn't there to tell you when to have sex or not to have sex. she was just there to present the dangers that came with sex. >> when i listened to the video of pam stenzel speaking at our school, the one thing that stuck out to me, anytime she spoke about birth control she spoke in the manner that it was ineffective. by that token, she did not condone the use of birth control and she basically said that if you aren't married and are having sex that birth control isn't going to help you. so i believe she misinformed the student body of my high school. >> do you think that this sort of thing works with your fellow students? do you think it would make some of them think twice about having sex while they're in high
10:46 am
school? >> i mean, the nature of her speech was so hyperbolic that most thought it was a joke. one student walked out and said, was that a satire? was that real? so i think there were some who took it very seriously and there were girls who were crying in the assembly because they were so upset and felt so insulted by her. but i think a lot of students got that it was misinformation. but by that token, she's spoken in middle schools. the whole thing i brought this up as an issue is because, although i might have known what she was saying was wrong, is a younger or another student who hasn't had the fortune of being as informed as i have been going to take her seriously? >> and just a final question for you, katelyn, what would work? if parents want to prevent them from having sex when they're not ready, what would work? >> i mean, my belief toward
10:47 am
sexual education is that abstinence is the best policy and the best way to prevent catching stds or getting pregnant, but i believe parents should educate their kids on birth control so if they do make the choice to have sex that they're at least being safe in that process. i mean, it's my choice as a woman whether or not i'm going to have sex, and it's a man's choice if he's going to have sex. but if that's the case, they should be educated that abstinence is the best method. >> but told the truth in other ways, too. we got that. katelyn campbell, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. jackie robinson. he broke major league baseball's color barrier 66 years ago. but fewer black athletes today want to follow in his footsteps. we'll take a look at the reasons why. ack seat. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth.
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to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless. the jackie robinson baseball movie "42" is a big hit. >> what you going to do if one of these pitchers throws at your head? >> i'll duck. >> the movie came in number one at the box office over the weekend, earning more than $27 million. today marks the 66th anniversary of robinson breaking major league baseball's color barrier. all the players will be wearing the number 42 today.
10:51 am
but as our jason croll reports, fewer black athletes are following in robinson's footsteps. >> y >> reporter: he endured insults, threats, pressure at every turn, but jackie robinson would not be denied his place in history. >> you want a player that doesn't have the guts to fight back? >> no. i want a player who's got the guts not to fight back. >> reporter: a new movie called "42," robinson's uniform number, winning praise from players like robinson cano, the yankee named for the trail blazing brooklyn dodger. >> he's the guy that we're here for. if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't be here right now. >> reporter: accolades not just from the pros. >> he was an inspiration to my african culture to start playing baseball. >> reporter: the appreciation is it there for robinson breaking the color barrier 66 years ago and opening the door for generations to follow. but the reality is, few african-americans are choosing to do so. >> he would be very
10:52 am
disappointed, the group that he so well represented and fought so hard for is not represented at the levels that it used to be. >> reporter: why is major league baseball so disappointed? in 1986, african-americans made up 19% of players in the majors. now that number is down to just about 8.5%. robinson'ses daughter says her daughter would have been worried about p other statistics beyond the sport. >> i think he would be very concerned that our black kids aren't graduating from high school or not going to college, and that would be more of a concern to him. >> reporter: but there's still the question of, why fewer black kids are playing baseball? do any of you play baseball? >> basketball is my sport. >> reporter: not just that, but the perception there is a quicker path to the pros. >> i think people switch to basketball because it's easier to make it to the nba. >> reporter: and then there's the jordan factor.
10:53 am
>> everybody thought if they could be like mike it would be a great thing so everybody started picking basketball instead of baseball. >> reporter: sounds about right this center fielder. >> don't see a lot of african-american inspirations. >> reporter: major league baseball is trying to recruit more african-americans. cano says it's equally important to remind the young of the legend. that's why today all major leaguers wears robinson's number. >> it means a lot and it's a privilege to wear the number 42. >> reporter: 42, a number that will ever stand for a man who transcended ethnicity and race. jason carroll, cnn, new york. >> if you haven't seen the movie, please go see it. i saw this week it this weekend terrific. we'll be right back.
10:54 am
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"talk back" question for you today, do scare tactics prevent teenage pregnancy. why are we calling real life scare tactics? it's simply telling the truth. although taking birth control, sexually active teens should be made to feel bad for their actions. this from mark -- my wife and i had a baby at 46.
10:57 am
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. . "cnn newsroom" continues right now. with john berman. >> thank you, carol. i'm john berman. we begin with the arrest of


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