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tv   Early Start  CNN  July 15, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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my life, yeah. verdict outrage. thousands take to the streets protesting overnight after a jury finds george zimmerman not guilty of murder. >> today an autopsy set to determine why a popular young actor was found dead inside his hotel room. a helping hand and a chance encounter get these dave matthews fans up close and personal with their idol. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm pamela brown. >> i'm christine romans. july 15th, a monday at 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> the ongoing anger in the streets after the verdict of the george zimmerman trial. he was acquitted of murder and
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manslaughter in the killing of unarmed teenager, trayvon martin. thousands brought thousands to rally across the country. these are pictures from new york city. take a look here. protesters marched through manhattan tussling with police officers calling for changes in the law. demonstrators were out in los angeles where they briefly shut down the i-10 freeway. they threw rocks and batteries. in oakland, vandals damaged buildings. there were several peaceful marches in cities across the country. >> they were not the only ones speaks out. george howell has that part of the story. >> reporter: from the pulpit of the atlanta church where dr. martin luther king once preached -- >> the world profiled them. the world stigmatized them. the world said to them that they are a problem. >> reporter: the not guilty verdict in the trial of george
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zimmerman sent a resounding message at the home of trayvon martin. relatives expressed frustration. in a statement from the white house, president obama called the death of trayvon martin a tragedy. zimmerman supporters agree. >> it comes down to what is right and wrong. you know, it was a terrible thing. i guess mr. zimmerman did what he thought he had to. >> reporter: what is next for george zimmerman, no one knows. his attorneys say he will stay in hiding for his own safety. they are prepared for possible lawsuits. >> if someone believes it is appropriate to sue george zimmerman, we will seek and get immunity in a civil hearing. we will see how many civil lawsuits are spawned from this fiasco. >> reporter: more legal challenges could be in his future. they are asking them to pursue
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civil rights as they told candy crowley on "state of the union." >> when you look at his comments and comments made by young black men who lived in that neighborhood about how they felt targeted by him, there is reason to be concerned that race was a factor. >> reporter: george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. the san francisco jet crash continues. word this morning that asiana airlines plans to sue a tv station over a major mix up. ktvu aired a series of names claiming they were the pilots names after an ntsb intern confirmed the names were real. they were bogus and offensive. the airline says they have retained a law firm to file a defamation claim. they are reviewing the
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procedures to ensure it never happens again. the death toll in an explosion in a small quebec community. they found 35 bodies. 15 people missing and presumed dead after a run away train derailed, exploded and desin rated a town. it could take weeks to find the rest of the victims. the heat is the story. this heat could be dangerous. >> that's right. we are tracking the weather. indra, it is hot out there. is it going to get hotter? >> this is the thing, we had june, the rainy month. we have to be careful what we wished for. it's july. we are getting way too much sunshine. we are talking a heat wave here. look at the temperatures in the morning hours. about 80 degrees in new york city. the humidity up to 70% and that is our starting point. this is a big ouch today. look at the advisories from
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boston through philadelphia today. the heat is going to be on. all things, this dome of high pressure that is going to park itself here for a week. very warm conditions. we talk about heat index feeling like 100 degrees out there. it's not what we want to feel. all the moisture, we are talking in the afternoon. near 50%. add that with temperatures 10 degrees above normal. that gives you the heat index. allentown, 101. d.c., 100. we felt this yesterday. got off a plane and was like whoa, what is this. average is 84. we talked ant warm weather lasting through friday, possibly saturday. >> yeah. >> better get used to it. a technical forecast, not cute. >> not good for the hair. >> that's what i was saying yesterday. >> thanks. welcome back. could edward snowden spill more damaging secrets?
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he claims snowden has more explosive information. if it got out, it would be the u.s. government's worst nightmare. information software people use that compromise their privacy without their knowledge. snowden is still at a moscow airport in russia. nelson mandela remains in a hospital in critical, but stable condition. his health is improving. he is certain one of these days mandela will get to go home. he's been in the hospital for more than a month battling a lung infection. the prime minister is naming cabinet members including several with connections from this country. the foreign minister was once ambassador to the u.s. the muslim brotherhood called
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for more today. a man who was spotted taking pictures of secretary of state john kerry's home is under arrest. a spokesperson says they called boston police who questioned the unidentified man and arrested him for having an open container of alcohol. they found a pellet gun in his vehicle. kerry was visiting his wife at the time in the hospital. divided democrats and republicans as congress begins the seventh hearing this week. the focus is on the irs general and his explosive audit that suggested the tea party groups. the audit was highly misleading and down played the fact liberal groups were targeted. love this story. this next story gives meaning to the phrase right place at the right time.
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emily and her husband were on their way to a dave matthew's band. they stopped to help him. guess who it was? that man was the singer himself. >> we didn't know how to make conversation with him. we were talking act his tour and stuff, where he had come from. they were just in cincinnati. he was a very humble guy. i woke up this morning and said that really happened yesterday. it was just -- it was surreal. we couldn't believe it. >> as it winds up, he didn't have a cell phone on him. he was so grateful for the lift, he bought them dinner and gave them front row tickets. he signed, thanks for the ride. i missed the concert because i was riding a bike. >> aren't they supposed to have a tour bus? what was he doing on the side of the road. >> he's a humble guy. coming up, this story, so
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sad. the mysterious story of a young star, cory monteith's friends are opening up about his struggles as an investigation to his death continues. stay with us. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting
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hollywood this morning is remembering cory monteith, a tv star whose bright career, it seemed, was just beginning. nick has more. >> reporter: sudden and tragic. news of the death of 31-year-old "glee" actor stunned his closest friends. he was found dead in a downtown vancouver hotel room. the cause of death was not immediately clear. police ruled out foul play. >> he checked into the hotel july 6th and due to check out today. there were others with mr. monteith in his room earlier.
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video and fog key entries show him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours. we believe he was alone when he died. >> reporter: "glee" guest director spoke to him hours before his death. >> he was the glue. he was the cheerleader that held everyone together. he always smiled. he was patient. he was the first one, you know, he always knew his lines right away. he was, you know, he was the first to laugh when things were muddy. >> reporter: monteith skyrocketed to fame in 2009 playing a heart throb quarterback, he's credited with making the fox tv series a hit. there were stumbles. he battled with sobriety. he voluntarily checked himself
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into a rehab facility. his friends and girlfriend were encouraged to keep him clean. >> he was feeling fantastic again. you know, he was obviously referring to, you know, a moment he had this year with going to rehab. so, i'm like everybody else, really devastated and confused by what happened. >> reporter: investigators have not tied it to drug abuse. residents are talking about a massive explosion that led to the destruction of three homes and damaged others. a man went outside to smoke a cigarette. moments later, a blast shook the entire neighborhood. >> right at the, not outside but just inside the garage is when
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the explosion happened. it blew everything off that wall and on to me. had i been knocked unconscious, i probably would have been burned up. the fire came shortly after. there's angels all around us. >> two people were seriously hurt and had to be taken to a burn unit. investigators are wondering if there was a gas leak in the area. day 21 of the whitey bulger trial in boston. this week, the rifle man takes it stand. steve, the rifleman" is expected to testify. they were both fbi informants and said to be implicate bulger in ten murders. michael jackson's mother will soon testify wrapping up her case against aig. she says they were responsible
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for her son's death. jurors heard from one of jackson's doctors. 17 days after an acrobat died in a cirque du soleil, they will be back on stage tuesday resuming the show, "ka." they eliminated the scene where she died. race officials clocked bill warner at 285 miles per hour just before he lost control and crashed at a course in maine. he was trying to break his own record of 311 miles per hour. this time, he was trying to use just a mile of pavement to reach that speed. wow. a top u.s. sprinter tested positive for a banned substance. test samples came back positive. he claims he didn't take the drugs on purpose.
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he's one of several top track stars who failed recent doping tests. >> running of the bulls in spain left two people hurt including americans. they are said to be recovering now. there are reports of tramplings and people being crushed. a 23-year-old australian woman is in grave condition this morning after being gored. so far, amazingly, no deaths to report. unbelievable to see some of the pictures. >> every year we talk about this. he's been out of office for more than two decades. one legacy of george h.w. busch. volunteering was part of his program that continues to shine. former president, george h.w. bush has been slowed by
5:18 am
illness and needs a wheelchair to get around. >> we will turn to the only resource we have, in times of need always grows. the goodness and the courage of the american people have spoken of 1,000 points of light, of all the community organizations spread like stars throughout the nation doing good. >> reporter: the year was 1989 and the new president laid out his vision for a call to a generation to give service to a nation. a quarter century later another president dedicated to growing volunteerism will honor the bush legacy and present the 5,000th award. >> the president looks forward to this event. he has a high regard for george h.w. bush, barbara bush and the
5:19 am
bush family. >> and today -- today, 20 years later, think for a minute about the impact he's had. that's the extraordinary ripple effect that one life lived humbly with love for one's country and service can have. >> president bush is the honorary foundation. the largest service organization coordinating service projects. dn lothian, cnn, the white house. two pennsylvania boys are being called heroes after they helped a kidnapped girl get away from her abductor. she was snatched from her front yard. the two teens spotted the girl in a car and chased on their bicycles. >> let her out. she ran to me and said she
5:20 am
needed her mom. >> her grateful mom hugged the boys and called them heroes. police continue to search for the kidnapper who got away. a woman in western new york saw the story and is starting a scholarship fund for the boyce. you do the right thing, they should be rewarded. it took a long time to find them. 15 minutes they chase thad car. >> they were not going give up. the guy turned around. eventually, he stopped and the girl ran out. prices at the pump are rising. how high we expect them to go? i'm going to tell you, up next.
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welcome back, everybody. 5:23 in the east. a live shot of the statue of liberty. a beautiful shot this monday morning. it reopened on the fourth of july. beautiful, isn't it? it is hot here in the east. indra peterson saying it's going to be warm. >> it's money time this morning. we start this week at record
5:24 am
highs for the dow and s&p 500. the s&p coming off the biggest weekly advance in seven months. to give you perspective over the history, the s&p 500 hit highs in 25 julys. this was particularly strong. look at how we did last week. the dow up 2.2%. nasdaq up 3%. it's a 3% return in one week. the dow and s&p 500 up for the year. the nasdaq up 19% for the year. we have a lot of earnings to digest. citigroup, bank of america, google, intel and microsoft. a lot of things that could move the direction of the stock market. something you could feel every day if you fill up your gas tank. the price road to $3.61 a gallon. it's the seventh consecutive
5:25 am
daily increase according to aaa. a big move there. the second largest economy grew at a slower pace. china's gdp coming in at 7.5%. sounds good, right? three times what the u.s. is doing. china average growth of 10% a year in the past decade. the key question is how much the government is willing to let it slow before jumping in. watch that story. >> fabulous fab goes to court today. he's the exgoldm maman trader w sold bad investments. he was called to testify in front of congress and it agreeuated a sensation about the investments they were making up. if found liable, he could face a hefty fine and be barred from working in the financial
5:26 am
industry. it brings back the thing about the scrutiny about the industry, the financial products being pedals. this is going to bring it back. coming up, we are going to continue to follow breaking news. thousands protest the acquittal of george zimmerman. what trayvon martin's family had to say. i wanted to ask you a couple questions.card. i've got nothing to hide. my bill's due today and i haven't paid yet. you can pay up 'til midnight online or by phone the day it's due. got a witness to verify that? just you. you called me. ok, that checks out. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with payment flexibility.
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protests overnight across the country. thousands outraged after george zimmerman is found not guilty of
5:30 am
murder. >> everybody was trying to play by hand, trying to dig him out. i had a hold of his head, trying to talk to him like i would my own son. >> terror in the dunes. swallowed by sand. a sinkhole buries a boy 14 feet underground. the dramatic rescue, ahead. royal baby watch. will and kate's baby expected any day. we are live. welcome to "early start." john berman had a day off today. he's not watching. i hope he's asleep. >> i'm pamela brown, 5:30 in the east. >> protests went on in the early morning hours after a jury acquitted george zimmerman. thousands took to the streets across the country upset over the verdict. these pictures where marchers went out in manhattan, scuffled
5:31 am
with police. in los angeles, protesters were on the streets late into the night blocking traffic on interstate 10. some through rocks and batteries but most were peaceful. large demonstrations in boston and oakland, too. some of trayvon martin's relatives had messages which were of healing. >> reporter: the message from trayvon martin's cousin was clear, direct. >> we don't want this to happen to anyone else again. there's no reason for this to happen to any other families. no one should have to go through this. >> reporter: they attended sunday services at the antioch baptist church in miami gardens. it's the neighborhood where trayvon martin grew up. it's this church the family are members. neither his mom or dad came to
5:32 am
services sunday, not that anyone expected they would. the pastor said he talked with sabrina this morning. >> they are very upset. they are heart broken, as you can imagine, as any parent would be at the senseless tragedy of losing child. i applaud her. i commend her faith in god. she still trusts in god amid the trial. >> sabrina pastor jockson says she wants the congregation to trust in god as well. it was the theme of the services. it was faith that got them through. >> that's why we are able to stand here and speak because we know that somehow or some way, god is gonna -- everything is going to be taken care of. >> reporter: the people of this community can be proud of the way they carrieied themselves i
5:33 am
the wake of the verdict. if you thought the community was going to erupt in violence because of the outcome, that, in and of itself was stereo typing. >> we have talked about it and dealt with you. you didn't see it. you are not going to see it. stop putting people in boxes. >> reporter: there were feelings of hurt, sadness and disappointment. anger, too. the bottom line, church members say, everyone now must move on. cnn, miami gardens, florida. as for george zimmerman, we have yet to hear from him. he needs to be careful because he could be a target. zimmerman may keep the gun that fired the fatal bullet. trayvon martin's family could sue him for wrongful death. itis not clear if he's going to stay in florida or elsewhere for
5:34 am
the next chapter in his life. more demonstrations are expected today against a republican led legislature and it's support of an abortion bill. the naacp says it rally will focus on rights. it's called moral mondays. they have been going on for more that two months for now. 700 people arrested so far. rick perry defending the abortion bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks. he thinks it's a reasonable amount of time for a woman to make a decision. he plans to sign the bill. it would shut down most abortion clinics in texas but he says that's an overstatement. a measure has been in limbo since it pasted lost year. voters show a specific state issued voter id before they can cast ballots. the trial is expected to last
5:35 am
nine days. >> now to the heat. the heat that is not cool. a big problem in the country. much of the country is going to be steaming in the northeast. >> not cool, not cute. >> that's what she said last time. >> learn the proper terminology. >> i like the enthusiasm here. bring on the heat. boston straight through philly. we are talking excessive heat. temperatures, once you combine the normal temperatures that for july, combine it with the moisture. we are talking it feeling like 100 degrees out there. washington, 96. new york today, 96. this is not the heat index. this is the ohio valley, northeast. the southeast, we are dealing with the warm temperatures. notice the one place it's cool. kind of weird. went from dallas to 101 down to 81 between saturday and sunday. you can tell heavy rain is
5:36 am
expected to brace the area. one to three inches possible. everyone wants to know how long it's going to last. this is where it's not going to be a good day. temperatures ten degrees above normal in new york. it will start to go down around wednesday. thursday and friday, more heat all the way as we get close to the weekend. we are talking heat staying here. it's going to feel like a monday for a double reason today. >> i tweeted earlier, happy monday. everyone said what are you talking about. there's nothing happy about it. >> grumpy, grumpy people this morning. >> now you are going to be grumpy and hot. thanks. israel's prime minister is asking the white house to make iran's nuclear program the top priority in the middle east. they want to show the new president elect it's on the table. netanyahu is looking at a
5:37 am
plutonium bomb. syria's rebel forces could be getting helping has been. they have sent hundreds of men to fight with the rebels against the assad regime. pakistan's taliban is known for the ties to al qaeda. flooding in china deadly and growing more so. authorities say at least eight people were killed when a damse mountain. a typhoon battered part of the country this weekend dropping ten inches of rain on some areas. the aftermath of superstorm sandy does not include tax hikes. there were concern that is taxes would have to go up to pay for repairs and make up for a loss of revenue. the associated press says an influx of federal aid actually alleviated the need to hike
5:38 am
taxes for now. the most important money story i will ever report. twinkies are back. they officially return to the store shelves this morning. some walmart stores started selling them over the weekend. other items won't be available until later this year. hostess products disappeared earlier this fall. they shut down, sold off the brands, got rid of the union contracts to make the brands and now they are back up. >> i'm so glad they are back. >> we have to wait for the snowballs. >> i haven't bought a twinkie in 20 years. i'm interesting to see what the market is. it's health food world, you know. >> a lot of people stockpile. >> everything is gluten free and no carbs. we'll see where they fit in that. a young boy buried at the beach and the ground swallows
5:39 am
him hole. this is incredible. we'll be back with that. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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an autopsy is going to happen today to see what caused cory monteith's death. we don't know what caused his death, yet. we do know he battled drug addiction, had for years. he completed a month long stint in rehab earlier this year. a man spoke with him hours before he was found dead. >> he said i'm feeling fantastic, again. you know, he was obviously referring to moments he had this year with going to rehab. so, i'm, like everybody else,
5:43 am
devastated and confused by what happened. >> reps for his girlfriend lea michele are asking for privacy during this time. an illinois boy trapped in a 14-foot sinkhole for hours. they were visiting a beach on lake michigan when the sand swallowed him up. he was trapped and rescuers desperately tried to get him out. >> 191. >> yes, i'm at the mount baldy beach and, my friend's son, he got stuck in a sand dune. he's under the sand and we can't get him out. >> we are losing hope fast. we tried to stay focused. the first two hours was complete misery. >> gosh, can't imagine what that was like for the parents. it took 3 1/2 hours to get the boy out.
5:44 am
he's in critical condition. he doesn't appear to have suffered life threatening injuries or brain damage from lack of oxygen. i'm covering this story coming up on "new day." an air pocket may have saved his life. >> beautiful sand dunes, to see them, it's a ritual of summer life. this is something that could have been a real tragedy. can't wait to see that report whachlt else is coming up on "new day"? >> good morning. hope you had a good weekend. we are all over the george zimmerman trial. kate and i were covering it as it came down. this morning, we are going to look inside the case, the reactions to it. this is something that demands our attention. a lot of anger out there. we are going to look at why the verdict came out the way it did, reactions to it and what could be next. >> we are going to talk to people who know george zimmerman
5:45 am
best as well as those who know trayvon martin's family best, getting their reaction to the controversial verdict. we are going to hear from george's brother and talk to his defense attorney, mark o'mara. chris has that great interview. we are going to talk to the martin family's attorney. we are going to talk to them about how they are feeling this morning after the verdict. >> no question, the country has been consumed by this case. there is other news. we are going to tell you a story about teenage boys being called heroes. michaela is bringing this story. they helped rescue a little girl. talk about heroes and doing the right thing, you need to hear about this. pamela? christine? it's what we have for you. >> i can't wait to hear more about that. thanks. a teenager on top of the sports world today. just 19 and he beat the best on the links.
5:46 am
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athletes throughout the sports world took to twitter to express their feelings on the george zimmerman verdict. >> we have more on the bleacher report. good morning, andy. >> good morning, guys. twitter exploded saturday night
5:49 am
once george zimmerman was found not guilty. as you can imagine, emotions were running high. many athletes voiced their disappointment to the verdict. one took it to another level. zimmerman got away with murder today. wow, what kind of world do we live in? he followed that with all them jurors should go home and kill themselves. he later apologized saying i understand my tweet was extreme. i never meant for the people to do that. i was shocked and upset about the verdict. i am sorry. phil mickelson looks like he is ready for this week's british open. the scottish open for the first time in his career. the first win for phil in 20 years. he, along with tiger are expected to win the
5:50 am
championship. keep your eye on 19-year-old jordan spieth. he forced a play off. he's the first teenager to win a pga tour event since 1931. tonight is the home run derby at citifield in new york. orioles first baseman is the favored to win it. 37 home run yesterday. he's on pace to hit 60 plus home runs this season. guys, a big debate going on right now is if davis hits 62 home runs, one more than 1961, the original record, should he be considered the steroid king? >> if john berman was here, he would have something to say about that. >> i think twitter for athletes and celebrities, it's things people used to say under their
5:51 am
breath. now they say it on twitter and they regret it longer and more people see it. >> absolutely. royal baby watch. the world waiting for will and kate's new baby to be born. really, the whole world? that's next. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are.
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it's almost time. it is almost time. the newest royal set to be born any day. in great britain, the anticipation is growing. >> we have been saying this for awhile. we are waiting for it to happen. outside st. mary's hospital, we
5:55 am
are joined by max foster. max, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the week. if we are going to go on what is the little bit of information we have about her due date. kate did say, at one point, mid july. we don't have further information. the palace will not give a specific date. if it is july, it will be this week. prince william is relaxed. he was playing polo a couple hours from london. he didn't feel it was imminent, i don't think. he wouldn't be that far away if it was the due date. meanwhile, kate was with her mom about an hour away from here. i can give you the latest information, william is not going back to work for the next few days. that does suggest he's on stand by. he's been working a lot rece recently. he does a week on, week off.
5:56 am
that's standard. he's ready to go to the hospital here where they are due to have their baby. things are going as planned. >> mid july is all we know. we'll take the duchess at her word that it is. >> pregnancy, having a baby isn't imminent until it's imminent. no one is in charge, but the baby. thank you, max. >> there's a crowd outside the hospital waiting. >> we are going to take a look at the trends on the cnn website this morning. halle barry is married, again. she tied the knot of the weekend. 60 people in attendance. they had a fireworks display. they have been an item since 2010 and expecting their first child together. chris brown is set to be in court. the judge asking if it's grounds for throwing the singer in jail.
5:57 am
he got in a fender bender and he didn't give the other driver his license number or insurance information. brown says it's not true. it could violate the assault case with rihanna and land him behind bars. >> harry potter is not all that's on j.k. rowling's mind. the cuckoo calling was wrote by her. a private investigator looking into the death of a supermodel. a former police officer who worked in pry sat security. the author of rawlings herself. sales of the book have soared more than 500,000 on amazon. sthak is something. >> let's bring in chris and kate. hi, guys. >> good morning, everybody. great to see you.
5:58 am
thanks so much. >> it's good to be here with everybody. take a look at your clock. it's close to the top of the hour. you know what that means on "new day." the top news. we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> boiling point. overnight sadness and outrage. protests across the country with the george zimmerman verdict. most peaceful, some turned ugly. the justice department investigating, could it bring action against george zimmerman. hollywood in mourning. "glee" star cory monteith found dead in a hotel room. what caused his death? your "new day" starts right now. good morning, everybody.
5:59 am
welcome to "new day". it's monday, july 15th. 6:00 in the east. i'm chris. >> happy monday, i'm kate. we are joined by michaela. this morning, the entire country grappling with the verdict over the weekend, george zimmerman found not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. you are seeing video there across the country. some ending hours ago. we have the story covered like no one else. we have a team of reporters covering every angle. >> we are going hear from all sides this morning. we'll talk to mr. mark o'mara and ben crump and george zimmerman's brother, robert. he answers all questions about his brother. and we are going to talk to a close friend of zimmerman's. >> a lot to talk about. >> we don't want to lose sight of the other news. we are getting hit by a brutal heat wave in th


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